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Hi, I have a few questions about the shotgun method. Obviously you should use 12 gauge and buckshot or slugs? What about recoil? You put it in the roof of your mouth?
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You can't import a shotgun into a country with strickt gun laws


Turkish source is someone selling SN on amazon.com, I don't know the url to the dude though.


Can someone please explain to me how does a doorknob hanging work?


The doorknob prevents the rope from falling to the ground with your body, which puts pressure on your neck, which cuts off air and blood to the brain, killing you


Being a legit shizophrenic sucks a lot. My life is 100 times worse than your average person. especially living under my circumstances.


I feel your pain, anon. What are your circumstances?


I have agoraphobia, im anxious around others, an outcast in my small town because of my condition and the fact that ive been hospitalized multiple times.
I also got bullied and abused a lot for the majority of my life.


Sodium nitrite being held during shipping. 🤨


I don't understand why overcomplicate so much with suicide, it's not like most of you are chasing less violent methods. You're mostly looking at violent, painful methods that are also complicated. If they are complicated they are unlikely to happen.

Are you putting yourself for a complicated suicide you know won't happen? Is it just a fantasy? Not attacking anyone, I'm genuinely curious and I'm obviously suicidal myself, otherwise I wouldn't be here. My approach to suicide and death differs from most of you.


I never heard of the SN from IC ever being withheld, I am 100% sure you'll get the SN within a day or two


Sorry if my question seemed like trolling but it's not, just want to be sure that pull up bar can be good anchor point or I should consider some other place as anchor point.


File: 1659888890637.jpg (151.64 KB, 1080x780, 18:13, 3ca.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How long does Sodium Nitrite actually last? I've bought some recently and the package says December/2023 is when it expires… still, I've heard before that it never really expires as long as you don't open it, so I'm assuming this date is in case I open it up, though I've also heard before that once you do open it and expose it to air and such it'll expire soon, so I'm not sure how much time I've actually got. I'm also unsure about how much to use it, the PPeH recommends 35g for people over 100kg like me, but since I'm about 120kg I'm thinking of going with 40g just to be sure, taking antiemetics to make sure I don't throw it all up. I still can't believe this is actually happening, I finally have Sodium Nitrite, I'm really going to kill myself soon, it almost doesn't feel real… but it is, and while this isn't how I would've chosen for my life to end, it's for the best, it must end like this.


If you don't expose it to oxygen it lasts until 2023, however if you expose it to oxygen for too long, like an hour max, it will expire.
Nembutal/Penotbarbital is the one that never expires if never opened.
I highly recommend you NEVER open the bag UNTIL you are certain you're going to kill yourself.
35 grams is enough to kill you, in fact I would say it might be overkill as fat makes one poison and drugs affect a person more strongly. If you take too much you will vomit it out so don't think more=better.


I see, thank you! I'll do just that, only open it once I'm sure, and I'll follow the PPeH's recommendation of 35g instead of adding more, hopefully everything goes well when the time comes, now all I need to do is write my letter and choose a date to leave.


Damn I thought nitrite lasted forever - I bought some for a suicide kit when I need it and before it gets harder to get in my country. Guess the plan wasn’t great.


several reasons, I believe
1. they don't actually want to die. They think by doing a fake "suicide" things will somehow change
2. they want to die but can't do it. So the next best thing is talking about methods and shit
3. apathy and lack of initiative,instead of driving to a bridge or saving a few hundred for a gun they want to do it at home in their rooms, so thats why theres lots of poisoning/OD discussion


What's the best way to poison myself without resorting to illegal drugs?


Sodium Nitrite



how guaranteed is it to kill? is it painful? i was thinking a gun or huffing nitrogen gas but i feel as if both methods are a bit too fast. its kind of retarded but i want to perform the action to kill myself and then slowly fade out in order to do one last final look on everythimg


although on second thought, it's probably the easiest and best if i buy a handgun and shoot myself. a very good way to just impulsively kill myself with no regrets


Writing a suicide outline diary right now. When I decide to finalize everything, I'll most likely dump it into a pastebin and post it here, I feel like it'd be interesting to read for you guys out here.


If you follow >>262422, it's painless although there's a chance you will vomit so it wont be 100% comfy/relaxing. A gun is a very good way of killing yourself, placing the gun in a 20 degree angle in your mouth will guarantee to kill you especially if you're using a large caliber rifle (see >>262509)


A gun is better than any poison or drug overdose or anything, if done right, it's super quick and painless.
Nitrogen is painless but it takes a long time and is very tricky to get right, if you do one thing wrong like not tighten the bag you wont die and be paralysed for life


imtimecuisine.com most likely ships to your country too, unless you're in the middle east or something.


How much does full suspension hurt if u do it right?


Wonder how they went. I've thought about planning a trip to Japan, enjoying myself for a while, and if that wouldn't change my mind I would buy a rope and off to Aokigahara. Would be perfect if they didn't find the body and people just thought I went off on my own


It arrived fine


I wonder if they were depressed weebs who thought moving to japan would fix their depression and then they killed themselves once they realized it didn't fix anything.


According to the Sanctioned Suicide thread, SN needs an Antiemetic or else you'll likely just throw it up afterwards. And it's prescription only. I've got no idea how to convince a doctor that I need some. This method doesn't seem that reliable.


File: 1660120951053.jpg (145.34 KB, 699x1003, 699:1003, [Dirty Pair] Yuri and Kei ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That doesn't sound too bad, if anything then doing what you like can change your perspective on things without having to rely on toxic imageboard-culture. Here only the assholes profit from putting those with real depression even further down and can be the final straw when making the decision to end it.
This is why bullies (not only normies, at least they have something to do instead of shitposting 247) like to use anonymous places and have been flooding 4chan or this site, they can drive others to suicide without having to face the consequenses, basically stop hanging around here if you still have a slight hope of turning things around.


The antiemetic is called Metoclopramide. If you're in the UK you can buy it from simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk, you can make an account and contact the user Befree or Smart No More, they know websites that can sell you metoclopramide without a prescription.
You need to fill a form in the website but you can bullshit, they dont contact your rl gp or anything.
Another alternative to metoclopramide is domperidone


The problem with a gun IMO is the possibility of survival instinct (SI) messing things up. It's hard enough trying to aim at a body part you can't see. Now consider that you might flinch at the very last moment.

This wouldn't be so bad, except gunshot survivors end up permanently disfigured. It's very much a "high risk, high reward" method.


if you flinch with a pistol, yes you will mess up.
If you follow >262509/>>256356 AND use a large caliber rifle, preferably a 20g shotgun, 7.62 rifle or a .30-08 is good too, flinching will still kill you.
A large caliber wont put a bullet straight clean through your head, it will literally blow the entire back head off, it's the same as putting a grenade in your mouth.
You will never survive that unless something supernatural occurs



really depends on how the bar is anchored and if the suicide wants to
>partial suspension
>suspension drop
The most demanding is drop-hanging, though I generally find hanging impractical unless there's nothing else
mass 80Kg, distance about 150cm for actual drop hanging (the bar isn't high enough, but it'd need to be able to bear tons.
Of course, it's a basic cantilever, attaching the rope closer to one of the wall-anchors will increase the strength many times over.
I myself think I'll use an argon gas tank, a flow meter and a body bag to lay down inside to reduce the mess.


looks like the 10L tanks are enough kek
seems like a clean method, really pondering it bros
got more than enough to splurge 300 on a tank and another 150 on the pressure regulator plus another 40 for a body bag off amazon lmao
seems like a one and done deal - do you think I can use argon, let it fill up the body bag beforehand and then put up a contraption that zips the bag shut once I get in while the gas keeps flowing slowly?
seems pretty ideal and I get to breathe in the bag, gone in like 30 seconds…
damn, it's nice to know I know how to do it, maybe I can post-pone it and just hold on a little while longer


When you go unconscious the bag will loosen a bit. I heard a scuba diving mask would be better or some ccap mask or whatever they're called


Also yes you can use argon, any noble gas is good, make sure it's 99% pure.


*any noble gas + nitrogen


Fuckkkk if only dying was painless, survival instinct is a bitch


File: 1660588692365.jpg (15.44 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

had one of these. mom took it away,sent to hospital for months. Im back .best way to die? I cant buy guns


People dont generally kill themselves because The human nature is hopefull by design. Even normies in Their 40s on deadend Jobs dream of Their situation improving. its theoretically possible. After 50s its pretty much over For you. You didn't procreate, most likely normies won't accept you into Their groups so you Have nothing except mindless entertainment.


look at this guide >>262422
alternatively you could hang yourself, there's a guide on sanctioned-suicide.org
Or, you can buy pentobarbital from a drug dealer who's contact is also in sanctioned-suicide.org, you need monero or bitcoin to buy it though.
I recommend you do the hanging and/or pentobarbital research with the TOR browser, it's as easy to download as google chrome


Oh for fuck sakes, imtimecuisine.com no longer sells SN for some stupid reason.
I don't know where else one can buy SN from, there's that amazon vendor I think but I don't know who he is, the only option to finding him is by asking those at sanctioned-suicide.org.
You could alternatively buy pentobarbital or GHB illegally, but you need bitcoin or monero for either of them (GHB costs $100-180 and pentobarbital's around $1100)


>You didn't procreate
Bringing innocent soul into this hell is not good thing.
>most likely normies won't accept
you into Their groups
I don't seek company of mouthbreathers.
Normgroids are inheritly boring, bland and unpleasant.
>so you have nothing except mindless entertainment.
Mindless entertainment is much better than to be in group of normalfags.


Seems that the website started selling SN again. Strange, I don't know why they stopped selling it for a few hours


They will stop selling it soon after a few deaths start coming in.


Now they stopped selling it…


File: 1660850592441.png (387.81 KB, 663x626, 663:626, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

‘Empire’ actor Lindsey Pearlman’s cause of death revealed six months after her body was found - Suicide by Sodium Nitrite


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