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getting older and tired edition

previous >>251348


i wasted almost all of my 20s doing nothing and getting a worthless degree. I don't have debt but im 31 and i just got a warehouse selecting job for 22/hr. I can already tell its miserable slave labor with 10+ hour shifts.

I tried to find a place with reasonable rent nearby and of course the only places with reasonable rent involve a 1+ hour commute. Until I get a get some kind of rental document + a paystub i can't take a drivers test to get a license. Everything just has to be as a gay and time consuming as possible.

Its straight up horror, and the only way i can escape it is to go spend the money and time to get """skills""" they i don't even want or care about so that i can make more money for my time and afford a less horrid existence.

I literally can't enjoy my life in this position


I might not be able to get the money for a degree. I could get an apprenticeship but the pay would be much worse (even succubi earn more there) although you do mostly the same and obviously spend the same amount of hours. Which also makes it less realistic to get away with part-slavery. All while everything and especially the necessitues get more expensive and I still don't have a driver license.


File: 1647997853833.jpg (74.78 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, dyinginside2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>start wagecucking fulltime end of 2019
>only worked part-time / NEET before that
>apply through staffing agency
>get factory job
>have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to be at work by 7
>know this is a bad idea but I'm desperate
>fucking miserable, even though I mostly just stand there and sort parts or watch machiens run
>start falling asleep standing up
>go to bed at 11pm
>start waking up at 6 am instead because my job moves closer to home (I expected this)
>still fall asleep standing up
>get yelled at
>after 3 months, cave and start drinking coffee
>still feel sleepy
>start sleeping 5-1/2 hours a night
>hate how much of my free time is gone
>hate my coworkers
>feel the creative spark I had before is slowly draining away
>by June 2020 I am in the woods for a walk when I realize I feel totally dissociated from reality
>things around me don't feel real
>finally stop feeling sleepy
>sometimes when I fall asleep I have myoclonic jerk or brief lucid dreams
>one time I dream I am sitting at my computer when the power goes out and it suddenly reboots and weird numbers show up on screen
>another time i am in a tunnel of trees and howling wind blows through narrow trail, screaming, then I start screaming and wake up in a start
>feel my memory getting fucked
>feel my ability to think getting fucked
>feel my creativity getting fucked
>my entire worldview is warped by wagecucking, I genuinely stop believing in happiness or a future for the planet
>cannot even read a book without thinking "wow this person is taking way too much time off work, after this adventure they'd better pick up some overtime to make up for it"
>rack up around 1300 hours of sleep debt by the end of 2021
>don't feel sleepy as much anymore
>just feel completely numb
>everything is a rush
>barely get erections anymore
>no point in anything, who gives a fuck about movies when I have so little free time?
>start fantasizing about buying the SMALLEST house possible (the ONLY saving grace is that I live with my parents so I have 60 grand saved, if they had kicked me out I would have an hero'd)
>almost 28 now
>also have tinnitus from 4000 hours of exposure to 70 dB hissing air
>there were earplugs but NOBODY else wore them so I figured I wouldn't bother
>what a stupid mistake
>this entire thing was a mistake, the only good thing about wagecucking is the money, I start visibly seething when I hear about "MUH FULFILLMENT MUH PURPOSE MUH DIGNITY" what a load of fucking BULL SHIT
>what gave me dignity was working on my personal projects at home
>but of course I let stupid normgroid shame drive me to start working fulltime
>now I have health insurance which I never use, but if I quit my parents will make me pay for it out of pocket and drain my savings
>my ultimate goal in life is to work parttime like I used to, I didn't mind that
>but first I need 3 to 6 months of NEETing
>trying to get fired or, even better, laid off


Reminder that the average wageslave is FUCKING BRAINDEAD RETARD POND SCUM with the emotional maturity of a toddler.

If any of the neets here go into the workforce you will probably be the most competent person in the entire fucking company.

Holy fuck I hate working with stupid people.


no as a perma neet i can safely say that im on the bottom rung functionally, like, can barely drive a car to give an example. no street smart or practical intelligence or whatever you call it.
as for being incompetent and stupid why does it matter as long as it doesnt get you fired? standing out by being a good drone just makes it worse for everyone and is only beneficial to whoever or whatever is employing you.


>sleep debt
Don't fall for this meme, sleep loss causes immediate brain damage. You can't "pay back the debt".


True. I only hope some of the damage can be healed. But deep down I know it can't. Sometimes I wonder if it's how I slowly became dissociated from reality at age 13 and from then it slowly got worse, but my sleep was always good back then..


Why are normalfags so cruel? I work in a factory with several succubi of varying ages and they shit talk everyone, then one of the succubi complained about not feeling well and left. As soon as she was gone, the others started shit talking her, including some dudebro who joined in shitting on her for malingering. I know it's just a succubus but I feel bad because she is trapped in the wage cage like everyone else, no one can cope, I listen to them, including the "alpha male dudebro" talking about all the psychoactive drugs they've tried and how they felt on each. This shit genuinely makes me think Brave New World is the ideal and we should breed braindead biobots for factory work and most wagie work so that it is done by someone who doesnt really experience reality, who isn't really conscious. The wetware that enables coordination adequate for menial work shouldn't require consciousness should it? Ants seem to get along just fine and they are, as far as we know, unconscious.


i agree, there's a sadism element to the current state of things, otherwise bots would be better


I'm in an endless cycle of getting fired from jobs for mental illness and it's exhausting. Have to keep working to survive but can't be a good employee and keep up with everyone else because I'm mentally ill.

There's so many bills. I seem to make a lot but it never makes me any better off. Trying to keep this cycle going is very taxing. I wish there was a way to get off this ride. Like even 'high paying jobs' that are somewhat attainable still don't pay you enough to get ahead without somehow managing to save for decades.

I want to see if there's overlooked careers that make substantially more money so I don't have to work as much. I have a few good ideas.


>a few good ideas
lets here them



>Like even 'high paying jobs' that are somewhat attainable still don't pay you enough to get ahead without somehow managing to save for decades.

This is why I live with my parents and am grateful every day for that opportunity. I think I would have unironically kmsed. I'm sorry you're stuck with so many bills. This is one of the many upsides of being a normfag with a live in succufriend they share a bedroom with as opposed to normal roommates who want to sleep separately requiring a larger apartment. but of course I don't want that. It's literally a wiz tax of like 300 to 500 a month when you think about it.


living with your parents fucking sucks. stop acting like its great. you have no freedom and no money.


normie moment


i live with my parents as well its torture. you have to deal with retarded outdated boomer shit all day long.


Disclaimer: talking about money can upset people if they are being paid less than other people so its not my intention to upset people with this post.

So basically, what I'm thinking is that for remote tech jobs its not too hard to be paid 100 - 200k. Most 'startups' will pay in this range. But I've been wondering what tech jobs pay significantly higher than that? Arbitrarily, 500k and upwards? I've been doing some research and what I've learned is:

1. Mostly the salary stays the same at jobs but engineers also get 'RSU' that vest each month or w/e that add to their pay. The RSUs are highly liquid and can be sold instantly for cash, bringing some engineers total compensation up to absurd levels.

2. At the big tech companies you can start as a basic engineer and work your way up to higher pay grades to earn a shit load. But this won't be viable for me because of how hard they work you. A person like me just wouldn't survive at such companies. Plus, it would require studying algorithms on sites like leetcode for 6 - 12 months just to pass their interviews.

3. C*O is another option – but these positions are scarce and really only open to people with prior experience. The chances of getting such a position are rare. So also not an option.

4. Which brings us to what I'm thinking. Certain rare skills in tech can be billed out to companies for an absurd hourly rate. Cobol is an example. Cobol runs on mainframes in the banking industry and there's a shortage of engineers who know it. So I'm looking at Cobol jobs.

5. Another example is people who work in trading. Certain engineers who work on 'trade engines' and can optimize code for 'high frequency trading' can earn 500k or more per year.

6. Back to the RSU thing – if you can find positions that actually offer RSUs then you can bring your total compensation up significantly. How many new engineers even know to look for this though? Most jobs don't list this but if you search for it they do.

7. If you specifically search by high salary on different job platforms you can find many different tech jobs that are possibilities. If you have diverse skills you may be qualified for some of these positions. Again, not everyone is good at searching for job opportunities and knows what to look for. There seems to be a huge difference between searching for average, high-paid engineer positions (100 - 200k) and ones that pay 500k or higher.

8. There used to be websites dedicated towards 'Google Hacking' – basically using complex Google queries to uncover interesting stuff. You can do the exact same stuff to find high paying jobs if you know what you're looking for.

These are my thoughts on getting a job that pays 500k+. These opportunities are out there, but you have to know what you're looking for and what questions to ask. Companies will always try pay you the least they can get away with. If you don't bring up RSUs and other forms of compensation they won't give it to you. But it's also best to find companies that are already known to offer them so you don't waste your time.


The economy is a scam. At my previous job I was doing 100 different things and made systems that saved a ton of time. Yet the president barely gave me a raise from my original intern wage. Now my old supervisor emails me almost every week begging me for help. I almost feel bad leaving my work there unfinished but the wage plus cost of gas wasn't worth it.

Once I had the degree + two years work experience I got flooded by job offers. I accepted a remote job as a software tester. I've been doing it for over two months now, and almost every day I have nothing at all to do. On the rare occasion I do have a task it's piss easy. A literal monkey could do it. It just enrages me. People who are actually productive barely get by while these corporate dipshits are getting paid six figures to play with their dicks all day; all because they jumped through the right hoops. We need a full scale economic collapse to set this bullshit right.


>I want to see if there's overlooked careers that make substantially more money so I don't have to work as much
just earlier this day i heard about underwater welding, specifically guys who do whats called "saturation diving". you have to live in a compressed chamber cut off from the outside world so that you dont have to decompress every time you come up from a dive and you live in that little pod for weeks at a time with a bunch of other retards. on top of already ruling out most normalfags from the job and requiring an already hard to find skillset you can also die in the most horrific ways imaginable like imploding or getting sucked into a tiny hole by thousands of pounds of water rushing to equalize a pressure differential. you also have to worry about what the repeated compression and decompression does to the body along with the helium excessive helium you have to breathe in long term.

with all factors considered it makes sense that you see sources claiming the job pays 30-45k a month.


>At my previous job I was doing 100 different things and made systems that saved a ton of time
I notice this quite often.
When people become used to you working hard, it becomes something normal and excepted from you. Instead of an exception.


wizchan 2022


I've been breadline wagecucking for almost a decade, fell for the credit meme and now I see barely 5% of my monthly cheque thanks to bills, my own fault for being retarded. Can't afford training/edu or saving when I can barely afford to feed myself each week. Can't see myself surviving much longer if this goes on.


i wish WW3 happens so i don't have to work anymore. Covid was a letdown so i'm hoping horseman war can do the job.


Everything is blown out of proportion these days. There will be no WW3, and if there is it'll just be another cold war.


Everyone said that Putin won't do anything if you remember back. Anything is possible now.


as a hedonistic nihilist and a lazy stoner i find doing work is just torture.


at this point in the world the elite already have everyone by the balls. they have masses of people working for low pay while they sit around doing nothing living luxury. they will never make any drastic changes to this, only minor inconveniences and other annoyances. another war won't happen because that would mess up their sheep supply of human working slaves.


File: 1648244143265.jpg (50.99 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1647815072258.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder what proportion of the world is actually plugged into that system. Are 8 billion people really wageslaves, or is it just the tiny minority in nations like ours? If you live in a place like the Congo or Afghanistan, do you even engage in an economy outside 20 miles around you?


File: 1648248696230.jpg (179.88 KB, 1985x1125, 397:225, EZpuzlAUwAAXyHJ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate people pasionate about work.
I hate bosses sending company wide mails telling people its 'highly appreciated to work extra days' due to employee shortage
I hate the norm being staying past work hours to fix issues
why are people passionate about work? why does everyone care so much about a company?

its all so tiring


why did you post anime bro


File: 1648260588095.jpg (117.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, soder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime is a great normie filter.


if you think "normies" don't like anime I've got bad news for you


File: 1648264635430.jpg (266.98 KB, 1024x723, 1024:723, yuriFloat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I mean, it managed to piss you off. So, I'm not sure whether it's normies or not, but so far it sounds like a great filter.

The way you're acting makes me want to double down, too.


your mum is a great normie filter



how do you become a code tester?


I just want to do my hours and crawl back to my safe space.
I hate, I abhor staying past working hours.

>its 'highly appreciated to work extra days'

I wouldn't mind if they are paid. If it's appreciated for free, i'll pass.

>I hate the norm being staying past work hours to fix issues

Somehow, the management are successful in enforcing this "ethic" on their employees.
One of the managers disliked me because I would always get out at 18:30.


What are relatively wiz ftiendly jobs?


Security depending on where you're stationed. If you do it at an office you'll probably be getting paid to sit on your ass. When i worked in a kitchen thats all they'd do as well (except when they had to occasionally deal with drunk and angry customers).


Parents are angry about me for not getting a job/pursuing further qualifications. I already have a degree although it's not that great on it's own.

I don't live in 1st world so I can't just get a random easy job that pays decently to afford rent. But at the same time fuck paying rent man idk how ppl justify this, It's all so cucked and pathetic.

I don't get what they want from me, like 80% of the youth here still lives with their parents, the few lucky ones with great skills or brains have already left the country or make decent amount to afford rent(mainly the CSfags).

If parents keep pestering me then I'll probably just leave and off myself, ever since I learned about sodium nitrite I'm no longer that much scared about suicide.

But at the same time, I'm really upset because I feel like they're angry for me for literally no reason. Don't they know that ppl work for 200$ a month and they also want me to toil away like that? I get it, I'd have to wage at some point but why NOW??


quite interesting, thanks wizzie. it doesn't sound like the right job for me but i liked learning about it.


I used to work at this startup and everyone there was like a turbo wagecuck robot. Every day the work day would start like this: people would get ready as quick as possibly and basically rush out of bed to get to the office. This would be about 8 am. Then they would stay there until night time, about 8 pm or later.

I'd literally be going to bed and there would be people still working at the office. The fucked up thing was they would be proud of how hard they were working. The company had managed to create the perfect culture of wage cucks who were proud to be visibly killing themselves for the company.

You may be thinking there was some point to them doing this? But actually no, there was no overtime at that company so all that additional work they were doing was for free. Why are normies like that? Why are people so quick to let companies take advantage of them? Or are they just so naive they aren't aware of this? You'll notice this is very common now. How normies like to brag about how much they're working. It's become popular to have no work-life balance.


Are you starting to resemble the machinist?
>sleep loss causes immediate brain damage
Could you elaborate some?


>Find job.
>Society and companies talk about how there must be more understanding about depression and shit.
>Medical examination before job.
>Say I have depression.
>Job offer rescinded.



>Say I have depression.
Why? If you want to work or need to then just lie. Lie about everything, say whatever they want to hear. Never reveal to anyone you depend on for anything that you have mental problems. They will always change after that and refuse you.


>can barely drive a car to give an example. no street smart or practical intelligence or whatever you call it.
None of that shit is real, unless you have a mental disorder you can drive a car and street smarts is just an idiot has fucked up the same way a few times until he learnt to not fuck up that way again.

>just makes it worse for everyone



>Could you elaborate some?
>there are neurons that work extra hard during wakefulness
>there is a finite supply of proteins and antioxidants that protects those neurons from being fried
>losing eight hours of sleep was enough for mice to run out of protective resources and the nerve cells began to suffer damage and die


This. I just lie about every single facet of my life and I get to live a very materially comfortable life and normies respect me.

They have no idea about the real me.


My professional circles literally think I have a wife that died a few years ago, which I completely fabricated so that I seem like a long-mourning widow instead of a sex-repulsed avoidant schizo.
Employment isn’t like normal relationships where honesty and empathy matter.


thats actually quite creative and smart. im impressed wizzie.


I'm a talented developer living in europe find me a 100k job, fellow wizzie.


I really don’t understand why you lie like this, do normals really bully people gor being single? But of course I’m a hikki NEET for like 10 years and I don’t interact with normals but I never lied about being single and virgin even in my short military conscription time when normals laughed at my face


Not him, but I did some little research or study on my own, about how people, especially succubi react to wizardly things.

The result is that being a virgin is actually not that serious. I told some succubi the truth, that I'm a virgin (mid 20s apprentice) and although they were surprised at first or even laughed at me they didn't really give a shit about it. So while it is weird to normals they don't particularly care about it, it is only on 4chan or pol or r9k or in general on the internet where male virgins are mocked constantly (by wannabe alpha males). Now, as for what is the serious stuff: never, ever mention to anyone that you have or had "mental problems", especially not that you had to spend time in psychiatry or you tried to kill yourself. In my experience this is the part when 8 out of 10 normalfag will frown at you and start to look at you as though you are some freak or psycho. The amount of negative treatment you can receive as someone who had depression or suicide attempts is just incredible. People fanatically hate those who tried to kill themselves, probably because they are reminded by this person that life isn't all sunshine and rainbow. People treated me almost like some criminal after I told them about my failed suicide attempts.

All in all, I don't see any value to telling the truth to normals. On the other hand, telling lies to them and presenting a fake persona to them can help you greatly in life. So, just lie! Seriously.

>Employment isn’t like normal relationships where honesty and empathy matter.
Sad thing is honesty and empathy doesn't matter anywhere, you are better off not telling the truth most of the time.


i can find you a job that pays more than that tbh. ill have to make an anonymous email and get back to you. about to go visit some relatives.


wizchan 2022 linkedin edition


better than wizchan suicide edition?


I don't even know what linkedin is. I feel so out of the loop.


is it even worth it to get a degree if you are a wizard?

i am ugly mentally ill and autistic. even though i am capable of doing the work, i have neither the confidence nor social aptitude to succeed in an office environment. i know that i will make less money than other people in my field, and i will not enjoy the success they have.


Should I take the pink pill for an internship?

I am straight but I am having trouble getting an internship. I was thinking about saying that I am a female, and if anyone asks make up some BS about being genderfluid or broke tranny. Since studies show that females get more job offers and interviews than males.


It's a legitimate tactic actually, but you don't have to change your behavior. The trick is to say you're pansexual (more exotic than saying bisexual) and non-binary (don't identify with any gender) but still prefer "he/him", so you basically act like a straight normal guy but get the perks of being part of an "oppressed" group that sounds exotic. If you mix this with some non-white ancestry and you'll definitely hit the short list every time.


I need to wageslave for the first time but the problem is I'm almost 30 with no prior experience.

How do I actually get a job if I've been NEETing for too long and have bad social skills?


We really really really really REALLY really really very much need to know at least what continent you live in before you get any advice.

In the US and Canada you can walk in to any employment agency and get a factory job on the spot. Don't even need to know English Drivers license and clean record? Pizza delivery. Physically fit? Garbage collector, shoveling. Can you do math? Toll collector. If you can afford a security certification course, that's easy work always in desperate demand. just walk around a aprk or complex reporting that everything is OK. All are barely social.


Just search online for a local temp agency and you'll find work of some kind. Then find educational materials to get the skills for a better one. Remember the learning material is always free if you have the internet and know where to look so you only have to pay for the qualification tests.
Godspeed anon.


How long it usually takes to feeling like yourself again after quitting a job?


1 night. or after 1 jerk off session.


>Are you starting to resemble the machinist?
No but I feel so dead to everything. No more creativity. Just one steady hum.

God I am fucked then.


File: 1648532679081.png (183.81 KB, 359x255, 359:255, 1636392280053.png) ImgOps iqdb

>work hired another person to work overnights in my job
>worked alone for years before now
>he bragged about getting new tattoos, a few weeks ago
>think it's degenerate, but he's a fag, so whatever
>we got paid last week
>he complained about being poor, despite the above tattoos (and missing a few days work)
>heavily implied he wanted a loan


Also he spent most of his shift talking about how he went out drinking last weekend, despite being scint. And only showing up for less than half his shift


do you guys do anything to reward yourselves for suviving a soul crushing 40 hours? I usually let myself have some junk food or something but its not exactly the healthiest reward


Guarenteed that HR will end up firing you instead of him. It's fucked up, but I've seen it happen so many goddam times.


Wouldn't surprise me. Work has a tendency to coddle shitty (or shittier) employees


>work overnight in a hotel
>alone most of the week but have an overnight valet there friday and saturday night
>guy does nothing all night, just sits on the couch and watches south park until 3am then naps until his relief shows up at 6
>alternates between bitching about how little money he makes and bragging about the latest consumer electronic he wasted 400 dollars on
>doesn't even attempt to do his job even on the odd busy night then complains that nobody tips him
>does shady shit like telling people to pay him the hotel's valet fee in cash so he can pocket it
>has the audacity to beg me to drive him home to his halfway house every morning after I spend the entire night doing his job for him
>always tell him to fuck off so he has to spend an hour waiting for buses in the cold
>could easily get him fired but know they'd just replace him with another deadbeat because the valet company doesn't want to waste a decent employee on this shift


Why am I working. What am I working towards? I can't afford to move out and I'll never be able to afford to move out. When there is a pay rise it's below inflation so it's an imaginary step towards nothing. A smokescreen. What's the point? I'll forever be living at home with my aging parents who give me constant grief day in day out for still being here in my 30's. It's not like I can afford a fucking house you boomer cunts. The only way to move out in this day and age is to get a partner and split rent for some shitty one room apartment. I can't even do that as a single man. This isn't even a case of own nothing and be happy. I can't fucking AFFORD to own nothing. I look at other countries where you can be NEET and get your own fucking place paid for on bux but in my Victorian shithole I work 40+ hours a week minimum doing manual labour and I can't get that much. WHY? It gets me so fucking mad. I'd be happy with a small flat to call my own and die alone in but when my parents pass on I know I'll be living in a fucking cardboard box at this rate. I'm sure even slaves had it better than this.


imagine being in Finland where most people move out before 22 and the government basically pays for everything while youre at free university, with good single-person apartments in healthy supply


Some people really do hit the jackpot of life with where they are born


Norway and Finland are NEET heavens on Earth, you can live a normal middle class life there while doing nothing.

I live in Brazil and this country is hell for a neet. Plus everyone is loud and neurotypical as fuck and really low IQ. (One of my neighbors accidentally shot himself and wasn't even drunk)


The behaviour of the people can be just as important as the financials. Americans, Brazilians, Australians etc are unbelievably terrible to live around compared to people in nordic countries that have a culture that respects introversion


I agree. Nordics and Japanese are intellectually superior as well.

Which is what makes their societies so peaceful and good to live in.


Good luck getting to live the NEET life in a Scandi country if you're outside the EU and not black or brown.


Recently moved to a Nordic country, white as can be. Living the NEET life. Cope more, racebaiter.


Why is australia so bad? I keep hearing that is awful there but no one says why.

In my 3rd world shithole australia is seen as a paradise.


watch the film Wake in Fright.
the people are truly disgusting. It's a police state, unbearable cost of living, unbearable heat, internet is worse than 3rd world with daily disconnections, many things


I'm an Ausfaggit and this is mostly true of this is true >>256855


I wonder what would be safe to assume is harmful. Less than 6 hours of sleep/staying up for more than 18 hours?


kys jävla skräp


Haista paska


Well, that was a study on mice, not humans. If you are feeling weary all the time you could try


Hasta pasta


It's more just feeling numb to reality. Just like I'm not real. It's not as bad but the thing is how do I know if I'm better? I feel like I've acclimated to sleeping 5 hours a night which is fucking stupid. I've adapted but I'm not as alive anymore. I miss my old life. My job is such a joke. Why can I make 19 an hour doing Chinese tier slave labor with electronics, yet I would struggle to earn 2 or 3 dollars ever with my dungeons and dragons writings that I could sell adventures to normies online.


File: 1649109119736.jpg (88.69 KB, 945x928, 945:928, 20220326_170740.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


same i never understood the work addiction and people just working for the sake of it. they must be truly boring sad souls as i'd rather do drugs or something fun than work.


Likely because for 40 years thousands of people have been creating dungeons and dragons materials and adventures completely for free


street smart is real its can you handle yourself in the real world? and not look like someone who can get easily taken advantage of?


weed. try weed it literally enhances your senses so that junk food or pizza will taste 1000x


He regrets that his comfort outlet isn't healthy, and you suggest dope? So that he can eat MORE unhealthy food? Go participate in the suicide general thread you degenerate satanist, stop trying to bring other men down to your level of dependence on expensive drugs.


True but there are loads of consoomers who buy Curse of Strahd for 50 bucks.


you can literally grow weed for free its not expensive.


Interesting that the only thing you could argue against in my post is the price. No, growing weed is a science in pretty much anywhere that isn't tropical. It requires substantial amounts of UV, space, monitoring, and especially trial and error for someone who has no experience growing anything. Not to mention it's still illegal in most of the developed world, and for good reason.


Calm down, why do you hate weed so much? Did the "DUDE WEED LMAO" meme get to you?


top christian mental asylum post

cannabis can improve life and stress management significantly, the harm profile is excellent relative to other human activities.

It's easy, I have done it, just follow some instructions. It is cheap enough to just buy anyway. Illegality is obviously irrelevant


>Illegality is obviously irrelevant
and this is where you lose any credibility.


File: 1649166658235.jpg (884.01 KB, 2048x1153, 2048:1153, street_night.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How the fuck do I do it? I can't work. I don't know why, I don't understand. I just sit and do nothing. When I think of working all I can think of is "why would I?" I have a job (for now) but I can't find motivation to work. Even after work ends nothign is fun. No vidya, no gymfagging. Nothing. I can't even barter with myself and say "Oh, ill just work for now and play some vidya later to have fun." There is no fun. God wins this round I think


I'm 26 and never had a real job in my life (only a shitty internship for 5 months and I quit because fuck that).

I don't think I can get a job, I have very basic web dev skills not nearly enough to get me into a comfy position, but more than that is that for me a job would be like the end of life, yeah I get a job, now what? I'm expected to do this shit for the rest of my life? just keep working and working until I get too old to work and drop dead then? I would rather kill myself than do that honestly, I can't imagine doing that for the rest of my life, such an awful existence.

Sometimes I get a bit jealous of other people buying nice shit with the money they get by wageslaving, but later I realize that is not really worth giving your soul to your boss in exchange of some shiny shit.


If you want a job lie on your resume anon. Buff it up and learn surface level shit you claimed to know on your resume before interview. Then impress HR succs with techno-words of intellect.


I'm working on my web dev skills, maybe I can get semi decent in a year, the problem again is my attitude, I'm still a kid at heart, I don't know anything about the adult world (quite normal considering that I never went through the relationships-responsibilities-jobs cycle as everyone else) finding a job would be like being forced into the adult world once and for all, such a scary experience.


>I'm working on my web dev skills, maybe I can get semi decent in a year, the problem again is my attitude
Fair, my point is mostly that you shouldn't let your tech skills be what holds you back. Job requirements are dumb shit like 45 yrs experience with windows 11 and 25 years python experience. Life is a game. Corps and normies don't play fair. Nepotism, underpaying whatever man. Just play your own game for your own interest is all I mean.


He doesn't have to lie because he hasn't applied anywhere yet.


Are the mojority of wizard working on low paying jobs? Can a wizard be an investiment banker?


It would be possible but extremely unlikely, someone so successful must be a turbo social type with tons of succs trying to get on his dick to get free shit.

Most wizards have a number of mental illnesses or reject social traditions and relationships, that in turn leads to low paying jobs or medium-high paying jobs with the minimum social interaction possible.


File: 1649271144928.png (635.41 KB, 808x687, 808:687, consumerists .png) ImgOps iqdb

when life is shitty for really really long, you become more and more tolerant of it. being an active member of society means attacking those that threaten your interests. your sister and her bf keeping you up? time to play mind games with mom and dad. this guy is threatening your sanity bro, keeping you up all night and ruining your sleep. you are the victim, they are the ones who want to destroy you and the authority (your parents). having a strange man in your home into the late hours of the night is very very dangerous. her boyfriend is an invasive presence and needs to be diligently removed.


Alternatively, would it be possible for you to sit down and talk to your sister about it? Not while he’s there, obviously. Explain how tired and depressed you are, tell her what you told us. I don’t know if you guys are close or if she’s reasonable, but perhaps it’s worth a shot. What the other wiz said is probably the more likely route, though it’s going to be tough to fight your family on this one. She’s going to be seen as the normal, well-adjusted one for having a romantic partner. I figure it’s worth trying the idealistic, sincere approach before resorting to petty squabbles. I understand though; that sounds like a real pain in the ass.


I work in a fairly well paid profession making the equivalent of over 100k US dollars a year. But my job doesn't require much interaction with people at work and the clients I deal with are mostly nerds and technical people. I couldn't have been an investment banker or anything similar because I utterly lack the requisite social skills.


can any elders tell me what i can expect from my career as a wizard?

i'm a data science major. i am pretty good at it, but i know the bottleneck in my career is going to be my dogshit social skills. i dont see how i can advance when most people go up the ladder by knowing people. i am looked down upon and treated like trash by pretty much everyone. really not looking forward to a life of slavery in an arbitrary non meritocratic system


>made it through higher education and skilled white collar drone but no social skills

lol who's going to believe this


File: 1649300163955.jpg (69.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sagan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Even 90k would be great, europe pays so little to the point of being insulting and I feel really undervalued. Tell me how I can retribute the favor to you too.


O.k., that's it. I got a graduate degree falling for le STEM meme, and when I graduated, I applied to hundreds of places and didn't even get so much as a call back. Eventually, I got a job out of blatant nepotism, and for the past 7 years I've been working at the same place as a programmer. I don't want a new job, but I would like to have some self-esteem after going through hundreds of rejections that long ago. Am I actually as much in demand as all these posts are saying? Or is it as much of a lie as it was for me 7 years ago?


I'm not even 2 months at my new job and convinced I won't come back next week. With about 5 jobs over the last few years I am getting tired of feeling overwhelmed at every new work, and I just don't care about paying my bills anymore

With my current job in an office Ive worked more than ever before, my predecessors who were at the company for decades left the job weeks apart, and told us good luck getting a burnout, managing and wiping the asses of hundreds of clients with almost no training involved,while the manager always tells us how nice the company is, lol


Which high-paying software job did you quit this time, fellow basedwiz?


My Area Manager at my job is just some old fuck from another state who makes 80k at my job and bosses us around and all he has is a bachelors for fucking physics. You'll do fine.


Can any of you flaming faggots give me an answer? Holy shit.


If you are able to do well in higher education then you will be fine during work too.

Anyone who hasn't stopped with his life after high school can blend into normal society usually.

I never learned anything after HS, I'm one of the more dysfunctional wizards here, never worked a single day either. Now MY future looks bad. Yours doesn't.


so getting into nursing school seems like a similar process to taking the driver's license exam - boring as fuck. i honestly don't know if I should just continue working at burger king and just finish my liberals farts degree to make my parents happy. life really is just a boring retarded mess.


i did very well in a data science masters degree from the highest ranked university in my country.

5 years ago i graduated, and im still unemployed. If you cant talk to people there is truly no point. Additionally, you can get more reputable/employable/useful skills by spending a few months learning web development or doing a computer networking credential



Maybe stop wasting your time by getting a useless degree and working at Burger King?

There are plenty of professions that only require a high school diploma and earn alright money.

Nobody works at burger king unless they have a criminal record or are a teenager. Those are the only people that work fast food joints.

Get into a decent profession (not requiring a degree or anything) and get a stable job that you somewhat enjoy.


does a liberal arts degree even get you hired anywhere?


lost my comfy job. low paying but i got to stay at home and play video games 1/2 the day.

i'm not going to work at a warehouse. 29 no degree no skills. fuck.


damn. i am only doing a BS at a mediocre university. but i am gonna have an internship and am gonna lie on my resume and fake references. i know that strategy works because a lot of underqualified pajeets get jobs that way


theres not much to say to anti-weed people. they are really missing out on a healing plant thats why i only gave him a short response about growing weed being free.


you don't need a degree to make money. go on indeed there are many many jobs hiring with "bachelors preferred" and they pay decent too. a bachelors will obviously pay more but as a wizard who cares?




I just don't understand why anti-weed people even give a shit, i'm not hurting anyone and minding my business, i'm glad weed is gonna be legalized federally all over the states soon.


I am anti weed because fuck dopers. I have actually smoked some before and enjoyed it, I just hate dopers with their “dude weed lmao” nonsense.

Also, illegality totally matters. Read plato. If you chose to live in a country, you give tacit consent to their laws. You can easily move some place where it’s legal you fucking dopers


parents actively want you to turn into a wagecuck drone, part of the whole "fitting into society and culture" thing.
>how the fuck people do this
unironically turn your brain off when going to the wagecage (easy for normalfags) and get doped on drugs or alcohol at home so you can relax for the next day of suffering.
t. used to do six days a week with 4 hours total commute every time


So because some people act obnoxious about it means we all can't enjoy or have some? Epic. And I can't afford to move to another state, and in my state it's medically legal but I don't have time for that BS, lots of people smoke that stuff in Florida anyways.


And I ignore pointless laws.


> illegality totally matters
never stopped me from piraing vidya and anime.
dopers are just normalfag scum, using weed in moderation like any other drug wont make you obnoxious, much less a wizard.


beautiful and fitting pic wiz


dude stop wasting your time and get into a good university and complete STEM degree like everyone else here. moron


>You can easily move some place where it’s legal
this is such an unbelievably stupid statement, amazing. I cant imagine having such view of the world that is so incredibly uninformed.


File: 1649458835563.jpg (192.16 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, cover2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm handing in my notice tomorrow morning, I respect my boss so I'm giving him a few weeks notice, enough time to perhaps find a replacement. Although not likely, nobody is going to work a weekend job that starts at 4am where you get moaned at constantly.

I just had enough. I don't work jobs where people complain about me all the time, family is just saying "treat it like it's nothing serious" but I have a personality problem where I have to do a good job. If I'm doing my best and they're still complaining about me, then I throw it in.


How much wrath/resentment does one incur by quitting without handing in their two weeks notice? I've done it twice now and I feel my ex-coworkers and bosses must have held some kind of murderous grudge for me.


An extreme amount if it’s a serious office job. A lot less if it’s manual labor or retail.
I’ve done this with most jobs I’ve had, and the minwage ones barely noticed but the one time I did it to an office job they kept harassing me for months and a year later the CEO was still looking me up online to see what I was up to. They were so fucking mad. I haven’t ever read most of the things they sent me out of fear.


It solely depends on how much they need you. Certain menial jobs can get fucking livid with you for leaving, even if you give notice, for "not staying around long enough". Solely because they will have to spend several months trying to replace you.


Companies/managers in general are very dumb and create no plan transition plan for people who leave no matter how important they were to the business. My experience so far is that they're only going to pay any attention to employees if the workplace is on the verge of collapse.

So that's a self inflicted wound but anyway fuck them, fuck companies, only think of your own career.


Were you the only guy that knew how to use the printing machine or something?

Jokes aside, that's hilarious. If one guy is that important to your business, maybe you should make sure he's happy and well-paid, or at least put in systems in place so that no one person is that vital and you have redundancies for everything.


File: 1649514271261.jpeg (60.99 KB, 526x378, 263:189, E1058E65-53B6-445A-8C2F-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It was a tiny startup that was having problems retaining people — even the CTO had left. I was basically building out an entire platform on my own, and was ~80% done. They made it out like I was being brought in for a senior role, and I was the most technically experienced person there, then once I had signed and given notice at my old job they tell me I’ll be reporting to this dude from a bootcamp with no real experience outside of the startup. He was understandably retarded and considered everything beyond stackoverflow spaghetti “overengineering” and got mad if you didn’t commit and write up what you did every day. He was super weird and passive-aggressive to me so I just bailed. They sperged out messaging me on every single platform they could find me on for weeks and weeks trying to get me to do free work for them and sign random bullshit. The weirdest part is that their main funding is from someone relatively famous in tech (which is part of why I even took the job). It seems like the company just completely imploded when the CTO left.
They were so fucking mad though goddamn. I now know what breaking up with a crazy person is like.


Sorry. I am an agoraphobic schizo NEET now and this was a long, long time ago in a different life.


Anyone really not looking forward towards the mongrelization of America?

Things are dysfunctional enough. Now think in 20 years and having to work around the worst scum of humanity.


File: 1649528947003.png (53.95 KB, 733x514, 733:514, fgg33.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I hate this world so much.


Your story is really fascinating. Did they at least offer you money or something so they could get you back or these messages were only threatening in content?


File: 1649531735486.png (621.36 KB, 750x398, 375:199, BCA21889-50FF-4479-8F74-B6….png) ImgOps iqdb

Not explicitly. They vaguely hinted at either that or some title inflation and I ignored it since that’s how I’d been fooled into the job in the first place. Mainly they tried to frame it as some kind of mental health thing and that I just needed to take time off, and when I confirmed that no, I was not mentally ill and/or on drugs and yes, I was quitting without notice, they got pissed and started threatening to harass my professional contacts if I didn’t finish the project for free and sign some middle-school-tier document incriminating myself. I just crossed my fingers they were bluffing and ignored/blocked everything.
I think since I give off submissive loser energy they thought they could just do schoolyard bullying as a management style.


>in 20 years
who is going to tell him?


I can't hand it in until Monday, but my thought process over the course of the weekend at work has been hilarious

>6 weeks notice

>4 weeks notice
>nah 2 weeks notice will do
>actually fuck it, I'll just get a job next week and finish on sunday

At the end of the day they're all normalfaggots who can cope with life while I can't, with good lives and loved ones. So I don't feel bad about mercilessly ghosting them. I just had a thought to myself, even if he's a nice guy, why should I give a fuck that he has a sort of hard week if I leave suddenly.


this is extremely depressing but thanks for the tip about the computer networking. this is the only sphere of computer work i think i could actually get into.


the only way i could see this if you have such masterful technical skills that you're skills vastly outweigh any social deficits >>257204
if you have social skills yes.
>4 hour commute
thats suicide tier
yea just dipped from this job after orientation/training the first week, and then 1 week of easy work.

i basically got paid to be trained so i can start this next job and appear like i know what im doing after grossly bullshitting my resume. got my paystub and dipped


Yes, they sounded really unconformed and desperate. But anyway the extent of the shit that they might do to you is really limited and on top of that they would be liable for it. It's crazy anyway that for some employers they feel like an employee is almost like a property.


I walked to work 3 miles and back every day. Well a man came to me and told me he saw me walking and long story short, he gave me a car. It is an old one, but it works. It has made a huge difference in my life. I am so stunned by the kindness that stranger showed to me.


damn thats pretty awesome


Picture of the wizcar.
That's kindness for you.


I also wanna see pictures of the wizmobile


That's pretty great. Reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where his car had a smell he couldn't get rid of so he just gave it to a random stranger on the street.


Thats pretty normal these days, I saw job ad that only wanted vegan wagies.


Why can't I have anything good or go my way? I literally loved working the same exact position in a warehouse job for literally a year and now recently I must do something I don't like or understand because of some dumb rule that I cant stay there for more than 7 hours? Life is such a fucking drag.


really cool, but does it not take like 15 min with a bike?


File: 1649997472052.png (154.11 KB, 800x724, 200:181, Australia-climate-map_MJC0….png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder if operating a gas station in the australian outback is a good career choice for me. There's something romantic about living in a desolate building in the middle of nowhere with just a doggo, making small talk with the truckers that come through to buy petrol.

Of course, I think the gas stations in the desert will all be automated soon, but still, it seems like a perfect wizzie job.


I wish i could see some stats on how many of us wiz's are from Aus. I feel like an anomaly sometimes since this country is turbo chad central since we have nothing here but sport.


That's my worst nightmare

Indeed. The country is pure poison to anyone who isnt highly extroverted so it makes sense to me that a class of mentally ill outcasts is created that cant survive in the culture. The same introverted person might have been just fine in another country


just got this warehouse job and already smashed my foot into a pile of pallets. i didn't break it but its bruised badly and its my first week. incredibly gay


>what do you mean you're quitting, wagie?!?!?!?!?
>you can't just tell me you're not going to continue this conversation until i lower my voice and stop swearing at you


>That's my worst nightmare

Same. Jobs where you can't leave, but there's also no work to be done and the pay is shit are my idea of torture. I like working hard in short bursts. Can't deal with the drudgery of day-in day-out repetition. It's especially bad when I know everything I do could easily be automated. Then you feel like a literal tool. A cheap one at that.


sorry for frogposting


Like what? Everyone talks about these magical 'better' professions but what the fuck are they.


>only require a high school diploma
yeah, no
don't give me the self taught programmer meme, it's bullshit


Telling people they can become a programmer without a degree is the furthest thing from good advice.


The problem with people like you is you're looking for someone to tell you about an opportunity that requires no effort and pays well and when you can't find it you throw a hissy fit and say it's a scam.

The reality is you can get a good tech job without a degree because tech is an industry where you can easily demonstrate skills without a degree. Does that mean it will be easier than getting a degree? Maybe. You will still have to spend hundreds of hours learning and building a portfolio. Then you'll have to apply to jobs and be rejected at least 50 times before you have any bites (like everyone else.)

But the fact that it requires effort doesn't make it a scam. We aren't saying that you can take a short 'bootcamp' and then afterwards get a 6 figure job at a startup like many people. There is an entire industry of normies being exploited at the moment who honestly expect to get such jobs after forking out like 15k for short courses that will barely teach you javascript.

The conclusion from all this is: if you want a goal to work towards that is worthwhile, has good career prospects, high pay, isn't gated like many fields, and can be done with minimal interaction any where in the world- it would be hard to do better than tech. So long as your expectations are actually realistic.


Tech is highly gated what are you talking about. You just outlined the ways that it is yourself.
On the flip side of the same coin. Tecnically many fields you can be very successful in if you just put in all the work to figure out everything for yourself and then show up with a firmhandshake and a nice body of work.


This is the most normalfag tier post Ive ever heard in some time

>if you don't have a high paying job then basically you're a subhuman or something

Why you people come here? You already took over 4chan. Stay there ffs.


Tech is gated since 2005 or so, in the past you could get by being a decent programmer, now you can be a shitty programmer, but as long as you're willing to work 15 hours a day and be a social butterfly you could get in.

Most programmers spend more time in retarded meetings than programming.


I hate how heartless succubi are and I hate how heartless I am.
>ugly tall faggot at job
>nasally voice
>stuckupubus asks "how's the wife and kids" and shit like that
>he's mildly spergy enough to not quite get it
>they always act all cutesy with him and you can tell he enjoys the attention
At the same time I fucking hate him, I'm not as disgusting as him but I am disgusted by him. Even though deep down I'm pretty sure he is also on his way to wizardhood, even though I should feel sympathy, I am repulsed. I am no better than the average normie. He didn't choose to be ugly or have a shit voice or Asperger's. Yet when he hovers near me to ask me something I intentionally ignore him til he says something. Yet I also hover so I don't interrupt people with words while they're focusing. I don't know why I treat him this way and I deserve to be shamed for it. I am just as shallow as any normonig despite knowing better.


I mean, I don't disagree with his post but I do agree with your greentext summary of it. If you're under 50k you might as well be subhuman. Most normies are complete trash and so are we. The valuable and interesting people in life all make far more money. I deeply fucking regret not being obssessed with compsci in high school like the Asian "tech chads" I observed. Sorry to use that word and I don't mean succubus friendly I mean they were just impressive and they were jamming out scripts and knew 5 languages by 16. That felt like the real elite class of society.

And now with work from home there is such a clear dividing line between human and subhuman, with so few exceptions. If you drive to work for free you are being fucked in the ass. If you can work in your end on a laptop and make lunch at home, you are part of the elite class. I don't care what anyone says. There are very few exceptions to this, like onsite engineers.


I see that you named bug people, and materialistic feelings. A wizard should not worry about these things, and whether a wizard has success in the material realm good, if not, good too.


I would love to be a trucker in the deserted Australian outback driving nights and never having to deal with people except for the occasional clerk that might also be a fellow wizard. I even have my CDL too. Last I heard though, Australia is back to being a prison colony again. Any Aussies here have any information for us?


>Society and companies talk about how there must be more understanding about depression and shit.

I'm quite certain that's just a massive virtue signal out of desperation in order for companies to further increase their pool of candidates for the shit job being posted. Speaking of how society will always shit on the depressed, what's ironic is that last year on my night walk I saw a sign in my neighborhood for a night jogging marathon in order to increase awareness for depression and mental illness. Naturally I stayed home that night. I can't stand how much normalfags are narcissists. Why the fuck would you choose to run at a time and in areas that people who don't want to deal with you would be in? The irony and pointlessness of it was clearly lost on them.


That pisses me off to no end. There are truly no bounds to the levels of narcissism on display in our modern world. Also can't stand the consumer culture. Like in the vid of that kid who fell to his death from that carnival ride and everyone was just walking past his corpse like it's no big deal and everyone was filming it and shit. I had a very traumatic experience on a nightwalk as a teen, please stay safe out there and if you have the means to do so just buy cheap cardio equipment, do laps around your backyard, etc.


Again I agree. But had I become a Techfag I could be looking at retirement by 35 given my frugality. Currently? That's an absolute pipe dream. By which I mean retirement in general.


I only leave the hose to wagecuck and night walk but from what i've seen it mostly seems like business as usual. More written up rules that nobody really gives a shit about or follows.


Recently got a new job for a bank call center. So far it's been ok. Mainly just a bunch of old boomers who don't know shit from shinola when it comes to the internet. As well as using software that we know jack shit about and they expect us to fix all their shit. It's rough. Thankfully it looks like my experience though is about to get better, as I'm in the process of becoming a "telecommuter", essentially me working from home. My autistic, introverted ass cannot wait.


Gated? What are you talking about. Medicine is a career that's 'gated' because only licensed practitioners can do it and you need to go through years of schooling. But that's not the case with tech. Anyone with an Internet connection can work in tech.


I'm currently working two jobs just to have the opportunity to retrain in CompSci, I just snapped and got sick of all the fucking codegarchs "whining" about doing 4 hours a day and getting paid twice my wage, having the audacity to make out like being called into the office to work is the end of the world.

Do these cunts even have the comprehension as to what us menial wagies go through? The level of abuse and poverty, it's unreal. I'm going to be pissed off if it was just hot gas because I'm sick of being broke and living on potatoes and carrots and mince. I'm sick of being so fucking poor, I can't get my tooth fixed. I have so much envy to these cunts and I get so fucking mad when they go on about their "problems" online. You niggers do nothing for half the day, what problems do you have?


excuse my semi-coherent post but I'm drunk as shit. I'm waking up at 5am every morning and doing programming tutorials and homework, then going in at 7.30 for a full day of construction, then I shower and clean myself up before doing more schoolwork between dinner. Then on saturday and sunday I have a second job just to cover the bills. The only time I get a burst of energy is when I drink, usually I'm fucked to the point of falling asleep in the shower after work.

The thing is, this coursework is fucking -nothing- compared to menial wage work. It's like a respite. If I wasn't so mentally ill my entire life I'd have cruised right into the yuppie class and missed all this bullshit and have been one of those decadent pieces of shit I hate. People are lucky poor people don't comprehend how much they're being fucked over, because it is so fucking frustrating trying to function at this level.


Knowledge workers have better working conditions but they also do jobs that have a higher barrier of entry, higher responsibility, higher intellectual requirements, etc. Pay isnt determined by how uncomfortable your job is, and this is rational from a free market, supply-and-demand perspective. If a genius upper management person only worked an hour a day to make a few decisions, those decisions might have billions of dollars impact and substantially affect the world. One software bug can affect billions of lives and multitudes of companies.

It is true that upper class people just easily end up in easy, higher paying jobs. Life isnt fair at all.


>comparing baby programming coursework to a real paying tech job


File: 1650447948856.jpg (226.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MV5BNGM2NDkzNjQtZWMyMS00Y2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know, but I'm just salty because of my shit life I guess.
The babby course is easy, yes, but that's literally what people do to get an in, and basically seems sufficient. I'm desperate as fuck though, so I've cleared out the library of books to get a head start and build a portfolio.


Are you getting a degree or what?


Are you all fucking retarded ?

>I fell for the bootcamp lie

You do know 90% of skilled programmers don't actually learn from shitty normie college dudebro bootcamps online, right? They actually have a passion and drive for there craft and have probably been doing it since they where a child. You, I guess,
are such a worthless fuck that you couldn't fathom someone getting a job just showing skill and passion.
Also, "Tech" is such a normie blanket term. I fucking hate when people use it. Don't call me a "coder" you fucking faggot.


They just mean that technical skills arent enough and IT jobs are now highly social. In early days the meme was actually true that you could be an asocial nerd and just code on your own - but that is no longer true. If you cant work in a team and keep your normalfag coworkers and managers happy then there is no point in trying. Being a self-employed solo developer is incredibly difficult, even people earning 6 figures at top companies try and fail at that.
I went all the way through graduate school and still gave up on holding a job because the social aspect is just too much.


I think it's normie nature to base everything down to its simplest form and give it some dumbass buzzword just to piss a lot of us off.


Being a wageslave has lead to my becoming a drug addict


all going according to their plan…



six figure wizchads trying to keep the competition down. you will never make it wizzies, don't even bother learning javascript, you will never amount to anything. nooooo, don't apply for that job they will never hire you


the great machine (society).
as your souls is grinded by the gears of the modern labor system, you find yourself in need to consume drugs to ease the mental and physical distress, to which of course leads to the addiction of the escapism enabling substance, and as there is no greater assurance of consumption than addiction, and consumption begets profits to the drug maker.
the gears keep on spinning, lubed in blood, sweat and cum.


>IT jobs are now highly social

I really don't think the people who keep repeating this have ever worked for a startup before. I have worked for startups for the past 8 years and the process is basically autism-heaven:

>send email or message to company talking about ur experience

>message is read by CEO or CTO if its a small team
>they schedule an interview with calendly
>you 'attend' a virtual video chat with Google Meet
>you talk about your skills and the company
>many startups will say yes quickly if you're a match
>you negotiate a contract over email
>some companies may want more interviews or you to do coding challenges – i normally decline doing tests

Your work day will consist of:
>talking on slack and github
>editing files
>typing terminal commands
>some companies have 'standups' – this is just where you talk about what you did today
>other companies just want you to show what you did in a certain slack channel

Required skills:
- sending good promo emails and messages
- having a brief 10 - 30 min conversation on web cam (job interview)
- potentially talking about what you did during the day (no need for web cam) – some companies will let you skip that if you're delivering or in a crap timezone

IMO, what most people here would have trouble with isn't the 'social' aspects of the job. It's that getting into a startup requires a very particular way to promote yourself in the first place and you have to do it exactly right to get in. Good emails are easy to write but doing well in interviews is more of an art form.

With interviews - you probably expect that startups will have a big list of questions to ask you and you'll be able to dazzle them in how you answer. But in my experience most of the time the founder has no questions in mind and expects you to basically do their job for them. So you have to come up with the questions to interview yourself and then answer them on the spot! It's a bit ridiculous. The best way to do this is to prepare questions in advance about your skills and how it relates to their company. Never underestimate how lazy people are.


>People are lucky poor people don't comprehend how much they're being fucked over, because it is so fucking frustrating trying to function at this level.

Bread and circuses my nigger. As long as retard entertainment and plentiful but body-destroying foods are available the normalfag poors are content.

I know how much of a pain it is to be around retard poors.


>It Jobs are not social


>Google meet
>Talk about your skills
>Talk on slack
>standups to talk
>Conversations on webcam

Do you even realize what you wrote? You basically confirmed that to be a IT wiz you have to be a social butterfly.


it's natural to normalfags


aka "functional wizards"


Its so infuriating having stupid superior especially when only way she got that job and keeps it is because she is fucking the boss and then she complains about se*ist world when she benefits from it the most.
Not even mentioning the amount of fuckups by her that slowly sink the company and just brings more works for everyone except her.


Yes, I wrote that you had to be able to write messages (you're doing this now) and talk about yourself (you're also doing this now.) There's nothing hyper-social about any of this. This entire thread is filled with examples of people who have these skills.

What minimal social skills you need to work in tech (and it really is a bare minimum), isn't enough to make up for a lack of skills when it comes to applying for jobs. Even if you happen to have good tech skills. If you can't sell your abilities then it's going to be hard to find work. (So find another boogieman to blame because 'social skills' in tech aren't the problem.)

Everyone has to do this. But I understand most of you just want to play the race to the bottom game and call anyone you don't like normalfags. It's a tad stupid. I hope that one day you can grow to understand human beings as more complex than living inside two arbitrary little boxes based on a silly meme.


Working for technical support for a bank is an absolute fucking nightmare when everything starts going to shit. Especially when businesses start calling in being absolute pricks expecting us to fix everything right then and there. It's even worse when fucking consumer care doesn't do their fucking jobs and instead just send their calls to us. It's mainly the jackasses offshore, but fucking hell…


I hope you fuck off back to 4chan.


sorry that I don't fit your ridiculous molds of what a wizchan poster should be like. Unfortunately, this says more about yourself than it does me. I'm doing nothing wrong here. You're the one being the hostile, bitter, neckbeard.


we've had two weeks off at my factory job, returning there on Monday. I absolutely hate it there. I have social phobia and no social skills and would not talk to anyone but normalfags still try to talk to me nevertheless. And still in my mind I kind of feel bad that I am not talkative around them just like they would want me to be. I know I should just not care about these people but I still have these constant negative thoughts.

I miss neetdom, but during these two weeks off I felt really miserable killing time by browsing chans and playing games until it was time to go to sleep again. I wish I could have a passion or some creative project that would make me excited again. The last time I felt that must've been some 8+ years ago.


Jesus H Christ can succubi not outwardly talk about their fucking privates while I'm in the middle of working? I'm trying to fucking focus on working and they just keep on jabbering about their dumb shit! Like seriously, piss off!


ohh dayum he called someone a neckbeard on wizchan! what a hot zinger!!!


Since you are wageslave like me, I have been getting into painting miniature models. It's something without looking at a computer screen which is what I think makes me happy. The money is not that much to buy it if you think one miniature model takes 10 hours to really perfect.



A reddit time traveler from the early 2010s. You gonna post a rage comic next?


Does anyone else feel like they are running the clock?

I feel like the job I currently have is not going to be around. Like within five years I will be unemployed and unemployable. So, I have been saving money like crazy. It has oddly been infuriating my parents (sidenote: fucking why?), who think I should be "living it up," but I can see the writing on the wall. I will probably be next in short order.

Does anyone have any tips for when you know you are going to get canned?


I think I'd prefer a Redditor from 2010 than from now.


As an aging neet, yes.


There's a good chance I'm being bullshitted, but supposedly there's a chance I may be asked to take a lead position not sure if I really would though.

On the plus side, I'd no longer need to do customer phone calls and would overall do way less customer stuff outside of helping people out and taking on a few different types of situations that honestly I already kind of do anyway. And get paid more obviously. It would still be hourly and not expected to do overtime, so not drastically more responsibilty.

On the negative, I would probably have to be in more meetings and stuff and help give feedback about policies and that kind of thing. Generally just help coworkers out more rather than customers directly.

I don't really have a problem with anyone but right now I kind of just manage myself and communicate when needed so I'd be worried it would end up that I need to deal with sides of people I might be able to ignore now in the lower position.


you seriously belive that those who start to work in their teenage years and 20's are better off? most of them are literal slaves in horror jobs. diploma or not


Sounds comfy but I cannot do it myself. Ever since I can remember my hands shake a little and therefore every time I try to do some precise work it turns out to be shit. I was thinking about learning some basic electronics and trying to build something, but I am dead tired after wageslaving and I don't think I can manage. I even struggle heavily with everyday basic stuff like groceries or cooking. I just seem to have zero energy for whatever reason.


Nothing has made me think I'll be canned or anything, most departures have been people getting poached or whatever. But I'm still saving a lot just in case and because frankly I don't really need much stuff.

Your parents sound like they aren't great with money if you saving is annoying them.


File: 1651365969811.jpg (52.88 KB, 1022x576, 511:288, cash-job-tradie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do I get cashwork wizzies? Businesses seem pretty against anyone doing odd jobs for cash these days with the proliferation of Health and Safety laws on every site. All the obvious ones like Painting and Lawn Mowing seem to be too oversaturated by other lowlife degenerates trying the hustle.


File: 1652108438986.jpg (6.3 KB, 250x248, 125:124, sunday evening.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have the perfect job for a wiz, but I fucked up and might lose it soon. I honestly don't think I can find new employment if I do get fired.
All because I wanted to be nice and swapped shifts with a coworker. Fuck my life


what was the job?


to give you an idea - imagine being a nighttime warehouse security guard, but you work completely from home and you only really look at one monitor that makes it very clear if anything bad is happening, plus you make top 20% salary in your country


Next time, say "security guard", if only to save your time


how the hell do people even get jobs like these
I got rejected from an entry level surveillance video editing job


I suffer from chronic pain and the job centre are focing me to look for work, couldn't get on disability/unable to work even though I appealed it multiple times.


>All because I wanted to be nice and swapped shifts with a coworker.
There is a saying in my country: "No good deed is left without punishment".
I am praying you don't get your life fucked, my wiz.


What went wrong?


File: 1652180732591.jpg (97.13 KB, 504x470, 252:235, cyanide.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

got violently ill, while I was in the bathroom I missed important shit, causing delays/losses

thanks wizbro


ah, very unfortunate :(


Just got back from my first day on the job site annnnnnd I want to kill myself.

I was thinking about killing myself the whole time while I was getting trained. Like, it fills my soul with relief that I can kill myself and never have to go back to that place.

It's over.


My meme internet money is going down, I lost my job, rent and prices are going insane and I've never been this isolated and alone in my life.

Suicide is looking better and better each day.


Crypto always comes back, no point in crying every time there's a dip. Always fresh suckers willing to buy in.


The stock market is dropping like crazy lately. And I seriously suspect that it's all of the conservetards pulling out out of fear of WW3 and shit. You seriously can't talk any sense into these people/ They are batshit insane and living in their fairy tales like religious nuts.


Yeah man it’s the fault of conservatives not the literal drooling mental retard Biden and progressives who want to burn the ship because they can’t kill their babies with federal impunity or


What's wrong with preventing babies from being born into this demented world?


Cryptos are indeed dipping very steadily atm but I'm sure they will just rise up again as always but it looks like it will take quite a while to do so for now.

I don't get why people hop out, I just keep my shit and wait but maybe I won't invest anything in the next few weeks/months. The situation is still upsetting and nerve racking.

This is what I don't get about conservatives opposing abortion, they should be happy that these single succubi and dumb sluts abort their babies since they would grow up to be a mess anyway under these circumstances which would be bad for society in the long run. I have a lot of conservative views but I'm sure it's a bad thing if unwanted children are born.


I only work part time and i already hate going to work, if only for a few days
The work itself is alright, i just can't stand being around others, i wish i could just roam about or live without having to deal with others
I mean fuck it, small interactions sure but i don't want to fuckin see the same people day in day out, this is the sole reason i hate working.

That's why i hate living in the suburbs as well, i don't want to meet people, just want to be left alone.
I might see if i can get by on neet money, i don't get unemployment benefits if i quit, hopefully my neet money will get me by, doubt it's enough.


>got violently ill, while I was in the bathroom I missed important shit, causing delays/losses
Are they so heartless that they can't understand getting sick, it happens, i doubt they'll fire you


My higher ups are understanding, but the client is paying for a service that they didn't get so they want blood.


Aborting children cause u wanted consequence free sex is immoral. succubi should be barred from casual sex


Putting the fag in normalfag


Casual sex doesn't seem so casual after all if you look at how many succubi manage to start drama over it.

This is offtopic but it's interesting how pretty much all succubi who go on hook ups on a very regular basis have things like borderline personality disorder and just act out of impulses and then they feel like shit afterwards because they are unlovable dumb sluts but won't admit it in order to pull off the "owning my sexuality" bullshit. They get pissed off if a dude just masturbates in their body and moves on to the next slut like they are expecting to get kisses and hugs or something.

I really don't think succubi are mentally built to have casual sex and they just do these things to get cheap attention or other shallow results from it that don't really fulfill them for long and once they reach their 30s they're gonna hit the wall anyway.

This whole casual dating stuff is turning into a comedy show that will turn out quite interesting in the future since everyone is getting completely mentally retarded because of all the hypersexuality stuff.

Statistics show that more and more men and even normies struggle to partake in actual sex while succubi do it more openly, it's a recipe for societal disaster and there's a lot of young people adapting conservative views as a reaction to it and things will eventually change to the opposite of the sex pop culture we have now.


Good post

It's also not the "chads" having lots of casual sex like crabby types think. The most attractive and successful men I knew at school all had pregnancy scares with some succubi they were fooling around with at the age of 16-18. The smarter ones quickly learn they can't just be having casual sex like everyone else, because they will get deceived and roped into an unwanted pregnancy. Hell, I knew one guy that had it happen in his late twenties, just with a one night stand with an upper class career succubus. You really think someone as attractive and successful as say, Henry Cavil, can just go around having casual sex? succubi throw themselves at these types to reproduce with, even if they don't know it at the time. Even Harvey Weinstein who was a certified fat, ugly bastard, was said to be meticulously careful with how he used contraception.


If you were an actuak wizard, you'd applaud abortion. No need to force a life into this hellish existence.


I agree with the first sentence. But it's not just succubi. There are many cases where the succ would want to keep the baby but her bf or family pushes her to abort the child in the end. Abortion is evil, no matter who comes up with the idea of it.

There are many ways you can achieve that goal, like people should use their brains a little and use a condom or pills before sex? Or better yet, they shouldn't even have sex.

You can't justify abortion, at all. Whores and their degenerate bfs have sex and "opps, I'm pregnant, gee who would have thought that could happen?? But we don't to take care of a child, god what should we do, we are so young and we want to party more…oh, let's kill it! That will solve everything!!"

But on a side note, if you don't like life then remove yourself please. Not everyone hates life and life isn't inherently a bad thing. Everyone should be allowed to decide about his own life.


>Everyone should be allowed to decide about his own life.
the fetus does not choose to be forced into existence.
the possibility of a child born to a couple that would have otherwise aborted it being pure suffering is very high, accidental pregnancies are also not great.
most humans do not posses the mental capacity for raising another human in a decent manner and it is precisely those humans that generate most pregnancies out of stupidity, we cannot fix this.
don't try to justify your position with religion, the extinction of the human species is the preferred option for the future.


File: 1652303211858.jpg (167.39 KB, 366x435, 122:145, king crimson mad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does every high tier corpo love wasting time of their employees?
Mine has like 6 million diferent sites that I'm required to use on a weekly / quarterly / yearly basis for all kinds of bullshit garbage like "set your career goals", "learn new skills", "watch the CEO ramble for half an hour about how incredible this year's journey has been".
I don't fucking care, how about I just do my job and you pay me you dumb niggers


Make-work HR succubi need something to do to make them feel important.


File: 1652305438881.jpg (162.82 KB, 1000x1502, 500:751, MV5BYjcxMzM3OWMtNmM3Yy00Yz….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I could have never imagined that my life could turn out as similar as the life of the main protagonist in this movie.

I'm in a really bad downward spiral.


NEET here sometimes I get the urge to get a job to get money to buy stupid shit I like (Getting NEETbux is impossible where I live) but i also remember that is basically giving your life to the kike employer to do as he pleases.

Is having a job really worth it for you?


So you're planning a suicide by cop to leave some money to your baby daughter is that it? =D


If you find a comfy job (like security), then it's worth it.


If you're willing to shop around, you can find a job that you enjoy easily.

Wageslavery only really becomes wageslavery if you have no choice. Workplace abusers quickly sniff out the people that have to be there to support kids or whatever.

Get 20 hours doing supermarket nightfill or deliver shit in trucks for 16 hours a week.


All those jobs are taken in my area.


I remember 2015. I had just started college, I was playing vidya all the time, read tons of books, and I only had to worry about a part-time courtesy clerk job. It was kind of awesome.
Im graduated with a bachelors now, working full time, and it doesn't feel like I have time for vidya at all anymore.


nigga those jobs literally have the highest turnover of any jobs.


If you hate your job, no amount of money is going to make it worth it (unless its so much money you can just retire very quickly). Most jobs will want you to put in at least 20 to 40 hours per week, so it better be something you can reasonably stomach.

Since you're a NEET with options, you can either try shopping around for something bearable without committing to it, or maybe use that neety time to rank up your skills and find some kind of remote work that pays well but lets you basically slack off at home (programming, video editing, graphics design, IT related stuff is usually comfy, stay away from call center shit, tech support and whatnot if you talking to people stresses you out too much).


poor little yuppie, maybe you should talk about it with your friends at the bar after work


Shit man, I got another opportunity for a contract job by applying for jobs. It's 9:30 AM here and I've not even slept. I'm amazed I was able to get through the phone call and I'm amazed they even kept me on line for so long. They must really want a worker. Holy shit. If I get this, It'd be a step into a career for me. It could be a life changer. I can't believe how easily this happened again. I spent a few minutes of my functioning brain just trying apply for jobs over a few hours.


But they told me…they told me it was impossible?


To choose about your life you have to be alive first. And most people don't mind living at all. So maybe stop projecting your suicidal wisheon onto humanity?
>don't try to justify your position with religion, the extinction of the human species is the preferred option for the future.
Spoken like a true doomerkid. It has nothing to do with religion, I think life has value while you don't. So the solution for you is suicide.


the vast majority of lives in this planet are miserable.
suicide itself is not the point but minimizing suffering, we all die one way or another.
there is no downside for every human to stop reproducing.
i suggest you follow your own logic and go mate with some stray female to create some more life-value, you absolute normalfaggot.
get out.


Even so, a miserable life is better than not existing at all. Again, your thoughts don't represent all of humanity collectively. Most people like living, even if they have to struggle day after day.

>minimizing suffering

And so we disagree again. Suffering is an important part of life, without it life couldn't even be imagined. Utilitarianism was always a retarded idea.

>there is no downside for every human to stop reproducing

You mean aside from the fact that humanity would cease to exist?

>i suggest you follow your own logic and go mate with some stray female

I never suggested that. But I find your whole anti-natalist Messiah Complex to be tiring and boring. I am living according to my ideal and I am living life because I think it is worth living. You don't think life has any value so you should go kill yourself if you want to live according to your personal little ideology.


>Most people like living

Not the wiz you are talking with but just saying this is peak normalfag thought. Most people are masochist, love wageslaving to death and having stressful shitty relationships. So what? Objectively life is suffering and suffering is bad by definition. So it doesn't matter what deluded normalfags think about it.


So what? If you hate life then that is your subjective opinion, you are free to kill yourself. But other people don't need your guidance or some kind of pessimist Messiah. My original point was let people decide about their own lives. If most people are happy wageslaving and living in bad relationships that's their choice and problem, not yours or mine.

Life is suffering+more. And suffering being bad purely is just another one of your subjective opinions. We need suffering in our life, otherwise we wouldn't enjoy the good things in life and would take them for granted.

This teenager mentality of playing the role of the Savior is really stupid and cringe. Everyone should mind his own business, not make judgements in the name of the whole species.


suspicious posts


It isn't for me. I broke the system by getting neetbux. Plus I get about $500 a month on top of that from my parents.

So on top of free housing, a free car, free electricity and utilities, I have about $1k spending cash a month by doing absolutely nothing.

I wouldn't say life is great, but it isn't suffering for me. I'm free to do pretty much whatever I want.

I also have like $40k saved up since I can't decide what to spend on anymore + travel was impossible during covid.


File: 1652410404445.gif (2.02 MB, 255x191, 255:191, 1636354264489.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>putting stock on self
>Apparently I'm in a janitor's way
>He's a dick
>As such, I won't get out of his way until I'm done or he asks me to move
>He just stands there like a faggot


Neetbucks would unironically save my life.

It is the perfect solution to coping with this shit world. I wish my country had it. Unfortunately I live in South America


Drug addicts sound like this too.



Probably he didn't even want to work, he was like "whatever, at least I can stand around a little".

Really? Then I will change my opinion of them. Sometimes you can learn a thing or two from the dregs of society as far as enjoying life goes.

Ever wonder why it is mostly 1st worlder mid or upper class people who submit to pessimism and antinatalism? Maybe there is some truth in this, that people who don't have to struggle so much grow weak and soft. Maybe our ultimate goal in life shouldn't be to experience pleasure after pleasure like some animal or to evade pain and suffering at all cost like some coward. Just saying.


It is Friday friends. Normally weekends mean more work for me but it will be raining so I can work on some other things.

Any plans???


File: 1652472150405.jpg (268.58 KB, 1062x1505, 1062:1505, 58f0553fd7fb20a328e17d5bfc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can't believe it took me so long to see what corralling chantards into STEM while excluding them from studying Law, Education, Journalism, and Sociology was really about

Programmers and engineers may be highly paid, but they also don't make any decisions

They played us like a damn fiddle


Why would anyone want to make decisions? I don't even know what's best for me, let alone for other people. These days every teenager with a TikTok is an activist and thinks he knows what's best when it comes to complex, large scale systems like the economy, laws, health care etc. Motherfucker I am stupid as fuck, I don't know if we should raise the minimum wage or overturn Roe v Wade.


I don't think that is the case. Most people only parrot popular opinions they heard from their echo chambers, most people still don't make decisions for themselves. The majority of people are still brainwashed sheep. Who cares if they parrot what Kamala Harris or Trump said, it is all the same shit, slaves obeying their masters.

>I don't know if we should raise the minimum wage

No, God no. Rich people and companies need even more money and profit, God forbid that we should give more money to people who work (including you).


There's pretty coherent arguments about not even having a minimum wage that have to do with supply and demand. Morally, yeah, giving people more money seems compelling, but good intentioned regulations often create the opposite effect. Like how price control creates shortages in supply because you create artificial prices that don't reflect the real market, so suddenly no one wants to produce that good or service anymore at that price. You raise the minimum wage and suddenly that mom & pop restaurant can't afford people anymore so the X amount people that would have gotten a job at 7 bucks an hour, now get 0 bucks an hour. Small businesses scale down even more or just fail, and big corporations put more money into automations research.

These are complex issues and I can't think of a bigger nightmare than having to make decisions about it. Especially when 50% of the people are always going to be pissed off for one reason or another because of the inherent tribalist mentality in politics i.e. red team vs blue team.



Yea, but people arguing for a minimum wage increase say that the cost of living has increased far more than the minimum wage in the past decades so people today are poorer than people in the past and if the minimum wage had increased proportionally to the cost of living, it will be at least 15 dollars and that is were that number is coming from. It's not a number that they just made up, there is a reason for it.

In other words, rich people took more money from the poor so they could buy another yacht and another plane, and there is no good reason to let that happen.


If the minimum wage were to go up to $15/hr, I'd lose my job.



Most minimum wage jobs are socially necessary. They typically don't get lost no matter how much minimum wage goes up, within realistic bounds of course. If minimum wage was lifted up to middle class wages, you'd still have people stacking shelves, delivering good and mopping floors. It just has to happen. What does happen, is people with qualifications such as welders, hairdressers or builders find themselves making minimum wage. Or the more shittier labour that used to have a 30% premium on top of minimum wage, becomes minimum wage.

It just fucks up the class system and disincentives people from getting the shittier jobs that pay a little more.


>people arguing for a minimum wage increase say that the cost of living has increased far more than the minimum wage in the past decades
yeah, but forbidding certain transactions doesnt help anyone. money has nothing to do with the aggregate wealth of a society, no matter what you do, a money system can only make an economy less than efficient, no matter how many dollars change hands there are still only so many real things in the world. what facilitates the creation of more real wealth is more people working, real wealth is created by work. if you forbid certain transactions (those deemed too unfavorable to be legal, like working for 2 cents a year), then you decrease the amount of actual wealth being generated in the world and that makes everyone worse off. you can say that if those unfavorable transactions were to take place it would just be the rich getting richer, but still, if it doesnt take place then there is no chance of anyone benefitting.

>God forbid that we should give more money to people who work (including you).
why dont you start a company and pay people what they should get paid?


File: 1652536041068.png (1.31 MB, 1032x1457, 1032:1457, saber.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Why would anyone want to make decisions? I don't even know what's best for me
That's fine, but the only other person who can make the best decisions for you is someone who truly loves you


New paragraph, New reason.

Because I was searching forever to even get this job (it was depressing, and everyone laying even more shit on me saying, "The news says people are having such a tough time getting workers" only served to axe my esteem down even more). If people were so skeptical to hire me and it is such a challenge to keep a job below $10/hr in a good market, how the fuck will I make it at the competition for $15? I am not a normie.

Another thing to keep in mind is at a lower wage things can be relaxed because they can afford to be. The one thing that is nice about having a lower wage is that the work environment is much lower key and less stressful, and that gets translated all the way up the chain from what I see in the rural town jobs I have been in. I look at the shit they foist on the $20/hr people around here and I don't understand how it is possible.

What about the expansion up the chain? Why would the office employees stick around once the grunts like me catch up in purchasing power to them? What kind of even more hellish competition would getting an office job be if the wages went up even more? I could maybe see a really smart wizard having a chance at being in the office if the bottom of the scale was set at $10, but if the bottom of the scale was 50% higher, and then that translates up the scale, there's no way. Like I said in my first paragraph, I feel like we barely have a shot at an application. The only possibility is to underbid the socially gregarious.

Finally, it's not like the profit we make is absurd. Most places dream of 8%. From what I hear of during negotiations, the place I am at currently makes 6% on a good year, and labor is somewhere between a third to half of our costs. I don't see how the arithmetics can pan out. E.g., best case if our costs were $10 (wages in our plant average to something like $10/hr includi g the bosses of the plant), then our total costs would be $30, and our total revenues would be $31.8, so if our labor costs were $15 we would be out of business.


You mean this guy?



All these morons arguing for the abolition/lowering of the minimum wage…I don't know whether you people are serious or ironic. I will assume the worst case and think you are actually serious about what you write.

My opinion about you people is that you don't deserve to vote, no, I will go further, you don't even deserve any freedom or rights at all. You are cattle and a buch of cucks. (That is ofc unless you live a privileged life or have a high-status and extremely wellpaying position.) Otherwise yeah, you deserve to live like slaves.

Without minimum wage or in the case of a low minimum wage your job wouldn't be comfier at all. Employers aren't satisfied with anything, they would suck all the blood out of you if they could legally do so. And competition has nothing to do with this. You people desire to live in Africa or some 3rd world country? Because in those places the market is really really free if you guys want to experience full-blown capitalism in effect.

Bunch of retards.

>why dont you start a company and pay people what they should get paid?
Maybe because I don't possess the necessary capital to do so. I know pro-free market idiots like you think in capitalism poor people should just wish to be rich and that would end poverty but life doesn't work that way. The market won't feed poor people or take care of them.


>The market won't feed poor people or take care of them.
youre right, because "the market" only exists in your imagination. if you want food, you either have to grow it, convince someone to give it to you, or steal it. most people choose the second option and try to convince people to give them food by working for money and then giving people money for food. if everyone took the third option and started stealing to get food, and no one produced food, we would all starve. stealing is always a detriment to the economy, in order for more stuff to be made, more work needs to be done. your use of the term "market" isnt helpful and doesnt actually help you to understand the real world.

>Maybe because I don't possess the necessary capital to do so

there are people who invest in start-up companies, its not impossible to convince someone to give you money. and what about the people who already have companies? why dont they pay people what they should get paid, they could just hire all the best people from other companies then right? and if someone were to do this "pay people more" thing other comapanies would then have to do the same so they dont lose all their labour, do you think that this has never been done?

>You people desire to live in Africa or some 3rd world country? Because in those places the market is really really free if you guys want to experience full-blown capitalism in effect

i doubt that, and even so africa is poor because niggers have a poor nigger thief mentally (kind of like you). if some black entrepreneur makes 10 loaves of bread to sell then the whole village will come to him begging for bread and he will end up having to give all of it away to his starving family, losing his entire initial investment. the other starving niggers dont want to work and just leech off the ones who do, it may be a free market but its the same niggadry that is the basis of the socialist market structure that is what keeps africa poor.

another thing about africa is everyone is fucking stupid, even if they didnt have nigger mentalities the work they do would be way less efficient than what a regular person does, partly because theyre uneducated and partly because theyre niggers. i dont think this is going to hold them back forever, but it definitely doesnt help.


Why are idiots like you so sure of yourself always? "Don't be a cuck" is not an argument why raising the minimum wage would be viable economically, it's just moralizing and grandstanding. I'm sure you feel awesome when you write this shit and think you're "punching up" at some imaginary boogeyman capitalist, but in reality you've never owned a business and have no clue how it's run. There are real unintended side-effects to screwing around with complex dynamic systems like the economy. To think that you simply make it illegal to pay people less and bam, everyone gets a raise, is very simplistic thinking. Not saying the free market will solve everything, but price control has been tried many times and the effect is always observable, it's not magic, it makes complete rational sense compared to emotional reasoning like the one you're offering.

If it makes you feel better, I don't vote so you're free to vote for the candidate that plays in the best with your emotions. Maybe there's one with the slogan "Make them pay!" and you just fill in the blanks about who "they" are.


No. I don't want to wish ill on an anon. For me it was my father, mainly.

sage because I don't feel like bumping the thread for whatever reason.


FUCK YOU, your retarded business has NO right to be successful, you can't just walk over people and say "its your fault I walked over you lmao".


>youre right, because "the market" only exists in your imagination.
This is what a legit brainlet looks like.


File: 1652587569451.gif (191.35 KB, 240x181, 240:181, whatTheFuck.gif) ImgOps iqdb


fuck me i don't want to go to work anymore, i have weeks off in july, i only work part-time and it's already too much
I already called in sick for a week, i have been late as well recently, maybe they'll fire me, i don't care at this point.


I swear free market and capitalism fanatics are a completely different sect, who live in their own little dreamworld where everything that helps the "economy" and those who already have more than enough money is good while everything that would help the average guy (including them!) is from the devil. I'd write a more elaborate reply to tell you why you are wrong on everything, but the thread will 300 soon so I don't want to get into an argument now. So I will what I write short.

1.) Living in Africa sucks exactly because there are no laws protecting the average man there from exploitation, the market is free and this is what you get, people being forced to work for almost nothing.
2.) Again, your solution for poverty is "just get rich bro". It is the economic version of the "just b yourself" slogan. If it were that easy to get rich then there would be no poor people at all. So suck a horse cock, please.
3.) You implying it would tank the economy to give people higher wages is absolutely ridiculous. We heard this boogeyman again and again through history from the rich, that we shouldn't give stuff to poor people or otherwise it would cause Armageddon. Well guess what? 8 hours a day work didn't wreck the economy. Worker rights didn't wreck the economy. Laws protecting workers and the little men didn't wreck the system either. Money and free stuff given to the people didn't cause anarchy. So get fucked, again. It's not the end of the world if your employer only takes home a couple of millions instead of 100 millions. There would be plenty of money, food and resources for everyone on Earth. But some people just don't want to share unless you put a knife to their throats.

But of course, what do you care? You most likely never had to experience the shit end of capitalism so you can keep on spouting retarded crap like this.

Ahh, not the boogeyman again. You can't raise the wages of people because Elon Musk and Trump need all that money to spend on luxury whores and to buy more cars and ships. That's it. There would be more than enough money to spend on people, but we need to spend money on useless wars and other retarded shit.

It's not a complex issue. Do you want to live better? Yes or No? If you say No because you are too scared the market will collapse (meaning Elon Musk would have less money) then you are a sheep, sorry. Maybe if you were a normalfag then I would understand why you want a stable market and society for the future. But as a wizard who doesn't have kids, literally why care about the future so much? All that matters is living good in the present. So what if we ruin the economy and society in a couple of decades? (We won't, btw.) Grow a set of balls already and stop sucking CEO cocks.

Funny you mention emotions, as it is clear it is you capitalist freaks who shit your pants at even the thought of giving common people like us more money and free stuff. You aren't some objective, ultra-rational all knowing God. You are a human and you should start looking out for yourself and your interests because other people will gladly exploit you if you don't put up any resistance.

And about moralizing? Pff, it is not about morals. It is about what is good for me. What is good for me is ultimately what is good for my class.


It IS a sect, it's called "free market fundamentalism" for a reason.

Unless they're part of the 1% These people are massive cucks that justify being exploited with retarded arguments like "this is the natural order of the economy" "you can't win against the market" and other religious bullshit, as if the market was a super all powerful entity instead of made up human bullshit like borders.

Do animals have "markets"? And plants? We're the same as animals and yet we create this shit "market" while attributing it to some almost divine thing, just another wait to entertain ourselves while we wait for our deaths and the eternal oblivion.


>Living in Africa sucks exactly because there are no laws protecting the average man there from exploitation
so instead of africans working for 1 dollar a day you want them to go back to the jungle, is essentially what youre saying. youre not forcing someone to pay the africans 2 dollars a day, youre making them hire less africans. and it doesnt make you seem righteous for telling other people to give away their stuff, it makes you look like a retarded child. you have a problem with africans being paid 1 dollar a day? what the fuck did you pay them? oh right, literally nothing at all. the people "exploiting" africans have done more for them than you ever will, but i digress. the real issue i have here is how you openly admit youre just a retarded animal that wants to steal and you think somehow a minimum wage will accomplish it, it will not. what you want is to steal from people, what you want is others to be forced to do things for you (slavery), a minimum wage will not accomplish anything you want.

>Again, your solution for poverty is "just get rich bro"

no, its not, the solution is to "just work bro" (a much more startling reality). believe it or not, everything in this world was created because someone decided to feel a little bit of discomfort for a while, they had to put some effort in. also my solution doesnt involve everyone on the planet getting "rich", if everyone is rich then no one is rich.

>You implying it would tank the economy to give people higher wages is absolutely ridiculous

as i explained, money has nothing to do with the amount of real wealth in the world. what youre trying to say is that people should just give you more stuff even though you arent giving them more stuff. lets say you work at a bread factory (the only one in the world), you make 1 loaf of bread a day and make enough money to buy 1 loaf of bread. if your employer paid you and everyone else enough to buy 2 loaves of bread, even though you only made 1, would that mean everyone has enough money to buy 2 loaves of bread? no, think it through you fucking retard, paying people more does not mean they have more stuff.

>All that matters is living good in the present. So what if we ruin the economy and society in a couple of decades?

why do you even pretend to care about actual economic solutions then? just say you want free stuff, dont try to make it look like you care about fairness or having a working economy when you dont. if you arent interested in hearing how economically your ideas dont work and are retarded, why even bring up economics in the first place? you dont give a shit about economics at all.


i don't wanna fucking work, god why does the weekend go so fast. Fucking bullshit they make us work so many faggot fucking hours. it's 2022 and we are supposed to be advance and work less, not more.


white collar "workers" work for two hours per day, if they drive to the office at all


No, if we raise the minimum wage that doesn't mean companies will hire less people. Companies and employers don't give people jobs because they pity them or because of such retarded things. I seriously ask, are you like 10? Employers always employs the least amount of people necessary to do work for them. If we raise wages that doesn't mean employers will hire less people, it doesn't work like that. If it takes 3 people to do a job then the boss will get himself 3 people to work for him. No matter if the minimum wage is 1, 2 or 10 dollars a day. Because with less than 3 persons he can't get the work done in time. You like the moron you are, think employers use more than necessary people to work for them because they are kind or what the fuck. No, these people usually care about money to ridiculous extents and so want to save money whenever they can. Raising the min.wage. won't cause unemployment.
It's cute how you go on about me not paying africans when I don't even have companies or own a significant amount of wealth to begin with. Their bosses should give them decent wages, maybe. You know, those people who actually possess money and use africans to produce stuff cheaply? It is amazing to what lengths you are ready to go to in order to defend your masters and overlords. And I won't even comment on the whole deal about these asshole employers and CEOs doing africans a service by hiring them for shit and piss, o how generous they are!

It's not stealing to demand decent wages for people. What your capitalist masters do is more like stealing than anything. They don't pay their workers what they deserve.

>just work bro

Yeah fuck off, maybe you are content sucking the dick of your boss daily, I'm not. I don't like it when people try to take me for a fool and I don't like being exploited. So I will pass. Funny you'd praise work so much but most of the big guys in capitalism never had to work a single day during their lives either because of inheritance or because they could deceive others and exploit them. So you mean poor people should wageslave I take it, while rich people should just enjoy life, eh?

Also, if you are so much against high wages then why don't refuse your employer? "No boss that's too much, here I give it back" - bet you never said anything like that in your life. Raising wages generally means people live better, yeah. If you can't see the cause and effect then don't pretend you are so smart about economics.

I bring up economics because it affects my life. Yeah sorry, I don't care what happens after I die. We should use every resources of the world and burn it even if it means we get to live better. I don't give a shit about kids 100 years into the future, and how they will live.

Agreed. Best is when they try to run to morals to justify capitalism, lol Like the guy I am talking with. He thinks "stealing" is when the poor get a bigger piece of the cake but it is completely all right if rich people exploit poor people. I think these guys are just spoiled upper middle class shits, too scared of any ideology that would give some money to those who are less fortunate in life than them.


A job wants me to do a skills evaluation of about 40 questions in something I am not particularly good at, but know a bit about. This is scary. I need this job to escape the almost minimum wage job I have now and I'm basically entry level at this point. I guess I'll just embrace the challenge, probably fail the test, and use this to motivate myself to become better with these skills. Every time something challenges my skills, I get nervous on how little I think I know. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough.


I've been a meet, worked shitty menial labour, retail etc and now finally have a cushy tech job - it still feels shit. I don't want to work at all but have been thrown into this life where we have to work or live an intolerably poor and shitty life. it's not fulfilling, doesn't give me any pride, takes up all my time and mental energy, just to consoom and live with the remaining time left over. fuck it all, whether it's shitty retail or cushy tech. there's no winning.

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