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Anyone else have an anxiety order of some kind? It's gotten to the point where I just pace around in my room for hours thinking, calculating and imagining myself in various dark and worrying situations. Things that are permanent, like being outed as a racist, doxed or something and get fired from my job and harassed until I end up homeless or dead.

While I do this, I sometimes yell out "fuck" and other obscenities when I'm in a complete state of fear, panic and hopelessness. I'm always in a state of terror. I fear people are after me and looking to ruin my life permanently.

I'm so fucking scared and I can't help but break down and cry at home and at work. I don't know what to do.


I do that more often than i would like. I imagine being in the worst situations possible and then i get angry for being betrayed by friends or cheated on (by imaginary gf).

I try as much as i can to stop this bad habit. It does me no good to get angry over an imaginary hypothetical situation when I live in social isolation (except if you consider work as social interaction).

I am taking a plant called "rhodiola rosea" which limits my anxiety.


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I usually vent to my pet. These are the recurring questions "what am i supposed to do with my life?", "why was I born in this day and age?" and "What made me such an horrible person?". He never gives me answers tho.


I have a pretty bad anxiety disorder, whenever I need to leave my room I literally need 2 days to mentally prepare and 1 for mentally recovering from the stress


I have an anxiety disorder but it's more related to delusions, I cant even go outside, often times my parents tried to take me out the past few years and I would just end up breaking down and crying from the stress


well, since i can first remember, i've always had anxiety about being homeless. not that i was ever even in a situation where i was homeless or anything close, its just always something that bothers me and thats why i work a job and always have.


i have delusions or what they call "magical thinking" i always have. i learned to know what was reality and what was magical thinking and i have improved a bit.


Yeah waves of anxiety hit throughout the day. I didn't know it wasn't normal growing up. Looking back no wonder I sucked so bad at school and trying and failing to become a productive worker bee. I thought I was just a scared little bitch of school itself. Now I'm an old fuck having spent years neeting doing fuck all all day. I know it's random anxiety washing over me for no reason at all.


I have no idea why but this post made me laugh out loud like a fucking idiot.


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kinda acky to get opened in the brain for that


i wish i could do this surgery, but i don't think any practitioner would condone this. Besides brain surgery is risky as hell



Actually did some research, it doesn't affect intelligence besides some potential memory problems.
They can take the amygdala away or destroy it. There's a 3% mortality rate, but that's on subjects that were mostly ill to begin with.


This is just reminding me of that guy who had part of his brain taken out with a straw.


in order to even get this done you need a referral from your doctor which won't happen and even if you do you need to find a surgeon willing to do this.
that's to say this even eradicates fear because some studies show in patients with ptsd there's still arousal regarding fear sensations.


I think I was born with some kind of genetic anxiety disorder because I remember that even in preschool I sat in a corner afraid to play with the other kids


genetics and brain structure, just as some people are born psychopaths with low activity reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala
You don't pick how you turn out, it's just random, same with appearance and intelligence, you can be a chad or a normie or a genetic failure.

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