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end of the year and doing it all over again edition

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Working from home is comfortable, too comfortable. I don't feel any of the constant anxiety and pain which are necessary to get me to do anything.


just practice imagining how angry/disappointed your boss will be if you don't finish you work and how embarrassed you'll feel about it.

i'm trying to do the opposite and remove that kind of imagery and thoughts to be a more easy going and relaxed person.


I'm probably going to have to end up waging. Since I have a college degree I was thinking about just starting work as a prep guy at a chain restaurant or something then try to get a cozy office spot. Is this feasible or am I dreaming here?


My only advice would be to begin as you mean to go on.


What do you do? I need a job like this.



Man, my job would be perfect (or, tolerable, at least) if two co-workers fucked off. They are

>middle aged femoid who thinks everything should go her own way, is incredibly bitchy, etc

>twentysomething guy who thinks he's a great worker, but shows up two hours late every shift and spends most of the rest of the shift fucking around

I wouldn't mind the guy so much if he'd just give me space to do my work instead of complaining about what other people aren't doing. He's just annoying and gets in the way. Can't fault him for getting paid to fuck around at work.

The 'moid just complains about literally everything, and seems to take it out on me because I'm the loser of the workplace.


I’m 30 with spotty work history in retail garbage. I was a merchandiser for two big snack companies and I gotta admit the work isn’t too bad because you’re completely solitary apart from some brief, predictable and structured convos with store managers at grocery stores and your sup.

Pretty comfy and you can tell random grocery shoppers “oh I don’t work here.”

I wouldn’t mind doing it part time and just subsisting as I don’t think I can get the bux at this point. I plan to move to a different state from my family and engage in self supportation because I’m gonna have to do it at some point anyway. Just live minimalist


>be food delivery wagie on a shitty fixed gear
>first job I've had my whole life and first time having money and not wasting away in poverty
>too mentally and physically weak to do it


Keep changing jobs. Learned from one, jump to the next, do not feel mercy for your bosses


how did you manage to find a job doing that? i like cycling quite a lot so this sounds like fun to me.


i work for uber eats


>work retail. Overnights
>last month or so was hell, because of Christmas and other things I won't elaborate on (basically coworkers and management)
>looking forward to the post Christmas return to normal
>find out last night that my schedule is changed, and they're putting two other people on nights because of my province's covid cases are increasing
I'm livid. I was looking forward to work going back to normal, so it'd be slightly more tolerable. Hope it's temporary


File: 1641539083302.png (99.36 KB, 300x269, 300:269, 187932452345.png) ImgOps iqdb

well, quit job couple months back
in that time, notice a core part gone, maybe was never there?

Was a vending machine without light
Now just an apparatus waiting new instructions

Onward toward configuring the self
good luck friends


Pretty sure I just got hired as a pharmacy assistant. I was drug tested and then told I would be called in a day or two with a start date, so I think it's safe to assume I was hired.
Has anyone ever worked in a pharmacy?


No because I'm not a normie cocksucker that would ever work with the general public or co-workers.


how do you go about finding jobs like that? in my experience with warehouses, factories etc, jobs that you would think the social component wouldn't be there, all have the same drama filled bootlicking environments. wasn't any better than retail since you are still dealing with retards all day.


I have worked in a pharmacy, it is fucking awful, you stand literally all day long, you have to handle little pills and liquids, if you drop one on the floor then get ready for some awful paperwork for the fda describing why the pharmacy is missing a pill, you constantly have to find pill bottles that are supposed to be in alphabetical order but they never are(I hope you can recite the alphabet without starting from A), you have to use crappy computer programs from the 90s with a bunch of convoluted interfaces and buttons just to do simple things, your coworkers will most likely be 90% female and will take advantage of you by hiding to try and make you do all the work, the pharmacist will most likely be extremely busy and if they are old will get angry if you ask too many questions, you need to deal with people on the phone constantly who are old and retarded. There is probably more but I can't think of them, at least you get to wear scrubs I guess.


Ha, no wonder I was hired nearly instantly. I was assuming this place had a large turnaround rate or something since I have zero prior experience. Fuck me, what have I gotten myself into.


Do they even let the assistants handle the pills though? I thought you needed some sort of a certification to dole out the pills. Assistants are just front office slaves who bring people their prescriptions and work checkout, no?


>pharmacy sickening job
also, remember, almost everything you are selling is actually a poison that deceives the body instead of healing it, often causing other diseases or favouring them


> I worry everyday about losing it and it's driving me insane
Because you are not preparing thyself for such situation. Inertia is what your mind resents, that's the reason for thy anxiety


As far as I was told you are trained to do so, and after a certain amount of time you are sent for certification.
this was in the back of my mind as well, i dont particularly feel good about it.


Depending on the state you can handle pills without a cert

Most of the people are old fucks that would be dead without their medication and succushits getting their whore control pills


Does anyone here work as a remote data entry clerk? Would you recommend it?


This is something I was looking at as well so I would also be interested in hearing stories or experiences


File: 1641695879505.jpg (101.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, FGkQ2nNXoAAzkno.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got my first covid shot a week later than the mandate deadline. They are legally allowed to roster me on now. I haven't been given a single shift since getting it. Feels like a bit of punishment.



I got my COVID shots but refused to disclose that I did. Companies forcing their employees to take medical treatments is something I am strongly against.


The government mandated it here but then made the businesses do their dirty work and enforce it to avoid massive fines. Businesses here which have unvaccinated employees working get fined 100k per person per day.


i worked as a cart pusher i liked it until i had to work with a coworker who would not DTFU ABOUT FURRY SHIT AND BEASTARS BULLSHIT FUCK HAVING TO TALK TO COWORKERS!


not a furry but beastars was decent


I am a furry and beastars was decent.


another update: i told them im schizophrenic and they let me back on carts. :D
where were you a cart pusher? whenever i get overwhelmed i just sit in the bathroom for like 40 minutes. you couldnt just walk away from the guy?
my walmart has 2 different doors so i could also just go to the side opposite of him and push carts there instead to avoid him.


It's amazing that people in the US can work as a "cart pusher".
As mentioned previously in 3rd world shitholes like mine some cashier has to do that shit after hours without pay, I thought this was the case everywhere.


They had to invent simple jobs for all the low IQ niggers that can't do anything else.


I dunno about how it is now, but my first job over 2 decades ago was as a 'courtesy clerk' at a grocery store. It was the entry-level job where you basically did all the bitch tasks at the grocery store that no one else wanted to do. Bagging, cart pushing, cleaning, and restocking the shit that people left at the cash register was pretty much all I did. I would often just fuck around outside for half of my shift so I didn't have to interact with customers, though.

Can't believe that 'cart pusher' is a dedicated job now.


Given the size or parking lots and the influx of people to supermarkets in burgerland I say that warrants for a position like that.


I have an interview for a chain restaurant position. I have not yet managed to hold down a part time job for more than a month. If I manage to make it more than a month, I know I'm going to be cursing myself every time I wake up for not having completed the necessary prerequisite courses or networking to get into graduate school. Here's to a new year.


Left the retail sector and made it into the call center realm, and it’s only slightly better…my coworkers (and some types of callers) are the only thing that aggravate me. My department is made up of only succubi, and when they’re not on a call they just like to talk all sorts of bullshit. I’ve been training myself to zone out of those moments, so far so good…but I’ve still got work to do. Especially since this job is my highest paying one yet.


File: 1642206273324.gif (292.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, iffy confused.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>work as a (sort of) sysadmin
>most of my work consists of sending a few short emails in a day telling other teams that X happened and that they should fix it
>days when shit goes down are pretty rare
>also 100% home office since the pandemic hit so I basically play games and watch shit all the time
>feels too good to be true, almost like I'm cheating or something, can't imagine it'll last long
>one day my employer tells me next month will be my last on this project
>feel depressed, got way too lazy to go back to L2 working on tickets and shit
>shortly after, the company that contracts my employer contacts me
>they want to employ me directly on the same exact position
>not only do I keep my cozy job, they offer to more than double my pay
How does this even happen
I'm a college dropout and a former NEET of 5 years, it's like I won the lottery


nice going, having good things happen that probably shouldn't be is certainly a weird feeling, though.


File: 1642212152399.png (76.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 192-1920877_fiteme-discord….png) ImgOps iqdb

gratz wiz, much like the lottery itself you can't win if you don't play. The entire economy is a sham at this point and so if you actually provide somewhat of a service you deserve whatever is given.


Go to codemonkey bootcamp bro be like this guy


>liking call centre work


File: 1642219807504.jpg (86.59 KB, 450x675, 2:3, 2odpejgk1apa34jptutfjajcs.….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Any advice on how to obtain such a job like this for someone who is socially inept and can barley keep a sentence together?


It's easy: work a real job and then make up stories like that one on your downtime.


thanks wizbros

I started as L2 support and moved to different projects when a chance presented itself. There was a lot of luck involved for me to end up where I am now, since most of the time you don't really know how good a project is at first glance.
From my observation I can safely say that most L2 support wagies tend to move to a better place within 3-4 years. If you can't find an L2 position with no experience you can work for like a year in L1 to get something worth putting on your CV, but be prepared to hate it (tedious, schematic, lots of human contact).


File: 1642234235268.jpeg (11.68 KB, 290x288, 145:144, eyJidWNrZXQiOiJjb250ZW50L….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A coworker complains about his problems at me. Generally, it's about how SJWs are ruining capeshit/Star Wars movies, but lately He's been complaining about how his ex. How much he misses her (despite her being a shit head), etc

I hate my work enough without a normal blathering away about its problems


Your coworker sounds like the kind of person who posts on 4chan (all boards).


File: 1642236407000.jpg (3.43 MB, 2065x2500, 413:500, 191126-james-mason-beer-cs….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like too much of a nightmare for me. I think I'll just continue slowly working towards my CS degree even though it'll probably take me awhile. Since I'm too low IQ for math (calculus classes are required for a CS degree) I'm just going to pay people to do them for me. Thanks for the advice anyways anon, and congrats on making It.

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