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Taking a huge dose of oxycodone (real shit, not street). 20% of ODing and dying. I'm a fiend, in case you're assuming I magically got this shit in front of my hands randomly.

In case I do fucking die, let this be my resting place.

>why are you doing it

No matter how good things are, I'm still a loony, got the symptoms, symptoms won't go away ever. And I feel bad, no need to make a huge gigantic wall of text yet.

17:03: contact is fucking around. "I'll be there soon". It has been 3 hours.

Stay tuned, I'll be crying like a complete wuss in some hours. Or dead. Or both.


J dead fucking board. My post is still first post.

18:30 Mate says he is close. My body is fucking ready. I feel like no one ever in life has ever let me down just waiting to have the shit in front of my hands. Just bought myself some beer to mix with my hard liquor because I'm a pussy.


unless you stream this no one will believe you


19:13 started with a low dose. 60mg. Drinking with a hard liquor.

Chatting up with one of the few friends I ever had. Awkward conversation.

I hate life.


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19:37 Starting to kick in, 120mg (of oxy). Not really a high dose. Might just stay within that range. Drinking my favorite liquor.

Feeling that impending loom sipping in. That sense of despair plus the feeling of euphoria of the drug feels out of this world. Crying while having an orgasm but I'm not crying yet.


someone who half assedly attempts suicide by OD and feels the need to make a blog about it doesnt seem like the type of person smart enough to make this up. so yes i do believe him


I said 20% chance of ODing. I never said this was a suicide attempt and I am saging all my posts.

Point out where I said "lol I'll kill myself look at me" and I'll off myself.


wizards take what normalfags call "suicide cocktails" recreationally.
god knows I should already be dead


dude you need to call for help right now. You are making a terrible mistake. Life is short as it is and you're going to die anyway. You have no idea what awaits you on the other side, please get yourself to a hospital right now


Are you lost?
WI is not trying to kill himself he is aware he may die but is having a good time flirting with death.
How about you get yourself back to facebook or instagram whatever the fuck you use


dude don't kill yourself think about your girlfriend and friends and family that will miss you!!


Don't forget your boss and coworkers plus your yearly vacation around the world with the "brat pack" your childhood friends who grew up and kept together all living it up!


no, dont kill yourself. you are making a mistake. no. we care about you. you have people that love you. you will find your love one day. your mother will cry you selfish prick.


>ending your life is selfish


shut UP





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