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File: 1654448934750.jpg (493.64 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, killer loli.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Im terrified of succubi models. I dont even think of s-x and Im squimish but im literally afraid of them.
I was just zapping my tv looking for some shitty distraction from my existence and came across that Valerian movie but the cara succubus (was that her name?)
it sounds like im a lustful normie but im not ,really..anyways just gazing at this person has resurrected the deepest darkness of my depression


>I was just zapping my tv
Is that still a thing? Anyway, I hate seeing 3d stuff too, though perhaps not as much as you do. Why don't you just stick to "safe" stuff in an environment you can somewhat control, like your computer or some streaming service? In my case that means enjoying 2d stuff on my computer.


You ARE right,but I also have to accept there are intrinsic problems existing, or at least I myself am terrified of these people.
its not "i cant have s-x with them",since I dont want that.its more like "How come "God" touches some people so much,making them almost deities in the flesh,while millions of others are born to rot"?


What do you mean? Do you envy succs or what?


Its probably all the strong, feminist succubi aura in the movies and tv series thats creep because its also makes me unnerving. When I look to pron when succubi are submissive or getting dominated I don’t get unnerving feeling, its just the feminist propaganda in the movies and tv series creates that feeling


I also want to add cara delevingne is unnaturally very masculine succubus that creeps you out


File: 1654611517443.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.01 KB, 594x573, 198:191, 22.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>cara delevingne
huh, so OP puzzled me and I had to look this person up. She has rather agressive look for a female and fake as fuck, didn't feel right, so I looked cara delevingne no make up and I admit she looks better than most humans out there but certainly not a beauty that would send me to the deepest darkness of my depression.


I didn't know who she was either, but after looking her up I don't find her so much as beautiful, but more as having a very striking face. I think it's the eyebrows. I now get what succubi meant when they talked highly of someone's appearance by mentioning their bushy/bold eyebrows. I always found that compliment so bizarre.

Wasn't there also some Chinese hermit philosopher/poet who had a strange fixation on succubi with owl-like eyebrows? I can't remember his name, but it was very short and simple.


semi-related, but there was a chinese warlord who made huge piles of mutilated succubi feet and set them on fire
>dunno if he got some s-xual kick out of it or was just evil


its hard to explain,im not a femboi of any sort, but I also kinda think Beauty is a sort of "onthological substance"


I think you are just a thirsty crab. Why would you be bothered by succubi so much otherwise? I mean I don't like romantic movies and anime and things like that but it's not because of the succubi, I just hate the whole relationship/romance drama genre.


It's one thing to lust after succs. I think when OP sees what he considers to be extremely attractive succs he starts to see beyond the veil of the demiurge and that spooks him.


I already said this isnt about wanting to with or even like her. the second wiz is right,its about confronting the reality of this wretched plane.



And the "reality of this wretched plane" and "seeing beyond the veil of the demiurge" means you can't watch a movie with succubi in it without getting frustrated…Just masturbate and continue your life. More than half of the population is made up of wo-men so I would advise you to get over your complex because otherwise you'll go crazy and retarded.


You're probably a failed normshit that envies how easy it is to be an attractive female


what's so scary about females?


that would make me a troon.
its about a specific individual in my case,or a category (models). Because they make me confront face to face,the reality of an Onthological Beauty which exists.
just the fact,humans being born with varying,hierarchical degress of beauty..is the issue for me



You can envy an easy life without wanting a little petticoat and chest tumors. You can't envy an easy life without being pathetic, troon or not.


>just the fact,humans being born with varying,hierarchical degress of beauty..is the issue for me
You made a thread on /dep/ because you can't accept some people are ugly, others average, and some beautiful?


i cant fathom it,its just horrible. Beauty is almost god itself,the highest good. fuck money,race,every and any trait…the holocaust, the horrors of both capitalism and socialism.
the whole of human history is about being beatiful,its what drives us..its what MADE us.


File: 1654803480027.jpg (835.96 KB, 2452x3353, 2452:3353, 488415967af6f825508fe75493….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reject 3d beauty, embrace 2d moe. 3d beauty is like a pale shadow of 2d. 3d is temporary, 2d is eternal. Everything 3d is empty, worthless, and hollow. Say no to the demiurge. Say no to his shadowy and fleeting vain world. Turn away from the 3d and set your eyes only on 2d, and soon you'll even dream in 2d, a sign that you won't reincarnate in his prison again, as your soul is no longer tied to it.

"Quit society."
"Quit your family."
"Quit human relationships." (picrel)


I think OP has enough problems on hiw own, he doesn't need your female worship delusions on top of it.


2d beauty=3d beauty


If this is serious and not just a joke, then I advise you to take a break from the internet and especially from r9k, mgtow and "blackpill" pseudo science. They are rotting your brain. Also, they aren't true, in any way or form.

>Say no to the demiurge. Say no to his shadowy and fleeting vain world.
You embrace the world by giving in to your lust. No matter if you masturbate to 2 or 3D, you engage in the pleasures of this world. Modern pseudo gnostics are just hedonists in disguise.

>"Quit society."

>"Quit your family."
>"Quit human relationships."
Good luck with that if you aren't a NEET.

He is one of the many "blackpill" cultists who found this site recently. Probably a teenager who is obsessed with in-cel graphs, memes and pics. Oh and also about females and his own looks.


>"blackpill" pseudo science aren't true, in any way or form.
lol I like it how science isn't true or it's just pseudoscience when it hurts your feelings.


hey folks just help me find meaning in staying sentient lets not get into an autistic discussion


File: 1654868438311.jpg (364.11 KB, 940x1500, 47:75, 2635ca0b60f5849560ae40849a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think it's great that you're starting seeing beyond the veil. I empathize with you because I used to feel that way many years ago, seeing attractive succs would make me feel like garbage for being ugly, though now it's like a distant memory from a past life. I think getting into something like loli will solve your problem. You can ease your way by starting with just loli ecchi shows such as Mitsudomoe and Moetan. Then once you have your loli waifu, which no normalfag or succ or supermodel can ever take away from you, you'll look back to this and see how silly and childish it truly was (which is really what all the other wizards are saying if you notice, but I do happen to understand you).

Okay, and maybe you prefer thicc, older waifus. I'm not very familiar with those, but I'm sure you can very easily find great hentai and anime of them (though I still think lolicon is the most sophisticated taste there is). Anyway, good luck!

We're mostly arguing semantics and I somewhat agree with what you mean. Except I'd go further and say that just because you can find happiness in 2d works within the 3d doesn't mean you should reason chain yourself to the 3d for that. You should instead use those 2d works as a ladder to rise yourself farther above into greater heights of spiritual development.


>doesn't mean you should reason chain yourself to the 3d for that
Fuck, I messed up the wording in so many sentences. I wrote it in a hurry. Please, forgive me :(.


It's not about feelings. It is about truth. I'm rather handsome (succubi told me this, no not my mom or sister) but I am a low class individual simply because I don't fit in culturally and socially. Looks alone don't determine anything. So your blackpill crab cult is full of lies and delusions.

It's the blackpillers who want to shove their dogmas into everyone's face.

My advice is clear to you: don't work yourself up over stupid things. So what if you see pretty succubi? Big deal. They have their own problems, they menstruate, they get pregnant, they get raped/harassed, they are looked down by males (rightly), etc. If you envy someone for the good things in his/her life then think about their complete life instead. See the big picture. Everyone has their own problems and own joys, learn to enjoy your life instead of obsessing over other people.

I'm not saying people shouldn't enjoy 2D or whatever. I'm saying living a hedonist life and claiming to be pursuing spiritualism and asceticism (because if you are so much against this world you naturally arrive at the conclusion of asceticism sooner or later), these things don't go well together. I feel like you fell on your butt between two chairs, you want both but you end up with nothing worthwhile. You should re-think the your personal philosophy. Having waifus and masturbating to them implies to me that you affirm and enjoy this life, not that you deny it. I'm not advocating for either affirming this world or denying it per se, I just think you are inconsistent.


succubi live life objectively much better than men in western countries as you could look to statistics of suicide and homelesness and attractive succubi live mıch the best in every measure


File: 1654957657457.jpg (370.09 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, 2b7442a8d0f68b6e769d0f2ac7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'm not so sure someone who's long-lived, plump, and dabs themselves with powders is living a good life or not


Please, no. Keep the crabfaggotry in the blackpill thread.


anyone who experiences less suffering and can get more satisfaction out of life is objectively living a better life


t. zero arguments


resolving yourself to extract satisfaction out of life sounds like it would cause you much suffering. whenever you encountered illness, aging, or loss of pleasure you would be left unsatisfied


I don't believe in arguing with crabs but in sending them to the boiling pot.

To take it to its final conclusion, if hedonism is true then life is an abomination better avoided.


>sexual selection and evolution
You mean thousands of years of rape? You are aware that strong and powerful men reproduced and reproduce still, not the "attractive" ones? "Black pill" is just anti-science really. Looks never mattered for males. Before feminism powerful men took the succubi they liked for themselves. After feminism succubi throw themselves willingly to powerful men to prove how free and liberated they are.

If you envy them so much then go operate yourself into a tranny. Crazy nutjobs, all of you blackpill tards.
No matter how hard life is as a male, I still prefer it to being a succubus.

No, that is just your subjective opinion of what a good life is. You want sex, resources and a strong man to take care of you, you are a closet gay, like most so called crabs are. There is more to life than just being comfortable and protected all the time.

Hedonism is always stupid. Even most of the so called hedonists weren't/aren't true hedonists. Why? Because humans aren't machines that operate on calculations "oh this will bring me 80% pleasure and 20% suffering, better choose this option over that" If anything, history shows us that people prefer a life of freedom and suffering over a life of security and staying comfy all the time.


Strength and intelligence of course matters for men but you’re denying objective benefit of attractiveness why do you think an average victorian gentlemen spend so muchmoney and time on their
looks? Attractiveness matters for everyone even for babies. I remember reading a research that cute babies and children were treated much better than non cute babies by everyone, looks are EVERYTHING . You just continue to delude yourself


> average victorian gentlemen
anglos aren't human.


This mongoloid >>260243 >>260269 is denying scientific findings and facts on this thread because a group of virgins believe in it.
Sure thing, "looks don't matter" that's why the ugly scrawny kids get bullied and ostracized and the tall athletic bully gets the succubi and grow to be more successful.


thats bullshit, succubi LOVE "thinspo" guys
they find weight lifters disgusting


If you lift for succubi, you're doing it wrong



Crabs have effectively hijacked this thread.




>cucked mongoloid anticrab "looks don't matter in life at all brah" repeats his coping mantra about looks being of no relevance in this world once again
>OP innately recognizes that looks do matter so much that it terrifies him because of the effect good looking people have on its psyche and the advantage they naturally get in society as it sets the grounds for unfairness and cruelness of all kinds


>OP innately recognizes that looks do matter so much that it terrifies him because of the effect good looking people have on its psyche
op's psyche still operates under the normalfag delusion that 3d beauty is of much value.

>insulting someone by calling them a cucked anticrab

kill yourself. You don't belong here. Go back to 4chan or whatever failed normalfag xenforo you crawled out of.


hey OP here..I feel much more solid in my desire to CTB.
I meditated, a lot. And by this I mean,i carefully considered facts and mentally saw their implications and rammifications-


A life of security and staying comfy all the time sounds great. Isn’t that part of the appeal of being a NEET, like so many are on this board?


only if your parents are middle class or rich


That's great, hope my replies helped you out.


>history shows us that people prefer a life of freedom and suffering

The hell are you talking about? "freedom" is a recent concept since the 1776 American revolution and even them only for white males until recently when succubi and minorities got "equality" or something like that. All of history is nothing but tyrannical regimes of one form or another from Dictators to Monarchies. Even the original democracy in Greece was only for a small minority of land owner males.

The catholic church has been calling people "sheep" to their faces for 2000 years and even in the foundational books of western civilization like Politics from Aristotle the guy spends all the beginning of the book arguing that some people were born to be slaves. There's a reason for that and is not that people "love" freedom.


I'm not denying the benefit of attractiveness, of course it matters, but not so much as other traits that are seen as typically masculine by our culture.
>why do you think an average victorian gentlemen spend so muchmoney and time on their looks?
Probably too bored and had to occupy himself some way.
> even for babies
It matters the most for babies/children and wymen. For those who would be too weak to survive on their own.

>that's why the ugly scrawny kids get bullied and ostracized and the tall athletic bully gets the succubi and grow to be more successful.
That's not lookism, that is about who is stronger simply. I've seen plenty of fat or ugly bullies too who were popular with succubi in high school. Because they were either rich or were popular for some reason or other (in most cases for being assholes).

It is not about coping. What does sound like cope about the whole "the strong/rich/cruelest males get the most wymen"? It is simply the truth.
Looks matter so much for op because he is a thirsty male who wants to fuck attractive succubi. Of course he places a big emphasis on looks. But as for getting pussy, you need good social skills/you mustn't be an autist, you must fit in with mainstream society, you must be competent in at least some things, you must be "successful" and recognized/high status, you must be powerful (meaning you aren't a poor lazy NEET who can't even take care of himself properly) and etc etc. These matter much more than what color your eyes are or how fit you are.

For me being a NEET is good because I am free first of all. Being comfy and living a life of security mean nothing when you have to sell your soul for these things. Being the whore of some normal in exchange for shelter, protection and food doesn't seem like a good deal to me.

What you are talking about is ideological, political and philosophical development. That doesn't have anything to do with people and history. History shows us that people fought revolutions during pretty much all era. Freedom has always been important for people. If that wasn't so then why did peasant uprisings occur, why did Spartacus rise up, why did oppressed nations fight for their freedom? "Heretic" movements were also revolutions and cries for freedom and independence.

Aristotle, the Church, it doesn't matter what they thought. Most people couldn't even read until recently lol and even if they could read they certainly wouldn't have read Aristotle or the writings of autistic scholastic professors. Ideological, political or philosophical writings always were for the circlejerk of the oppressors.

All in all, people nowadays are much more oppressed than in any time during history. Can you point out to me any significant revolutionary character in the modern West? Those medieval people modernity likes to make fun of were more likely to grab weapons and fight for their freedom than our society is nowadays, christian piety or not.


ok guys but how do I CBT myself?
Should I try holotophic breathwork while sleep deprived?
cause,why not…


fuck,meant CTB(cease to breathe)


>Say no to the demiurge. Say no to his shadowy and fleeting vain world.
Like anime is somehow some holy creation. You sound like a complete fuckhead who just now learned about Gnosticism and suddenly you're trying everything you possibly can to make sure that "e-everything that I like falls in line with this new thing I heard about." You're a desperate pseudointellectual and you try so hard to attach everything you like that makes you even lesser to shoddy pseudo-religious justifications.


>You should instead use those 2d works as a ladder to rise yourself farther above into greater heights of spiritual development.
>You should instead use those 2d works as a ladder to rise yourself farther above into greater heights of spiritual development.


>a few succubi told me shit is nonsense lol.
So you felt the need to tell us what conversations you've had with succubi. Imagine actually not only wanting to hear anything out of their mouths but also posting their thoughts or opinions on Wizardchan. You should be banned for this alone, I don't even care about anything you've said because you had a back and forth about bullshit with succubi and you're repeating said back and forth.


File: 1655594355081.jpg (24 KB, 640x640, 1:1, e1f1ffff0b45e1b57933144576….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Of course you won't get it if you only fap to 3dpd. This is a self evident truth to anyone who regularly faps to 2D and puts 2 and 2 together.


>hurrr durrr get closer to God by touching your gentials also make sure it's the real God and not le spoopy lion-snake dude!!!

Get a grip, dude Jesus Christ


Imagine being this willfully obtuse, but I guarantee you that you're the exact kind of identarian 'weeb' who cries when people talk about hating 'anime posters' and cite people such as yourself as the reason. What a completely pointless, idiotic post. Go away.


There's usually some normalfaggotry behind those complaints.

It's justified to make them bring it out in the open themselves through things like "anime", or whatever else, so it may be then exposed and pointed at.


Behind complaints about anime posting? If so, nonsense. People are simply able to correlate shitty or stupid behavior with people who post anime, it has nothing to do with being a normalfag and instead points to strong pattern recognition. It's little different from everyone posting the epic meme frog and having absolutely nothing of importance to express; there's just a strong relation between the two.
Anime is hardly 'not normal,' by the way. It's very much a mainstream thing now.


Make a willfully obtuse reply and expect a willfully obtuse reply in turn. To then complain only about the second one as a "completely pointless, idiotic post" because it's an "annoying 'identarian' weeb", especially considering what the first willfully obtuse reply (>>260580) is, reveals your insincerity

Don't expect any annoying anime posting to go away or be decreased just because you complain about it

I've seen that argument before and it doesn't make sense to me, or maybe I'm not understanding it properly. If the problem wasn't even the anime in the first place why even complain about that and then backpedal and say it's the annoying posting style which would itself remain unchanged with or without the anime attached to it?

>pattern recognition

But there's so much anime posting on ib's you can't claim most of it fits the bill. I'd expect you to already have gone away if you believed that.

>Anime is hardly 'not normal,' by the way. It's very much a mainstream thing now.

Yeah, I completely agree. I actually detest most anime that has come out in the last few years, and most anime fans, but because they're normalfags and have normalfag taste and opinions, and not because of anime itself. Anime is just a medium. I wouldn't say I hate movies just because most of them are dumb cash grabs directed at the widest audience possible. There's a lot of anime that I absolutely love, as well just find the style extremely appealing.

Anyway, I don't wanna seem uncivil. I do respect your opinions, even if sometimes expressed in an obnoxious, insincere style.


Now say it with something of substance that actually serves as a direct refutation of what I've actually said.


You made two points; that it's nonsense to claim that complaints about anime come from a place of normalfaggotry (which I agree), and that these complaints are merely the result of pattern recognition correlating anime posting and "shitty or stupid behavior". I responded to the latter by saying that there's so much anime posting that doesn't fit it that you can't make a strong correlation of that. To add to it, there's also so much "stupid and shitty behavior" here unrelated to anime posting that it further diminishes your case.

You also added that anime is mainstream, which supports your first point, and I strongly agreed as well.


>You made two points;
And you don't actually understand them, because you keep using words like 'merely' and 'complaints' to further diminish their meaning without anything other than condescension. This is your last chance. Try again.


OP again..Im feeling much more braver now, but also more realistic. I feel existential dread,not as a threat now,but as a fact of life(and,a fact of death).
I should start getting my stuff in order and sorted out.


those lolis are disgusting gluttons, their lives are a mess, what a terrible world they live in. also theyre fat
vapid fourth-generation parody of magical succubus shows and outdated satire of otaku culture.

I suggest getting him started on a quality loli show, like Ichigo Mashimaro or Cardcaptor Sakura. The leeriness of all good lolicon shows is still there, just well-hidden (this is especially true of the former).


im a pre-cure fan myself. But im not interested in lewd minors. or lewd adults,for that matter.


Super crab cope


This "muh 2D waifu" had something going for it like 20 years ago, now every normalfag is into anime and a lot of them are into obscure eroge/VN's (thanks Steam) some people even get a lot of money from that shit, like that chink bastard from singapore or whatever that created a store to appeal to weeboos and got rich.

If any of you think that you're special by having a waifu think again, actually you can go to /a/ and see what I'm talking about.


File: 1656617529659.png (129.07 KB, 456x469, 456:469, 1573850572632.png) ImgOps iqdb

>every normalfag has a waifu, watches anime, plays eroge and basically you are fucking stupid
>how? just click /a/ for the free video


Yes, pretty much, I confirm what I said, if you want to live in your bubble its fine, but reality will eventually catch up to you.


Damn I remember the guy you're referring to from like 2010. His dad is a rich fashion designer or something. I can't be arsed searching it now it'll just annoy me.

Anime discussion overall norm-fied to such an extent over the last decade, if you had showed me "le community" as a kid back then I would never have believed it was even possible. Outsider culture is fully colonised by groids. Although this shouldn't negate your own enjoyment at all in theory it's hard to swallow that all the same kind of people who bullied me relentlessly for this shit are now cosplaying like they're the same now because it's suddenly socially acceptable if not outright encouraged. I could have worded this better and I just sound like a bitter faggot I know.


Jimmy Choo?


Yes. My memory is hazy now but iirc, back then he had all these blog posts about basically being some kind of loser drop-out who built everything from scratch - and conveniently left out his father owning a fashion empire…nothing wrong with that per se but a little disingenuous when you're putting on a rags to riches gimmick.


>rags to riches story
lol, fucker. It's not enough to take over, the have give themselves the underdog narrative.

I'm gonna make the next End of Wizards thread (since no one has made it), cos no one anywhere has given me a satisfactory answer to where the new outcasts go. I know what happened to my generation's outcasts but not Gen Z(oomer).


>in theory

The waters are tainted.



Anime is part of mainstream pop culture now and a lot of normies are into hentai and waifu type stuff, that's also where the whole ahegao faces and egirl stuff came from. When I was a teen the only people who watched anime were nerds and weird succubi.

But let's face it, everything has been taken over by normies and all safespaces for "beta" males have been abolished, including videogames and anime.


Don't derail an argument with a purposelly idiotic witticism, fool


File: 1656763298137.jpg (204.83 KB, 850x638, 425:319, huh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This "muh 2D waifu" had something going for it like 20 years ago, now every normalfag is into anime and a lot of them are into obscure eroge/VN's (thanks Steam) some people even get a lot of money from that shit
i can't find any evidence on steamspy of eroge that enjoyed a period of obscurity before being bought by millions of normalfags, in fact most eroge only seem to be owned by a few thousand people


I think that a lot of those games get pirated instead of bought, there are entire websites dedicated to pirate visual novels, like erogedownload.com, just check the comments.

Considering that those ¨games¨ are mostly very long powerpoints with no online features that sometimes sell for a price similar to actual games with gameplay I would say that it makes them perfect candidates for piracy.

But that´s beside the point, 16 years ago those games were pretty much unknown outside of japan, and even then if you wanted to play them you had to look for the original files on torrents and patch them yourself, or go to very niche places like fuwanovel for patched games, there was zero commercial interest for those games outside Japan (except normie shit like Ace Attorney and shit).

Now the majority of those games appear on steam, hell I'm pretty sure that Key released one of their games on steam for international markets even before the japanese release, and a lot of companies are ready to translate and launch those games months after their japanese release.

Anyway I just say this because these part of the "culture" was more obscure in the past than the readily available anime, even that's over now


I don't know if it was ever obscure but what about nekopara?


Try getting out more and exercising. It helps


nekopara sold well on release so it was never obscure, unless you mean relative to other games like call of duty or grand theft auto

are you claiming that millions of normalfags saw eroge on steam, then went to erogedownload.com to pirate them? given some of these games only sell 3,000 units on steam the ratio of purchases to piracy must be orders of magnitude higher than for other genres. why would normalfags uniquely pirate eroge over other types of erotic games?


The fact that those games appear on steam already makes them mainstream, that and the fact that lots of companies localizing vn´s appeared, it went from being a zero market 15 years ago to a small market with mainstream apparitions.

That and shit like Katawa Shoujo first and DDLC later that made everyone and their mother aware of what a VN is.


>and even then if you wanted to play them you had to look for the original files on torrents and patch them yourself

God I remember those days.

>millions of normalfags
I doubt normalfags buy eroge games en mass aside from….Hunnie Pop? But his point is that it's close enough to normal to be into anime, manga and hentai. That stupid joke of answering with "Boku no Pico" when anyone asked the source of anime was popular that I saw it on every piece of social media.

I mean, where do you think we are in terms of normalfag occupation in anime?


The distinction between proper eroge and VN´s is dumb because the exact same games appear on steam with the sex scenes removed (and you can always restore them with official patches).

Yes normies buy that kind of games.


>I mean, where do you think we are in terms of normalfag occupation in anime?
Completely lost, hell I would say that some games are far more niche than anime now.


>Yes normies buy that kind of games.
Yeah, well then everything is gone. I hope for a cultural collapse (not necessarily an economic or ecological one) for zoomers.


>The fact that those games appear on steam already makes them mainstream
are you really going to claim that normalfags are into every genre of game on steam? when you find out normalfags aren't buying transportation logistics simulator, are you going to tell us there's actually a huge normalfag pirating scene at transportationlogistics.com? if not, why not?

>That and shit like Katawa Shoujo first and DDLC later that made everyone and their mother aware of what a VN is.

most normalfags have no idea what katawa shoujo or nekopara is, the best you can hope for is they saw "some game with catgirls" on a youtube video. that is the extent of their interaction with those games

>Yes normies buy that kind of games.
there's no evidence normalfags are buying previously obscure eroge on steamspy. what you wrote also contradicts what the other wiz claimed: that all these games are being pirated by masses of normalfags


Ok fine what is your argument? that those games have no big ass sales? Just look around youtube dude, theres tons of videos of people playing those games, even "reaction videos" and shit you must be some kind of newfag or something, I've played this crap since 2005 when absolutely no one played this except in very obscure forums with 20 people, the popularity of all "geeky" things exploded in 2012 or so, every little thing is full of normalfags, its part of normalfag culture now, there's no way back.

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