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talked to this homeless dude at a train station today after he said hello. i gave him a cigarette
>got absolutely rekt in combat in the army
>his vehicle got blown 60ft and killed everyone on board
>he described so many injuries (including all his ribs broken) that i forgot most of them
>had 22 years left on a 30 year mortgage and the bank repossessed it
>killed his 2 5 year old daughters in a drunk driving accident that he cause because he was drunk
>makes wooden christmas tree sculptures and gives them out to kids on christmas to honor his daughters' memory
>said he never got to give them christmas presents and started crying a little bit

im down to my last thousand dollars and just got a job and should be able to keep staying at this airbnb but damn this dude got rekt by life.


sorry i meant to say he had 8 years left on his 30 year mortgage


Might just be another guy making things up because he gets off on the idea of receiving sympathy, and the extra money people give him. Veteran programs for purple heart bearers give at the very least group accommodation. If he was smart enough to move up in the military, raise kids while married, and pay 22 years of mortgage on a house, then he's smart enough to get back on his feet. Don't believe his schemes, especially if his skin is dark.


he was a white guy and he took the time to show me his wood carving toolkit. that's why i ultimately believed him. he didn't ask me for anything.


some normalfag who was in the army then drunk drove like a retard. why did you give him money you stupid cunt?


i gave him a cigarette


Sounds like some shitty normalfag and possibly a liar as well, never trust homeless people


insulting some homeless guy is the most normalfag thing you can do, you normalfags


homeless are almost all drug addicted liars, op story sounds like the typical story these addicts come up with, these people are scumbags


What's with Americans and being absurdly drunk? Like I read of alcoholic parents or alcoholic in general drinking absurd amounts of drinks, here in Italy it's extremely uncommon, at most you have heroin addicts but even those are falling out of fashion


Don't believe everything he says. Most of those people can't be trusted 100%. That said, you don't need to be an asshole either, it's good you helped him out a little.

This. I'm suprised there are people here who would talk shit about harmless homeless guys. Considering many people here head towards the homeless life, it is quite absurd.




What's with Europeans pretending like nothing bad ever happens in Europe and that Europe is a complete fantasy-land utopia?


Sounds fake. I always ignore homeless people.


Don't worry I'm from Europe and I got into a car crash because my dad was drunk driving when I was a kid

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