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How are you supposed to cope with mental anguish if you're friendless?
I'm a complete hermit socially and whenever I'm down I just fall into a negative spiral. I don't really believe in therapy either so that's a dead-end for me too.


File: 1650199879116.png (240.04 KB, 750x750, 1:1, b3f13c546b01e8c71cc4a94a8f….png) ImgOps iqdb

I usually just remind myself of all the other previous friendships i had where it was often just too much to handle. The mix up bad people making things hard for me, to the feeling of thinking I'm not doing enough.
In a way, it has me both wanting it and not wanting it bad enough. It would feel nice to probably have a very caring friend, but I know that's impossible. Nobody can tolerate me anyway. I had a nice visionary thought of being gifted a fumo by a friend a few days ago though. But something about that just made me deterred too. I did all I could when it came to social stuff so I'm not sure what else to do.

I didn't have a therapist but instead a psychologist and all they did was talk talk talk. I doubt social workers can be a huge benefit to issues not easily fixable


The only thing I ever wanted was friends, now I have my wizfriends here, it’s good enough


i feel like an outsider everywhere, even on imageboards like this one. everyone seems to understand each other well and get along fine


I think that's pretty common. At least, I feel the same way.


I’ve just been here way too long, I’m probably delusional


I'm not capable of handling relationships. They're so demanding. I can't operate on the level of casual deceit they seem to practice towards each other even among friends. So there's no point in crying over not participating in all that.
Not to say I became that stoicism meme just like that. I anguished over tfw no friends especially when I was much younger.
I don't know… I suppose acceptance lessened anguish.

Plus friendships require going outside, having money to things, having wits and life experience to not sperg in public. A neet hermit isn't compatible with any of that that.

>whenever I'm down I just fall into a negative spiral
If you're talking about having friends to rely on emotionally. I made the mistake of using friends as an emotional psychological crutch. Nobody wants that. It drives people away. Gets you labelled as a toxic weirdo.
Friends are for having carefree fun times together. If you must blow off your dark depths of your soul then dump it all out on anon boards like this. Nobody wants to hear the real dark stuff in real life. That's just the way it is.


I can be your friend.
Yeah, same. Nobody really clicks. Just feel isolated every day.


I dread the day where tfw no friends hits me.
It happens once every two or three months, it gets me into this gloomy state where I shed some tears because I can't handle this pressuring hot feeling inside my chest as if somebody was squeezing me from the inside.

Afterwards, I am fine for the next couple months until it hits again.
I wonder why tfw no frens hurts when I am nearly 30 and I made my mind that companionship is next to impossible at this age and with the wiz powers.

Maybe I didn't make up my mind after all … wish I lived in some tribe where people are forced to interact with each others since there isn't anyone around anyway.


>How are you supposed to cope with mental anguish if you're friendless?

You can start by discarding meme words like cope. And you aren't supposed to "cope", you are supposed to reach the conclusion that you are lucky to be alone. You don't need those slimy shit normalfags for friends. I've had to deal with them a lot and they always backstab each other, they steal each other's partners and betray or talk shit about each other for no other reason than to amuse themselves, because their lives are so uninteresting and their thoughts are on the level of animals. Trust me, you are blessed to be alone. Friendship, like you see it portrayed in the Illiad, anime or movies doesn't exist, same for romance. They are myths and even normals don't believe in them honestly, only children.

The easy way out would be religion (you have an invisible buddy always there for you, who is also the maker and controller of the universe, very convenient, right?). But really, why would you need God or others when you can live alone? You are your own best companion and partner, respect yourself and love yourself.
If you feel lonely then watch some anime or read something, fictional characters are much better company than your average normalshit is. Or post-vent here and we will talk with you. You don't need more than that.

People often ridicule "self-help" advices but seriously, who will help you other than yourself? You are strong, wizard. You just don't know it. You aren't a herd animal, a typical npc robot. You aren't a nobody who can blend in easily without any trouble, you are a human being, unlike normals. You have individuality, personality, thoughts, feelings. Shit on normals, they aren't worth the trouble at all. Good luck.


Do you think it's possible to have friends who aren't normalfags?

Also your post is really nice.


File: 1650246249208.jpg (56.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, solitude.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Solitude chad coming in clutch. Nice post. It's surprising, you'd think wizards would be pretty much united in the benefits of solitude (that'd make a nice thread, actually).
>Friendship, like you see it portrayed in the Illiad
It's been forever since I've heard someone reference the goddam Illiad of all things.


Damn, great post. Thanks wiz.


You are talking about wizards forming friendships with each other? I'm skeptical about it. Talking with strangers on image boards is one thing but being friends? I don't think so. I think it is better to just accept that we are always alone and we can't trust others or depend on them too much.

The Illiad is usually referred to first when one talks about friendship in the Western world and culture. It has a very idealized depiction of "bro" friendship, implying that males can bond true friendship with each other unlike females. I disagree with that and similar sentiments, like Plato's for example.

>benefits of solitude

Yes, usually it is the "negative aspects" of solitude which are discussed even here, what a shame. I blame normalfag psychology, that pseudo-science corrupted people's minds so much (meaning, it made them even more normalfaggot-ish than before).

I agree with that pic fully. I view my solitude as freedom rather than torture or despair. People are overrated as hell. Why couldn't we get rid of this myth, friendship, even in the 21st century?



physically and mentally distractions via copes


It’s weird, I’ve heard loneliness is incredibly harmful (https://www.campaigntoendloneliness.org/threat-to-health/), and yet I agree: It’s liberating to not be tied down to the wants and needs of others.


same, though i dont think one can really expect to find a lot of common ground or get along with other antisocial people.


It probably is incredibly harmful to normies.


I mean sure, but we’re still human. It’s not like everyone on this site shares some particular mental malfunction that makes us resistant to whatever makes loneliness harm us physically.


It is a lie, don't believe anything related to mental health care or psychology. You are supposed to be "a social animal", you get told this lie over and over since childhood.

Hm, why would anyone do that? Tell people lies and suggest them to seek different things, things that are alien to their nature? Like friendship and sex above all else? I wonder, maybe our dear leaders aren't interested in people's well-being but instead they want to exploit us. How can you control someone who doesn't need others? It would be very hard.

It's much easier to control some braindead animal who thinks social approval and sex matter the most. Succubi, "the family life", "the social life" is the carrot on the stick before you, that is why you should follow norms, the law and work & breed like other people do.

Our precious elite always wanted to weaken us, that is why they planted this meme into people's brains, that we need others and that we are "social animals". Going your own way means BIG trouble, for the elite at least.


Sex makes people conformists, something changes in the male brain when sex is executed.


The brain always changes, even when small things happen to you. It's not sex itself, but wanting sex above everything to begin with.

They tell you that you need to have sex because otherwise you aren't socially acceptable. So you want sex to prove how much of a man you are. But for sex you need to fit in and be a part of the system. And so it begins…


>I usually just remind myself of all the other previous friendships i had where it was often just too much to handle. The mix up bad people making things hard for me, to the feeling of thinking I'm not doing enough.
I remember this well. I've not had many friends in my life. Last time I had "real" friends was over 15 years ago as a kid and they all turned on me savagely when I began to get bullied. Since then it's mostly been few fleeting internet friendships. I had a few people I considered good friends. People I thought cared about me. For one reason or another they all faded away though. Got older, became full normies, had a change in tastes and became quick to detach from simple me who must come off as an old loser. One guy just became extremely nasty and blamed me for everything. Being lonely I just took it all passively though because I felt like I just needed somebody who I believed was the same as me. Then one day he just told me to fuck off and that was it. No ceremony, no nothing, he just tossed away years of friendship like it was trash. The realisation hit me that friendship never did anything for me. It always ended the same way. It brought pain, misery, stress and anxiety. No matter how much I put into a friendship I was always punished in some way. Am I happy to be alone? Somewhat. I do still long for the mythical concept of a "true friend" but I accept it's an impossibility. The older you get, the harder it becomes too. You can't relate to a lot of the young people flooding the internet now with their trivial nonsense, and older isolated loners like myself are so few and far between. Not counting the potential mental problems they may have alongside everything else. Honestly I just don't know anymore.


I cope much better alone than with a friend as they are a source of mental anguish and equal joys. You should probably spend some time thinking about why you think what you think as you come across as plain edgy teen.

>. I doubt social workers can be a huge benefit to issues not easily fixable
They really are when it comes to any "problem" that stems from personality even if it is misconstrued as mental illness. I spent thousands on some specialists all for them to just piss me off with advice that really makes me wonder how they cant know they are charlaten.

a true wiz wouldnt be asking how to cope without having friends to begin with.


File: 1650459265709.png (437.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you spend time in Norman depression spaces one of the biggest complaints is that they do what is suggested and reach out to their friends and family, but, they get ignored or slowly tolerated less and less by them. This is especially the case if they have serious long term mental illness rather than a period of grief or something.

In the theroetical sense that friends can be an outside force that injects positive experience or positive thoughts in to your awareness, maybe. Counterpoint as well, the amount of times I've read a book or writing where someone's depression recovery story involves having a boyfriend/girlfriend who does everything for them is quite high - I presume they're high social value people though.


> family, but, they get ignored or slowly tolerated less and less by them.
very true and it must be accepted I think that anyone with serious mental disorders is beyond the level of care family can provide unless they become full time carers. My breeders have kicked me out and everyone else but I can't blame them.

>In the theroetical sense that friends can be an outside force that injects positive experience or positive thoughts in to your awareness,

I dont think positive matters I think what matters is the outside perspective which is hopefully rational.


If you're not a "social animal" then why are you here, communicating with others?


It's not proper socialization to use anonymous ibs. I come here to learn, to better myself, to get new ideas mainly.


Why not make neet friends? look up bedsores on disboard and u'll find the neet loser cord i made when i had no friends. We just watch cartoons movies play games every day.


Had NEET friends before way way back in the day via 4chan. Every single person I met, while friendly at first, would eventually unload their mental illness upon me and I couldn't take it. Especially if it got too whiny or aggressive. I'm depressed and fucked up enough as it is but I refrain from forcing other people to put up with it and I ask for the same in return. A lesson I learned many years even earlier when I lost contact with decent enough folk who distanced themselves from me, probably because I was such a depressing person to be around. All I ask for is an escape from the drudgery of reality. Good vibes only. Good times only. Discuss interests, play games, that sort of stuff.


would be cool if it was not discord, as you can doxxed from clicking a single malicious link or joining voice chat


I talk to myself with people I wish were my friends that helps


I have so many friends in my head sometimes I think they might be real people, like a little group, I wonder who they are but they say they’re me, I guess we’re all in the same boat here, though I do wonder how do they feel about me using the controls while they sit in the back? Sometimes I get mad at them for being able to sit back in the comfy chair and watch me suffer, I wish I had the pleasure of looking out my eyes


I have a discord which im the only member of, where i chat with myself, and keep interesting links for future reference

pretty wiz when i think about it




>I have a discord which im the only member of, where i chat with myself, and keep interesting links for future reference

Interesting. I have that exact same setup.



don't skip a dosage wizlad


File: 1650925773284.jpg (103.19 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1650643792640.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there's been one maybe two? primary wiz cliques off site since 2015 where you can find surrogate socialization, its listed on disboard


This is the ultimate truth. Once you learn how to conduct yourself in your own head when you are alone, you will understand. You were born naked, you will leave naked. You don't take anything with you, nothing you learned, no material you gathered, no friendships you made. They may not even be there when it's time. It is ultimately a hallucination in your head.


I agree. I would say 99% of the people I grew up with never wanted to actually be friends. Only one or two guys I talked to had any real empathy and gave a shit about you. Everyone else doesn't care and is obsessed with having a "good time." I've even heard normalfags whisper under their breath shit like "if this person ruins my time I swear to God." It's some narcissistic shit honestly. It's all about me, me, me. They ignore your issues or don't say anything at all. I remember another time this guy was going through some issues and I was the only one talking to him about it and asking questions. These two normalfags just sat there in silence in disbelief, shocked that we would talk about something besides TV shows or some garbage. Do people have empathy anymore? Everything feels like a narcissistic shitshow and empathetic people are extremely rare.


>Do people have empathy anymore? Everything feels like a narcissistic shitshow and empathetic people are extremely rare.
We basically have the psychology faggot cult to thank for your confusion. Normalfaggots worldwide have begun to self-diagnose and pathologize common behaviors such as hatred or tidiness or intelligence. It really is just a giant cult that is gaslighting everybody and manufacturing pseudoscientific terms.


What's the name of the wizzies discord?


Fags /b/ Us


it allows nonvirgins and crabs in so no point in even looking, you’d be better off finding a place that is honest and doesn’t try larping as something they’re not


Most people are like NPCs and they want to stay inside their matrix safespace as long as possible without reality interfering with their delusion.

Social media, porn or just pop culture in general is all about narcissism and humiliating others, people think they are the main actor in a movie while everyone else is just there to please them with attention and other shallow bullshit. Any form of critique on these things will leave a bitter taste in their mouth and they will look at you like you're a complete weirdo.

I think Gen Z people and younger generations are completely ruined because of this and there might be no way for them to recover mentally.

All the sex stuff is getting out of hand and now we have a shitload of succubi who whore themselves out doing "sex work" as soon as they turn 18, guys get openly humiliated because of the size of their "dick print" on their pants and any show on Netflix, HBO etc. contains almost literally porn scenes. All this hypersexuality ruins peoples minds, especially young people and they grow up with all kinds of mental health issues.

Most young people, especially succubi don't even have a personality or values anymore, it's all based on TikTok and other social media stuff as if their brains got rewired by the algorithms.

I'm not saying that you should be some unlikable person who hates fun and ruins other peoples day but what's happening now is just completely psychopathic and evil.


This might be skirting dangerously close to rule 3 but i have one friend i haven't managed to alienate from my high school days who's life is an even bigger disaster than mine. I might pick up the phone once every 4 months when he calls and i always regret it but it really drives home how much better off i am keeping to myself. I'm pretty sure he only tires to stay in contact because he knows i'm a 30 year old virgin and he likes having someone around he think is 'below' him.


I've known 2-3 guys like that who I always kept at an arms length as well. Everytime they tried to get in contact they only did so to project their shitty existence on me.

Basically they are truly failed normies who think they found someone who's doing worse in life than them while it's actually the other way around and the recurring pattern is that they lack any self-awareness and are unlikeable assholes who no one wants to hang out with even though they are normies.

It was always interesting how they managed to fuckup their lifes even more with by doing dumb shit or by falling in love with succubi.

People on this board are usually lonely because of some personal stuff but these failed normies are lonely because they are narcissist shitheads who manage to be unlikeable even for normie terms.

I think the solution for people struggling with loneliness is to learn how to be lonely by finding something that will make your time worthwhile. The worst idea is trying to "fix" loneliness by going on discord servers or other places where failed normies are hanging out who usually are more fucked up than you. Try to do the basics of fixing depression (excercise, nutrition, sleep, no porn…) and find something worthwhile to do.


Incredible post. I am floored by the gravity of your statements and observations. Well said.



I cried reading this. Not OP, but thanks for posting this..


I don't think I wrote anything special. For me it is common sense nowadays. It's quite puzzling how much our society relies on lies and half-truths in order to exist and to make life bearable for the average normal.

At least material stuff like food, video games or wealth can be enjoyed while alive. People/"friends" only make our lives harder than it should be otherwise. Relationships are the cancer that holds our joke of a society together.


Jesus is the Way, the truth and the Life. Freedom, joy and salvation is found only in Him, so if you're reading this, repent of your sins, believe and seek Him today. That's what I did after He came to me, God is real and He seeks His lost sheep. There is hope. Please trust on Jesus today, He's a friend no one could ever replace.

John 11
25 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he may die, yet shall he live, 26 and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.
Do you believe this?"


friends don't help, no one can help except a professional


No one can help is more accurate. Professional help isn't worth anything.


People are fucking cruel honestly. At least the people I socialized with. They would talk about others behind their backs constantly. It was so awkward to me and I just couldn't join in. And I'm sure they talked about me whenever I wasn't there. Fuck them.


I've tried professional help for 8 years and made no progress. I know I can't help myself, I'm a fucking disaster. I guess I'm just waiting for a miracle or the moment I finally go through with my suicide.


i'm too lazy to even talk to people oin the phone i would just txt or facebook messenger. im just a weird case


Same. Perhaps it's normal to them.



by openly shunning some of them or even picking on specific targets, usually popular, if I can afford it

imageboards are not societies

>it's the buzzword hater again trying to pull his "uniqueness" into our heads

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