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Is anyone else growing insane because of total isolation? I don't even feel human anymore.I sleep away the days and stay up at nights. And i keep repeating. I don't even know anymore what to do. I haven't seen sunlight in long time. My mind feels so broken. I am so tired


same here. it's get harder and harder the older i get.


get a hobby


You need goals in life. Most normalfags get goals from external sources. Wizards need to make their own meaning in this life.


If you live like this it rapidly causes health problems like getting no sun light means you aren't getting enough vitamin d from the sun. That causes vitamin d deficiency, I think you also need vitamin d to absorb calcium. So while vitamin d deficiency can cause depression it ends up making your wiz skeleton weak. Then there's your sleep. You need exposure to light in the morning to regulate melatonin release (melatonin times your sleep cycles – without a solid sleeping pattern you will feel tired as fuck all the time.)

You could really do a lot if you were to take:
5000 IU vitamin d
fish oil

That would probably make you feel worlds better.


File: 1641018938571.jpeg (235.04 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, FDm3vv6WEAYagTt.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What do you mean insanity? What you're describing just feels like depression or being very sad. When I think of insanity I think of delusional thoughts like "the people outside are robots sent by aliens to spy on me", or hearing voices, or seeing things that aren't there. I do get depressed sometimes but I only ever started to go actually insane during manic episodes and/or drug abuse when I didn't sleep for long periods of time.

If you just mean deep depression then all the normal advice for depression applies, exercise, sun, hobbies and goals, meditation, etc. Sometimes your brain needs some positive social interaction which you can get from just chatting with someone safe like your parents if you have a decent relationship, or just a person at the store counter or something. These things will help the symptoms but you will probably just have them to some extent forever, especially if your life is just bad.

The second type of insanity is a bit harder to deal with. Obviously if it's caused by sleep deprivation you need to sleep, but you also need to find a way to orient your mind to become less insane, if that makes sense. Basically develop an epistemic framework to tell what is and isn't real. It's kind of a traumatic experience but it does teach you some things about life to have a psychotic break.


This is what I would attempt to do if I was in such a sorry and beastly state that you seem to be in:

During one of your nights, try and summon up some feeling of great anger and regret, using this, smash all of your electronics into little pieces (I'm assuming your time is fully dedicated towards computer stuff like anime and video games), the withdrawal will be painful though.

In order to deal with the symptoms of the withdrawal, I think you should buy some pills that are able to kill you and put them in a bottle ringed around your neck. My theory is that if a man constantly has a quick and easy way to leave his current existence, he will have spiritual peace and nothing will bother him because he knows that if it gets too bad he can just quit, sort of like an incessant "memento mori".

After doing all this, I would advise you to just treat life as an open world RPG to be played, go out into the streets and bother random people (this might seem strange for wizards to do, but it can be quite easy to establish dominance over others, just speak very loudly and frequently and ask them whatever questions you would like to know the answer too, you will feel quite anxious at first, so maybe just practice on succubi at first, because the primal part of your brain recognizes that they can't hurt you and you will be naturally more confident around them, then move onto men), once again, always keep in mind that you can just stop existing whenever you want.

Once you get confident with talking with random people, you will be confident enough to do many other things and from this point on, Just do as you wish, try and make sure your life is exciting for the most amount of time, maybe figure out a way to make a fuckton of money and go travel the world and mess with more people.

I would also recommend reading books quite a lot.


succubi can hurt way more than men, I'm not afraid of approaching men at all, but succubi can be very vicious and their snarks will hurt your ego way more than anything a man can say or do.


what a load of normalfag nonsense, I really wish you would take your own advice and smash your computer to pieces right now.

>just travel and meet people bro

wizchan 2022 is off to a great start.


I'm gonna be 30 this year and I've never felt this empty.
All of my little copes, hopes, goals and shit just evaporated this last year.
All the self-improvement bullshit changes nothing when my whole existence feels so meaningless.
Is it even possible to bounce back, when your formative years have been wasted?


B-but you’ll get your powers this year wizly… :’(


>Is it even possible to bounce back, when your formative years have been wasted?
I'm still about three years away from 30 but this exact thought still weighs me down often too. Even if I were to magically completely change today, suddenly develop some maniacal drive instead of being apathetic and anhedonic, anything I try to do with myself is only ever going to be a sad little fraction of what it could've been if I hadn't blown the first two and a half decades of my life first.
I know this is pretty textbook depressive thinking, my brain trying to rationalize why everything is hopeless and there's no point in trying, but it seems so true it's hard not to believe it.


Aye, I am also waiting for a miracle. I would volunteer for experimental personality altering brain implants or something if I had this choice.
I've been like that until this point, I've lost even that. I'm just blank, I'm surprised when I recall any memory or 'know' anything. I've been scrolling imageboards for decades.


No it's a fucking Redditor.
>reddit spacing
Fuck off. You aren't "influencing" anyone here.


He probably posts the same kind of nonsense on other imageboards, can't be hard to recognize his disjointed style and his high-quality "featured on Oprah!" PDFs.


Emerging from my cave after several days of being immersed in a creative hobby is akin to surfacing for air after being underwater for a very long time. Sometimes it's the opposite.


I am isolated an that allows me to manifest a lot of eccentricity which is often confused with insanity. But I don't think isolation is causing the symptoms that are most closely associated with real insanity. If I am acting insane in private mind you, it's because of this lockdown. I will never take the mRNA poison and so the coercion being exerted on my be Legault and Dube and Trudeau etc fill me with a super evil rage, and if I were given free reign I could do things that would make an Aztec priest faint if he witnessed it.

Other than that, I'm fine. Solituded is bliss.


Sunlight is actually a needed nourishment to the body, whoever has investigated about "sungazing" could tell you how much influence this has on you.


I'd be careful with that supplement regimen. I have a confirmed vit D deficiency and my doctor recommend only 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. Also, multivitamins tend to have some magnesium in them so taking one full dose of a MV plus one full dose of magnesium could lead to eventual toxicity.


One wonders how people survived before these pills were on the market. As for deficiencies, I am sure you would find something wrong with an overwhelming majority if you were to test everyone.


you must be a newfag to hikki life. isolation is should be embtlraced and true isolation is going a step further and disconnecting from the internet.

>going crazy

having said that there are a variety of odd psychological effects I noticed occuring.
I forgot what it looked like for people to walk as in the entire movement looked weird and alien. being outside after years inside made me feel like my FOV increased like I was in a game. all my dreams were entirely internet based and textual aside from a few (rare).
I noticed succubus all looked like men after only seeing perfect 2D maidens for years. I recall after first interacting IRL (not voluntary) that I would try to post reaction images while talking and also try to close the tab on people while they were talking to me. to understand this you would have had to have been through intense isolation.

DO NOT FEAR the isolation and try to go further by cutting the internet off for some months to a year. Think. Write. Exist.

everything is equally usefully useless but other wiz are right in that one needs goals. you want what you will and cannot will what you want. OP isolation will further seperate you from the others including us here but especially notmalfaggots.I won't claim this is good or bad as we are all different and this lifestyle is not for all but you will gain a unique perspective.


Sorry for normfag advice but you really need to touch grass. I don't mean talking to people I mean just going outside. Unless you're a severe agoraphobic you have to get some sunlight and fresh air even if it's just for a few minutes to think and ponder. Nothing wrong with being a hikki but you still need a bit of outdoor exposure. Don't know where you live but if it's a busy city I can understand going outside might be hellish.


I take some sleeping pills so I can sleep at night, despite that i have my fur baby to make me company and keep warm at night


I will heed your advice and embrace, thanks wiz


what is the name and maker of that painting if i may ask.


File: 1647895070014.png (5.76 KB, 442x50, 221:25, Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 2….png) ImgOps iqdb


I can't seem to make myself even go outside. I just stay inside 24/7



wish i was a schizoid


I do not exist


I have been in near total isolation for a couple of years,nowadays I have stopped being a hikikomori but I still feel like an alien whenever I have to talk to people


>Oversleeping, compulsive repetition, auto-destruction, fatigue
You're depressed. Suddenly finding friends could relieve your depression for a while, but eventually you'll realize that the hole that once ripped open your soul you thought was magically filled will slowly open itself up to you again and you'll be back to square one. Isolation is not the cause, it's the symptom of whatever it is you're going through. I'm a very lonely person, I have a job and I do "know" people (not by choice), but the only contacts I have on my phone are my mother, father, and grandmother. I don't do anything with anybody, and I don't feel the way you do at all. I do, do things that you would ordinarily do with others, but just by myself, I think that's the cure to this bullshit because I do know what you're going through since I've felt that deep isolation before. Try going out to dinner by yourself or watching a movie by yourself. I only suffer from depression, if you have social anxiety and you can't go outside on your own even that's probably a different story and I wouldn't really know what to say to you because I've never felt that. But if you don't, discovering your own company could be fruitful in restoring some level of serenity in your mind. You seem highly distraught over something that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Loneliness has proven to be great creative drive for many, and if you know how to harness it it could serve you well I've found.


>i wish i was a schizoid
wizchan 2022


This is true, if you actually "find friends" it will just be a temporary dopamine rush that will fade away again. It's not something that will suddenly give you purpose in life or fulfill you and it can't also lead to other problems as well because the people you usually "find" when you're lonely are not even good for you.


Meant to say "it can lead to" but autocorect did some bullshit


My dreams are in internet screens. My life has consisted of scrolling. Endless scrolling. That is all my mind has known. I guess the lack of real world stimulation leaves nothing for my mind to work with.

I took down the curtains leaving my window exposed. This used to be a barren suburbia but since the lockdowns people have been wandering the neighborhood all hours of the day. I preferred it when it was barren. People can see me sitting here every time they walk down this road. The curtains created a padded room effect. Seeing the hustle and bustle outside seems to provide a bit of stimulation.


I immerse myself in daydreams of socialization with peole I once knew to cope with isolation
I make up conversations with many people and imagine their reactions and responses
I worry someday I will not be able to distinguish what I made up in my mind and what actually took place if I ever where to meet anyone that I talk to in my head


I've been doing the same thing for some time now, it's not even something I do on purpose and I daydream about whole conversations. I also started to think loud some years ago and now I have a very hard time not doing it, I literally talk to myself.

I think this is a mechanism of the brain that kicks in when social stimulation has been missing for a long period of time.

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