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Hi, I have a few questions about the shotgun method. Obviously you should use 12 gauge and buckshot or slugs? What about recoil? You put it in the roof of your mouth?
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You speak my same language bee brother, after my loving dad dies i shall follow him into the grave and be with my mom and dad forever, in the grave.


There is an irony that if you keep trying in those 10 years, you might actually make it, and you will consider suicide unnecessary.
So is now or never.


You'll be suprised to see the amount of normalfags here.


And that advice might work for them


File: 1661283383048.png (297.96 KB, 905x813, 905:813, 54654t4.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am no longer happy with my life.

Everything I do is just a distraction to numb the pain. I no longer enjoy anything. I'm tired all the time and I don't have any hope for anything anymore.

Right now I'm blasting music to just try to feel something again, maybe a little joy or good nostalgia, but it's just making me emotional.

I don't want to live anymore.


Me neither


Emotions are a feeling no? Maybe you need to have a big cry, might make you feel better.


literally me except i didnt call them
funny pic btw


I already cry everyday.


Is there any way to isekai myself without leaving a mess? Leaving remains behind for others to clean up is probably the worst thing. Walking off into the woods and never coming out seems pretty romantic, but someone will probably find my body. Renting a boat and journeying into the deep blue with a shotgun might be the only way, but I don't want to fuck over the boat owner, if I don't just buy one. Any suggestions?


Why the fuck do you care


You could go to the woods and blow your head off with a shotgun, maybe go to a nearby cave if there is one and do it. If you're doing it in the woods, do it in a part/place where there's a lot of wildlife, they'll eat a lot of your remains so whoever will find you will see a decomposing corpse, which they also will see if you kill yourself in a 'non-messy' way (everyone decomposes, and decomposition is ugly)


People tend to be particular about their death, hombre.


Because I don't want to traumatize someone else or give another more inconvenience than I already have while living. Just fading away or going MIA is ideal.
That doesn't sound too bad. Preferably I'd like to be a skelly by the time I'm found, so it's not as gruesome. I'll have to find a place with a lot of animal activity and just let them have at it.


Also, wear as minimal clothing as possible. I am not trolling, this is a serious suggestion I am giving.
Animals sometimes leave parts which are clothed which means whoever will find you would find you mostly non-skeletal if you are mostly clothed


Thanks for the tip, I'll be going the same way I came in. Naked and afraid. After reading the thread I've become a fan of sodium nitrite. Shotgun just seems like I'll end up living, which is not ideal.


>Is there any way to isekai myself without leaving a mess? Leaving remains behind for others to clean up is probably the worst thing. Walking off into the woods and never coming out seems pretty romantic, but someone will probably find my body. Renting a boat and journeying into the deep blue with a shotgun might be the only way, but I don't want to fuck over the boat owner, if I don't just buy one. Any suggestions?

Honestly I wish I could do the boat one, unfortunately guns aren't easily accessible where I live.
>fuck up the boat owner
It won't fuck him up financially, renting a boat isn't like renting an apartment, you tend not to give a fuck about what it was used for. it might distress him psychologically but someone will eventually find you so this outcome is inevitable


You can't live with a shotgun to the brainstem, that's impossible.
If you follow >>263825 you will 100% die, and die painlessly. Every single shotgun suicide fail is because people point the gun up their chin which only destroys your front brain, not the brain stem. The advice at >>263825 explains how to aim to the brainstem.
Also make sure you're not using birdshot ammo/shells


Yeah but it's still a dick move to take someone else's stuff and have them go on a mission to find it, only to find a mangled corpse. If I exit peacefully without getting people involved I'll at least have achieved one goal.
I should just use slugs correct?


yea slugs are good


Making preparations now. I'll wait a bit between when I post this and my dispatch date just to make sure. As weird as it sounds it feels really good to have this planned and ready to go. Like it really doesn't matter what gets thrown my way anymore, no matter if things get worse I have an exit.


Yea with a gun you get a super nice and easy way of dying. I wish guns were legal in the rest of the western/first world, baby boomers and the older generation were pretty lucky since guns were legal and easily accessible prior to the 80's


Gonna throw myself off a building. Anything I should know? Is 20m enough?


minimum height to die from falling is 40m….


Wouldn't recommend. 40% of jumping attempts end in failure. Have you looked at any alternate methods?


I've been thinking about the helium thing but my folks will notice since I still live with them. Besides helium's like 300 bucks in my country and I don't have the money nor can I get it. Guns are illegal in my shithole btw. Any suggestions?


Imtimecuisine.com sells Sodium nitrite and every person who bought it, myself included, received it without any repercussions. The website sometimes doesnt have SN for sale so you have to look at certain times of the day. Here's exactly what you have to do in order to die most painlessly with Sodium Nitrite: *Fast 8 Hours 0:00 - take 2 paracetamol 0:05 - Take 1x40mg of propranolol 0:15 - Take 3x10mg of metoclopramide 0:30 - Mix 9x40mg of propranolol with water, crush the propranolols and put the powder in water then drink it 1:00 - Get 15-20 grams of Sodium Nitrite and dissolve it in 50ml of water. Drink the water after dissolving and mixing If you're in the UK, you can get propranolol and metoclopramide from E-surgery.com and simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk, You have to fill out a form but you can easily lie as the website wont actually ask your GP or anything. For anyone who isnt in the UK. The website imtimecuisine.com ships Sodium Nitrite world-wide. There are non-uk websites for metoclopramide and propranolol but I don't know them sadly, you can ask people on sanctioned-suicide.org. I would recommend you make an email with tutanota.com and use a burner phone connected to public wifi to make an account on sanctioned-suicide.org. Also, if you want, you could buy pentobarbital which kills in 20 minutes and doesnt require ludicrous preparations like SN. You need $1200 or more of either bitcoin or monero (I would recommend monero really), you can either buy bitcoin or if you dont have financial independence, convince your family to buy bitcoin (say something like "oh if we keep it for x years we'll be rich"), getmonero.com has a wallet to store monero and https://changenow.io/ lets you convert bitcoin into monero. dsupplynbtl@protonmail.com is the pentobarbital vendor, I heard he changed his email but I never contacted him since pentobarbital's too expensive for me. Unless you have been visited by the police before, and thus are on some watchlist probably, you won't get busted. No airport has any barbiturate testing mechanism and the guy disguises the pento as make up and other stuff, he usually tells you what he will disguise it as. So many people on sanctioned-suicide bought pentobarbital from that email, received and killed themselves with it.


You can also hang yourself, this is a good guide to hang yourself


SS has a detailed guide on how to use Sodium Nitrite.


Interestingly, unlike other hypoxic methods, it apparently protects your brain until your heart is knocked out. In most cases, this prevents permanent brain damage in a failed attempt.

I've pasted the post I heard this from below. The post itself also referenced a study, which I'll link below.



SN is neuroprotective within a period amount of time. The succubus called the emergency to save herself, thus making the medical team to be able to arrive just in time when cardiac arrest has just began, thus making it possible for doctors to make the heart pump again.

At that moment, the protection from Nitric Oxide has just started to wear off, and because she called for help, they found her at the exact tiny moment where her heart could still be saved.

The fact that SN is converted into Nitric Oxide which prevents Hypoxic-Ischaemic brain injury is what caused most people who survived SN are now still able to live a functioning life. Keyword most. Compared to hanging and other hypoxia-inducing methods, SN is the only method who can keep your brain intact long enough to make sure no one accidentally finds you when you're already brain dead but your heart isn't.

Most people get saved a few hours after ingesting SN, meaning that by the time they get taken to the hospital, their brains are still protected.

If you're found minutes after hanging or exit bag, you have a much higher chance of getting brain injury because there is no chemical that protects your brain for some time. That's why death by SN could take up to 8 hours, and within that time if you're saved, you'll be fine like the most of SN survivors today.


File: 1661668226224.jpg (43.89 KB, 510x510, 1:1, folat-50-db-os-lufi-helium….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't want to make a new thread for this.
How can I tell if pic rel and similar are the lethal kind and not the "we made it safe" kind? I mean I could call the place, but I'm not even sure what to ask for.
I don't think I can manage to hang myself.
Only got gabapentin and amitriptilin for meds if I were to go that route in combination with this or whatever.
Don't have more cash than $100, EU. So something like this is all I can afford.
Last summer huh… Won't make it to a full fledged wiz status.


Not that anon, but yeah, generally speaking even suicide guys got to use their phones, the chargers are taken from everyone, you hand them in to the nurses and they charge it for you overnight or when you need it.


I'd imagine it's hard to tell outside laboratory conditions. I've read most "helium" cylinders are cut with other gases these days, simply due to the scarcity of He.

Maybe look for lab-grade helium tanks? They might cost a pretty penny.

Otherwise, Sodium Nitrite would be a safer method. You can get it for ~$60 via imtimecuisine.


helium you get from stores contain 20% oxygen. 80% inert gas + 20% oxygen is basically breathing normal air, although your voice might be squeaky due to the helium.
Like >>264223, SN is a better method. If you really want to die via gas then nitrogen is the one to use, make sure you use those gas pressure valve thingys or else the gas will rush in so quick your lungs will pop.


Stan's guide is good but it doesn't explain how to make it super lethal. My guide, >>264165 + >>262422, is basically Stan's Guide but with the addition of propranolol, which leads to a quicker and more peaceful death


Although… I should have probably mentioned that while propranolol leads to a quicker and more peaceful death, it increases the chance of brain damage.


Oh yea forgot to mention. If you're planning on hanging yourself, you could pretend you didnt commit suicide but died by accident via autoerotic asphyxiation.
Simply pull your pants down and put on porn and then hang yourself, the police will probably mark your death as an accident as long as you used a vpn or TOR when looking up suicide methods.



Rest well, friend. May we meet again, in a better life.

Did grab the recording?


*Did anyone


There was nothing to record, guy said nothing much in the chat and that was it.
Best we can do to verify is look for news for the following.
>around Slough


I'd kms too, if I lived in Slough.


are there any OTC antiemetics in the US that will work for SN method? i wont be able to get this kind of prescription


Is suicide via hypothermia realistic? I read about a guy that had passed out drunk while outside and froze to death. It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.


>It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.
Jealous of you anon, that's one of the "comfiest" ways to die plus even if u survive, you won't be a vegetable or anything so you could try it again sometime.



File: 1665314380877.png (534.58 KB, 850x420, 85:42, dinaric.png) ImgOps iqdb

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