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I cant jerk off. my cock feels nothing. no frenulum left, not even remanent. cut tight, my dick points to the left because skin is so tight. glans is dry all the time. my fetish is foreskin and phimosis hentai now because I want foreskin so much especially when its erect and the foreskin cover the glan then the bitch lick it to uncover the glans. no rigid band, no gliding sensation. I will have to resort to anal to feel good when masterbating now so I guess im gay until my foreskin grows back.

my doctor gave me a hand job with a knife when I was a baby so does that even make me a wizard anymore?
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The sort answer? Religion. Look at their latest and greatest scandal:

"216,000 children - mostly boys - have been sexually abused by clergy in the French Catholic Church since 1950" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58801183

They let that shit go on for 70 years and you expect them to care about children? They clearly don't give a fuck. If the perpetrator has high status in society, they can't get away with anything, literally anything, and that includes chopping a part of your dick off because some disgusting pervert 3000 years ago wanted to bite baby dick and used the old "God told me so" excuse to get away with it.


I’m inclined to believe it really did serve some purpose 3000 years ago because the rate of infection must have been so high that even the most insane theologian would’ve needed a good reason. That said there’s literally no benefit as it stands.


I posted in this thread a while ago about this, but my foreskin constantly rips and bleeds because it is too tight, if I was living in some ancient society without basic hygiene I would definitely have a problem. Pre-emptively cutting the foreskin off was probably a good idea back then, but in modern times it really should be a case-by-case basis


Are you more hurt at the doctor or at your parents for allowing this to happen?


Well I’m dead sure my parents would never have even considered it had some yid doctor not told them they should, so the doctor. They still went ahead and did it though so no one is really blameless here except the child.


If there's absolutely no reason for it to be so pervasive as it still is now, yet it is, it stands to reason there was no reason 3000 years ago either. The foreskin exists because it has a function and it works, I highly doubt there was some infected dick crisis going around that required default mutilation of all boys.

>Pre-emptively cutting the foreskin off was probably a good idea back then
No, that retarded argument is still used today. I'm sorry to hear about your predicament but it seems especially uncommon. It shouldn't be a case by case basis so much as a blanket ban that if necessary is lifted in extreme circumstances.


I agree with this. I don't think it makes any sense to prevent all circumcision either, but it should only be done for medical reasons. If someone has phimosis or something like that.


The reason it’s pervasive now is tradition+misinformation. It had to have something to get it going, either that or Abraham was real fucking high/crazy.


Is there a transplant that could be done or skin grafting?


foregen is working on it


I need help. I'm trying to find the identity of the doctor who did it.
This was in the 90's though.
If I go to the hospital, will they let me access files and investigate and find out who the pig is?
Or is it pointless to go there?


Don't know if it's same everywhere, but when my father died I went to get the register of his last internment for the life insurance and they had all his consultations and treatments for quite a long time, they charged me by the number of pages I required to see. Unless there was some incident where they claim the registers were lost, you probably can have them. Are you planning on revenge? Like kidnapping the doctor and peeling his dick off?


It plays into a person's victim complex, which is a mentality a lot of people here find appealing.


Sorry, anon. Nothing you can do but hope for a cure. I'm in the same boat. I still feel pleasure from my dick though. There's more to life than sex. Deal with it, don't be a pussy victim bitch.


Give me back my foreskin


Except it's not a "complex", any man mutilated as a child is a victim, that's fact.


The doctor for being a human rights abusing dipshit who should be executed

Parents for being ignorant fucks who should have known better


This is such a stupid victim complex.

I used to have a bent dick. You can look up peyronies disease except that manifests later in life. I always had a bent erect dick. Anyway I had a surgery to correct it. Week later my foreskin got infected, week long trip to the hospital, all sorts of stuff, anyway I had to get circumcised. If I masturbate I have to put on lube to come. Thats really it. I have lube next to my computer. Theres absolutely no problem.

Circumsized does also look better naked so theres some truth to succubi "teehee uncircumsized looks like an anteater"

People just want to be victims


The foreskin is a natural part of the male human body and shouldn't be removed. You could have undergone another procedure that doesn't involve cutting the foreskin off. Luckily for you you had a circumcision later in life and made the decision yourself. Some of else didn't have a choice and it was forced on us at birth. You also had a circumcision that was most likely loose unlike mine which is tight and the scar line is notably close to the middle of my penile shaft.


You decided to get surgery as an adult to fix a cosmetic issue, and either you or your doctor failed to properly sterilize which resulted in an infection that you just.. cut off?

Stupid retard. Dumb idiot. Read the thread. It's not a "victim complex" but it's a bunch of guys who were actual victims of sexual torture and rape. If you were pinned down as an adult and had your foreskin crushed and cut off, then the blood sucked from your dick, with no anesthesia or postop medication, you'd be a victim to even if you didn't exactly remember it happening. Your brain would be just as altered by the trauma and hey, maybe you liked fapping better with a foreskin or wanted to try ancient foreskin fap rituals in the future? "Victim complex" shut the fuck up. It's a board for depressed guys to talk about what makes them depressed, of course you're going to see a concentration of guys sad about the same thing in one thread. That's like going in to a train modelling thread and concluding that "Everybody likes train modelling" because that's all you're seeing right then and there.
>Circumsized does also look better naked


He's right though. What a bunch of babies in this thread. I can't even believe there's a 100+ post thread with a bunch of guys crying about their foreskins. Oh, how horrific! It's not as pleasurable, waahhh, cry about it more you disgusting coomers. There is more to life than jerking off and sexual satisfaction 'wizard.' Maybe its actually a gift in disguise.

Btw, Do any of you even know how modern circumcision is done? Because it doesn't sound like it…
1. A plastic ring is put around the penis which falls off after 6 days.
2. The doctor numbs the area and follow-up pain management is done with Tylenol.

The medieval shit you speak of about might happen in third-world countries but it doesn't happen in the western world. So how is this 'traumatic' if the area is numb and pain is managed? fyi: I was circumcised too at bird and notice no ill effect. While there may be rare incidences of botched circumcision they aren't the norm. The rest of the thread seems full of people who just want to throw a pity party for themselves. much like the rest of dep.


everything is 'traumatic' nowadays
i see that word being thrown around for the most mundane shit, and i swear some wish they were molested as children
'abuse' is another fancy word among these ghouls, they believe every human ever is a victim of it. know these reports 'study finds three people out of five have been molested/raped/abused as children'? i call bullshit on these and find all that noise around such matters very suspicious

sorry for the semi off topic rambling


Grow a pair


The way I read this post is that you were mutilated at birth and now can't understand why other people care about masturbatory pleasure because you've sadly never even experienced it to the same extent

The brutality of the method is mostly irrelevant, though you are incorrect there too and a variety of methods are used in all countries


I agree with these people infant or child circumcision is a genital mutilation done without consent and have no place in modern society I wish I wasn’t circumcised
You two are retards that can’t comprehend what is ethically wrong with infant and child circumcision if did this barbaric insane mutilation happened to succubi in west there would have been insane outrage but nobody cares about genital integrity of the boys and you retards also claim circumcision is good because of sexual preference of females which is aldo extremely anti-wizardly


i just don't know why they care when the deed–however unnecessary it may be–has already been done and it isn't really causing them much pain anyway. im saying this as someone who's cut myself: i highly, highly doubt that any psychological trauma induced from circumcision has any significant impact on the average adult male. this fixation on a situation which cannot be changed is incredibly weak and contra to the stoic mindset, which in turn runs counter to the wizard mindset. obsessing over genitalia of all things, good lord.


And yet you're in this thread? Your posts are awful. Just, completely awful. You're a very practiced contrarian, of that I'm certain.

Go back to bitching about racism and telling people to touch grass again.


What an unempathetic peabrain you are, imagine thinking mutilated babies aren't victims, either you're a moron or in denial, probably both lol.


Keep crying about some skin on your dick, I'm sure it'll grow back and overnight people will magically change their minds about circumcision.


I'm actually uncircumcised but I have enough empathy to respect the guys complaining about being knife raped and mutilated as babies because I'm not a dumb coping retard who chimes in with his own edge case well ackthually for me it wasnt a problem lol bye pointless smug faggotry, but keep being you. Maybe next time don't open the thread about circumcision if you don't want to see people (rightly) complaining about it.

This thread really makes me realise that I have nothing in common with the average wizard simply beyond being a virgin because many like you retain the same normalfag brainwashing that keeps them at this troglodyte unevolved level.

You're right complaining in a thread on some niche forum isn't going to change anything, but that's literally what /dep/ is for, venting, if you don't like it fuck off and keep your retarded shitty takes to yourself.


try restoration

also it seems that a lot of cutfags itt are coping. using the most braindead socially accepted bs like "man up" "victim complex". how about i cut off your leg and expect you to walk and tell you that you ought to man up, not be a victim bitch. fucking retards


…edge case? Right, I'm sure the millions upon millions of circumcised men out there who hold high offices and function very well are LITERALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY and SCREAMING in agony over the "knife raping" they suffered as infants. Or, y'know, it doesn't really bother them.


and I'm sure if we got the noses off millions of men as children they wouldn't complain as they can still smell just fine.


Yes yes yes, your nose is as important to your functioning as a strip of skin on your penis. You ever get around to opening that biology textbook?


your nose is just as much a "strip of skin" as your foreskin


Why there are so many retards in this website that defends unnecessary genital mutilation of boys? I thought wizchan was for people with high insight and that reject the barbaric traditions of society its seems I was wrong.I’m circumcised at age 10(muslim country) and I wish I wasn’t and I can’t comprehend the all the retards who downplays that barbaric mutilation here it was horrific trauma for me


Yes your personal experience is indeed an edge case because most men are mutilated as babies, not voluntarily when they're adults because of a preexisting medical condition - not to mention the many different variations in circumcisions that can take place, some taking way more skin than others which would obviously change how it feels.

Of course most men are asleep when it comes to this particular issue (or any men's issue in general) - it doesn't bother them because 1) they aren't even aware it's an issue, believe whatever doctors/officials tell them, everyone else does it so it must be good, shamed into not seeing themselves as victims (when they are) 2) don't want to acknowledge they were deprived of something relating to their sexual organs as a baby and their parents consented to their mutilation (because it's extremely painful) 3) in response to 2) will spout normalfag platitudes like "man up" or "grow some balls" to try to belittle men calling out injustice when ironically they're the cowards for sitting put and shutting up and not acknowledging their own emotions. If more men grappled with the painful truth of their situation they might have actually banned it by now.

There's some truth to the low level cretin posters in here in that yeah, there's nothing they can do about it, you have to take it on board and accept it as part of your rng lot in life like many other things outside of your control that may negatively impact your quality of life, but they're entirely justified in being angry. You can't blame dudes for not wanting to think about it, not that they've ever even thought about it beyond "dude dick cheese lol" so no wonder they're functional, asleep but functional, but it's entirely irrelevant to the fact it's archaic evil shit that should be banned unless absolutely required for certain medical conditions. There's nothing else to say - my advice would be for these guys to join an activism group and try to raise awareness and stop it happening, redirect the anger into something purposeful, and enjoy shutting down retards like certain posters here.


Just wait 2 years or so until Foregen finishes their trials and releases complete foreskin regeneration procedure to the public

Hopefully it won't cost an extortionate amount


I kinda think foregen is retardedly vain but I also think wanton circumcision on newborns needs to stop now.



Could you orgasm when rubbing the ridged band? Can you still orgasm just as easily when rubbing the frenulum?


>I cant jerk off. my cock feels nothing

same but I am uncircum it just feels so good especially frenulum stuff that I abused it as drugs and fucked up myself mentally and psychically


i could be wrong but apparently the procedure doesnt restore sensitivity much


Circumcision was pushed so that jews blend in better in the worst case scenario for them. Imagine, millions of men were mutilated at birth to soothe one group's paranoia. Evil world


How would you even know if they haven't started human clinical trials yet?


He was probably thinking of foreskin restoration aka painful tugging of one's dick to grow the skin.


File: 1657038425132.jpg (74.78 KB, 329x323, 329:323, 1442623851898.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It just… it just happened for no reason. The demographic I am a part of and time I was born do not correlate with high circumcision rates. I am part of the minority on this.

Fuck everyone ITT and in society telling us to stop complaining. I can fucking complain about my infantile sexual assault if I like. I can complain about anything that concerns me if I want. That's one freedom I have.


Its simply tugging at the skin in a scheduled manor to loosen/regrow the skin. After about a year or two, many men regrow their entire foreskin from nothing.

No, it is not painful if done correctly. The key is working the skin extremely regularly, making a habit out of it. Most methods urge the restorer to practice in two minutes sessions, ten times a day or so, with one hour of wait between sessions. Although that's only twenty minutes a day, its effective if one makes a habit out of it.



Back during 125 C.E, the Jews had came up with a new more brutal version of circumcision to prevent foreskin restoring. Before 125 C.E, the biblical circumcision (Brit Milah) was done in such a way that it left most of the foreskin still covering the glans, whereas the rest not covering the glans was removed. During this time, Jews used foreskin restoration methods to gain access into the Roman Empire and Greece, masquerading as fellow citizens. Having the glans exposed was considered unsightly, and the Romans barred any Jew from entering. Jews, however, used foreskin restoration methods to make themselves look intact. The Jews saw this as a way of going against the Jewish faith. Rabbis and others were recommended to remove even more foreskin on the penis to make foreskin restoration near impossible. The modern circumcision we see today stems from that; the amputation of the foreskin covering the glans. This is known as Brit Pariah.

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