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why do i dream about things that will never happen? im 26 years old. sometimes i imagine myself as a great football player or living a completely different life at 18. you know, silly dreams. i know it will never happen but im just dreaming. i can dream for hours during the day. that makes me happy. i can stare blankly at the wall for hours and daydream. dreaming makes me happy, but when i return to the real world it hurts me. im wasting my time and i can't focus on anything. different scenarios are running through my mind all the time. im mentally ill?


What is happening in that gif?


>im mentally ill?
judging from this word salad yes


Maladaptive daydreaming is usually a symptom of something bigger.


Embrace the LARP. I do it all day too, got nothing else.


You are likely depressed and full of regret and self esteem issues.

Mentally ill? Probably not, but this sort of mindset isn't exactly healthy.


Me too. I blame standard schooling. Used to daydream all sort of shit just to get through the day in class. Didn't have much to do off school either so I daydream even more. Give me 12+ years of this shit and I now have a problem that'll be extremely to difficult shed off. The old cliche is some becoming some famous artist that use his imagination to create interesting product but my fantasies are as uninspired as they can get and I don't have the work ethic to learn a creative skill.


I would actually like to do this more but I feel too pathetic and depressed to continue for very long or do it at all sometimes.
I even feel bad about consuming media with younger people because it reminds me even more of things I can never have and I feel like if I were normal I'd be more interested in media with older characters.
The daydreams I have tend to morph into ones that don't make me feel better. I end up replaying negative things that have been instilled in me.


I always thought that everybody does that and it is completely normal. Some people talk to themselves when they are alone, some people talk with a god, some people daydream.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Used to do it as a kid to get away from reality and now it's too late to change.
I'm also 26 like OP and pretty much been "sleeping" through my life. I achieved nothing and my internal world seems to fade as the years go on.
I'm too apathetic at this point to even entertain the idea of picking up a creative skill and make my imagination come to life in a way.
I still take some notes here and there in a way to tell myself that hey, maybe, one day, surely…


My main joy*

I can't even write a couple of paragraphs without a typo, just can't do anything right in the real world.


whatever floats your boat. i am sure it is not uncommon


>being in a shounen anime, going on adventures and having succubi
Not daydreaming about being a Chinese martial arts ascetic monk bitch slapping all that are courting death, men and succ alike.
I can't see you making it in the star charts wizzy.

Let go of normaltrash desires. I daydream a lot too, but the only part of your post that resonate is having skills, drive and the lack of pain.


You're daydreaming of a life you wish you had. You want to go back in time and fix your life.


>having succubi who want to be with me
You don't belong here.


I do this sometimes too but only for things that might be possible even if unlikely. It's not functionally any different or any better because I know it will never happen even if it is technically possible.


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Watch OUT! We have a lvl 100 wizwarden over here.


> The old cliche is some becoming some famous artist that use his imagination to create interesting product

Who cares about becoming famous by showing normalfags your creations? Just create what you want for you and enjoy the process.


I care because I am not on the dole.


Becoming a famous artist is not viable. You would need to be on the dole to have the time and safety net required to pursue it.



literally me every night before I go to sleep


"How succubi faint in the spa"


like >>253739 said, it is Maladaptive daydreaming. Usually a way to cope with anxiety, depression or PTSD.
I have done it for a month non-stop. Wake up, daydream for hours while pacing around my room about being a famous musician or scientist or a character in a fantasy world. then sleep, wake up and repeat.
I only snap out of it when I am reminded of real life, but end up drifting back to it to avoid those responsibilities. Music acts as a catalyst for me when I daydream.
Everyone does it from what I have seen online, but only some take it to extreme levels. I think the only way to really break out of it completely is CBT and finding another hobby that you can immerse yourself into.
Caused me to leave college. I would just sit in lectures and daydream instead of paying attention. I would end up not even going to class and just pacing around my dorm daydreaming.
It has more to do with acceptance and your ego. You want to be recognized or get attention for something but you have nothing to show for so daydreaming about being famous is easy.
I agree, consuming any form of media with younger people or just celebrities in general is sort of what made me dive into this. I used to get jealous of their lives, it was mostly because these people have almost nothing to show for and are just good looking or have charisma, they are then shoved into my face and it leads me to dream of a life where I am more successful and recognized than they are.


settle down bre erdern


If been daydreaming for more than a decade, I want to stop it but it's just difficult.
I unconsciously drift away to fairy tail where I am sort of a war hero like Garp or Whitebeard from one piece.

But I have neither the stature of Garp (>tfw skinny fat with minimal amount of muscles required to live) neither the facial hair.


i do this. my most recent maladaptive activity has been to play scenes from a movie that ive developed in my mind.

to make the scene more visible in my mind, i play the soundtrack for the scene while simultaneously clicking audio files of sci-fi gun shots and machine gun fire to better visualize the combat etc.

I've been doing this for years now. I also audibly give a speech like i just received an award for best picture or something to an imaginary audience when im alone at my apartment. its really fucked up now that im verbalizing this.

I've been doing this shit for years now. My life has been an isolated and empty shell of what most peoples lives are


Yeah, I think a lot of people daydream or fantasise about being a famous sportsperson or award winning actor. It isn't a symptom of mental illness some other people in the this thread are suggesting.


Wait, this is a sign of a mental illness?


All day at work I spend talking to my imaginary advisors, servants and reliving fictional events, or planning further fictional events I'll be involved in. To give context I'm apart of an organisation that has 20 extremely talented ranked members, and our goals cannot be disclosed to others. I am number 20, the weakest one but I still get things done. I believe it's more real than it is fake at this point, though I'm still rational enough to know it's not real for other people


File: 1650291363687.jpg (305.81 KB, 839x951, 839:951, 1644527263371.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm at a point where my maladaptive daydreaming is the part of my day I look forward to the most, I've embraced it completely. I've almost gotten to the point where there's a ritualistic aspect to it: I get on the bed, laying on my left side, which for some reason feels better for everything, and I always go to bed only when it's already dark outside, after sunset and before sunrise, not just because it's easier to immerse myself in my head this way, but because it's usually colder too, which makes the bed more comfortable for me under my covers, I then put on some music on my headphones and let my imagination run wild, after that I take my headphones off and keep going for another few hours. I usually only need music when the fantasy involves it, like me being a singer in a band, which is a common one for me for some reason. I imagine myself in fantasy worlds, or in this one, I live so many things that I can never hope to live in real life. I'm always beautiful, I can always succeed whenever I want, I live a life I like there.

I sometimes feel like some of the best things that ever happened to me in life were inside of my head while I was daydreaming, even though I recognize that they've never happened at all. I'm broken, why does real life have to be so much worse than my fantasies?


It could be a sign of OCD if you constantly think about it 24/7. If you're daydreaming all the time in class or at work it could be a sign of ADHD


Truly not trying to be mean but the thought of a man imagining himself in anime made me burst out laughing.


Reminds me a lot of the >>>/wiz/189480 thread. I've gotten to a similar point. Daydreaming seems to not only be keeping me going, but I sense that I am moments away from going completely occult. It oddly helps when you think of reality as the nightmare that you have to endure to get back to your dreams again.

You should go into depth about some of your dream worlds sometime.


I use to daydream a lot but only until around 25 because the more unrealistic and impossible the dreams seemed the more it fucking sucked. Now i do it very rarely. What will it be like in 10 or even 5 years ? If i ever continued to daydream I'd look much younger than what I would be in reality, that's kinda pathetic. Youth and it's hopes are fleeting away.


You're talking about the cognitive dissonance. Stay grounded with who you are as you age. Or mentally stay in Neverland as the disconnect from reality grows ever large with the ravages of age.


you have a job? or some other stuff you have to do? I am currently NEET and have been for the last 2 months and the last 2 weeks I have been doing this for 16 hrs a day. I walk around my room to the point where my feet hurt.

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