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Lately ive been obsessed with (organized and ideological,not spontaneous and petty)violence. Im not being edgy when I say this,but i have been watching holocaust footage to black metal tracks, isis videos/crude war footage to the sound of narco-rap/mexican gangsta rap..sometimes I WILL watch "petty" violence, but just vale tudo/k-1, pancrase etc..knock out compilations,on 2X speed,to epic metal music.
am I becoming lost,or becoming enlightened?


You're beginning puberty.


OP thoroughly rekt


im 24.
and im not being edgy neither when I do this for real,or making it up to appear edgy. Im addicted to watching violence of the systematic sort,to the beat of brutal tracks. goregrind blasting while images play of,for example, a movie about germans gassing jews.
I know its "wrong". but I cant,for pete's sake,control it.


Nobody cares.


It is okay to be interested in gory stuff or violence. After all many never experience them during every day life. I'd recommend watching horror movies, OP. Or playing fighting games. Real life violence is boring when compared to what you see in fiction.
>(organized and ideological,not spontaneous and petty)
Probably because you are weak beta wizkid so you know you couldn't torture others on your own, you'd need the Daddy State or some group to help you to live out your sadistic desires.



based eroguro enjoyer(I assume?)


File: 1654711991079.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1623x2129, 1623:2129, 1511976374677-aced48bf2af….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Eroguro's legitimately great, I'll give you that.


I looked up what is considered eroguro officially on wiki, apparently you could say I am an eroguro enjoyer. Horror and erotic stuff is what I unconsciously seek out in movies or media. I really like old school exploitation movies. As for asian stuff, I love Sion Sono's work. Saya No Uta was also a good experience.

Recently I watched the Species movies, all 4 of them and I got very excited by the alien form of the succs. Idk anymore, I tried watching normal porn a couple of days ago and I felt sick. It was just so boring, with everyone looking perfect and acceptable and all that. I developed a granny fetish also which kind of helped to regain my libido. I can't enjoy normal porn anymore and I'm not even interested in normal looking characters in media I consume. I like ugly, fat, old or otherwise grotesque figures. I'd rather be tentacle raped by the alien from Species than anything…


in my case, I have a fetish for anorexic succubi. Like,when their bones are exposed behind a thin layer of kinda dying-down skin.
im not a necrophile nor a sexual sadist,it isnt about the pain of fasting, I just genuinely feel lust for thin-thins


I 100% you will cry like a little bitch if you had to kill your dog/cat/goldfish or watch a cow give birth.
You aren't special or anything, you're just an edgelord attention whore, no better than a succubus obsessed with horror movies


*I 100% bet


Animals are actually valuable.
unlike humans.


I was an edgy 00s kid, used to watch gore stuff, listen to black metal and seek out the most banned and violent horror movies. Good times.


This site just keeps getting worse.


This is the gayest thread I've ever seen on the entire site.
Can we report people if we suspect they're underage or is that considered misuse?


No. They have to very explicitly break the rules. You might shitpost to your heart's content as long as you don't.


huh, I watch gore and horror all the time, been very disappointed with how hard it is to find and how sparse it's become. And I just kinda assumed everyone on imageboards did too so I never made a thread about it.
to me, there's no "lost/enlightened" factor in it. I think it's just meaningless entertainment. just stop if your penis gets hard or something and go get chemically castrated for being a sex weirdo. doesn't make my dick hard. I just think it's fun.


I remember seeing an almost identical post some months ago and it was almost immediately removed.


is it the latam chunibyo again

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