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angry and annoyed edition

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boss shows up @ 11 so i sleep in then show up quarter to and just write down that i've been here since 06:30


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>Training a new guy for warehouse cleaner/labourer.
>He boasts at how good he is at the job.
>Stops turning up after a week.
>Training the second new guy.
>Extremely quiet dude.
>Puts his head down and gets on with it.
>Tells me he's having trouble making it on time.
>Stops turning up after 2 weeks.
>Training the third new guy.
>Arrogant prick and a know-it-all.
>Tells me how I should train him.
>Cross my arms and leave him to it.
>Starts whining at how I'm not training him.
>Walks out after third day.
>Get ready to train the fourth guy.
>Doesn't even show up.
>"We got a succubi coming in for training."
>Get ready to train her, the fifth person they've brought in.
>Stares at her phone.
>Vanishes on the first day.


Considering their turnover, maybe you should be asking for a raise.


What are the countries where I could survive on minimum wage? I have no work experience, no savings and the only foreign language I know a little is English. Preferable European countries.



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I basically had a shouting match with my manager the other day. Yeah I fuck up at work, but it's one month into the job and I'm already being sent out by myself. I know at this level of menial work I'm more functional than most of the cunts they get off the street, so just get off my back.

Why are managers like this? Of course when you start a new job it takes a few months to have all the processes memorized and know where things go/are stored. I'm not going to be proficient any faster just because you repeat the same shit six times in the most annoying way possible.


>few months

I should add I'm a part time worker only doing 12-16 hours a week. It's about a month for full time work for most jobs. It's annoying when you aren't afforded that period of learning where you can just learn what's required.


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Being unemployed sucks.

There is nothing to do and life is boring. It's all so pointless.


>Thinking work is any better.

Boy do I have some bad news for you



Aim for something like Denmark, they always need entry level jobs like hotel cleaning and they give temp work visas for you to give it a try and see if you like it.


Try video games. They give you some tasks and a dopamine reward when you complete them. Alternatively, invent a fake job for yourself like being a gardener or learn stuff for no reason. The world is your oyster!


I get it.


Do any of you wagies take antidepressants/drugs to cope?
I have sleeping issues because i get too stressed or depressed because of work or something idk. It was like this the last time i worked and its all such a hassle…


Yeah I take an SNRI for anxiety and depression. It helps my anxiety but my depression will always be there unless I go to therapy which I can't afford right now. And also some weed after i'm done with my shift, living feels so fucking painful and I just want it too end but i'm scared to off myself.


That is a cool gif, where is it from?

>Why are managers like this?

Because they want you to do everything while they pocket most of the profit. Also, as a man you are expected to solve things on your own by society. Because, well…because.

Are you a literal slave who is sad because he doesn't have any tasks set before him by others?


i fired myself from my job because of workplace bullying, now my parents will be pissed, i wish they'd fire me instead that way i don't have to explain myself



Sorry to hear that wiz.


i almost headbutted the guy in the face and i threatened him so my reputation there is ruined, can't go back.


hate my job, hate my life. wanted to do science anything. stuck in bs customer service call center hell. will never do science anything. will be like this til at least 2030. i want a drug i can take that gives me an out of body experience where i wake up and Wow its year 2030! and dont have to routine BS it everyday.


if it helps, I'm doing a master degree and the people are insufferable, so it isn't all sunshine, quite the opposite



imagine having to speak to 100s of Karens, all day, and be super nice to them, cause any one of them can get you fired. and you can lose your job cause plan b. is deliverin pizzas, and plan c. is Mr Bezos


Where the fuck do you live?

Just work a menial security guard job and play video games all day.


I hate dealing with people so much, my hatred is immense. As I said I'm still studying, you'll find that even when you get out of that very unpleasant, exploitative job and start going to college, that academia is filled to the brim with assholes and shitty people as well (mostly colleagues not Professors).


Would you be making significantly less delivering Pizzas? I did it for a Chinese restaurant for a while and it wasn't that bad. Having to help cook and clean is what sucks.


I'm still hurting, wizzies


For the life of me I can't understand why teenagers aren't warned about workplace bullying as they enter the workforce. For all the talk of high school bullying, which is overstated (most bullying happens before or after high school), workplace bullying gets no mention. I was insulated from it as a young adult, but after stepping into other jobs in my late twenties, I see middle aged normalfaggots just being treated like offal by their managers. It's clearly taking a toll on them, because they're so lifeless and listless.

I've seen in play out with the young fellas I've lived with too. Young, eager kids get exploited hard out by vindictive failed normies, one after the other. You'd think other adults would pick up on this and warn their kids it's coming, but none do. I've seen normalfag kids break down into being NEETs for a few years due to it, I lived with one that didn't leave his room for like a year after some psycho insulator pulled a knife on him.


>I lived with one that didn't leave his room for like a year after some psycho insulator pulled a knife on him

Fucking babies.


Because as an adult nobody gives a fuck, nobody cares about childhood bullying either but people at least pretend to.


The happiest moments in my life were when I had an extreme routine and working overtime at my job.

Everyday was the same and I knew what was going to happen before I even started the day.

Those were my true happiest months of my life.


ur a real tough guy have some internet tough guy credibility points :)


File: 1653464292495.png (52.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FB40FBFC-5F8D-4E95-A9EC-CF….png) ImgOps iqdb

Quit my job today.




Was working on a ship. Health caught up to me and couldn’t do it anymore, teeth are rotting and skin is peeling. Also the higher ups (the owners not the people who actually worked on the ship) were unbelievably incompetent. Couldn’t keep a staff, constantly flip flopping on rules, a huge cancerous and inefficient HR department.


I'm assuming there's more that will deteriorate your health than a lack of vitamin C yeah? If not then why the fuck isn't there enough vitamin C on a fucking ship?


Even in a website filled with losers, I'm ignored. There's no hope for me……


If you think school sucks you're in for a real treat once work starts! You want my advice try for bux


I don't have scurvy or anything. I don't know why honestly, some crewmates theorized it was high bromine in the water.


What does everyone here think about the coming so-called 'recession?' I've seen some very well educated people claim that the stock market is due for a very large drop as well as predicting that meme currencies are going to basically crash. I know people have been saying that stuff like Bitcoin was a bubble since it literally existed. But I take this more seriously because it aligns with the current economy and the person making these predictions also predicted the housing market collapse (Michael Burry.)

Burry is a genius and doesn't really seem like the type to let bias get in the way of judgements. He showed some graphs in some of his responses that resembled exactly past stock market crashes. Now I don't know if there will be a crash. But I can tell you all that hiring has slowed down in my industry (tech.) On a popular remote job site its down 33%. There have also been posts on Hacker News about people who were dropped from onboarding processes because companies suddenly decided not to hire any new people. Y Combinator has also issued a new set of guidelines to founders about managing capital due to the economic conditions. They said that if you're raising now you may be raising funds in the height of the recession which is quite bad.

Have any of you encountered anything to suggest less job openings? I got fired from my last job and have been neeting on savings. I didn't really give a fuck about working too much (as I have a few months left) but now I'm starting to wonder if I should bite the bullet and start looking now. IDK, let me know what you think fellow wagies.


It seems likely to me.


I think the recession is likely to be the worst one since the Great Depression, mainly because unlike the 1970s when we had the exact same shit happening (oil shortages and high gas prices, russian sanctions, high inflation and high unemployment), there's no political willpower to actually solve the problems. The way out is obvious, raise the OCR, deal with inflation first and then austerity. Like the Great Depression, we'll probably have an FDR tier solution that'll make the solution worse, wage controls, price fixing, public works, more public spending. We won't have a Volker shock, we won't have austerity. The Trumpbuxx are becoming a standard thing, and here in New Zealand we're getting another round of Jacindabux this coming august due to the recession. Certain government departments have bloated significantly over the Covid crisis, and are jealous of their newfound wealth and prerogative. The problem is basically unsolvable without a major political reorientation, inflation is here to stay. They'll tepidly sneak OCR rates up a little, but be bullied into slipping them back down to keep employment up.

There's been delusional level euphoria even before covid hit. I was told I was stupid for saying gas prices will go back up and that natural gas still has a major roll to play in the world economy, and that people were getting ahead of themselves with renewables. Now here we are, one and a half years later, and gas prices have tripled and there's an OPEC tier crisis due to the russian war. That level of delusion and euphoria basically matches the Great Depression stock market, where everyone thought that due to technological advancement these gains were "just the way things are".

>Have any of you encountered anything to suggest less job openings?

No but I'm not a codegarch, nor do I have a career, I'm a menial wagie and it's been basically the golden age for menial wagies finding work. Every second business is staffed by temp workers from temp agencies. People at the lower level are increasingly giving up on life and living as NEETs, or exploiting all the free higher education being offered by the government due to covid. Maybe the broken clock is right and techshit has been in a bubble, and the bubble is bursting. Certainly people have been claiming that over the last 10 years. I've seen many posts about downsizing and layoffs and they're all relating to tech, not accounting, not the trades, just tech.


>The way out is obvious
Oh boy, here we g–
>raise the OCR, deal with inflation first and then austerity
…well, at least I can feel a little bit remoralized at hearing someone get it.


good post, i read it all and agree with you. but nothing else to add.


I had my first interview last month. I got ghosted after it. This was after the introduction interview and technical interview.

The question that caught me off guard was “what are you non technical hobbies?”. I didn’t know what to say. I spent 70% of my day on my PC. Other 30% sleeping. I was gonna say exercise but realized how unfit I am. Then just said reading books.


What was the job?


It was a web developer internship. I don’t have anything on my resume for the last 4 years so I think that’s why no one want to give me a chance. But I don’t know why they would bring me to the final interview.


working is better for me than sitting around doing nothing. Its going to suck either way so might as well get paid.


not him but some people just realize life is pointless and they have no goals so why even be alive. its all so dumb.


I'm miserable lately. First my car broke down and I haven't been able to fix it. Also I bought a washing machine and a dryer but they ended up not working, I haven't been able to fix them. I accidentally dropped a 45lb weight on the tip of my penis (sounds like a joke but its not. The pain was so intense. The tip was bleeding and completely purple from bruising. Even now 2 weeks later it hurts if I touch it even slightly.
6 days ago, I was so stressed out I decided to sit down and play some video games on my PC to relax a little bit. Well lightning struck and I smelled burning rubber. Well now my PC is fried. This all happened within less than 2 weeks. I feel like I'm cursed. I am wearing dirty clothes over and over to work, I cant even go to the laundromat because I cant drive and its an extremely far walk. It's all so fucked.


Same anon from the last post. Yes I absolutely rely on drugs. I dont even know the last time I went longer than 36 hours sober. Currently I cycle between phenibut, a (sort of) legal tramadol analogue, alcohol, and kratom, although usually I am using some mixture of them on any given day. It doesnt help much anymore because if you use daily like I have been, your tolerance quickly skyrockets and it becomes unsustainable. The positive effects start to fade and the negative effects begin to increase in both intensity and duration.


then why use them?


>It doesnt help much anymore
It likely still helps a lot but you just forget how bad life is without them.


It still helps a bit, just not nearly as much as before. It is better than nothing, especially since I go into horrible withdrawals after about 72hour.
Yes. I think you are right.


honestly dude, that sounds like hell. im not an expert on those particular drugs but from what little i know: i know there is RAPID tolerance to phenibut, and the withdrawal from kratom + phenibut is known to be fucking horrible.

i think that whatever effect you're affect would honestly be possible to accomplish with traditional psych meds. like if you want to be less depressed and anxious? then SSRIs. if you want to forget about your troubles: legal cannabis. if you want an altered state of consciousness: mushrooms. if you want a dopamine rush (thats less damaging): then gabapentin (it will be light but at least it wont fuck your whole brain. bonus is that gabapentin has positive effects on sleep and also treats 'restless leg syndrome' which many people have and dont know it.)

i would caution wizards to be more selective about this drug use. i know not everyone has the luxury. but failing to be cautions can easily mean digging a deeper hole.


dear wizzie, you matter to me. as a wiz man know that it seems like you are completely alone in the world. but remember there are tens of thousands of men with the same thoughts and in the same situation as you all over the world. its ok wizzie.


You might enjoy this story then. Out of the blue I was contacted by this recruiter for a small 2 - 3 person startup. They were fresh out of Y Combinator and probably had enough to hire a dev or so for a year.

I talk to the founder of this company and he's very young. A lot of these tech guys are. But his companies goals were lofty as hell and I always wonder how people manage to get such unrealistic ideas funded. Anyway, he's interviewing me and I'm being open about my abilities and short comings.

He asks me a very curious question: 'what do you think about working weekends?' lmfao, like this guy was obviously fishing for an engineer who was willing to be exploited by the company. Zero work-life balance. I told him that obviously founders are expected to work as much as possible for the company but it would be unusual for employees (with less at stake) to be expected to work weekends too, unless properly compensated. But I got the distinct impression this answer was not what he was looking for. Lmao, slave driver.

Also, he asked me about my age. As I'm almost 30 he joked about burn out. Like it probably wasn't even legal for him to ask me my age. I don't think an experienced tech interviewer would ask such a question since it would open plausible grounds for the company to be sued for age-based discrimination but he went there.

Anyway, long story short: he ghosted me. I think though that I dodged a bullet. Hope you find some solid work soon wizzie. Steer clear of clowns in this circus world.


Yeah, 100mg sertraline, to be honest it helps a lot, I've been more productive since I started it. That said, I can't wait to get off it, the emotional blunting is fucking shitty, I can't even get excited for my favorite vidya and mango anymore.


It's honestly piss easy to get a job.

Literally send in resumes and people will throw jobs at you. That is if you aren't a manbaby with 8 years of work gaps of being NEET, but still there are companies that will give jobs to anyone because everyone is short staffed right now.

The McDonalds and the Burger Kings can't even staff enough people, now think of all those comfy jobs that can't fill up their positions. They're literally sitting out there because almost every company that I know of is short staffed right now.

Go send in your resume. Make some shit up, put down some bullshit, fill the gaps and you will get an interview.


*It's honestly piss easy to get a shit job*

Fixed that for you, most jobs are so easy to get but pay so fucking horrible, most of the world population work paycheck to paycheck and it's sad. I wish we live in a affordable world. And all good jobs are locked by long ass degrees and certs.


yesterday was first day of me waging, so uuh hello wagewizards


Not everyone is living in America or western developed country you retard, come to T*rkey and you will understand how hard to find a jon here


Wow so much bad luck sry fellow wizzie lets hope everything will be better


I do not go to Turkey or Greece because they're populated by mutts and I'm scared to get robbed if I go there.


You know, this is just a tangential thing but recently in my country the Arabian Nights got a translation directly from the original manuscripts instead of second-hand translations from the french version. The book was a modest success and the translator (Lebanese guy but lived here since he was 3) gave a lot of interviews on TV talking about the work and his experience visiting the Muslim/Arab world for research and it's amazing how he had nothing good to talk about those places. And he has carte blanche to say it because of his ethnicity. At one point he said he would rather die than live in Saudi Arabia. The interviewer just moved on like nothing happened. It was really funny.


care to tell what specifically he said?


File: 1653857032573.jpg (198.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d7228a79d7b604a1919a460c10….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Working a job I enjoyed was the most pleasurable and euphoric state I've been in.

I did my job and did it damn good and it made me feel good. I loved doing work and do it good. It was awesome.


He said when he was a student, the Saudi government offered a scholarship for children of muslim families to go study there. He took it but had to return after less than a year because of how disagreeable the country was was. Then he stopped for like a second and said "I would rather die than live there." but the interviewer pretended not to listen and asked about something else.


are you being held gunpoint by the jews?


What's the best drug for wageslaving? One that will keep me lucid but indifferent to my miserable existence.




File: 1653892387906.webm (1.23 MB, 400x294, 200:147, 1653892175899.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Look at those wagies, trying to sneak in a quick nap on the job!


Smoke a joint before you go in or on your lunch break


Awful advice.


You're right. Edibles are the way to go. No funky smell and you can re-dose at work without anyone noticing.


File: 1653967145201.jpg (168.26 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, 1651740583983m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome aboard.
You are correct. Thankfully I have managed to use phenibut only sparingly for the last 3 or 4 months. I have very strict rules for phenibut and phenibut only.

Never more than 2 times in the same week, and only if its 4 - 5 days apart. However usually I have only used once every 2 weeks, or even less. I also take quite low doses of it, for example I have never surpassed 1000mg. As a result I've had no issues with it.

Kratom I think is more risky, but I can't be sure how bad it is because I never go more than 3 days without using it. My reasoning at the beginning was that its better to be addicted to Kratom than any harder opiods, in both a safety and a more pragmatic sense. It's easier to access due to legality and it has a better safety profile. Before I began using it extensively, I was using tramadol daily which was far less sustainable.

That being said I am beginning to encounter the issues that come from using kratom so much. I use nearly 100 grams a week, which is becoming increasingly expensive

Also I have noticed my emotional state becoming less stable, especially during the hours I'm sober. I've become quicker to anger, and get frustrated far too easily.


I envy those who can enjoy weed. It's probably one of the least harmful drugs to use every day. Unfortunately it is nothing good for me. Small amounts give me traumatic flashbacks and medium - large amounts cause outright psychosis.

It sucks because I still sort of experience the good aspects of the substance, such as music sounding better or pleasing bodily sensations. But the negative aspects completely overpower them. I've tried probably close to a hundred times over the years and it always ends bad.


File: 1653972652834.jpg (25 KB, 600x375, 8:5, original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>coworker complaints about how the day shift workers do nothing to help him/us
>he spends hours complaining about his personal life to me, and/or talking to other night shift workers


I enjoy weed, but off work. Why waste weed if I can't enjoy the high?


I don't know. Maybe to make the day less boring or so it goes by faster. I tried one of those legal delta 8 edibles last night just to test it out again. The first hour was surprisingly good. I went for a very long walk. However after I got back home things went south where I got intensely anxious and paranoid (as always), it's like I was reliving all the suffering from my past all over again.

That being said I dont regret the experience. I think it showed me a lot of things that I wasn't consciously aware of.


>That being said I dont regret the experience. I think it showed me a lot of things that I wasn't consciously aware of.
weed is good at that. If you can get your mind set so that you can be aware of this stuff without it bothering you it can be very therapeutic.


I've been having an extended talk after an interview I did with this company. I think I screwed it up after the interview because apparently, they were asking if I was still interested. Regardless, I'm going to keep on honing my skills and reaching out to other employers just in case. The more experience I get in doing these interviews the better and the more skills I get, the less nervous I'll get. Even if I never get a job, I can still be happy knowing I have the skills to have gotten one, and that I'll continue learning more and more. I'll just need to shed my programming to make myself not depressed. The fact that society can do this to a man because he doesn't have a job is crazy in its own right. You're expected to work and contribute to the economy and your country, but if you're unable to for some reason, whether from mental illness, unluckiness, or a bad economy, you'll feel bad for yourself. Without others to support you, which is becoming harder and harder with changing mindsets with regards to work (get a job to support yourself with a house/apartment) and the economy/society not having enough jobs/resources (cheap housing, food, etc.), it becomes harder to support yourself anyways. Also working sucks and you shouldn't have to stand for your entire shift for most jobs. Also hospitals should staff more nurses. Fuck hospitals.



Holy fuck I got the job. Holy fuck. I've been depressed about this for at least 6-8 years now, not having a job, not being "good" enough. I now have an actual career. An actual fucking career. This is literally the beginning of something amazing for me if I manage to keep it for at least 9 months.

Holy shit man. I'm scared of fucking it up. At least I made it. This is crazy.


File: 1654016934826.png (318.86 KB, 593x680, 593:680, 1653992358958.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good job wizzie, i hope you can start living a normal life and have a peaceful future from now on




dearest wizzie, congrats, it paid off. –pets u–


I hope you enjoy the first few months before the job inevitably becomes a soul-sucking grind.



Congratulations wiz! Don't worry, you'll do fine.


>years ago
>working as a scaffolder
>It's a job that needs co-ordination and co-operation plus it's filled with meathead druggies, hence hierarchy and butting heads is a constant problem
>during a busy moment the company hires some dickhead druggie in his forties
>dickhead due to insecurity absolutely refuses to work with anyone significantly younger than him, which is half the workforce
>deadlines approaching, boss freaking out
>in desperation, due to this guy refusing to work with most of the company, the office ends up making him a leading hand and give him his own crew, the crew mostly being the young people he previously sabotaged.
>They literally promoted him because he sabotaged and complained about everything
>those five young workers all leave within a space of a month to work for the competition
>Dickhead gets caught stealing gear and smoking meth a month after that and is fired

The company managed to survive it, but that's the biggest, most stupid blunder I've ever seen a company make. I don't think that retardation can be topped.


File: 1654108817683.jpg (76.45 KB, 722x960, 361:480, floatingkots.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>on day shift
>guys in shifts complain to eachother non stop but never pass it to the day shift guys, no idea the issues exist
>already fuming about all the issues by the time I happen to bump into them
at least just pass it on to your shiftleader or something I'm willing to fix all the issues if I know they exist


I would like to ask more experienced wizards for advice. I currently work at a job that is almost exclusively staffed by succubi. In my department there is only 1 other male. Every work day I am surrounded by succubi.

None of them mistreat me or anything like that, however for reasons I imagine you understand, I find it to be rather exhausting. I dont think anyone respects me at all.

Besides that, the job itself involves a lot of customer service, talking to people over the phone, sending emails, as well as lots of face to face interactions with customers. It's very draining and entirely contrary to my natural inclinations.

I am feeling my soul dying from this job, and I constantly contemplate leaving for something else. However I have no skills or education or qualifications and this job pays me more than anything else I can find, also it has benefits which I never had a job with benefits before this. I want to leave but also it seems foolish to shoot myself in the foot. Basically it would be an illogical, emotion based decision if I were to quit only to take a job that pays me worse etc…

Does anyone have insight or experience in a similar situation?


You gotta ask yourself if the quality of living you get from that money is worth the stress and discomfort of your job. If I were you I’d stay because it seems like the negatives you listed are manageable and trying to find somewhere that pays equal or better will be it’s own hell.


Sometimes the succubi bring me food they cooked which is nice. However the job itself destroys my self esteem and confidence. I feel mentally cucked in this environment. I'm basically a secretary which feels completely emasculating and makes me depressed. But I suppose I will suffer through it, better than going back to retail or food…


As someone who used to work a “masculine” job, it won’t make you feel masculine. You’ll look at the people around you and just feel out of place, and that they secretly think you’re a faggot. I understand the mental toll succubi can take on you though. But as long as you can go home at the end of the day and be free, that feels worth it to me. Or at least that’s what I’m envious of and it sounds like you have it.


Dear wagies, I know life can seem horribly empty when you have to spend so much time working. Honestly I feel like over-thinking can be dangerous. It probably seems materialistic but people normally build wealth as they age and that wealth can make life easier. Try find a high paying job and buy cheap property somewhere even if its in the middle of no where.

I still think wizards should not be so quick to disregard tech jobs. Believe me, its not a meme but it does require hard work. Most of you would make a shit load and be very comfy working in tech. If I were a wiz trying to get ahead in the world I would:

1. Learn programming by learning Python.
2. Read more about tech and find an area that interests you. It may be security, AI, blockchain ledgers, data science, or so on.
3. Find something you hate about it. Make an open source project that goes towards making said thing a little less shitty.
4. Now you can apply to jobs on angel list, work at a startup, stackoverflow jobs, or any of the remote job sites.

It DOES work. It takes about 1 - 2 months of applying to jobs to get good offers (or any if you're new) but possibly much much less. For example, I have had multiple jobs that I got just by reaching out to the CEO or CTO and:

1. Describing my interest in the company
2. My understanding of what the company does
3. Most importantly: how I can help (with reference to what I've done in the past)

Fuck any neckbeards who try put you down learning this shit. My IQ is average and I taught myself everything. The only secret is coffee and hard work.


Dude if I wanted to work hard I’d just do something I actually care about. Like I’m glad for you, but money just does not motivate me.


Thanks. You are probably right. Compared to every other job I had before this one is paradise. I see some warehouse jobs that offer good money if I'd be willing to work literally 12 - 15 hours a day for 6 days a week. All the reviews say its good money but you'll have no social life. However I dont have nor want a social life anyways. But that kind of constant physical labor would almost certainly burn me out very fast.

I suppose I will stop being spoiled and enjoy what I have. I have gotten too used to having an easy job to the point that I'm getting frustrated over what are not real problems.


Finally got covid so I can have 7 days off work. Too bad my dad is a psycho and wants me to wear a mask to sleep..


Everyone thinks they are wise to the game. They all want a massive epic crash so they can get in cheap. Everyone thinks they know what's what. The stock market is a way to long term financially secure yourself right. But oh no not just like that. You gotta be smarter than the game. Everyone tells themselves when it all implodes in a manner not seen before then I'll shovel every last penny into cheap long term investments then take a little set aside and buy myself a massive mcmansion for pennies on the dollar. Easy peasy right.

Problem is everyone thinks they're in on this little trick. So what is the implications of this. I don't know. BUt if we're all gonna talk about the collective irrational exuberance of this period then why not talk about the flip side of it too.


Well said. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on, basically. Markets are a highly chaotic system that even reacts to everyone's predictions. Only the megarich and politicians can have a change of predicting it since they can actually influence events, but they are all playing against each other.


On one hand I can pretty much slack off for half my shift on nights. On the other I end up being even more tired than usual all the time.

It also blows my mind how shit some people are at their jobs. Literally all my manager ever tells me is that they wish everyone just did their shit like me but I really just put in the bare minimum and take like minimum 20 minute breaks every hour since it's remote. Idk how you can be significantly lower in output compared to that


Not everyone have enough intelligence for that kind of stuff. I can’t even do 7th grade math for instance and coding is impossible for me because too low iq


As they always say. It takes a few months to Learn To Code Bro (TM). That's as much time as it will take for an individual find out if they can do it. If you're neet you've got nothing to do anyways so might as well. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work.

The tech industry recruitment propaganda is a hell of a thing. They don't even need to expend any resources. The techbro fanboys will continuously tell everyone they can to grindset their life away in attempt to gain passage to the golden palace. There's no risk or cost off their backs as the corporate entities. Everyone has to come to them 100% autodidacted. Gotta stay realistic with what you do with your life though. No reason to be like those who wash dishes their whole life hoping that next audition will finally be their big break into stardom.


No, 259863 is right. Not enough people have a high enough IQ to do programming for a living.

I live in a small country and a radio station said a country of this size (a few million people) has an available pool of coders that is permanently around 2000-3000 people.

They need to have certain characteristics (not just high IQ but systematic, slightly autistic brains and a brain structure that supports repetitive tasks and analysis, high capability for mathematics, very good memory etc.)

"Become a coder" is a stupid meme targeted towards introverts or neets.

Programming is an ELITE job. Yes, the people who are good at it are quirky and weird, but socioeconomically many of them are todays elite, especially in Silicon Valley.

You don't "just start doing it" any more than you can just decide to start playing in the NBA.


You didn't read what I said.


I'm trying to learn Java and Python programming, but I struggle a lot even with the most basic exercises on online courses, my brain is fucked up, NEETing too long.

Any tips to improve my logical skills?


From what I understand most programmers suck ass at it, they mostly rely on google and steal code all the time, or write very shitty code that barely works.

You may be right that programmers are elites, but that only applies for extremely good programmers working at FAANG or whatever, most code monkeys are that, monkeys, most people could do the things they do in 3 months of basic training.


Programming is still a worthwhile wizcareer if you have the mind for it. I've been programming since I was 12 so at this point the work is mostly second nature and it's easy to get into flow and lose hours working on complicated things.

However, as the years go by, I'm becoming increasingly aware that technical skills alone won't take you very far. As a wizard that can't sufficiently blend in, you will get passed up for promotions, you will be overlooked by your superiors and in general you will suffer in any area other than purely just "coding". For me, talking to clients and doing presentations of any kind is still a nightmare experience, so in any team setting I just let the more outgoing normalfags take the spotlight while I just focus on implementing things, probably at a 10x rate than anyone else. As a result, no one notices you and until you get hit by a bus one day, your impact won't become obvious until things start slowing down to a crawl or breaking down. "We don't know, Anon was the guy that handled stuff like that".

You can still work in this industry without "soft" skills, but in a lot of ways you're going to be limited and your career path will be slower, no matter the hard work you put in.



That is normal. It's very hard at the beginning until your brain adapts to that kind of thinking.

You are on the right track. Just build a bunch of small apps and scripts that you love and use for minor tasks every day and keep in mind that is going to take at least 3 years of constant programing until you start to become "fluent" on a programing language just like it takes to learn German or French or whatever. It takes years of practice, keep at it.

If you make it fun and useful by building small games (on of my first ones was a space invader clone), small apps (I build a calculator like the one windows has but with a couple of mods that I wanted) and small scripts (you can do things with them like mass rename your movies/series collection so it's all nice and standard) you can spend hours and hours programing and you won't even realize it.


In my experience most people studying tech are completely capable of programming, they just swerve off to avoid it for the easier options like networking and helpdesk that don't involve much of it. Everyone despises it, it's not so much they find it hard they just hate it. Even the pajeets who do study it hard out have a contempt for it.


My advice is this: don't be one of those people who declare 'they're not smart enough' to be a programmer. If a book introduces a new concept like what an 'if statement' is then you can bet you're going to go around in circles struggling to figure it out initially.

You'll have to play around with syntax a lot to truly learn how things work. Put your knowledge into practice right away. For example, maybe it says that 'if an expression resolves to true then an if condition executes' well play around with it and see what happens. Type:
if True:

into a prompt and see what happens. You have to learn the basics like. Learn the basics like: variables, if / else, while, for, and functions. You can do a shit load with just that. Just know that struggling to learn it is normal. tbhh.


Honestly I don't doubt that it helps you. Just hope you can continue to use it without tolerance. Drugs are p awesome when they actually help.


It's true that software engineers have a 'higher than average' IQ but that doesn't mean you need a higher than average IQ to be a software engineer. My IQ is only average and I am a very capable engineer.

IMO, we need to discuss psychology here because I think its highly relevant to whether or not someone will become a software engineer. There are people who believe their minds are 'static.' That any short-comings must be evidence of some innate barrier that can never be overcome. These are the kinds of people who won't put in the hours to learn coding because they think they can't.

Then there are the people with a 'growth mindset.' People with growth mindsets believe that the brain is plastic and they are capable of learning new skills. A person with such a mindset is not going to take initial struggles as a sign of their inherent inability to progress but rather as a temporary barrier to be over-come. If you want to teach yourself a large, complex, systematic skillset, then at the very least you need to believe you're capable of doing so. If you don't then you're not going to put in the hours and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It may be that a person really is worse-than-average at a task. But without belief in yourself and motivation, even a person who starts off at a disadvantage is going to do better than a person with a 'fixed' mindset. I see many examples of people with such mindsets in this thread. It's a common theme on Wizchan. Start with yourself tbh.


How did you guys first learn programming btw? Did you take classes or did you guys learn on your own? What are the best resources if I want to learn on my own?


I never stepped foot in a university or class room for programming. My journey probably started with an o'reilly book called 'PHP in a nutshell.'

Honestly, it was a good book wizzie. It literally taught me server-side programming from scratch. I learned logical reasoning. I learned how to develop complex string processing algorithms. I later went on and ported some of the PHP-specific functions (like explode – every PHP developer will know about explode) to C because I was so used to them.

At the time I was working a low paid job so every night I would read some more of my PHP in a nutshell while drinking insane amounts of coffee. I got almost no sleep, but learning how to manipulate the machine like that was exhilarating. That book had actual spells in it, I swear wizzie. But PHP isn't a very well-designed language. It's good for hacking out quick scripts that run on a server but not many people are like "WOW, lets build our software in PHP." You don't build desktop software in it or mobile (though you could)

People apparently have different styles for how they learn. Some like audio lectures, some like video, others like myself like books. Find what works for you and don't be afraid to try more than one source if a particular source isn't working for you.


Most things you learn by doing them, programming is no different. You'll get the fastest results if you jump into making something as soon as possible. I started with C++ by watching youtube tutorials because I heard you could make games with it, immediately started making tic-tac-toe because it was the simplest game possible and failed for awhile, wrote terrible code but making it work was continual motivation.

I think tackling progressively larger projects (that you are actually interested in) is the best way to learn. That way you stay engaged with what you're doing but also you're not biting off more than you can chew. Also, you'll learn things in context by applying it to a real problem you have which makes it stick more easily. Personally I think that's better than the university approach that just throws algorithms and sterile, abstract problems from a textbook.

If you need ideas for projects, try to find the /g/ programming challenges list, there's over a 100 in there color coded by difficulty.


following first CS courses from universities is a good way to start. no need to actually take classes. find some beginner problem sets, google stuff as you try to solve the problems. Eventually you can think of your own things you want to do and be able to google specific pieces of knowledge to achieve that.


No you’re wrong even if someone thinks he’s elastic brain or whatever but can’t do 7th grade math then he can’t do coding.You fools think everyone could do everything if they just believed in themselves or was dedicated and no that is just plain lies.


Once you have the baseline competency in core concepts. Then once you've seen through enough random github projects. The average project. Not super popular ones that have millions of eyes on it making it into flawless code. Not code dumps nobody looked at but the author. I'm talking about the middling projects have some moderate level of activity. It's in those average projects you publicly see how absolute shit the average coder can be.

Hell you can even look at old revisions of popular projects to find some atrocities. The thing is coders have such high standards for themselves and others.

I think another issue is the elitist code golfing. Noobs get scared away when they see the showoffs solving complicated contrived problems in 5 lines of code in one sitting. The type of solutions which takes the average person time and brain power to deconstruct themselves. Which they could never solved themselves without having seen a solution before. But nobody wants to admit this. That's what all those testing problems are anyways. You have to have seen enough of those puzzle questions before such that your brain (sub)consciously pattern matches a known solution. Everyone is fronting an image. Too scared to be the guy who outs themselves as a code monkey. Everyone nods along to fit in among the crowd of sophisticated algorithmic wizards. Cause that's what we all are right… Right? When in actuality everyone are code monkeys.

Those who are deriving novel solutions to academic questions are exactly that. They are in academia. Either that or they're in deep research labs of the big companies. That's out of scope for anyone here anyways.

Also yeah. If you don't have soft skills you're fucked. Programming is just a job like any other. Most average coders are normies who like comic books and star wars. These days that just the typical normie. Their soft skills are more than fine but they think because nerds were once unfashionable that means they're the same as the mental cases who cannot into soft skills.


File: 1654268777609.jpg (262.33 KB, 1224x1028, 306:257, 21dcb67d27b7cd8ae3c4cbe566….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it's remarkable how so much false consciousness surrounds a machine, i'm guessing it's from how we've shaped our interaction with modern computers

the non-interactive programs running on microcontrollers in microwaves, remotes, watches, radios, etc, seem immune to this phenomenon, perhaps because they simply emulate the analog and mechanical linkages they replaced


Regarding this programming discussion - how to learn webdev? It's seems so overwhelming to me. Like there are a million frameworks. I have little experience with JavaScript with writing Chrome extensions.


Learning basic coding is one thing. Being able to compete with people who are genuinely skilled and enjoy programming is something different. I tried a programming course and was completely overwhelmed, especially when I compared my output to that of my classmates, who were the types of people to have been programming since they were 8 or something. Programming is just not an option for people who have issues with focusing on something they find really boring.


File: 1654274519942.jpg (42.23 KB, 392x498, 196:249, 1645681626373.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im sad, I really am and incredibly angry, I feel rage
>be me working customer service over phone
>being doing fine, so much so that I get offered a new position for a new campaign that will give me more money better hours only 5 days, 10/10
>im super happy and excited
>This happened the day before yesterday, yesterday was my day off and today before I log in my supervisor calls me
>Last month a customer was asking for a supervisor, so I transfer her
>the issue is that I have to talk to this "supervisor" first
>I did and this nigger, she tried real hard to not take the call, didnt work since she had to
>fast forward to yesterday, this nigger sends an email complaining about me
>My supervisor checks all the calls from that day alongside a HR person, they dont find that call
>but find 2 where I lose some patiance with old ladies that don't understand what they were doing
>not rude, not insulted them, just my voice sounded harsh
>Not only im not getting the raise
>Not only Ill have a formal complain
>If something happens, at all, whatsoever in this month
>Im fired

that lazy nigger, if she only had done her job, if my supervisor had simply asked for when that happened to search for that call, if that old bitch simply would of understood that she was asking for something impossible, and if I simply had kept my cool.. by now I would be happy.

Im trying real hard, I am, my numbers are great, my metrics are fine, ive been trying so hard to move forward.

thats it I… im really tired


You could specialize in backend development so that you don't have to deal with JavaScript bullshit. Backend stuff is a lot more tame in comparison, there's only so many ways you can make an API and talk to a database.

Here's a roadmap for front-end development that is very up-to-date.


The interesting thing about the brain is that different skills mature at different rates. You say you failed at 7th grade math. You would have been quite young when that occurred. Did you know that basic arithmetic skills peak at age 50. So up until that age people are continuingly developing a more fertile neurological basis for doing math (this is simplified but also true – the average age of Nobel prize winners is 59 – the idea that mathematics is a young persons game seems false, imo.)

Basically, all of the evidence is adding up to say that if you failed at learning maths early on in your life then it would be well worth trying again later on when your brain has matured more.



At the bare minimum learn React (the most popular javascript framework today).

Or even better learn the MERN stack (MongoDB for database, Express for a framework, React for the front end and NodeJS the back end)

This is ideal to start: https://www.udemy.com/course/mern-stack-course-mongodb-express-react-and-nodejs/

Google/torrent for it and you can get it for free. I don't if I can post piracy here, so I'm not going to risk it.


sounds like you're in a really shit job. might be time to upskill and get something better.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend learning web dev. The thing about web dev is its a grocery list of ugly technologies that have been added over time to 'improve' the way the simple web worked in 2000s.

the amount of technologies you'll have to learn to be useful as a web dev are astronomical. UI frameworks, MULTIPLE types of databases, javascript, backend… and you still wont be able to make pretty websites because that is an artistic skill and it cant really be learned. the pay off for your efforts is you'll be able to build complex websites. But the world is increasingly just about mobile (and sometimes desktop software.)

The best web devs are said to be 'full stack.' This means they can write code on the server and the client. Startups want full stack devs because they can hire one engineer that 'does it all' so its cheaper for them. but it takes a tremendous amount of time to really learn all the skills needed to be a good modern full stack dev. Now you might think there is some gold at the end of the rainbow for doing all the work to become a full stack dev but theres really not. Full stacks are now remarkably common and web devs as a whole are paid fucking terribly in the world of software.

What you want to do instead is learn Python. Learn the basics of software engineering. Then specialize in something so you don't have to compete with all the web dev code monkeys.


There's an insane amount of webdev positions available since every company/business wants a website or some kind of web app these days. And they're always re-inventing the wheel. Oh we sell coffee, so we want a web app that keeps all the users discounts, favorites, orders, also let's make it a social media website because we heard people share pictures of their lattes online. Also, we need an Android and iOS app too and we don't want to pay two people so let's use React Native for that.


It's what happens when too many normies invade the industry turning it from technologically driven to career driven.


you can post piracy please do


Problem is: if you become a web dev not only are you competing with Indians who do the same thing for like 1 dollar an hour but you're competing with all the point and click services like wordpress, online template factories, and more that require no coding. its really hard for web devs to get a good high paying job (at least i never managed to do so as a web dev!) good luck to anyone going this path but in my experience web devs are mostly outsourced and get minimum wage projects unless they luck on a startup gig which is like insanely competitive.


Indian firms are in every part of the industry. There's pajeet out sourced code up and down the stack to the firmware level on the device you used to post that reply. It's a fallacy that western neckbeards are reserved for the key subsystems.


Not my experience. I've worked for like 8+ startups and not a single one of them would have dreamt of using Indians for their product development. Not that they would have been able to find any specializing in what I do.


Wasn't talking about startups. None of those built the tech in your device.


File: 1654302270894.png (340.92 KB, 2086x1363, 2086:1363, web3.png) ImgOps iqdb

>ts a grocery list of ugly technologies that have been added over time to 'improve' the way the simple web worked in 2000s
you will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension


Still trying bro. And fuck these startups and the people at them.. the people who work their are snotty and hold themselves in too high of a regard.


I cant get an internship for any web dev even though I got a few full stack projects, one even being really popular.



I know a bit of Python already. I wrote some simple scripts for Linux, a Tetris game and a game launcher for myself. Should I build a github portfolio? What kinds of projects would be the best to make to learn what is needed as a python dev?


Holy shit web3 is so needlessly complicated, I really hope it never takes off


A retard is a retard no matter the age.What you say is complete nonsense low intelligent people don’t became a genuis suddenly at age 50 lol


I have recently been taking broad spectrum (little to no THC) CBD oil and it has helped me somewhat noticeably. Normally I'm freaking out when having to go to work, but it dulls me out enough to where the anxiety is easily pushed through allowing me to actually show up. It doesn't fix social problems or anything like that but it does help when I try to force myself to continue working, even though I would much rather sleep at home until thrown out for not paying bills.


my dad can't understand why i can't get an internship in programming area. i live in a big city in america (yeah fuck my life..). have shit networking, i didn't have a linkedin until a few months ago. the only projects I have set up are a portfolio website i made with nuxtjs and fullstack applicaiton i made using django. i just get rejected from every place i apply to, i'm lucky to get a rejection email which i believe are automated. i genuinely believe that you cant get shit in a big city unless you have 500+ linkedin contacts


Sorry to say but I very much doubt anyone here understands web3. I say this because even among 'tech experts' and neckbeards on places like Hacker News the opinion is overwhelmingly negative. They usually like to compare web3 apps directly to web2.

But what people seem to miss is the blockchain wasn't invented so that people could host shitty web apps and pay for storing generic state. It was created so that someone could build a fucking currency that no one in the world could shut down, censor, or control. A currency that allowed for open participation and (quite decent) privacy.

The blockchain essentially created a new corporate structure that is run entirely by algorithms. Anyone can work for this corporation and be paid for their work. The quality of work is also verified by algorithms. Nothing like this existed before the blockchain. The reason why web3 looks like such a mind fuck is because of people laughing companies that are only tangentially related to the benefits of the blockchain. For example: a reddit-like website that rewards coins for contributing.

Yes, the blockchain is useful for far more than just currencies. But its also not magic and has drawbacks. If you're only comparing web3 systems with few (if any) benefits from using the blockchain then of course they're going to look fucking ridiculous. Because that was never the point of the system to begin with. Those who make these arguments almost always are knocking over strawmen. They never focus on solid crypto projects or use-cases because they're outsiders who don't know shit about the space. How could they know about all the technological developments like MimbleWimble and flash loans as outsiders? So instead they just pick on the surface shit that gets covered in news articles. Often hacks to fucking ridiculous projects run by boarder-line scammers.

Those who want to understand the blockchain industry would do well to study its history. Read the actual Bitcoin white paper. Research what smart contracts do. Perhaps read some of Szabo's essays. Think about the impact of smart contracts of various business processes. Think about the role of trust in transactions and how innovative smart contracts truly are. Protip: there are many ways to manipulate trust in contracts that are generic enough to be used for all kinds of contracts. You won't hear any of this in 'web3 critiques.' Again, so-called 'tech experts' think they automatically should be able to comment on blockchain projects but they lack the economic, cryptographic, and intersectoral background to understand what any of this shit means.


That is not what I said at all. There are also multiple aspects to intelligence. It's not just IQ. For example 'verbal reasoning', 'abstract reasoning', and so on. And sorry to say but I am right. Other skills like language ability also peak at different ages. This is why you find such amazing works from writers who are like 50 years+. It's rare to publish a best seller before then.


Interns are a scam. You need to make a good Github project and apply to some startups.


It's just the newest vaporware scam. They used to use VR goggles to woo investors, now they use a couple buzzwords like "blockchain" and "smart contract". Yeah, you can make a shitty digital currency with it that people can gamble on, but that's about it. Oh and monkey art, every celebrity has their own NFT these days for some extra cash to finance their lifestyle.


Yep, strawmen based on only the most retarded phenomenon in web3. You didn't focus on any of the other points I raised because you don't understand or know about anything else. You don't know shit dude.


File: 1654388877560.jpg (47.14 KB, 540x363, 180:121, devilish.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

web2 and internet generally is needlessly complicated as well:
>visiting a site involves name resolution, tcp chatter, and a load of work by the server and browser
>screen sharing or streaming involves a clusterfuck of video software
>text chat, messaging, and email are all unique programs that are mutually unintelligible
>sharing a file often means using another program that speaks its own protocol, whether it's bittorrent, sshfs, ftp, or whatever

distributed filesystem:
>visiting a site is opening a file
>sharing a window is opening a file (if you expose windows as regular bitmaps)
>a chat is just appending to a file, an email is a file copied to your mail spool directory
>sharing a file is opening a file


we can also probably get rid of databases because a filesystem is already a database, and splitting a table is the same thing as mounting another filesystem with relational links

basically you can get rid of most webshit software


File: 1654391993424.jpeg (11.68 KB, 290x288, 145:144, eyJidWNrZXQiOiJjb250ZW50L….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>we have a new coworker, ftm tranny
>less-new gay coworker freaks out when we're introduced to tran
>apparently they hooked up
>he talks at me about that for a bit, unprompted
>he admits that he had sex with almost 55 people, including a guy who's in a straight marriage and has two kids


The "he" in the last two lines is the gay dude. Why do they think anyone but other gays care about their conquests?


File: 1654402982530.jpg (91.3 KB, 850x923, 850:923, d0d86fcc732f5a1102800cc985….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're so incredibly self-absorbed and just can't help but want to humble brag about their body count score to people who probably don't even care. And the whole body count score thing itself is also extremely silly once you ideologically step outside of normalfaggotry. They probably derive more pleasure from the dopamine shot of adding another point to their body score than the actual sex act itself. They definitely seem to care a lot more about the former than the latter, which is completely irrational. It's one thing to want more pleasure, but it's another to sacrifice it for a number to brag to others.

Now imagine if society and the way it distributes pizza and cheese cakes were different, and people instead were walking around bragging about their pizza or cheese cake count to pizza and cheese cake virgins. Then someone like me would make this exact same comment with pizza and cheese cake instead of body count and finish it off with a hypothetical example about it being as silly as if people bragged about their sex body count. (I recommend Shintaro Kago's ero-guro manga. He has a capacity to transmit to your intuition the fundamental arbitrariness of all societal values and norms, which we all already know in intellectual abstraction.)

Anyway, I'm probably rambling like an idiot, but I blame all the wizards that are off at the club. To conclude, I hope he gets monkeypox at an orgy and looks like a scarred leper for the rest of his life. He and all normalfags who care about that nonsense deserve it.


Sodomy in itself is a faux, artificial source of pleasure. That's why.
Specially in the current age, where being a faggot has to do with identity more than anything.


No you said if you suck math at 7th grade then you could be good at age 50 which is a lie , people becames even worse as they get older at math not better. Cognitive skills get worse not better peak of human brain is 20’s and 30’s it starts to decline after


It implies value. Normalfags will bring it up now as a way to claim they have a higher status because they must be sexually attractive.

The reality is male homos are very promiscuous and downright disgusting and will screw complete strangers in an instant so it doesn't mean anything. Same thing with fat succubi who go on dating apps and rack up dozens upon dozens of attractive men who were just bored and looking for an easy way to get off on a weeknight.


>male homos are very promiscuous
>Same thing with fat succubi

Good thing only they are so degenerate among normals, our Aryan heterosexual thin brothers and sisters can regulate their sexual desires like monks!


>Why do they think anyone but other gays care about their conquests?
It's the opposite. Gay dudes wont be impressed because they could easily do the same, but straight hetero men get triggered because they beg desperately on apps for sex


File: 1654473794065.png (1.38 MB, 1596x1070, 798:535, Final_tree.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are there any decent wizzie jobs that involve working with nature and doesn't require much interaction with normgroids or some ridiculous 4 year degree and pays alright in the US? I like interacting with nature as it's one of the few things that brings my mind to peace instead of being a dark void of constant negative thoughts.



Gay guy strikes again. He had to go to another town for some reason (wasn't listening to hear why), and indirectly asked if I could cover his shift on Tuesday to do so. I flat out refused to, before he directly asked. I would have worked six nights in a row, so fuck that.

He somehow found my phone number, and texted me to ask. I said I had other plans I couldn't change, so I couldn't. I should have asked how he got my number.

Forgot about an actual response. It just seems like gay men and straight succubi brag about easily getting sex, as a form of "lol I'm better than you."

Big if true

>They probably derive more pleasure from the dopamine shot of adding another point to their body score than the actual sex act itself.

Seems like it. Once they pop, they just can't stop


The last point was supposed to quote >>259953 , but I'm a dumbass


Park ranger/maintenance worker is pretty wizzie tier.


File: 1654562398143.jpg (224.74 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Husk.(Hazbin).full.3131239.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4 hours and 53 minutes til i have to leave for work again.

GOD FUCK, i'm so tired of this grind towards nothing.
I'm buying cheap wine on my way home and getting drunk, i have too.
My factory cog assembly job is oil dirty and the atmosphere is poision.
My bmi has dropped to 19.2 so maybe literal poison.


File: 1654566535814.png (30.41 KB, 250x313, 250:313, AftonHQ.png) ImgOps iqdb

>work from home for a Russian firm
>all their employees use VPN to get around site blocks and shit
>their long-term VPN provider is really strict about not using their service for illegal stuff
>get fired
>still have their VPN config files
>about to download hella torrents with it and fuck their whole shit up
Who else here is /devilish/?


Have fun in a gulag


Why did you get fired? You used their vpn for non work purposes? Have fun with the torrents, the vpn should probably have no logs.


Their sales fell hard so they cut their staff in half. My shift was especially cuttable because of how much it overlapped with other ones.


I hate going to work not because of working but because of all the annoying assholes at my job, i honestly wish they'd die


Yep, this has been my experience since I started working at 17. I actually even greatly enjoyed being a cashier and hauling furniture for World Market. But, the store manager was a genuine sociopath and so I walked out with no notice.
At my last job, I was harassed by boomers for not being able to drive and they would ask me 1,000 questions a day about my finances and what hours I'm working that week.
I've walked out of 9 jobs with no notice, not because of the work. But because of the down's syndrome co-workers.


Just get a job where you don't have to interact with people. Janny, security guard, delivery guy, etc


are russian firewalled from the world or wtf


It's really not that complicated. After levels of debt in the overall economy become too large it will cause a crash. The Fed will try to increase the amount of money in the system by increasing the amount of loans issued by dropping interest rates, but once they're out of room to drop interest rates, the only thing that can happen is a crash because this policy only increases the amount of debt in the economy and makes the underlying instability in the economy even greater. They literally can't lower the rates anymore because of massive inflation and the fact that they were already pretty much at 0%, that means there will be a crash. The only reason this hasn't happened already is because the fed is intervening and pumping more liquidity into the markets. This has caused inflation which is basically like a tax that affects everyone and benefits only the wealthy who own assets which are inflated. They can keep going with inflation or they can crash it, but their mandate is all about inflation, so by law they will have to raise rates and crash it.

Honestly the fed is the reason why we have really bad crashes every 10 years or so. If they didn't exist we would have crashes much more often but each one would be less severe. They've been painting themselves into a corner my entire life. They just doubled down on inflating the bubble after 08 but like I said that only makes the underlying problem worse. We are set for a great depression and have been set for one since before 08. I view the Fed as the primary agent of class warfare for the wealthy against everyone else. They have made income inequality way worse.


If something like that happens again just say it's not appropriate for the workplace, which it isn't. I can't stand norms who talk about sex endlessly.


Every innovation in crypto I hear about sounds like it has a use case for criminals and no one else.


>oy did you guys know that anon is a prude? hehe
>ask him how many people he's fucked
>omg he's blushin!!

I keep hearing how secure it all is, but then every other week some retard accidentally loses 500K or gets his monkey art stolen. It's been like a decade and this shit is still only used for speculation and investor fraud. Of course, anyone working in that industry probably can't smell their own shit anymore since they're so used to it.


crypto itself is secure (unless we're talking some terribly designed shitcoin) but people are dumb and use insecure exchanges to store their coins.


my boss keeps telling me to smile and stop having a frown on my face all the time, he also keeps mocking the fact that i am an introverted loner badass, fucking faggot


I've been blessed with the most respectful job I've ever had and I'm worried that I'll lose it because of my crippling anxiety. My supervisor is incredibly nice and tells me I'm doing a good job, but my paranoia tricks me into believing he wants to get rid of me. I had been sleeping in my vehicle and I don't want to lose this job because its getting really hot at night. I've been able to stay in a motel and feel like a semi-normal person again. I hope to God I don't screw this up.


Eh. I thought about it, but I decided against bringing it up with a manager.

He put in his week's notice today, so it wouldn't matter either way. His last day is the first of my vacation, so I hope it never screwed me over.


I'm pullin for ya lad. You can do it!


Lol, i have a permeant grimace on my face as well. Had to Vote the other week and the succubi standing at the door sarcastically tells me
>Don't look too excited!


File: 1655015720225.jpg (554.27 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1645975399276.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting a job has to be the worst thing that happened in my life.
I'm working as an Engineer now.

I wish I could get some low-stress nightshift see-nobody job as a security, or some 16-20hr/week work, but all of those are apparently reserved for imported labor who will work 12hrs a day for pennies.
I've barely started and I'm already sick of the "daily grind".


File: 1655034202157.gif (644.87 KB, 576x448, 9:7, 1653244815361.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My comfy dev job has a habit of suddenly shifting gears and making me an anxious and suicidal mess. Apparently out of the blue I now have a new role at work so I have to attend several Teams meetings every week, coordinating with lots of people on a new project and my stomach has been in knots. I think I've made myself clear that I'm just not that kind of guy that can handle all that communication and professional bullshit but my boss doesn't give a shit and just threw me in the deep end of the pool. Give me any kind of technical problem and I'll power through, but dealing with people? I've already been getting concerned messages about whether everything is OK on my end due to my complete radio fucking silence. Already called in sick once to avoid going to a real life meet up, but even the online shit is making me dread waking up in the morning.

I've been considering quitting with zero notice or just hanging myself, but I know it's just fantasy escape and that's not really an option. It was stupid of me to think I could just get by while keeping my head down and doing my work but eventually the normalfags expect you to be fucking normal.

Anyone ever dealt with this kind of, uh, professional challenge? Does anyone ever come out of this kind of thing a better person than they were? Or does everyone just crash and burn because it was only a matter of time before you realized you just don't belong in this world and you only got this far due to sheer stupid luck?


Time to go job hunting.

I wonder what's in store for me, wizzies.


Yeah I was like that when I got my first long term job, you'll get used too it wizzie, I hope you make it out of this grind eventually.


i learned that if you're afraid and have anxiety you will screw up you eventually will, that's just how it works, need to get rid of anxiety


Is your boss purposefully trying to push you out?


I’m a disabled NEET but will likely have to work/study eventually. Any suggestions for jobs or areas of study?


I don’t really care about money, just enough to get by is fine.


File: 1655059030050.jpg (10.81 KB, 269x188, 269:188, 1653740761005.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I need an advice.

I've been working in super market as a retailer for 6 months. I've went there, because they've had a vacancy for a night shift. When I was at interview, they've warned me that they don't have enough workers to make a night shift for the shop and for now I could just work during day shifts. I thought it won't take long for them to get more workers and so I agreed, I didn't had much choice either way and my parents were forcing me to get a job. I was getting very weary from the work and a few workers dislike me for being anti-social and for language barrier (although I couldn't give a single fuck about it after third month), but I pressed on in hope night shift will be just around the corner. 6 months passed and I've lost any hope for that to happen. A lot of people come and go here, because conditions are pretty meh and payment is pretty bad so even if they somehow manage to get enough workers for night shift work, it will most likely won't last for long. I wanted to leave this job at 5th month, but manager begged me to stay for I'm somewhat competent worker that has already learned how to work as a cashier, retailer, logistic and other small things that usual worker don't usually do. I've stated that I don't believe there will be night shift work that I came for in the first place, but manager claimed that I should have more hope (I won't).

Reason why I wanted this job so badly in the first place is because where I live we barely have any night time shift jobs unless it's in a night-life sphere (or I'm just bad at searching). I've worked previously as a security and even have a certificate for it, but we've no night shift security jobs at remote areas either and I'm not eager to come back for day time ones. I can't find a proper comfy job either, because I've language barrier problems in where I live.

My goal is to have a comfy job that won't tire me out so that I could continue on my practicing in drawing so I could live off of that (or at least attempt to), sadly I can't just quit job at the moment and NEET off the money I've saved from working, because parents are forcing me to work no matter what. I still can switch jobs no problem, but I've worked on so many jobs and none of them were comfy so I'm running out of ideas what kind of jobs I could work that has minimum social interactions and it won't completely tire me off. Am I fucked? Is there a loophole out of this situation besides selling my soul to slavery to save money for living solo and NEET for at least half a year?

Any feedback is welcome.


i only work 3 days and it's still awful, makes me homicidal i hate being around people


You should probably elaborate on how disabled.


File: 1655083340962.png (998.84 KB, 714x531, 238:177, 1650363848637.png) ImgOps iqdb

Same thing happened to me recently, I'm decent enough with people to pass as a normalfag and not spill spaghetti at the meetings, but I'm in no way a normalfag, and I feel absolutely drained by the end of the day. Just let me code alone for fucks sake.


You will never be a wizard, Matthew.


~wraps my jelly tentacle around your shoulders~

it'll all work out fren!!


I just lose all my money in crypto


File: 1655096487425.gif (176.19 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1557932957929.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think so. He's just a greedy cunt that wants a tech wizard and an eloquent diplomat in one package while paying him peanuts. I'm completely out of my element there, but it doesn't matter as long as he's making money off the contract. If shit falls apart, obviously it'll be my fault rather than his basic inability to understand his employees strengths and weaknesses.

My issue is that my anxiety basically makes me drop 50 IQ points. I can be fine in text chat, but the minute I'm in a voice call with 10 strangers, I have trouble hearing and understanding people and I can barely string together a couple sentences. My mind goes blank and it's like there are no words to say so I turn into a mute.

I don't know why these people insist on so many meetings, everything could be said in a one paragraph text message. I guess they have to justify the existence of all these "project managers" and QA shitters that sit on their ass all day. if you're not in a meeting, are you even doing any real work at all?

On top of all that, another colleague is going on a week long vacation so I have to handle all his shit this week too, which means more meetings and basically replacing him on another project I have zero involvement in.

I enjoy this job when it's just me and my code. Any time there's a meeting like this I can't concentrate on any work until it's over. It just completely disrupts me and obviously I embarrass myself like an idiot every time.

Even if I quit and go through the trouble of another round of HR interviews and techbros questioning my intelligence, it will still be the same shit over again. Eventually I have to "evolve" into what the job requires but no amount of epic hacker skills is going to help if my brain just isn't wired for a normalfag environment.


Has anyone here worked at a lab? I know it pays peanuts and i am qualified buy have no experience. How hard would it be to get a job?


if you're really thinking about bailing its probably better to be firm with your boss and tell him to dump the normalfag meetings garbage on someone else and let you code
if he refuses you leave


Sue him for sexual harrassment. According to feminists that's what being told to smile is.


I have the same problem. I cant cope with work or find any job that isnt like this so i gave up


When they ask you what your future goals are, how do you respond?


Anyone here makes +100k salaries?


boo hoo


File: 1655277468215.jpg (169.29 KB, 1024x567, 1024:567, 1654977500947.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Made it through a couple hell days. I was pretty stressed the first day and I couldn't focus on doing any real work, which stresses me out even more. I've been trying to lay pretty low in the meetings as I always do. So far I didn't need to talk much since it's full of managers and managers of managers and managers that are "shadowing" another manager because he is moving on to something else.

Kind of annoying when I get asked something and have to scramble to figure out what the fuck he's talking about while engaging with my fight-or-flight response.

No meetings scheduled for today, but maybe some asshole will invite me to another a "weekly standup sync brainstorming extravaganza".

Nah, I fantasize about moving on but honestly this is the entire fucking industry, you can't escape it. I don't wanna strong arm people with demands even when I have some leverage. Maybe because I think that it's not unreasonable for me to be able to handle this kind of stuff. I'll get de-sensitized eventually.


same, all the hyper positive idiot normies i can't stand them i try to avoid them or fake it around them.


geta diff job that job isnt for wizards. get a job where the boss doesnt care if ur frowning like factory work or something


yes you just completely fake it and deal with it in a logical manner. stop giving a fuck at all just do what you have to thats my advice. its hard but strong people can do it.


same, i can FAKE being a normalfag, you know just be positive have a conversation whatever. but i'm not like them at all i'm the opposite.


labs suck you will have some normie supervisor who expects you to be a super normie. better be good at faking it


you fake it. say you want to work your way up in the company and shit


na whats the point of that? making more than like 50k a year is pointless to me i don't spend much money.


Money may not buy happiness but it can buy some very nice physical comforts. !00k a year would be enough to buy a house, get a hot tub, have all the money you would ever need for video games, anime, drugs, figurines, whatever hobby you want. I would love to make that much.


Just got done with a long online video interview answering questions.

I had to get out a webcam, a mic and dress in business attire while reading off scripted answers I wrote.

Now I have another interview with a live person. Why does it have to be this hard? I don't remember it being this fucking hard to get a job. All I used to have to do was shake the recruiting guys hand and they would offer me a job, but now they're making me jump through hoops.


maybe they are trying to see how serious u are about gettin the job


been a neet almost a year, some days i get bored and realize i've done nothing at the end of the day
but i can't imagine going to an interview, studying for it and much less the daily interactions, and jira grind
no idea what to do, wondering if i can earn some money self employed but i have absolutely no creativity


File: 1655368947283.jpg (20.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c088e6d751a8968f7d99e1ede4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>working as an IRL janny
>minimum wage starting, get my own mop
>Given a site to clean everyone at the company hates, everyone makes excuses to get off it
>Middle manager talks to me like a retard, like in that soft voice teacher's save for special needs kids.
>other middle manager foid complains about me not wringing out my mop properly
>"Thanks for letting me know and not just ringing my boss whining about it, I'll sort it out"
>Driving the next day
>Get a phone call from the boss
>turns out they rang up complaining about me
>They want the manager to come in with me for extra training for the site

Middle manager succubi in retail are actually something else. The happier you are, the more they're cunts, it's like they're actually offended that you're in a good mood. They're like blackholes of misery, and they set out each day to feel smug and superior over anyone they can. And like, for what? They're a $25NZ per hour wagies shitting on a $21NZ an hour wagies. I've worked at supermarkets before and noticed these people are universally miserable. The one I know IRL that does the job is addled up on anti-depressants despite being a normie with a husband and kids. You'd literally have to psyche-drug yourself up to handle being around those cunts.

It's funny, because I can chat up the engineers, accountants, sys-admins and the like at other jobs and have a good laugh. I really like professional people and they seem a hell of a lot nicer than what I have to deal with.


Womxn are evil what can you do. They’re cruel and merciless bitches


Had pretty similar experiences working in a kitchen about a decade ago. Sometimes it felt like they would tell me I wasn't cleaning well enough, purely so they could stay late and then say "look what you made me do!" It's like they NEED drama and conflict to avoid boredom. About professional wagies, it is somewhat more civilised but the problems become more about bureaucracy and paperwork than concrete tasks, which gets draining in its own right, it depends on your personal BS tolerance probably.


I empathize, now and then I'll remember an old job I had with this small fat angry succubi. She used to tell me to do certain tasks and when I did them she would kick up a fuss and ask why I did it, I'd be so confused in the moment that I wasn't even sure what to say. Like I didn't know if she was lying or what was going on
She'd often tell me off for doing something wrong, which I'd believe in the moment, I would then double check the price for the item I allocated and the price I'd selected was actually right
Wish I told her to fuck off


Was she…purposefully fucking with you for kicks?


succubi hate men they see as beneath them (low status, ugly, etc.) and middle aged succubi usually end up being the biggest bitches because they're getting up in years and aren't getting as many of the perks they had when they were young so they'll shit on any loser guy they can.
I'll never have a female boss again.


rich wizzies are probably just inheritors of it if anything


to this day I still dunno if she was fucking with me or if she had a screw loose, probably a bit of both. I think what another poster said is kinda true, that a lot of succubi try to create conflict out of nowhere and I think that played a big part too. Like in her eyes in the exact moment she felt she had valid criticism, without taking into account it was her orders in the first place or without taking into account that she may be wrong about something. I just wanted to do my job right and then get out of there but that kind of self sabotaging middle-management made my life at the time way harder than it needed to be


Applying to jobs and they keep asking me if I'm vaccinated…

No, I'm not fucking cattle. I'm not vaccinated you rotten pieces of filth.


do you guys have family friends and relatives that work high paying jobs? Do they pick on you for not working good enough jobs?


What the fuck? I can't imagine making that much.


You may or may not be a cattle, but you are an idiot


File: 1655524558732.jpg (7.23 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 1653972652834.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>off doing my job like a good little wagie
>cleaner comes in to ask me to move shit that another coworker put in his way
>rephrase "no, ask the coworker who put it there to do it" until the cleaner gets the hint
>said coworker is MIA
>gay coworker is off texting on his phone, presumably looking for another hookup
Just another day in paradise


Still not getting vaccinated.


Don't care.


Not taking your gay forced poison that literally does nothing.


What part of "I don't care" do you not understand?


Stay poisoned, cuck.


Willing to stay poor for the sake of his uneducated contrarian take 🤣🤣


I think being in a good mood and making light of their seethe pisses them off more than me their shit pisses me off, funnily enough.

One thing I've learnt with normalfags is they get utterly livid at the idea of someone making significantly less money than them living a better life.



Yeah, scientists and politicians are full of shit. They're literally human scum.

I wouldn't trust any of them with my life.


Starting to think her contrarian take is the smallest barrier to her employment


Yet they won't trust you with the most menial of jobs.


Do you know where you are, fucko?


Earth, not whatever planet you're on


Samefag clotshotter


What are you even trying to say


File: 1655528394282.gif (311.15 KB, 300x182, 150:91, 1637352636196.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>calls other people cucks
>knowingly cucking yourself out of jobs


File: 1655535506673.png (1008.04 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 1653880294022.png) ImgOps iqdb

im a retard but i was thinking, i live in cali, and everything here is retardedly expensive, so i should just get as high of a paying job i can here, and then save up as much as i can (since i live with my parents, it should be easy), then just move to a state with a very low-cost of living where i can get a house for like 200k or maybe less, then i can just kinda coast through the rest of my miserable existence
does that sound like a good 5 year plan?


Depends on if the actual math checks out i.e. are you able to reach a particular financial goal in 5 years and if that sum is enough to buy a house and be able to live reasonably well for the rest of your life. When you account for yearly inflation and the housing market going to shit, it will take a lot more than 5 years of working, even if it's 100K per year which I doubt. And then in the end you have some shitty, empty house in the middle of nowhere, where you have to drive 5 miles to buy a pack of cigarettes.


The housing market appears to be crashing (along with everything else), so provided you can beat inflation and the government crashing this nation with no survivors, this is a good plan. However, consider moving out of the US entirely when you've got a financial nest egg secured. No matter how cheap you can find a place in the states, it's guaranteed you can find something infinitely cheaper in some other country and live like a king. I've heard many calidogs are fleeing into Mexico lately, maybe think about doing so as well.


So you really doubt if she was just pissing you on purpose? You wizards are blind AF.

I once had a boss like that, once I started disrespecting him without any carefulness I started feeling better, and even better when they fired me, for there was an extra wage to receive by me due to end of contract.

>Sigma takes s*** from no one


Hey anon, what do you do for work?
What - you DON'T work? Like.. not at all?

Wow, i guess you really are a selfish bastard anon. Why don't you work like the rest of us?
No you're not entitled to happiness of love you creep. Only normal people deserve that.
Yes you should still get a job and slave away your life, work as a serf for the upper classes of our society. Little ant. Go on get a job. If you work hard enough, you can even be in indentured servitude for 20-30 years to a bank! After that you'll soon fall ill and die after you are useless as a cog in the machine


work sucks, i say avoid it if you can
even if you have a job, they're probably paying you like shit for it, so just slack off and try to get away with doing as little as possible. or get fired and get on unemployment


but i get what you're sayin' though, it sucks, i hate normalfags too


I rent a larger apartment than I could afford a loan for on Neetbucks.

I also don't starve, I have adequate access to food, entertainment and a car (not a new model, it's 6 years old, but it runs).

You'd have to be literally retarded to work in my situation and be a slave to a bank for 30 years. For what? My living standards would *drop* if I slaved away for my own apartment and had to wake up at 8am every morning.

Any rational person in my situation would be a Neet just as I am. Considering I also get 200-500 bucks a month in assistance from parents.
I can live a fine middle class existence because I don't smoke, drink or do drugs.


260570 was meant to portray how the average person sees our situation.
I get why a normie would work though - the rat race, office politics, being together with a bunch of apes in a screeching pit of neverending madness. It's okay if you like human contact, if you have a fulfilling life beyond that, if you have a warm family home to look forward where working earns a better life for you and your loved ones. This is what I think of when I see the people in their suits - happily buying lunch during their breaks.

The above never applied to me sadly, and i've accepted it never will. where is the point then? Not sure if what i'm posting makes sense or if it's all a major cope.


>The above never applied to me sadly, and i've accepted it never will. where is the point then? Not sure if what i'm posting makes sense or if it's all a major cope.

Never applied to me either. I don't really care much for other people, as long as they keep providing me with Neetbucks.

Fuck people and this planet and just focus on your own happiness. Whatever variety and version of happiness that is, depends on you.

For me it's good food, entertainment, excercise, healthy living, calm living quarters, freedom to come and go, movies, music.
That's enough for me. My life feels adequate and neither overly positive nor negative. I like it.


File: 1655584094282.jpeg (53.55 KB, 497x373, 497:373, F9DD6269-F4D1-4806-AD6D-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Crypto has finally crashed enough that I’m looking at job boards after a year long gap of NEETing. Fuck. I have to start leetcoding again. I have to train to compete for a negative good that I don’t even want. With the gap it will be for less money at a worse company. I’ve played myself. Being alive is such a scam.



Mmm lie? Just lie about the gap pretending that you worked at the last place you worked? Do they really check that shit?


Yes. Are you an imbecile?


You can literally just make out you were doing a bohemian thing for a year. Tell them you spent a year busking playing violin around the country in a van or some shit.

Or just say "I had a decent inheritance and wanted to take a break year. It was good at first, but man I started getting lazy and felt purposeless. I've just got to work to be healthy I guess".

People make out that it's the end of the world if they have any gap. Just bullshit a reason for the gap, it's not hard. Roleplay that you were doing it because you want to, not because you're a mentally ill fuck-up.


You could have saved yourself the trouble by saying that you are low IQ


And you can not buy into the bullshit that careerbros are expected to never take breaks.

If you have the skills they need and are affable, they'll hire you. If you're scrounging around for a job that you have to impress to get into then you need to git gud, simple as.


Yet more inane drivel from the special education student


Just say that you worked on a family business selling furniture or whatever, they wont care that much because that shit happens to everyone.


I've successfully lied, frauded and deceived my way through a 16 year employment gap.

In reality nobody gives a shit about you or your past, as long as you are functional in the present moment and able to generate value for the company now.

It doesn't matter if you have employment gaps. What matters is whether you are capable of inventing a story and narrative which handwaves these gaps away.

If you aren't willing to lie or think it's "wrong", you are a naïve childish person who still has a lot of soul-searching to do to understand how this world truly works.
Nothing is off limits as long as you don't go to prison.



how does a wiz even talk to people all day? just hearing my roomates moving around or any audible noise from them makes my skin crawl


yep. this world is only about yourself and you have to be very smart to navigate it. nothing really matters as long as you can get away with it.


what would u guys do i have no refernces? my resume looks fine other than that just no references.


man thats why i dont wanna work right now and prob wont. im not vaccinated that shits for weaklings.


no i dont associate with normies or anyone who cares about job status like that.


sometimes i put my mom's first name and her maiden name down as a reference


File: 1655635947215.png (108.71 KB, 479x322, 479:322, 1641696121312.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's here…the Sunday dread…


File: 1655640593727.jpg (60.23 KB, 750x563, 750:563, wagie boot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's crazy to think that I've been working for 11 years now. And I'll still be working for the rest of my fucking life. If someone points a gun at me I'm going to scream at them to pull the trigger.



I work tomorrow but I'm worried I'll be fired soon because I'm a slow learner fell behind my training class and still don't know how to navigate the computer software. I have attention issues as well.

I haven't followed these threads closely but how do I handle this kind of anxiety and deal with catastrophizing?


Didn't realize how much you make being a janitor/custodian.

The perfect job for a wizard.


I just applied online on linkedin for a junior developer job because a friend of my dad works there (in a non programming job) and he told my dad that I should apply because "Have a computer sciende degree and I know about computers" and shit.

I'm scared shitless, I'm a 26 y/o NEET that only worked as a somewhat mediocre webdev for like 5 months and I quit because I was miserable, yeah I do have a degree but I never learned how to program as I should.

My dad was forcing me to apply, but I kinda wanted a job too, I don't know what I will do if I get an interview and a programming exam or so, I know some Java and Python but I don't think its enough for what they want, they will know Im a retard when I take the tests.

What do? any tips?


Jobs gotten through nepotism are WAY, WAY better than the alternative where you have to normie it up, anon.


Some of us losers have families who reluctantly nepotism us jobs. Awkward times. At least for me that's how I've had what meager work history. It's no trust fund kid landing some corner office. Better than nothing though.


What nepotism? In my post I clearly said that the guy who works there isn't even in the same department, it's more of a "Hey the company I work with needs x guy maybe your son could…" Instead of "Yes I will make sure your son gets the job".

It was just a tip from a friend, I won't get any help if something happens, I'm on my own.


>It was just a tip from a friend
Come on, man…


You retards don't seem to know how to read

>a friend of my dad works there >>260696

Even when I'm a wiz apprentice I don't really know why I keep coming here, this place is very toxic and full of very dumb and negative people, I shouldn't have asked for advice in such a place.


This place is filled to the brim with trolls.


Isn't everybody on here a virgin? Or am I not understanding something?


Holy hell, I wish that would win a lottery and NEET for life, working is absolutely hell, hate working.


yea good idea def doing this.


Anyone here work as a janitor/custodian?


I'm applying to janitor/custodial jobs.

Looks like the pay is decent and so are the benefits. Who would of thought?


I hate working in retail. The customers, the manager, my retard coworkers, having to work at weekends, the fucking selection of normie music playing for 8 hours straight, everything is so stressful that I feel I'm on the verge of a breakdown. I'm attending the university but I barely have time to actually study shit so I'm getting bad grades too.


Why in god's name would you work in retail? There are so many others jobs that pay more and don't have to deal with retards. Become a truck driver or security guard or something. And uni is usually a scam as well, especially if you don't have a scholarship (which they seem to only give to succubi and minorities now).


Is anyone else afraid of needing to support your parents for the rest of your fucking life?

I finally found an easy remote job and planned to finally move out of my mom's house. But both she and my step dad started their own business 2-3 years ago that has yet to be profitable and I'm afraid they are drowning in debt from the businesses and money they waste on vacations and remodeling of the house. At least my mom got a side job after the pandemic, but it's in real estate so it's probably about to go under. THEN my dad got laid off his manufacturing job and is now starting his own business too, and he also has a lot of debt. My sister with lots of kids ALSO started her own business that I can already tell is a horrible idea. My one brother is working a dead-end job while he has kids. Me and my childless brother are probably the only ones with more income than liabilities.

With the economy going to shit I have a feeling I'll need to stay here and work a second job just to support my parents. I used to think it would be my parents who help my pay for college and buying a house… wew was I wrong.


You dont "need" to give them anything.


I do if I want a place to live. Rent around here is sky high let alone a mortgage. IDK how there are wizards who afford to live alone.


File: 1655922509063.jpg (105.23 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Kiichi Goto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But you just said you were planning to move out of your mothers house?
In general, when one's parents are still young and capable enough to provide for themselves they usually deal with their own troubles as well. Often when they get old and sickly some amount of helping out fall in the laps of their kids, whoever lives closest tend to get the biggest burden.


I have no problem finding a job, but the problem is that I have a problem finding a job that I enjoy, a job that doesn't involve interacting with normalfags on a constant basis.

I just want a job away from the rat race, away from the dumb ugly little apes that plague the landscape.

It's like trying to find a diamond in a sewage tank, but if you look hard enough, it can be found.



If you can, talk to you dad's friend and ask what's the interview is like so you can prep for it.

The rule is to ask you a bunch of stuff out of leetcode.com, so practice there doing as many coding exercise as you can and/or read the book "Cracking the Coding Interview" that is the industry standard for interviews. Check what technologies they are asking for candidates online in their website and in sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.com and study those technologies. For example, in Java they may ask you for a framework called Spring, study the main modules (just look for common interview questions so you can answer basic stuff and program a very small project using the same tech stack to get familiar with it).

If it's for java, read the basic interview questions only that are out of the certification. For example, you need to understand all the theory behind classes and interfaces or about list, trees and sets, that kind of stuff. There is plenty of material only and even many multiple choice apps to practice on your phone. I imagine that it's similar for python.

Don't worry about been good enough, it's a junior job, you just need the basics.


>But you just said you were planning to move out of your mothers house?
I was until the real estate market blew up although it seems to be crashign now. Also they have a dog that hangs out with me all day since they don't bother taking care of him.

There are plenty of jobs that don't require interaction with normalfags. If anything they're more likely to go unfulfilled because most people can't bare being alone. You just have to lie about experience/education to get into one of them.


>almost 31 years old
>college drop out
>can't take being around family anymore
Considering joining the military at this point. Everyday is humiliation, it can't be any worse than now, at least there's long term benefits for being a zogbot.


what are some jobs where you're practically alone ?


Logging, farming, trucking maybe.


i can't drive lol


>Logging, farming, trucking

Those are all hyper normie jobs. What the fuck are you smoking?


Only jobs I've found are security and custodians.

However, finding a nice security position is really hard. There are a lot of grunt security positions that are absolutely shitty, like working hotels, apartment complexes, gate attendant, event security, armored truck security, warehouse security, hospital security, etc.

The best security positions you can find is working 3rd shift for corporate security for a large company, at one of their small facilities or offices.

Some custodian positions (custodians are also paid decently, if you find the right position) are also wizard friendly. You specifically want to look for 3rd shift custodian work, preferably an office of some sort.

Working 3rd shift not only has the benefit of possibly getting paid more, but 3rd shift also offers you refuge from the normie world, as you will be going to work when all the normies are at home with their families.


File: 1656009290163.png (162.51 KB, 500x330, 50:33, Osamu-Tezuka-bitchplease.png) ImgOps iqdb

I disagree, Sir.
The guy asked for jobs where you're practically alone, with logging you basically spend all day sitting in a forwarder or a harvester with no one around, in fact no one is even allowed to be nearby.
In a truck you'll spend most of the time on the road by yourself.
Running a appropriately sized farm is as solitary as it gets.


Was thinking about this exact point today. I got bullied by middle aged whores pretty badly when I started working. Back when I was still "nice guy"ing it (aka no boundaries; no clue about the unwritten reality).


I know this thread's past bump limit but fuck it.
I'm told that they're hiring someone new and they want me to train them. Thing is, I barely do shit at my job. Most of it is just basic shit like filing paperwork and scanning papers. Some days I don't do anything at all. I have no idea what I could possibly train them on. Am I being replaced?


Expect the worse. Also, wizards should never remain at the same workplace for too long. It makes you even rustier…


oh boy tomorrow is monday fuck me
>i only work three days and even i still feel it


I started to hide myself in the bathroom just to kill time, yesterday I did this for almost half an hour and nobody noticed it, I'm gonna try 40 minutes tomorrow

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