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How do you cope with being unwanted trash?
Getting told to go away all the time, by everyone in a subtle or unsubtle way, when everyone wants you to fuck off when you can talk to no one because everyone just wants you to go away.
Even if it sounds really pathetic it fucking hurts I wish I could stop thinking about other people


Thanks for the daily lum dose.


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ive been there

you just retreat into the solace of your cave until it stops bothering you

my condolences if you cannot yet escape normals



We come to the internet to places like Wizchan looking for like-minded people so we have somebody to talk to and we rely on video games, anime, movies, music and hobbies to ease the pain. Some also use chemicals (never tried it myself so I can't tell you if that works).

>Even if it sounds really pathetic it fucking hurts I wish I could stop thinking about other people

It's not pathetic at all, it's called being human. If you are not in the autistic spectrum or are not some complete psychopath is going to hurt. Most people are social by nature. Try to avoid the mental damage as much as you can by avoiding the people that causes it (almost all of them) and treat yourself with the things that make you happy (videogames for example).

Try stuff like stoicism, it may help a little to change your perspective. Try to improve a little every day to feel good about yourself and ignore the assholes. Do things like developing a skill, working out, etc.


I also used to be like that when I was in college. I felt lonely and wanted to connect to others. I swear I did try, but there definitely had to be something wrong with me. People who don't know anybody else in a new class just magically make groups and bond together. I have no fucking idea how it works. Well, I guess you have to be a normalfag to know. Even when I would end up being part of some group after putting in effort, I'd always be at the periphery. They were all friends and cared for each other, and I was just that one awkward guy that maybe they felt bad for but they didn't really care if he was there or not.

That was just a period of a couple of years, though. Even before during high school and middle school I always wanted to be alone and was annoyed when my teachers pushed me to socialize and be part of groups. I look back at those years with a bit of embarrassment and regret. I have no idea what got into my head. But it did led me to go back to my usual solitude with a greater disdain for normalfags and concrete evidence that it's not merely a question of disliking being around others. I'm simply not made for it and that's how it should be.


The irony being if you express these basic human feelings you've got a 50% chance some truewizkid will jump at the chance to call you a crab and make you feel excluded even here in a place for outcasts for not being the "right" kind of outcast. In that respect it's not much different from the rest of the internet.


I cope by being pretending to be annoying on purpose so that I have some justification in my mind for a reason that I could change in which they would alternatively like me rather than face the reality they wouldn't like me either way


This isn't the most wizardly advice, but have you considered your hygiene? Poor hygiene makes people not want to be near you. Another one is this western nonsense called "personal space". My 10th grade history teacher used to take 5 steps back everytime I talked to her. When I asked her what the fuck was wrong, she said I'm too close. Are you too close?


>When I asked her what the fuck was wrong, she said I'm too close.
She probably wouldn't have minded if you were also female.


>>254369 (OP)
Stop avatarfagging.

That sounds rude, did she have mental problems or something? There are more subtle ways to make people understand you want them to keep a distance. Backing off five steps sounds excessive, and completely uncalled for in a teacher-student relationship, unless you were literally making physical contact with her.


Im sorry I didnt mean to


Maybe she did. She was nearly 50 with no hubby or kids. And even if I was across the teacher desk from her, she would lean way back in her chair.



If you still have hope
Try to get rich else you will remain a slave to society and its superficial rules.


>My 10th grade history teacher used to take 5 steps back everytime I talked to her.
Teachers are (perhaps justifiably) paranoid of being accused of inappropriate behaviour with students. I wouldn't use that scenario as a litmus test for this kind of thing.

Being mindful of personal space is a good thing though and you should err on the side of caution in this regard when interacting with others.


idk tell me if you work it out


I'm thinking I'm going to try and put in a last ditch effort to become a pro cage fighter. There are pros still fighting in their mid 40s so even though I'm kind of old it's not impossible. I have nothing else to lose and it seems like the only possible way to get rich that I could actually tolerate doing. In fact I'm going to go exercise right now. Worst that happens is I get in shape and can fake being a normie in order to begin my life of slavery. God just saying that though… grim shit.


They're going to call you… The wizard!


Stop chasing people, or rather expel them by yourself at the slightest sound from their faces.

Why are you feeling you are the actual trash instead of them? Don't chase people…


I return the favour and reject this world too.


I fulfill the same thing by being fat

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