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My mom is supportive of everything and doesn’t force anything upon me but I feel like I don’t deserve her. She’s a single mother who slaves her days to earn money, does the grocery shopping, makes food just so I could focus my time on studying or smthg but I decided to let her down. I’m unemployed, and currently in community college. She paid all the fees for me to attend the big universities just for me to be denied entry because my grades were actual shit. At the time it didn’t bother me, I jus sat around like a lazy piece of shit. But now I’m going to do something with my life, get a job, and try to transfer myself to a university to earn a useful degree. But there are so many people my age and younger, who are valedictorians, play sports, have jobs, and go to the gym. Compared to that I’m an actual disgrace, and the fucked up part is that I had all those opportunities to make my mom proud. She says she’s proud of me, but I’m truly embarrassed of myself. I feel like it’s a little late for me now though, she just wants me to settle down and all but this feeling kills me every single day. Im genuinely sorry.


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Well man if you were a undisciplined one and your mother didn't know or care, and also didn't bother to discipline you then certainly you were going to not to be able to go to a good university, no way back now sir.
How old are you?. What matters now is that you want to get better, i guess.


I’m 22,


>have bastard kid in poverty
>raise him to be so fucked he posts on wizchan
sorry maybe im retarded or something, but im not really sure how people can take the blame for pretty much anything they do. whatever you are, whatever you did or failed to do, it's the fault of your genetics and your circumstance imposed on you against your will by your parents.
if you're an unemployed leech forever, then that's on her. people shouldn't be having kids either way, but especially not in less than ideal circumstances.

my recommendation is to at least not agree to any expensive things like extravagant dinners, large purchases, or things beyond your means you'll inevitably fail at like the aforementioned colleges or business ventures.
just make your existence as painless as you can for her.
it's not going to make her life a miserable hell just to provide you a couple of dollars of food a month and a working computer every 10 years. she can afford you that at least. you're her burden to bear, not the other way around. you didn't ask to be born and you shouldn't have been born, that was her choice to make.


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I believe in you, wiz. You gotta give it your all!

If not, then at least you tried. Besides, "when there's life there's rope".


copious amounts of facebook posts around here lately. thats a new one. really helps bring the site down alongside all the christianity and fitness posts.


File: 1648619278637.png (1.83 MB, 1753x1841, 1753:1841, b57797f87735177dcb36cbccd3….png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't compare me with the demiurgos worshipers.

What's wrong with advising a wiz to commit with all his effort to an ultimately futile endeavor? It makes him more mature, i.e., more disappointed with life and capable of seeing its fundamental vanity and futility.

It also builds you up to suicide, which I think is the greatest act of self-ownership one can take. Now that's something to admire, not "playing sports" lmao.


> 22
i'm in my first year of college and i'm 22
just do it fag


I fucking knew it. This site is just filled with depressed zoomers.


come back in 5 years when you’ve made no progress at all


Why do you feel bad when your mother is the reason you did born into this world?She should’ve expect having a loser child and not birth you because you didn’t choose to come this world




Pretty cold, but with a sound logic.


>Oh my god This site has turned into Normiebook/Reddit
Mate this site and the internet as a whole is filled with whiny zoomers shitting everything up. Don't know why I even fucking bother coming here.


You don’t have to be in this thread mate


kinda mad that this was yet another 1 and done OP like all the rest on here, because i kind of liked this post and wanted a reply to it.
all my posts get ignored!!!!! fuck you OP!!!! reply to your thread!!!!


File: 1648983119076.jpg (300.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1ba9a145d7f9126c1ad937e89b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you absolute buffoon.
you have at least 8 years before it becomes socially unacceptable you're still failing higher education.
you can easily still make it, remember the average student swaps studies when they're almost done or just keep studying useless degrees one after another

with the one line "I studied Y before but didnt like it so now I'm doing X", and being 22, you would be 100% within the norm scale. even if you live with your mom and never worked a day of your life

do yourself a favor and stay away from this place, remember it in your darkest hour but do not come back earlier than 5 years from now


big cope here, never feel bad for your parents. t hey put you here in this horrible world for no reason so who cares. just get a job like everyone else idk.


> She says she’s proud of me
So again, what is the problem?


He's a failed normalfag that is insecure and compares himself to other normalfags.


I just feel like I should have more accomplished by now man.


You’re right man but it seems like nobody else has this struggle. All I do is eat, sleep, do a little school work, and watch tv all day, whilst my mom being twice my age does 3x more than what I do:/


Well start doing shit then you lazy wizard


I would feel a lot worse if my parents were still working and not just living on stock dividends and social security. My parents make money just by sitting on their ass. I'm pretty sure they make more in boomerbux than we spend by a fair margin even though we shop at a bougie grocery store and get it instacarted to our house. My dad is typical shut-in. Only leaves the house once every month or so mostly to buy beer. Mostly just watches TV and does crossword puzzles which is only the cost of the cable subscription. I don't really feel pressured to be a wage slave anymore. I got over that after slaving at a few jobs and wanting to kms every second I wasted away being a slave to normalfags for pointless monies I don't even need. When I was your age though that's when I felt the worst. I was very depressed and down on myself for failing out of college and not being a normal little worker bee. Now I neet it up 99% of the time secure in the knowledge that it's a rational personal choice I've made for how I want to live my life not some path of shame. I think it really does get easier the older you get.

I have some cousin or something with some sort of issues and his mom is just living off bux from the state because of her issues and they manage to get by. He is like 40 or 50 or something, idk I never met him. I'm 99% sure he's a hikki virgin though. 100% sure he's a lifelong NEET. You learn to live with it.


I feel you man. All throughout highschool I was a try hard. I wanted to be really successful when I was older, and for everyone to look up to me wishing they had my life. I maintained high grades, and was extremely competitive, throwing people under the bus to look good, and being disloyal and jealous. I had a full time job alongside, working around 8 hours daily. I would wake up around 5 am, spend two hours studying, go to school for about 4 hours, come home and make food, and then from 1 pm-8pm I would work, 6 days a week. It was very tiring, but I always wanted to feel busy and like I was doing something valuable that would make me successful later. I was never valedictorian because I didn’t engage in enough extracurricular activities, but I was on the schools track team. However, I was hit with the death of my father, just before graduating. He committed suicide, and I still don’t know why. He didn’t leave any notes but he did create a joint bank account with my mom
to deposit money. Not saying his death completely ruined me, even though I was extremely sad, but it did break my mom. She couldn’t get over it, and went all the way to Mexico to spread his ashes. I couldn’t move to a far university like I wanted, and instead took care of her whilst working full-time. The main thing I’m trying to get at is that it doesn’t matter if she’s proud of you or not because now my mother has dementia. She sometimes remembers me for the most part, but often walks out of the house thinking I’ve kidnapped her. I’m 41 years old now, work as an electrician, and wish I could spend more time with my family, especially with my dad. I slaved countless years away just to be miserable. I understand you are only trying to help her, but being a fucking valedictorian or sportsman doesn’t mean shit.


so you never went to college? how much do you make as an electrician, I was under the impression they made really good money


>she's a single mother
literally and unironically stopped reading right there.

she's a failure


If you're not going to read any of the posts in the thread then you don't have reason to make any posts yourself. Stop talking bad about people's mothers because of your bad experiences.


Single mothers are evil no exception


There are several wizards here who have been or currently are sustained and supported creatively and financially by single mothers. Claiming your state of problems to be the only possible outcome in such a scenario is normalfag rhetoric.


>Single mothers are evil no exception
I would like to hear why you think this? I can understand that you may think they're "failures", but "evil no exception" seems very extreme and there has to be some reason for you to think that.


>do yourself a favor and stay away from this place, remember it in your darkest hour but do not come back earlier than 5 years from now
It sounds like you regret being here and you wish you were a normie.
He could leave this place, but if he leaves, the wizzies still gonna love him man?


Yes, mothers have a way of breaking your heart when it comes to that sort of thing. I think about how hard my mom tried and everything I put her through only to turn out to be someone who just barely does enough to get by. I keep telling myself that she honestly doesn't care, she just wants to see me healthy and happy, but a huge part of me wishes I had graduated college and became successful enough to not be a total deadbeat.


I’m talking about succubi who divorce their husbands take the child and whore themselves with child support which is the majority of the single mothers are and they’re evil


I don’t have any statistics but I think there’s more single mothers who simply get knocked up out of wedlock and the father bails before they can leverage him for money.


What about if the dad left? Hating on simple mothers for the wrong reason buddy


Exactly man. I feel the same way! The worst part about it is that it’s a regret, something you can’t fix or change. Some regrets you just take to the grave


File: 1649875140927.jpg (707.78 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 07snakes-superJumbo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who the fuck cares, honestly?

Who the fuck cares what anyone has to say or think about you. It shouldn't matter unless it somehow disadvantages you.

These people, society, is a den of snakes.


I'm in a similar situation. I feel like shit and feel like a horrible person. I'm deeply depressed.


Hey man, don’t forget that a lot of people feel the same way you’re not alone. I recently felt very suicidal, questioning the purpose of my existence and shit, a full on nihilistic viewpoint on this world. It’s a very dark place to be in, I didn’t exactly want to die, just feel numb and invisible for eternity. I managed to get over that though, all emotions will come and go, just do shit that puts a temporary smile on your face and live another day because it does get slightly better!


She never taught you how to talk about your feelings. She did everything for you and enabled you. Empathize with her but don't blame yourself completely. Go to therapy


Really relate to this. I didn't get that either. Was it because I/we didn't have a dad?


I can empathize with her all I want but I cant go back in time and solve the issue. Besides I had a shit therapist, I could tell in her voice she didn’t give a flying fuck about me and would advise me to see my family doctor for lousy medications that ended up wasting my money. I also decided to check this thread after a long time, just to see everyone call me a pussy


no hes right. single mothers are the worst. theres a reason t heyre single. were too crazy to keep a man around.


No logic. Just emotion


>There are several wizards
>made that way by single mothers
You are making the opposite of the point you think you're making.


For me, it's my dad. He loves me like crazy, like if I was a kid still.
I pray he doesn't get fucked up for life when I inevitably kill myself, but it'll be hard for him regardless. The guilt is all-consuming.

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