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So be cruel to them, never fucking help them. I'm so fucking tired of normalfags trying to use me as a resource. The only thing I will ever give them now is my raw contempt.


Can you detail previous experiences with the scum?


inb4 work


I'm not OP, my family used me as a legal pawn and made me sign stupid shit while I was drugged out and in a hospital. I can't prove it and am fucked.


Why is this a bad thing? Could we not mutually benefit?


This is normal human interaction. You only get somewhat decent interaction if both parties are equal
As soon as one side detects you're weaker they'll push the limits as too how much that can exploit/abuse you.


Us spergs don't understand the nature of average interactions. We don't know how to strong arm our take. It ends up being a lopsided arrangement.
Whereas for normals they just do it. Both sides come out with their satisfactory give/take.
For spergs it's a matter of survival to shun away from natural human instinct to interact with people. There is no mutual benefit for us.
Not unless the party is the generous type who understands the natural of spergs and does not take advantage of us. We all know here this is a rare breed.


Hmm. Reddit is a good example of this.


I can confirm this, pretty much every person who chose to interact with me only did so to leech something off me. A lot of people are like predators and can spot if you are schizoid, autistic or have some other issue and they will mercilessly use you for their own benefit and the rest just stays away from you in the first place because they don't have anything to gain from you socially.

If you don't even have basic social skills or if some mental issue is interfering with it, you'll never come out on top in any situation.


How so?


You don't complete this idea. Each action has a goal. Altruism is a myth. Social environment is not an exlusion. Whether you comfort crying mother or break ice with a stranger you accomplish an intent to satisfy your social desires, consious or unconsious. You aren't an exeption, you also gain from people, e. g. even posting here you, in fact, use us (socially). You're right in your last sentence though, it carries an insight: your problem is more of you not having as much possibilities, as other people to turn your social wishes into reality. My advice can be trivial, but why trying what you can't accomplish? why consiously desire what you can't gain? (social interaction) Instead, try finding your own way with life


Frankly outside of construction where I interacted with the most sociopathic and horrible normalfaggots, everybody has been nice.


You lucked out because I'm surrounded by fucking assholes


What does it mean when normalfags call you "buddy" or "bud"


They're patronizing you, like they would a child.


File: 1652137503735.png (253.22 KB, 939x408, 313:136, megumiloose.png) ImgOps iqdb

Basically what >>258495 said. True friendships have something of roughly equal value in it for both participants. If they're always "borrowing" stuff, not listening to you, or you're always the one to initiate, leave. That boy is a Chinese time vampire and will infuriate you.
We can learn though. The Internet makes this easier than ever. Take Xbox live for example. You can keep track of every time they invite you vs you invite them. Download the Xbox app too so you can count up any overnight invites and tally em up during breakfast. Match but don't exceed. You can also learn to detect egotism through their word choice.
Add a healthy amount of schizo tendencies to your life. With autism, your only options are the default 100% trusting or 100% paranoid. Both amount to huge losses. I still can't detect ulterior motives and I hate it. Someone always has to step in and tell me.
Not always. I know a guy on IRC who calls everyone bud. Including me.


>I still can't detect ulterior motives and I hate it. Someone always has to step in and tell me.

The only time I'm able to see alterior motives is when I think about a bad situation for months, putting together the pieces and when it's already too late.

I got played like a total idiot way too many times because of this, I got trolled, ridiculed or ripped off by everyone who stepped in my life and it only strengthened my paranoid thought patterns to the point where just going outside feels like a hostile place.


how do i make it stop
>guy on IRC who calls everyone bud
But multiple norms do it


I don't think it means anything buddy


I know exactly what you mean, wiz.
Every normal I've been forced to talk to has always tried to pawn me, or use me as a laughing stock. It's embittering; knowing not a single person in your life has seen you as human, actually appreciating your presence. But I guess that's just how normals are, right? Their fundamentally unchanging tribal animals. It's like theirs a zoo that I'm walking into when I go outside. Just chimps tolerating each others existence. And then snarling, gawking, and throwing shit when they get back to their friend group in private.


My life played out similarly but now I have extremely keen judgment of people's character from it. It is very painful to think about the past however.


It means it's paranoid


Yes, but what to do, when you cant avoid humans and you are forced to be around them? (work)

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