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end of the year and doing it all over again edition

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If you ever want to not be a conspiracy theorist, get a government job. You'll see so much paperwork and retarded shit you will be fully convinced these people could never pull off any kind of scheme.



File: 1639259541184.gif (1.31 MB, 250x141, 250:141, 1471624100614.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I got 2 days off


I had a job for two days in february earlier this year and I think I permanently damaged my back while lifting a box, this sucks so much, I thought injuries were from repeated actions, didn't think just one mistake would destroy my body


lifting is like the number one work hazard.


I left my last job earlier this year because it led to a psychotic break, and now I'm running out of money. I even cashed out my 401k, which I still have to pay taxes on when taxes are due. Now, I can't even seem to find a job at all despite applying everywhere apart from burger mcjobs that would surely drive me to suicide. Why is everyone saying it's so easy to get a job now? Not even food service places will even give me an interview.
I applied to uni just for the hopes of getting student loans, but school doesn't start until June or July and you don't get your money until even later. How are you supposed to pay your course fees then!? or do anything???
I hadn't really intended on dying, but this situation has me considering it.


File: 1639277770182.jpg (109.57 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1639015081428.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Menial supermarket job
>Love it, I like stacking shelves
>Company gives the ultimatum that we have to get double vaxxed
>Get double vaxxed
>Week later
>Get chest pains and shortness of breath
>Go to a walk in clinic
>ECG shows abnormally high heart rate
>Taken to the hospital
>Pumped full of sedatives to get my heartrate back down
>End up there again the next day because I legitimately thought I was having a heart attack after walking up the hill to my car
>Get pumped full of shit and discharged again with "general malaise"
>Now can't exercise, I have to take breaks when I walk to the shop
>Have a two day sick notice for work, and no sick leave
>take a full week off work
>Private GP notices the hospital lied about my blood tests, the white blood cell count and a few other things are abnormal
>GP won't give me a note because they can't find anything wrong with me, wants me to pay for private ECGs and bloods
>Work demanding I provide a doctors note
>Go into work
>After an hour my chest has a sharp pain and I'm struggling for breath
>Shift manager sends me home
>Boss calls me up and tells me she's getting sick of my shit, that it's been everyday now, and that I need to get a doctor's note or she'll replace me.

I'm pretty fucking angry man. All the shit about getting compensated for a vaxx injury is bullshit. They just refuse to diagnose you with anything and just let you fucking suffer. No sick note, no diagnosis beyond "general malaise". Nothing. A nurse told me after I pressured her that they were just covering the negative effects up, and after going what I went through, I believe it. As soon as they ruled out Pericarditis, they just basically biffed me out onto the street and didn't want to hear from me.


Yeah, there's a lot of shady shit going on, I don't know what else you can do about it, though. Out of curiousity, which pharma brand were the shots you got?


Pfizer, the only one available in New Zealand.

Honestly it's bullshit, I'm just sinking myself further into debt trying to get somewhere through this bastard gaslighting medical system.


Is working in trades is better conpared to being a retail wageslave? Asking someone who has transitioned from one to the other.




Anything beats retail or any front-facing customer service job my friend. Trades are a good career path and pay well


That sucks man. Two guys I work with both had vax injuries. One got pericarditis and then all the aspirin they made him take flared his asthma way up. He had six weeks off work. Another guy passed out and had a seizure walking out from his first pfizer jab.

I have to get mine by the 31st of december. I really don't want to get it.



>Heartrate: 112 Beats per minute

>Sinus Tachycardia
>Moderate right axis deviation
>Abornmal rhythm ECG

Doesn't sound too good wizzies.


yes, being at the register or in the product pen with the cattle is horrible. only made me more reclusive.


File: 1639417067286.jpg (188.37 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1618056299745.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>work tech support for small ISP, anything from network admin to first-line bs due to how tiny it is
>fix our shit that's not working with customers' shit, with a clear delineation between the two
>every now and then, people come in to ask for help with their shit that has no relation to ours
>every time, i explain that we (the company) don't provide that kind of service
>every time, they ask me to help them anyway
>every time, i politely decline
>"You do computer stuff, this is supposed to be easy for you!"
>"Please, don't try to push me on this. I will not help you with your issues as they have nothing to do with our service."
>"But why won't you help me?"
>"Because that's not part of my job."
>"Well then help me outside of your job, people from X/Y/Z/your techs/my neighbor's kid/whatever have done this before!"
>"I don't have to, and I don't want to. Please stop bothering me"
>cue immediate meltdowns, complaints about my behavior, accusations of immorality, threats to cancel service with the company, bad reviews, et cetera
People feel so entitled to help that they try to make life hell for the company and me by proxy when refused. Do they seriously expect random people to care and fix the stupid "easy" issues that they have? I've been called names ranging from robot to evil to asshole to all sorts of vulgarities, simply for refusing to give them my time and attention, during work time, outside of the scope of said work.
To be fair, I frequently refuse such requests even outside of work as well.

Having to decipher incoherent word salad and try to deduce what the customer's problem with our service actually is, having to wrangle them to get them to do something simple to help fix their issue (a whole other can of worms, especially when people exclaim "It's urgent and very important!" and then refuse to do anything at all to help me help them), having them go off on how shit our service is and get offended when I interrupt them with "Please calm down and help me work on fixing the issue you're having, then.", all of those I accept as aspects of working to help people with issues.
However, when they go in with absolute certainty that they are entitled to my attention with anything they ask for, is when I draw the line of bullshit I am willing to put up with. They can't take "No" for an answer and their reaction is barely short of a fucking retarded childish sperg-out.

This happened enough times by now that I started wanting to look for a job that wouldn't require me to talk to customers at all, even if the pay is lower. I guess it's my own fault, getting a job doing something I'm actually qualified to do, that led to this in the first place.


this happened to me in tech classes in college, as soon as people know you are sort of tech savvy they will ask you to help them with anything even if you don't even know them, it is so hard to politely decline them because the expectation that you should help them is absurd


what are some good wizard careers that don't require a college education? i just failed a bunch of classes and i'm starting to realize college isn't for me and that i hate stem. it seems like though i am doomed to work some shitty wageslave job and be poor my whole life. what are my best options?


Take the pills.
I got 3 shoots of Pfizer and all i had is my arm hurting for max 2 days.

>N-nurse told me..!

yeah like someone would tell a schizo something to hype up his paranoia, lmao.


>feel oddly numb to reality since June 2020 due to sleeping from 12:30 a.m. to 5:55 a.m. on weekdays
>ballsack feels ascended, tightness in perineum
>mild tinnitus because no one else wore ear protection and nothing was mentioned, just a silent box of earplugs i finally started wearing, it didn't even seem very loud but it was hissing air so it's harsher noise than it seems
>time feels like it is moving faster, cannot believe I have already been at work for 2 hours sometimes
>no longer care for many things because every second is a commodity so I rush to do many things and accomplish next to nothing
>generally see no point in most of life now, only think of how I need to wage
>watch TV show or read book and all I can think of is in terms of waging… "wow this guy has been away from work for quite a while on his adventure, he's gonna need to make the rent somehow, guess he'll be picking up a lot of overtime…"
All this from only working 40 hours a week. Like every other fucking normalfag. I truly was not cut out for this world. I knew this as a child and I guess that's part of why I never seriously considered a career path. But in the end I wonder if it really made any difference.


You're right about me needing meds, but the schizo nurse did legitimately say there was a conspiracy and I did legitimately see heart broblems being common af at ED.

I just lost my job due to hypocondriac bullshit, fuck me I'm a retard.


File: 1639516458295.jpg (115.62 KB, 673x703, 673:703, 1619034503627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've seen a lot of posts on sleep deprivation lately and its hit me I've not slept more than 6~4 hours for the last 10 years. currently waking up 5:30 for work and sleeping at around 1 each night during the week too.
am I going to die?


We’re all gonna die.


Some people only need 4 hours of sleep. Depends how you feel. If you're hitting fewer REM cycles it makes you feel less real, more dissociated. I feel that way and I can't tell if it's because I might have minor hearing loss, or because of the lack of sleep, or because since I started waging I go to the same florescent-light prison every day.


Just got fired from my wageslave job. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I'm glad that I'll have some time off to NEET around my house, but on the other hand I don't know what I'm going to do once that NEET period is up. I barely have any work experience and have basically no money saved up.


If you have autism, there's nothing for you career wise in the normie world. Having a job and "making it" doesn't improve your life significantly, and the happiest autistics just work part time as a janitor or something by themselves or on NEETbux.

Even when an aspie "makes it" and becomes a techbro, he still lives the same as he did as a NEET. There's no real difference, the money doesn't make you neurotypical. There's fucking no point to any extra income, it doesn't make you happier.


Material comforts can go a pretty long way. Not saying it’ll undepress you or some shit, but I’d rather have too much money than not enough.


My life is in shambles i hate every second i still breathe. Why can't i just get murdered


>Why can't i just get murdered
you can do it if you really want
you can do it if you really want!
But you must tryyyy try and try
try and tryyyyyyyyyyy
you can do it if you want!


File: 1639714040850.gif (2.08 MB, 640x640, 1:1, kaiji cry.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have been working a soul-crushing peanut-paying office job for over a year, and now my mother is forcing me to work at her shitty restaurant (that she still has not made a profit off of) on weekend nights. Not even something comfy like cutting vegetables but rather washing dishes and busing tables… I pray to Jesus that I die in my sleep tonight.


funny cat


There's something nefarious about working in tech and I can't work out what it is.

On paper it seems like the perfect industry. It's in demand, they make absurdly high wages and they have amazing job security. Yet every person that works that job over time becomes a reclusive shut in and a constant whiner. Maybe it's anecdotal, but it's happened to everyone I've known that's got one of those jobs, especially with men, it seems like a beeline to being a porn or video game addicted shut in loser that never does anything in life.

What is there about this job I'm not seeing? You don't get fired, you clearly spend half the day doing nothing. What's so stressful and bad? I actually avoided getting into CompSci myself because I was worried the same sort of disease that happened to people I know that got into it would happen to me.


>my mother is forcing me

why are wizzies so afraid of saying no to their parents? between taking experimental vaccines, going to weddings and taking up loans for expensive yet worthless degrees, how the fuck do you FORCE an adult man to do something he doesn't want to do?

at least i can understand that one wizzie that got a frickin nintendo switch for taking his booster shot. are you even getting paid for this gig? you could always just slack off or do some passive aggressive shit if you're too much of a wuss to confront your mother directly. maybe if she sees how useless you are in that environment, she'll tell you to go home lol

>every person that works that job over time becomes a reclusive shut in and a constant whiner.

being a whiner is just part of the cope of being a wageslave (example: this thread), but i'm not sure what you're talking about with the first thing. all the people i work with are either family men or normalfags that go outside and do normalfag shit. maybe recently due to covid restrictions, people stay inside more, but your observations are not a general pattern i've found to be true.

a person that might be inclined towards having a reclusive shut-in personality is more likely to find the introverted, abstract work in computer science rewarding or at least tolerable. but not everyone that works in tech is recluse or becomes one, there's too many normalfags, overwhelmingly so.


I am conflicted about whether or not to be NEET. Being a NEET 22 years old who receives a Disability Pension (autism bux) in Australia living with my parents. THE boredom and loneliness(?) is constant. Some people boast about being a NEET. But I don't know if I can stand being like this for any longer.

Some people would say, but you must be a 'comfy' circumstance, enjoying the 18,000$ moneys you earn per year(800$ a f/n) not working. You have all the time to attend to your hobbies and interests. You have all oppurtunity to play. I envy you.

Though I don't think I can be like this. I think I need some employment. But some people dread employment apparently. Am I stuck in feeling dread?

I think if I would be doing menial tasks outside of a small enclosed space I would then be improving my circumstance. Where I would be commuting to and from. Being in a small enclosed space 24/7 is just sickening for me. Sometimes I seek to just wonder in some park for therapy but there is no park in walkable distance.


New Zealand wizzie here. They let us earn a certain amount on top of autism buxx here to keep, and after that amount ($160) they deduct it from the base benefit. I'm sure it's the same in Aussie.

You don't have to get a full time job. Just go to WINZ and say you want something part time and get a comfy nightshift thing that's like 4 hours a night 2-3 nights a week. They'll understand and help you get it. Just don't let them bully you into working more hours.



Good to see other NZ wizards exist outside of the Christchurch one.


Why not just learn to program and start a big project that will eventually make you money like a videogame? I'd love to do that.

I am a wageslave though and my job is the only dignity I have. Mentally I can't let it go even though it makes me miserable.


>What's so stressful and bad?
managers are retarded



I'm bored of this loop.


Because, like many wageslaves, there is a subservient instinct deeply embedded in my soul. I do whatever others request of me, whether parents or bosses, even if I despise it. Probably my ancestors were all a bunch of slaves/serfs.


Your subconscious is trying to keep you alive, and knows that following the path of least resistance will do this. I’m the same way, just meekly do what you’re told and you’ll get through it.


Anyone here a forklift driver and would you recommend it as a good job for a NEET? Seems simple, well paid and you don't have to interact with normies much.


I'm in a new job. Nothing that stress me out is that type of "fantasy" that you have to wear to be part of the team. I hate to even use a uniform and i see those persons with that Santa's hat, even had to wear one. I go crazy. I need to keep my mouth closed.


How do you get over the feeling that you don't deserve to be paid? I can work fine, but the moment I start getting paid I start getting panic attacks and can't sleep


Depends on where you work I think. I worked in a warehouse for years and they would work the absolute piss out of you and try to squeeze what little life you had left afterwards. I think if you are in an environment that is really going to push you to meet certain quotas then it may become too stressful. If not, then it may be worth trying. Warehouses have an insane turnaround rate anyway.


File: 1639871449432.png (127.48 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 1614622480191.png) ImgOps iqdb

tech is too broad of a term, hell even just 'IT' or 'Software dev' is too broad of a term. theres a distinct difference between the regular 'code shoveling' jobs, industry boomer filled 'software janitor' jobs and the fruity uptown startup tech ventures.
to respond to your question, its far more awful than you can imagine, trust me doing a year of it will make you consider why you're not just spending your day filling shelves for a living. theres a certain type of horrible shit you wont see manifest anywhere but tech/software/it.


File: 1639871500271.gif (6.34 MB, 640x320, 2:1, wrath-super-speed.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Delve into it and counter it. It's like some sort of shame tactic but with different emotion. If I were you I would simply ask my boss for a salary upgrade.



After 2 months of mobbing I quit my work and I find myself dead inside and feel no connection to my past or my future. I lost a lot of weight, my memory's a mess. I only sleep or stare at the walls.
My body doesn't seem to operate normally.
I don't know what to do.


File: 1639934500996.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1414, 1000:707, E-8KQfuXoAEgdsO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Supervisor on the work chat group
>Anons since were just starting with the training yet all of you have been so diligent in learning the systems we've decided to give you this 24 as a day off you'll no longer be required to show up, and the 23 you'll be able to leave early at 12:00
>Ill be able to prepare some Christmas meal
>Ill be able to drink before the end of the week
>I got paid last week even thou I just started working here

Things are looking good for this week wizies


It's all shit. Shit pay, shit hours, shit boss always want you to work more but never spent any of his money for my labour. Don't fall for the trap.


>You don't get fired
in exchange for working long hours (as in never escape your job even at home), stagnate pay, toxic environment
>you clearly spend half the day doing nothing
still chained to a soulless "office", forced to communicate with people I hate


If I do not get fired I might start going to a community college to learn to turn wrenches for a living. Maybe I will lurn2code. The place I am at is a union shop, so I might survive. The downside is that it is a union shop and the coworkers are some of the most toxic motherfuckers to walk the Earth.


Just a friendly reminder to my fellow wagies, to never teach everything you know. I spent a month training some bitch to help me do my job. As a result I was moved to another department and they have her another suckubus to keep her company. Now when I go over there I am given the stink eye and today told I'm not helpful at all when I go over there. Well that's what I get for trying to mentor a coworker. They want me because I know how to program these machines and I will definitely not be helping them anymore if they do run into something. But they haven't needed me in months. That's fine I suppose. But just a reminder, NEVER SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. At least, not all of it.


Correct, that is what the boomers do. They safeguard their trade knowledge to prevent "millennial snowflakes" from ever moving up, then suddenly retire and their replacement has no idea what to do. Then they wonder why there are supply shortages everywhere.


I got corona-chan from work. It sucks I've been lying in bed unable to do anything but sleep. My office banned remote work because some hag was jealous of others doing it. Then they proceeded to have a christmas party where the entire office was sitting in close proximity, eating and talking together. I don't know if I'm an idiot for continuing to work at such a place or for listening to internet schizos say "hurr durr the virus is fake the vaccine is the real threat, trust me I'm a NEET who never leaves the house."


I noticed that succubi tend to shun you once they believe you are of no value. Same thing happened to me when I had interns that were eventually hired as full time employees.


File: 1640166249421.jpg (50.69 KB, 720x712, 90:89, 1608987611753.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just confused. I can't discern how dangerous covid actually is. I can't discern how safe and effective the vaccines are. I may as well not think about, I have to be jabbed by the 31st before being unemployed so I don't have an option. I'm fat and in poor health. If I get a clot or heart issues from the pfizer I will be fucked and If i get bad covid I will also be fucked.


How do you cope with not having any security?

I always feel like I am on thin ice and one wrong move and my future is destroyed and I will live in poverty. What really scares me is that this is completely dependent on other people who I can’t affect. Like if they fire me I am just fucked without money. Maybe it is just because of OCD, but this terrifies me


Yep that is exactly what happened. I hope the bitch miscarries as she's visibly pregnant. Fuck her. I don't want to be her friend and I generally hate coworkers but if someone takes the time to show me something I tend to be grateful. I've been thinking of ways to sabotage her in some way, don't really care if I get fired since I hate this job anyway.

Smart move on their part given how companies are sometimes. But it does fuck the lower generation. I do laugh at them closing everything down for kungflu then wondering why they have work force shortages. Wagies got a break and many did whatever they could to avoid going back.


I'd say this isnt super common. I've worked tech as a programmer for a decade and it's definitely most common to be a normie mostly but with aspie social tendencies. Since covid, I think a lot of the loners, myself included, became shut ins because of Perma wfh


Before I was coping, unfortunately I think I did the 'one wrong move' too many times recently and now everything will be a big ????
I have no plan.


File: 1640282897521.jpg (24.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, latest.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know what to do.

I was thinking about quitting my job, getting a different place to live, moving to a new city and trying to land a similar job to what I have now.

I feel trapped. What if I end up with a job I hate? What if I end up in a place I hate to live?

The whole situation fills me up with anxiety. I feel like crying and I was before. It feels like there's a hole in my chest and it hurts.

This decision could determine if I kill myself or not. If I can bear to go on living. I don't know if I can make the leap. I don't know what to do.


You're never trapped, you can always leave.


You know that normie saying, "the grass is greener on the other side"? Here's the thing, you might end up doing all those things you said, quitting your job, moving somewhere else entirely, but still end up in the same position you are now after a while. Bored and unsatisfied with your life. I always think its better to make small changes first and see how it helps your situation, maybe instead of moving to a new city, move to a new neighborhood in your current city first and see how you handle the change. Get a different apartment. Instead of leaving your job, see if you can transfer to another department or try a different line of work if you're able to. Maybe change your routine and see how you feel. People like to think making drastic changes will suddenly improve their lives, but oftentimes they may just end up in the same position where they started. Figure out what's really bothering you about your current situation and go from there.
Save your money and invest it. That's what I've been doing ever since I started to live on my own. Like it or not, money is a safety net and a cushion and can make your life a whole lot easier then having no money.


I'm missing hours of work and overtime multipliers in my paycheck this month.

Payroll won't be in for the holidays. I work a fucking dog's job for a fucking dog's wages. I will remaining a fucking dog til I die. A personal project I had for myself to get out of this shithole wageslavery is on the back burner again cos I can't focus anymore even though I have some time off because this paycheck bullshit has given me a tremendous headache.


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Happy holydays mods. Now wake the fuck up please, and delete those retards off-topic-ing our precious wageslave thread. Gandolfini is spinning on his grave right now and it's your fault. When you delete this post for breaking 11, go ahead and delete the ones above for breaking 5. It would take too long to report all these idiots, 3 at a time.


I apologize. I could not resist even though I knew discussing this topic would piss the users off, sooner or later.


It'd be nice to have mods that were on the userbase's side for once :/.

Also, don't lie. At least be honest that you are not sorry.


My only gripe with my job is that I'm afraid to lose it.

I'm afraid to get fired. I'm afraid to be persecuted. I'm afraid of losing stability. I'm afraid of losing my salary. I'm afraid of having to find another job that I don't like.

I love my job. I worry everyday about losing it and it's driving me insane. I wish I had this job forever.


If losing your job is the only thing you have to worry about, then you're one of the lucky ones… What do you do btw?


You would never catch me working one of these wageslave jobs.

This is the definition of wageslavery.


I don't see how people can work jobs like this for years


In the bonds of work man is free from thought, which is often more menacing than any physical reality, as that is what drives your experience


No alternative, inertia. I recently quit "a job like that" and don't know what else to do as my mind has been wiped over the years.


File: 1640630737997.jpg (46.69 KB, 539x752, 539:752, lost-soul-michael-vanderho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Graduated in 2017
>Worked for maybe 2 years total
>Not even 2022 and work has already destroyed my mind and soul
>No alternatives to this life


He worked… 5, 6 hours?

In the Third World country I live in, such worker would have to do 8-10 hours. And saturday is a working day.


Listen to this.

Mid 30's loser with no car, no job and nobody will hire him.


File: 1640863360766.png (117.38 KB, 196x306, 98:153, wowjak.png) ImgOps iqdb

i work at a walmart as a cart pusher.
i came by to say that ive worked at 10+ different corporations and numerous positions, and i can safely say that cart pushing is the easiest and best for a wizard by far and i recommend you all try.

let me quell some fears you may have:
-you wont be speaking to anybody at all except for saying "thanks have a good day" to people throwing carts at you, which happens maybe 10 times a day. none of these people have ever engaged me in conversation.
-you will never ever see a manager. i dont even know my manager's name. they dont bother coming outside. it's like a self-run anarchist situation with the cart pushers. as long as you do your job (which means keeping at least 10 carts in the cart area, that's all) then a manager will never have any reason to come outside.
-the exercise strain is minimal. you walk about 12 miles a day but it's not even noticeable after 2 weeks. you don't have to run and you'll never have to use your hands because you have a tractor to push the carts for you. i havent pushed carts by hand since my first day on the job.
-they will never ever ask to promote you. cart pushers stay cart pushers forever. you wont be harassed to be crosstrained. (stay the fuck far away from the deli/produce/meat sections especially. all three of these departments are now considered one department, so you will have to be trained in all 3 at the same time. ive never heard of anything this fucked up before and im surprised people arent rioting about this. deli alone is the hardest department in the store, so i dont know why they thought it was a good idea to force 2 more departments onto their workload. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM DELI/PRODUCE/MEAT. if that's the only position they have open for you then just walk out.)
-bums will leave you alone because they know cart pushers are broke.
-you can use your phone and take breaks whenever the fuck you want. nobody is there to stop you and nobody will complain as long as there's carts in the cart bay. i have disappeared for 2 hours on a 4 hour shift and nobody even noticed because i had carts in the bay.
-you can choose your hours and if they give you a schedule you dislike then you can talk to them and they'll fix it immediately.
-you can wear whatever the fuck you want. Cart boys have zero dress code. You can show up to work with a mohawk, tattoos, and facial body mods and nobody will say anything. they directly said so during my interview.

some cons:
-if your walmart is in the ghetto then you need to buy a gun with your first paycheck. personally for me, i have already seen a car have its window broken and a bum jumped in and stole it and ive only been here for a month. bums sleep in electric wheelchairs and piss in jugs and throw them in bushes. bums scream and shout and beat the shit out of each other and pull scams on normalfags.
They've only ever directly talked to me maybe 3 times, but you never know with these people and i'd rather be safe than sorry. get a fucking gun ASAP if you're in a drug infested part of town. you can get a .380 ACP for under $200 and it'll get the job done. i personally bought a Glock 27.
-most walmarts only have 4 cart pushers on the schedule. Actually getting the job may be the hardest part of it all. the department will probably already be at max capacity and it wont even give you the option to apply.
Basically the only way to get fired from this job is to no call no show or walk out during a shift, so it's rare that someone is terminated. All of the guys in my department have been here 4+ years and have no plans to leave.
-the equipment is from ~1980 and it can be fucky sometimes. my tractor malfunctioned once and drove into a guy's car and smashed it so good that his back door was caved in 2 feet deep and scratched like wolverine claws. It was stressful and shitty but you can learn the problems and learn to avoid them. The managers didnt give a fuck that i did that at all and gave them a settlement and then told me im good to get back to work. It happens often.
-you will need to buy a Lot of clothes you normally wouldnt because the weather conditions are fucked. the soles of your shoes will melt in the summer, you'll have to hide your phone somewhere inside when it's raining because it will get soaked if you leave it in your pants and you'll probably get pneumonia, cart pushers lose consciousness from the heat in the summer all the time etc. Buy lots of cheap boots, buy a full rain coat, buy a hat with an attachment that covers your neck from the sun, buy sunglasses, etc. If you don't, you WILL be fucked and hard.
-im fat and the job makes me hungry all day long because of the walking
-your coworkers may talk to you when it's slow. results may vary. all they ever discuss with me is work related stuff and they mostly dont have time to really explore my psyche or share about themselves. i usually answer with "yes" and "no" to avoid autism meltdowns. it's been alright, but maybe you wont be so lucky. Most cart guys are special needs retards so they're pretty harmless. this is maybe something that should go into the pro section.
-if you dont have a visual imagination, you might be so bored that you'll want to kill yourself. Working with the tractor is so repetitive that it eventually becomes like a part of your body and the job then requires zero focus. it's akin to working in a factory. therefore i think it's necessary to have an imagination so you can play with your imaginary friends and karate chop people and stuff while you're doing soulless manual labor for hours.


I had pushed carts for sam's club, and it was somewhat a mirror of your experience. The difference is that the cart machine was ALWAYS broken, which I didn't really mind since I tend to favor athleticism so I found mushing an ungodly amount of carts a fairly fun feat of strength. We also never had enough shopping carts, so on busy days you would really have to bust some ass to keep up from getting yelled at. Maybe it's just the difference between the two institutions, but my managers were always on everyone like a hawk. I was able to fly under their radar because they thought I enjoyed working hard for them, but that's not how I viewed it.
Considering that people buy a lot of furniture and bulky groceries, people always wanted help loading things, and since most of the people that shop there are old, they would almost always tip.
But yes, do not move inside. It will absolutely not be a promotion. I only did because I was starting to tire of the heat of the summer, and wearing only long sleeves/pants to prevent sunburn just made things worse. Like you say, boots are a must as well. Otherwise you may end up with a broken toe or something, and they're good for the rainy season as well.

You know, you can always transfer within the company to a warehouse as well. I was dumb enough to do it for the pay and fewer worked days, but the walmart warehouse in particular that I transferred to was absolutely horrendous. Tons of pressure, and really political for a life dropout tier job. Maybe if you can find output statistics and determine if it's a low output distribution center, then maybe it would be worth it. But bear in mind they would rather hire bums off the street rather than inside of the company.
I no longer work there since I was very sick of the menial labor day in and out, abuse from managers, and the physical pains the work brought upon me. It was essentially impossible to get fired, I had not shown up in a month and when I returned I got a "Welcome back". I quit a couple weeks after.


Where the hell are you guys from? There is no cart machines where I live and I had no idea such a thing existed, I assume it pushes carts. Also for my location everything you said is wrong, cart pusher isn’t even a position it’s just something the cashiers and baggers do when it’s their turn, sometime the managers even do it.


In the southern US.>>252286 I don't think most grocery stores use cart machines or have designated cart pushers, I believe it's just a Sam's Club/Walmart thing but I could be wrong.


This"cart pusher" is a burger thing, here in this shithole country some poor cashiers are expected to push those carts after finishing their normal hours, without any extra pay obviously.


>poor cashiers are expected to push those carts after finishing their normal hours
That's the same in even the most developed Canada, but at least big chains like Wal-Mart have a motorized assist thing that offloads muscle work so they even get the eldery workers to push trains of 50+ carts across the parking lot. Being a simple "door greeter" as an elderly is just a legend now, a fairy tale from a better time. Such a job is reserved for the completely mentally retarded now. The companies put these drooling wheelchair'd downies inside the doors as a decoration to show how inclusive they are. 89 year-old Gary who got conned out of his pension because the company he worked for over 30 years didn't file the right paperwork… He has to push carts, restock shelves, tell every bumbling ididoth where every item in the store is, and wipe toilets, and he'll be doing it until he dies.


Imagine having to wagecuck as a truck driver, then have your breaks fail on your truck, killing 4 people, then sentenced to life in prison.

Life and society is really a cruel joke.


They do it on purpose. I bet whatever company manufactures those trucks paid off all the victims families so they wouldn't press charges, and instead let some spic truck driver take the fall for them.


File: 1641174765595.png (794.3 KB, 947x644, 947:644, eggman just.png) ImgOps iqdb

Holidays are done,back to work.


Nobody here gets the holidays off


im the guy who posted this and i have an update >>252285
>Actually getting the job may be the hardest part of it all. the department will probably already be at max capacity and it wont even give you the option to apply.
im now feeling the effects of this as the day after New Year's they transferred me to loss prevention without even asking me. they did the transfer while i wasnt even at work.

i walked out. i might show up tomorrow and explain to them i have schizophrenia and that i can't have a face to face customer service job, especially one where verbal and physical confrontations are expected, and see if they'll let me stay on carts.
but they'll probably just terminate me.


You probably would have had a better chance if you had explained first, but it is walmart so it may not have mattered regardless. at least you can probably apply for unemployment now.
good luck anyway.


Working from home is comfortable, too comfortable. I don't feel any of the constant anxiety and pain which are necessary to get me to do anything.


just practice imagining how angry/disappointed your boss will be if you don't finish you work and how embarrassed you'll feel about it.

i'm trying to do the opposite and remove that kind of imagery and thoughts to be a more easy going and relaxed person.


I'm probably going to have to end up waging. Since I have a college degree I was thinking about just starting work as a prep guy at a chain restaurant or something then try to get a cozy office spot. Is this feasible or am I dreaming here?


My only advice would be to begin as you mean to go on.


What do you do? I need a job like this.



Man, my job would be perfect (or, tolerable, at least) if two co-workers fucked off. They are

>middle aged femoid who thinks everything should go her own way, is incredibly bitchy, etc

>twentysomething guy who thinks he's a great worker, but shows up two hours late every shift and spends most of the rest of the shift fucking around

I wouldn't mind the guy so much if he'd just give me space to do my work instead of complaining about what other people aren't doing. He's just annoying and gets in the way. Can't fault him for getting paid to fuck around at work.

The 'moid just complains about literally everything, and seems to take it out on me because I'm the loser of the workplace.


I’m 30 with spotty work history in retail garbage. I was a merchandiser for two big snack companies and I gotta admit the work isn’t too bad because you’re completely solitary apart from some brief, predictable and structured convos with store managers at grocery stores and your sup.

Pretty comfy and you can tell random grocery shoppers “oh I don’t work here.”

I wouldn’t mind doing it part time and just subsisting as I don’t think I can get the bux at this point. I plan to move to a different state from my family and engage in self supportation because I’m gonna have to do it at some point anyway. Just live minimalist


>be food delivery wagie on a shitty fixed gear
>first job I've had my whole life and first time having money and not wasting away in poverty
>too mentally and physically weak to do it


Keep changing jobs. Learned from one, jump to the next, do not feel mercy for your bosses


how did you manage to find a job doing that? i like cycling quite a lot so this sounds like fun to me.


i work for uber eats


>work retail. Overnights
>last month or so was hell, because of Christmas and other things I won't elaborate on (basically coworkers and management)
>looking forward to the post Christmas return to normal
>find out last night that my schedule is changed, and they're putting two other people on nights because of my province's covid cases are increasing
I'm livid. I was looking forward to work going back to normal, so it'd be slightly more tolerable. Hope it's temporary


File: 1641539083302.png (99.36 KB, 300x269, 300:269, 187932452345.png) ImgOps iqdb

well, quit job couple months back
in that time, notice a core part gone, maybe was never there?

Was a vending machine without light
Now just an apparatus waiting new instructions

Onward toward configuring the self
good luck friends


Pretty sure I just got hired as a pharmacy assistant. I was drug tested and then told I would be called in a day or two with a start date, so I think it's safe to assume I was hired.
Has anyone ever worked in a pharmacy?


No because I'm not a normie cocksucker that would ever work with the general public or co-workers.


how do you go about finding jobs like that? in my experience with warehouses, factories etc, jobs that you would think the social component wouldn't be there, all have the same drama filled bootlicking environments. wasn't any better than retail since you are still dealing with retards all day.


I have worked in a pharmacy, it is fucking awful, you stand literally all day long, you have to handle little pills and liquids, if you drop one on the floor then get ready for some awful paperwork for the fda describing why the pharmacy is missing a pill, you constantly have to find pill bottles that are supposed to be in alphabetical order but they never are(I hope you can recite the alphabet without starting from A), you have to use crappy computer programs from the 90s with a bunch of convoluted interfaces and buttons just to do simple things, your coworkers will most likely be 90% female and will take advantage of you by hiding to try and make you do all the work, the pharmacist will most likely be extremely busy and if they are old will get angry if you ask too many questions, you need to deal with people on the phone constantly who are old and retarded. There is probably more but I can't think of them, at least you get to wear scrubs I guess.


Ha, no wonder I was hired nearly instantly. I was assuming this place had a large turnaround rate or something since I have zero prior experience. Fuck me, what have I gotten myself into.


Do they even let the assistants handle the pills though? I thought you needed some sort of a certification to dole out the pills. Assistants are just front office slaves who bring people their prescriptions and work checkout, no?


>pharmacy sickening job
also, remember, almost everything you are selling is actually a poison that deceives the body instead of healing it, often causing other diseases or favouring them


> I worry everyday about losing it and it's driving me insane
Because you are not preparing thyself for such situation. Inertia is what your mind resents, that's the reason for thy anxiety


As far as I was told you are trained to do so, and after a certain amount of time you are sent for certification.
this was in the back of my mind as well, i dont particularly feel good about it.


Depending on the state you can handle pills without a cert

Most of the people are old fucks that would be dead without their medication and succushits getting their whore control pills


Does anyone here work as a remote data entry clerk? Would you recommend it?


This is something I was looking at as well so I would also be interested in hearing stories or experiences


File: 1641695879505.jpg (101.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, FGkQ2nNXoAAzkno.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got my first covid shot a week later than the mandate deadline. They are legally allowed to roster me on now. I haven't been given a single shift since getting it. Feels like a bit of punishment.



I got my COVID shots but refused to disclose that I did. Companies forcing their employees to take medical treatments is something I am strongly against.


The government mandated it here but then made the businesses do their dirty work and enforce it to avoid massive fines. Businesses here which have unvaccinated employees working get fined 100k per person per day.


i worked as a cart pusher i liked it until i had to work with a coworker who would not DTFU ABOUT FURRY SHIT AND BEASTARS BULLSHIT FUCK HAVING TO TALK TO COWORKERS!


not a furry but beastars was decent


I am a furry and beastars was decent.


another update: i told them im schizophrenic and they let me back on carts. :D
where were you a cart pusher? whenever i get overwhelmed i just sit in the bathroom for like 40 minutes. you couldnt just walk away from the guy?
my walmart has 2 different doors so i could also just go to the side opposite of him and push carts there instead to avoid him.


It's amazing that people in the US can work as a "cart pusher".
As mentioned previously in 3rd world shitholes like mine some cashier has to do that shit after hours without pay, I thought this was the case everywhere.


They had to invent simple jobs for all the low IQ niggers that can't do anything else.


I dunno about how it is now, but my first job over 2 decades ago was as a 'courtesy clerk' at a grocery store. It was the entry-level job where you basically did all the bitch tasks at the grocery store that no one else wanted to do. Bagging, cart pushing, cleaning, and restocking the shit that people left at the cash register was pretty much all I did. I would often just fuck around outside for half of my shift so I didn't have to interact with customers, though.

Can't believe that 'cart pusher' is a dedicated job now.


Given the size or parking lots and the influx of people to supermarkets in burgerland I say that warrants for a position like that.


I have an interview for a chain restaurant position. I have not yet managed to hold down a part time job for more than a month. If I manage to make it more than a month, I know I'm going to be cursing myself every time I wake up for not having completed the necessary prerequisite courses or networking to get into graduate school. Here's to a new year.


Left the retail sector and made it into the call center realm, and it’s only slightly better…my coworkers (and some types of callers) are the only thing that aggravate me. My department is made up of only succubi, and when they’re not on a call they just like to talk all sorts of bullshit. I’ve been training myself to zone out of those moments, so far so good…but I’ve still got work to do. Especially since this job is my highest paying one yet.


File: 1642206273324.gif (292.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, iffy confused.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>work as a (sort of) sysadmin
>most of my work consists of sending a few short emails in a day telling other teams that X happened and that they should fix it
>days when shit goes down are pretty rare
>also 100% home office since the pandemic hit so I basically play games and watch shit all the time
>feels too good to be true, almost like I'm cheating or something, can't imagine it'll last long
>one day my employer tells me next month will be my last on this project
>feel depressed, got way too lazy to go back to L2 working on tickets and shit
>shortly after, the company that contracts my employer contacts me
>they want to employ me directly on the same exact position
>not only do I keep my cozy job, they offer to more than double my pay
How does this even happen
I'm a college dropout and a former NEET of 5 years, it's like I won the lottery


nice going, having good things happen that probably shouldn't be is certainly a weird feeling, though.


File: 1642212152399.png (76.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 192-1920877_fiteme-discord….png) ImgOps iqdb

gratz wiz, much like the lottery itself you can't win if you don't play. The entire economy is a sham at this point and so if you actually provide somewhat of a service you deserve whatever is given.


Go to codemonkey bootcamp bro be like this guy


>liking call centre work


File: 1642219807504.jpg (86.59 KB, 450x675, 2:3, 2odpejgk1apa34jptutfjajcs.….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Any advice on how to obtain such a job like this for someone who is socially inept and can barley keep a sentence together?


It's easy: work a real job and then make up stories like that one on your downtime.


thanks wizbros

I started as L2 support and moved to different projects when a chance presented itself. There was a lot of luck involved for me to end up where I am now, since most of the time you don't really know how good a project is at first glance.
From my observation I can safely say that most L2 support wagies tend to move to a better place within 3-4 years. If you can't find an L2 position with no experience you can work for like a year in L1 to get something worth putting on your CV, but be prepared to hate it (tedious, schematic, lots of human contact).


File: 1642234235268.jpeg (11.68 KB, 290x288, 145:144, eyJidWNrZXQiOiJjb250ZW50L….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A coworker complains about his problems at me. Generally, it's about how SJWs are ruining capeshit/Star Wars movies, but lately He's been complaining about how his ex. How much he misses her (despite her being a shit head), etc

I hate my work enough without a normal blathering away about its problems


Your coworker sounds like the kind of person who posts on 4chan (all boards).


File: 1642236407000.jpg (3.43 MB, 2065x2500, 413:500, 191126-james-mason-beer-cs….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like too much of a nightmare for me. I think I'll just continue slowly working towards my CS degree even though it'll probably take me awhile. Since I'm too low IQ for math (calculus classes are required for a CS degree) I'm just going to pay people to do them for me. Thanks for the advice anyways anon, and congrats on making It.

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