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I literally just did nothing but sit on the computer beating my dick all day. Again.

Tired of this shit.


Hey man, don't be so hard on yourself. At least you're a wizard.


Take a break from it. Do something else. Even a day break is better than nothing. Small steps, wiz


same except replace masturbating with video games


Even that is an improvement and can be good for cognitive ability. I'm just frying my brain.


I spent a full year doing that and I regret it man. I ended up smashing my computer to break the habit. I am now using a cheap PC from a second hand shop.

I'm at least wagecucking and doing things again. -nothing- you do online matters.


I've been in your position, it's fucking slavery. You can escape, it's easier than you think.


internet is raping your soul


But it's preferable to menial degrading unfulfilling wage slavery.
I can read about all sorts of things, play any video game on a whim and learn anything which I would not have learnt if I worked.
I wish I could go for a stroll but the cars are too noisy outside to have any peace


Lmao I just made a similar post at >>249145
except i don't jerk off much at all



AGAIN. God damn it.


Thats just a symptom. Years ago I went for a year and half with no internet or computers or TV and all I did was stare at walls and listen to the same albums on repeat. There is just not much in life for wizards to do

>just get a hobby

I had many and they never were fulfilling or just stopped caring after a while.


File: 1635495909921.jpg (177.77 KB, 900x578, 450:289, 1443409878-2015-09-28-Woul….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I love this comic strip, whenever someone asks me why I don’t want to do something I just show them this


There are a lot of great stuff to experience outside, but any experience will inherently be tainted with lack of freedom. I would love to fly to New-York and see the French Statue, but it will cost me some months of preparations to get a visa, a huge chunk of my savings, and I will be able to visit for like a week or two. Where's any joy in that? Wagelsaving so you can spend two week a year to go enjoy yourself? The world is a prison, so I can just stop pretending and stay in my cave.


Funny how my brain interpreted your "fly to NY" comment as literally flying superman style to NY and then I thought "oh yeah, sure, if I could fly like that I would go to lots of places, too. For a little while at least" to immediately realizing you meant catching a plane. Yeah no, there are no great stuff to experience outside. Unless you're like superman. I think superman can travel through time and go to space, too, so he has more options to make things actually interesting.

As a human though traveling is just standing in a series of lines and then going home. That's the only thing I remember of traveling, either local or abroad. Everywhere you go you have to stand in line. From eating a steak to checking an egyptian artifact, everything is padded with waiting in lines. Fuck that shit. No.
I think if you're the type of person who likes nature then lines are less of a problem, but I don't care about nature at all. Nor I care about anything else really. I suppose that's the problem.


I think many wizards here, especially /dep/, have a sober and cold view of the world due to some event that destroyed a childhood view that was much more fantastical and cheritable. Hence the world is boring and not worth exploring.

I agree though, traveling is too mundane. Everywhere you go is just home to someone else and nothing special to them, so it's hard to be excited. There are some things that make travel worth it. Personally Japan was so amazing I'd love to go back, but I'd never want to live there all the time so travel is a good way to go.


welcome to the club


I got into winemaking. That was fun. And alcohol helps you forget about your current situation. Pretty good wizard hobby.


>there are no great stuff to experience outside. Unless you're like superman.
That was precisely my point. You need to be rich in order to mimic a fraction of that power, and even then you can't just go where and when you want. And if you're not rich, you must spend a lot of time, effort and resources to go at least somewhere for a short period of time. And even if the stars align in your favour, the modern society is too good at draining any enjoyment out of everything, so you know the jorney will suck, and the destination won't be as good as you imagined.


Just spent at least 6 hours straight today masturbating. Was in such a deep trance I was completely unaware of the passage of time. This shit is melting my brain. Best thing I can try to do is remove myself from things that make me want to give into my urges. What you can't see can't hurt you, or so it goes.

I have to be one of the most masturbation addicted people on Earth. It's fucking pathetic.


impressed. I struggle to fap once a week if that and I have to put in effort. how do you fap for 6 hours straight?


Is that what they call gooning?


You need to be very young and dream about sex all day and all night. Basically, be a wizard posting on wizchan 2022.


I always wonder if it’s because I’m circumcised or I’m just different but how the hell does anyone masturbate for more than 40 minutes, let alone hours?


I have seen other circumcised men say very similar things


It's not because you're circumsized, I'm not and that post is ridiculous


im a different person and can do the same thing. i dont do it often but i can easily cum 5 times in a day


prove it


File: 1636922920325.pdf (3.66 MB, The Tao of Health, Sex and….pdf)

by the practice of edging


What else is there to do? Every hobby or project inevitably leads to the same feelings of hollowness. If there were things worth doing, if life provided you with the real means to happiness you would pursue them.


>Tired of living the life without responsibilities, obligations or work
Dude… people like you would be considered literal Kings in ancient times.


why do people think kings never did much work? they had huge stress even in times of peace.
Modern day NEET are above kings of the past we just have 2D harem instead


No, being NEET sucks if you are in a cubicle.

It's only nice if you have a decently sized house or apartment and plenty of cash, not just minimal neetbucks


that is just like your expeirence dude. I love being a NEET in a tiny room. lurk moar


You aren't even 30 yet. I lived like you from 19-30.

You will eventually grow sick of it


Yes. Literally felt like my dick and I had become one and nothing else mattered


This, 26 and there's not much to enjoy about it anymore. Seen and done most things I'd like to do that can be done at home by myself. It's becoming time to move onto whatever I can.


I am 26 and don't feel the same way, sounds subjective


I've been getting into reading more which helps, but the older a man gets the stronger your innate desire to leave the roost becomes, at least from my experience. Even a part-time job would be nice to have if only to help out my parents a little so I don't feel like a complete leech. Could reinvest some of the money into cryptocurrency for a small chance of making my life easier as well, before that market becomes too bloated. I'd refuse to do any soul crushing work however.


I see no way this will still be tolerable by 30, but if you can endure the lifestyle by then I envy you. I am no longer content.


> the older a man gets the stronger your innate desire to leave the roost becomes
I hope this isnt true as I am nearly 30 and only wanr ro NEET in my riiim.


accepted that you don't excel at anything?


>have nothing to worry about
life sucks
>have too much to worry about
life sucks

What the fuck is the answer to this


Stop worrying and turn your brain off with drugs and escapism


File: 1636977202217.png (34.75 KB, 1249x405, 1249:405, 20211115_114153.png) ImgOps iqdb

There is nothing wrong with having no goals. Stop taking yourself and life so seriously, we will all die sometime in the future. We are just sacrificial animals for our selfish genes, puppets of a blind fate.


File: 1636981393106.jpg (256.84 KB, 1920x768, 5:2, 123213.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do I escape, I dont enjoy anime anymore it feels horrible to watch it.


I feel like this when I'm depressed. When depression stops I gladly crawl back into my cave. I do feel like time is going away though and I don't really know what to do about it. I guess most people have the same worries and they just make kids


Some of us are beyond fucked


Not him, but how? I've been doing it daily since 13. I'm pretty sure the fact I couldn't stop during puberty made me chemically/behaviorally reliant on masturbation since I feel awful after a day without. My record in these years is a week of abstaining and at the end of it I'm much more agitated. I hate myself so much for it, even without my other circumstances it's suicide inducing.


I did it for an entire day so around 24 hours once. I was creating my own porn in a heavily modded video game so it wasn't only masturbating per se but I was edging with one hand the whole time, what a fucking degenerate. The trance made me not feel any mental fatigue to the point that i could have continued this debauchery until I died of thirst but I eventually had to stop because of back pain. I uninstalled everything and never went back to it ever again


You got to forget about the world and all of your worries for 24 hours straight. I envy this. Did you orgasm eventually or just give up?


Literally what I do every day OP. I find because I have so little to hold on to I hold onto it desperately.

I'm addicted to jerking off, I'm addicted to the computer, I'm addicted to junk food. These are all I have, so trying to give up any of them is incredibly hard. If my computer was lost in a fire nearly my entire existence would disappear and I'd have nothing to show for it.


i've spent my whole life in front of a computer. i literally don't know what to do without one.


Just the act of sitting in front of a computer is enough to keep me satisfied. I don't even do anything productive on it, just mindlessly browsing. Video games have no appeal anymore. I'm probably one step away from being a vegetative state.


File: 1638055524999.jpg (71.4 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1637311305486.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

she's literally me…


succubi's sexuality and eroticism is infinite compared to men. Men are inferior to succubi in this regard


Name of the game?


Absolute Obedience Crisis


This is true. Succubi also rarely fully tap into those powers, while men would kill for such sexual energy. They are truly demons.


What are you talking about


same, effectively every single day of my life since i was a kid has been spent in front of a computer or at least a screen

its kind of strange to think about but whatever, what else was i gonna do


If it wasn't for my computer I'd probably have played boardgames, read more books and wageslaved. At best.


All I do after I work from home is walking around the house, watch anime and jack off. Really tired of this shit. I started a youtube channel with amv's but I only have 7 subs and I can't monetize my videos. Besides I purchased pirated software to edit them because I live in a third world country and the freaking shit had a backdoor so now I have to restore pc to factory settings and will have to change passwords.


File: 1638080593022.jpg (18.63 KB, 400x533, 400:533, depressed-office-lady-twit….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Usually what I do after a 10 hour shift of wageslavery is just prance around the house in anxiety over going back the next day.
Life should be better than this but it fucking ain't.


what programs? humblebundle sells software for cheap


>10 hour shift
At least you only work 4 days a week. Hopefully


Boomers fought for longer working hours. And now we have that and get paid less. It's a fucking mess.


will check it out, I am using filmora


rarely masturbate but spent an entire day jerking off to hentai. I was jerking off so much I could not even get hard anymore and had to take a 5 minute break from touching myself to even get semi hard again.


humans are insanely adaptable and what separates us from the rest of life is our capacity for infinite and evolving dissatisfaction


>addicted to masturbation
>but utterly bored of porn
>feel unfulfilled every time
I feared this day would come. I've cranked it to everything under the sun and nothing excites me anymore. Time to try and quit cold turkey.



It's a real interesting fact that the extent of suffering can not only increase in quantity, but also it can qualitatively change into new and creative pains forever.


Sometimes I'll spend hours just trying to get hard, then when I do cum there's not much to write home about.


Anyone else's dick curve more due to all the excessive masturbation?


hard (lol) to know if it's natural or that's the cause.


I swear it used to be straighter. It curves slightly to the left and that's the direction I put pressure towards when I masturbate. Could also be very minor peyronie's too but I doubt it.


what do you even fap to when on a big fap session? I love going through lots of tags on a booru and exploring all the works of certain artists that pop out to me.

dont tell me you watch hentai like a pleb


yep it happens


Bout to crank out my third one today and it's still morning. I mean what better is there to do?


How do you even find the strength to do that? I lose interest after one time, unless I haven’t touched myself in weeks.


When you do it to pass the time rather than to get rid of horniness, it's not that hard to imagine.


I only came five times a day once in the 1980s and twice in the 2010s in middle age.


Good that you focused on other things it's a waste of time

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