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So I've been a neet for a while and it's all fine and dandy, until my mom mentions that I'm doing nothing. I don't know what to answer.

It's just a matter of time until she lashes out on me. I highly doubt she'll ever kick me out but whenever she nags I feel anxious and my day kinda gets ruined.

I suffer from pretty bad depression/anxiety and I don't feel like I can hold down a job, at least for a reasonable amount of time. I can't move either because rent is just impossibly high.


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The resolve of succubi over 40 can't be changed. If she's nagging you now she'll be nagging you forever unless things change. You either need to convince her that you are doing something productive with your time, or prove to her that you're incapable of doing anything differently. If you have a hobby that, on paper, could lead to financial dependence down the line, then show her. Even if it never materializes, the mainstream hivemind has imbued all adults over 25 with the idea that doing thing on computer = lots of money later on. Anything that makes it seem like you're not just ignoring everything she says.

I suggest conducting the job experiment while you have the safety net of living at home. Don't get me wrong, work sucks and being a housecat NEET is great. You say you can't hold down a job and this is what many NEETs believe, but those who are forced in to it as an only option typically end up enduring it, either by enjoying it somewhat or becoming too apathetic to sorrow over it. If you get a job through a temp agency right now, one of two things would happen: You end up not hating the job enough to quit, and continue to work and save money to buy yourself out of your mother's reach. Or, you succumb to anxiety and quit, and have proven to your mother that even when you follow her advice, you still just can't. Even then, you'll end up with a few dollars and qualify for some tax rebates or something. A week of work can mean all the new vidya for years to come. Or invest it in cryptocurrency.

There's this weird phenomenon in my country where foreigners who can't into even the language of us goodly just go from one temp agency to the next, putting in a week or two at each available factory and warehouse before being let go for poor communication and performance, and then when all the agencies have them on record as being incompetent, they are given neetbux for life. It'll take a lot of faking with your punctuality but does pay out.



Start an online degree or some form off online training so you can say that you are doing that?


I can't give you any advice like the other guys, but know that someone is in the same position (no job, mental problems, ridiculous rent) except the nagging has escalated. If she's the aggressive type then at one point or another she's going to strongarm you into getting a job, or training/education of some sort and then you'll tuly be miserable. During the points when you're not being nagged on it actually feels like life is worth living, and then–as you said–the day is ruined once they drop that unneeded stress on you like a load of bricks.


Then just do it for unreasonable amounts of time. Employers todat do not deserve much…

at least be sure, if you can, to get your driver license


Any way you can pretend something is seriously wrong with you? Like maybe claim you got hit really hard in the head, and eventually start acting retarded, when she comes in start doing the horizontal karate chop to the chest and making tard noises, "raaaaaaaaaarrrrrrruhrrrrrruhhhhhhhhhhhh duuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr pplllllllltttttttttttthhhhhhhhhpppppp"


This. School is a good way to steal a couple more years. Some wizzies just pretend to go to college and then they spill the beans when they're about to graduate.

If you have mental problems, you could also tell them about that which should at the very least give you some leeway. Although, parents will probably force medication and therapy on you or if they're proactive, try to "cure" you on their own by forcing you to go outside and meet people. This one is a bit risky but if your parents are the sympathetic type, it might work on extending your NEET time. Eventually they'll tell you to get over it as they see no improvement in your condition.

If you can get NEETbux or some form of income, most parents will appreciate if you pay some amount of rent or the utility bills, maybe do some chores. In their mind, it might justify you living there and get them off your back.

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