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Who else here is addicted to alcohol? I'm completely using control lately. I still have a job, but sometimes I am drunk while working.

I just want to die at this point.




I'd drink more but I have acid reflux or esophageal spasm whatever now, basically feel nauseous after drinking either alcohol or coffee


I drink a lot but no way I could become a daily, heavy drinker. That’s a disgusting habit and people who are alcoholics look and smell repulsive so yea couldn’t do it


I sure I would be, but unfortunately I still live with people and I can't let myself lose control around them. I'm desperately waiting for the day they die and/or leave so I can make up for lost time. Any tips for cost-effective drinking? I just want something that tastes acceptable that'll get you fucked up right quick. My usual is vodka and a quick chaser.


I am but am using weed and pills to quit. Drinking is nasty and being drunk is shit compared to being high


Currently drunk an Crown Royale. I would't call it an addiction, just something I do occasionally for fun.


Kratom helped me suppress the urge to drink. Try it some time. Little goes a long way


Yes mate, a whole fifth a day for a long ass time, I am gonna fall off the wagon, it's been like 5 days, I just wish so much that I WANTED to stay sober. I just want to get drunk though in my heart. Tomorrow I'll pound the better part of a fifteen pack of ice beer down and listen to bomberman or some stupid bs again. My go to is natty daddy.

Any other alchowizzies in here? We can't be the only ones


Stopped when I went broke and now the negative health effects scare me away too.
I hope they never invent cheap and healthy alcohol.

1 dl Vodka and 4 dl Sprite was my go-to because I was a babby.
Chugged 3 to 4 of those and had a good time. Then the tolerance started going up.
At worst made me gain like 10 kg in two months, it was pretty bad but made some good memories at the same time.

Go on without me alchowizzies, good luck


Replace that with weed, I don't miss a day without doing it and no i'm not a dude weed lmao tard, it's just the healthiest drug I can cope with.


I would be considered an alcoholic, but that is really just another stupid boomer construct that isn't representative of how the real world works at all. Well, for me, at least. I used to spend just about every waking hour drunk, aside from the hours I spent of work (I sure as shit showed up to work drunk, though). Now I only drink maybe once or twice a week as a treat.

Long story short, the pandemic allowed me to stay isolated in my wiz cave for the past 2 years, which did wonders for my mental health. My depression was cured, allowing me to enjoy things again finally. It got to the point where being drunk 24/7 made me feel worse than being sober. Well, most of the time, at least. I didn't give up alcohol, but I no longer feel a compulsion to drink all the time. 'Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic' is fucking bullshit. No, I wasn't addicted to alcohol. In fact, I had an entire case of wine sitting in my home for months but I never felt compelled to drink it because I am not that much of a wine drinker. Younger me would've chugged the fuck out of that case because I was using the booze to cope with the shit life I had. The shit life that I was fucking gaslit by everyone into believing I should be happy to have. Now that I am no longer depressed, I see alcohol as more of a life enhancement and not a requirement to stay sane.

My birthday is next week. I think I will celebrate it with an expensive whiskey and a delicious cake.


sometimes i contemplate drinking myself to death, but i have actually slowed down on drinking. average of 3 nights every two weeks that i drink now (although i pretty much drink to blackout on those nights).


File: 1642275766055.jpg (6.23 KB, 248x203, 248:203, without alcohol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You could distill sugar and yeast in a still you bought off amazon, you know. And I will go on without you. I never felt that it was a problem until the 7-9 drink mark, at which point I'd begin to feel a bit ill. I fell off the wagon again, got an natural ice in my hand again as I post. Cheers mate.

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