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A thread for those experiencing chronic everyday pain, what is it like, how do you feel, and how have you come to accept the innate suffering of being alive?

I am 25 years old, working a part time warehouse job, not heavy lifting just very repetitive crouching/squatting, A year ago, one day I suddenly with no warning began to feel a pressure that would build in my upper back between my shoulder blades, not particularly painful, but very tense and stiff in my muscles, noticeable and very uncomfortable. No amount of stretching alleviates it once I start work and moving my body. I am in agony every single day.

5pm-6pm I work cautiously, fearing the pain I will for certain endure in the coming hours all the whilst feeling the slight muscle stiffness that indicates the pain is just coming.

6pm-7pm The pain is in the mid-phase, at this moment I am trying everything I can think of to alleviate it, I change the pace of my walking in hopes that going slower will lessen the stress on my back, I walk and move more rapidly, more loosely in hopes that I can push through and ignore the pain through sheer concentration on my work foremost. I alter the different methods I use to bend down: squats, lunges, going on one knee, bending sideways. Nothing works for long and anything I do for too long just makes the pain flare up.

7pm-8pm, My mind goes to the time, If I can just get to 8pm I think to myself I only have to endure one more hour, at this point I can't do anything about the pain in my spine and all over my back now, I must endure it whatever level it has reached now, no matter what I have done successfully or not to mitigate it via my movements.

8pm-9pm finish, starting from 8pm I must use some sort of pain relief, deep heat only lasts for an hour at the very best, I save using painkillers for only the worst times. I do not want to make it a habit of taking them too frequently for fear they will lose effectiveness when I really need it as well as the fear that by not being able to actually feel the pain I'll be doing more damage to my body without realising it. 9pm finally comes, although my work constantly asks for overtime, I make it known I cannot do it. How long they will accept my broken and decaying body is uncertain, I used to be the best worker they had, the fastest, most reliable for overtime. Now I am useless, The flame that burns twice as bright lasts only half as long.

I go home, my back pain eases off, I try to exercise as I have been doing so often but see no change. I do not pursue any of my hobbies, I do not play any games, or enjoy what contentedness I once had with my life. I have dropped them all and being in pain is now my only past time interspersed with bouts of mental exhaustion. All I think about is centered on the pain, wishing I could die, worrying about my job, reminiscing on the time when I had never in my life experienced any kind of health problem only 1 year prior, considering the concept of entropy, that all things move towards chaos, towards decay. I feel like I am living in true hell, in pain every day, every day desperately grasping for some measure of temporary relief before it slips out of my grasp the next day. In one moment I am in pain wishing to die, the next It is absent but I have no motivation to do anything but wait for the next day of pain to come.


>I used to be the best worker they had, the fastest, most reliable for overtime.


god that sounds terrible, I'm sorry this has happened to you OP. I suffer from chronic pain as well similar to yours, it's in my upper back in the centre spine and behind my shoulders. I essentially always have chronic stiffness which gets worse whenever there's any kind of pressure in that area in the muscles, doing anything like eating and washing the dishes causes it to flare up.

I also have terrible pain in my hands, can't use a computer/grasp things without a flare up. I have chronic foot pain which means I can't stand in one place or walk for more than ten minutes without my feet feeling like they're on fire.

On top of this I started getting chronic neck pain 3 years ago. Had to quite my job because of all of these things, but I'm doing at least 5 hours of excercises everyday.


What's so funny?


The fact that you take pride in being the best little serf


nigga that is some baby torn muscle shit not chronic pain try having fibromyalgia


That sucks man. I’ve had chronic back pain for over a year now. It’s in my lower right back. It’s probably two bulging discs. You should definitely see a doctor and get an MRI, that’s the only scan that can properly diagnose a chronic back problem with certainty. You may need surgery, like I most likely do. Don’t let it scare you because being in chronic pain is no way to live. Good luck to you and all of us living in hell with shitty chronic pain.


Quit acting like 2tuff4u ghetto trash



I can relate. Back pain sucks. And it's hard to figure out why it's happening to me. Slowly it drains the life and motivation out of me over years of pain. I don't feel like doing anything anymore.


You've probably already tried but, if you know the direction of the bulging you can make a stretch exercise in the opposite direction to "push it back", this worked on some odd occasion for me, most times not.
Indeed it sucks ass and it's a festival of pain that at its highest levels not even morphine or those weird nerve signal killing drugs can redeem.


We don't
>warp wanings exist
But you people do not pay attention


I'm covered in sores and blood. I have the skin of a 70 year old man.


>Accepting perpetual disability
Did you visit a doctor to actually know what you have?

At first pains you shouldve already stopped


I have chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or pudental neuralgia, or chronic prostatitis, or hypertonic pelvic floor or some autoimmune disease, or perhaps all of these together. No doctor has been able to diagnose the problem let alone treat it, and I've been to more than I'd like to admit. My body is aching everywhere in the region below the waist and above the knees. I have significant lower back pain, urogenital pain, and pain in the inner thighs. The skin in the affected areas is painful to the touch (like it's bruised) and i get paraesthesias. I have trouble urinating and my reproductive system is dead. I also have weakness, muscle spasms and cogwheel motion in the legs. I have tried everything from antidepressants, NSAIDs,
antispasmodics, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, benzos, beta blockers, alpha blockers, physiotherapy, exercise, you name it. Nothing has ever helped in the slightest. Working an office job doesn't help because sitting aggravates the pain.
I have no reason to believe that the problem can be fixed (i don't even know what it is), and I'm trying to cope with the realisation that I'll probably have to suffer like this for the rest of my miserable life. It's already been 10 years like this.

I feel you OP. I wish i could be of help.


Reminiscing about days when I've been thinking it was just dizziness, weakness in legs a la old man or when pain only started in the stomach, or when sometimes it would actually go away for some hours in the middle of a day and not just occasionally in the waking hours feels almost nostalgic. And now it's been like 5 years non-stop. Even changed fap experience. Fortunately it's not often, sometimes when the balls start to hurt. Self-diagnosed fibromyalgia. Doctors said of different reason.

Perhaps constant feeling of vomiting while outside years before had been sign of the impeding doom. Nothing supernatural happens. Only everyday pain.


File: 1658775170795.jpg (3.84 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Biohazard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You must be actually swallowing some toxic products used nearby without even you knowing it. You better run away from that place before it gets worse, for it looks like a physical thing but it can be not.

You better move before regretting.

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