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I believe a lot of us are familiar with feeling happy for a brief moment every once in a while, that sporadic stage that's usually a reward when something happens in a way we were hoping for, so essentially when you feel the direct effects of dopamine in your neurons. A lot of the time we achieve this by means which many see as unhealthy, things like masturbation, junk food and drugs, where the whole purpose of doing any of these things is immediate pleasure. I don't want to talk about this sort of happiness though, the one which goes away as soon as it begins, pleasure, I want to talk about what most people see as our purpose in life, to achieve happiness in life, whatever that means.

I've been thinking about this a lot, and it just feels off, while I know that dopamine induced pleasure is a real thing, because it's so simple to experience it, the idea of simply achieving complete happiness with life sounds too abstract. I look at people around me, people I know well enough to understand what they do with their lives most of their time, and nothing adds up. I see people who are attractive, have a significant other, exercise regularly, a stable job they're interested in, comfortable income, etc. However, even with all of this, they seem so stressed and exhausted all of the time. I'm feeling that life is just inherently miserable, when people who do everything right feel this way.

Where I'm trying to get at is: What does being happy mean to you? Is it even something we can realistically achieve? I believe it's definitely more related to something like serotonin, instead of dopamine, but it still can't be the only thing, if it was then antidepressants, most specifically SSRIs, would be the recipe for happiness, and that doesn't seem to be the case. Assuming that this whole concept of being generally happy with life doesn't make any sense, then what's our purpose in life? Perhaps life's simply not worth all of the effort it demands from us, it's a game we can't win.


>What does being happy mean to you?
To do whatever I want.
>Is it even something we can realistically achieve?
It is, I'm doing it right now.
>life's simply not worth all of the effort it demands from us
It doesn't demand anything from you, you can quit whenever you want, life doesn't care, you do.


pwning thirdworlders in free source mods makes me happy. i also like pizza and watching youtube.


Nothing makes me happy. The most happiness I felt recently was in the middle of sleeping for 14 hours. I think I fool myself into thinking that having things I don't have (e.g. attractiveness, significant other, exercise, stable job, comfortable income) would make me happy but this is an illusion. Realistically, I wouldn't know what to do with any of those things and they wouldn't truly make me happy, at least not the long-term happiness you're suggesting. Perhaps exercise is the closest thing to that due to endorphin production. It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I cannot convince myself that my lies will become true. Maybe finding a purpose would make me happy, but it isn't so simple.


>I don't want to talk about this sort of happiness though, the one which goes away as soon as it begins, pleasure, I want to talk about what most people see as our purpose in life, to achieve happiness in life, whatever that means.
Then please do not use the word happiness. Everyone uses the word happiness as if it's synonmous with 'pleasure' as you called it or 'joy' or in other words, the definition you would get if you asked a five year old what happiness is. Have you ever thought about why that is? Have you ever considered that, perhaps, that's done entirely on purpose, and not merely a "confusing semantical point" that has to be unraveled at the beginning of a discussion? This is important, because if you use that word, you're encouraging this same distinction that people are using not to philosophize or think about the meaning of living, but as what it really is: a means by which the intellectually sophisticated manipulate and control people.

Tl;dr, I'll say this in no uncertain terms: happiness is a spook! It does not exist! It is a PURPOSEFUL completely confusing semantical mess whose true purpose is to dull a populace into conformity. Happiness is "the system's trick."

Pleasure is similar, but not quite on the same level. At least pleasure is honest about its aims, but it too is merely a manipulative tool used by the elite, but not to induce conformity, but rather complacency. At least with pleasure you get something in return, as opposed to 'happiness,' which merely serves to help the boot stomp on you. The dishonest thing about pleasure is that while it is at least achievable in the short run, due to the hedonic treadmill, it too is a psychological impossibility for any human in the long run.

If you are looking for meaning, happiness and pleasure are fallow grounds whose only true purpose is to ensnare you.


Happiness is perceiving the things you care about go well. Pursuing happiness by itself doesn't make much sense, since it's a side-effect of caring about other things. Happiness as a consistent state is unattainable because: (a) you aren't in control of what you care about, (b) you can't control the outside world beyond some trivial sphere of influence.

Also, talking about your experience in terms of dopamine and serotonin is like talking about the ocean and waves in terms of individual water molecules. You're missing the point by not working on the right level of abstraction.


Maybe happiness isn't the ultimate goal in life. Maybe it isn't what you should continually strive for. Happiness is, I think, a biological function designed to preserve your narcissistic nucleus, which is another evolutionary mechanism whose only purpose is to ensure your survival. Happiness was crucial to the human species before because we actually had to work for reward, but now people are walking around with dope machines in their back pockets. Most normies can have sex effortlessly by using dating apps. Fast foods are designed to stimulate all that we evolved to appreciate in our primitive formation due to its scarcity, but now you receive an instant dopamine spike when you sink your fat mouth on a Big Mac. Constant stimulation, no effort, instant reward. Even though society has advanced to unprecedented lengths in all respective fields, a lot of academics believe we're experiencing an "evolutionary lag" where our society has evolved dramatically beyond where our instincts are centered. Basically, society has leaped forward in time and our primal, base needs are stuck a few thousand years behind. I think happiness has become overrated, and now the solution is to try to appreciate a different kind of alternative, tranquility. Feeling at peace and just, being, doesn't necessarily mean being happy or feeling elation. I guess it's a sort of happiness in its own way, but not what you describe. Having a cup of coffee this morning and looking out my window made me feel at peace, I didn't have a single thought going through my head for a good 20 minutes. I didn't feel any particular sense of joy, I wasn't sitting there with a smile on my face, but I enjoyed it and it carried me through the day. Having little rituals like that, saying a nice word to somebody on the street, making somebody laugh, little shit like that gives me peace and makes living somewhat bearable, even makes you want to live at times. I guess you just gotta find what makes you feel at peace, not worry being happy, and appreciate the times when happiness does come around. It will probably be much more meaningful that way.


Only way I could be happy is If I lived FAR away from EVERY single human possible in some kind of schizoidal paradise that every kind of my needs have been met.I imagine living in antarctic high technological bunker is only way to me be happy


What kind of place do you live atm? Don't be too specific. Like, rural or city? What kind of pop density? Tenement or neighborhood? Mountain, forest, plains?


File: 1652034064852.jpg (596.12 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, R (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to think like some posters here, who think happiness is a lie or not the purpose of life. Now I disagree with this line of thought.

Happiness exists. It is the purpose of everyone to be happy, however what happiness means differs from person to person. To be happy, you need to know yourself first of all, which already means dumb and lazy people are at a disadvantage in the pursuit of happiness. The first step is introspection and contemplation. Since most people are way too occupied with wageslavery or just chasing money and generic pleasures in general they have no time for these things at all.
From knowing yourself comes the next step, knowing your place in Nature and society. Knowing your place in the order of things enables you to go to the third stage, knowing your PURPOSE. This is the most important thing. If you know what you want in life, what you desire, then living will be an opportunity and gift for you and not a burden or some trouble. The 70 years average life span will seem short to you and you will wish for eternal life. Because life will be all play and joy, not work and suffering. Yes, all the bad parts of life will make sense to you then. If you know your goal and purpose then you figured everything out. The bad things will be easy to endure and the good things will be infinitely better.

KNOW THYSELF - said the oracle of Delphi. It is one of the oldest pieces of wisdom on Earth, for a good reason. Happiness doesn't come from fleeting pleasures or even from some peace of mind. It comes from having a purpose and working towards that end.
So you like anime? Then watch them and analyze them or even write your own script for a series. Or you are interested in computers? Learn about them. Or you want a body of steel? Then go exercise. Live for what you were meant to do. If you are a no-good beggar then what? Can the bird do anything but fly? Embrace what you are, what you are interested in and what you are good at. Form your ideal self within the walls of reality. Aim for realistic things. Don't plan ahead too much, live in the now, in reality.

Don't wait for some reward in some obscure after-life you aren't even sure whether exists or not. Make your own Heaven and Hell here on Earth. Even pains and harsh times taste good for the man who has a purpose. Don't idealize suicide and death, you will have plenty of time to rot under the Earth for eternity. There will be rest and peace after death, now it is time to be alive, to do things, to enjoy and hate things, to struggle, to move forward, to be dynamic, to laugh, to cry, to do great deeds, to practice mercy and to delight in cruelty.


City center of country capital, pop is 3+ million



>anime picture
>advice from the joe rogan podcast
every time


that sounds so generic it could be from anywhere


File: 1652115353394.jpg (1.75 MB, 3159x2500, 3159:2500, 1652111761453.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think happiness is overcoming resistance, seduction is revealing new territory, contentment is the satisfaction of conquering it, and infatuation is what evades capture

Sadness is being unsatisfied with a shrinking domain and is compounded by estrangement from power, but there's another kind of power and happiness in submission familiar to all vassals and between lovers: this is the seductive side of happiness


O now posting anime pictures in general means you are the same person? Because only one user can post anime pictures across the whole site…

I wrote everything from my heart. You should consider my fantastic advice.


Well written


I'd imagine being a Chad and feeling good about life and actually looking forward to it would feel pretty happy. All the amazing experiences you could have. I don't really know how to find happiness in my own shit life to be honest. I really hate myself.


I'm happy in my dreams sometimes and I remember being happy when I was younger. But I can't really tell you what it really feels like since it's been so long/not properly conscious when it happens. In recent years my emotional response has become very dull, especially the positive ones like anticipation, excitement, happiness etc. It's not that I don't have "fun", I still laugh about silly things every day but when I look inside myself there is no emotion there, it's like an automatic response without the proper reaction. I can still feel sadness or anger and such for the most part though. But I know that life could be a lot worse and I just do my best to make my short time in this existence as comfortable and pleasant for myself as I can and I think that's enough for me.


I think happiness is just feeling ok, not ecstatic, not feeling extremely good because some temporary good shit happened, just fine, feel like everything is just ok.

Unfortunaly god decided to curse humans so when they feel happy they don´t really know it, since its such a natural feeling you just notice it when its gone.

Now I realized that I was actually happy 10 years ago, and I didn't even realized it, until It was gone.


>What does it mean to be happy?
If the modern net is anything to go by it's more of a status thing at this point.


I've dealt with the same problem as you. What solved it for me was religion, otherwise I would have killed myself, really. Buddha talks about dukkha, we have infinite desires, and the world is finite, we will never get happy in this world, the only thing that can solve this problem is infinity itself, and it's possible to attain it, this doctrine exists in other religions. I'm muslim now, sufism saved my life.


I feel a general satisfaction with my life as long as I don't have to interact with other people. I wouldn't ever feel depressed if it wasn't for other people and the obligations they force onto me (like work). Being able to quietly read a book or watch an anime that I like while drinking a cup of tea, without anyone's interference, is enough to make me feel glad to be alive.


same. i like to just smoke some good weed be stoned and live life at my own pace. other pepople wanting me to work and be a slave is what ruined me


happiness is the opposite of sadness. there isn't more to it and anything you considered in your question isn't valid but a misinterpretation and an assumption of what happiness is supposed to be.


Happiness is amazing. Your body feels like it has an energy resting inside it, action in the world is more like playing an instrument. You direct this energy like a conductor but it’s always there like an aura, acting in the world I feels like a unity. Just waiting for you. Action and moving isn’t like you’re inside a machine you must bargain with to do things; the cognitive weighing of responsibilities and resistance is light and easy.

You still feel emotions, pain, tiredness, but they are small sensations that don’t quell the natural vitality. Most people are ignorant, see how many supposedly smart people interact with the experience machine philosophical concept as just being hooked up to heroin - missing the point and revealing how little they’ve ever considered what happiness is.

People conception of happiness makes them struggle to understand happiness as a force that acts for itself, an outflowing, a natural radiation. They only understand it as an escape so the idea of someone being happy and still doing things, still helping people, still fixing problems and facing hardship, is alien to them. Hardship under happiness still produces action, superior action ; it’s ecstasy escape that is incompatible.

So few people are content and aware it shows what a shithole this world really is. Most people get along fine though -


How does one achieve such a thing?


File: 1655520274094.jpg (18.12 KB, 270x408, 45:68, looksLikeJoeCantHandleTheH….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like Max Stirner and the Unabomber had a kid and I'm reading his work.


>watch an anime that I like while drinking a cup of tea, without anyone's interference, is enough to make me feel glad to be alive
This. I have recently come to terms that the only time I can allow myself to feel happy is in complete isolation. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, so long as there are no other human beings around to interrupt me.


I agree with you. Many people think happiness is simply the absence of suffering and that is wrong. That isn't happiness, that is death and the void and apathy. Much like what Eastern philosophy and the stoics think happiness is.

However, happiness is a force of vitality. It's like when a dog just runs around happily or when a little child destroys another kid's sand castle for the lols. I experience it from to time and it is both scary and crazy fun.

Through depression. Imagine our world gets nuked, nuclear holocaust and all that. You are alone in the ruins. You can either get sad and desperate, however after a while you can find such a situation to be funny and amusing too. Misery and suffering are closely linked to happiness. It is when I am at my worst emotionally that I know a good big happiness phase is approaching me. Mania and Depression are brothers.


Good post. This is how I felt when I was age 4-8.


I have experienced true happiness before.

Once your body is indulged in true happiness, everything becomes easier and more tolerable. Your whole being radiates confidence. Almost everything you do will give you immense pleasure, even if it's a chore like cleaning the house, taking out the trash or going to work. You feel like nothing can go wrong and everything and anything is manageable.

Your future is bright, your past is the past. You feel like nothing can stop you, nothing can hurt you. You dream of all the spectacular possibilities there are. You feel lucky. You feel blessed. You feel is if God created the world just for you and that you are special and you are hopeful for all the amazing possibilities there are after death. That you will be saved.


Looking at the root, "hap-". Also appears in "happen," "haphazard." "As was his hap." Seems to refer to circumstances, but very specifically to the present, not to the past nor future. "-y" would usually indicate an unusually concentrated characteristic, "stuffy," "sleepy," "friendly" "smelly." Or a fullness, completeness, as in "ready," "healthy," "mighty". Or readiness or easiness in the case of an "-ily", "handily".

Happiness is to be completely engaged in the situation of the moment, as it exists. Neither rejecting the moment, nor shielding oneself from it, nor resisting it, nor anticipating a different one to come, nor longing for one that has passed.


Out of curiosity, was this artificially induced? I've only approached feeling like this while completely drugged out of my mind.


Immersive experience relieves so many burdens.

In a more negative take:
>I called on Dr. Johnson one morning, when Mrs. Williams, the blind lady, was conversing with him. She was telling him where she had dined the day before. "There were several gentlemen there," said she, "and when some of them came to the tea-table, I found that there had been a good deal of hard drinking." She closed this observation with a common and trite moral reflection; which, indeed, is very ill-founded, and does great injustice to animals—"I wonder what pleasure men can take in making beasts of themselves." "I wonder, Madam," replied the Doctor, "that you have not penetration to see the strong inducement to this excess; for he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."

Hopefully one finds immersive experiences that do not lap away at one's dignity and insides


Mark my words, trying to be happy is a childish and foolish thing to achieve, a real man does what he has to, what it's correct and nothing more, even if that means he must be miserable. Avoiding responabily for the sake of vain and superficial pleasure is a kind of weak hedonism that it will lead you nowhere in life (see: >>258854)
Those who don't seek happiness are the true masters of their lives.


>What does being happy mean to you?
its just a stupid shit your parents made up. i dont recall my grandparents talking about such faggories as "searching for happiness" and im pretty sure that if my parents from 15 /20 years ago looked at how think about life now they would say those things are just disillusions made up from the movies.
i mean im pretty sure that my grand grand parents were happy from just being alive, im too but god it ll make me so happy to just kill my neighboor dog that just keeps barking at night


>a real man does what he has to
What is the relevance of 'being a real man' in the context of being a wizard? Why does that matter? In what way does it matter? I'm genuinely not trying to insult you, but I feel the "be a man" approach on Wizardchan of all places is possibly one of the most empty kinds of statements you could make given the multitude of reasons why young men seek out being wizards in the first place.

I definitely agree with the post you quoted though. Happiness isn't that hard to achieve, and is at most an effortless doing. For me, at least.

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