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File: 1647798846629.jpg (41.98 KB, 1320x1320, 1:1, shotgun.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Hi, I have a few questions about the shotgun method. Obviously you should use 12 gauge and buckshot or slugs? What about recoil? You put it in the roof of your mouth?


File: 1647801756105.jpg (72.78 KB, 1059x661, 1059:661, shot_locations.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Buckshot and 1oz slugs are capable of dismembering a person from 10 yards away. On a pump-action with no moving autoloading mechanism, recoil impulse doesn't effect the barrel's direction until after the payload has left the bore. When pressed directly against the skull, there are three ways you will die for sure:

1. Bloodloss through the gaping wound left by the projectile

2. Rupturing of the brain. When any one of the projectiles hits the brain, the shockwave sends the brain outwards in all directions from the point of impact, quickly stretching it to the point where it perforates in millions of places.

3. Separation of the brain stem from the spinal cord. Even a knock on the back of the neck with a baseball bat can achieve this with instant lethality.

In most cases, you will experience full expulsion of the brain. In a point-blank scenario, even birdshot is lethal, due to much of the damage to the skull being attributed to the expanding gasses released at the muzzle. The skull is much like an egg in that it can withstand much force from the outside, but when force is exerted outwards from within, it falls apart relatively easily.

Do not shoot your chin. Do not shoot upwards at your top teeth towards your eyes. Do not shoot straight back to your spinal cord. All three have a fair chance to doom you to an eternity of suffering as a vegetable. The barrel must be pointed towards the brain cavity first and foremost. Bracing the gun against something solid, leaning your weight on to the barrel, using hotter loads, taking blood thinners, and being far from those who may wish to help, will all contribute to a successful death.

Pic related. Shuabiy had the gun to his forehead, and his entire face upwards of his nose blew off towards the back of his neck. The brain was liquefied. Vladislav's brain was split in two and sent serveral meters way. Islamic executioners shoot the back of the head. Not sure why but it works, the force of the shot splits the entire skull and even the jawbone in half.


File: 1647801964775.mp4 (2.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Shotgun_Head.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

This is your brain on buckshot


File: 1647808336182.png (1.3 MB, 757x712, 757:712, suicideeric.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

You know of Vladislav Roslyakov? Awesome, dude. Check out this Eric Harris suicide photo. Thank you so much.


Why was the picture taken from a 2002 cellphone?


More like 1999, haha.


File: 1648197541282.jpg (154.81 KB, 640x853, 640:853, ATI Nomad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you still live with your parents, it's a good idea to get a shotgun like pic related that can fold and fit in a backpack. You can order them online and have them shipped to an FFL. If your FFL asks any questions on why you bought it, you can say you bought it as a survivalism gun for a bugout bag. These types of shotguns are easy to hide, so you don't have to worry as much about your parents or other family members finding your gun and taking it away.


To add to this, these types of single shot shotguns are also extremely cheap. Some places sell the ATI Nomad for around $99.


What position should the shotgun be in? Upside down or normal? Please help.


It doesn't matter. Loads are packed symmetrically and barrels are machined straight. The recoil impulse will push the gun "up" mildly but only if you're using a gun with an autoloading mechanism, and even then the angle won't deviate more than a single degree and only after the load has left the barrel, which when point blank to the head will change nothing. If your magazine tube is flush with the bore you may have to put the gun in your mouth sideways so it fits but that's it.


how does anybody survive this? there's a rare number of people who survive shotgun to the face and i just wonder how?
are they using 20ga bird shot for attention? do they move at the last second and only hit their facial tissue instead of the skull? how


That's shotgun to the jaw, pointed up more towards the eyes. Imagine the shot getting between the face and the brain cavity, and pulling outwards.


File: 1655381966269.jpg (273.71 KB, 728x1083, 728:1083, doctor pigmies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here have a list of "things to do before I die"?
or some lingering wish,experiences they want to experience,etc, that makes you want to live at least 1,2 years more?
for me,its sticking around to see the ending of One Piece. I need to know the outcome of all the hypes/mysteries,the final battle with blackbeard and the admirals


>a list of "things to do before I die"?


in my case, I want to try the "dori" of buddhism esotericism: a dry fast and sleep deprivation at the same time.
supposedly after day 3 its life changing…life-threatening too,but if I survive i'll have superior insight


i need to know more about this method please.



It's easier just buying a rope



I wanted to see Berserk end lmfao.


I read that mirua's team will finish the manga based on notes about the ending


They should have left it alone to respect the man.


File: 1655496750858.jpg (24.36 KB, 372x400, 93:100, antique-pocket-reliquary-s….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to be a "devout" catholic(I prayed the rosary frequently..never read much the bible,tho)but now I think im a maltheist.
if a creator deity exists,I dont know how im supposed to gather its benevolent,based on my own life experience.
maybe im being a prideful brat but im serious.


Is it nice to be religious? I tried very hard at one point but I just can't, too many plot holes. I mentioned this to a religious wiz some time ago in some thread and he quoted a few biblical passages that basically says faith is a gift from God. So I guess this particular gift was not in store for me.

Still, I'm very curious how it feels. It must be like the feeling I have with a game or an anime where I manage to escape for a little while but if you are religious it's like you're living life on perpetual escapism and the immersion last as long as your faith does.


File: 1655515579544.png (77.92 KB, 980x907, 980:907, tgg.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

4 Americans committed suicide in Japan in 2021


How do you stop yourself from flinching before you pull the trigger?


why do I still care so much about my health?
I keep having healthy habits like sleeping a good night's sleep or limiting my energy drink usage.
i should be overdosing on all drugs by now, smh


But do you have deeper knowledge? Like about alcaline/acid good, ayurveda tips, naturalist techniques and likely


I do, I do.
caffeine is a big no-no in ayurveda..but they also reccomend drinknig cow pee so I dont buy all of it


I wonder if byuu is one of them.


File: 1655634658533.jpg (11.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (3).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im stil shocked that I stopped being a christian/catholic. I used to believe god would fix my shit if i prayed enough but no god will appear for me.
Ive been dealt a bad hand and I want to flip over the poker table.


File: 1655679468906.jpg (863.51 KB, 3996x2250, 222:125, 1643513541310.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is there anyone else here who wants to OD on benzodiazepines?

I have to say, it's a method I didn't even think much about before, since I preferred other methods to it, but now that I see how simple it is to get them, at least where I live, especially Clonazepam, since doctors seem to give it to anyone that dares mention having anxiety attacks or anything like that, I'm feeling like it's the way to go, at least it's now on my radar, an option I might be able to count with… however I'm not too familiar with benzodiazepine OD's at all.

Does anyone have any knowledge on what dosages of Clonazepam I'd need?
Are there any good resources online specifically about this sort of OD for suicide?
I've heard of a lot of people who OD on them and still lived, does it mean it's an unreliable method?


File: 1655681220468.png (257.71 KB, 468x273, 12:7, 66g4.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Just OD on heroin.

All you have to do is order it off the darknet (dark.fail for links). Get a syringe needle, distilled water, a cigarette filter, a spoon and a lighter.

Since it's your first time, OD'ing on heroin is quite easy. Put distilled water onto the spoon, then add your heroin. Heat up and stir the mixture until the heroin is fully dissolved in the distilled water.

Next you put the disassembled (the part of the filter that looks like white cotton) cigarette filter in the middle of the spoon, then you fill up the syringe by placing the needle in the middle of the filter and sucking up all of the mixture. Next you make sure there isn't any air in the syringe by slightly squirting some of the heroin out.

What you do next is apply a tourniquet around your upper arm to make your veins bulge out. Once you find a suitable vein, insert the needle carefully until you think it's fully inside of a vein. To make sure it's in a vein, you can pull on the syringe pump to withdraw some blood from your vein. If there's no blood, that means you're not in a vein.

So that's how you successfully shoot up heroin and possibly OD if you choose. People have described OD'ing on heroin as one of their most pleasurable moments of their life up until they're unconscious. They describe losing consciousness as "going to sleep", just like you would go to sleep at night, but in one last euphoric haze.


ideally you feel constant happiness for what is the supreme good, this happiness is not like a spike you would get from a drug, it is closer to being content despite the chores and the bad events that comes here and there. at some points, mainly when im being lazy, i get bummed out for not being in heaven united with God, sometimes shedding a tear, sometimes it feels like plain work.
catholicism is pretty normie in its tenets in the sense that you can't be religious without being social, so considering that im here, you can already guess where im falling short. why the social aspect is important? because while God is one, there are three different Persons yet all of Them are God, so if God lives in a "society" and we have been created by Him in His image, and that God is the source of all creation, then it is in our nature to be social also, which is why every religious order requires one to live well in a communitarian life.

i have issue with that because that requires living in commitment with humans (failed beings), then again He is willing to keep a commitment with us, which requires me to do the same… man if im unable then i hope im spared from purgatory


>if im unable then i hope im spared from purgatory
is purgatory a very bad place? I know it's not heaven, but I'm also not christian so I don't know how bad it could be.


It is very unreliable obviously. Despite how easy to acquire them is I've never heard of anyone even trying it seriously as a suicide method. Only suitable for a female's 'cry for help' suicide attempt.

You would need a very large amount probably more than a first-time 'panic attack :(' prescription, to combine with a lot of alcohol and antiemetics


thank you


Stop shilling this crappy unreliable method. You'll just OD and become a vegetable


excellent method, consider adding a benzo for a more guaranteed death, also there is no reason to not do an insane dose (like 100mg+ for someone with no tolerance)
it's really easy for wizards to get their hands on drugs, dark net markets are very safe as long as you use the most basic opsec (pgp messaging is pretty much all you need) and try to order from your own country (no customs)


What will I experience the moment I pull the trigger?


I kinda want to do a version of that shitty blue whale challenge to de-sentitize myself and be able to actually CTB


Is cease to breathe the new suicide by starvation/thirst/exposure/sleep deprivation thing? Just stop pretending you will ever go through with it, you are only after 'kool ascetic monk' credibility points. This is embarassing for all of us.


The end


You might hear a loud noise for an instant then you'll wake up in the anime world


well you get to suffer but it is significantly less bad than living because all doubts vanishes, you go through punishments worse than the cross but that is mostly because the soul is ridiculously resistant, you are also sure that you will be saved, although that will take a little while to happen, i don't remember if you are deprived of the sight of God but i know you can see the saints, you suffer yeah, you lament that you didn't get in heaven but you experience joy in the midst of the suffering.
you don't have that kind of hope and consolation in hell, only a crushing despair and total absence of freedom.


why sage,tho?
it seems as tho you Take issue with my post.


im terrified of the one-second transition between sentience/existing and eternal/timeless oblivion.
Like after a deep,dreamless sleep,when I wake up and realize a large time passed by where I was absoutely non-sentient


Im starting to see my suicide as a moral duty rather than just a personal choice.
dunno whats going on within my mind,but im feeling a sense of categorical imperative, a la kant


Is it really that easy, can I actually become a vegetable? Is there an easier way to take it than shooting it into my veins? it is gnarly


File: 1656067961732.jpg (123.12 KB, 852x1136, 3:4, escapularios-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It feels so surreal knowing Im going to die…I'll be dead forever,but not yet. its an obvious fact,but it still boggles my mind!
it feels just so…fictional,my own mortality,that is


It truly is crazy. One moment there is an entire universe of perceptions, thoughts and memories. A living sentient being. The next there is nothing but goo.
Just going from sentience to non sentience, to not be able to perceive my non existence is mind boggling.
That there won’t be a “me” to note that I’m not there, that “I” simply will be like I am sleeping a dreamless sleep and never waking up. Not for a thousand years, not for a billion, not for a billion billion. Never.
Fuck it’s hard to put into words.
I heard you don’t even feel the hammer fall as your brain is destroyed before the nerves can transmit it.


There are days where I really want to end everything, but something keeps me going. I'm not sure if it is fear or hope what keeps me here. I'm planning to get a gun permit under the pretext of me working as a security guard, having a gun at hand could be useful if shit really hits the fan one day. Most of you are still in your 20s, you're still young to change things around. I let depression consume my youth and I sabotaged myself. I really fucked up and suicide is almost my only option at this point.


File: 1656866096717.png (190.85 KB, 700x647, 700:647, ec251be7dd715813e3a682ab80….png) ImgOps iqdb

what is better to use to cut your carotid arthery? will scalpel fit?


File: 1656866167286.png (130.38 KB, 1108x1066, 554:533, 9693a5a6b9c518e511e70c9d40….png) ImgOps iqdb

seems like a fast death


File: 1656894658290.jpg (1.22 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 1636223050344.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to go in and out of suicidal thinking and ideation, but I find that as long as I smoke simple laced-loud weed and take seroquel, trazodone, and prozac, all that ideation leaves me at once and I'm left in a somewhat blissful haze throughout the day. It doesn't seem to be lethal either, nice combo to try as long as you're not in law enforcement. Lord knows what I'm missing but it's better than nothing and nonstop pain all day long. I went to the psych to pick those pills up, just don't tell them you're suicidal or cry and they are bound to dope you up at least a little bit. Doped is numb. Long live major sedatives, I don't know what I'd do without them. That doesn't include haldol, friend. Haldol might save you in a pinch where you're about to do it all and lose your life, though. Ask for the heavy shit. If your friends take it chances are it's good. Don't kill yourself friends, we can make it through this!


should I try to do xanax?
I have a (((psychiatrist)))..im sure I can trick him into giving me xanax if I study official medical books for a while


Weed has honestly been keeping me alive for the past four years. As long as I have it life is worth living and there is still joy to be found.


whats being a dude weed dude be like?
do you smoke 24/7? Daily?
where do you get it,from some turbonormie dealer?


I can buy it legally so I just go to the local pot store. Like any drug, the more you use it the more you need/weaker it gets, so I try to limit it. Stuff is not cheap either. I smoke every day usually multiple times a day. It suits me well, gets me to forget about worries and makes things more enjoyable.


You would enjoy it but fudge up a bit.
Like, it's a long road to rehab, for like 3/4. I recommend against doing it unless you're having a panic attack.


>for like 3/4
you mean 3 months?or years?


File: 1657301338146.jpg (114.91 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, eren gets it.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have arrived to a state of mind,or I dare say an ideology. the Purity of suicide:My suidcide must be enterily free from lust. many will deny it, and it isnt even about inc-l things,but the influence of female beauty, or one's own level of beauty…well,it plays a part on suicidal ideation and the deed itself.
thats why I swear to myself:ill overcome all lust,and if I still want to KMS,it will be a pure operation.


What's the suicide wiki URL again?


How loud is a hanging?
If I do it in the basement while my family is asleep will it be loud enough to alert them?


I'm too lazy to read the thread so forgive me. Just wanted to say that people have survived from all kinds of firearm suicides and the results are often horrific. I wouldn't want that to happen to another human being. I'd suggest to get a hold of a poison like sodium cyanide (used to clean gold) or a potent sedative like pentobarbital (can be found on chinese chemical websites and on the deep web – please dont sue me fbi) and take that before using the firearm. If by some horrible twist of fate you survived the firearm it will finish the job.


File: 1657410194553.jpg (101.88 KB, 735x894, 245:298, roger-laff tale.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this post will surely get me banned but IDGAF its my duty as a human to post this.
your suicidality is merely the chemical if your own brains,it isnt real and IF it is,then you're wasting the chance to be fearless and reckless and live large. Im a celibate,by choice, but I struggled with this suicide shit and it was a game of a dog chasing its own tale.
how can you choose to kill that which tells you to kill it? its absurd.
also honestly if you're "the quiet kid" with no street cred(ie;knowledge of how to shoot or shank niggas) you will most likely end up very crippled and with a rather valid reason to actually want to KYS.


How can you know if OP is of sound mind and has rational reasons to want to end their life? Even trained psychiatrists and clinical psychologists can't predict when their clients will try kill themselves. I think is presumptuous to assume OP is making irrational decisions. Many people live in profound suffering. For all we know OP has terminal cancer and their morphine is no longer working. Without knowing their situation I don't think we should judge them.


>this post will surely get me banned
>goes on to proclaim determinism and nihilism as the truth and that this is somehow "out there"
the only thing youre getting banned for is being so disgustingly new



you may not Adress me as chuuni



Yeah, I think finally things has come to a point that end myself is very very attractive option, anyhow, I somehow knew that I would die by my own hands, never thought of die of "natural causes".


What do you think about shotgun in the back of the head when you are at some lake?

I think that even if something will go wrong and shotgun wont kill you, drowning in the lake would do the rest of job.


its just something i have to do basically. i can't connect with any other human i have severe social issues never understood connection or socializing so i just needa be outta here its not fair to live like this


yo another weed wiz nice tosee, i'm the same. as long as i have weed to smoke, i'm content. i keep going overboard though.


what about high meat?
good idea to get high 24/7 on fermented/"rotten" meat?


I’ve never heard of any rotten meat that will get you high.


You are slowly driving yourself towards irreversible schizophrenia


Don't actually start smoking weed if you've never done it before, it will just add to the pile of problems you're already carrying around since it will make you dependent while doing funny things to your dopamine system.

If you are already fucked up don't make shit worse by getting into smoking weed, it's not a cure and only works as long as you maintain the high but if it wears off you will feel worse than before you even started.


Recent statistics indeed show that all the modern weed strains and variants have a high potential to induce schizophrenia in individuals who are already prone to it and that group of people is way larger than many would think.

If you had a history of delusional thoughts or psychotic symptoms there is a high chance that smoking weed will induce schizophrenia at some point.

I'm confident that weed is counterproductive for most people on this board as most people have had some kind of mental health issue in the past.


File: 1657796961774.pdf (9.5 MB, Philip Nitschke, Fiona Ste….pdf)

If you read Geo Stone's "Suicide and Attempted Suicide" (found on the Literature page of the wiki [and LibGen]), you are probably right.

Even if you managed to tie a resilient enough knot to pull the trigger, you'd probably flinch at the last moment, throwing off your aim.

A twelve-gauge in the mouth, aimed at the brain stem seems to be best, if you're dead-set on gunshot to off you. That would take out your breathing ability, and possibly sever your brain from the rest of your CNS. Death would be swift.

Personally, I'm going to try OD-ing on Nembutal, or getting euthanized in Switzerland, as described in this book.

Anyone got five grand to spare?


Anyone else here planning to ask for a loan(I have a good job,the (((Bank))) will give it i reckon) to a bank,a big loan,and then enjoy it before CTB?


File: 1657809623245.png (3.01 MB, 1270x1621, 1270:1621, Tokitou.Muichirou.full.315….png) ImgOps iqdb

I feel existential dread,not intrinsic but in the Accident rather than the Substance(thomistic theology).
I mean,im disgusted by my own personal lack of beauty,but I cant even reach disgust,im in absolute denial I Myself can possibly be non-beatiful. However, deep down,I know is true.
i dont even like s-x AKA mutual mucouse masturbation. its not about "slaying":


Eeeh, but how are you planning to kill yourself?


You sound like someone with sour grapes over all the cute couples in relationships.

Sameposting after reading the chapter in the attached on Nembutal. It seems like the ideal drug - peaceful and effective - but devilishly hard to find.

Aside from a trip to Tijuana (where Nembutal is legal for veterinary purposes), does anyone know a reputable online drugstore?


Bought mine from China in 2015. Almost died off it while doing a test so I guess it was real deal Holyfield.


>you sound like…
no. I do not.


How do I stay alive for another 3-5 years? its about my investments/gaining money: Im Confident I can achieve a powerful amount of currency within that time. Dunno what illd do with it,tho,but at least I need to be able to choose.


A few years ago there was a seller in mexico from PPH that I know was legit. Alejandro or something. However I must disagree that Nembutal seems ideal: heroin and fentanyl are both better. Nembutal takes too long, giving a long period of anxiety, and i've observed videos where it looks very uncomfortable. Opiates are fast and literally give euphoria: they are the ideal. The PPH even says (in some editions at least) that t only recommends nembutal for legal and cultural reasons, especially because old people are the target audience.


You're the chilean schizo, you're not fooling anyone.


at this point he is deliberately shitposting and being a legit schizo/autist is no longer an excuse. i don't understand why the mods allow this kind of spam, it is utterly nonsensical and full of contradictions, at times bordering on complete gibberish.


how do i obtain a cheap shotgun with 2 - 300 dollars if i have no way to leave the house?


Hmmm… This one's hard. Unless you go on an epic Greyhound/public transit journey, your options might be slim.

If it's any consolation, obtaining the gun itself shouldn't be -too- much of a hassle, depending on the State. Many will just sell you a twelve-gauge, no questions asked.

Fentanyl does look promising, I'll confess. You'd probably want a heating pad or two…

Also, would you mind sharing these videos? The information is important for anyone making a plan.


I'm going to kill myself with SN poisoning. I am planning on making a live-chat so I can detail how killing yourself via SN actually feels like, which website do you people suggest I use to do a chat-livestream?


IRC? Cytube will let you play music you like while chatting. Some wiz in /b/ likes to stream films sometimes on some website I forget the name of


> Some wiz in /b/ likes to stream films sometimes on some website I forget the name of



no it wasn't cytube, but it hdid have weird name where the .whatever at the end was part of the word though



I will use my phone to live-chat so I am unable to use IRC I think. I also would want an chat room where one can access without an account, although I can easily make a random account a few seconds before killing myself.
I probably am wrong and I can use IRC using a phone, call me retarded all you want if that's the case.


Nevermind I just created an account on caracal.club, I will use that site for my live-chat
Im not killing myself right now, I am unable to do so at the moment, when I do kill myself I will post the caracal link here or in the next suicide thread a few minutes before I actually drink SN


Someone grab the recording. I'll probably be stuck at work.

Good luck, friend.


If anyone here has an account on sanctioned suicide, can you ask the mods preferably on the user discussion megathread why I, Alex6216, have been banned?
I tried emailing them and opening a ticket but they never replied


We're not going to ban evade on your behalf.


File: 1658315755096.jpg (136.98 KB, 800x530, 80:53, space taiwan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im trying to watch movies about men who have nothing to lose/will die in a few weeks/extreme survival.
So far I watched dallas buyers club,the grey, death sentence(kevin bacon). I feel I must own up to stuff and start beheaving more fanatically in my own goals and desires. after all, I dont think ill suicide by any virus/accident/crime could spell death for me.


Just use a throwaway mail to create a permanent protonmail and make a new account with said protonmail


Do you want to die in the middle of nowhere,or are you preparing any funeral arragenements for your own self?


File: 1658379043013-0.png (427.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hanging question. Is pull up bar at home a good anchor point to tie a rope to?


It's designed to hang the weight of a fully grown larger-than-average male. Stop with these dumb questions, troll.


I don't want to ban evade, I just want them to reply to my email and/or the ticket I opened which they havent done, despite it being a week since I did this.


But if they didn't, it means they don't want to tell you, so why would they tell anyone else?


Actually, I just got a reply to my ticket explaining why I am banned. What a coincidence


What got you banned from the comfy-kill-yourself BBS


When making an account there are sections which only members can access, one of these being the partner megathread.
Basically it's a post where you can reply with your sex, age, location, how you want to die and what sex your partner should be. Someone on the megathread talked about shooting themselves with a gun but expressed fear of doing it wrong so I replied with an image showcasing where one must point the gun at to ensure a painless and risk-free death, unfortunately replying to a post in the partner megathread is against the rules so I got banned.
This was the straw that broke the camels back really, I got a warning beforehand for giving a user advice, on the public chat, on how to reduce the survival instinct when killing yourself and there was a mod there who didnt like what I said to them.




I wanted someone to give me nembutal/pentobarbital for free (Yes I am a cheapskate, mock me if you want to) but if I outright asked someone "Hey if anyone has pentobarbital/nembutal message me and we can work out a place to meet up and where you can give me N" I would be banned so I thought maybe I could just make a post on the 'hookup thread' where I asked for a partner, who preferably had nembutal (This is allowed), and have a small chance of someone giving me what I want (for free).
This partner megathread isnt for hookup, it's for people who want to die with someone else, I said on my post in the thread that I didnt care about the sex of this partner and if a guy wants me to be his partner I'll be happy to be one, so long as the guy has nembutal that is.


the partner doesnt have to be sexual. In fact asking for something sexual or romantic in the megathread is against the rules too, the partner is only there to kill themselves with you.
I thought and still think that's pretty retarded, I am going to kill myself alone, I only made a post on the partner thread so I can meet someone for free nembutal without getting banned.
Too bad I still got banned regardless…


Understandable. Have a peaceful death.


File: 1658398278016.jpg (6.9 KB, 311x162, 311:162, jimmy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Before I off myself I will take big loans from a couple ov' banks,gift them to the poor and people who are in the rock bottom but with struggling to live. I DO have bank account,good salary etc..I can get the loans. I will be too dead to pay them back tho.


what's your method?


Stabbing myself in the heart. The only method manly enough to suit my fancy.






a sage? what's that?
you Take Issue?


You know stabbing your heart is not only super painful but is unlikely to kill you.
There's a good chance you might back out from the pain. If you are some manly man who isnt scared of pain, you are better of stabbing your carotid arteries, it will have a higher chance of killing you and it's quicker.


In latin america, the chemical Sodium NITRITE (not nitrate), is easy to get from what I heard.
If you take 3x10mg of metoclopramide, wait 45 minutes then take 15-20grams of sodium nitrite you will die, pretty painlessly too.
I'd recommend you also get propranolol and take 40mg 1 hr before you drink sodium nitrite then get 320mg of it then crush it and place it in water, dissolve it and drink it 30 minutes before. The propranolol will make sodium nitrite kill you faster by reducing your heart-rate


>are some
"some"? whats up with that Adress tho!


I meant if you aren't a cry-baby with pain like I am. I didn't mean to sound offensive, if I sounded like a dick I apologise


Anyways I think I should get my head checked with a (non pill-peddling)therapist. I feel a compulsive impulse to donate stuff and sacrific myself for strangers and "sentient beings" in general..like a weird buddhist thing.


*15-20g of SN in 50ml of water.
15-20g is 1-2 tablespoons.
also >>261973 isn't >>261968 >>261971 >>261969


You can look at https://cdn3.bunkr.is/PPeH_April_2022-FcRmORJl.pdf and https://archive.is/R4jm7 and see which of the stuff mentioned here you are able to acquire


File: 1658428521860.jpg (1.02 MB, 2500x1250, 2:1, 8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i figured out a solution to the problem of being too tall to hang myself and not having an anchor point to hang myself from. theres the hanger rail in my closet. i tried breaking it on purpose to see if it can withstand pressure and it didnt break, it seems to be very well built into the closets structure, which itself is built into the walls structure. i could tie a bedsheet to the hanger, throw it over the closet door, and hang myself from the outer side. the closet door is tall enough that i can hang myself from its top.
i would like it to work but i think it could go wrong too. the knots could undo themselves, the hanger rail could break, maybe bedsheets are too soft to hang someone, maybe my feet will touch the ground, maybe the bedsheet will slip over the side of the door, i dont know, i think it wont work but i have to try.
the problem is my mom is at home almost all the time. i have to wait for her to go away for a good while. and even then i have to build up courage to do it. i have read hanging is a very painful experience.
previously i thought id jump from an overpass but ive looked up statistics and most people who jump from that height seem to survive.
if hanging doesnt work then ill have to throw myself in front of a subway train. its probably going to be extremely gory and painful, i could even survive as a complete cripple if the train brakes on time, but at that point ill have no other option and im really desperate to die.
i dont know when ill try hanging myself. i want to die, i feel excruciating mental and emotional pain, i spend all day every day crying and sobbing alone in my bedroom, i dont even use the computer much, i mostly just lie on bed and wishing it were different, imagining things i wanted to do in my life. but also i like just existing. i dont know how to explain this, i think i have a purpose, at least there are things i enjoy doing, theres something i have to pursue, its like theres an energy or essence inside me and i cant let it die, so at the same time i dont want to die. so im very hesitant to do it. but then again my life is over. i dont have a future, its just a matter of time until i become homeless and die of starvation and dehydration anyways, so i might as well spare myself that suffering.


File: 1658450948533.png (1.57 MB, 773x1000, 773:1000, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

whats wrong with bedsheets? i was kind of relieved that i found a way out, but you just threw a wrench in my plans. i thought people in prisons and mental wards used bedsheets for hanging? whats will go wrong if i try hanging myself with a bedsheet, provided i can tie it strongly around my neck?
if bedsheets dont work, what would be the best material for hanging yourself that you can find at home? towels, clothes, blankets, curtains?
i dont know if i can acquire a rope. i cant order it from the internet because my mom could pick up the package and knowing that im suicidal she would immediately send me to a mental ward again. i would have to go around looking for ropes in physical stores and telling my mom im looking for a job as an excuse for going outside. but also i hate going outside, im afraid of going outside.
when i think back about the subway station that there is near my home, i remember that the train reaches the station pretty slowly, menacingly slow. i really dont know if i can jump in front of the train and place my head on the rail to be decapitated before it brakes. im really afraid what could happen if im not decapicated, it seems like theres a high chance something could go awfully wrong.
so im starting to think that maybe ill die homeless again. one day my mom wont be able to pay the bills, ill be homeless, and just starve, dehydrate and freeze to death. its funny, ive always thought thats the least thing i want to happen to me, that id have anything but that, that id do anything to prevent that scenario from coming true, but i couldnt. i know maybe ill have to suffer a lot more before i die, and my dehumanization hasnt even really begun, but at least i know that at some point i have to die. its very comforting knowing that no matter what happens, this has to end at some point.


File: 1658454362022.jpg (3.46 MB, 3500x1750, 2:1, __original_drawn_by_chihur….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Damn, dude. I didn't mean to rain on your parade.

Well, you can certainly try to hang yourself as described. It might help to run a "dry run" or two next time she's gone, just to see if it'll work as intended.


Thanks for the latest PPeH. I didn't realize they kept updating it.


Can someone please post darknet guides for buying Sodium nitrate. Or give me a quick rundown.

if this is against the rules, can the mods just not be faggots and just remove my post instead of banning me.



File: 1658564541060.png (286.15 KB, 1431x540, 53:20, gf55.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


wont buying stuff like that put you on a watchlist list tho?


It's a controlled substance in my country. I have to use the darknet.


Isn't it sodium nitrite for suicide tho?


It's nitrite, not nitrate.
You can buy nitrite at this website called imtimecuisine.com, they're expensive but ship internationally


You could just make an account on sanctioned-suicide.org and ask there, the website might have a lot of attention whores but it's the only website where you're able to find useful stuff.
You can make a fake italian IP (like and pretend you're an italian (if you're using a vpn or tor) to avoid having them log your IP


Can someone give me a QRD of why all you idiots want sodium nitrite so bad.
There are more easily available substances that are about as toxic, I do not understand why everyone became so obsessed with it.


Hypoxic death, considered bearable and not too painful, easy to get, cheap, easy to store for long time, euthanasia groups popularised it as a method and distributed it, there’s documented experiences with it. Not really a mystery.


Watchlists don't exist. Guys can go years posting YouTube videos talking about how they're going to shoot up a school and then actually do it. The government doesn't give a Nazrin's tasty ass about guys who may in the future want to become an hero. Those who want to kill other people can get adequate stuff to do so from the gas station so why bother logging every purchaser of potato fertilizer off Amazon as some sort of turbo killer?

And yeah sodium nitrate is salt for preserving sausages. All it will do is weaken your erections for a bit after consuming.


What substance? Sodium nitrate is relatively quick, it's effective and painless. Shit like bleach burns your insides out and you can survive it by vomiting it back up.

I really don't give a fuck if they catch me out. What? They'll arrest me, put me in a ward, addle me on drugs?…I'll come out and just do it again.

I've tried hanging myself but it doesn't work. I can't do it.


sodium NITRITE is what kills quick and painlessly, sodium Nitrate isnt as effective


>I really don't give a fuck if they catch me out
Ok then make an account on sanctioned-suicide.org normally, the website has users who may message you places you can buy whatever deadly drugs and/or substances from, which you can use to kill yourself with


If you guys aren't scared of authorities and have enough disposable income, you could kill yourself with GHB.
GHB is illegal and is only purchasable via in-person drug dealer or the TOR market, to buy stuff on the tor market read this https://darknetpages.com/darknet-bible-2021/.
1,4 butendiol is legal in certain countries and it's a rubbery tasting liquid which is converted to GHB when digested, 1.75ml/kg is the ld50.


Being unable to kill yourself, stuck in a ward until they let you out is pretty fuck terrifying, in my opinion. In fact I can't think of anything worse


>The reason why GHB isn't used as a method of suicide is that it's less lethal than heroin and fentanyl

There is no reason to use GHB, if it's less lethal than heroin or fentanyl, since they're all illegal substances that you can get off the darknet.


perhaps if the bedsheets were braided they'd be stronger, that's what people in prison use like you wrote


File: 1658672541682.jpg (48.44 KB, 750x554, 375:277, woftmvl8tst51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Having spoken with someone who was committed to one of these wards, I can assure you it's better than you imagine.

Of course, they don't understand the desire for a peaceful, self-chosen death, so you'd need to extend your life for some time. As long as you're not desperate however, you should get out in good time.

The biggest consequence from a 'suicide' perspective (in the US, at least), will probably be restrictions on your ownership of firearms. Luckily, there's plenty of other reliable ways to kill yourself.


Fentanyl is hard as shit to get on the darknet, literally all the legit/non-scam markets like tor2door, asap, alphabay, etc ban any sales of fent
Heroin OD requires an injection into your veins and you might miss the vein and fuck things up, people are also scared of injecting their veins.
GHB only requires you to drink, this would leave very little room for error since everyone knows how to drink, it also is painless compared to other illegal drug overdoses.
The main reason GHB isn't used for suicide is because the PPeH, the suicide bible essentially, doesn't talk about it but that's because the author is a grifting idiot really


I asked the mods of sanctioned-suicide to say on the user-discussion megathread why I am no longer on the website but they never did so. If anyone here has an account on sanctioned-suicide can you go to https://sanctioned-suicide.org/threads/user-discussion-megathread.5384/ and say
"The user, Alex6216, is no longer on this website, he isnt dead (yet..) but is banned due to breaking the rules of the website."


Does anyone know what happened to ASH2, and why its wiki only exists as an Archive?

Was the community abandoned, or something?


>Heroin OD requires an injection into your veins
no, you can easily snort enough


I slowly start crave oblivion as opposed to fearing it. No suffering, and no pleasure but I wont be there to complain about,not having pleasure.


File: 1658748187671.jpg (68.89 KB, 720x480, 3:2, thinspo-girl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't stay awake,no-sleep,for even 48 hours and Im supposed to be facing death herself within a couple of years.
why Am I such a pussy?


Same really


avoid anything that gives you even the tiniest bit of familiarity or pleasure, this includes phones, pcs, music, photos, etc.
get a physical photo or audio recording of something you hate a lot, or think about it in your head, think SUPER hard about it.
Xanax and tramadol also helps reduce the fear of death


>recommending meds
If he's gonna die anyway, let him do it with honor not feeding the big pharma

Do not even try. Night is for you to enjoy.


Do I need to fast from food too?
And;what will happen if I do that? wont i just become very violent and irritable to those around me,rather than determined to CTB?


A wizard not knowing the effects of fasting should really be a matter of worry


I said "do i NEED to fast": ie;wether its an absolute neccesity.


And so it is, a worry, the fact of a wizard waiting for it to become necessary.

Fasting is not a quick miracle. It's effects require discipline


File: 1658792009187.gif (4.12 MB, 498x244, 249:122, anya-forger-loid-forger.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You aren't a pussy, anon. Perhaps it just isn't your time.

Contrary to what others in this thread have said, everyone needs to find their own reason to kill themselves; whether that's ascetic discipline, or an intractable disease. If you're genuinely terrified by the thought of death, perhaps there remains a hope of happiness in your life. I pray so, at least.

If you disagree, I wish you a peaceful end.


yes you need to fast as well if that makes you even a tiny bit happy. Also when killing yourself with nitrite poisoning or drug overdose, fasting is required


File: 1658900686498.jpg (28.3 KB, 400x251, 400:251, 1576816972741.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know how effective it will be, but there's something that really appeals to me about drinking oneself into Dionysiac frenzy whilst it is snowing, passing out and then letting nature do her work. One final toast before leaving this world behind.


Intoxication will warm you, and the hours leading up to freezing away will also feel warm.


File: 1658906002903.png (1.57 MB, 969x1280, 969:1280, 1653468319292.png) ImgOps iqdb

Apologizing for all the necro-quoting that I'm doing, I just now stumbled upon this thread but:
Twelve gauge, yes.
Slugs, most definitely, though anything will do. Me? I'm going out with a slug, two in fact. I want it to be as grisly scene as possible, a final fuck you to anyone who would find me. Why not? Going with a coach gun, it's got a 24 inch barrel (might saw that down just a little, what use does a collector's item gun have for a dead man?) and as the name implies, two barrels with two separate triggers. Got a mechanism rigged to pull them both when the last day comes.
You won't have to worry about recoil, but go ahead and steady your shotgun against a steady, sturdy surface like a wall or a nice desk. Accuracy doesn't really matter at this point, the slug's going to carry far more than enough momentum to decapitate you where you need to be cut off at. >>256356 has a great diagram there; there's a reason why the executioner method is called what it is. That's death guaranteed, especially with a slug. You really just need to make sure that when your firearm discharges, your brain stem gets destroyed in the process (it very well should, by the way). Basically just do everything the linked post says, you should be good to go. >>260539 brings me to my next point:

The main thing you need to worry about is human nature, your body's got an inherent need to survive and you need to dull that preservation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Prescribe yourself some alcohol, it's perfect for days when you simply do not give a flying fuck. Other drugs, if somehow you can get your hands on them and they dull your senses, throw those on too. Perhaps this is just me, but when I drink I stop giving a fuck, everything is funny to me, and things become so much easier. Even the thought of dying isn't nerve-wracking or discomforting. It just makes me laugh.

The loudest sound you have ever heard and then infinite blackness signifying that you've done it, not that you'll know because you won't be conscious. Your grey matter will be blown completely all over the place and your consciousness immediately, infinitely further beyond this plane of existence. Every last thing you've ever worried about, the constant feeling of being tired and feeling that ache in your shoulders and spine from all the slumping you do, the weight of your scowling brows, all of it, fucking gone. Because you'll be gone. And to anybody who's serious about offing themselves? Zero is much better than being in the negative.

There are so many videos about this that I once thought I'd go this route but have retired it instead for a much more definitive approach with the shotguns. That video that got released recently of that Australian getting poked in the throat is a great example: he was dead in seconds. Not fast enough for me, personally.

I know I sound 'chipper' about the idea but, life becomes so much more bearable when you know that you have a way out. This topic makes me happy because I know some of you want what I also want out of life, and that's for it to stop. I'm fine right now but that can very easily change. I'm a fuck-up and there's no telling what the next day has in store. At this point I'm just rolling the dice until I can't anymore. Until then I'll enjoy my little joys in what solitude I've carved for myself, which is slowly eroding because my patience for so much bullshit is slowly, but steadily, diminishing. We'll just have to see.


I think I need to de-sensible myself so I will be doing some "rituals" such as "listen to the clock", taking a flash photo in a dark room after asking "is anyone there?". "fool the mirror"etc..
I will watch autopsies and dissection footage in a dark room at 3am..


File: 1658990181211.png (10.24 MB, 1170x2532, 195:422, 96ba68ed21b044507ece2d3ddd….png) ImgOps iqdb

tried to cut the artery in throat by sticking knife deep in neck and am now forced to stay in psych ward after surgery in hospital

i‘ll just off a bridge when they let me leave


There are many people outside there who deserve that better than you do, boy.


Gross. Spoiler that temper tantrum.


WTF man.
I never thought anyone in this site would have the balls to actually try the stuff we talk abut


Do they let you use a phone in psych ward?


Years ago on here and on 4chon there was an autistic danish teen that attempted suicide and got put in a psyche ward. He was posting straight up from a computer in the mental health ward. He just openly went on about how he wanted to have sex with underaged succubi, how he was playing ping pong with a few of the little succubi in the ward and how happy that made him. He recommended me monster succubus quest, which was kino.

Yeah nothing happened, not even about his overt cunny posting got him in trouble. He went on to hang himself from a doorknob a few months later at his dad's house.

If they didn't stop that guy, with his overt pedophilia and clear suicidal behavior who was posting on a computer there, they won't stop anyone. The truth is that they don't actually necessarily care about stopping you from committing suicide, they just have to follow the routine as part of mental health care for their job. Even if some IT guy or nurse stumbles across the posts, they won't really care to report it or stop it. Why would they? It doesn't legally fall on them and they have beds to full.


one less pedro,good riddance. God forgive him,tho.


Leave my boy Pedro and his amazing homemade quesadillas alone, cunt.


pedro is a code for paedophile in prison language


You just made that up on the spot, haven't you?


Sorry that it didn't work out, but welcome back regardless. >>262391 is right though; if you're going to stab anybody at all there's a long list of people who deserve that much, much more than you. I'm sorry you were brought into this mess but I'm very proud of you for your conviction and dedication to leaving this Hell world. Braver man than me.


I wouldn't be surprised if he was telling the truth, it's not like prison lingo spreads extremely fast or something given the immobile state of the residents. He could very well have come across it on a jailhouse stint, where it's only localized to one particular jail or general area. Who can say? Even if it's not true, there's now a chance that it could become true solely by this conversation having taken place. But please stay out of prison.
Polite sage.


they say it in an episode of law and order UVE.
I havent watched that show in like half a decade,i got fed up when they started making every episode about abortion or "trans" people


File: 1659025178636.mp4 (7.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, actually it's exactly the ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Well there we have it folks, it was on tv, and law and order at that. Must be true.


Old original series episodes I still watch but yeah they sacrificed it to Molech and diversity. Shame cuz it's such a good show


Reposting what I said on the thread "How agonizing is wrist cutting as a method"
Cutting is super painful and you will 99% pussy out.
Instead, you could try and kill yourself with this thing called Sodium Nitrite.
Sodium Nitrite is a salt that is used for meat curing, if you mix 15-20 grams of SN with water and drink it you will die via lack-of-oxygen since SN is basically liquid CO to the body.
Sodium Nitrite shouldnt be confused with Sodium Nitrate, they're different and Nitrate is ineffective.
You can buy Sodium Nitrite from imtimecuisine.com
One problem however, Sodium Nitrite might make you vomit so you have to fast for 8 hours minimum AND take this medicine called Metoclopramide 45 minutes before drinking the Sodium Nitrite solution, if you're unable to get Metoclopramide you can get domperidone.
Here's exactly what you have to do in order to die most painlessly with Sodium Nitrite:
*Fast 8 Hours
0:00 - take 2 paracetamol
0:05 - Take 1x40mg of propranolol
0:15 - Take 3x10mg of metoclopramide
0:30 - Mix 9x40mg of propranolol with water, crush the propranolols and put the powder in water then drink it
1:00 - Get 15-20 grams of Sodium Nitrite and dissolve it in 50ml of water. Drink the water after dissolving and mixing
If you're in the UK, you can get propranolol and metoclopramide from E-surgery.com and simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk, You have to fill out a form but you can easily lie as the website wont actually ask your GP or anything.
Sodium Nitrite takes 3-4 hrs to kill normally yes. However if you take 360mg of propranolol beforehand you reduce the time to kill to 1-2 hours.
SN kills by reducing the of oxygen that attaches to your blood cells, this causes your brain to send a signal to your heart making it pump blood faster to make you live just for a tiny bit longer, propranolol blocks this signal causing your body to die quicker.
It's something like that, I'm not a scientist so I dont know the exact stuff
Also I know about SN making your lips and fingertips blue. I should've mentioned that you need to be alone for at-least 1-5 hours depending on if you're taking propranolol beforehand or not


For anyone who isnt in the UK. The website imtimecuisine.com ships Sodium Nitrite world-wide.
There are non-uk websites for metoclopramide and propranolol but I don't know them sadly, you can ask people on sanctioned-suicide.org.
I would recommend you make an email with tutanota.com and use a burner phone connected to public wifi to make an account on sanctioned-suicide.org


stupid question but:(SPOILER) in squid game one of the finalists commits suicide by slitting his own throat vein..is this possible irl,or would motor movement cease the moment you touch it,thus preventing a lethal full-depth cut?


> i‘ll just off a bridge when they let me leave

Lots of people (about two fifths) survive jumping, almost always with horrific permanent injuries.

Please just order some SN instead…

I'm kinda wary of an online store that lists a grand total of five products. Has anyone else confirmed it's legit?


It's certainly possible, though you'd almost certainly damage the nerves around it. In the (likely) event of a failed attempt, you'd live with severe neuropathy.


>I'm kinda wary of an online store that lists a grand total of five products. Has anyone else confirmed it's legit?
I ordered it and it came to my house within 4 days, it looks way different to normal salt and looks exactly like online images of SN. In sanctioned-suicide.org two people have actually killed themselves with that SN and one of the mods of the website did an aquarium-nitrite test on the salt and it came with a positive reading.


I will also kill myself with that very salt. I will upload a caracal.club link in this thread or the next thread if it is made, I will document any pain I feel and what not


>I'm kinda wary of an online store that lists a grand total of five products.
Did a quick check and it seems the PayPal for payment is the same as a site that sells exit bag supplies which seems legitimate. So maybe it’s ok -


Also in latin america, sodium nitrite is REALLY easy to get, according to some on sanctioned-suicide.org


File: 1659063465625.jpg (28.47 KB, 481x479, 481:479, 1648431949724.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you are not immediately annihilating your brain with a surefire method, you are going to suffer beforehand. Wrist-cutting and throat gouging are going to be extremely painful. Remember all that you have to dig through just to get to where you need to cut, and you'll be conscious while you're doing it and until you bleed out.

For the sake of not seeing any of you suffer, I have to say this right now: Do not attempt to exsanguinate yourselves as it will be extremely painful and you will likely black out from the pain and be unsuccessful, therefore living with further disfigurement and a very painful injury (and, if found, a nice stint in custody of medical or police officials).

I can only really recommend firearms, and for those of you who aren't in countries where these are in large supply? Chemical methods. I would much rather you all have a peaceful or very sudden means of exiting this place. Again, do not cut yourselves. Jumping is also somewhat antithetical to not suffering, unless the height is sufficient.


File: 1659111731421.png (1.9 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, E7B81CCC-0943-4CF6-8100-B6….png) ImgOps iqdb

Kill yourself and they put your naked ass and face in a research paper
I wonder if he had his body marked for use with science, maybe I’ll revoke my consent


File: 1659111934530.gif (5.73 MB, 512x384, 4:3, tt4444.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>maybe I’ll revoke my consent

If you give them consent to harvest your organs, they have consent to keep you alive on life support while they cut out your organs, one by one over a couple hours.

They need to keep you alive or else the organs can't be harvested due to being damaged from death.


My account got rejected using my home ip. Do they want your life story or something in your reason for joining? I told them I wanted to research a method and read others experiences. Annoying.


Yea you have to make some bullshit lie about being depressed and wanting a place where you can be understood or some emo crap.
If you want you can lie about being in Italy. When signing in press Blocked IP and look up random Italy iP addresses, change the numbers at the very end too.


my aunt has a smith and wesson m&p bodyguard would that be enough to end it all or is the survival rate too high?


A .380 will put a hole in your skull and mince much of your brain, but death is conditional to the exact circumstances.

A single handgun calibre of any common size and bullet shape can be survived and there's no shortage of video evidence. The Bjork stalker, longbarrel .45 through the roof of the mouth, through the brain, and cracked the top of his skull… He was breathing for something like 25 minutes before drowning on his own blood. If he was found, someone could have redirected bleeding, phoned an ambulance, and then he might have survived in any level of being, from fully conscious with mild memory loss, to a vegetative state.

What prevents death in the event of being shot in the head?
1. Blood coagulating
2. Human intervention
Blood thinners and alcohol can be taken, a lethal dose beforehand even. A concealable PDW can be snuck out to a rooftop somewhere. Once your brain is jostled even slightly, you'll likely go unconscious. Knowing these things, you can pretty much guarantee death by sneaking to a high place, consuming a lethal dose of Asparin, and then shooting yourself while leaning over the edge. All three are suicide methods with mixed success, but combining them might not only increase your chance of dying, but would also kinda look cool on paper, like man this guy REALLY wanted to die.


>would also kinda look cool on paper
Politely saging for this really stupid question, but is there anybody here who actually cares about a 'cool death'? Does anybody actually care about making a statement with their death? Or is it just strictly centered around just ending it?


>is there anybody here who actually cares about a 'cool death'?
my suicidal thoughts have a tendency to focus on being visually beautiful. ie. the classic slit wrist in the white bathroom

i'm for the combo kill. reliability is a good quality to have too lol



This is an imageboard… Why are you hotlinking JPEGs on a site that rejects hotlink?


Im using a VPN here and I cant post images normally whilst using a vpn


You cant post images unless you give admins your home address IP so they can sell it and pass it onto law enforcement. I guess they already got you since you didnt know this - good luck


Whenever shit actually hits the fan and suicide becomes a reasonable thing to do, at that point I freeze, both my body and mind.
Anyone else relate?
I guess this is a defense mechanism of our system for self preservation. Turning into a vegetable-like state when ur constantly lethargic and even getting out of bed is hard…


There's strict gun laws where I live
If I had a gun the possibilities would be endless. Draknet doesn't sell guns, next best thing would be a crossbow.


No, the next best thing isnt a crossbow. There's no way to die painlessly with a crossbow, whatever place you want to shoot the crossbow at, you can stab yourself with any knife and it would have the same effect and feeling.
The next best thing would be pentobarbital, GHB or SN (>>262422)


When i said the possibilities are endless i wasn't exactly talking about using it on me.



Oh not this shit again


No idea what you're referring to


File: 1659296901479.png (535.6 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thinking about poisoning myself again.


File: 1659297065802.png (647.63 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Cyanide is pretty painful, sodium nitrite is way better for committing suicide


Persevere a little longer brothers


why lol
how would a miserable stranger surviving another couple years with a chronic illness, chronic poverty or chronic loneliness make YOU feel better?


File: 1659354041082.gif (2.2 MB, 225x320, 45:64, wew.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Why, what's about to happen?


File: 1659359152632.jpg (10.03 KB, 186x271, 186:271, fem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how THE FUCK do I stop being glued to various screens all the time Im awake?
viyda,netflix..cellphone,,im glued to a chair and a screen ,how AM I supposed to face life and death in this pitiful state of being?


Sit outside and smoke a cigarette


What about those screens entices you so?


go outside
if you have $2 just get up and walk to the store and buy a cola, sit down, and drink it. look for familiar shapes in the clouds and listen to the birds. make a habit of this.


People on Sanctioned Suicide keep mentioning a Turkish source. Anyone familiar, and willing to share?

I doubt it's that imtimecuisine one, as the website appears to be hosted in Canada.

I thought cyanide was really hard to get. Got a link to that listing?


> Turkish source
Of Sodium Nitrite, rather.


Turkish shotguns are reputably cheap and available to import due to Turkey's manufacturing laws regarding rifled barrels. Not sure about SN.

>I thought cyanide was really hard to get. Got a link to that listing?

>91% off
If you buy it to try it, ask the seller to label it as "quartz stone" or "polishing stone". Just explain that having "cyanide" on the shipping label will make your customs charge you a fee or something. Pinoys are cool like that,

Potassium Cyanide is readily extractable from various fruit seeds, mainly cherries and apples. It takes a lot to get as guaranteed death of a dose but if you have several unguarded trees and some hand tools you could DIY it. There's no real chemistry involved.


You can't import a shotgun into a country with strickt gun laws


Turkish source is someone selling SN on amazon.com, I don't know the url to the dude though.


Can someone please explain to me how does a doorknob hanging work?


The doorknob prevents the rope from falling to the ground with your body, which puts pressure on your neck, which cuts off air and blood to the brain, killing you


Being a legit shizophrenic sucks a lot. My life is 100 times worse than your average person. especially living under my circumstances.


I feel your pain, anon. What are your circumstances?


I have agoraphobia, im anxious around others, an outcast in my small town because of my condition and the fact that ive been hospitalized multiple times.
I also got bullied and abused a lot for the majority of my life.


Sodium nitrite being held during shipping. 🤨


I don't understand why overcomplicate so much with suicide, it's not like most of you are chasing less violent methods. You're mostly looking at violent, painful methods that are also complicated. If they are complicated they are unlikely to happen.

Are you putting yourself for a complicated suicide you know won't happen? Is it just a fantasy? Not attacking anyone, I'm genuinely curious and I'm obviously suicidal myself, otherwise I wouldn't be here. My approach to suicide and death differs from most of you.


I never heard of the SN from IC ever being withheld, I am 100% sure you'll get the SN within a day or two


Sorry if my question seemed like trolling but it's not, just want to be sure that pull up bar can be good anchor point or I should consider some other place as anchor point.


File: 1659888890637.jpg (151.64 KB, 1080x780, 18:13, 3ca.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How long does Sodium Nitrite actually last? I've bought some recently and the package says December/2023 is when it expires… still, I've heard before that it never really expires as long as you don't open it, so I'm assuming this date is in case I open it up, though I've also heard before that once you do open it and expose it to air and such it'll expire soon, so I'm not sure how much time I've actually got. I'm also unsure about how much to use it, the PPeH recommends 35g for people over 100kg like me, but since I'm about 120kg I'm thinking of going with 40g just to be sure, taking antiemetics to make sure I don't throw it all up. I still can't believe this is actually happening, I finally have Sodium Nitrite, I'm really going to kill myself soon, it almost doesn't feel real… but it is, and while this isn't how I would've chosen for my life to end, it's for the best, it must end like this.


If you don't expose it to oxygen it lasts until 2023, however if you expose it to oxygen for too long, like an hour max, it will expire.
Nembutal/Penotbarbital is the one that never expires if never opened.
I highly recommend you NEVER open the bag UNTIL you are certain you're going to kill yourself.
35 grams is enough to kill you, in fact I would say it might be overkill as fat makes one poison and drugs affect a person more strongly. If you take too much you will vomit it out so don't think more=better.


I see, thank you! I'll do just that, only open it once I'm sure, and I'll follow the PPeH's recommendation of 35g instead of adding more, hopefully everything goes well when the time comes, now all I need to do is write my letter and choose a date to leave.


Damn I thought nitrite lasted forever - I bought some for a suicide kit when I need it and before it gets harder to get in my country. Guess the plan wasn’t great.


several reasons, I believe
1. they don't actually want to die. They think by doing a fake "suicide" things will somehow change
2. they want to die but can't do it. So the next best thing is talking about methods and shit
3. apathy and lack of initiative,instead of driving to a bridge or saving a few hundred for a gun they want to do it at home in their rooms, so thats why theres lots of poisoning/OD discussion


What's the best way to poison myself without resorting to illegal drugs?


Sodium Nitrite



how guaranteed is it to kill? is it painful? i was thinking a gun or huffing nitrogen gas but i feel as if both methods are a bit too fast. its kind of retarded but i want to perform the action to kill myself and then slowly fade out in order to do one last final look on everythimg


although on second thought, it's probably the easiest and best if i buy a handgun and shoot myself. a very good way to just impulsively kill myself with no regrets


Writing a suicide outline diary right now. When I decide to finalize everything, I'll most likely dump it into a pastebin and post it here, I feel like it'd be interesting to read for you guys out here.


If you follow >>262422, it's painless although there's a chance you will vomit so it wont be 100% comfy/relaxing. A gun is a very good way of killing yourself, placing the gun in a 20 degree angle in your mouth will guarantee to kill you especially if you're using a large caliber rifle (see >>262509)


A gun is better than any poison or drug overdose or anything, if done right, it's super quick and painless.
Nitrogen is painless but it takes a long time and is very tricky to get right, if you do one thing wrong like not tighten the bag you wont die and be paralysed for life


imtimecuisine.com most likely ships to your country too, unless you're in the middle east or something.


How much does full suspension hurt if u do it right?


Wonder how they went. I've thought about planning a trip to Japan, enjoying myself for a while, and if that wouldn't change my mind I would buy a rope and off to Aokigahara. Would be perfect if they didn't find the body and people just thought I went off on my own


It arrived fine


I wonder if they were depressed weebs who thought moving to japan would fix their depression and then they killed themselves once they realized it didn't fix anything.


According to the Sanctioned Suicide thread, SN needs an Antiemetic or else you'll likely just throw it up afterwards. And it's prescription only. I've got no idea how to convince a doctor that I need some. This method doesn't seem that reliable.


File: 1660120951053.jpg (145.34 KB, 699x1003, 699:1003, [Dirty Pair] Yuri and Kei ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That doesn't sound too bad, if anything then doing what you like can change your perspective on things without having to rely on toxic imageboard-culture. Here only the assholes profit from putting those with real depression even further down and can be the final straw when making the decision to end it.
This is why bullies (not only normies, at least they have something to do instead of shitposting 247) like to use anonymous places and have been flooding 4chan or this site, they can drive others to suicide without having to face the consequenses, basically stop hanging around here if you still have a slight hope of turning things around.


The antiemetic is called Metoclopramide. If you're in the UK you can buy it from simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk, you can make an account and contact the user Befree or Smart No More, they know websites that can sell you metoclopramide without a prescription.
You need to fill a form in the website but you can bullshit, they dont contact your rl gp or anything.
Another alternative to metoclopramide is domperidone


The problem with a gun IMO is the possibility of survival instinct (SI) messing things up. It's hard enough trying to aim at a body part you can't see. Now consider that you might flinch at the very last moment.

This wouldn't be so bad, except gunshot survivors end up permanently disfigured. It's very much a "high risk, high reward" method.


if you flinch with a pistol, yes you will mess up.
If you follow >262509/>>256356 AND use a large caliber rifle, preferably a 20g shotgun, 7.62 rifle or a .30-08 is good too, flinching will still kill you.
A large caliber wont put a bullet straight clean through your head, it will literally blow the entire back head off, it's the same as putting a grenade in your mouth.
You will never survive that unless something supernatural occurs



really depends on how the bar is anchored and if the suicide wants to
>partial suspension
>suspension drop
The most demanding is drop-hanging, though I generally find hanging impractical unless there's nothing else
mass 80Kg, distance about 150cm for actual drop hanging (the bar isn't high enough, but it'd need to be able to bear tons.
Of course, it's a basic cantilever, attaching the rope closer to one of the wall-anchors will increase the strength many times over.
I myself think I'll use an argon gas tank, a flow meter and a body bag to lay down inside to reduce the mess.


looks like the 10L tanks are enough kek
seems like a clean method, really pondering it bros
got more than enough to splurge 300 on a tank and another 150 on the pressure regulator plus another 40 for a body bag off amazon lmao
seems like a one and done deal - do you think I can use argon, let it fill up the body bag beforehand and then put up a contraption that zips the bag shut once I get in while the gas keeps flowing slowly?
seems pretty ideal and I get to breathe in the bag, gone in like 30 seconds…
damn, it's nice to know I know how to do it, maybe I can post-pone it and just hold on a little while longer


When you go unconscious the bag will loosen a bit. I heard a scuba diving mask would be better or some ccap mask or whatever they're called


Also yes you can use argon, any noble gas is good, make sure it's 99% pure.


*any noble gas + nitrogen


Fuckkkk if only dying was painless, survival instinct is a bitch


File: 1660588692365.jpg (15.44 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

had one of these. mom took it away,sent to hospital for months. Im back .best way to die? I cant buy guns


People dont generally kill themselves because The human nature is hopefull by design. Even normies in Their 40s on deadend Jobs dream of Their situation improving. its theoretically possible. After 50s its pretty much over For you. You didn't procreate, most likely normies won't accept you into Their groups so you Have nothing except mindless entertainment.


look at this guide >>262422
alternatively you could hang yourself, there's a guide on sanctioned-suicide.org
Or, you can buy pentobarbital from a drug dealer who's contact is also in sanctioned-suicide.org, you need monero or bitcoin to buy it though.
I recommend you do the hanging and/or pentobarbital research with the TOR browser, it's as easy to download as google chrome


Oh for fuck sakes, imtimecuisine.com no longer sells SN for some stupid reason.
I don't know where else one can buy SN from, there's that amazon vendor I think but I don't know who he is, the only option to finding him is by asking those at sanctioned-suicide.org.
You could alternatively buy pentobarbital or GHB illegally, but you need bitcoin or monero for either of them (GHB costs $100-180 and pentobarbital's around $1100)


>You didn't procreate
Bringing innocent soul into this hell is not good thing.
>most likely normies won't accept
you into Their groups
I don't seek company of mouthbreathers.
Normgroids are inheritly boring, bland and unpleasant.
>so you have nothing except mindless entertainment.
Mindless entertainment is much better than to be in group of normalfags.


Seems that the website started selling SN again. Strange, I don't know why they stopped selling it for a few hours


They will stop selling it soon after a few deaths start coming in.


Now they stopped selling it…


File: 1660850592441.png (387.81 KB, 663x626, 663:626, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

‘Empire’ actor Lindsey Pearlman’s cause of death revealed six months after her body was found - Suicide by Sodium Nitrite



One of us! One of us!

Hah, but for real. I wonder if they found out earlier, but kept quiet to prevent copycat suicides.


Some people at sanctioned-suicide.com say this rando killed themselves with the SN from imtimecuisine which is why they have periods of not selling it then randomly selling it followed by not selling it. I can see that being the case, they never did that before


*org, not .com sorry my mistake


But it's good enough anchor point for suspension and partial suspension, right?


File: 1661030581171.png (138.44 KB, 500x635, 100:127, 1639509812622.png) ImgOps iqdb

I get access to an M16 once a year, and that time is coming up soon.
High-power, magazines of ammo, full auto

I doubt I got the balls to do it this year, but it's nice to know I have the option




Look at >>256356 (Specifically, look at Vladislav bit) and >>262509.
Follow this and your death will be 100% painless and take less than 1 second.
If you want to remove your SI, don't go on your phone or laptop, jerk off in a way you will regret when ejaculating and look/think/remember on the things you hate.


I hope whoever made this video gets terminal cancer.
I hate this virtue signaling bullshit, no shit someone suicidal isn't going to be a crying little bitch 24/7, how is this surprising?


>full auto
REAL M16 doesn't go full auto… If it's an actual M16 that has burst fire, even better because you're getting three quick shots even if you slip off the trigger after the first. If it just has full auto then I'd actually suggest unloading in to your chest and other vitals first to ensure you do fatal damage before clocking out with a shot to the head.


All the comments also full of virtue signalling shit normals. They all says same thing like don’t kill yourself there are people care for you :)


Dude, >>263784, don't listen to this guy, DONT SHOOT YOUR CHEST.
A gunshot to the chest is painful and unnecessary, following my advice >>263825 will guarantee a painless and super quick death, maybe put your head on a slipknot noose before shooting yourself to make it more lethal


here's how to hang yourself, maybe do drop-hanging + >>263825 with a gun. Use a mountain climbing rope or those bdsm rope, I mean any rope is fine if you're going to blow your brains beforehand but if not the former two is recommended since they are most likely to kill and not cause too much irritation




File: 1661263248399.png (54.96 KB, 1351x885, 1351:885, 2813616.png) ImgOps iqdb

The original wizardchan suicide hotlines


File: 1661265928244.gif (10.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kamen-rider-zero-one-metal….gif) ImgOps iqdb

it was honeypot all along


File: 1661267152830.jpg (354.26 KB, 1936x2717, 176:247, 5e7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>call suicide hotline
>they tell me to bee myself and produce honey for the queen(it's a metaphor for wageslaving for society)
>they tell me to not kms because of loved ones and friends
>mfw i have no friends and the only person who cares about me is my dad, who is also old and is gonna die in the next 10 years.



But common wait for him (your dad) to die


Can you phrase it better for me so i can understand better? no hard feelings my fellow bee-honey homie


>suicide bag
ahh the days when helium tanks were actually 99% helium instead of 80% and 20% oxygen. It's a shame that people still think the suicide bag is actually an easily acquirable way of committing suicide


You speak my same language bee brother, after my loving dad dies i shall follow him into the grave and be with my mom and dad forever, in the grave.


There is an irony that if you keep trying in those 10 years, you might actually make it, and you will consider suicide unnecessary.
So is now or never.


You'll be suprised to see the amount of normalfags here.


And that advice might work for them


File: 1661283383048.png (297.96 KB, 905x813, 905:813, 54654t4.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am no longer happy with my life.

Everything I do is just a distraction to numb the pain. I no longer enjoy anything. I'm tired all the time and I don't have any hope for anything anymore.

Right now I'm blasting music to just try to feel something again, maybe a little joy or good nostalgia, but it's just making me emotional.

I don't want to live anymore.


Me neither


Emotions are a feeling no? Maybe you need to have a big cry, might make you feel better.


literally me except i didnt call them
funny pic btw


I already cry everyday.


Is there any way to isekai myself without leaving a mess? Leaving remains behind for others to clean up is probably the worst thing. Walking off into the woods and never coming out seems pretty romantic, but someone will probably find my body. Renting a boat and journeying into the deep blue with a shotgun might be the only way, but I don't want to fuck over the boat owner, if I don't just buy one. Any suggestions?


Why the fuck do you care


You could go to the woods and blow your head off with a shotgun, maybe go to a nearby cave if there is one and do it. If you're doing it in the woods, do it in a part/place where there's a lot of wildlife, they'll eat a lot of your remains so whoever will find you will see a decomposing corpse, which they also will see if you kill yourself in a 'non-messy' way (everyone decomposes, and decomposition is ugly)


People tend to be particular about their death, hombre.


Because I don't want to traumatize someone else or give another more inconvenience than I already have while living. Just fading away or going MIA is ideal.
That doesn't sound too bad. Preferably I'd like to be a skelly by the time I'm found, so it's not as gruesome. I'll have to find a place with a lot of animal activity and just let them have at it.


Also, wear as minimal clothing as possible. I am not trolling, this is a serious suggestion I am giving.
Animals sometimes leave parts which are clothed which means whoever will find you would find you mostly non-skeletal if you are mostly clothed


Thanks for the tip, I'll be going the same way I came in. Naked and afraid. After reading the thread I've become a fan of sodium nitrite. Shotgun just seems like I'll end up living, which is not ideal.


>Is there any way to isekai myself without leaving a mess? Leaving remains behind for others to clean up is probably the worst thing. Walking off into the woods and never coming out seems pretty romantic, but someone will probably find my body. Renting a boat and journeying into the deep blue with a shotgun might be the only way, but I don't want to fuck over the boat owner, if I don't just buy one. Any suggestions?

Honestly I wish I could do the boat one, unfortunately guns aren't easily accessible where I live.
>fuck up the boat owner
It won't fuck him up financially, renting a boat isn't like renting an apartment, you tend not to give a fuck about what it was used for. it might distress him psychologically but someone will eventually find you so this outcome is inevitable


You can't live with a shotgun to the brainstem, that's impossible.
If you follow >>263825 you will 100% die, and die painlessly. Every single shotgun suicide fail is because people point the gun up their chin which only destroys your front brain, not the brain stem. The advice at >>263825 explains how to aim to the brainstem.
Also make sure you're not using birdshot ammo/shells


Yeah but it's still a dick move to take someone else's stuff and have them go on a mission to find it, only to find a mangled corpse. If I exit peacefully without getting people involved I'll at least have achieved one goal.
I should just use slugs correct?


yea slugs are good


Making preparations now. I'll wait a bit between when I post this and my dispatch date just to make sure. As weird as it sounds it feels really good to have this planned and ready to go. Like it really doesn't matter what gets thrown my way anymore, no matter if things get worse I have an exit.


Yea with a gun you get a super nice and easy way of dying. I wish guns were legal in the rest of the western/first world, baby boomers and the older generation were pretty lucky since guns were legal and easily accessible prior to the 80's


Gonna throw myself off a building. Anything I should know? Is 20m enough?


minimum height to die from falling is 40m….


Wouldn't recommend. 40% of jumping attempts end in failure. Have you looked at any alternate methods?


I've been thinking about the helium thing but my folks will notice since I still live with them. Besides helium's like 300 bucks in my country and I don't have the money nor can I get it. Guns are illegal in my shithole btw. Any suggestions?


Imtimecuisine.com sells Sodium nitrite and every person who bought it, myself included, received it without any repercussions. The website sometimes doesnt have SN for sale so you have to look at certain times of the day. Here's exactly what you have to do in order to die most painlessly with Sodium Nitrite: *Fast 8 Hours 0:00 - take 2 paracetamol 0:05 - Take 1x40mg of propranolol 0:15 - Take 3x10mg of metoclopramide 0:30 - Mix 9x40mg of propranolol with water, crush the propranolols and put the powder in water then drink it 1:00 - Get 15-20 grams of Sodium Nitrite and dissolve it in 50ml of water. Drink the water after dissolving and mixing If you're in the UK, you can get propranolol and metoclopramide from E-surgery.com and simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk, You have to fill out a form but you can easily lie as the website wont actually ask your GP or anything. For anyone who isnt in the UK. The website imtimecuisine.com ships Sodium Nitrite world-wide. There are non-uk websites for metoclopramide and propranolol but I don't know them sadly, you can ask people on sanctioned-suicide.org. I would recommend you make an email with tutanota.com and use a burner phone connected to public wifi to make an account on sanctioned-suicide.org. Also, if you want, you could buy pentobarbital which kills in 20 minutes and doesnt require ludicrous preparations like SN. You need $1200 or more of either bitcoin or monero (I would recommend monero really), you can either buy bitcoin or if you dont have financial independence, convince your family to buy bitcoin (say something like "oh if we keep it for x years we'll be rich"), getmonero.com has a wallet to store monero and https://changenow.io/ lets you convert bitcoin into monero. dsupplynbtl@protonmail.com is the pentobarbital vendor, I heard he changed his email but I never contacted him since pentobarbital's too expensive for me. Unless you have been visited by the police before, and thus are on some watchlist probably, you won't get busted. No airport has any barbiturate testing mechanism and the guy disguises the pento as make up and other stuff, he usually tells you what he will disguise it as. So many people on sanctioned-suicide bought pentobarbital from that email, received and killed themselves with it.


You can also hang yourself, this is a good guide to hang yourself


SS has a detailed guide on how to use Sodium Nitrite.


Interestingly, unlike other hypoxic methods, it apparently protects your brain until your heart is knocked out. In most cases, this prevents permanent brain damage in a failed attempt.

I've pasted the post I heard this from below. The post itself also referenced a study, which I'll link below.



SN is neuroprotective within a period amount of time. The succubus called the emergency to save herself, thus making the medical team to be able to arrive just in time when cardiac arrest has just began, thus making it possible for doctors to make the heart pump again.

At that moment, the protection from Nitric Oxide has just started to wear off, and because she called for help, they found her at the exact tiny moment where her heart could still be saved.

The fact that SN is converted into Nitric Oxide which prevents Hypoxic-Ischaemic brain injury is what caused most people who survived SN are now still able to live a functioning life. Keyword most. Compared to hanging and other hypoxia-inducing methods, SN is the only method who can keep your brain intact long enough to make sure no one accidentally finds you when you're already brain dead but your heart isn't.

Most people get saved a few hours after ingesting SN, meaning that by the time they get taken to the hospital, their brains are still protected.

If you're found minutes after hanging or exit bag, you have a much higher chance of getting brain injury because there is no chemical that protects your brain for some time. That's why death by SN could take up to 8 hours, and within that time if you're saved, you'll be fine like the most of SN survivors today.


File: 1661668226224.jpg (43.89 KB, 510x510, 1:1, folat-50-db-os-lufi-helium….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't want to make a new thread for this.
How can I tell if pic rel and similar are the lethal kind and not the "we made it safe" kind? I mean I could call the place, but I'm not even sure what to ask for.
I don't think I can manage to hang myself.
Only got gabapentin and amitriptilin for meds if I were to go that route in combination with this or whatever.
Don't have more cash than $100, EU. So something like this is all I can afford.
Last summer huh… Won't make it to a full fledged wiz status.


Not that anon, but yeah, generally speaking even suicide guys got to use their phones, the chargers are taken from everyone, you hand them in to the nurses and they charge it for you overnight or when you need it.


I'd imagine it's hard to tell outside laboratory conditions. I've read most "helium" cylinders are cut with other gases these days, simply due to the scarcity of He.

Maybe look for lab-grade helium tanks? They might cost a pretty penny.

Otherwise, Sodium Nitrite would be a safer method. You can get it for ~$60 via imtimecuisine.


helium you get from stores contain 20% oxygen. 80% inert gas + 20% oxygen is basically breathing normal air, although your voice might be squeaky due to the helium.
Like >>264223, SN is a better method. If you really want to die via gas then nitrogen is the one to use, make sure you use those gas pressure valve thingys or else the gas will rush in so quick your lungs will pop.


Stan's guide is good but it doesn't explain how to make it super lethal. My guide, >>264165 + >>262422, is basically Stan's Guide but with the addition of propranolol, which leads to a quicker and more peaceful death


Although… I should have probably mentioned that while propranolol leads to a quicker and more peaceful death, it increases the chance of brain damage.


Oh yea forgot to mention. If you're planning on hanging yourself, you could pretend you didnt commit suicide but died by accident via autoerotic asphyxiation.
Simply pull your pants down and put on porn and then hang yourself, the police will probably mark your death as an accident as long as you used a vpn or TOR when looking up suicide methods.



Rest well, friend. May we meet again, in a better life.

Did grab the recording?


*Did anyone


There was nothing to record, guy said nothing much in the chat and that was it.
Best we can do to verify is look for news for the following.
>around Slough


I'd kms too, if I lived in Slough.


are there any OTC antiemetics in the US that will work for SN method? i wont be able to get this kind of prescription


Is suicide via hypothermia realistic? I read about a guy that had passed out drunk while outside and froze to death. It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.


>It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.
Jealous of you anon, that's one of the "comfiest" ways to die plus even if u survive, you won't be a vegetable or anything so you could try it again sometime.


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