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please post your experiences with anti depressants here

i'm starting on them (Citalopram) tomorrow and im scared that ill gain weight from it


Don't take them


I've taken all of them they all do the same thing, make it so you have trouble feeling sad. There are crazy schizos who will tell you it calcifies your brainstem or something similarly ridiculous but they are just retarded

If you stop taking them you'll have minor withdrawals for a few days, that's it


Do you like fapping? Do you like not being a zombie? Do you like feeling emotion? Do you like not having permanent side effects?

If you answers yes to any of the questions, meds aren’t for you


I never got permanent side effects from antidepressants


dont work for me and every type has given me a negative response.


Antidepressants kill your dick don't take them


who cares not like you need it


if you can still get the urge of fap you are not depressed enough.


I take lexapro for my anxiety. I can't quit them because my anxiety comes back and it's horrible and debilitating. It's real depressing to know I'm dependent on these pills.

and yes, I've tried exercise, diet, meditation, etc.


describe your anxiety and i'll take them for my sleep issues


I just like to fap okay? I also have long depressive spells where its the furthest thing from my mind but yeah OP should know that these pills will do that to him in advance


what response?


I take lexapro and it makes me apathetic largely. Prior to taking lexapro, I hated the world and all of its inhabitants. I saw the world as an evil place with evil people. I think for many depression takes the form of "I am bad", but for me it seems to be more external and take the form of "the world is bad". I don't even know if it's depression to be honest, all I know is after taking an antidepressant I didn't feel/think that way as much so I kind of assume my depression takes an atypical form? I do think about stopping it because it feels like I am not seeing the world for what it is.


This is one of the reasons I refuse to get therapy or medication, even though I am sad. I am depressed because of fundamental inequalities in our culture which disenfranchise me and make the conditions of my life shit. Meds and therapy doesn’t fix that, it just gets you back to work so you can get taken advantage of and make other people money. Fuck that


I don't see how that has anything to do with medication though. I take meds including mirtazapine and lexapro and based on everything
I've read and seen in 43 years, nothing tells me humans *aren't* evil and the world not being an evil place.

The world is a disgusting place and most people, especially neurotypicals, are disgusting monsters.
Meds just allow you to get through the day without that fact constantly crushing you mentally.


I've taken every possible ssri combo and never felt any difference in emotions. I've also tried ndris and other atypicals to the same end. They've only ever given me brain zaps and other mildly discomforting side effects.

Idk if should have stayed on each one for longer though, because my shrink was admittedly switching between them a little too fast. At the same time I did give Cymbalta 3 months to prove its magic without results. Atm I am considering giving citalopram or escitalopram a second go but this time I'm going to try them for a minimum of three months.


>please post your experiences with anti depressants here
Very bad. I was on Citalopram myself, they caused me to gain 100lbs and become emotionally unstable and were what helped open my eyes to how corrupt and ineffective modern healthcare is. My recommendation is to throw your pills away, depression is not an illness a doctor can treat.


I tried many of them. Some did nothing except sideeffects. Some seemed to numb my emotions in a sense, but I experienced this as a negative effect; my emotions didnt vary as much, it became a grey constant suicidal dull endless flow of death thoughts. I would rather have some variation


I'm on my third year of escitalopram. I did short breaks between each year but that was a mistake because depression and anxiety comes back hard after a couple of months. They do help a lot and I did gain a little bit of weight (like 10 lbs) by the end of year 2 but I lost it all after I stopped taking meds and got depressed after like 3 months to the point I couldn't get out of bed and didn't eat anything for 2 weeks. So now I'm on year 3 and honestly I'll probably have to take them for the rest of my life but at least I feel functional.


i didn't take them for depression even though i 100% have it
i took it for sleep but all they did was making me not being able to sleep at all




>>250946 why do you want to feel functional and why is that so important to you that you would take ssri long term


Because when something hurts you want it to go away. Meds are the less messy option. But they work only when I take them so that's why long term


Antidepressants only work if you are a normie who has at least one person in your life that you are not related to who gives a shit about you. They should just call antidepressants "emotion blockers" because that is what they really do. You no long feel intense sadness but you also don't feel happiness. They limit the peaks and valleys of your emotion. If there isn't anyone in your life to remind you of the things that make you happy then antidepressants won't help.

They didn't kill my dick, just made it damn near impossible to cum.


why would you need someone to remind you of the things that make you happy, do you have dementia


I was put on escitalopram at 11 for dubious reasons, and pretty much immediately went from wiry to fat with weight problems for the rest of my life. This destroyed my social life and the peer rejection from it caused most of my personality problems today. I am a wizard because of SSRIs and I wish I could personally execute everyone responsible in Minecraft.


Get propanolol as needed (not daily; take it before an anxiety-causing event). Not only does it not have the side effects, but in the long term it is proven to amplify the effects of exposure therapy so that you can actually get better.


Escitalopram is the worst one for causing metabolic problems that can be permanent. Take ANYTHING but that.


20mg lexapro here
1 year taking it
I gained weight
My libido is off
I jerk off less

I'm not as sad
I'm not.as.emotional
My emotions are restricted in terms of severity


I took that and it made me lose weight

not him but that didnt help me at all, felt like a sugar pill


What dosage?


I just think that psychotropic meds are hella scary and shouldnt be used in general, but If you say theyre helping you then thats great I guess


I think it was 10 or 15mg


You know what's hella scary? Waking up one day so fucked up that you think dying would be a relief. And there's no reason and you just don't know what to do. When you don't enjoy anything anymore. You go to a doctor and he gives you these pills that make the next year one of the best in your life.

The scary part about them is when you realize the effect goes away when you stop and you slowly return to where you started. You do keep the changes you've made about your attitude and whatever but it's really easy to sink into that depression swamp again.


I just have this opinion that my "natural" emotions are right and everything that alters them is wrong, so I'd rather live with depression (which I keep changing my mind on wether or not depression is actually an illness or not) than alter my emotions with drugs. Please dont view this as me telling you that youre doing something wrong, you do you


I think this is a common sentiment. It's the same reason it took me years to try anti depressants.


I don't really know what you're talking about. My emotions are the same I'm just more positive in general. If you can manage your depression it's fine that you don't use meds but I'm way past that point.


They worked somewhat but I ran out and couldn’t work up the courage to go back and ask for more, so I guess they didn’t work enough.


Don't listen to fearmongering in this thread. Meds are great. I went to a psych ward after a suicide attempt an it took a while, but my doctor managed to get me a combination of pills that worked wonders. The only side effect I have is a lowered libido, but I am a hopeless crab, so that only means that I fap a lot less.
Take the pills if you need them. Just remember that it might take a while before you find a combo that works for you. Be honest with your psychiatrist and report any abnormality and he will help you.


>Be honest with your psychiatrist and report any abnormality and he will help you.

funniest shit I've read today


On citalopram, buspirone and mirtazipine
Feel like a fucking corpse, I have no emotions anymore. No anxiety but nothing else either. I think I'm just going to stop taking the damn things.


mirtazapine can make you extremely tired, maybe you could just stop taking that one


I only take that one at night. For sleep, nominally.
I just feel hollowed out.


Yeah, you might take it at night, but the effects extend into the next day because it has an extremely long half-life. I have taken this and a few other tricyclic antidepressants, they make me feel lethargic and slow for an entire day or two after because it's still in my system even after I slept. If you're only taking it to sleep you should take something with a shorter half-life like benedryl, which has basically the same sedating effect. It's worth a try if you really want to give meds a chance


I don't know.
I'm trying to get in to see a shrink since I just moved out of state. I feel like I keep getting jerked around by these fucks. I just want to try and convince one to prescribe something I can pop when I need it and not a battery of shit that makes me feel less human than I did before I started taking it.


I tried mirtazapine and it had horrific effects that lasted well into the next day

>something I can pop when I need it
Opiates and benzos work like this but in my country it was impossible to be prescribed for me, so I suggest illegal means of purchase


I regularly take mirtazipine. Learning how to punch thru the fog when you wake up and actually get out the bed is the hardest part. Immediately make coffee, it helps. If you take one it has afterlife that last for 2-4 days afterwards that hollow feel and brainfog


>opiates and benzos

Eventually you'll stop popping them 'as needed' and start popping them all the time.

t. fucked up their 20s with pills


I was taking mirtazapine for a while but those drugs always give me dry mouth. Was taking it mostly for sleep and am going to try melatonin now.


ask your doctor about rozerem, it's basically prescription melatonin


I took opiates and benzos regularly from 18 to 27. Now im 30 and havent taken them for years because my life situation improved. So no, that doesn't match my experience. If I didnt have them when I needed them I am certain I would be dead now. I consider the unavailability of opiates and benzos a crime against humanity


I was on SSRIs for awhile. Unlike other people's experiences, I lost my drive after getting off it. I've had to stop taking the tricyclic antidepressant I was on too and haven't slept in 36 hours since my script ran out. I've been avoiding caffeine and even bought some crappy melatonin gummies, but they do no good. I just lay there in bed unable to sleep.


Nothing has helped me at all and if they did anything it was always bad effects.
I was taking this and did not find it helped me feel better but I was sleeping a lot and felt foggy.


>If you stop taking them you'll have minor withdrawals for a few days, that's it

I don't believe this is always the case, In my experience the withdrawal was far from minor, but it only did last for a few days. I only lasted taking them for two days before I started having hallucinations and very severe panic attacks, they really make me feel like I had just gone on a stimulant binge and I could not sleep at all.
For the three days after, I was still hallucinating and really couldn't sleep while still having panic attacks. This experience was enough to make me never want to take any sort of psychiatric medication ever again, which didn't actually happen. I believe this was Cymbalta as far as I can remember.

The only other long term psychiatric med I have tried was Lamictal. For the first month, it was pretty great. I was essentially in a hypomanic episode and had unlimited energy. As time went on this just became extremely exhausting even though I was getting enough sleep. I started to become extremely anxious and the hyper realistic dreams began to eat at me a bit, it was always something to do with me dying and it felt very real. Scary stuff. No withdrawal for that, though.
I have multiple bottles of other meds(lithium, seroquel, trazodone, and some other stuff) that I don't think I will ever be desperate enough to take apart from trying trazodone for a couple days in the past, which just made me manic.
It really should be noted that I was diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder, but I'am still in denial even though it seems pretty obvious.


your reactions seems kinda weird, I' diagnosed bipolar and only some antidepressants caused mania, you must have gotten unlucky and given meds that you cant tolerate


Eh, I started doing some reading after I left the ER and I was only able to find one study but a few anecdotal cases of people that have previously used LSD having hallucinations after taking antidepressants. The study in question was of some older guy using acid very heavily in his teens having nothing but terrible experiences, and in the end he started taking a different antidepressant which didn't cause these issues so you may be right, i don't know. I don't remember the meds in question in this case and the ones from the one survey I found among college students didn't list any medications or many details at all.
My experience doesn't mirror his completely, though. I had nothing but good experiences, and cliche as it sounds, helped my mental state.


Antidepressants are a fad


Antideppresants were debunked years ago


the mental gymnastics you have to use to even consider them anything but a failure is astronomical. We are conditioned to think they work but at the same time don't.


They actually aren't a failure for a lot of people.
Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it failed.


The studies suggest to me that they really are a failure for society. Even with all the corruption and broken study designs, at best the literature suggests they barely beat placebo


SSRIs are OK. They mostly even out the lows and highs and kind of work to numb pain. However, and it's a massive shame that it isn't prescribed more, Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is fucking awesome. It actually makes you happier and gives you more energy. It's also great in combination with an SSRI.


Depression and suicide rates are not decreasing so it's difficult to see them as anything but a failure. There is mounting evidence that they do more harm than good.


they made me fat


File: 1641879038219.jpg (50.94 KB, 494x498, 247:249, 2121121122.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is fucking awesome.
Agreed, besides potentially giving you super alzheimer's or a seizure.

The entire idea behind a dopamine reuptake inhibitor is radical genius, on top of that it does the same for norepinephrine. Bupropion is an a-typical antidepressant and handles totally different than your typical SSRI shit show. Most people don't have serotonin issues.


>it numbs your emotions
>it is to be a normal functional member of society
It's funny how they don't even hide the fact that to be a normgroid it means to be a soulless drone


Pure poison. You're better off just being depressed in earnest than living in a pink fog of fake contentedness. The side effects are usually horrible and if weight loss is the worst you get count yourself lucky.

Try St. johns wort, ashwagandha, and ginkgo biloba. I take them daily without losing brain power or my wizard. SSRIs will make you gain weight, cause brain fog, ed, trouble urinating, constipation, brain damage and worse.


from my experience those things are no better than placebo with maybe a mild effect at big doses, though I have more than depression


I have way more than depression, and that may be but at least they're not gonna give me alzheimers and ED while I'm still in my 30s. Pharmaceuticals are absolutely evil. Never again.


I don't take antidepressants and a lot of those side-effects I read about here I have without even taking them.
I cannot imagine being any more numb emotionally, I haven't felt shit but discomfort at being alive for months.


dont take their meds , they gave me antipsychotics , benzos and ssri's

i was unable to have thoughts , i wasnt aware with my surroundings and felt certainly numb and unhuman
at the guest room for the therapist there was another old succubus who took the same benzos as i did , she looked dead , she stared at the floor for extented perioud of time and her movements were sluggish and robotic

don't take their meds , you're not ill for no reason the chemical imbalance they keep telling everyone is due to the shitty society we're forced to engage in and with




If you feel so much better, then why the fuck are you here?



They make you emotionally and physically dead. That's all they do. The point is to make you so tired and despondent that you don't fucking kill yourself because FOR SOME FUCKING REASON SOCIETY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF.
Why the fuck do they care????
Why the fuck do they go to such lengths to stop you????
Just end it.
Good fucking god.


On 10mg a day of Viibryd I feel much better. Am I absolutely beaming and don't get sad or experience anxiety or any of that? Of course not but when I do take them I am much less likely to fall into the pit of despair that I often do otherwise. The problem is they are expensive and I don't have insurance so I'm kind of screwed when these run out.


File: 1648105434631.gif (3.79 MB, 480x400, 6:5, niggun.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Because they want to extract taxes from you. It's that simple. Nobody cares about you a a person though. They want the resources you produce.


I wanna quit my anti-depressants solely the fact that they charge me for it and 50 bucks to do appointments, I know people need money to eat but my god im tired of them taking money out of my pocket just to be zombified, they dont really truly care about mental health and the fact I wanna kill myself everyday.


You could replace taxes with labour and it would be just as accurate, if not more. Please stay in your pol containment thread in the future.


I don't see how this is a political issue. Suicides are precisely discouraged because wizards can provide cheap labor.

Removing that source of cheap labor hurts owners of capital.

That is why the Foxconn plant installed anti-suicide nets and meshes under the factory windows.
Workers are a resource that generate you money when you own a lot of capital.
You don't want that resource to kill itself once it realizes how bad it has it in life.

>Having built safety nets along its employee dormitories after a series of jumping suicides at its Shenzhen production plant, Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which uses the trade name Foxconn, is now installing the same sort of nets at some of its inland factories, state media reported Tuesday.

>Foxconn already installed nets to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths at its Shenzhen factory buildings.

Earth is literally hell if you don't own capital and have to work for pennies to earn a living and heaven if you have access to large amounts of capital.

Those who are already in heaven don't want their little amusement park of a life to shut down.
They will discourage suicides even when the person is unknown to them.


My point is that this poster in particular is selective in who and what to blame because he has an agenda (state bad)
I don't know why you would single out one entity when there are others just as nefarious, such as the ones you provided an example of, and I feel this is an understatement.
Sorry for going off topic.


I'm vaguely reminded of the all the "NEETs" and "isolated" social programmes they used to have in the early 00s. I remember there being a drive to actually get isolated people to get engaged with society. There were telly programmes on the subject.

I even remember getting "NEET?" leaflets through my letter box.

Now it seems like they just want you to get back to work as fast as possible.


I've been thinking of getting on them.

My grandma takes an older TCA amitryptiline and I've stolen some pills to see how it works. I felt completely braindead at regular doses but after i took 1/4 of the pill it felt nice, was able to sleep better, enjoy things and concentrate again.

I think antidepressants are ok, it's that the doses being prescribed are just way too high and the side effects at that point outweight the positives.


>get isolated people to get engaged with society
>get back to work as fast as possible
what's the difference?


Not him, but my guess is pretending that you care about their well being and want them to have gf, friends, hobbies etc and openly just wanting to use them for labour.


I'm assuming you're genuinely asking but back then it seemed to be trying to get you participating in the local community and projects with the main thing being the social aspect. There were a quite a few people dying alone with their bodies not being discovered till weeks or months later and shit like that and I guess they wanted to reduce that. No idea if any of it succeeded though cos I'm pretty sure those types of social programmes (and many others) had their funding cut.


My experience with medication is that its hard to get right but when you do it's so, so worth it.

As an example: I started out being put on a medication called 'oxazapam' for social anxiety. Oxazapam is a benzo and its weak enough that it didn't prevent my panic attacks in social situations. Benzos also have the draw back that they slowly stop working and give you rebound symptoms (all the initial symptoms you were hoping to treat but much worse.)

Other bad drugs I've been put on:
* Valium - feels amazing and it's so relaxing – but its a benzo and eventually put me into a subtle state of panic that lasted months
* Temazepam - helps you sleep for a short period but then you develop tolerance and it gives you rebound insomnia = not sustainable for treating insomnia

Then over time my condition(s) were better understood and I finally decided to get treatment. I was put on propanolol which immediately stopped my panic attacks without the nasty benzos. I got diagnosed with bipolar (and started on a mood stabilizer called valporate.) This made it much easier to think and also reduced my anxiety even more but I was still depressed and unmotivated.

After the valproate they tried Lexapro which didn't help me for depression. But then I was switched to Venlafaxine and my god… the first few months on this med it was like blissful happiness and complete satisfaction with life. I actually just spent my entire days in bed reading articles and not wanting to do anything else (NEET at the time.) I reasoned this was just a short term result of adjusting to the meds (and the effect went away.) But I was still left feeling happy I'd say like 99% of the time.

At this stage it was the best ever place for my mental health because my bipolar, depression, and panic attacks were all successfully treated – to the point where my symptoms were almost all gone (still feel uncomfortable in social situations and still get insomnia.)

The final mental-health issue I'm trying to address is my concentration problems. I've been fired from many jobs because of mental health reasons (concentration issues being one of them.) I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I've slowly been exploring medications to treat my symptoms. Just like with the anti-depressants I had to switch a few times and slowly increase the dose to find therapeutic levels – but I think I've finally found a good dose for my Vyvanse which I'm happy about.

What I will say to wizards about meds:
1. They take time to work – unfortunately on the order of weeks to months.
2. You need to be patient to get the med and dosage right.
3. They can work profoundly well.
4. It can be hard to find doctors who know what meds to use. You will probably have to fight for your own treatment. Don't give up.


>the chemical imbalance they keep telling everyone is due to the shitty society we're forced to engage in and with
Did society bad shred our veins as well?
> Vessel caliber may relate to mental disorders as cause, consequence, or both. Psychopathology was associated, in particular, with wider venules, which are thought to reflect, in part, damage to microvasculature associated with problems of oxygen supply to the brain
Or maybe it caused mutations in our genomes?
>Copy number variants (CNVs) are variations in the number of copies of chromosomal regions produced by microdeletions and microduplications due to meiotic misalignment. It has already been established that certain larger (>100 kilobase) CNVs confer increased risk for neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs)
>Here, we report on the psychiatric consequences of carrier status for pathogenic CNVs. In particular, we had the opportunity to assess psychopathology in a relatively high-functioning sample
>This cohort had a very high rate of psychopathology, with 85% of participants having a psychiatric diagnosis (Table 1). Amongst the axis 1 disorders, mood disorder (42%), anxiety (47%) and NDDs (48%) were most frequent. Rates of personality disorder were even higher (73%).



Misclick, I'll speak to my personal experiences and nothing more. Some people probably make claims and support stuff, but I'm too lazy for that.
Venlafaxine, ssri: wide pupils, everything feels "fine" but no happiness. Eventually made me suicidal. This is like prozac cranked to max
Prozac, ssri: venlafaxine-lite. Dick no work while on it and I'm having trouble off for 1.5months but it could be my fault. Again, I just felt fine. This is no way to live whatsoever in my opinion so I pulled off them.
Bupropion, ndri: took 25 days for them to work (I think) and I started doing small chores around my place. That's it though, no big side projects, no reading, no happiness from doing these tasks. I just see garbage and think "I'll throw that out, why not?"

Now: No fun = nothing getting done. I'm a wageslave so this is a big problem. I may start taking some… "secondary medication" bought form a "roadside doctor" to keep working and hopefully find enjoyment in hobbies.


Bit in a need of advice
was/ I am in state where I cant feel any joy + depression etc. so I went to therapist.
Got SSRIs, took them for an year and half but aside from feeling numb it had no other effect, after talking with therapist he refused to switch to other meds. so I just slowly waned off them and somehow functioned without them, still no joy and such but without absolute numbness.
Now can I somehow fix my problems without taking them, is there anyway for that or I need to take them longer for it to take effect?
I just want to feel joy again.


I have chronic illnesses that completely destroyed my quality of life, but I'm still expected to work like a normal person and my country is not gonna give two shits about my situation.
I'm clearly unhappy about this and I can see it's about to take a turn for even worse with my body breaking down further.
My family wants me to take medication (they are not professionals but I think they just want me to shut up and stop complaining about life).

If I start depression meds will I just become a numb zombie? I don't know if I want to be a doped out person in pain. I wish I could feel better from the health issues. My fear is the meds will give me even worse health problems in the long run and my family and etc are just trying to get me to take them so I shut up and they can kind of move on from me.


i hate the demiurge


>Got SSRIs, took them for an year and half but aside from feeling numb it had no other effect, after talking with therapist he refused to switch to other meds. so I just slowly waned off them and somehow functioned without them, still no joy and such but without absolute numbness.
I have no advice, but I am in a similar boat with SSRIs, I pulled off of them. As for the therapist shit, as far as I understand therapists can't prescribe meds only psychs can so I don't know where that is from. Change psychs and consider a non ssri antidepressant, they do exist. I'm on bupropion and it didn't fix my life, but I do function better on it.


They'll help you with about 20% of all your symptoms, without counting the new side effects.


Keep in mind this board is called 'dep.' Chances are very high that:

1. anti-depressants never worked for the people here
2. they had shit doctors who didn't prescribe them the right meds
3. they chose not to take meds for their own reasons

I think for these reasons you're only going to get negative and bias responses. For what its worth: if you're considering anti-depressants you should talk to your doctor and follow medical recommendations. Try to get good information on what you're taking. It can take a long time to get medication right but it's well worth it when you do.

source: am a walking grocery list of mental illness. I've tried many meds. I'd say its taken me about 2 years to get my meds right from the time I decided I'd fully commit to being treated even if it initially sucked. A lot of people aren't willing to do that.

I have bipolar, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, adhd, and I'm on the autism spectrum (yeah its a lot of issues, but virtually all my symptoms have gone away with treatment.) it may be easier for you all to get help if you don't have as many issues as me.


not an english speaker so I didnt know what word to use to describe profession which prescribed them, we call them different in my language, my mistake.


I started paxil few weeks ago for social anxiety, and it didn't do anything for me, well, it actually made me feel finally happy for a few days. But then I started smoking weed again and depression came back. FML


It takes more than a few weeks for SSRIs to start working. That's not to say Paxil is the right drug for you tho. Only way to know is to give it time.


Not to sound like some anti-weed fag, but anti-depressants usually doesn't go well in weed sadly, if you take it a lot with the anti-depressants, you won't see any benefits from it at all.


I'm already emotionally numb and cut off from my emotions so they never had an effect on me


I'm going to try psilocybin again. I've lost faith in therapy and mental health professionals. 8 years of going nowhere. When I tried psilocybin I had increased introspection during the high, everything felt more clear. The effects seemed to last for a week and I had the courage to actually go to a grocery store for once. Has anyone else had any luck with shrooms?


doing stuff that amplifies delusions, releases dopamine, and generally messes with your mind won't fix you. having found no solace in mental health treatment isn't unusual either. that entire field is filled with pseudoscientists. the gist i'm getting is that you just want to use drugs, and since you have entire subcultures enabling your decision, I just want to be here as someone that disagrees with your choice.


Well, the only reason I'm trying them is because I've heard a lot of success stories from people who never had luck with pills or therapy. I'm not some druggie. And there's more research showing that psychedelics can help with depression. I'm tired of being a depressed loser. I'm 30 now and things are just going to get worse as I get older, unless I try something now


I started taking them about every or every other week a few months ago. The only thing it helped with was overeating. Depression it didn’t do much for, and last week I gave up and started an SNRI. Still going to take them though. I like them.


They are looking into psilocybin for treating depression so I definitely don't think your idea is crackpot. People use the drug to also treat cluster headaches. I've used hallucinogens before and the experiences I've had on them are very fond memories.

Would be a comfy hobby to grow the shrooms yourself and then trip every so often to appreciate life more.


>try new antidepressant for OCD
>build up to the max dose
>works for a couple weeks
>stops working

Goddamn it.

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