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I’m genuinely extremely surprised I went as far as I did “straight edge” the point of considering becoming an hero before even considering touching narcotics for the first time, not even weed or hash.
I suppose I might have arrogantly thought that my issues would overshadow the effect of the drugs as I’m fully aware thoughout the experience that no problem is actually being solved in my life and that I because of that would not enjoy it.
I were very wrong. While I of course know with every fiber of my being that it’s not “real” that feeling of everything being alright and like a load lifted off my shoulders for the first time in a decade was unlike anything else. I can see how people could end up like crack whores or heroin junkies now.
Any other wizards chocked by how long they went straight edge? What made you turn away from that? How was your experience like and what did you do?


I'm still "straight-edge." There are too many drug addicts in my family who made me the way I am for me to consider otherwise.


Totally understandable. I personally am not physically addicted, at least not yet. I’ve gone 1 month plus without and the only “withdrawal” has been the lack of bliss in general. Once you get to feel that “everything is alright” feeling I guess it’s very hard to go back. Just like sleeping in a bed for a night will make a savage not want to sleep on the floor ever again


tramadol isnt as addictive as other opiates, it doesnt seem like such a bad idea as long as you know that you have a steady supply of it


All the criminals here (know a lot of them due to living in a shit area) are on tramadol. And I mean basically all of them. Someone's slinging dope theres a 90%+ chance they're a tramhead.
It's sometimes refered to as a psycho pill by them as it makes the shit they gotta do not affect them so much.
I don't know much about the addiction thing though, I'll never do heroin that's for sure. Not so much because of the side effects or the risk of addiction but because of the risk that I'll like it too much, just like the bed analogy.


I personally had such a destructive experience with substance abuse that I will hopefully never do another drug or drink any alcohol ever again. I get really insane without my inhibitions and such.


and by drug i mostly mean intoxicant


Where is this? I love tramadol but never been somewhere that it seems common at all


The worse part of Stockholm, Sweden.


That's literally all of the city


I reluctantly agree with this post. Ssri pills were the only way I could solve chronic stress and anxiety. I tried therapy, talking myself out of it, religion, but none of those seemed to work.


This one part is THE bad part that all the rappers and such sing about. Might be fun to sing about but less fun to live with fucking rats outside in 2022. There are good parts of Stockholm with basically no crime

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