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>inb4 bleach
What can one use to mix with urine to remove the smell of it?
My previous piss jug strategy was to fill large 1.5 liter bottles and hide them with other trash and throw them out but:
1. Almost got busted (trash full, classic).
2. Used to drink soda, don't anymore, so no bottles.
Now I'm using some jugs and I'm careful to empty them in the toilet while everyone is sleeping.
The thing is the smell. Imagine the smell. I've tried vinegar, but it just smelled like vinegar and piss.
I tried using dish soap, and there was some limited success.
I bought some "calcium nitrate tetrahydrate" shit for portable toilets, and I think it removed the smell,
I'm not sure. It made the piss in the jug turn really brown and like… separated into almost water on top completely
covered with white mold. Probably lack of air and/or light. I'm not going to sleep with an open piss jug.
I'm considering smuggling that piss jug into the woods to empty it.


got kicked out for this, i whizzed in a paper cup then forgot about it, and it ate through the seam and slowly released a poisonous gas. aunty gave me such a shout, it was hilarious.

fresh whiz smells like nothing for the most, it's only when it rots and digestive bacteria inside it begin to die that it smells rancid. oddities in diet like certain vegetables can make it smell strange when fresh though, and what you eat and drink through the day will determine how much biological and particulate matter is present. rotten whiz is heavier than unrotten stuff and pure water so the rancid smelling stuff will sink to the bottom. just some trivia probbaly you already knew.

try a biocide like chlorine


Go to law school


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maybe take 10 seconds and just pee in your toilet, problem solved


I use milk jugs and water bottles, then I just put them in my garbage.


Not all of us have the luxury of having toilets in our bedrooms. Walking across the hall to pee takes at least 25 seconds.


Anyone else like poohing the bed? You can wrap up the mess in sheets and store it away for max wiz potency.


You too stupid to make the trek all away across the Hall to take a piss?


>You too stupid[…]?
This is wizchan.


I don’t understand the point of trying to concoct some nefarious scheme where you turn your pee into water, spending time researching and buying various chemicals, when you can just pee in your toilet. What are you doing that is so important that you can’t even get up from your pc?


Do you have a window? What if you put a hose out your window, connected a funnel, and then pissed into and pissed into the funnel.

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