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Where is elsewhere? Where can we go or do to finally be happy? Is there truly nothing on this hellish rock?


File: 1634511084664.pdf (727.87 KB, E.M. Cioran - On the Heigh….pdf)

Shit thread so this is now a Cioran and general pessimism thread.
~the problem with suicide is that by the time you do it, it is too late~
E.M Cioran

We cannot even be sure elsewhere is death it is a grave misunderstanding to presume a void awaits us sadly.
Transcendental pessimism is a kicker.

Cioran is respectable for the very fact he never pretended to know and constantly grappled with his thoughts and others until he died. He was not conceited enough to bother systemizing and trying to construct a system out of the chaos as it appears and instead excreted the compromised reflection of reality through the squalid form of his very existence as if his words were the result of filtering filthy mud through cheese cloth.

In the quote you posted Cioran is saying his will won't propel him and he is stagnating with no alternative.
Cioran was basically a /dep/ shitposter with some eloquence who waited for death.

A child is born.
He is either made to find the circus entertaining and derive value from it or not.
He is either able to chase after the prize he covets or not.
Most people want to participate in the joke but they are too insecure they have an ego problem and they are often not even aware that they do not seek what they want because to even allow themselves to see what is in their mind and possibly not to be obtained is too hard to handle.
It is only a small amount of people who are essentially numb in the senses and find nothing stimulating in the world.
It is an absolute dread to come to understand there is just nothing out there in the world for you worth even living for and I say absolute because it is absolute in entirety as there is no place to move on the board that may offer advantage it is all the same tedious cycle.

One of the hilarious things about life is that the more you come to understand what life is in the sense of the rigid rules we are restricted within while experiencing it the less potential you have to actually benefit from the understanding and profit.
The absolute irony. You look behind the curtain and you lose the magic.
You know that normalfags are not as unaware as we tend to think they are? they have the ability to understand and demonstrate use of the skills needed yet relegate them within a boundary so as not to harm their overall psychological wellbeing.
What people do not understand is we are not meant to nor able to understand that which is beyond our form and to do so is a grave mistake. Take refuge in spirituality for rationality leads to despair.

There is no winning.


Elsewhere exists in advertising and social media. They offer alternative worlds that are enticing and dreamy, but have no basis in real life. This is integral to the identity of normalcattle lemmings. They buy into the fantasy and let themselves get taken advantage of and manipulated.


My elsewhere is books personally


"Is it possible that existence is our exile and nothingness our home?"

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