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How easy would it be to overdose on fentanyl or carfentanyl?

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>no longer hopeful for my existence within society, no longer hopeful for personal relationships with coworkers or roommates.
>no longer hopeful for my existence within society, no longer hopeful for personal relationships with coworkers or roommates.
You don't belong here.



Yeah, I would rather be homeless than have coworkers or roommates.


That shit just makes me shudder


Yeah, those are the lucky ones. If on top of that they're getting the bux, now, those are living the bliss.

I mean, if you're getting the bux because your mind or body is fucked up then no, your life is shit unfortunately, but otherwise, yay!


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How painful is suicide via shotgun?


Instant unless you aim up from under the chin and blow your face off instead of your brain.


not at all



How do you know if you never tried it?


Probably painful considering you whole head explodes. There's this notion that you can't feel pain since if there's no head, then where does the pain get felt, but scientists can't explain consciousness and there isn't exactly a way to test out if an exploded head feels pain. The only way to know is if a person feels it and then communicates it to the outside world, and maybe the communication part of the brain doesn't work but you're still feeling pain in whatever dimension your consciousness is held in. I don't know, scary stuff, there's less gruesome ways to go.


If you're worried about the pain of your head being divided in to 1,000 pieces in one 800th of a second, then you're not serious about suicide and need to stop posting.


Actually, I am serious about suicide, that is why I'm asking if it's painful.

I don't want to sit there with my head blown off and sitting there in extreme pain.


dont listen to >>259423. The thing that causes pain are pain receptors reaching the brain, if you shoot yourself properly (HINT, AIM FOR THE BRAINSTEM) you will die in less than 1 second, you will feel zero pain


If someone said "yes it's painful", would you reply with the same "How do you know if you never tried it?"

If not, then you're only challenging statements which encourage suicide, proving that you're still not serious.


>you will feel zero pain
>source: my ass

You can't guarantee it and there's no way to experimentally test it, so just say it's a gamble, on top of the pre-existing metaphysical gamble about the afterlife and any potential deities and their opinion on your actions.


Reality is pretty gay. Like, you're trapped in a world with no purpose or reason, just existing like a little faggot.

Everything is pointless, it is all meaningless. Only in the mind of humans do they become delusional and egotistic, just like you.

What potential deities? What role would a deity even have? What would even be the point of being a deity to begin with? Exist to just exist? There would be no point. There is no point or meaning.

You exist because of the laws of thermodynamics and the universe. You are nothing except a collection of atoms and shit. You are shit.


>it would suck if there were consequences for my actions in this life and if the afterlife were somehow worse than this existence, therefore it couldn't possibly be true. the option that makes me less distressed is obviously the more true one. btw your head exploding is like taking a nap, don't ask me how i got to that conclusion.


How would the matter that compromised your body in this universe and all of your memories be magically transferred to another realm?

Free will is a myth, so how could my actions even be judged? There is only one way in which my life could happen as determined by the laws of the universe.

There would be absolutely no point in an afterlife. What am I going to do, just exist there and like suffer forever? For what reason? Because I made up this collection of matter in this specific spot in the universe?

What would be the point? Do animals that kill other animals to survive also go to this realm? What about the bacteria or the little baby chickens that get ground up into meat solution?


>meaningless suffering as a concept is too scary to even consider, therefore the universe has to make sense and after i die i just stop existing cuz that makes me feel better about things. i can't comprehend how an all powerful multi-dimensional deity would conceive and judge my actions and therefore, this is not a real possibility, literal nothingness just feels like a more compelling idea to me so it must be true. here's a bunch of science stuff that a bunch of naked apes wrote down and couldn't disprove, so its probably true.


So where were you before you were born?

Explain that. You can't because you're full of bullshit and just spouting retarded religious non-sense said by other dumb apes.


The point is that you don't and can't know about the before/after life. I'm not even religious, just saying its a gamble. I'd prefer if there were no afterlife, but there is no such guarantee. There's no telling if you can even apply rules from this reality to some other one. Like, before and after are concepts born out of living in a dimension where time exists and moves forward in some direction. The afterlife could just be eternal suffering, deity or no deity involved. You're just saying "oh its probably all going to be fine cuz the alternative makes me feel bad".


>I'd prefer if there were no afterlife, but there is no such guarantee

So what's the difference of going there from suicide or from going there when you die naturally?

There really is no difference.


Maybe. We're effectively trying to guess the rules, like any gambler you're trying to find a pattern and make the winning bet at the right time. To me, exploding your own head with a shotgun blast just seems a little bit on the iffy side. Like, putting it all on red. If you're really feeling it brother, then sure, go for it. I'm just hedging my bets and my gut tells me a peaceful transition between life and death is one of the more important factors. The way you die ain't all the same. I can't know what violently transferring your soul or extinguishing it with a firearm will have as an effect in a theoretical next dimension XYZ where maybe pain lingers from the moment of separation. Or maybe there really is a deity that doesn't like when you quit too early or something, again, who I am to comprehend a being like that? Perhaps he/she/it really is as childish as deities tend to be and he could send you to a realm where right is left and 2+2=0 and have you ever wondered what that would be like? Of course not, because your anthrocentric viewpoint tells you that the world has to make sense, and oh boy, that might be a very nice thing about this existence, but that kind of thing is not guaranteed in any way. Or maybe I'm just a metaphysical pessimist and it all really is going to be fine, so fire away I guess.


>Or maybe there really is a deity that doesn't like when you quit too early or something, again, who I am to comprehend a being like that?
Or maybe that diety will get more and more angry the longer you stay alive. This kind of speculation is pointless.


Why is everyone obsessed with a fucking afterlife


There is no afterlife.

You are just a collection of memories stored in the brain. Once the brain is destroyed, all those memories cease to exist and return back to non-living matter.


Exactly I don't get all the fucking fuss people are trying to make


I think these egotistical faggots put too much significance on life, when it's just a natural occurrence under the laws of the universe and is no different than what drives the continued nuclear combustion of the sun.

Life is just a more complex chemical reaction.


I hate how these religitards spew their egotistical non-sense onto life itself, trying to make it seem more significant than what it really is.

In reality, life is worthless, meaningless and pointless. There is no meaning to it. Suffering and pain is just an evolutionary trait and those with this trait were the ones who survived and reproduced.

Life itself is a disease. Life and the evolutionary process is what produced suffering and pain in the first place. Without life, there is no suffering or pain.


Maybe there's an afterlife and you will suffer there, but that doesnt mean the shotgun will cause pain.
>btw your head exploding is like taking a nap,
The thing causing pain is the brain, if the brain is gone you wont feel pain. The brain stem is responsible for being conscious in this [human] body therefore if it 'explodes' in less than a second it's basically a light switch


Its not just standard religious fundies, but normalfags in general.
They slaves and worshippers to self preservation instinct.


what instrument should i use?


File: 1653189947300.mp4 (2.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ed7569e524fabd1da7d5db10f2….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Fentanyl is the least painful death.

You nod out into a blissful abyss in general euphoria. You don't even know you're overdosing.

Many people describe overdosing on fentanyl is one of their greatest euphoric nod outs.


When you overdose on fentanyl, it's like going to sleep and never waking up, but your last moments are in a blissful euphoria.

Once you go under, you cease to exist. Everything that made you, you ceases to exist. All of your memories, all your feelings are extinguished forever.

The only possible way of surviving is if EMTs administer you narcan. If they do bring you back using narcan, you don't remember anything except the last moments you were in a blissful euphoria right before you lost consciousness. Just like going to sleep.


Gov agency:
>These poor, ignorant people are killing themselves with laced pills when they just meant to get high! We have to protect them. Quick, stage an informational video!
People taking fentanyl pills:
>Holy shit! A single pill I can take that will kill me blissfully and peacefully!


File: 1653208817501.png (151.42 KB, 387x257, 387:257, DYKWYCA.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why the fuck did the normalfaggots have to take away sodium nitrate

Why the fuck did the normalfaggots have to have heroin and all the good OD drugs illegal

Why the fuck am I too much of a coward to hang myself.

I try and I try, every time I press down survival instincts kick in. I really don't know how people do it.


File: 1653217323011.png (260.72 KB, 544x541, 544:541, 3gs1o7.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't get it either. I'm doomed to force myself to stay alive and suffer until something kills me. What a drag.


File: 1653274795133.jpg (66.32 KB, 1015x571, 1015:571, 19df419e-b28b-40c3-beeb-8b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone walk me through how to acquire fentanyl off the dark web using monero?

What marketplace should I use and is it safe from being busted by the police when ordering it?

I live with roommates, so how could I receive the package? Do I have to give the vender my name? How else could I receive the package without giving my name?



At least use a VPN when you even do so much as to ask stuff like this.



To find basic links for the dark web there are a couple of sites in the regular web like "dark.fail" that tells you the TOR links.

Go to a site on TOR called "Dread" that is basically the dark web version of Reddit. There you can find what markets are hot and what markets are dangerous because they are either scams or taken over by the feds.

Right now use something like "Alphabay reborn", look for a vendor with good score and you can pay with monero.

> how could I receive the package?

Learn about "death drops" an see if that is a possibility on your country, if not you are just going to have to gamble it.


POST infographics on suicide.


Entrapment is a crime too, you know.


not in all countries. There is international collaboration that skirts such laws, like with the backdoored ANOM phones recently that got many drug dealers, where police in dystopian glory holes like australia with no human rights do the entrapment and then share the data with other countries


Really retarded question, but the drop height measurement in drop hanging refers to the length the rope itself will drop, and not the prospective drop from where you tie the rope to a base point, right? So an 8 foot rope will be an 8 foot drop, even if over a 200 foot bridge.


1. Parents keep nagging me to apply to this ridiculously competitive program.
2. They don't want me to apply to any other program.
3. Have ADD in a country with no ADD meds. Also pretty severe social and generalized anxiety.

If this won't stop in the next few days, I'm booking a room in a high rise apartment and jumping off. There's 0 chance of survival If you jump from higher than 30 metres, which Is around 9th floor.

All the other methods are either too scary like train or too unreliable like hanging and SN.

I think I've made similar post like this so I apologize for that, but this may actually be the last.


What is this success rate of this general? Do you get new people or is it the same people posting about it but never actually going through


>the same people posting about it but never actually going through

A few wizards have already done it and have been in the news for it.


Probably both. The same people post about it year after year, but incrementally one after the other does it.

>So an 8 foot rope will be an 8 foot drop

It will be 8 foot from where it's supported to your neck. If you drop down 8 feet from where it's tied and the ground is 8 feet below where it's tied, you'll just hit the ground. Always take into consideration your own height.


File: 1653598919575.jpg (276.67 KB, 1080x781, 1080:781, Screenshot_20220526-170054….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


jumping from a skyscraper seems like an obvious method in the city, but im not sure about the logistics of it

can you ask a hotel for the top floor? will the windows open?

or what this guy did


I've worked construction and been on many roofs. On office buildings and hotels the actual access to the roof is on the stairwell, and is only a thin door, often just held close with a bolt and padlock. You could walk in with an axe in a duffle bag and simply smash the door open.

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