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How easy would it be to overdose on fentanyl or carfentanyl?



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Yes. Though it’ll help to take a decent antiemetic. Like Metoclopramide, Odansetron, and Scopolamine.


Where can I get those?


File: 1644144176512.jpg (86.68 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, gettyimages-898512508.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do I find heroin? It seems easy as fuck to overdose on. I've been driving around at nights looking for junkies to ask but I can't find any.


Street heroin isn't very potent I believe, try getting something from the dark web with imaginary coins


press the right buttons on your computer and it will arrive in your mailbox


why would you lock my fucking thread you fucking imbecile? there is nothing here related to what i asked, nor will it get the attention necessary for someone who actually knows anything to give me advice… fuck off degenerate


File: 1644334799365.jpg (209.23 KB, 1239x795, 413:265, 90d8ac_5397313.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You mean this?
You'd have to go with Nitrogen/Argon these days as they put 20% oxygen in the helium tanks.
You will need, most likely, a pressure regulator to avoid a burst lung.


As for reliability - if your mask/bag doesn't let in air, if nobody rescues you, if it doesn't slip off while you're passing out, then it's reliable, you'll be suffocating.


Does a CPAP mask let air in or does it just expel the air you breath out?


None of us will stop existing just change the scenery to a failing grade lower astral world


The Lower Realms?


File: 1644353683703.jpg (82.88 KB, 689x462, 689:462, jfo12239-fig-0003-m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have no experience with those, but I guess it doesn't let air in otherwise using it would defeat the purpose.
A gent has used a scuba mask once, too.


So is all this guy needed the tank, a regulator, and the sucks mask


Because after looking on Amazon all I can find are $900 masks, or snorkeling masks with a big air pipe on them.


Knowing my luck I would order it, be the 1 guy in 10,000,000 who has their mail searched and end up in jail. Then I'll be unable to end it and be in even worse hell


thats retarded thinking. i bought actual drugs in the mail many times and it came safely. no one is opening your fucking legal package


Get Tails, use TOR, find Dread or dread (ends with .onion).
PS you got to get Monero, use a seperate computer or phone to store the monero to buy the H


If I had 50ml of GHB/1,4 BDO and chug it, will I die?
If I dont what if I chug 100ml/grams of it


If you take some care then it doesnt even matter if you end up in that extremely rare situation. I mean, if you are right, I could order drugs to the address of anyone I hate and get them put in jail - so police can't assume guilt like that.


Anyone here used Dextromethorphan tablets to deal with fear of death? I heard if you drop fentanyl on them you will die. I get so scared, I want to buy another box to forget, and it has been months, buy it makes me go loco anyway so I can't. It hurts. I feel as if it would bring me peace on a summer evening, since it's winter I'll wait. I will die when I get there, I am already sick, no need to rush things in my mind.


Do you fear death or you fear pain of dying?


Ordered SN.
My decision making process is completely destroyed along with my feelings so I'm not sure if I'm able to sit down and actually go through the motions that will make me dead. It was a tremendous effort to order it, delayed it for two months. I'll have to pick it up along with other medicine in two days, which will also be a tremendous effort.
I don't want to live anymore.
I don't want to die though. But I will anyway, someday, sooner or later.
I want to die, but I don't want to suffer.
If I live I will suffer, I will certainly drag my family down. But so will my death. Just faster.
I'm afraid of eternal suffering, but in my state I will not come out good at the end of this life, no matter how long I drag it.


Im too much of a pussy to go through with it, but I can relate to your situation and words. I've found that volunteering outside regardless of the weather has lifted my spirits. Maybe you have a local churchyard you can just go our and tidy to some music. I only suggest so because your post resonated with me; maybe my words resonate with you, who knows.


*go out and tidy


Hi, sorry for bad english, but I just received my SN in a sealed plastic bag and now I wonder, how quickly is it going to go bad if I open up the bag and put the content into two separate sealed containers?

Also, can I use Bisoprolol instead of Propranolol? Is Trifluoperazine a proper alternative to Haloperidol - (which is in its turn an alternative to Ondansetron, according to PPeH)? I'm asking because Trifluoperazine also provides an anti-vomiting effect, and Bisoprolol is also a Beta-blocker according to google.



How doable would it actually be to get really drunk and lie down in the snow? How cold does it have to be for me to die, how painful would it be, etc? It's currently one of the coldest days ever, around -15°C or 5°F.


Not OP, but thank you for this, wizard.


Can someone explain to a retard if famotidine is a good alternative to cimetidine in SN method? The latter is seemingly not for sale in my country


A little ramble. I have finally decided to end my pain in a few years time when my father passes away. Did some gestures before (hanging) to see how it felt but think I'll go the nembutal or xanax+methadone route. Feels so good.


File: 1646943906138.jpg (25.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone know what overdosing on fentanyl feels like?

It seems like it's one of the easiest suicide methods, as you can just buy it off a dark web marketplace.

Would it be pure bliss, as you don't even know what is going on and you're high out of your mind?

I need to know because I'm thinking of ordering some and going out in a state of bliss.


i've heard it's very painful. i've done my share of opiates and when you take even a small amount, you'll get a fever, heart palpitations and a stomach ache.
google says at higher doses you'll get a paralyzed respiratory system and can suffocate to death which isn't fun either. your appendages will suffer from blood/oxygen loss and become blue and numb. and you'll be vomiting all over yourself.

i do know a guy who died in his sleep from fentanyl. he wasn't suicidal it was an accident. so maybe you could take it all while you're about to fall asleep anyway and you'd be fine that way.

i'd say to pass on that one though. the only people who die from poisoning are freak fringe cases. chances are you'd live through it with organ and brain damage. poisoning is an extremely ineffective method of suicide. There was a man who survived 30,000mg of diphenhydramine in one sitting while google claims the lethal dosage in 1,000. just keep that in mind. the media makes it appear more dangerous than it is.


>i've done my share of opiates
>the only people who die from poisoning are freak fringe cases
Do you even know what an opiate is? People that overdose on opiates pass out and die almost instantly unless they get narcan'd quick


yes i used to slam my leg into the wall on purpose so i could go to the urgent care and say my pain level is a 10 and get vicodin and morphine back when doctors didn't give a fuck circa 2010. it's miracle genes that kept me from becoming an addict fiend lol.

well if you just fall unconscious for it then it's probably fine.

i wouldn't trust it though after hearing of all these people who survive it and worse.

i also just don't really care about painful suicide methods myself though. even after saying what i did, it still wouldn't deter me from attempting it if i didn't own any guns.


Have you seen the video of a certain dark skinned individual overdosing on fent over the course of 9 minutes 26 seconds?


Yeah or you could blow your brains out with a shotty and go out making a statement.


I've been reading some of the stories of volunteers going to Ukraine to volunteer. They seem to have very common traits:
>30s to 40s
>no family/gf/marriage
Basically, they sound like they're wizzies. And when I listen to a lot of these stories, these men usually don't sound "fired up" in righteous anger or passion, it feels more like…they're going to Ukraine because this is a way that they can die without a lot of the societal emotional baggage that might have otherwise stopped them. Like a "socially acceptable suicide" or something. Like the most convoluted "suicide by cop" I've ever heard.


To me it sounded like power fantasies of guys who played too many video games mixed with some bored ex-military guys. They probably think they are going to be like john wick or something


Is cutting yourself a good and reliable method?


Even if the cut is ideal, there's still a chance you'll survive. Extra steps must be taken. Blood thinners, warm flowing water, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medicine, and a steady hand are things you'll need before making the cut. Your biology and physicality even play a big role in its effectiveness. It won't be painless and if you mess it up and sever the vein entirely, you'll end up just losing your arm to bloodloss and then you'll be disabled and placed on suicide watch. If you're caught in the act, even regular Joe knows to just squeeze the artery and that will probably be enough to save you from an otherwise lethal wound. People hype up the method because it's "on the fly" (when done wrong), creates a bloody mess, and is more often than not used as a cry for help. It's romantic, not reliable. A meme method.

If you're attached to the idea, please take care to not put yourself in more pain than you are in right now. Combine it with lethal doses of painkillers, in a warm tub you can drown in, out of sight of worrying eyes. But at the same time, please allude to your demise in such a way as to allow someone to find you before you decay. A rotting corpse, especially in a tub, can cause a lot of grief for everyone nearby. I hear they have to pump your whole neighbourhood's sewers out and replace filters at the water tower.


>People that overdose on opiates pass out and die almost instantly
This isn't true. You can overdose even a few hours after injecting or snorting, usually if you've also been using stimulants and they wear off. Also going to sleep naturally reduces your breathing, adding opiates can be just enough to tip you over the edge


Is water have to be just warm or hot?


What are best knots to use when hanging yourself?


I think it has to be higher than your body temperature, so at least 40c. A hot bath you have to ease in to.


File: 1647109634736.jpg (35.23 KB, 1500x586, 750:293, KSG_right_DSC2880-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's the best shotgun to buy?

Would a long 12 gauge shotgun be the best? Should I practice shooting it before I try? Should I try to get short Kel-Tec KSG shotgun?

The place I'm going to do it is in my car, as I have no privacy at the house and I don't want to make a mess for someone else to clean up.


>Would a long 12 gauge shotgun be the best? Should I practice shooting it before I try?
12 Gauge is optimal for the gas it outputs at the muzzle and the scattering nature of the rounds (or the mushrooming nature of slugs). Shooting your own face doesn't need practice, but make sure it functions well and that you know how to manipulate it without firing it until you're ready. Don't bother practicing on civilians, their time is coming. Recoil impulse on a full-sized shotgun is mild. In your car you could just prop the buttstock against the dashboard so 100% of the energy transmits in to your skull. The KSG's frontend design won't allow you to fit the whole thing in your mouth. Be wary though, there are old reports of shotguns fired inside a vehicle concussing enough to trip the airbag gyro. Apparently newer cars are even more sensitive. Disable the passenger airbag and commit in the passenger seat for safety sake, airbags are hella fast.


Please tell us you're not considering it because Shuabi used one. They're backordered and scalped everywhere. They're good guns and deserve better than to wind up rusting in an evidence locker. If you want to be stylish and classic, saw down a rusty Stevens 311 series like Vodka did.

If you're in to the aesthetics of a bullpup shotgun and are willing to spend what the KSG-12 costs, then get the DP-12 instead. Same thing, but it has two barrels shot independently with one pump, in case something goes wrong the first shot you'll have another lined up. Many Turkish manufacturers and even Remington make affordable magazine-fed bullpup semis with 3" chambers.

>I don't want to make a mess for someone else to clean up.

Good to hear. If you have a car, have you considered the charcoal method? Taped windows and a small camp stove can put you to sleep and kill you in a short time. Painlessly, even euphorically. No mess. Even recycling the exhaust would be fatal (but more painful due to the pollutants).


File: 1647127153897.gif (1.03 MB, 400x224, 25:14, putin.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Buy one from Turkey


Nah they're just fighting for justice


I would normally ask this in the lounge but I'm rather desperate for finding a video that was posted here a while back in an old suicide thread.
Perhaps the wizard who posted it is still around and has it on his computer to share with me.
It was in a thread called "Suicides cought on camera" or something like that and had a diagram of a destroyed skull as the image.

The video in question is of a man who has cut his arms open walking around in an apartement lamenting the mess he has caused and the problems his suicide will create.
It ends with him sitting in a bathtub.


>suicide thread
Why I am still here? Can anyone bare life anymore think I am already dead. What a world, so dead and boring. Can't even question my own existence anymore. I don't exist and does my mind even want to exist seems to not want too. Wished I was dead. People don't exist. So theory we are all dead and alone. Even if you learn to live with it ur dumb human needs will kick in and make u suffer


Was considering doing it but I don't want to be associated with redditors.


I have enough money in savings I could buy a preface house.what do I spend it in before going ?


when you die you'll be beneath the swamps
while you live you're in the swamp
outside the swamp is the forest where you wageslave, and where you return to the warm swamp at night
swamp is full of terror and fear and pain and alcohol
but the swamp is also warm and comfortable
it invites you to suffer comfortably
outside the forest there's a trial to a castle, where once you reach it, you've attained glory
for this you need to escape the forest
for this you need to escape the warm swamp

no matter where you die, in the swamp or in the forest or in the castle, you'll be beneath the swamp
this is why the swamp emits death and decay, and makes your body grow mold that cries out in pain as soon as you leave the swamp


What use to me is glory when all men will end up buried under the swamp? The forest grinds a man down. Glory is vanity. I will find my little joys in my poverty and I will spread what little cheer I can muster up to my fellow swamp-dwellers. Some men raised in the castle know a pain and terror all their own that they mistakeably think is like the swamp-dwellers. But the man in the swamp's soul will know true joy and he will know true contentment in this life and in the life to come. Grow a lil' mold on ya lad and kick back


how the fuck do you end up dead in a swamp


Ogre attack


Should I livestream it? I want to give a shoutout to wizchan


Use a secure streaming platform so as to not draw unwanted attention to us. I hope your soul finds rest, wiz.


Livestreaming has its ups and downs. It gives hope to those also wanting to die but succubi will get off to the video of you dying. Please don't mention Wizchan by name, it would just introduce more snuffhumpers here. Say thanks to wizards in general, let the real would-be wizzies and robots etc figure it out.

If it's your memory you want preserved, nobody ever forgets seeing someone die.


Somebody throw me some good streaming websites.

How long will it take for police to show up if I'm behind a VPN? I want to make sure somebody is recording and I also want to say a last few words.

I don't want the police showing up and making me hastily do the job.


File: 1647796942999.jpeg (875.38 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, di-WQEZEY.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to be aiming for the brain stem using a 12 gauge shotgun with slugs.

I think I'm going to guide the barrel along with my two front front teeth until I can feel it at the back of the roof of my mouth.

Hopefully this will be an instant death. Wouldn't my head just blow right off? Like, there will be no brain left, right?

I remember getting into a car accident when I was younger and got a head injury and I don't remember the crash or ever feeling any sort of pain. Will this be the same?


Twitch doesn't require any prerequisits. Youtube might still allow unconditional streaming but I think they need a verified number.
>How long will it take for police to show up if I'm behind a VPN?
Streaming through a VPN might be tough due to latency, but there are some things to factor in when not using one. First you'd have to make it obvious you were killing yourself, then someone would have to call the police of wherever it is you lived, explain the situation, link to the stream over the phone, then the police would have to contact Youtube and ask them what IP is currently being used to stream, then they contact your ISP to ask what address is associated with that IP at the time, then they send an armed crew out, which in the first world has a minimum responses time of 20 minutes for the armored SWAT teams neccesary to handle an active shooter situation. It's an hours long process. As long as you don't mention suicide anywhere in the info, and don't say the words "suicide" or "kill myself" (YouTube and Twitch's auto captioning scans for these words and other TOS violations), there's very little chance of someone interfering. Just don't mention your area anywhere in the stream and you'll be safe.

If you were to link it, I and I'm sure anyone else here could fire up streamlabs to record

A 12g to the back of your mouth towards the uvula in any shot size will explode the skull and eject the brain, so long as the brain is in the shot's flightpath. There are an unfortunate amount of cases of men who attempted to kill themselves with a firearm but just blew their face off instead because no pellet or bullet made it in the the skull cavity, so all the expanding gas and force of impact instead deflected outward through the soft facial tissue. This typically happens when the guy has a gun in his mouth and shoots upwards at his pallet, with the shot traveling through the eyes and sinuses. For this reason it's becoming more and more recommended to shoot your skull from the outside, say against the forehead. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE CHIN. Jaw bone and muscle is very thick and made to absorb shock.

>got a head injury and I don't remember the crash or ever feeling any sort of pain. Will this be the same?

As soon as the brainstem is rustled a bit, the body immediately goes in to a coma-like state. A sudden drop or rise in pressure in the skull is also an immediate knockout.


From a very high distance, is falling on water more lethal than falling on grass?
I hear hitting water is like "hitting concrete" after a certain height but I'm not sure if thats been confirmed


What's the right way to hang yourself?


No, if falling on water from 100km/h is like hitting concrete, then hitting solid earth at that speed is like hitting steel. Landing in water may be more lethal overall due to the effect of drowning.


Do you actually understand the physics of this?
Anyways, on wikipedia it did say that 5% of golden gate bridge jumpers dont actually die from the impact, but from drowning after breaking their bones. I wonder if they're still conscious for that.


What's the lethal dose of Oxycodone? Cant find anywhere and that's the only hard stuff I got


Oxycodone's effects are achieved the same way that Morphine works but Oxycodone is more often prescribed for self-dosing mainly because it is very difficult to fatally overdose on. 5-10mg is recommended for acute pains but for full-body pains such as burns or radiation, a 300mg dose can be used safely over the course of a day as long as the body is hydrated and drained properly.

The euphoria and delirium from such a high dose can still get you killed though if you were to, say, go for a long swim or pass out on some train tracks.


it depends on tolerance. If you have no tolerance than you'll be vomitting at dosage as low as 25mg or so. so probably a few hundred mg would be effective. HOWEVER you will have high risk of vomitting and surviving. At the least you will anti-emetics for it to be a worthwhile attempt


Anybody knows how effective suicide with nicotine would be? I know that it causes immediate vomiting so the best way about it seems to be an injection. The appeal is that death is supposedly quite rapid and nicotine is readily available.

Would there be significant pain at the injection site?


would anyone just explain to a retard how many teaspoons of SN is required to KMS myself
how do i measure fucking 25 mg of nitrite?


i'm wondering because on suicidewiki it says that 2 teaspoons are enough - shouldn't it be 5 teaspoons?


Pure nicotine is lethal in just a few drops. It's easy to extract from cigarettes and vape carts with a little chemistry. Frail old people have died from putting on a nicotine patch without taking off the previous one. Injecting in to the blood is probably the most direct, but I'd imagine that if you did it all at once it would be real painful once it reached your heart. It's very easy to absorb in to the skin and digestive system, so maybe a nasal spray would be quick but gradual enough to not be too painful.


File: 1648252535766.png (591.48 KB, 2726x2138, 1363:1069, Symptoms_of_nicotine_poiso….png) ImgOps iqdb

>kill yourself slowly to minimize the pain
I'm quite confident that's not how it works… refer to the pic.
>It's easy to extract from cigarettes and vape carts with a little chemistry
I can buy a 100 mg/ml concentrate. There are also 50 ml syringes available for sale, I could give myself a 5 gram megadose. That's the weight of a nickel. My concern is that I'll go into a fit before I can finish the injection. Perhaps I should use a tourniquet.


Wizzie, what the fuck.



Death by any stimulant would be one of the worst possible ways to go. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, it would be like having one that’s so severe that you actually have a heart attack/stroke and die. I have a stim-addicted relative and it seems like it’s difficult to take enough to actually die, but very easy to completely fry your brain for good. Obviously it’s not nicotine, but I’ve seen him take literal grams of (meth/)amphetamines and he just goes psychotic and acts like he’s in actual hell. You might even wind up taking yourself to the hospital and living just to stop the panic.


>There is no evidence that amphetamine is directly neurotoxic in humans.
>Tolerant individuals have been known to take as much as 5 grams of amphetamine in a day
>Nicotine is a naturally produced alkaloid in the nightshade family of plants
>Nicotine is classified as a poison
>Nicotine is unusual in comparison to most drugs, as its profile changes from stimulant to sedative with increasing dosages

Apples and oranges, wizzie.


Any wizard looking into carbon monoxide/CO poisoning as a method to an hero? A fellow wizard who posted during his suicide on this very same board used that method 5 years ago and was successful. Seems like a relatively cheap, easy and painless method to go out.
His thread: https://archive.ph/zl70A


page 277.
It says take Choloroquine with meto and benzo. I got mezo but I cannot get benzos as easily, can I just use nytol instead?


File: 1648612891372.jpeg (1.39 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, e80c94d5c9043948de2941d15….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Every time someone links to this wizard's death, we must also remind of the account of the wizard who wound up in the hospital while attempting the same method, due to various easily correctable mistakes.

-He burned improperly
-In an inadequately sealed vehicle
-Parked in an area monitored by security

If you're going to go through the trouble of setting this up, use a bit of tape and some common sense.

(I don't have his hospital photos on hand)


Is SN actually reliable? I read It's very easy to vomit even with antiemetics


File: 1648657523509.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, e6f81ab90ea6828749a0a71d8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1648657743934.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 010e6ce210a905dd7654405c4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


If I cant get SN I am going to go to the nearest cliff, tell a police officer that their son or daughter should be gangraped to death and jump off a fucking cliff. I hope every pig and dog that is responsible for making a painless suicide hard to achieve get cancer or get raped forever and dont fucking say do hanging because I tried every ligature and every knot and they all feel painful and dont even work, I fucking hate the stupid suicide pod that was on the news before, why cant nembutal or sodium nitite just be freely available to buy without a prescription for 50 dollars or something instead of making everything illegal because 'muh sanctity' then complain about lazy deadbeats of society, they are the ones responsible, stupid dogs are asking to have their money wasted to fund leeches that wouldnt leech if they were able to die painlessly.
I no longer believe this stupid covid vaccine conspiracy because if rich pigs want people dead they could do make nembutal/sn legal and force life insurance to pay for suicide victims, would be much easier to do than the stupid shit done for the vaccines.
Fuck the west for making all these stuff hard to get and fuck the third world, except latin america and some other nations where guns are illegal, for having all the stuff needed to die like guns and non-prescription cholorquine drugs yet they just live live and pump babies like cattle and fuck liberals for wanting to ban guns becausse 'muhh suicide!' who the fuck cares if they're used for suicide no ones fucking dying except the people who want to die, fuck you i hope all they along with their daughters and sons get raped or get the worst form of cancer


*fuck liberals for wanting to ban guns IN AMERICA
forgot to add that part, sorry


Anon, SN isn't even that reliable, there's a very high chance you'll still vomit the drug.
I'm going to just rent a high rise flat for 1 day and jump. Yes I'll leave a mess but SN seems unreliable, i can't get guns and subway well, I've always been scared of it idk.
Seems like we have no other choice, Godspeed and hope we find peace in another world


Where I live SN is harder than heroin. It's not on ebay or amazon, all the online stores that do sell it require a license (lab ones), literally no website on the darknet like Dread, Versus, Tor2door, etc sell it. The only person I know who sold it told me he no longer sells it as all the SN had expired.
If you know ANY website that sells SN please just link it here, please please please


Just get heroin off the darknet. Even the Peaceful Pill Handbook says they would recommend it if it weren't a book targeted for old people that are biased against demonised illegal drugs


Would 13th floor be enough for a jump suicide?


The problem is a lot of heroin sold isnt pure, if the purity of the drug is low it will still give you a high, something that drug dealers only think about to get their customers addicted, but it wont kill you. Also I dont know how to give myself heroin, do I inject it or just snort it to die?


If you do a huge amount then purity doesnt matter. The active ingredient of some sort of opiate is always going to be there, otherwise there wouldnt be any customers. Snorting is fine - again you just need a larger quantity than injecting. I cant remember mg values but I researched how easy it would be to snort enough to die and it seemed very easy. Darknet drugs are usually very high quality compared to street drugs btw


Supposedly 70 - 600 mg is enough to kill a human weighing 77 kilos. I am guessing if I get my hands on some darknet stuff I should just get 1 gram and snort all of it.
If anyone here is an expert on suicide via heroin tell me what I should and shouldnt do (e.g: DONT use syringe/snorting, DONT drink x before taking h, etc)


no offence but why are u so persistent on using OD/poison methods when those aren't reliable and can leave you with brain damage


Yes you can just go overboard and snort a huge amount to make sure. Injection could be better but personally i dont even know where i'd get a needle, and i'd worry i'd miss the vein or something. I've snorted other drugs and it's very easy so it seems foolproof.
I managed to get fentanyl so i can do enough to kill 100 people in one line but it's probably more difficult to get these days. I'm not aware of any important drug interactions like drinking, but i wouldnt drink just because i dont want to feel sick or make some mistake. You could take a small amount of the heroin to ease your nerves beforehand, and might even remember what it's like to be feel good

The statistics are misleading because they are full of succubi making fake OD attempts for attention, or people making no real research. If it's done properly it is by far the best method. A quick painless inhalation and you go to sleep. It is incomparable to someone swallowing some shitty pills that they just vomit up


>I managed to get fentanyl
Holy shit, please tell me where you got it, like was it in person or on a website, if it's from a website please contact me on wickr (Username is Maklongish) on who and what website you got it from


You can contact me any other way if you want to


it was a long time ago on one of the major sites, so i cant help unfortunately


Oh ok.
Well if anyone else knows of a website, vendor, anything that sells f, sn, etc. You can contact me on wickr



Nobody want's you death. They want you below them so they can get a kick out of feeling superior to you.

A lot of People don't have enough with having a good living, they need somebody below them to feel superior. If everybody in the world would own a mansion and a Ferrari at lest half of them would be terribly miserable because they would be just equal to everybody else and they can't stand that.

All prejudice comes from that need. The more insecure, the worst.


File: 1649337459435-0.jpg (53.83 KB, 770x502, 385:251, 19222d0d64081b3cd71e0d3a01….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

can anyone please answer - how rapidly does Sodium fucking Nitrite corrupts when exposed to oxygen

i just want to open the fucking bag and place the nnitrite into some can

also explain to a retard how do i measure 25 mg of this shit exactly, no more no less?


It doesnt corrupt during air exposure in 1 second, simply use a digital weigh scale and use that to measure the SN (then immediately add water to it)


anyone have any detailed info on producing H2S? what's in the pp handbook isn't enough. i don't want to fuck up the concentration and end up not dying instantly. i dont want even a split second of time to regret my decision


lime sulphur and sulphuric/hydrochloric acid.
The ingredients for the two are hard to come by nowadays.
Also your lungs and noise will burn before it knocks you unconscious, I recommend not even thinking about this and spend the time you have getting SN, a gun, nitrogen + scuba mask, H or Fent since H2S will waste your time and you'll chicken out due to the pain


But if you insist.
I spent my time killing myself with something similar, only for it to be a massive waste of time and if I bought SN earlier I would've got it 2 months ago


>It doesnt corrupt during air exposure in 1 second
so if i just open up the bag with SN, keep it like that for 1 minute, and then reseal it again nothing catastrophic is going to happen?
>use a digital weigh scale
what if i'm a poorfag and currently can't buy those? How many teaspoons would I need by comparison to get the same 25mg? This suicide.wiki site says that 2 teaspoons are a perfect equivalent, but i'm just not sure.

The same website also insists on that you should'nt use antacids for this method, cause it will prevent SN from working as a vasodilator which will result in an unpeaceful death (or something like that). I wonder if one should refrain from using antacids for this method.




If you open the bag to take the SN out, immediately seal it. Also suicide-wiki is shit, two teaspoons =/= 25g, there was a video of someone showing how to take SN, I wish I saved the video but the guy used 5-7 teaspoons to get to 25g.
Also if you can please contact me on Maklongish on wickr since I really want SN but cant find any


It's weird, but the more I think and consider suicide, the less I feel like I'll go through with it. I don't feel happier. There's been no moment of clarity or psychological insight. If anything, things have gotten emotionally worse. I don't know if it's due to:
- The fear of fucking up a suicide the more I think about it.
- The thought that I know exactly what I can do to off myself at a moment's notice is all I needed.
- My ability to cope with the horrid nature of life increases the more I think about the horrid nature of death.


>suicide-wiki is shit
It's strange because the PPH book reffered to this site once or twice. Initially I thought it was even curated by the creators of this book.
>guy used 5-7 teaspoons to get to 25g
Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind. But I think I have no excuse but to invest into those digital scales, they're not as expensive as I initially thought they will be.
>Also if you can please contact me on Maklongish on wickr since I really want SN but cant find any
Sorry buddy, I'm afraid I live somewhere in Middle Asia which is probably too far away from whatever country you're living in. Are you from UK or something? I can't believe SN can be so restricted that it's completely unpurchasable.
My theory is that in order to go through it, an emotional trigger of some sort is required. Losing a job that you love, a family member dying, or something like that. Some kind of tragic event that will keep your mind so occupied that it will distract you from the brutal realization that you are a physical object that is about to disappear into emptiness forever. Otherwise you will be frightened and paralyzed by this thought. But I'm not sure, that's just how I think it works.
When I look at other people who committed suicide, it almost always looks like they were triggered into suicide, that they were struck by some tragic event beforehand. I'm not sure if suicide can be a product of rational forces only.


I found 70% pure Afghan heroin, it's brown which is strange since I thought Heroin's white (This isnt just one guy, all the people selling Afghan H show the H being brown). If I get a gram of this can I just snort all of this and then actually die and die painleslyish, it doesnt have to be 0 pain just less than stabbing your neck or burning your nostrils


Should I use hangman's noose or slip knot when hanging myself?


Slip know since it's easier to untie if something goes terribly wrong.


When I hang myself, do I place the rope above my adams apple or below?


Above, right below the chin.


Why in the hell on suicide wiki it says below the apple?


is a alcatel 1 mobile phone able to register on to sanctioned-suicide.org?
I tried to login with a old phone but the phone was not able to open the verification button. Dont ask why I am doing this since I dont want to reveal too much. All I want is a yes or no to the first paragraph


The SS website uses hCaptcha as its verification button. Would an alcatel 1 mobile phone be able to access the captcha or is it too primitive to do so?


Does anyone have the link of that site that gives me some good on how to hang myself? It had explaining the right kind and length of rope based on your weight and height.


good explanation*




I think I am gonna cut with the razor for real again soon. I hate my life anyway. Maybe save up for the nitrite. Can someone link me the guide for sodium nitrite and help me source? If I'm feeling halfway all right I'll just go for a bleed-out with the razor. It hurts so much but it's the only way out of the dismal, frustrating life I've earned with my ineptitude and dysfunctional persona. They no longer offer therapy even. Trying to get help without cutting yields no fruit and is to very little avail of anything worthwhile. I'll get some super sharp ones with some money that my mom sends and go at it. I'll end up in a ward or dead. I'm ready.


Why not just or fall from a tall building? or throw yourself into a pit?


File: 1650395257519.jpg (30.8 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Coffin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm exhibiting the same symptoms that my father did before he died. They never told me what he died of, they just tried to play it off as 'dementia' and didn't clarify. After a bit of googling I found a near exact match of a highly genetic disorder known as Huntington's Disease. Everything listed is what played out with my father to the letter.

I now have a time line. I have to kill myself. FUCK I'M SCARED BUT IF I DON'T I'LL FORGET TO DO IT AND SUFFER HORRIBLY!



Jesus looked it up and my god it sounds scary, there is no cure, only some shit ass treatment and you are fated to die in your early 50s or 60s. Jesus man this life can be so depressing and scary.


At OP, I have overdosed fentanyl before, it is kind of painful and your breathing gets extremely labored. It's not a lot of powder to snort, either. I really do not rec, I rec hanging to anyone that seriously wants to die, I have almost died to that shit twice.

I actually tried to call the national suicide prevention hotline, all they do is play 20 questions and make sure you don't have a method. No help whatsoever, so I'm gonna go ahead and use DN to order something that is lethal and relatively painless to go on. I have my reasons, I have been a deeply unhappy soldier for two years now, I feel like it would be alright if I could just.. go. Okay? Can someone link me where to buy pentobarbital, that's the method I want to use.


if the slight discomfort from fentanyl isnt good enough for you then you simply dont want to die enough. Death is always going to be an uncomfortable and fearful process. Pentobarbital won't be any better, it will be even slower as you have to digest it. A stronger fentanyl overdose that's actually deadly will also make you lose consciousness faster compared to your experience


You should be able to source some heroin on the street or something you can use in a cocktail to die from.

lurk more and you will know where to get it


Theres a book called peaceful pill handbook, they have the email address of someone called 'D' who has N. If you want to take risk you can go to AlphaBay, Versus or Tor2Door and get it there (To access Alphabay, Versus or Tor2Door download tails, find TORCH search engine look it up) people do sell them but theres no way of knowing whether or not they're a scam


File: 1650490696572.jpg (2.44 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_6907.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Which one would be the best for hanging?


the one that stretches less or doesn't stretch at all.


I have the razors and everything, and a good reason to do it.. and I want to but I'm struggling. I don't want to fail and end up in a ward or sentenced to torture because cutting is illegal. Can someone please talk me off this ledge? My life is just so incomplete and I wanted so much more than the world would ever. I can't mend this broken feeling. I will never know peace again is what I'm told.


my god wojak is so ugly. makes sense that normgroids latched onto this template meme




They didn't 'steal' it anymore than we (American imageboard users) stole feels guy, or gondola, or spurdo, or
>t. " "
which is short for a certain Finnish word, etc.


what is the suicide wiki url?


Cutting is an extremely painful and one of the most ineffective methods, and it will almost certainly fail and make your situation worse off than it was before.


Realistically, would microdosing psychedelics on the day you go be a wise idea? They trial psilocybin on terminal cancer patients, so would it sufficiently disable survival instinct?


File: 1651370340010.png (130.4 KB, 1108x1066, 554:533, quora.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

i want to do this somewhere in the wild


will snorting heroin alone end me or do I need to mix it up with something?


File: 1651435403014.jpg (40.07 KB, 700x400, 7:4, stalker-ricardo-lopez-bjor….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The efficacy of shotguns is well known and has been detailed by several knowledgeable persons here (such as >>256047 ), but what about handguns? They don't blow apart the skull and I'm worried that it won't be an instant lights-out for me–Ricardo Lopez's suicide tape shows him groaning in pain after he shoots himself in the mouth with a handgun.


I watched that many times as well and my conclusion is that sound is not groaning at all, just air going out of his lungs mixed with the sound of blood inside his mouth. I don't know if you remember but he takes a very deep breath before shotting himself in the mouth.
Of course we're just guessing here but I think he was very much gone the second he pulled the trigger and what we hear is just the body doing its thing.


i was thinking that if we really did show the material of some of the uncensored webms posted on imageboards on mainstream news channels like CNN or something, a good bit of people wouldn't be able to emotionally cope with the images shown to them and we would have a culture of hysterical PTSD victims running around. perhaps a comforting thought to some psychopathic individuals on this website, but to me it's a bit shocking.


File: 1651447117117.png (451.2 KB, 620x606, 310:303, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's because is wrong shooting in the mouth, same by the side. The correct is below the chin to the bullet travel all across the brain and still does have chance of survive.


You're supposed to do it through the mouth pointing 30-40 degree angle upwards


No, the red line is what you want. I am military trained and we were taught to aim towards the back of the ear if I was shooting someone from the side. The reason is that this is the region of the brain that controls all your vital functions. This is also why people are taught to aim for the T-box from the front. You are targeting the same area. The red line goes right through that area, but not the blue one. The blue line will likely kill you but only because of the percussive force of the bullet destroying everything in the brain, not because the bullet directly hits the vital parts of the brain.


File: 1651450889965.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.79 KB, 810x539, 810:539, 1_FaceShoot_03.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Dont shoot from the chin up, that fucks your face and wont kill. shoot at your ear area or shoot in the direction of the red line in >>258629


For doing the charcoal method would there be any extra precautions one should take, that would not be self evident? I feel like because of how simple it seems I would end up failing.


>immediately seal it
how do i reseal it so it will be completely airproof?
is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiyC98Qw9ok method reliable?


File: 1651710481707.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 352x640, 11:20, 690489622e244034dc2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Is anyone else afraid of being found and recorded for posterity? Afraid that you might end up in a video like this one for normalfags to laugh at on gore sites, and for your family to know that there's an indelible and grisly record of your final moments?

I have my method planned out but this still bugs me.


sorry, watched too many gore videos to click your video. the stress isnt worth it.


I understand. It's a man sitting in his car with his top blown off, shotgun still in lap; several people are standing around and one of them's filming the scene.


WHo cares, you're dead


So easy that half my town did it unintentionally.


File: 1651845604023.jpg (83.71 KB, 714x1004, 357:502, nerd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sick of being ugly, what's the easiest way


Fentanyl is very lethal, someone I heard of smoked weed laced with fentanyl and died. Very, very easy.
>I'm sad cause I'm muh ugly ;(((
Plenty of ugly people are fine, you sound like a literal fucking child. If you just want to kill yourself because you're ugly you don't belong here, get OUT


being ugly is a curse if you're conscious being.


It doesnt work. You just wake up. Maybe youll die in another realm to the others but you just keep going on. Dead does not actually exist


HAHAHAHAHAA they think ur a cop dude


Are there any potential downsides to venturing out nightly to active train lines in secluded areas?
I'm heavily tempted to run with decapitation as a method, but can't tell if loitering on rails through the night until you get lucky with a train has any potential downsides.
There's no chance whatsoever of surviving a train running over your neck if you lay your head on the track, so it should be foolproof, right?


It doesn't, drunk people wander the traintracks home here all the time to avoid getting assaulted. The cops at most give them a fine and a lecture. Nobody actually really cares enough to have the initiative to stop you.

I used to try suicide attempts on the traintracks all the time, and fuck out. The only thing that happened is the conductor on the train blaring his horn and freaking the fuck out, slamming on the breaks and then yelling out the window. It was in a city close to the port so it wasn't the speed of a countryside train. It was clear I was trying to kill myself, but nothing came of it.


That's reassuring to hear. I've found what I suspect to be an active line not too far away to scout. I know there are no published schedules, but in your experience are there days/nights that seem especially prevalent for trains to move on?
Thinking I may do 3 nights a week to start, for a relatively 'assured' encounter.


I found it hard, survival instincts kick in for me. I have some momentary happy moments in my life that keep me here, so suicide is hard I guess. I'm young and healthy and sometimes I have things I like, and days I enjoy, despite being in darkness most of the time.

I just want to overdose on heroin. I want to shoot up with normalfaggots and have too much, and die, comfortably.


then in the infinity of time i can become happy in one of those realities.


I do assume the rumbling of the train will be a mortifying prospect. But I think with enough exposure it shouldn't be too hard to overcome instinct and just lay your head on the track, right?
I've never done it, but doesn't poppy get sold as seeds in stores for 'ornamental' purposes? Some of those are actives.


The horrible shit that's happened to be stopped me being suicidal, funnily enough.

Suicide I think requires having no one to blame but yourself. As soon as you have hatred and vengeance in you, you start imagining the mocking voices of those you hate and you keep yourself alive out of spite.

It's why dirt poor blacks in the ghetto don't do it as often. They find someone to blame, whether it's whitey or whoever. While yuppies shoot themselves all the time when shit goes wrong.

Ever since in a low moment, when those cunts stood over me, took my car off me, laughed to my face about it and the cops didn't do anything, my suicidality just disappeared. I still feel just as depressed and miserable, but this misery is focused on seething hatred and revenge at the humiliation I experienced. I destroy as much public property as I can, when I can get away with it. I shoplift and cause mischief, I delight in being a parasitic blight on society and hope to rack up over a million in costs for the taxpayer over the course of my life.

So in a sense thank you you fucking scumbag pieces of shit. They in a sense saved my life, but I still hate them and if the opportunity presents itself I'll have my revenge.


That is the most niggerlicious behavior ever.


You seem incredibly naive. Haven't you ever heard that the best way to get back at someone is to be good to yourself and succeed in life? You're just paving your way to trouble my friend.


A criminal record will ruin your life.


He was suicidal lad I don’t think it’s a concern of his

The broader point is true though, personally I think suicidal people should throw away their lives while trying to kill bad people, but you can’t expect much from them.


Is hanging (drop) an easy method to take? It seems like there are a lot of potential fail points, but it's such a classic method I'm just overthinking and paranoid, right?


I'm going to go look at some shotguns tomorrow.

Preferably I can get one that is around 26-30 inches in total length, so it's easy to pull the trigger while sitting in my chair.

I'm going to livestream it too, so I'm ordering a webcam. Hopefully everything goes alright and I will post an official time schedule on here once I figure out when I'm going to exactly do it.

Be on the look out.


MAKE SURE YOU AIM AT THE BRAINSTEM, if you dont know where that is look it up on google or duckduckgo or whatever search browser you use. DO NOT AIM FROM THE CHIN BECAUSE YOU WILL FUCK YOUR FACE AND NOT DIE, AIM TOWARDS THE BRAINSTEM (Area around your ear or the roof of your mouth in front of your tonsils)


don’t do it wiz, isn’t there any way you can get help? Your parents or brother/sister or something?


This cannot be fucking understated. Never, ever, aim beneath the jaw when using a firearm. It is absolutely retarded to do so.


>magnum slug
I was originally planning a 12 ga route myself before I lost my gun rights, but why do you prefer slugs if I may ask?
I was going to go for the biggest buck I could find, for maximum reach (assuming the point-blank range allows any spread and I wasn't just retarded).
Is slug actually a superior choice?


File: 1652459445589.jpg (420.35 KB, 2000x1220, 100:61, buckshotvsslugloads-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Is slug actually a superior choice?

I think it is because it has the largest amount of mass, while the buck is in individual round buckshot rounds, which won't even spread because it has no distance to spread.


Slugs typically have more powder which means more gas at the muzzle, meaning more devastation at absolute point blank range


>Anyone know what livestreaming platform I should use? I was told to use Twitch, so I'm going to test it out.
If you download the TOR browser you can look up dark.fail, copy and paste the darknetlive url and go to forums, copy and paste Nanochan's URL and do ctlr+f "Livestream", there was a dude who livestreamed playing Minecraft using some TOR website, you could use that to CTB although the stream will buffer often


Huge disappointment if found out to be a nothing burger. I mean, you've been ranting about this for a couple months. And if you're planning on suicide why not just confess already (I assume that's what the video is for)? I hope to see your corpse all over imageboards for years onward.


Any possibility of owning up to your mistake? I'm sure the stuff you posted is shameful, but unless it's some seriously illegal shit, no one is going to care. Ruining your reputation sucks, but it's survivable and not worth killing yourself over. It might come to light if someone does a detailed background search on you, but most jobs don't give enough of a shit to do that and even if you're famous on the Internet as 'that guy', you can still find places where people don't know you.

Another possibility is procuring a fake identity illegally, you know, Saul Goodman style and just keeping it close as a form of piece of mind. If it ever becomes too much to bear, you could just disappear. But I still don't think you have anything to worry about as a private citizen, non-famous person.


File: 1652485727929.jpg (189.57 KB, 592x735, 592:735, 39237051_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't do it wiz, no one cares if you did some weird things in the past, you can just let it go start new


my full dox and my full family's dox is on a kiwifarms thread about me.
i don't give a fuck. absolutely nothing has happened as a result. i've since been hired at 3 different places and they didnt even bother googling me. i'm the first result because i have a unique middle name.

you vastly overestimate how much normalfag retards use the internet. i've met a total of 1 guy that ventures beyond instagram and facebook.


i've just read your posts now and i still see no indication of any tangible IRL consequences of being doxxed.
as i said, my whole family was doxxed 2 years ago and i continued working and all that. just go outside and realize wow, normalfags don't actually touch a computer for more than 15 minutes a day. they also don't bother learning your middle or last name. my coworkers of several years when i had more stable employment didnt know my last name, so they couldnt google me even if they wanted to.
but more importantly, the hiring managers didnt google me during the background checks because they don't give a fuck.

you're paranoid of a problem that doesn't exist and hasnt actually happened yet.


>prospective career
>position of authority
>non-verbal autistic



ok just get a different job then and stop being a fed.


File: 1652490316975.jpg (191.97 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 4f23d6795a5bf22715908913b0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>some normalfag finds your kiwifarms thread
>say nothing and walk out and get a new job
thats my drastic plan for when/if it happens to me.



I paid the Kiwifarms owner Joshua Conner Moon $1,000 in Bitcoin to anonymous my accounts and remove some information about me.


Stop being so fucking sexy


>she's on a lolcow site


Going to go pickup my shotgun in 3 hours.


post a photo of it ITT before you take the shot


who bought the nail polish remover?


youre killing yourself because you think normalfags know how to use google. it's just so retarded and narcissitic lol.
did you hallucinate scenarios where everybody at the gun store recognized you immediately from your kiwifarms thread buddy? actually, i have something to add: my own family members are unaware that they are doxxed right now alongside all my sperging about my furry fetishes and messiah complex. it's irrelevant, especially in your case where you embarrassed yourself an entire decade ago.



Link to your kiwifarms thread


>furry fetishes

I wish all I had on me was furry fetishes


What livestreaming service are you planning on using?



hey there if you are going to stream id suggest some non mainstream platforms like dlive.tv , give us the channel and the time you are planning to do it, best of luck anon


What a waste of money.
You could buy singleshot, or even make one out of pipe.


Good luck Anon, I'm hopefully going to do the same soon


a beat up shockwave is cheaper and easier go come by than a new walnut or backpacking single. What's he going to do with extra cash when he's dead anyway?


Those who disbelieve in karmic cycle are usually the most trapped by it.

What torments you all, anons? Doesn't your wizdom help you at all above normies? Learning stage begins at 13, might end up with 30 years old. That's bascially the deep meaning of the wizard meme


Go back to the hole you crawled out of, you sick little man.

Nobody is buying your fearmongering bullshit. You have the intellectual capacity of a shit covered baboon in the jungle throwing shit at other apes.

Your intellectual dishonesty and superstition helps no one and you know that. You sick little man.


The only people that would care about kiwifarms shit IRL are turbo normalfaggots that work in factories, hospitals and construction. This isn't high school, nobody outside of the turbo-normie industries will even care enough to bring it up or google your name. It doesn't matter if you did the most degenerate of coomer shit, nobody cares beyond certain areas where they'd give you crap over anything regardless. Get a fucking job as a delivery driver, or a janitor, literally just get a new job if you care that much.

If you're going to kill youself. Don't let it be over the most retarded nothingburger.


ah yes wizards are very good at succeeding in life
dont blame him


Do people really want to kill themselves because they might lose their job and fall in the eyes of normalfags? Sheesh, these yuppies are insufferable.


I think for many, losing their job equals homelessness and death would be (understandably) preferable.


They're programmed. We're all programmed to think in that way consciously or subconsciously. Even if you disagree with the concept, programming is programming. It's at the back of your mind regardless of "personal" beliefs. I sometimes think that maybe people kill themselves not because they truly feel bad, but because the programming has deemed you as no suitable for society, and makes you willing to kill yourself. These people would be fine if that little bit of conditioning wasn't there. Even less so if getting fired didn't also mean losing everything. Suddenly, they can't make their payments because they had no money in reserve, so they lose their place of living, their healthcare (if USA), and they could be on the streets. It would take a lot of effort to bounce back from that. Couple that with their programming and it's all over for them.

I'm programmed too, and I know it and disagree with it. I just can't shake it no matter what though. I don't have anything to prove to random people, but the fear of "failure" is out there. Tons of people are able to live easily, so why can't I?


I have a Chinese Saiga-12 clone and plan to use 00 12g buckshot on myself.


>Get serious anhedonia.
>Getta job.
>It fixes your anhedonia solely because you have something to do.
>You begin to attach a sense of meaning and purpose to your work.
>Lose your job, and thereby your meaning and purpose.
>Consider suicide.
For a lot of people it isn't that they'll fall in the eyes of normalfags. It's that they have NOTHING else in their lives. Workaholism's fatal flaw.


I'd give you advice on how to make sure everything works out but there's some strong impulse in me that, for some reason, doesn't want to do that.
Despite not knowing you or your situation. Feels strange.


its called not being a psychopath, that wiz should get help


File: 1652830812564.png (28.14 KB, 1237x600, 1237:600, shot_face_lmao.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Anybody have any suggestions? Will the hollow point slug go right through my skull without ricocheting?

A .22 short can. All hunting, military, and defense rounds are engineered over the course of decades to be as lethal as possible when applied to thehead. A slug can burst through a skull even if it's 15x as thick. Once a hole is made by the slug, the blunt force of it pushing outwards in all directions will leave your brain foreverial delitized. The gas expansion will at the muzzle will separate your skull at all its seams and throw the individual pieces across the room.


>im too retarded to shoot myself
oh i see so you were just larping the whole time and werent really suicidal at all.
well makes me feel a lot better about your fake suicide incited by imaginary normalfags googling you.
pretty good ongoing serial series of bait spanning across multiple threads there buddy. got 4 replies out of me personally.


I suppose.

The thing is, I'm not taking into account his life situation and what would warrant for him to actually end it all. There's just something in me that says, this guy is entitled to a decent life and will, at the very least, get one with mild enjoyment and that it can't be "that bad".

If we're talking massive chronic physical and psychological pain then I'd guess I'd jump (heh) right in and help out. Even I wanted to blow my brains out not too long ago. Those diet cereal infusions worked out in preventing that. But it's not hard at all to make any firearm suicide attempt get an almost 100% success rate if you use stuff to your advantage.


Avoid death. Make a plan of action including the most extreme solutions that don't involve death for anyone. I'm sounding like a complete normalfaggot but in reality I'm just a husk of a person that was robbed of the will to die and I don't know what follows now.


you dont owe anyone the details of your situation nor a livestream. i hope it will be abrupt and painless for you.



>>259329 Here

In the case you decide to fully go through with this, I also hope it will be abrupt and painless like >>259330 says.



Just scroll up through the thread, he posted some details about why he's doing it. The reason is retarded and vague, something about having his personal information tied to some weird shit he posted online so anyone that goes through the trouble of researching him will find out his super embarrassing fetish or political views or whatever. Apparently, he's a "non-verbal autistic" in a "position of authority" so his story doesn't make any real sense unless he confused some terms. He's been posting about this shit for months but only recently talking about suicide, could be an intricate LARP, lot of bored fuckers on this website.


I have this general idea that anyone that ends up on KF only ends up with some strong psychological damage that ends up being redeemed to others, but mostly to themselves, after they stop doing whatever stupid shit they were doing and grow a pair and get some apathy to deal with people who still care.
Even if the remnants of being retarded are still online, people are probably not who they were when they were originally posted anymore.


Some shit formatting there but you get my point


>The reason is retarded and vague

Obviously I'm not going to go into much detail because it's personal, plus it can be used to identify me.

Sad little normalfag, back to 4chan.


I hope you do stay alive wiz. Find peace without death.


I find it hard to believe that your sense of self is not, actually, distorting the image you have of yourself to one that's one of a very important and overly visible man. Everyone has skeletons in the closet and that's a fact of life. The fact you're disappearing or disappeared must show you've voluntarily disengaged from whatever bullshit you were fucking around with. That's actually something respectable.


>no longer hopeful for my existence within society, no longer hopeful for personal relationships with coworkers or roommates.
>no longer hopeful for my existence within society, no longer hopeful for personal relationships with coworkers or roommates.
You don't belong here.



Yeah, I would rather be homeless than have coworkers or roommates.


That shit just makes me shudder


Yeah, those are the lucky ones. If on top of that they're getting the bux, now, those are living the bliss.

I mean, if you're getting the bux because your mind or body is fucked up then no, your life is shit unfortunately, but otherwise, yay!


File: 1653067528034.jpg (61.63 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 1653067353824.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How painful is suicide via shotgun?


Instant unless you aim up from under the chin and blow your face off instead of your brain.


not at all



How do you know if you never tried it?


Probably painful considering you whole head explodes. There's this notion that you can't feel pain since if there's no head, then where does the pain get felt, but scientists can't explain consciousness and there isn't exactly a way to test out if an exploded head feels pain. The only way to know is if a person feels it and then communicates it to the outside world, and maybe the communication part of the brain doesn't work but you're still feeling pain in whatever dimension your consciousness is held in. I don't know, scary stuff, there's less gruesome ways to go.


If you're worried about the pain of your head being divided in to 1,000 pieces in one 800th of a second, then you're not serious about suicide and need to stop posting.


Actually, I am serious about suicide, that is why I'm asking if it's painful.

I don't want to sit there with my head blown off and sitting there in extreme pain.


dont listen to >>259423. The thing that causes pain are pain receptors reaching the brain, if you shoot yourself properly (HINT, AIM FOR THE BRAINSTEM) you will die in less than 1 second, you will feel zero pain


If someone said "yes it's painful", would you reply with the same "How do you know if you never tried it?"

If not, then you're only challenging statements which encourage suicide, proving that you're still not serious.


>you will feel zero pain
>source: my ass

You can't guarantee it and there's no way to experimentally test it, so just say it's a gamble, on top of the pre-existing metaphysical gamble about the afterlife and any potential deities and their opinion on your actions.


Reality is pretty gay. Like, you're trapped in a world with no purpose or reason, just existing like a little faggot.

Everything is pointless, it is all meaningless. Only in the mind of humans do they become delusional and egotistic, just like you.

What potential deities? What role would a deity even have? What would even be the point of being a deity to begin with? Exist to just exist? There would be no point. There is no point or meaning.

You exist because of the laws of thermodynamics and the universe. You are nothing except a collection of atoms and shit. You are shit.


>it would suck if there were consequences for my actions in this life and if the afterlife were somehow worse than this existence, therefore it couldn't possibly be true. the option that makes me less distressed is obviously the more true one. btw your head exploding is like taking a nap, don't ask me how i got to that conclusion.


How would the matter that compromised your body in this universe and all of your memories be magically transferred to another realm?

Free will is a myth, so how could my actions even be judged? There is only one way in which my life could happen as determined by the laws of the universe.

There would be absolutely no point in an afterlife. What am I going to do, just exist there and like suffer forever? For what reason? Because I made up this collection of matter in this specific spot in the universe?

What would be the point? Do animals that kill other animals to survive also go to this realm? What about the bacteria or the little baby chickens that get ground up into meat solution?


>meaningless suffering as a concept is too scary to even consider, therefore the universe has to make sense and after i die i just stop existing cuz that makes me feel better about things. i can't comprehend how an all powerful multi-dimensional deity would conceive and judge my actions and therefore, this is not a real possibility, literal nothingness just feels like a more compelling idea to me so it must be true. here's a bunch of science stuff that a bunch of naked apes wrote down and couldn't disprove, so its probably true.


So where were you before you were born?

Explain that. You can't because you're full of bullshit and just spouting retarded religious non-sense said by other dumb apes.


The point is that you don't and can't know about the before/after life. I'm not even religious, just saying its a gamble. I'd prefer if there were no afterlife, but there is no such guarantee. There's no telling if you can even apply rules from this reality to some other one. Like, before and after are concepts born out of living in a dimension where time exists and moves forward in some direction. The afterlife could just be eternal suffering, deity or no deity involved. You're just saying "oh its probably all going to be fine cuz the alternative makes me feel bad".


>I'd prefer if there were no afterlife, but there is no such guarantee

So what's the difference of going there from suicide or from going there when you die naturally?

There really is no difference.


Maybe. We're effectively trying to guess the rules, like any gambler you're trying to find a pattern and make the winning bet at the right time. To me, exploding your own head with a shotgun blast just seems a little bit on the iffy side. Like, putting it all on red. If you're really feeling it brother, then sure, go for it. I'm just hedging my bets and my gut tells me a peaceful transition between life and death is one of the more important factors. The way you die ain't all the same. I can't know what violently transferring your soul or extinguishing it with a firearm will have as an effect in a theoretical next dimension XYZ where maybe pain lingers from the moment of separation. Or maybe there really is a deity that doesn't like when you quit too early or something, again, who I am to comprehend a being like that? Perhaps he/she/it really is as childish as deities tend to be and he could send you to a realm where right is left and 2+2=0 and have you ever wondered what that would be like? Of course not, because your anthrocentric viewpoint tells you that the world has to make sense, and oh boy, that might be a very nice thing about this existence, but that kind of thing is not guaranteed in any way. Or maybe I'm just a metaphysical pessimist and it all really is going to be fine, so fire away I guess.


>Or maybe there really is a deity that doesn't like when you quit too early or something, again, who I am to comprehend a being like that?
Or maybe that diety will get more and more angry the longer you stay alive. This kind of speculation is pointless.


Why is everyone obsessed with a fucking afterlife


There is no afterlife.

You are just a collection of memories stored in the brain. Once the brain is destroyed, all those memories cease to exist and return back to non-living matter.


Exactly I don't get all the fucking fuss people are trying to make


I think these egotistical faggots put too much significance on life, when it's just a natural occurrence under the laws of the universe and is no different than what drives the continued nuclear combustion of the sun.

Life is just a more complex chemical reaction.


I hate how these religitards spew their egotistical non-sense onto life itself, trying to make it seem more significant than what it really is.

In reality, life is worthless, meaningless and pointless. There is no meaning to it. Suffering and pain is just an evolutionary trait and those with this trait were the ones who survived and reproduced.

Life itself is a disease. Life and the evolutionary process is what produced suffering and pain in the first place. Without life, there is no suffering or pain.


Maybe there's an afterlife and you will suffer there, but that doesnt mean the shotgun will cause pain.
>btw your head exploding is like taking a nap,
The thing causing pain is the brain, if the brain is gone you wont feel pain. The brain stem is responsible for being conscious in this [human] body therefore if it 'explodes' in less than a second it's basically a light switch


Its not just standard religious fundies, but normalfags in general.
They slaves and worshippers to self preservation instinct.


what instrument should i use?


File: 1653189947300.mp4 (2.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ed7569e524fabd1da7d5db10f2….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Fentanyl is the least painful death.

You nod out into a blissful abyss in general euphoria. You don't even know you're overdosing.

Many people describe overdosing on fentanyl is one of their greatest euphoric nod outs.


When you overdose on fentanyl, it's like going to sleep and never waking up, but your last moments are in a blissful euphoria.

Once you go under, you cease to exist. Everything that made you, you ceases to exist. All of your memories, all your feelings are extinguished forever.

The only possible way of surviving is if EMTs administer you narcan. If they do bring you back using narcan, you don't remember anything except the last moments you were in a blissful euphoria right before you lost consciousness. Just like going to sleep.


Gov agency:
>These poor, ignorant people are killing themselves with laced pills when they just meant to get high! We have to protect them. Quick, stage an informational video!
People taking fentanyl pills:
>Holy shit! A single pill I can take that will kill me blissfully and peacefully!


File: 1653208817501.png (151.42 KB, 387x257, 387:257, DYKWYCA.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why the fuck did the normalfaggots have to take away sodium nitrate

Why the fuck did the normalfaggots have to have heroin and all the good OD drugs illegal

Why the fuck am I too much of a coward to hang myself.

I try and I try, every time I press down survival instincts kick in. I really don't know how people do it.


File: 1653217323011.png (260.72 KB, 544x541, 544:541, 3gs1o7.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't get it either. I'm doomed to force myself to stay alive and suffer until something kills me. What a drag.


File: 1653274795133.jpg (66.32 KB, 1015x571, 1015:571, 19df419e-b28b-40c3-beeb-8b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone walk me through how to acquire fentanyl off the dark web using monero?

What marketplace should I use and is it safe from being busted by the police when ordering it?

I live with roommates, so how could I receive the package? Do I have to give the vender my name? How else could I receive the package without giving my name?



At least use a VPN when you even do so much as to ask stuff like this.



To find basic links for the dark web there are a couple of sites in the regular web like "dark.fail" that tells you the TOR links.

Go to a site on TOR called "Dread" that is basically the dark web version of Reddit. There you can find what markets are hot and what markets are dangerous because they are either scams or taken over by the feds.

Right now use something like "Alphabay reborn", look for a vendor with good score and you can pay with monero.

> how could I receive the package?

Learn about "death drops" an see if that is a possibility on your country, if not you are just going to have to gamble it.


POST infographics on suicide.


Entrapment is a crime too, you know.


not in all countries. There is international collaboration that skirts such laws, like with the backdoored ANOM phones recently that got many drug dealers, where police in dystopian glory holes like australia with no human rights do the entrapment and then share the data with other countries


Really retarded question, but the drop height measurement in drop hanging refers to the length the rope itself will drop, and not the prospective drop from where you tie the rope to a base point, right? So an 8 foot rope will be an 8 foot drop, even if over a 200 foot bridge.


1. Parents keep nagging me to apply to this ridiculously competitive program.
2. They don't want me to apply to any other program.
3. Have ADD in a country with no ADD meds. Also pretty severe social and generalized anxiety.

If this won't stop in the next few days, I'm booking a room in a high rise apartment and jumping off. There's 0 chance of survival If you jump from higher than 30 metres, which Is around 9th floor.

All the other methods are either too scary like train or too unreliable like hanging and SN.

I think I've made similar post like this so I apologize for that, but this may actually be the last.


What is this success rate of this general? Do you get new people or is it the same people posting about it but never actually going through


>the same people posting about it but never actually going through

A few wizards have already done it and have been in the news for it.


Probably both. The same people post about it year after year, but incrementally one after the other does it.

>So an 8 foot rope will be an 8 foot drop

It will be 8 foot from where it's supported to your neck. If you drop down 8 feet from where it's tied and the ground is 8 feet below where it's tied, you'll just hit the ground. Always take into consideration your own height.


File: 1653598919575.jpg (276.67 KB, 1080x781, 1080:781, Screenshot_20220526-170054….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


jumping from a skyscraper seems like an obvious method in the city, but im not sure about the logistics of it

can you ask a hotel for the top floor? will the windows open?

or what this guy did


I've worked construction and been on many roofs. On office buildings and hotels the actual access to the roof is on the stairwell, and is only a thin door, often just held close with a bolt and padlock. You could walk in with an axe in a duffle bag and simply smash the door open.


File: 1654001808738.jpg (2.02 MB, 4000x1800, 20:9, 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What happened to the wiz that said he was going to shoot himself with a Mossberg on live stream? It seems the mods stepped in and deleted all his posts before this got out of hand.

Pic related, it was one of the photos he posted.


Not the first time he deleted his own posts. Been following his "story" for a while and this is just another fantasy of his, like moving across state and changing his name or moving to Europe and working minimum wage.


On the part of the suicide wiki hanging page where it lists types of materials you can hang yourself with how painful is the "Good" tier compared to the "Very good" or "Excellent" tier? Was thinking of using a power cable.


Also does the lack ot consciousness caused by the hanging before convulsions make it impossible to feel the convulsions as they occur?


Not to be rude, but who cares anymore? Videos of people shooting themselves in the head are everywhere now. Livestream suicides don't really provide much, especially within imageboard culture where you're more likely to get 4chan retards flood and abuse people. The dutch wiz who died got posted to 4chan and the thread flodded with norms. The perverse nature of assholes encouraging someone to livestream suicide should be curtailed.

People who want to livestream and die with people to talk to, or to spill their last thoughts to, cool. But making it a big event or spectacle seems like a bad thing to post these days. Now if some niggah was getting euthanised and filmed that live saying goodbye in a chill stream - kind of cool.


It all depends on the noose position on the neck and if the material doesn't stretch too much, also regarding your other question you won't feel anything after falling out of consciousness, not even your own body's convulsions.


Death jumping.

I live on high rise, 55 meter, last floor, what are the odd of dying? Asking for a friend, of course.


0% if you don't have the balls


As always it depends how you land. You could die from a 4ft drop if you landed on your head. But yeah 55 seems pretty lethal.


Drinking silver polisher, what are the chances of off meself with it?


You’d probably die but you’d need something to keep you from throwing it up and it would probably be rather unpleasant


Damn, no way to off myself without pain?


File: 1654116791240.png (720.16 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


My country doesn't allow civilian to carry guns, not american, my dear, star stripped friend.


Can you at least buy ammo? That with a pipe, nail, and some strong can be an easy method.


You might want to look into antique firearms if your country makes exceptions for them. Even a flintlock pistol would do the job.

Alternatively, head on railroad track is pretty reliable.


1-Buying Nembutal/pentobarbital and drinking/taking 12grams will kill.
2-Take 3g of phenobarbital or 300mg of zolpidem+zopiclone or taking 90mg of oxazepam, then crush 12grams of chloroquine and put this powder into water, dink the water (warning the pheno/zolpi/oxazepam is needed or else it's very painful)
Take 600mg of ibuprofen, wait 15 minutes then take 30mg of metoclopramide/domperidone, wait 45 minutes then take 20g of sodium nitrite (not Nitrate) dissolved in 50ml of water. Bonus: Take propranolol before the SN then dissolve 400mg of propranolol into the SN water


Trying to study partial suspension/hanging, but it sounds too good to be true – or at least unpopular for how effective/painless it seems.

It is implied you can simply kneel and lean forward on an adequately tight ligature, is that correct?

Also, is paying 'damages' after a hotel suicide a real thing, or myth from the don't-do-its? I'd expect maybe a couple thousand for room cleanup. But some posts suggest the family would suffer $10's of thousands for the hotel employee's trauma or etc.


File: 1654198623900.jpg (222.11 KB, 2222x1250, 1111:625, IMG_10666.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reply to this post if you want to die in your sleep tonight.



I had a gun to my head but couldn't do it, I could only get the trigger to the point where I actually felt pull. Sat there for an hour trying. This was 2 years ago but I just remembered the incident again and feel so stupid trying to find other ways to do it when I'm too much of a coward to ever follow through.



>too scared to use rope
>too scared to buy a gun
>no good buildings nearby
Well, looks like I'm on MR.Bone's wild ride for the long haul. I wonder what it's like to have a gun or some other effective method just sitting there waiting to be used.


You don’t have to kill yourself.


Nonsense. Everyone should kill themselves.


File: 1654438115581.png (390.74 KB, 1032x817, 24:19, B715B913-F2FD-40EB-BA51-C2….png) ImgOps iqdb

Whatever you say.


You don't want to die, do you?

True. Everyone here thinks it is their holy mission to off themselves. Nobody has to kill himself.


I will wait 160 days because I want to die at a 180 day nofap streak.
what do I do,in the mean-time?


Is edging allowed so long as you don't come?


Gaming, reading downloaded text, trying to imagine yourself killing yourself so you don't feel worried when you actually do it


Why? Odd thing to aim for


I'm planning to jump from the top of my building soon. Is 57 meters enough for a certain death? Will it be painless?


Men have dies from lower heights landing on their abdomen. A head-dive from that height should be sufficient to kill anyone.
>Will it be painless?
Nobody knows, for we can not ask the dead how much pain they endured.


Why does no one ever mention cutting your carotid artery as a possible suicide method? It's almost impossible to survive, and the bleeding out itself doesn't hurt.

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