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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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I call this a cope.
>cope is strong with this one
Yeah bro, you're coping.
>too much cope indeed

>Just as I am with wizchan not allowing wojaks to be summoned.

I beg you to reason about it, this is getting out of hand


File: 1642026662557.jpg (62.8 KB, 720x900, 4:5, FB_IMG_1582216041704.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Relax you'll get there.


Massive imposter syndrome. If you were really as "retarded" as you say you are even just typing out these few paragraphs would be a colossal struggle.


Good one to just assume anyone who is depressed and shy is actually an undercover Machiavellian chessmaster toying with people's emotions and has zero capacity for empathy. That is actually gaslighting bullshit, fyi.


I feel like I walked into a 4chad thread. What the fuck happened here?


I was being a tad hyperbolic. I meant that I can't engage meaningfully in most discussions on this very website.


Okay so I'm a piece of shit at my 30.
How do I stop?
>which often stem from childhood mistreatment
Guess I need to kms and hope for better odds next time?


My fucking redneck family is trying to give me the old up by your bootstraps shit.
They've been talking about me for like an hour, about my future and goals.
I wish they'd realize my only goal is to eek out an existence in this shithole and then die. I don't want anything, I don't need anything I just want to rot.
I swear the fucking trauma of being a factory wageslave must be generational because they really try to keep that shit rolling.


If I were you I'd meanwhile offer myself to do every single housechore around, to make as much time as possible.

Are you 30 or more by a casual?


File: 1642115335000.png (424.4 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i wish nothing happened in vain, that all human tears ever shed will be forever engraved in the halls of time, that all people who hurt others will one day have to look at everything they have done and that they can apologize from the bottom of their hearts. i wish everyone were free, that everyone could do whatever they want and live in their own worlds without any fear of consequences. i dont know, something like that.


I achieve wiz status this year. I've told them I plan on getting disability, I'm just building up a case history in therapy first.
But apparently that isn't a good life by their standards.
I don't give a shit about life to begin with, I'm just wasting time until it's over.


>I swear the fucking trauma of being a factory wageslave must be generational because they really try to keep that shit rolling.
It's the only way to cope. Lifelong wageslaves need to believe that wasting their entire life putting nuts on tires for eight hours and then coming home to watch television is just what life had to be and not a choice that could've gone differently. The alternative is ending up completely crushed under regret.


Why does anything even exist?


Will + Meaning




File: 1642138804707.png (2.48 MB, 1500x1029, 500:343, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

white hole.


delete this.


I'm glad I got the ending where I kill that monstrous bitch, I refuse to get any other ending.


Turns out it has become a large abscess that's gone yellow with the puss trying to explode out. Just an infection I guess. I will see what the doctor says.


Depends if they take personal accountability or not. Only they know if they truly feel any empathy for others or not. Wanting to be super jesus isn't sincere care for people. It's just egomania.


Ah yes, brilliant piece. I quite frankly enjoyed the Bloom ending.


Best end 'cause humanity gets destroyed and everyone turns into Lovecraftian monsters. I always love those kind of happy endings.


Saya no Uta doesn't actually say anything.


File: 1642179896005.png (1.12 MB, 1158x1637, 1158:1637, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

it says many things like being able to see the world differently and what matters is what we are not what we look like and it somehow explains things you could not comprehend and its about overwhelming the world and becoming everything and what does it mean to be crazy, how can we just blackbox some features as craziness and say "thats crazy it just is ok!!" and not try to understand it even though theres a logic to all things. but i guess like a white hole youd be stuck forever in the event horizon and never make it inside. i mean lets suppose you were fuminori but you were never braindamaged, when saya first appeared youd be like youve always been. would you still fall in love with her and support her. id like to think id be able to do that. also it reminds you white dresses are the best. white is the best color even lily satou says so even though shes blind.

i really dont know what to do, should i stay at home and just stare at anime succubi all day and then die, should i answer my calling and go to academia and write things decades ahead of their time, or do i get a cintiq and draw things like the heterochromatic twins drawn by toosaka asagi on a daily basis. i have to choose only one my brain doesnt work like that and it would be inefficient to do many things. i think the first option reflects my hopelessness, the second objectivity, and the third is communication.

in any case i feel like doing something extraordinary. i really cant express how i feel but ill just say i feel an ocean of stuff.

sorry for posting, if i make another post this month go ahead and ban me or give me a warning for spamming.


Feeling so hopeless, not even imageboards and youtube are making me happy anymore. I started to sleep a lot more now, like 10-12 hours a day. Sleep is the only thing that still makes me happy.


I likewise have taken the sleepingpill. I've been going to sleep at 6 or 7 in the evening and sleeping 12 hours. If I could I'd make it 18 hours.


Cherish it. I feel like my brain is finally catching up to the last corner of enjoyment I have in this world and my sleep has gone down in quality. Some nights I can't sleep at all. I hope it kills me eventually.


I dream too much of the past. Wake up hammered by nostalgia.


File: 1642222154762.jpg (233.42 KB, 1055x1439, 1055:1439, 1554770796331.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I swear to god, one of these days standing next to the traffic as I usually do I will take a step in front of a semi-trailer or something like that, it will be without thinking, an automatic impulse, almost biological, just take a step towards eternity.


File: 1642225732698.jpg (437.73 KB, 580x837, 580:837, saya.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i wish i could be myself. im different. feels like theres a galaxy of things inside me and i want to show it. i love the world and i love others. i wish i had freedom.
i wish i could express myself. i wish i could start over.


Are there any good drugs that can make it easier to cope with SA?
Been a NEET for a while, used to drink on the job before that.
I've realized I can't stay like this forever, I've got to try something.

I think I'll try going to a shrink. Is this a completely retarded plan?
Using a drug to zombify myself to deal with a job or something and then very slowly trying to get off the drugs?

I really want my own place and to be free.




The Brain— is wider than the Sky—
For— put them side by side—
The one the other will contain
With ease— and you— beside—

The Brain is deeper than the sea—
For— hold them— Blue to Blue—
The one the other will absorb—
As sponges— Buckets— do—

The Brain is just the weight of God—
For— Heft them— Pound for Pound—
And they will differ— if they do—
As Syllable from Sound—

Emily Dickinson, c. 1862.


File: 1642262586923.webm (3.56 MB, 640x480, 4:3, final_61e2eef1f6eef800454….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Propanolol sort of works. The risk of physical dependence with benzos is too high.


File: 1642268270385.webm (2.5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 247.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Gotta say, getting real sick of these early 20s pretentious ass weebs thinking they're some wholly unique 1 in a million individual, tormenting the rest of us with their walls of diarrhea.
Feels like I'm running into these types so often lately, they always gotta attach an anime succubus to their every post or use an anime succubus avatar and typically are thinking of transitioning into a tranny or already in the process.

I honestly wish there was some way to really enforce a 30+ only rule to this website. These delusions about uniqueness can only be held by a young mind, living long enough will ensure this world will crush any self delusions out of you.


There's not a lot of them, it's a few people who just post a ton.


nobody reads this guy's (?) words salad tbh


I know that's probably the same poster. I'm mostly just ranting due to an influx of those types of people showing up all across the internet lately and seeing them pop up on wizchan of all places just pisses me off more.


That guy is clearly VERY mentally ill.


if he was very mentally ill, he would be unintelligible. He's just a depressed fuck with too much time on his hands and a penchant for anime and the dramatic. I don't mind him using wizchan as a blog though, everyone needs someone to talk to, even if that someone is the void that is wizchan.


I agree. All the depressed fucks should leave /dep/, the depression board.


The only post remotely suggesting he should stop or leave is >>253082


You all wouldn't mind if he did, though.


I've noticed the quality of the posts has dropped even further. It went from a quality board to being garbage spewed on twitter all day.


File: 1642295644300.jpg (82.67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1555529967209.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Suffering through shitposts is never without aim or purpose. It makes us stronger or richer in experiences. Without suffering through shitposts life would be boring.


I honestly love reading his unfiltered schizo thoughts and the waifus are pretty.


Fucking 10/10.


Agreed, but I suppose they prefer the walls of diarrhea currently up on display in the /lounge/ politics thread, rather than the self-obsessive schizophrenia-flavored anime-style kind. Different strokes, I guess.


I like them.

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