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angry and annoyed edition

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You could have saved yourself the trouble by saying that you are low IQ


And you can not buy into the bullshit that careerbros are expected to never take breaks.

If you have the skills they need and are affable, they'll hire you. If you're scrounging around for a job that you have to impress to get into then you need to git gud, simple as.


Yet more inane drivel from the special education student


Just say that you worked on a family business selling furniture or whatever, they wont care that much because that shit happens to everyone.


I've successfully lied, frauded and deceived my way through a 16 year employment gap.

In reality nobody gives a shit about you or your past, as long as you are functional in the present moment and able to generate value for the company now.

It doesn't matter if you have employment gaps. What matters is whether you are capable of inventing a story and narrative which handwaves these gaps away.

If you aren't willing to lie or think it's "wrong", you are a naïve childish person who still has a lot of soul-searching to do to understand how this world truly works.
Nothing is off limits as long as you don't go to prison.



how does a wiz even talk to people all day? just hearing my roomates moving around or any audible noise from them makes my skin crawl


yep. this world is only about yourself and you have to be very smart to navigate it. nothing really matters as long as you can get away with it.


what would u guys do i have no refernces? my resume looks fine other than that just no references.


man thats why i dont wanna work right now and prob wont. im not vaccinated that shits for weaklings.


no i dont associate with normies or anyone who cares about job status like that.


sometimes i put my mom's first name and her maiden name down as a reference


File: 1655635947215.png (108.71 KB, 479x322, 479:322, 1641696121312.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's here…the Sunday dread…


File: 1655640593727.jpg (60.23 KB, 750x563, 750:563, wagie boot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's crazy to think that I've been working for 11 years now. And I'll still be working for the rest of my fucking life. If someone points a gun at me I'm going to scream at them to pull the trigger.



I work tomorrow but I'm worried I'll be fired soon because I'm a slow learner fell behind my training class and still don't know how to navigate the computer software. I have attention issues as well.

I haven't followed these threads closely but how do I handle this kind of anxiety and deal with catastrophizing?


Didn't realize how much you make being a janitor/custodian.

The perfect job for a wizard.


I just applied online on linkedin for a junior developer job because a friend of my dad works there (in a non programming job) and he told my dad that I should apply because "Have a computer sciende degree and I know about computers" and shit.

I'm scared shitless, I'm a 26 y/o NEET that only worked as a somewhat mediocre webdev for like 5 months and I quit because I was miserable, yeah I do have a degree but I never learned how to program as I should.

My dad was forcing me to apply, but I kinda wanted a job too, I don't know what I will do if I get an interview and a programming exam or so, I know some Java and Python but I don't think its enough for what they want, they will know Im a retard when I take the tests.

What do? any tips?


Jobs gotten through nepotism are WAY, WAY better than the alternative where you have to normie it up, anon.


Some of us losers have families who reluctantly nepotism us jobs. Awkward times. At least for me that's how I've had what meager work history. It's no trust fund kid landing some corner office. Better than nothing though.


What nepotism? In my post I clearly said that the guy who works there isn't even in the same department, it's more of a "Hey the company I work with needs x guy maybe your son could…" Instead of "Yes I will make sure your son gets the job".

It was just a tip from a friend, I won't get any help if something happens, I'm on my own.


>It was just a tip from a friend
Come on, man…


You retards don't seem to know how to read

>a friend of my dad works there >>260696

Even when I'm a wiz apprentice I don't really know why I keep coming here, this place is very toxic and full of very dumb and negative people, I shouldn't have asked for advice in such a place.


This place is filled to the brim with trolls.


Isn't everybody on here a virgin? Or am I not understanding something?


Holy hell, I wish that would win a lottery and NEET for life, working is absolutely hell, hate working.


yea good idea def doing this.


Anyone here work as a janitor/custodian?


I'm applying to janitor/custodial jobs.

Looks like the pay is decent and so are the benefits. Who would of thought?


I hate working in retail. The customers, the manager, my retard coworkers, having to work at weekends, the fucking selection of normie music playing for 8 hours straight, everything is so stressful that I feel I'm on the verge of a breakdown. I'm attending the university but I barely have time to actually study shit so I'm getting bad grades too.


Why in god's name would you work in retail? There are so many others jobs that pay more and don't have to deal with retards. Become a truck driver or security guard or something. And uni is usually a scam as well, especially if you don't have a scholarship (which they seem to only give to succubi and minorities now).


Is anyone else afraid of needing to support your parents for the rest of your fucking life?

I finally found an easy remote job and planned to finally move out of my mom's house. But both she and my step dad started their own business 2-3 years ago that has yet to be profitable and I'm afraid they are drowning in debt from the businesses and money they waste on vacations and remodeling of the house. At least my mom got a side job after the pandemic, but it's in real estate so it's probably about to go under. THEN my dad got laid off his manufacturing job and is now starting his own business too, and he also has a lot of debt. My sister with lots of kids ALSO started her own business that I can already tell is a horrible idea. My one brother is working a dead-end job while he has kids. Me and my childless brother are probably the only ones with more income than liabilities.

With the economy going to shit I have a feeling I'll need to stay here and work a second job just to support my parents. I used to think it would be my parents who help my pay for college and buying a house… wew was I wrong.


You dont "need" to give them anything.


I do if I want a place to live. Rent around here is sky high let alone a mortgage. IDK how there are wizards who afford to live alone.


File: 1655922509063.jpg (105.23 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Kiichi Goto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But you just said you were planning to move out of your mothers house?
In general, when one's parents are still young and capable enough to provide for themselves they usually deal with their own troubles as well. Often when they get old and sickly some amount of helping out fall in the laps of their kids, whoever lives closest tend to get the biggest burden.


I have no problem finding a job, but the problem is that I have a problem finding a job that I enjoy, a job that doesn't involve interacting with normalfags on a constant basis.

I just want a job away from the rat race, away from the dumb ugly little apes that plague the landscape.

It's like trying to find a diamond in a sewage tank, but if you look hard enough, it can be found.



If you can, talk to you dad's friend and ask what's the interview is like so you can prep for it.

The rule is to ask you a bunch of stuff out of leetcode.com, so practice there doing as many coding exercise as you can and/or read the book "Cracking the Coding Interview" that is the industry standard for interviews. Check what technologies they are asking for candidates online in their website and in sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.com and study those technologies. For example, in Java they may ask you for a framework called Spring, study the main modules (just look for common interview questions so you can answer basic stuff and program a very small project using the same tech stack to get familiar with it).

If it's for java, read the basic interview questions only that are out of the certification. For example, you need to understand all the theory behind classes and interfaces or about list, trees and sets, that kind of stuff. There is plenty of material only and even many multiple choice apps to practice on your phone. I imagine that it's similar for python.

Don't worry about been good enough, it's a junior job, you just need the basics.


>But you just said you were planning to move out of your mothers house?
I was until the real estate market blew up although it seems to be crashign now. Also they have a dog that hangs out with me all day since they don't bother taking care of him.

There are plenty of jobs that don't require interaction with normalfags. If anything they're more likely to go unfulfilled because most people can't bare being alone. You just have to lie about experience/education to get into one of them.


>almost 31 years old
>college drop out
>can't take being around family anymore
Considering joining the military at this point. Everyday is humiliation, it can't be any worse than now, at least there's long term benefits for being a zogbot.


what are some jobs where you're practically alone ?


Logging, farming, trucking maybe.


i can't drive lol


>Logging, farming, trucking

Those are all hyper normie jobs. What the fuck are you smoking?


Only jobs I've found are security and custodians.

However, finding a nice security position is really hard. There are a lot of grunt security positions that are absolutely shitty, like working hotels, apartment complexes, gate attendant, event security, armored truck security, warehouse security, hospital security, etc.

The best security positions you can find is working 3rd shift for corporate security for a large company, at one of their small facilities or offices.

Some custodian positions (custodians are also paid decently, if you find the right position) are also wizard friendly. You specifically want to look for 3rd shift custodian work, preferably an office of some sort.

Working 3rd shift not only has the benefit of possibly getting paid more, but 3rd shift also offers you refuge from the normie world, as you will be going to work when all the normies are at home with their families.


File: 1656009290163.png (162.51 KB, 500x330, 50:33, Osamu-Tezuka-bitchplease.png) ImgOps iqdb

I disagree, Sir.
The guy asked for jobs where you're practically alone, with logging you basically spend all day sitting in a forwarder or a harvester with no one around, in fact no one is even allowed to be nearby.
In a truck you'll spend most of the time on the road by yourself.
Running a appropriately sized farm is as solitary as it gets.


Was thinking about this exact point today. I got bullied by middle aged whores pretty badly when I started working. Back when I was still "nice guy"ing it (aka no boundaries; no clue about the unwritten reality).


I know this thread's past bump limit but fuck it.
I'm told that they're hiring someone new and they want me to train them. Thing is, I barely do shit at my job. Most of it is just basic shit like filing paperwork and scanning papers. Some days I don't do anything at all. I have no idea what I could possibly train them on. Am I being replaced?


Expect the worse. Also, wizards should never remain at the same workplace for too long. It makes you even rustier…


oh boy tomorrow is monday fuck me
>i only work three days and even i still feel it


I started to hide myself in the bathroom just to kill time, yesterday I did this for almost half an hour and nobody noticed it, I'm gonna try 40 minutes tomorrow

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