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Help me get out of this nightmare.

I'm a 26 yo neet that wants to kill himself. The reason is that i suffer from different kind of pathologies but mainly i suffer costant migraines that last the whole day. I basically tried everything and i want to die.

The problem is that as a european i cannot get a shotgun.
So the first two methods of suicide that came to my mind are: partial suspension and cutting the wrist's veins.
Also, throwing myself off a building but my little town does not have public high places (i also cannot drive) and my building is not enough high to grant me sure death.

The problem is that regarding the previous two methods i don't think i am enough kwoledgeble to assure me that i will do it correctly ( if you have any tips or guides please share), but most importantly i live in a home with a lot of people that is never empty. My mother especially is paranoid, and always checks on me even at thee slightest sound (i'm not kidding). Basically, i think i am incled to cut my veins but firstly i'm not sure that i'm capable of doing it correctly and also i'm not sure i will be able to do it silently (i read that if done correctly will cause death in a minute and half, is that true?). I' also veery scared at the fact that anyone that tried says that is eetremely painful and i think it also doesn't have a high success rate. partial suspension should be better, but i kno for sure that it causes muscular spasms and that would allert my family. Also, i'm not sure i have a point where to secure the rope.

If any of you have any tips, guides or even better an alternative way of suicide, please share, i cannot take in anymore. Thank you.

Btw, i also thought to enter some random building i'm pretty sure i cannot get to the roof, and i am also very scared if someone would ask me what i was doing there (i obviousl have very bad social anxiety):


im sorry for my terrible english


The easiest method for europeans is found in the suicide general.

If you showed a tiny bit of effort and lurked at least for a day, you wouldnt ask this.

Considering how lazy u seem, you'll probably never actually go through with it anyways…


i looked the catalogue and i saw two suicide generals, one was about overdosing and the other about shotguns. if there are other information in those threads it's not my fault for not reading them all just in the hope that my question were answered.


also, you evidentely don't know what having a costant migraine during the whole day feels, and how you can barely read a sentence before your eyes start hurting.


Hey this sounds like hippie bullshit but psychedelic drugs can treat migraine


>This exploratory study suggests there is an enduring therapeutic effect in migraine headache after a single administration of psilocybin.

LSD and psilocybin mushrooms both treat it. You can pick them in the woods or travel to the Netherlands and buy some legally. Plenty of research about this. Try it first if migraine is really your biggest issue


Helium bag.>>256788


Helium bag.


even if it worked, which is problably not going to, my life sucks so much and i have nothing valuable with it, that it still wouldn't matter.

i live with my family, there's no way i can order all that stuff without them noticing.


so why the fuck did you make it out like your main problem was migraine and then switch the goalposts when a legitimate remedy was suggested?

fuck off


Fist of all try a radical life change (been stuck in a life that you don't like does that to you) start with something like dropping all and going on a very long trip for example and/or try drugs, both legal and illegal like all types of psicodelics.

If all that fails, the classical south Korean method of asphyxia by carbon dioxide is simple enough, the bag over the head with a gas tank and regulator connected to it is also popular and you can get it on the internet and substances like a Barbiturate like Nembutal ( what they give to your dog in the vet to kill him) or any fentanyl variation will do the job relatively painless. This is what they are doing in countries were euthanasia is legal. Research that.


Because its my main problem, not my only one. Again, it has caused me so many other problems than resolving it wouldnt fix my Life completely. Its not a difficult concept to grasp.


Spend more time at the gym.


File: 1657745562990.pdf (7.87 MB, Ehret Mucusless Diet.pdf)

You tried everything?
What is everything?

Just give this a look, in case…


Roofer here, basicaly meaning i climb roofs for fun.
Most of the times when people ask me why im going up there I say i just want to take some pictures.
And yes, most roofs are locked, some are open, some you have to fiddle arround with some screws to get on them but its doable.
One other option would be abandoned buildings wich almost always have open roof acces

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