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if i dont sleep at least 6-7 hours a night i cant function properly the next day
i get brainfog, my vision becomes blurry and i struggle doing basic tasks

i also wake up really easily from the slightest sound and even if theres no sound i always wake up in my sleep


Its good to be a light sleeper like that


its the worst actually


Same, but make it 8-9 hours plus naps in the middle of the day. But I can be super productive when awake and rested so I don't mind it.


>if i dont sleep at least 6-7 hours a night i cant function properly the next day
so… like every human?
Would you make a post saying "i need to eat food"?
i dont understand this thread


are you serious?
normal people can easily function somewhat well even if they dont sleep 6-7 hours
i used to be able to do that but now i get horrible brainfog and my vision becomes blurry etc

i used to feel normal now i feel like a empty shell of my old self


Well I've always been like that and thought it was normal


Simply not true
you probably can still do 99% of the tasks you normally do despite lacking sleep
are you a NEET?


when i used to work every person in my workplace got max 6 hours of sleep , most got 5
yet they functioned perfectly fine
I was lucky enough to be "semi temp" worker because i was fresh out of high school and worked a few less hours but still only could manage 7 hours a night and felt like shit every day. Sometimes having to uses my whole lunch break for a nap
I dont know how other people do it, they worked harder and longer hours with less sleep and could still function better than i could ever do on a good day




And by the way, did you ever read about some good being hard for your neurons to assimilate?

>look for D. Perlmutter in Youtube


warp brain schizo


looks like a bot writing spam to me


thats my question
my coworkers would sleep 4-7 hours
i slept 5 on average and i felt like garbage
now im permanently brain damaged


I sort of had a similar problem. I found that I associate the condition of my eyes with how tired I am because after I started using eyedrops daily to treat my dry eyes I kind of started feeling less like I was lacking sleep. Just make sure you use something labeled as artificial tears, not that oily junk. It helped somewhat at least.


This is normal, it varies from individuals, just like all parameters vary, from personal experience: Anon 1 Sleeps 4 hours and functions normally, me (Anon 2) Sleeps 8 hours on avg to feel good, yet Anon 3, needs at least 11 hours to function, there is no "Solid" sleep pattern.


I've been sleeping 6-7 hours these past 5 days, at first it was ok but now I feel waayy more depressed and on edge plus somewhat sleepy.

I think it's the age anon


why the difference


genetics. some people sleep more efficiently so they need to sleep less to fully recover

I've looked into this occasionally in the past month and here's what I found (I won't post links or names, this is just from memory but should be easy to google):
-scientists recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults. kids and teenagers need more
-they studied mortality rates based on how much people sleep, and those who slept 7 hours actually had the lowest mortality. sleeping less or more than than increased your mortality, but interestingly enough it seens sleeping a lot (10+ hours) was worse than sleeping less (6 or less). I had a graph for this but I'll try to find it another day since I'm about to sleep now
-scientists studied modern day hunter gatherers and found that while they stay in bed for 8 hours, they actually sleep for only 5-7 hours of that time


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i still dont understand how sleeping more is worse for you than sleeping less


'Causation is not correlation' is the key thing to remember with all health studies. The conclusion that people should actively try to sleep less is not proven. The data may simply reflect that people with some sort of sickness or poorer health will tend to sleep more, so more sleep correlates with mortality.


Isn't an example of that the fact that people with serious depression sleep more–not that people who sleep more get serious depression?


Yes. But even peer-reviewed studies tend to make the implication the wrong way around because it gets more attention and people wish they could have a way to take action against depression


File: 1655673495956.jpg (68.16 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 2cebcce4bfc265f4cb8d8ae353….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>sleep an average of 5 or less for the past 10 years
>at the very least +1 according to chart which I assume is a 100% increase in mortality risk
well I wasnt enjoying the ride much anyway but damn

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