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So say i have 1300 in neet money monthly, would that be enough to sustain myself/live off alone.
I really want to move out but my parents say i need to save that money. They are against it. They say it's not enough money to live off anyway.

I've been job searching for over a year now, no luck so far. The worst part is still being stuck at home.


Yeah, just rent out a room in someone's house.

Look on craigslist.


Most small apartments would be feasible as well


depends on where you live


you could get a 3 room apartment in my town with that plus 100 left to buy things


where do you live, vaguely state country ?
city apartments start at 500


If your parents are cool with you staying with them for 2 or 3 years longer then try to get on the waitlist for government housing. It takes time but my bills ridiculously low. 1300 USD i'm guessing? That's more than I get


You get $1300 per month bux?! What ails you, if you don’t mind me asking?


social/goverment housing takes years and years, 5 year at the very least. I'm not planning on staying that long.


psychosis shizophrenia spectrum disorder mainly


Ah okay, I’m sorry to hear that wiz. I hope the money can give you some semblance of stability so that you can focus on bettering your life. Godspeed.


Damn, I wish I could get free money for doing nothing, but at the same time I wouldn't want to be a legit schizo.

Sorry wiz.


Well they can always take it away given any month or year. I need to do yearly check-ups etc.


lol it's worse than just being a shizo, i have other ailments. People treat me like shit, i have no goals or future prospects. I'm not smart nor good looking. I'm just a hollow shell.


Depends on where you live like others said.
OP I would listen to your parents and save the money because, at least where I live, 1300 is BARELY enough to scrape by. I pay 600/mo rent and that doesn't include power, and with gas, food, and other necessities such as medical stuff, pet food, and car maintenance, I'm barely making even. It's hard to do.


You just described 90% of people on here.


Section 8 be taking that long, yeah. There is stuff thru mental health you can get placed in in 2 or 3 years but you don't wanna wait and deal with all that I can understand, it's quite a wait. Do you have any siblings or extended family you could share an apartment with or something?


A relative has an apartment with low rent. If my grandpa dies there's a change i will get it.
Problem is again who knowns.


I don't own a car nor a pet. I have great insurance. Most medical stuff is covered. That just leaves power n stuff.


Become a prepper. Learn about hydroponic farming, about underground havens, about building self-made current generators, seek your path away from this world rotten by taxes, indentured slavery, indoctrinations and crappy pseudosocial mechanics.


i get 2100$ in neetbux after taxes


can i have some.


How in the fuck do you get that many ? You must either exaggerate your disability or you're a vegtable


I'm a 3rd worlder but I studied in San Diego, and my fellowship was around 1800 a month.
It is absolutely doable to live with 1800 in USA but you really have to be very strategic about your expenses. No need to dwell on how to cut cost but yeah buy in bulk, learn how to cook, follow discounts and so on. You also have to learn to love piracy. A common skill that is increasingly getting lost due to app/phone dependent zoomers. I think your biggest problem (assuming you are living in usa) will be healthcare cost. Really be very careful about that.

I personally managed to save 500$ a month for 4 years and returned back with around 22000$ in my bank. But I absolutely lived like a monk. I had no car, walked 25 minutes with a shopping cart using two transits to buy from food4less. I always had roommates I never purchased a video game, or subscribed to anything and constantly used shitty warezsites or russian streamingwebpages as torrenting was too risky. My quality of life literally improved when I returned back to my 3rd worldshithole. and this was with roughly spending 1200-1400 a month. So it should give you an idea.


Let me guess, Indian?


No but I look like one, I'm from MENA.


Most subsidized (section-8) house programs only take like, 1/3rd your income. In theory, if you can (bear the years of wait) get on that, you'd be able to live off any amount almost.


It took me just under 3 years to get my section 8 housing but it is definitely worth it for anyone interested


if youre under 25 they will bump you up to the front


If you are in the US you can buy an RV and live on public land. Instead of rent you pay for gas and vehicle maintenance costs. I think 1300 a month would be enough to cover it.


Pretend that you have nowhere to live.
Maybe go to the psych ward for a few nights..
Then call up the department of housing and tell them that you're having a housing crisis. They can get the waiting period waived for section 8 subsidized housing if you are legitimately homeless, or at least appear to be.
If they try to move you into foster care tell them that you have depression really bad and you want to kill yourself there after trying it for a week or two.
Then when the clerk waives your waiting period you can move into an apartment complex for cheap. One with free heat and electric included in rent. Then you'll have all the booze money in the world.


i'm older lol and i'm not waiting years, i'm moving out as soon as possible. don't care if i'm poor


I'm in the lengthy process of moving back to parents after moving out and finding I'm not very good at taking care of myself and an appartment, and in the end I did not get much out of it anyway. Consider whether you want to be in my shoes. Rent and costs and all really sucks too.


Yeah, living by yourself just means you need to do all the cooking and chores yourself. What is even the upside if you're not going to be bringing people over? More space? How much space do you really need.


Freedom from abusive parents


You really don't enjoy being completely alone? When I was a kid my happiest days were when the rest of my family went on vacation and I got the entire house to myself for a week. I moved out the moment I turned 18.


I want solitude, i want to be alone, i always have fantasies about living alone in the woods.
I don't like my home city , i want to move to another city. Which also means less obligations and time spend with family.


Mostly it's this
It gets incredibly tiresome to have to take the same shit everyday for decades. Well, in this economy, I guess next life.


Any of you NEET in countries with no NEET/autismbux?
What's the plan? NEET until parents expire?

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