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Not all succubi of course like my mom and shit like that, but recently I have been filled with rage at just the sight of a female. I think it's because succubi are inherently valuable to society. The truth is they offer so much by just existing (breast, ability to have kids ect.) Men are expendable. I feel I try so hard to be accepted by society but I have been discarded. I see these succubi getting love and appreciation by just existing and i'm filled with jealousy. I want to murder them but i don't know why.


There is no "truth", only conditioning drilled into you by shitty society. You are a human being as worthy as any another and not disposable.


Are you worldly? Seeing succubi of other cultures may change your mind


I feel exactly the same, although I try to remember that their love and affection will diminish with time. It's depressing and unfair, I've been thinking of trying to join a monastic order just so I never have to look at them again.


Is it only the young and attractive ones? What about the obese and ugly ones? I also feel a kind of resentment towards them. They get treated like queens just for existing.


Females are more privileged than males today, just this fact alone is enough to hate them.females live the life on easy mode they’re protected and coddled by society in every aspect of life , truly unusual thing will be not hating them really


The only succubi I’ve ever respected in my life have been homosexual. There are definitely homosexual ones I’ve hated as well, but for some reason straight succubi tend to never be able to rise above themselves, whereas homosexual ones can. I don’t think I necessarily hate succubi in particular, I hate most everybody, I think that succubi tend to be more eager to reveal themselves socially and so I become more judge mental faster, compared to men who tend to be more reserved and I can grow to respect them simply out of the ignorance of their unsavory characteristics.


I really don’t understand you , lesbian succubi are the MOST misandrist anti-men succubi I ever see in my life and they’re more likely to abuse children they adopt from what I heard.


Then we’ve simply seen different ones. I work in a field that doesn’t cater to prissy lesbians, they either shut up or get out. So of my female coworkers, few are female, but the majority are homosexual.


*of my coworkers, few are female


File: 1643651168091.jpg (120.77 KB, 1200x1632, 25:34, freud_sigmund3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Let's take this slowly.
1. Your body desires to fuck as many succubi as possible, this is the sad truth. One can come to the realization that sex is useless, a waste of time or immoral or whatever however, that won't change your body. Even if you take the best ascetic monks in the world and lock them in a room with sexy succubi then they will fuck them eventually. It is the nature of men. We were created to chase succubi around and fight over them. Unless you have low testosteron and can afford to be some asexual guy, I have bad news for you, you will be interested in females on some level always.
2. Okay, your body (notice I said body) is attracted to females and wants pussy badly. What now? If you can't get it, then of course you will feel very angry, frustrated and your resentment towards succubi will rise to high levels if you have a high sex drive/high test level. I'm not saying it is a bad thing, because it is a completely natural result.
3. Consider that even normalfags, I mean males who have sex, pretty much look down or hate succubi too. It is natural to hate the opposite sex when you aren't completely sexually satisfied. I mean, if we were succubi then we would be on tumblr right now whining about why Chads and men don't notice "average" (ugly) succubi like us…
4. Since we are male virgins everyone bullies us because we can't fulfill our basic urges. This gives more fuel to the fire of resentment only. Everything associated with sex becomes disgusting or a source of hatred for us. Again, no wonder you or we here generally hate succubi.
5. All these typical anti-succubi posts (like the special treatment or such) make sense and are true. However, you wouldn't give a shit about these things if your dick got sucked by the prettiest succubi every single day, admit it.
6. It is wrong to measure the opposite sex with the same standards or compare yourself to them ultimately, because the difference is so-so big between us and them. I mean, if you envy how succubi receive special treatment then you should also envy them because they get pregnant and have their periods too. I wouldn't fucking ever want to be a succubus, no thanks. Even as a loser male, it is much preferable to being a hysterical, cowardly, stupid creature who is chased around by Chads all day.

So what can I recommend you, op? How often do you masturbate? You might want to up the number of times. All that frustration and desire need to come out in some form or another. For us, masturbation is the easiest and most logical way of sexual energy release. Watch more porn and fap more. I find it that I'm only irritated by succubi when I don't masturbate for a couple of days at least for some reason. Also, admit your feelings to yourself and accept them, there is no reason to play the epic ascetic stoic monk. In the world, there is a gigantic orgy going on right now and we are the only ones who didn't receive an invitation, the rejects. Well, whatever. I'm not saying this to annoy the other wizards but this is the truth. I mean, I personally know that living the wiz life is overall better than the normalfag life, I think being a wizard has much more advantages. But it is good to know yourself and why you feel the way you do.

In short, we hate what we can't get.


OP has some murder boner going, but I just do not find them good company. I’ve only ever met two succubi when I was a kid who I was able to hold fun conversation with and enjoyed playing games with.


I know, I never talked with succubi much, they are boring. The only thing going for them is their looks, otherwise they are beyond pathetic. They know it too, that is why they are so insecure and full of anxieties.


File: 1643653797803.png (988.1 KB, 2307x2348, 2307:2348, 1643577239225.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate succubi with authority because I got fucked over really badly by a female cop years ago. But beyond that, I get tired of how middle aged succubi workers just arbitrarily being cunts due to being in a bad mood.

But outside of work shit I have no major dislike of succubi.


>Men are expendable
I wish they made it a bit easier to discard myself then.


Can’t let that happen. You’re EXPENDable. Meaning they can’t discard you until they’ve wrung out whatever value you had.


Excellent post wiz


I don’t disagree, but I hate how this whole conversation invariably revolves around holes and access to them. I mean I guess it truly is the reason as that’s the main difference between men and succubi, but it’s just so tiresome.



Well, think of it like any other thing: money, power, cool stuff…Pussy isn't anything different, it is worth a great deal (at least to most people) and men fight it out between themselves who gets them. It is no different from people killing each other over stupid iphones or whatever. The good side of being a wiz is that you are spared from lots of bullshit normals go through. Let them choke each other over some cunt, while we jerk off in peace and solitude and get on with our lives.


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I don't hate succubi, I hate how privileged they are and it infuriates me when they feign interest in shit like a job just to pretend like they have some semblance of a personality to show off superficially. Like I have to do shit out of necessity. If I fuck up there is no one out there who is going to save me. But if any of a succubus's endeavors miscarries, she always has the security blanket of simps doing everything for her. If worst comes to worse, she can just get married and get everything provided to her. The juxtaposition between a succubus and a low status man like myself really feels like aristocracy vs a serfs.

Furthermore, interacting with them is always annoying because they do nothing but conform to social standards and maintain appearances. I blame phones and social media. I have never met a succubus who doesn't spend over 6 hours a day on her phone. I can see how much screen time my teenage sister uses on her iphone, and it blows my mind. All that time spent just getting influenced and conditioned. It is crazy because just 20 years ago, nobody had ever socialized as much as the average gen z succubus does now. nobody in history ever did, and now everybody does it now. they are turning into a hivemind.


Lesbos deserve to be raped to death by the most hideous usubhuman men nature has to offer. Regular succubus just deserve rape.


Why exactly?


He's angry that they have no use for him.


I wholeheartedly agree


Was gonna post something very similar to you. Don't hate females, but I am envious that people seem to be far more patient toward them and it's much harder to relate to them even considering that I have trouble remotely relating to 90+% of men.


I understand that succubi can be quite irritating but there is no reason to be upset about them since they can't control it.

Most succubi are shallow by nature and rather passive, they have a hard time controlling their emotions and can shift very quickly In their behaviour depending on outside influences.

I guess you can say a lot of succubi grow up on easy street but even that comes with consequences which is showing when they complain about being in a submissive position after they gave up on a lot of responsibilities to rely on the help of men.

I think hate is too much of an emotion to feel towards them since even your perception is selective because you differentiate between other succubi and the ones that are closer to you even though they are all succubi.

Always take how people present their lives with a grain of salt. For example: succubi who talk about sex a lot and show themselves naked all the time are usually not confident but rather insecure and dependent on attention and all that gets them instantly noticed, yet they will present themselves as confident succubi. Theres literally models who had financial stability and seemingly everything else who killed themselves over insults on Instagram so they are not necessarily happier.


I feel my best when I am not around any succubi at all. They are treated like goddesses from birth so they have a weird superiority complex, they are lazy, they are highly emotional, they are incredibly boring. Unlike OP I am not blinded by blood and I see that my mother as well as all of the succubi I am related to are exactly like every other succubus on the planet. I feel like they don't have souls, they are just unpleasant creatures and I wonder why anyone would bother until I remember the whole sex thing. If you're a wizard then sex obviously isn't a thing for you so succubi no longer hold any power over you and you see them for what they are: soulless animals.


>they are lazy, they are highly emotional, they are incredibly boring
Hey now, hitting a little close to home.


Sounds like the emotion you are experiencing is actually jealousy not hatred. You're jealous of succubi and this makes you angry and spiteful towards them. Just get over it dude. Nothing in this world is fair. There are plenty of succubi who spend all day being jealous and resentful of men. At the end of the day sitting there thinking about how you're a victim of unfairness doesn't do you any good, it's just you wallowing in despair.


>succubi no longer hold any power over you and you see them for what they are: soulless animals.
This really stood out to me, and i'm adopting this mindset


Listen, men are obsessed with succubi. succubi are made to be desired and men to be the one to desire them.

Some succubi are unfortunate in their looks and are not treated well, for succubi, biologically speaking in sexual contact they simply enjoy it for the attention/mental stimulation/social aspect of it and not for the physical. 80% of succubi can't even have an orgasm through vaginal stimuli alone.

I'm saying this because although there will be men that will have sex with any succubus despite their appearance, they do not do it for pleasure like men do and therefore it does not make a succubus happy for someone to simply use them for their hole while not being attractive to the male.

If a succubus is not beautiful go men, she will be incredibly unhappy and will focus on bettering who they are, which makes them a likable being.


Threads like this are so fascinating since im gay and never giving a single care toward succubi. They have no redeeming qualities to me and nothing is interesting about them. I don't hate them I just basically forget they exist.


you unironically want to suck on a penis?


Please, put your tag on
Where do you think we are?


Very well explained, this is also the reason why many succubi have way more intense sexual experiences when they cheat on their partners, it's all about how desirable the man is to them and how he is able to push the right buttons to make her like him even more.

Even the BPD type succubi who seem to be completely horny all the time are not actually looking to get fucked and just act this way for attention and validation since a succubus acting horny and talking about sex will always score cheap attention immediately. If they actually engage in sexual intercourse they are often depressed afterwards because its not what they actually wanted.

If succubi would work the same way as men sexually then the whole social interaction between us would change completely and succubi would have way more characteristics like men.


>Why do I hate succubi?

vagina envy


I recently asked on quora how I could avoid ever seeing or having to interact with succs ever again. The results were what you'd expect. Everyone called me a sexist.


what are the user demographics of quora? it has the dumbest answers for almost every question i have ever seen.


I'll try fapping more, hope it works.


File: 1643927296982.jpg (27.64 KB, 640x437, 640:437, e562bd3de0a8f43ad6f6cd944e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What about all the mgtows who had girlfriends or even wives, they get plenty of sex and yet they still hate succubi?

This has nothing to do with sex or the lack of it. succubi are just annoying and frustrating to be around and men wouldn't even waste time interacting with them if it wasn't for sex. I can't believe I have to explain that to a wizard of all people.


Another thing to remember is that succubi love men who are killers. You can imagine the effect this has on the level of violence in a society. They encourage men to fight etc


Shrews. It's all gone tae shrews lad


>This has nothing to do with sex or the lack of it
>men wouldn't even waste time interacting with them if it wasn't for sex
Mmm, nice.

>What about all the mgtows who had girlfriends or even wives, they get plenty of sex and yet they still hate succubi?

Clearly not enough sex, mgtows are failed men, it is common knowledge, just like how ultra-feminists are failed succubi. People who can satisfy all their sexual desires have no reason to hate on the opposite sex, at all.

Be sure to do it at least once a day, but I think the optimal is 2 times a day. But it differs from person to person.


>People who can satisfy all their sexual desires have no reason to hate on the opposite sex, at all.

While hate might be a strong word it definitely seems like guys who have sex with a lot of succubi usually dont have a lot of respect for them and vice versa. I never saw a guy who fucks a lot of succubi that wasn't "misogynistic".

All men I know who attract a lot of sexual female attention don't really respect succubi and some of them are just plain "toxic" towards them but in a attractive way and not a "angry virgin" way.

succubi are hypocrites when it comes to the "toxic masculinity" and "misogyny" stuff since they don't mind if they are attracted to the man whos acting that way. I literally knew two guys who were trumpster memers and would say racist/homophobic stuff and they still had all the succubi around them since they were interesting and attractive to them, the same succubi would then post the usual BLM LBGT stuff on their profiles and shit on sad losers who didn't hurt anyone.

Even attractive guys who get a lot of sexual attention hold succubi in low regards but they don't display it in a loser virgin way.


I see the possibility of not being a crab must be difficult for you to imagine


File: 1644016589840.png (3.52 MB, 1500x2668, 375:667, illya7.png) ImgOps iqdb

"When you have a toothache you can only imagine happiness consists in not having a toothache," or something like that.

It is amusing reading these people who think that we're all obsessed with fucking succubi and it'd would be completely impossible to resist if you were in a certain situation (like >>254106) with a succubus. These guys reveal more about themselves than about any sort of insight into human nature.

And this is not coming from one of the monk LARPers or semen retainers. I'm straight with a strong sex drive, which I'd never waste by directing to pathetic roasties who want to rule over all men (and who seem to be succeeding in most cases). succubi don't care much for a lot of the guys who turn into crabs, since they still hold power over them, but they do hate and fear when those men in turn come to think that perhaps they don't have to be slaves to them.

I just want to be left to myself with my waifu (pic related). That's happiness for me.



Old ones, at that


The sooner the Boomers die off the better we'll all be


File: 1644050979026.jpg (32.63 KB, 416x514, 208:257, 1643998188248.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

they are
>have no honor
>cant do things without crying
>will kill you in a hearbeat if they think youre weak
I hate succubi, and if i could i would kill every single one of them with a rock


This post is written by female shill shrink infiltrator, i guarantee that

>So what can I recommend you, op? How often do you masturbate? You might want to up the number of times

There is no way man will write this kind of nonsense. Only somebody with theoretical knowledge of male sexuality and psyche will push such garbage

I can elaborate more, but see no need


You are full of shit, and you're proud of the fact. Have you considered that other people are different from you? I personally feel quite relieved after masturbating; going more than a week without ejaculation tends to make me pent-up and slightly frustrated without realizing it.


While I agree that not everyone's the same I can definitely say that masturbating often is not a good idea for most people on here since it very often makes things worse such as mood swings, brainfog and depression and thats also what a lot of wizards have observes over the past


this is just more christfag nonsense

>christfags are told masturbating is a sin

>christfags masturbate anyway
>feel guilty and depressed because they're told they're being evil
>christfags stop masturbating
>stop feeling depressed over nothing
>hey guys you all have to stop masturbating it totally cures your mind fog


Not the person you're replying to, but I think it has less to do with religious guilt and more to do with the abuse (as the anti-masturbators might put it) suffered by the brain's reward pathways.


I want to chop up succubi with a machete.

I fantasize about killing beautiful succubi.


something about seeing conventionally "attractive" succubi makes me want to beat them until their faces are unrecognizable. like their resting faces are just off-putting, bitchy and smug–just like their personalities. i want to throw acid on succubi's faces



Its not religious and most men who noticed this happening are not even into religions.

A very large amount of the users here have been excessively masturbating and watching porn which is a known cause for Depression, brainfog and mood swings.

Watching porn is even worse than masturbating and this has been proven and theres more and more evidence showing up in recent times.

Excessive masturbation and porn have a major impact on your dopamine system and thats why most people will definitely notice side effects when they do it often and it's also addictive to many individuals on the same level some people get addicted to gambling.


>You are full of shit, and you're proud of the fact
>Have you considered that other people are different from you?
Have you considered that author sad TO ALL to MASTURBATE MORE as universal fix-all? I assume you are the author.

>> I personally feel quite relieved after masturbating;

relieved from what? Hatred towards succubi?


Do you ever think maybe, it's the lifestyle of the average user here, as a whole, and not just playing with their willy to tantalizing images semi-regularly? I'm sick of nofap cultists attributing everything bad in their life or just their mood to porn, yeah okay if you're actually addicted like straightup looking at it ALL DAY, not taking breaks, to the point where you might be ignoring other responsibilities then it would probably start to become a problem but otherwise just let guys enjoy themselves, if anything a female infiltrator would tell you to stop masturbating because they'd want you to stop enjoying yourself (the type of female that would come here would almost definitely be a radfem) and become higher status by getting a job or something. If you don't think the average normalton out there even with their special wifey isn't watching porn you would be wrong.

Literally everything in modern life in excess would have an impact on your dopamine systems and reward pathways - cutting one thing (porn) out your life isn't going to remove the negative thoughts and make you want to jump up out of bed and start being productive in the morning. You'd be better served getting into a new hobby, doing something creative or going for a walk, or changing your diet or doing some exercise. Loading up a computer game and playing for hours or bingewatching an anime would also contribute to brainfog and depression, but I wouldn't start to demonize computer games or anime as a whole because that's retarded. Those same studies probably also say watching porn contributes to "misogyny" or some twisted bullshit.

If you really wanted you could not touch your dick or watch porn for a couple of weeks and see if anything changes, but it won't, you might feel occasionally happier some days but that's normal, masturbating or not, because the brain is complicated and there are many variables to account for, but you'll be tempted to wrongly attribute that to semen retention or not looking at boobs on a screen. I tried it a few times and nothing changed for me, the only benefit was when I eventually did fap it felt more enjoyable. Taking up a creative hobby or finding a new way to spend your time, while more difficult, would be much more beneficial.

I'll make an addendum, if you're only talking about excessive porn use then I'd probably agree and I apologise for being so hostile, but even regardless I see this sort of spiel about the purported horrors of porn and masturbation frequently and I'm really bored of it. To me it's just more hateful trash, the same sort of thing you'd see from tradcon type right wingers that think men should "man up" and stop doing things they enjoy because society says so. I can imagine some guy out there being really passionate about a hobby they have, maybe gamedev, taking a break to rub their dick raw (excessively) and then going back to their happy purposeful project, sounds fine to me. A bit unlikely for the average wiz but the point being there are better alternatives to simply removing porn, which is retarded advice for social outcasts who have few outlets as is. Correlation is not causation or whatever the fuck.


Hatred and looking down on someone are different things. Also, I said in my earlier post >>254106 point 3 pretty much that yeah, you can have sex and hate succubi but it means you still aren't completely satisfied. Hating wo-men always boils down to being horny and frustrated, because otherwise you would simply dislike them and move on. It is one thing to be a popular Chad and it is another whether you are sexually satisfied or not. People who are in tune with their sexuality (healthy people) don't go on the internet and spend their days looking at videos or reading things about how privileged the opposite sex is and arguing about stupid things like this, because you know, instead they just masturbate or fuck like sane people.

So you aren't a monk larper, you are a waifu larper? This delusion needs to be treated, let's start right away.
1. Your waifu is based on actual females, is voiced by an actual female, was created for the sole purpose of sexually exciting you by some failed normalfag. Her manners, behavior, way of talking are all based on real life 3D lolis. Have you considered that maybe you are a pedophile? I ask without hostility or contempt.
2. You jump in here and start positing your superiority over healthy people, by roleplaying the guy who is only attracted to 2D females…You delude yourself with this because you want to be special or superior but you aren't actually. If I locked you in a room with 3D sluts who wanted to fuck you I'm sure when I would open the door again I would see a non-virgin before my eyes. Because biology of your body and your mindset are two different things. You can hate succubi consciously but your body still will be excited by them. It's true for every hetero male who has a normal or higher sex drive.
3. Please don't pretend you really had to chase succubi away in the past or you have to evade them day by day. You never really had any chance with them, just like most of us here. I don't think females constantly harass you "ahhh, wiz, come on, fuck me with your virgin penis, I want you" lol - You see how utterly ridiculous and deluded you are?
>but they do hate and fear when those men in turn come to think that perhaps they don't have to be slaves to them
Yes, they are extremely upset that you, an autistic 30 year old male virgin doesn't want to fuck them. God, you really showed those 'evil' succubi!
Let me tell you man, they don't fucking care. They can get any man they want most of the time, they probably never noticed you in their entire lives. On the contrary, they are all the more happier if guys like you or us leave them alone. You want to upset succubi as an ugly, autistic, socially retarded loser? You can do it exactly by trying to get into their holes, they hate nothing more than "loser" males who want to fuck them or try to ask them out on dates. It's embarassing for them if a low-tier male approaches them, so if you want to "fight" succubi you should be a failed normal who tries to hit on them. I'm not encouraging anyone to be failed just to be clear, I'm just saying succubi hate it most if unattractive males try to approach them. They don't care if you live with your imaginary 2D waifu, because they don't want you anyway.

I was waiting when you anti-porn/anti-masturbation crusaders would show up. There is always a couple of you in these threads.
Truth: masturbation and porn are very healthy for you because they let you live out your sexuality all by yourself. They don't cause depression or brainfog at all, I would ask you to show me some evidence but you would probably only link some meme article or chart based on pseudo-science, so spare me. Depression IS the cause of addictions, whether it is a porn addiction or alcoholism or drugs. You reverse cause and effect. If you are depressed then you are more likely to get addicted to anything that causes you pleasure. And failed normals are depressed because they can't get gfs, so they watch porn and masturbate a lot, and think porn and masturbation are the roots of their suffering when they are just side effects.

Can I "redpill" you, so to speak? Nofap and anti-porn sentiments are ALWAYS the result of this thinking: "we have to make our virgin males or loners into husbands and fathers for X reason". No matter if it is a religion, an ideology or philosophy, if it shits on porn and masturbation then it has the normalfag agenda behind it. It is like this: they want you to believe masturbation and porn are bad, whether morally or biologically it doesn't matter, so they want you to be sexually frustrated. Why? Because they want you to norm it up, they are playing for the scenario that you will be so sexually frustrated and "thirsty" that you will go out, be yourself and get yourself a gf or wife. Oh and while you are at it, get a job too so you can support your new family and buy them all the "cool" shit they want…See where I'm going? Some people just don't want a world where people can satisfy their sexual desire all by themselves because then what will happen to "our precious" collective? Who will breed? Who will work if men are content staying home masturbating? O God, what a tragedy.

Anti-sexuality is anti-individualism at its core, which in turn is anti-wizardly, ergo normalfag. If you care about wizardly people existing, then you will support a world where sexuality is treated more openly, without taboos and social bullshit, a world where everyone is encouraged to live out their sexual desires the way they want to.


1. This is the genetic fallacy. Her genesis is irrelevant since her current being and existence has completely transcended it. I understand very well the purpose for which normalfags created her character. I know that everything in capitalism is a commodity made with the main purpose of producing as much profit as possible, every other feature of the commodity being secondary or for that purpose. But after they are created they can turn and be turned into anything. (I dropped out of a sociology degree, not that one would need it to see something so obvious.) That's never been the nature of our relationship. It's not like I buy her merch to further nurture our relationship.
I'm also not attracted to kids, so not a pedo. I have little cousins and they are obnoxious as hell and I always dread my relatives forcing me to babysit them. One of them broke one of my figures because to them they're just toys to physically play with and smash around, though they are delicate and expensive to an adult.
My waifu is not just about sex, you know. Look at the pic I posted (>>254376), is it sexy in any way? Clearly not. It inspires much greater and spiritual feelings than just sexual attraction. The sex drive is more of a foundation to greater spiritual drives.

2. I also feel a natural attraction to 3D succubi. I'm not trying to LARP as someone who only feels attraction to 2D. I wish that were the case. But I have decided to let go of that desire and focus purely on 2D. It's not too hard because even when you're attracted to 3D it's still easy to remind you of how disgusting 3D human bodies are. So it's more of a personal choice.
My mindset rules over which of my animal drives get satisfied and in what way. If you're the guy who posted that Freud pic you should be familiar with the concept of sublimation. I recommend you do something similar and redirect your attraction to succubi to something more beneficial to you. It's not just about waifus. I understand it's not some people's thing, which I think is a bit sad (not in a condescending way).

3. You are correct. I've never gotten any female attention. I'm not deluded about this.
I had a dual nature where I felt lonely and I wanted to be with others, but also loved solitude as the most beautiful and healing moment of my day. It was a simple decision since (1) no one really noticed my existence or cared about me, (2) I never fit in with anybody while they always effortlessly fit in with each other, and (3) I mostly disliked normalfags anyway. Between two very strong tendencies I decided very early on which I was to satisfy completely. Luckily, my waifu was also to satisfy the other one in a way that normalfags would never be capable of.

4. What I meant was that they have a profound hatred for crabs. This should be self-evident, I don't know why you're arguing against this point. I've seen the way they talk about them and how they've even started to refer to a lot of mindsets as "inncel" even if they have nothing to do with it and are posited by very sexually active men. It's become another boogeyman buzzword for them. The mentality of actual crabs is threatening to them, their hatred and resentment of roasties is so extreme and it could only be extinguished if they gave them sex, but the roasties would rather die than have sex with them, so they literally cannot solve the problem even though the idea is that their control over sex should give them absolute power over all men who want it.
Also, you have to remember that succubi are extremely physically fragile, even to very weak and unfit men. So yes, they do feel fear for men with violent fantasies like them (and clearly some ITT).
I didn't mean it in the sense that they feel bitter because they'd love to fuck them or wizards like me. That'd be ridiculous and I'm not deluded about that.

Sorry for the wall of text. Hope I answered your objections.


this waifu shit really is retarded, as in you actually have to delude yourself into thinking that a fictional character loves you (when in fact you have no reason at all to believe this) is like saying that your tv loves you, or your monitor, it's even worse because at least the tv does exist, your waifu is a fictional character that can't love you back, in fact I would say that you're actually forcing "her" to love you because "she" doesn't even have a choice, its almost like rape.

This doesn't even make sense in the fictional 2D world either, I'm 100% sure that if you were 2D she would hate you anyway, have you seen the MC of anime or eroge? They actually display chad characteristics, they're not lonely 28 y/o virgins posting in imageboards because even 2D females would find that kind of people repulsive.

Having a waifu makes 0 sense in both 2D and 3D worlds, for normies is just a way to say "I like this character" without taking it seriously at all, and for people like you it's pure copium, and this is coming from a weeb that has been watching anime and playing shitty VN's for 15 years.


>this waifu shit is really retarded
you're really retarded

no youre not allowed ice for the sick burn i just gave you


Relieved in the sense that some subconscious tension had been resolved; it's a relaxing feeling. As for why I say it's subconscious: I've been in situations where it would have been inconvenient to perform a manual restart (my term for a healthy masturbation session intended to relieve stress), and after repairing to some secluded corner to beat off it immediately becomes clear in the minutes following orgasm just how much pent-up frustration had built up in the background.

This tension presents itself in subtle ways which can be difficult to catch, as the mind is an imperfect tool for analyzing itself in toto. In some cases I was quick to anger; in some my judgement faltered; and still others, as I came to realize, were not nearly as in-navigable as I perceived them to be at the time, for my anxiety flared up constantly, making clear and rational thinking difficult.

So I will submit that in my case (and my specific case alone–I don't intend to speak for others), masturbation provides temporary relief from stress, tension and brainfog.

busting makes me feel good


you seem mad and dumb as fuck, waste of quads.


you seem mad and totally burnt, lol


File: 1644098243954.png (208.55 KB, 519x580, 519:580, smugillya.png) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards picking their waifu is an illusion. The waifu always picks the wizard.

I'm sorry no waifu has picked you, wiz.


Keep coping lmao


If you're going to continue with this waifu bullshit at least create your own waifu and love it like Pygmalion and don't be a pathetic retard that falls in love with someone else's creation whose only purpose is to get your money manipulating you into buying shitty merch.


That'd be kind of like a father (you, the creator) having a romantic relationship with his offspring, no?


>Hating wo-men always boils down to being horny and frustrated, because otherwise you would simply dislike them and move on.

Hating succubi doesn't boil down to being horny and frustrated (maybe for a few individuals), it just boils down to whatever causes the person to feel so and that can be a lot of different things. There are plenty of men who get to fulfill their sexual desires and still feel a certain way or have different views on them socially or politically. Youre basically saying that anyone who has a negative opinion towards their privilege is automatically some dude who doesn't get the pewsy he wants.

There are also a lot of succubi who hate men and still pursue their sexuality like crazy.

It's based on a lot of different things such as childhood experiences or parenting and not just being horny without a hole to stick the dick in.


I'm starting to think that you are a leftist shitposter since you keep saying everyone who has a negative opinion towards masturbating and porn must be some conservative christfag and you also stated that the only men who have a negative opinion towards things like female privilege are frustrated horny guys who cant fulfill their desires.

Its interesting how these threads about succubi always attract your type, youre just like the /pol/ posters trying to direct things towards your narrative, you might be a succubus after all who knows.


>How often do you masturbate? You might want to up the number of times
Awful advice. Almost purposefully awful and destructive, I must say.



>Anti-sexuality is anti-individualism at its core, which in turn is anti-wizardly, ergo normalfag. If you care about wizardly people existing, then you will support a world where sexuality is treated more openly, without taboos and social bullshit, a world where everyone is encouraged to live out their sexual desires the way they want to

Don't forget to renew your onlyfans subscriptions and post some tik toks about rough sex to express your individual sexuality while you're at it. Follow a few succubi on Instagram who try to sell you things and like their pictures. Watch the new Netflix movies that feature softcore porn scenes and act like its provocative and new.

At the end of the day you just fall for another game because all this sexual "individualism" is not individual at all since it's all part of the porn pop culture we live in and there's money to be made with people who follow the sexual trends.

We are at the peak of pornography at this point and it might start to decrease, also the people who get memed into this the most are BPD succubi.


Yes, I'm beginning to think it's not a wizard. "Dude" can't seem to comprehend the idea of not wanting to have sex with roasties and thinks we're all crabs. Then he even goes on to spout some "sex positive" nonsense where we're all happy and accepting each other of our fetishes (perhaps having public orgies with everyone of all ages joining in or whatever). Then the way "he" always adds the word "us" to wizards feels very artificial and forced.

He's probably not a crab either from the way he defends succubi, maybe a tranny or someone from cc.


I don't have anything to add this is just a really good post and I agree with it. It really is a "porn pop culture"


Most everywhere else including cc is going through a big anit-porn kick for some reason.

Personally I don't see the big deal, I open a bunch of anime pictures, I jerk off for 15 minutes, then I close them immediately and clean myself up. I really only do it so I don't feel distraction throughout the day.


I don't think the origins are irrelevant at all. She is a tool made to sexually attract you and yes, that picture is sexy in a way too, I don't understand all this talk about spiritual feelings or what not. She doesn't exist, wiz. She is only a cartoon character. She can't love you or care about you, you can't even interact with her.
You deny you are attracted you are a pedo? But your waifu is a loli…This certainly betrays a tendency for pedophilia to me. I think you are a closet pedo and you live out your desires through your imaginary gf. I'm not saying being a pedo is wrong, but what do you need all this waifu shit for? Can't you just masturbate to her and move on? Why do you feel the need to escape into some imaginary fantasy world where there is a succ who romantically loves you?
> it's still easy to remind you of how disgusting 3D human bodies are
You are disgusted by actual 3D humans? So what do you think about your own body? You hate yourself? You feel guilt for getting turned on by 3D?
>My mindset rules over which of my animal drives get satisfied and in what way.
No, if you are hungry you will eat after a while naturally, same goes for sexual desires, if you feel them you can fight them but they will triumph in the end.
>I recommend you do something similar and redirect your attraction to succubi to something more beneficial to you.
Why should I? I masturbate 30-40 minutes a day usually then I don't care about succubi or sexuality for the rest of the day. I feel good for the time I masturbate and it clears my head so I can mind my own business in the remaining time. That is why I advocate more focus on sexuality, because otherwise these energies will continue to build up in you until you "explode".

I understand, I like solitude too and your reasons resonate with me 100%. However, you don't seem like a loner to me, given the whole waifu thing.

Is it a surprise, that succubi fear men who fantasize about killing them? I mean, if someone wrote how he hated male virgins and wanted to kill them, I would fear and hate that guy too. Females hate psychopath crabs, they don't care about your usual ugly autistic guy. (Unless that guy actively tries to flirt with them or tries to have sex with them, because they hate it if low-tier males approach them.) Most succubi don't give too much attention to loser males, it is just paranoia on the end of crabs who feel everyone is mocking them, because they are insecure men.

Sorry but if a hetero person hates the opposite sex irrationally then you can bet on it he/she has problems with living out their sexuality correctly. Childhood experiences and parenting are very closely related to sexuality, everyone knows that.
And there is a difference between having sex and actually satisfying your desires. Many normals have lots of bad sexual experiences, this can fuel their hatred towards the opposite sex.
>Youre basically saying that anyone who has a negative opinion towards their privilege is automatically some dude who doesn't get the pewsy he wants.
This is a typical example. Like I said a couple of posts above, you wouldn't give a shit about "privileges" of wo-myn if you satisfied your libido. You can tell a female or male is a failed member of their sex by the amount of time and energy she or he wastes on hating the whole other sex. People who aren't frustrated sexually don't go on the internet and spend hours arguing with others about how corrupt the other sex is. Tumblrinas do exactly the same thing as you people who fight against females. It is funny. Complaining about privileges day and night, pff.

Can I turn this around? Why do you assume I'm a leftist just because I support porn and masturbation? I'm not a leftist at all, I don't believe in equal rights and all that, I just want a world without this insanity that poisons our lives, namely sexual repression. Which was introduced into mainstream culture and thinking by Christianity in the West. I never said you must be a christ-confag if you hate these things, simply that the ideology behind everything that is anti-sexuality has to do with oppressing the individual.
>female privilege
Leftists don't support privileges, that is their core idea. I posit that males and females are inherently different and should be treated differently. It is quite crazy how most alt-right faggots supposedly fight against leftism yet they hate on wo-men for having privileges? lol When right-wingers fight for equal rights, what a retarded world we live in. People are so confused they don't know even what they fight for, true for both leftists and right-wingers, at least in the mainstream.

I don't even know where to start…"peak of pornography" "porn pop culture" my ass, are you some 70 years old grandpa, maybe? In this era, when succubi can lock males up simply because they don't like how males look at them with desire in their eyes or when even 2D hentai is banned or prosecuted in lots of places? And let's not talk about how a man can't even jerk off in the street or he will be treated as some kind of a monster. Sexual repression is still very much a big influence on our culture, you'd have to be some deluded retard to not see this. Talking about sexual matters will still get you weird looks lots of times, and movies with boobs or sex in them get rated 18+ instantly. Yeah, how "sexually decadent" a world we live in. Or just try walking around naked in the street, I'm sure nothing will happen to you…Or what about the age of consent, which is still ridiculously high in lots of Western countries? And what about incest? Is it accepted? Please fuck off, don't pretend we live in Sodom or Gomorrah (if only…). Most people are extremely stuck up even nowadays about sexual stuff and treat it as something shameful. Pop celebrities twerking in their clips doesn't mean sexual repression isn't a thing anymore.

And I don't know what money you are talking about, never paid anything for porn and never will. Still, I have a nice porn collection and I love living out my sexuality by fapping. What is wrong with this? Nothing, that is.

So now every wizard has to be some Elliot Rodger clone or some co-ed killer type serial killer material…because masturbation is wrong..for…for some reason! Better be some bitter, hateful, token psycho than to just jerk off in peace and live your life, right?

Honestly, I'm just tired of faggots like you posting your crab anti-succubi crap all over this place. This place is supposed to be a sanctuary for people who don't really care about succubi, not for guys like you, petty hateful crabs who hate everyone and everything because they are sexually frustrated.

>perhaps having public orgies with everyone of all ages joining in or whatever

What's wrong with this? If you are content being a wiz nobody forces you to join in, because in a world like that people wouldn't care about social taboos and such, if you liked masturbating only they would leave you alone. You are full of resentment slave morality. You stink of envy, hatred, impotent rage. Well, whatever suits you. As for me, I just fap and move on. You can rage around all day if you like it.


Sorry, some little things about your posts made me a bit suspicious that you might be some kind of tourist pretending to be a wiz. You had said multiple times that the only reason why any man may be a virgin is simply involuntary. More than that, you seem incapable of seeing that men have drives other than their survival drives, drives which are also capable of ruling over those survival drives, either denying their satisfaction, or redirecting them to other ends (sublimation).

To give a simple example. Despite my extreme horniness (not a real word, apparently?) when I see an attractive succubus in public I don't instantly start to molest her, or even feel afraid that I might not be able to control myself and do so. I simply move on. I think most here will agree they are the same. Some struggle to not ogle her. But you'd have to have a serious impulse control problem to act out on those lower survival drives in such a situation. It's mainly socialization and culture (and genetics, I guess, though I'm not very familiar with that aspect) that create and give form to these structures of drives wherein a person simply doesn't even consider to satisfy a certain powerful animal drive except in certain circumstances. So instead of molesting her right then and there, a person (in this case a normalfag or a crab) would think to themselves, "damn, I wish she were my gf." A more confident and successful normalfag would ask her out to create the circumstances where it's proper to have sex with her, etc., etc.

I give other examples with the sex drive, as well as do the same with food, peeing, sleeping, but you get the point, right? In fact, this is all very obvious. It should also be clear that certain circumstances may produce a certain kind of man with drive configurations that are either completely incomprehensible for normalfags or that can't be properly interpreted by them.

>No, if you are hungry you will eat after a while naturally, same goes for sexual desires, if you feel them you can fight them but they will triumph in the end.

These two kinds of appetites are very different. The appetite for food is much stronger than the one for sex. I remember a bodybuilder once saying that when you're severely dieting for a contest you're so hungry and tired that you don't even care about sex in the slightest. And these guys are injecting themselves very high doses of testosterone and other steroids that as a side effect increase their sex drive dramatically.

Now, you can in fact voluntarily stop eating for the rest of your life no matter how powerful your binge urges are (though it would be a very short life). There's people who do that, from anorexics to monks mummifying themselves. Very different examples, but you see that certain drives can rule over all other drives with such authority as to voluntarily starve oneself. (I remember reading someone refer to anorexia as "fascism over the body".) But remember, I'm not a monk LARPer, just want you to see that humans are not just animals but also have greater drives that can redirect or even deny their lower animal drives ("greater" doesn't mean more noble or spiritual).

Ultimately, it's not about fighting them. If you're at the point of "white-knuckling" they've already won. If you're resisting the temptation to molest some attractive succubus in public, it's just a matter of time.

>What's wrong with this? If you are content being a wiz nobody forces you to join in, because in a world like that people wouldn't care about social taboos and such

Sorry, but that's just a silly hippy fantasy. And it makes perfect sense that you'd have it because the sex drive appears to be the one doing most of interpreting in you. For example, to your drive for food the only point of life is to binge as much as possible on all the most sugary, fatty, hyper-palatable foods, and to the sex drive, it's that hippy fantasy. Whenever you have a fantasy where you think "wouldn't it be great if I could just eat all the cake and pizza and soda and ice cream and chicken wings I wanted every day all the time?" it should be obvious which drive is the one saying that. To the sex drive the ultimate fantasy is something like what you describe, since every drive complains of the shackles imposed on it, whether from social approval (taboos and restrictive normative rituals for its satisfaction) or from other drives within the same individual (e.g., wanting to eat healthy a be thin restring the desire to eat junk food). Remember the toothache example I gave above.

You quoted some Nietzsche concepts to me, in which case I recommend you read Book 1 of Beyond Good and Evil, and Book 2 of Dawn/Daybreak. Everything I'm writing here is just an application of the ideas in those aphorisms.

Anyway, back to topic. I don't actually care about the public orgies with all the kids and elderly, and where everybody is happy and open and accepting of each other and sucking each other's dicks and feminine penises. The atmosphere was already a bit akin to that when I was in college in the humanities (my college grouped sociology with philosophy and literature as one, "humanistic and social studies" it was called), surrounded by radical leftist classmates who acted like having sex was some kind of rebellion against patriarchy and "cisheteronormativity" (oh god, I'm getting flashbacks). I don't want anything to do with all those normaloid faggots. I would keep to myself as I've always done, looking at them with apathy, and sometimes disdain. If there's a VN that I can relate to it's Saya no Uta, and not all the high school harem eroges.

>you are a closet pedo

I don't know why you care so much about this. Usually it would be a normalfag trying to accuse someone else as to discredit them, but you say you don't think there's anything wrong with that.

>that picture is sexy in a way

Never mind, I get it lmao.


I'm not even going to respond to the waifu questions. It's simply impossible to explain if you don't already "get it." And it tends to derail other topics.

Sorry for the wall of text. I'm not good at explaining myself concisely.


You want to jerk off in public and have sex with your family? Mmm…

Although, I do agree with your point about wizchan being mostly neutral regarding succubi. “Disregard wimmin” and all that. We don’t have to choose between hating succubi and lusting after them. When did NOT WANTING to have sex become crab rage?


>Sorry, some little things about your posts made me a bit suspicious that you might be some kind of tourist pretending to be a wiz.

I'm sure hes only here to push his narrative, also he takes way too long to make his half-assed points and seems to try to defend unhealthy sexual habits.

He's also conforming way too much to some sexual normie trend bullshit and acts like its a political revolution for wizards and that's very suspicious.

It seems like hes just impulse controlled and horny all the time and tries to base his worldviews around low urges while acting lik everyone else is a frustrated ugly loser.


Yes, because surely we don't have any "frustrated ugly losers" here on wizchan. It is strange that I would see somebody using this kind of spiteful language here, I forget what site I'm browsing sometimes


File: 1644221548284.jpg (63.64 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-no-men-who-really-th….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think deep down you're at least aware of how retarded and wrong this dynamic is. Succubi were never particularly afforded all these privileges, were never "loved" beyond what was necessary because men in the past were more privy to their nature, and we certainly were not expected to treat them as our equals or betters against all experience and evidence.

I disagree with the idea that if we were getting our dicks sucked by pretty succubi we wouldn't care about such things. If experiences abusing alcohol and other substances have taught me anything, it's that while even the most brainmelting experience may offer temporary respite from the harsh world, it never makes such sentiments disappear and makes them much more apparent if anything.


File: 1644222654631.png (1.09 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 700dc146778babf8e3dcc547ec….png) ImgOps iqdb

>don't pretend we live in Sodom or Gomorrah (if only…)
Ah ha! I've caught you now, crab. You thought you could hide your lowly crabish thoughts within those walls of text that no one would read? I knew too many things were off in your posts. Now, to the boiling pot where you will no longer lead others away from the wizardly path and into your public orgies for all ages.


Roasties cant love you either, so unironically a 2d succubi love is as real as a roasties love


i don't hate succubi. what is wrong with me? could it be that i don't interact with them that much?


Perhaps you're just not a hateful person? Don't strive to change that.


File: 1644246985847.pdf (2.39 MB, Paul Julius Möbius - on th….pdf)

The mind of succubi is mainly subjective


>could it be that i don't interact with them that much?
Lucky you.


File: 1644252394363.png (165.61 KB, 377x516, 377:516, 1644019224672.png) ImgOps iqdb

If men are objective then it's only relative to succubi's subjectivity, and because it's only relative to herself can she often cut straight through it. The objectivity and truth these men chase after is herself a succubus who is more natural and cunning than themselves. What the entire world seems to hinge on is just a narcissism of small differences, precisely because it's only relative between the sexes.


I continue to say that wizards or other virgins are involuntarily virgins, deep down. Because if the right circumstances were met, everyone would live out their sexuality. That is the natural way of life. For some reason, we feel better if we keep to ourselves in this current world or culture-society. However, we still have sexual urges. I'm too old to believe all this ascetic, machine-like, "asexual" rambling one can come across here way too often. This and the "wizchad cope" as I like to call it - "I could get laid if I wanted to with wo-myn I find attractive but I choose not to…" Yes, sure, whatever. All these "volcel" copes are the result of wanting to feel in control, of wanting to be free or at least wanting to believe yourself to be free and superior to others. Not at all different from the asceticism cope that is used in a broader sense. One should be very cautious of any asceticism, because 99% of the time it is just some shit cope invented to reassure yourself.

Your example about molesting the succubus you see in public…you project rationality onto your other "animal" instincts. There is no self-control in this case, it is simply about fear taking over you and you don't act on your sexual impulses because fear of punishment or ridicule is stronger in you. But even this wouldn't be enough to repress the urge, you will feel you have a boner and when you go home you will probably masturbate madly. There is no changing biology, whenever you see an attractive member of the opposite sex your blood pressure will rise, you will become more excited, etc. This is natural, you can't change this.

I agree, eating and sex drive aren't on the same level in terms of importance. Howver, they are natural urges present in everyone. Some people can indeed do things you mentioned (probably not because of their iron will, rather they have some things that are different biologically, they have "faults") but most people aren't like that and we both know it. I could bet most people here aren't fit to be super buddhist monks either. If you want to be realistic, you have to accept there are some laws in nature that are universal. Sexual drive is one of them too. And even if it was possible for everyone to be some ascetic monk like that, we come to the next questions: what is the point of all this? Even the best of these men train themselves through their whole life and can show us very little results. For what goal would you repress your own sexuality? When you come with things that are "anti-X" you have to come up with good explanations. Anti-sexuality and its preachers can't give me any satisfactory answer as for why we should deny our basic instinct. For God? lol For "social harmony"? lol again For peace? If anything, fighting against your urges will only cause you to be more upset. I never heard any actual good arguments that would explain why sexuality is a bad thing.

You think I say what I say simply out of desire. No, I say it because I thought it over and can calmly reach decisions about this matter. Like I said, I quite honestly don't see why laws and norms regarding sexuality are needed at all. Many societies, on much higher levels of culture than our current society, approved of sexual "degeneracy" or free sexual experiences. Nowadays, in this post-christian world where feminists and conservatives both want to restrict porn and sexuality as much as possible, we need freedom to own our self more than anything. In my eyes, anti-sexuality narratives are the result of christfag/romanticized /pol/fag shit or it is females wanting to own males more and more by preventing their sexual self-reliance.

I feel sorry for you, for college I mean. Never bothered with it exactly because it is nothing more than sucking your guru's..opps I mean your prof's dick day and night by adopting his mindset (which is nowadays usually neo-marxism or neo-liberalism). Yes, norms thinking having sex is revolutionary or something is pathetic, I agree. They always like to think they are the big "rebels" while they don't come up with anything original. The so called sexual revolution of the 60s/70s managed to justify hetero free love and homosexuality, and still, 40 years after this, clings to these "achievements" Fucking embarassing. Actual sexual minorities like pedos or people who are into incest need to hide still, while it is preached 24 hours a day how accepting and tolerant our society has become. Joke.
>Saya no Uta
As far as VNs go, it is pretty good, probably one of the best out there. Still, would have been better without all the anime romance in it, for me.

I'm just trying to understand who I'm talking with, never mind if I psycho-analize you a little. The fact that you use your waifu to live out your secret pedo desires is interesting. I also noticed when you mentioned those kid relatives of yours that you spoke of them negatively only as far their behavior goes, you didn't deny you found them attractive.

Incest? No. Publick jerking? Maybe. I always liked hearing about Diogenes jerking off in front of normals, hehe. The point is, we have shit ton of regulations concerning something that is absolutely natural. I don't think seeing naked people in public or people fucking in public would be the end of the world at all.
"Not wanting to have sex" is fine, what I hate is anti-sexuality, particularly anti-porn and anti-masturbation preaching. The monk larpers really bring down the quality of this place with their constant self-delusions.

Alcohol and substance abuse has nothing to do with sexuality. Sexuality is a completely natural urge that is present in everyone, while some people like alcohol and others hate it, same for drugs, etc. Do you think wizards here would still have negative feelings toward wo-men and sexuality if they got to fuck whoever they wanted? I'm extremely skeptical regarding this.

Living out your sexuality can be done in many ways, not just through sex or orgies, I think most of us would agree to that. Living in a shameless world where sexuality is embraced and practiced openly sounds preferable to me. Sexual repression didn't bring anyone anything good or useful.


succubi suffer their own tortures, but they usually don't begin until their mid-late 30s. Young men are resented. Old succubi are resented


I'm gay and believe it's pretty much 100% sure that I could get a guy on an app within a few hours. But I don't do it. How can that not be 'volcel' as you understand it? Prostitution is easy too - available for everyone, even those that consider themselves crabs.

From another perspective, there's obviously no free will, we didnt choose our sexuality or mind or body, so everything that occurs to us is involuntary.

Since the beginning I have maintained that the volcel/crab terminology is absolutely useless nonsense.


Gays can be volcels, I give you that.

Only 1-2% of straight guys are good looking enough to be voluntarily celibate, that is, they would have hundreds of potential female candidates willing to fuck them but they'd rather spend time alone.


I am always confused by peoples reluctance to see the difference between internet virgins. There’s crabs who obsess about dating apps, there’s crabs who see prostitutes or get addicted to camwhores, normie virgins addicted to chasing succubi online or giving up money to them. Crabs obsessed with rating peoples looks, female dating, why they haven’t got a girlfriend on their rating level, and all kinds of shit like celebrities.

If you’re not interested in that or doing any of that you’re already further closer to the ascetic wizard idea. Yeah I’m not a true wizchad but I haven’t got 3 tinder accounts bruh like those niggahs, there’s spectrums n shit for real for real


>Only 1-2% of straight guys are good looking enough to be voluntarily celibate

That's because men have a different sex drive than succubi, men are way more into the physical parts of sexual intercourse and hornier while succubi are focused on personal stuff like approval and their self image.

Since men are more or less literally desiring to fuck and cum they are satisfied with most succubi/men while succubi need to pick a partner who fits into their personal desires in order to be really satisfied sexually. As someone stated, most succubi are not even able to cum just from vaginal intercourse alone since the mental part is way more essential to them.

succubi choose attractive guys because it pushes their self image when a hot guy lusts for them and domiantes them.

succubi usually need a whole set of things to be really sexually satisfied ranging from looks to personality and that's why their approach is way more exclusive.


Are you really so delusional to think that only 1-2% of men have succubi who would sleep with them? Pretty sure the human race would not survive if that were the case.


Read the post again.


If 10 sexy supermodels wanted to have sex with me I would probably gave in I'm not going to be an hypocrite here. I do have sexual urges as everyone else.

The difference between me and a normalfag is that I'm perfectly fine being without a romantic/sexual relationship, I don't go around looking for succubi to have sex with. I don't act like a wild animal that is going to explode if I don't have sex for months or years. I have absolutely no intention of consciously trying to find someone to sleep with because I don't feel the need to right now.


You, sir, are no wizard. It would take me /at least/ a 100 sexy supermodels to go back on my principals.


Testosterone levels are genetic…virtue is only real when it comes at a cost. You bragging about how easy it is to not best your shrimp dick misses the point


How is virginity a virtue? Serious question, because I don't feel particularly privileged about being a virgin, I don't feel like I reached some kind of "enlightenment" here.

If anything you people are taking virginity way too seriouly just as normalfags do, absolutely horrible people have had sex and doesn't make them good, virginity should be a non issue really, just like never eating squid or never competing professionally at some sport should be.


>How is virginity a virtue?
Because we said so


Most succubi are whores seething. Accept the hatred u don't need them.


File: 1644344531587.png (2.44 MB, 1344x1004, 336:251, 154874878.png) ImgOps iqdb

>rage at just the sight of a female
> I want to murder them
I like succubi in anime. succubi seem to be fun if you're a normalfag who can enjoy them to the fullest while wizards have no use for succubi.
> I see these succubi getting love and appreciation by just existing and i'm filled with jealousy
can't relate. I see that and I accept it as normal. Why do you want to be treated the same as succubi?


Because succubi live the life on easy mode , of course seeing them getting all the support and privileges just for existing creates angst on men.When I was in school as kid teachers treated succubi 50 times better than boys and this is true in every aspect of the life, females have extreme privileges and their lives are so easy


Look, fagwiz, if what you write is true, then you wouldn't even be here in the first place. If you can do it, then you do it, and not brag about how you could do it if you wanted to on a fringe chan for male virgins.

You know it in your heart that you aren't good enough or wouldn't get someone good enough for yourself.
>prostitution is easy too
Not for people here, certainly. I mean I live with my family, I couldn't even invite a whore over even if I wanted to. And I'm an idiot when it comes to doing things on my own, so how could I do it? In a motel or hotel? I never travelled alone on public transportation except for a couple of times, it makes me tense as hell. I can't drive obviously either. And not to mention I'm awfully bad at finding locations I've never been to before, like even if a whore had an appointment with me at her place I wouldn't know how to get there simply, I live in a small town so most likely I would have to travel to the nearest big city. Even if that was no problem, I would be afraid of getting robbed by her pimp or friends or getting knife'd because she was too high on some shitty drug.

You get what I mean right? I hate how some people come with the hooker card at me, to prove that we are all volcels…It's not easy at all if you are some kind of autist like me.

Fundamentally there is no difference between you and normals, sorry to shatter your superiority complex. The actual differences are: you are way more passive and got used to jerking off probably because you had no other choice.

It isn't a virtue in itself at all, only the retarded warlocks of christianity who turned morals upside down made chastity into some kind of ideal. The natural virtue in the world is if you can get any wom-an you want, this is simply how the world works. Then came along this shift in the narrative of morals and condemned everything healthy and pleasurable as evil. Ultimately it is nothing but a lie and meme.

Are you people so retarded that you still can't comprehend why succubi are treated differently? Well, maybe cause they…are different? You compare yourself to a sex that is entirely different and thinks/feels in ways that we men can't understand. Being a succ isn't all that fun, you are more likely to get raped, killed or harassed by people. Attention isn't always a good thing, then there are the pregnancy and period things…uggh. Only some closet faggot would envy succubi. Men and womyn need to be treated in different manners, this is common sense, equality never existed and never will. Our modern world should remember this truth already.

As a succ, your power lies in getting the help of others, especially men.
As a man, your power lies in yourself, you are power itself, whether it is brute force or intelligence you use, you have to rely on yourself.


>You know it in your heart that you aren't good enough or wouldn't get someone good enough for yourself.
This is different than just thinking about sex on its own. Normalfags see it as no big deal to just do it with random people. Wishing you could have unobtainable fantasy relationship is something even all normals do - but such a thing doesn't exist. Accept the reality of what sex is in the modern world and ask yourself if you want that or not.

>It's not easy at all if you are some kind of autist like me.

You make a good point, you are in an unusual category. I live on my own in a large enough city, so it is quite different for me.


The most annoying thing about Roasties, Sex and all that shit in general is how its absolutely fucking everywhere and the NPC normies and their jew puppet masters feel the need to include it into everything everywhere.

Everything Roasties touch turns into a steaming pile of shit, they ruin everything from videogames to movies to every hobby you could think of.
If a roastie isnt included somewhere NPCs will chimp out. Every Male group is infiltrated with Roasties who turn it into infighting and shit. Wherever Roasties join they change the entire dynamic of the Group.
Roasties get positions of power everywhere too, every job is guarded by HR roasties that make sure only chads get in so as wizard you will never progress past a certain level which is called minimum wage.
If you dont want to deal with any of that then society will shun you, if you dont want to see sex everywhere like all the plebs everywhere then you are seen as a weirdo.
And the worst is there is really no escape from this retarded ideology that they push everywhere.

Roasties themselves are also annoying as fuck, all their privileges are used to your disadvantage everywhere.
A roastie doesnt like you working where she works? Just makes harrassment claims.
Roastie doesnt like some guy minding his own business? Better call the cops and there is roastie cops too that are dumb enough to accidentally switch out the taser with the gun.
There is roastie doctors, roastie pilots etc. and none of these roastie morons have any idea about anything.


File: 1644446055788.jpg (51.89 KB, 636x645, 212:215, tinder-stats.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nobody insinuated that. We are talking about one night stands and situations where the man gets free pussy just for being himself.

succubi find extremely few men on dating apps attractive. It *is* within the ballpark of 2%.

Nobody said this means only 2% get to procreate. Ugly old men can compensate later in life with money, status etc.

But they will get succubi as wives who were pumped and dumped by those top 1-2% attractive guys when those succubi were in their prime.


You’re female infiltrator gtfo of this place and I despise you females and your extreme privileges


crabs can't be wizards


I thought I was on r9k for a second there.


Great post wiz.


O I don't have any idealistic wishes, like how some crabs daydream about the perfect anime waifu and things like that. I have standards, I could never ever have sex with someone I found ugly or unattractive or simply boring looking. Maybe I'm way too picky but yeah, that is just how I am. I realize I'm not a prize among males, I am fat and don't care about my appearance much but whatever, like I said I can't change who I find attractive. Maybe lots of normals and thirsty in-cels are okay with fucking ugly wo-men just so they can brag about being non-virgins but for me looks are very important when it comes to succubi. I would rather die as a virgin than to have sex with females I don't find beautiful at all.

Btw, my point still stands about you, gaywiz. I think if someone could have good enough sex then he wouldn't brag here how he could get it, but he would go and get it simply.


There is literally nothing wrong with anything I posted, if you disagree that society is too roastie centric then you must be a fucking Moron.


Very first sentence demonstrates a violation of rule 2. But there are like 10 replies agreeing with, and the post remains deleted. LMAO wizchan 2022


second sentence, i mean


Stating that the male sex drive exists is in no way a violation.


You are your body. It states the body desires to fuck succubi. Paraphrasing rule 2 says you must not state or suggest that you 'want to have sexual experiences'… i.e., you must not state that you desire to fuck. It is clear as day.


You can get aroused and desire to jerk off etc, but saying you literally "desire to fuck succubi" is not the same


Never broke any rules at all. Do you disagree wizards have boners whenever they see attractive succubi? If yes, you are in denial and want to rely on shit word-games to get me banned for stating the truth. I wrote repeatedly that body and mind are different things in a sense. You can say sex is bad and can even believe it but at the end of the day you will still have sex drive, unless you are some asexual low-test male.


File: 1644683729727.jpg (178.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1644376430268.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You are your body. It states the body desires to fuck succubi. Paraphrasing rule 2 says you must not state or suggest that you 'want to have sexual experiences'
The body is comprised of contradicting drives, and when one drive dominates the other it appears to us as such. In the case of an ascetic there are many biological drives compelling him to dominate the sex drive among others. It could be because those drives are particularly weak or particularly strong that he's compelled to tyrannize over himself in this way.

The fallacy you and freudposter are engaged in is treating biological drives as intellectual categories, as though they simply exist in a vacuum. You can certainly construct logically sound arguments this way but, oh! what drives you to do that?


>the ascetic
5 out of 10 times only a romantic myth, 3 are crabs who can't get pussy so might as well pretend they are superior ascetics, 2 are low testosteron asexual males. 10 out of 10 times bullshit.


Sure, you can apply the same reasoning to all ascetic vocations like philosophy, theology, science, mathematics, computing, engineering, etc. The sense of superiority common to these vocations is from sublimated biological drives, sexual impotence or sexual overpotency being only one drive among many involved. Like you say, whatever ideas people have about these ways of life is a romantic myth. This applies to you as well, of course.


Out of every post in this thread this one might just be the absolute worst one.

Not only are you coping like a motherfucker, you have a smug superiority complex like every other 2D only weeb. How hard is it to just admit that you were forced to go 2D only, instead of pretending you're some giga-chad who bucks societal expectations?

I imagine you're ugly, short, introverted(not by choice), weak and out of shape, naturally succubi avoided you like a plague your entire life. Now you pretend like you never wanted their love to begin with, that your retarded 2D waifu not only gives you the love you've been craving all your life, but a deeper love than a real succubus ever could, just pure and utter delusion, it disgusts me on a visceral level.

I have no problem with people using waifu's as cope, but be honest about it being a cope, you are not fooling a single soul.


File: 1644689043173.mp4 (4.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, stone wizcold austin.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Why did you choose what you perceive to be the "worst" or weakest post to reply to, instead of a strong one? Your disgust is a lowly thing.


>Why did you choose what you perceive to be the "worst" or weakest post to reply to, instead of a strong one?

Because retarded and smug posts set me off more "strong" ones.

>Your disgust is a lowly thing.

I don't care what you think is "lowly".
You posting here on a Saturday, I'd say the likelihood of you being a loser with no noticeable achievements is quite high, in all likelihood most people would consider your disgust a lowly thing as well, not just that your entire being lowly.


succubi aren't that bad if you just ignore them. If you're ugly you'll get disgusted looks and sometimes they'll mutter "ew" when you walk past them but not much more than that. They usually try to avoid guys like us at all costs.


How come crabs who have never touched a succubus talk about and judge them so confidently?


why do you succubi come to a site for male virgins?


succubi generalize and judge men unfairly so who cares


So because I have never put my penis inside a vagina I have absolutely no experience at all with how succubi behave?


There is no need to be mad at females. I mean they are the baby compilers so it does make sense that they are valued in a society.
Stop making your life revolving around succubi and you'll feel much better.

Sometimes I do desire females, but it doesn't translate into feeling of hatred. Hatred is quite a taxing process on the mind.
Take it easy wiz.


I think it makes more sense that some people envy the privilege aspect of half the population, not necessarily being female in itself. Getting favorable treatment just for being oneself sure beats getted ew'd at for being oneself.

I would say there's a portion of real ascetics out there who are die hard religious fanatics. And that counts. You're right about the crabs and herbivore males though. But what's wrong with low testosterone anyways? The whole high test manly man spiel is a gender norm designed to support society. Herbivore men don't fuck anything but they actually fuck over society hahaha


Why aren't you mad at the 1-2% of the male population who get just as much privilege merely for existing as a top ~10% female?
Men who are so good looking facially/body/height wise they get 100 matches a day on any dating app.

I rarely see men bashing chads, probably because they secretly wish to be one, so they indirectly live through them.

Even on crab forums I rarely see anyone bashing them, they are even idolized, while succubi are reviled.


It's a no brainer really, it's because every average chump or ugly nerd would rather be a 6'4 muscular chad with thick hair and an attractive face if given the possibility.

Removing them would solve nothing, because modern succubi would rather be alone than settle for an ugly nerd unless he is a billionaire or at least a multi-multi millionaire to compensate for having to tolerate his physical ugliness.


Those guys are exceedingly rare to come across. Even the most lazy good for nothing slob of a succubus experiences extreme privileges in society.

Now fuck off back to Crystal Cafe.


Actually no it only "makes sense" if you're an appeal to nature fallacy type who would also use the myth of male disposability to justify archaic societal behaviours like drafting only men and boys or succubi and children first rule (emphasis on succubi, those 16 year old boys (children) quickly become "men" when convenient). This no longer has any merit (if it ever did) in a world with 8 billion people - people simply like succubi more than men. I agree with the rest of your post, though there's reason to be mad at both genders for perpetuating this trash.


Honestly I'd probably love succubi if they loved me


The only reason a heterosexual male hates succubi is because they can't have sex with them plain and simple, snowflake. Or you're homosexual in denial. Just fap to 2D since it's superior anyway, better yet btfo because you reek of crab


>I imagine you're ugly, short, introverted(not by choice), weak and out of shape, naturally succubi avoided you like a plague your entire life.
You guessed them all correctly, except that my withdrawal from normalfagdom is voluntary.

>How hard is it to just admit that you were forced to go 2D only, instead of pretending you're some giga-chad who bucks societal expectations?

It wasn't by choice that I was led to wizardry and waifuism. I was thrown into that path against my will and had to find my own happiness in it.

>Now you pretend like you never wanted their love to begin with, that your retarded 2D waifu not only gives you the love you've been craving all your life

I did want it when I was younger. I tried making friends and legitimately bonding with others, but I was met with mockery, derision, contempt, and in the best of cases, cold indifference. I don't know, maybe there's something broken with me that does not allow me to understand how to form bonds with other people even when I tried to with no ulterior motives. Well, not that it matters since it's ancient history to me.

>it disgusts me on a visceral level.

Really? I've gotten similar comments from other wizards and can't understand why. Then again, maybe I actually am autistic because I struggle to understand some basic human stuff, though the only mental illness I've ever been officially diagnosed with is BPD (which I think is bs, I'm very likely autistic instead).

>be honest about it being a cope

I guess? I have no problem with saying that it's a "cope", but I don't think that would be completely correct since that word seems to be used more for people with a "sour grapes" attitude. The way I see it is that I'm finding happiness with the circumstances I've been put in, and now that I've settled in it I no longer have any interest in the 3D world. Is that really so difficult to understand for other wizards?


Absolutely wrong I always hated succubi even there were succubi who liked me I rejected 3 succubi in high school 1 of succubus even invited me to her home I also rejected a succubus in university I’m still kh virgin and I always hated succubi because of their extreme privileges in society, you’re just a retard


Whats your field?


That's not true at all, most guys who sleep with a lot of succubi don't hold them in high regards and there are plenty men who downright hate succubi and still get to have sex with them because they are confident, interesting and have good looks.

There are also a whole lot of Ted Bundy type guys (not actual murderers) who have a really psychopathic approach to succubi and they often tend to have more sex than others.

Feeling disgust or hate towards succubi doesn't boil down to unfulfilled sexual desires, it boils down to whatever experience in life caused it and that "if you feel disgust towards succubi you are an angry virgin who doesn't get any pewsy" stuff is really just meaningless noise based on nothing.


Normies hate autists. The sooner you realize this in life the better


if you do nofap strictly and harshly and consistently then your sex drive will be drastically lowered


I think it is more related to aging. Now that I'm in my mid 20s I don't feel the need to fap as much when I was younger. I tried nofap lots of times and simply couldn't do it, now I do nofap naturally because my body doesn't crave pleasure that much.


>just change the way you look
wizchan 2022


The opposite happened with me. Polite sage for off-topic.


>warlocks of christianity
I actually like and endorse this idea about Christianity being a "warlock" religion. I agree with it it but in a positive way. "Nature", this evo-psych Darwinistic world is shit and it's rotten. Some religions got it right and pure and ascetic Christianity is a good example (Nietzsche also knew this). I don't understand why a wizard would praise Nature or its demonic mating games over celibacy / purity.


I don't praise nature, I just don't see any problem with masturbation. It makes me feel good and that's that. I don't care about this darwinian world, but I care about giving myself pleasure and satisfying my needs.

The ascetic ideal would be good, if it would be realistic, but it's not. When I will lose my sex drive I will stop masturbating then too, until then I won't pretend I'm some epic asexual enlightened monk, because I'm not. That's my problem with ascetic Christianity or other similar ascetic teachings, they are lies and deceptions (unless you naturally have low sex drive and low testosterone levels).


I don't really hate succubi, but they are definitely not portrayed accurately. succubi aren't really that feminine; they're much more aggressive and unpleasant compared to how they're portrayed in art, culture, and media. I've found them to be meaner than men and more destructive for relationships than men. Idk if it's a cultural shift towards that or if they were always like that, but they're the polar opposite of the maternal instinct and femininity that's taught to young men about how succubi think and act.


The very sentence following that states that all men will "fuck sexy succubi" if locked in a room with them. This is a baseless, incorrect assertion to begin with; but it also includes the poster in that assertion, meaning he indirectly admitted to intending to fuck actual succubi in a hypothetical scenario. That *is* a violation of Global Rule 2.
The only reason crabs get away with this crap is because they subversively phrase their succubi worship in such a manner that it's not instantly identifiable from a passing glance that they are indeed crabs.
He's a despicable worm infiltrator. They have a plethora of forums and imageboards for their kind to obsess over succubi, speak for others, and make unfounded sweeping assertions about what everyone can/will do; yet they still have to try and undermine one of the few image boards that doesn't pander to them. There is no difference between crabs and any other kind of normalcattle; they're all selfish, invasive parasites who have a compulsion to destroy everywhere that doesn't exclusively kowtow to them and their animalistic mentality.


What you believe is real does not remotely translate to what you praise or worship. How about cool off and not suck any concept's dick? Nature's evil should not be denied or excused, which is something religion invariably does. If it's ugly, it's ugly. That doesn't mean you should pretend it's not ugly, because that's just obnoxious. That's the norman telling you it'll get better if you just be yourself a little harder. Hideous in its own right, the beauty of this world is found in integrity and honesty. Not by hiding from the mere sight of imperfection.


It's not against the rules to imply males have sex drives. Or do you debate this? Your cringe truewiz volcel roleplaying is really tiring. Get some reality-check and then come back again. Yes, males usually tend to have sex with attractive wymen if they have a chance to do it, who would have thought?! Unless you are actually a low testosterone asexual male or gay then yes, you would have sex with attractive succs if you had the chance to do so, I'm pretty sure.


You probably hate succubi because you feel hurt that they don't want you as a romantic partner. In short you're a salty crab. Get over it.


You don't belong here at all. Beyond the incorrect use of "cringe" as an adjective, normalcattle "-cel" speak, and general lack of introspection; you're also incredibly duplicitous.
Don't bother with the strawmanning either. You didn't post that men "usually" tend to have sex with succubi; you stated that "even the best ascetic monks would have sex with succubi eventually", or basically that everyone would. There's an extreme difference between speaking for "most people" and "everyone".
The reason people wouldn't have sex with supposedly attractive succubi in the case of a wizard is because they don't want to. It isn't more complicated than that, and no sweeping unfounded generalisation will counter it. There are various reasons they might give; like purity, religion, repulsion, personal code and so on. Lust exists, but not everyone is such a slave to it that it universally makes slaves of everyone. Some people experience lust a lot less, and others can just ignore it.
People have starved themselves to death voluntarily, despite food being an actual need, unlike sex. So it's absolutely possible to eschew sex.
Again, you're on an image board for voluntary celibates. If you want to obsess over succubi and sex all day then you have a million websites, forums and image boards for that; this isn't one of them.


>Hating wo-men always boils down to being horny and frustrated
imagine being so primitive you actually believe this


> I want to murder them but i don't know why.
Inherent reproductive and sexual advantages. Since the time that homo sapiens have been half-way sentient it became apparent that females have a MASSIVE reproductive advantage over males. However oppressed and smashed down on succubi are in certain cultures succubi always will have this advantage:
Females will always know for sure that their child is theirs. Men cannot know for sure.

Also, females were are and always will be in much much greater romantic/sexual demand on the whole.

We have evolved to be deeply suspicious of female activity and sexuality. Until DNA testing there was no way to tell for sure if a succubus had not had sex with another male and the man helping to rise their child was raising a child that was not his.
Hence, patriarchal (rule of the father) religions and cultures developed strong restrictions on sexuality, particularly the sexuality of females. Restrictions like a succubus must never have sex until marriage. For a succubus to dress modestly and always cover herself and for a man never to look at a succubus who is not his wife.
Even though you are a wizard who has rejected coitus you still have this instinct to dislike succubi getting love etched in your neural pathways though 10s of thousands of years of evolution.

The problem is now, for the past 40 or so years in many western countries, we have reached a point where men are succubus seem superficially equal from a crude legal standpoint. However, succubi's massive reproductive advantage remains without the existence of a genuine patriarchy to curtail it. Hence, succubi end up having enormous reproductive and sexual power.


I hate succubi for the simple fact that they're all just unlikeable. I've never met or seen a good succubus. The only good traits succubi have is boobies and thats about it.


I agree there are no good succubi


And yet they are given the same rights as men and they are allowed to vote, fucking up civilization in the process.
But isn't better this way? freedom for all is what this world wants for everyone?.
And then men will discover the such bullshit that succubi is, and when we're able to artificially grown fetuses, we will just get rid of succubi, there are going to be countries inhabitated only by men in the future.


Oh, all these lovely delusions about making yourself superior to others and even to nature itself!
>The reason people wouldn't have sex with supposedly attractive succubi in the case of a wizard is because they don't want to. It isn't more complicated than that, and no sweeping unfounded generalisation will counter it. There are various reasons they might give; like purity, religion, repulsion, personal code and so on. Lust exists, but not everyone is such a slave to it that it universally makes slaves of everyone. Some people experience lust a lot less, and others can just ignore it.
Hilarious, with your idealized view of wizardry and all that. The only reason one wouldn't have sex with attractive succubi is low testosteron levels. That or the person in question is gay. It's not any more complicated than that. "Purity, religion, personal code" all these crumble in the face of sexual temptation.

Healthy people would have sex if the circumstances were right, you can't debate this. Get back to reality. Your childish naivety betrays a mind of idealism and empty concepts. Reality is different from what you like but you shouldn't make up fantasies or live in your own dreamworld because of this.

The whole idea of "fighting sexual urges with asceticism and radical self-control" only proves that I am right about the incredible power physical love has over the male mind.

Imagine being so dumb you would actually need an explanation to this. Wymen were created for the reason of being sex toys. Men were created with the urge to seek the opposite sex. Surely you can put 2+2 together.

You wouldn't even contemplate these matters if you were out there having orgies with the best looking succubi in the world. All "man vs wyman" narrative is the result of sexual frustration, either on the part of feminist sjw tumblrinas or angry in-cels.


>You wouldn't even contemplate these matters if you were out there having orgies with the best looking succubi in the world.
Are you a succubus or something? Why is the concept of actual love devoid in your rationale. In fact why doesn't everyone here just to fuck a hooker? Surely this powerful desire could compel me to loosen a few hundred dollars for some physical pleasure.


File: 1651117051750.pdf (244.5 KB, Esther-Vilar-The-Manipulat….pdf)


this thread should be deleted. we shouldn't discuss succubi.


You’re wrong, when I was 18(I’m 29 now)my English was best in highschool and there was a succubus who was interested in me and asked me questions with learning English all the time and she tried to disturbingly get close to me and one day she even invited me to her house for “studying” English while her parents was away and I refused and I’m not gay or had low testerone that time but I refused and I would refused again if it was today , you can’t understand not everyone is normal.I’m not a normal and never will be


Also I want to add I’m diagnosed schizoid and I never desired reletionships man like you can’t comprehend ,we schizoids exist and refuse reletionships and sexual advances of succubi I was never normal and never will be


You cannot talk about things like society while trying to pretend half the population doesn't exist.


Real wizards like us are almost nonexistent, crabs everywhere even on here. I cant even relate to fighting urges - if crabs have urges for sex then why dont they just do it, i dont know. When i was a teenager there were 2 succubi i had to reject, although one of them was a fat christian succubus


Yeah so I am also a special snowflake ADHD schizoid personality disorder and oh I also have aspergers and ocd. Glad there are others like me on this forum.


It's funny to watch people fight for scraps of personality points in order to appear different and unique. You would think it's useless on an anonymous online community but nope, happens all the time here, too.


It's a pride thing. Social people do it out desperation since they lack any talent or skill to be genuinely proud of. It might be correct to give them the benefit of the doubt and call them young and not self-aware, but I know even grown adults that play special snowflake games.


>aRe YoU a Succbus or smT??
No, why would you assume that anyone who disagrees with you is a succ? You paranoid?

>actual love

What are you even talking about?

People here don't go to hookers because obviously either they are content sexually (meaning they masturbate regularly) or they have issues preventing them from going to whores, like social anxiety, lacking their own place to live where they could invite succubi to, etc.

I understand, you had some problem with her certainly, you didn't find her attractive enough or something similar. Or your phobias prevented you from living out your desires.


She was slightly chubby but not ugly and I feel uncomforable when someone tries to get close to me both emotionally and physically its just disturbed me.There was also another blonde succubus who wanted to go McDonalds with me as well and when she said that to me I did felt terrible I don’t know how to explain this,but I guess my amigdala or some other part of my brain activates threat response when succubi tries to get close to me.I just can’t have sex or reletionship with anyone its against my brain and biology and I was always like that. I don’t know why its like this but I fit perfectly into schizoid category


>you had some problem with her certainly, you didn't find her attractive enough or something similar.
some people just dont want to be in a relationship or have sex, it has nothing to do with someone being ugly you pathetic crab


Posts like this always inflate my ego


>actual love
>What are you even talking about?
I’m talking about loving someone because of they are. What one might call soul mates. But the idea of personal attraction has been thrown out by seemingly everyone, cause all anyone seems to care about in terms of sex is if they have a hot body or some secondary attractive trait like wealth or power.


You hate them because you want them and you can't have them. I don't hate them because succubi can't offer me anything I could want.
Sex is the only "value" a female truly has, it's their form of currency, which is why they laugh at male virgins because in their eyes we have no value. I live in a country that's basically a huge brothel, hookers are pretty unexpensive here and if they fuck senile old men, they'll surely fuck anyone here. So how come I'm still a virgin when sex is not out of my reach? becase I want to. I've seen what pussy does to a man, they become addicts and will simp away their lives in exchange for a crumbs of pussy. A man that has been cunt-struck will give away all his material possesions to a succubus in the hopes of getting his dick wet. He has no self awareness or self preservation, he only cares about sex, like a male praying mantis mating with a female knowing that she will eat him alive during the copulation. I don't want that, I don't want to become an idiotic slave that succubi can manipulate at their whim like 99% of men.
The other thing of value a succubus can offer you is children, but I'm not interested in having any. Children are just another way to become enslaved by succubi and the system. Your children are not truly yours and succubi can take them away from you whenever they want, the system actually encourages succubi to do that. At the end you'll become a paypig that has to deposit a check every month for children that will grow to hate you because the mom will make sure of that. You'll end up with nothing which is why the male suicide is at an all time high.
So succubi really have nothing of value to offer me.


Agreed, based and redpilled post. Prostitution was man's original profession, as the saying goes.


You have a high iq


What country are you from Thailand or something?


Something prevents you from living out your desires, some phobia or disorder. That doesn't mean you lack desire itself.

See above.

You are crying about something that never even existed in the first place. "Actual love" is just a romantic concept, dreamy idealists came up with it, of course it is a lie. People are attracted to…attractive people?! God, what a shock. Who would have thought?

Seriously, stop reading fairy tales, wiz. Love in the idealized sense of the word was never, ever a thing.


Yeah, it really is mind boggling that this thread is still, somehow, up.


It's because of the crab who derailed the thread with the psyop that everyone with a sex drive automatically wants to fuck succs.


idk op. why do you spend enough time thinking about succubi that you developed hatred for them?


>The only reason one wouldn't have sex with attractive succubi is low testosteron levels.
An unsourced, sweeping assertion.
>That or the person in question is gay.
An unsourced, sweeping assertion.
Both of those can be immediately dismissed because of that.
>"Purity, religion, personal code" all these crumble in the face of sexual temptation.
No, they crumble for *you* in the face of sexual temptation, because you are a weak-willed and impulsive animal. You openly relay that you aren't a wizard, worship and strive for sex, and don't belong here. Unable to stand that other people have more depth to their psyche than lust, you need to try and speak for them and convince them that they're all inexplicably lying, as some sort of comforting mechanism for your own mental inadequacy.

The "reality" is that humans are not a hivemind, and some individuals are superior to you mentally. You may have reduced yourself to an animalistic drone that operates on nothing but impulse, but others have developed their own mentality, stemming from greater lucidity and introspection. The idea of "fighting sexual urges" is a strawman you manufactured yourself, no one else mentioned it. Healthy people aren't slaves to lust you fucking idiot, they have more to their mind than throwing their purity away for a few minutes of basal "pleasure". Go back to Crabchan.


The invention of the "crab" term was a superweapon against gender discussions. Say anything negative about the female gender, and they only need to reply one way to curtail you.


You sound angry. Is your sexual frustration getting in the way of your clear thinking? Perhaps you need to blow off some steam? Hope you can calm down and get succubi off your mind.


just seems kinda lame to be a site for male virgins and inside you find non stop negative talk about succubi


I don't know, seems like zoomers are starting to pick up on "crabcore" as an aesthetic


I’m not that poster but why should a male virgin have any positive opinion about succubi? Even if you’re %100 volcel you should not say anything positive about succubi not even a single thing.


whos talking about talking positive about succubi
why are you going to the opposite extreme so quick
just lame


crab is really just one of these words they use to demean people with different opinions as if everything is linked to a lack of sex even though chads share the same opinions most of the time, they are even more "misogynistic" a lot of times but express it differently to not compromise their chances.

There's not even that much succubi talk on here, it's limited to threads like these. 90% of the time the topics are not about succubi at all, the claim of non-stop negative talk about succubi is straight up wrong.

Stats show that most zoomers go through a mental struggle in this oversexualized world and I think that's their way to deal with it. Some "crab" zoomers are even quite popular on social media now and it turns into a subculture with soundcloud rappers and memes. It's not just autists and schizos anymore, zoomers just realize that all the sexual promises will never be reality for most of them and all they see is pornographic content, twerking tiktoks and succubi starting onlyfans, so they can only choose between being simps or getting called crabs and making it their own thing by embracing it with the usual zoomer memery. Sex and pornography gets pushed on everyone so hard and yet we still don't live in a world where everybody fucks each other, it's going the opposite way because even normies get irritated by it and soon there won't be no way for people to use words like crab in am effective way anymore because it basically applies to a huge part of the young male population including normies.


>the claim of non-stop negative talk about succubi
no one where made that claim
stop being a squid


Not funny, didn't laugh.


The guy I replied to literally claimed that there is "non stop" anti succubi talk on here, you illiterate dumbfuck. Hope you're trolling because otherwise you'd be a retard.

Here again in case your dumbass missed it, take your time and read slowly:

>just seems kinda lame to be a site for male virgins and inside you find non stop negative talk about succubi


Reply was meant for >>261699 my bad, he's still a retard though


succubi and leftist infiltratiors are about

dont fall for the bait as this is not the first time they try to infiltrate this place with their meaningless opinions

they try to turn you into cuck simps just like that other poster who tried to make everyone watch porn all day long


if you are a site for male virgins in which you find non stop negative talk about succubi, thats lame
the good news is that people on this site hate on crabs
in this we do we keep ourselves from going complete loser mode


If it was constantly about succubi it would indeed be lame but I'm sure the guy just wants no talk about succubi at all because it doesn't serve his views.

Threads like these are good since they offer a space to talk about this specific topic, most succubi are irritating and if you have a problem with discussions about it here and there you might be lame as well.

Nothing wrong with pointing out the hypocrisy and stupidity of most succubi as long as the whole board doesn't bitch and moan about them in every thread.

Thats the big difference between wizchan and crab boards, also the most of the points made in this thread are the same ones that a lot of normies make as well.


the problem with whining about ANY person or group of people behind closed doors, is that you arent confronting them directly with your troubles
its just lame nerd mode
loser mode
imagine a bunch of whiny fat succubi with no contact to real life men their age making up their echo chamber stories about men
loser mode
lame mode
shut the fuck up mode
mgtow mode


Most of the points made in this thread are valid and there is nothing wrong with talking about it as long as it's not the main topic of the board.

It's a social issue so who are they supposed to confront, random succubi?

Also your post seems like a reason to get banned since you are obviously someone who has no place here.

>imagine a bunch of whiny fat succubi with no contact to real life men their age making up their echo chamber stories about men

Finally you are showing your true opinions faggot, your little attempt of getting on a power trip on here is just a sign that you are a dumb retard. You are most likely doing worse than everyone else on here since youre such a deluded cunt.


just stay on reddit plz

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