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I know this might sound off, but it's something that really bothers me.

I've done many things I regret in my life, for various different reasons, but one of the main type of memories that won't leave my head and makes me miserable is all of the times I've humiliated myself somehow, where I did something embarassing, or as it's usually called nowadays: "Cringe".

Things like throwing temper tantrums, or acting awkward and only realizing later, doing or saying something which made someone feel embarassed or even upset at me, being a sore loser, all of these things, sometimes in the middle of the night they just pop up in my head, these memories, I want to erase them.

Still, I know I can never really erase them, so I at least need to cope, how?


Everyone has these anons. A lot of times I've been able to cope with them by telling myself that everyone involved in the incident is thousands of miles away. But, really, I just have to live with them and over the decades have been slowly more and more able to just weather the emotional blows my brain throws at me. You get more endurance, but it never actually gets better.


Every single interaction I've ever had, good or bad, has been cringe in retrospect. So I figure for me social interaction is synonymous with = cringe. Either cringe or be a complete hermit. And for the last few years I've chosen the latter.

But basically the cringe is so overwhelming, there's nothing to cringe at. It's just how I always interact.


It's an unnecessary attachment.
No one is born being self aware and some people don't become self aware at all.
You just didn't knew better at the time.

Be glad whatever stupid shit you did/say never got recorded permanently somehow with your name on it, kids nowadays don't have that luxury.


really its just spite. you have to realize that it is killed or be killed out there, and you will never have a real friend. so the only one you have to stick up for you is yourself. i realized that if i am to survive, i cant make myself an enemy. and with all these things, it really is socially relative. i have done things that are "cringe" and get ridiculed for it, but when chads or normalcattle do it, there is no adverse reaction. reflecting on this, i came to the realization that they are just trying to bring me down, and i am letting them do that. so now i never doubt myself and give 0 thought to what they say or think, what is right or wrong. there is me, and there is only me. nothing else is worth living for


>if i am to survive, i cant make myself an enemy
Sometimes you read something that hits you like a ton of bricks and you just have to sit at process it. Holy shit dude.


Completely vilifying other people is a very dangerous thing to do. Realize that these emotions are simply an expression of your lower natures and your interpretation of the social world and your place in it. But hear this, there is nothing wrong with feeling the way you do - you literally can't help it as these are your own experiences with the world. But you have to view life in a metaphysical manner. A true philosopher detaches himself completely from the social world. You still exist there. But this detachment creates an omniscience in you. It, for temporary moments, grants you an objective perspective. Normal people would refer to this as "it is what it is".


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OP you just need to learn that you are the only person who remembers any of it.


why is she drinking gas and why is she confused about it?


petrol a tasty


It goes well with her morning cawfee.


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the only thing you can do is be compassionate to people you see being cringe. break the cycle. you can't undo the past but you can save a soul.


objectively false. i remember all of the cringe stuff other people do.

for example in 5th grade there was this kid named Sergio who always wore sweat pants. very poor. one day he straight up shit his pants and the shit was overflowing out the back. he left that day and we never saw him in class again, but we still talk about it today and we're 30+.


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Personally what I do is reimagine the situation worse than what actually happened, which then makes the original situation not feel bad at all. Let's say there was an awkward situation, like I made a joke and nobody laughed and just looked at me. I imagine that that happened, but then I took a shit on the floor in front of everyone and then killed someone. It probably sounds retarded, but this is how I get rid of literally every embarrassing memory


This happens to everyone OP. Remember, all those cocksuckers who laughed at your cringey moments will be dead and dust in 100 years. So will you and many, many others. The next generations won't remember the people today in any reasonable capacity. There will be nothing left but the ashes of their bones.


>we never saw him in class again, but we still talk about it today and we're 30+.
Who are you "you"?


just stop caring about anything and embrace being yourself.


I did some embarrassing stuff but nothing with ever top the one thing that turned a group of nerd/losers on me, the last thing they said to me (10 years ago last grade of highschool) is that they hope I kill myself


What you did to them?


You must have done something pretty terrible for you to say that.


I've learned to laugh at some of my cringey moments, though it's easy to say that when it happened years, decades ago with people that are probably dead by now. I can't cope with recent or relevant ones very well though. I usually just tell people I'm autistic and to please excuse me if I do something bad as I don't mean to cause anyone discomfort


okay that is clearly an example that is so extreme people are gonna remember it

but that does not apply to every little thing we do on a daily basis that is embarrassing and haunts the memory for no good reason


Not actually. The elements in your mind that allowed such events are like being supurated, therefore they still cling on you to torture as much as they can before death.

Follow the method, your brain may thank you: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/251711.html#251741


Will you stop peddling this hippy dippy fad diet snake oil in every thread


I simply block them out. If you don't talk to those people who were involved in your 'cringe' moments, then those moments might as well have never existed. I do this for every traumatic experience that I've encountered, and so far it's been working. Although, fair warning, if you aren't very good at blocking memories out, or can't find a good way to distract yourself constantly, this won't work and you'll start to suffer again.


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alcohol, and compulsive lying
I just keep drinking until what actually happened and what mightve happened are undistinguishable mush of memories. coupled with constantly lying to myself and others I've lost nearly all touch of what has actually happened and things I've made up entirely either to quickly get out of a confrontation or to comfort myself

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