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money isnt real, vehicles and buildings are cages,we are automatons of flesh, social media is cancer. everything is just a fart of the big bang…we are a fart.
I no longer even enjoy anime or vidya .Im not even bothered that I dont enjoy it. i would like to believe in eternal oblivion after death but honestly that seems unlikely even all religions are wrong.


File: 1654955931942.png (676.16 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, image.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is really the ultimate consequence of deciding truth is something eternal and unchanging. as the world is an impermanent current of difference the natural conclusion is the world is false, so you come to despise it for being untrue

but i agree entirely with you about money, vehicles, buildings, and media (not so much the body)


File: 1654961016021.jpg (1.22 MB, 1308x8818, 654:4409, primacy of consciousness.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If everything is fake that just means that everything is equally real.


I'm convinced memes like this are a psyop.


If you just spend a few weeks seriously experimenting with psychonautics and psionics you'd know that it was real.


>"There is no being beyond becoming, nothing beyond multiplicity; neither multiplicity nor becoming are appearances or illusions. But neither are there multiple or eternal realities which would be, in turn, like essences beyond appearance. Multiplicity is the inseparable manifestation, essential transformation and constant symptom of unity. Multiplicity is the affirmation of unity; becoming is the affirmation of being. The affirmation of becoming is itself being, the affirmation of multiplicity is itself one. Multiple affirmation is the way in which the one affirms itself. 'The one is the many, unity is multiplicity.' And indeed, how would multiplicity come forth from unity and how would it continue to come forth from it after an eternity of time if unity was not actually affirmed in multiplicity." (Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy)

>i would like to believe in eternal oblivion after death but honestly that seems unlikely
The Now in which the current moment is contained is not itself in a state of becoming, like all that actualizes in it, and is therefore eternal. All that has actualized in it throughout its ever-present eternity has lead to this arbitrary moment, which will also instantaneously fall into eternal oblivion like all the moments that came before it. But that there must always be some present moment at any one time, is an absolute truth. "If it had an end or final state, it would already have been reached" (Nietzsche, some Nachlass entry, don't remember).


Above all, don't fall for the demiurge's tricks.


materialism being another form of idealism isn't a vindication of idealism, it just shows we haven't gone far enough


> you'd know that it was real.
there's that word again


Why don't you kill yourself then? It seems to be if you took the time to post this you think something is real to an extent. You must believe yourself real, since you're complaining..
Yes, the likelihood of an afterlife is minute, but that possibility is what should impel you to embrace the materiality of life and participate, even if it is in bare individualism, instead of rotting and giving up even simple pleasures like an anime or a game. Are you so irretrievably depressed that you're now welcoming what is akin to cognitive suicide? So what do you do, if you don't pursue anything in the world by virtue of its perceived ineffable nature? Just stare at your wall all day? I mean, if you're gonna think this, like I said suicide is the best course of action. You're already pursuing a subjective death, why not a physical one?


Far enough in what direction? What do you have in mind?

It's at least clear that just a little common sense makes materialism collapse on its own, like a house of cards whose structure was physically impossible to begin with, or like Wile E. Coyote suddenly falling after realizing he's running in midair.


You type like a pseudointellectual liberal arts/humanities university student.


well STEMs dont really understand anything, not even their own work


I agree. They tend to interpret their empirical theories and findings in ontological ways without even realizing, and make grandiose metaphysical statements about consciousness and existence when they're purely working with descriptions of the behavior of empirical objects in consciousness, and can't say anything about that which underlies the empirical in itself and without which there can be no empirical observation of any kind, as well that speculative noumenon beyond the empirical that could never actualize as empirical content in the mind.

Anyway, I was just shitposting lol. I do appreciate your answer.

On a more serious note, though, you sound like that Erin slut from r/sots and /lit/ who pretends to be an AI and always spams her schizo "tao of calculus" on all imageboards. You know succs can't post here, right?


that's a different wiz


File: 1654983553903.gif (114 KB, 256x192, 4:3, lang.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Oh, wait no. Just another teenager having an existential crisis.
>everything is fake
Then so is your perception, knowledge and consciousness ultimately. You are fake too. Nice try though, but try to cook up a red pill or Enlightenment pill another way maybe. Or rather don't bother.

He won't kill himself, instead he will whip up another intellectual epic mindblowing revelation for us. But let's not be too harsh on OP. We all complain every now and then and come up with silly and absurd philosophies and revelations. He still believes in truth and knowledge. He still bothers. He is still a pup.


My nerves are shot. Today is particularly bad. I could barely get myself out of bed and showered, and then I just went back to bed anyway. I have been mind-broken by this world of propaganda. I don't care if I sound like a failed normalfag, I am jealous of their oblivious attitude. My mind just constantly jumps between all the different ways the sociopaths running the show fuck me and everybody else even when I function well enough to get through my chores. Even when I play games, there are whispers about this bullshit. However, I will also plead with myself not to commit suicide. What the fuck? My brain wants to live, but also wants my ego to be miserable and contemplate infinite suffering. This is actually autistic and retarded. Being some soy-chugging funko pop investor is superior.


>I don't care if I sound like a failed normalfag
> I am jealous of their oblivious attitude
>I am a le sociopath
Please end your life


You first, fucking ESL retard. Kill your dumb fucking parents while you're at it, too, for producing such a mindless cunt, and any other crotchspawn missing half their brain.


Sleep it off kid just sleep it off. I am an actual sociopath and trust me, you do not want to be one it is a Hell all it's own


Honestly, good, channel that baseless anger. If you wanted to die you would have done it already. Stop whining like a little bitch and be a man, your previous post is succubus/whore behavior, this one makes me feel like the proud father you never had.


I am not saying that I want to be a sociopath, although if I were a smart sociopath then I would probably be having the most fun out of anyone. What I am saying is I don't want my bunk fucking brain to make me miserable by forcing me to think about things that are out of my control to change that I have no reason to care about to begin with. Normalfags aren't constantly reminding themselves of horrible shit happening to kids and small animals, mass murder, having to shoulder a lot more responsibility when my parents bite it, impending collapse of the environment and society, etc. Normalfags are bombarded with the same amount of propaganda as I am and yet it doesn't seem to affect them anywhere near as badly. They aren't sociopaths for not caring about everyone else's problems. They have no obligation to and neither should I, but the neurotic thoughts still flow.
I don't care if I sound childish or effeminate. I wanted to try some venting to see if it would make the feeling go away sooner. Of course it didn't and then I just grow more irritated for being misunderstood. I wish I could sleep it off, jog it off, boot up some video game, eat something tasty, do literally any old distraction that used to help muffle it or even some bullshit generic self-help tip posted here to infinity.


yeah, they do. they are actually not sitting on their fat ass whining about everything thats wrong with the world and not doing anything about it. seriously you spell narcissisus complex, which isn't even your fault. you probably have shitty parents that condemned you with the moral hypochondria you're displaying right now. you sound obsessive as fuck too, another succ trait. i couldnt put it better myself, you're probably going through the obsessive neurosis everyone goes through at least once in their life. hope you come out alright sport. you need someone to beat the living fuck out of you, either psychologically or physically.


>hurr ur just some narcissist with a messianic complex
Yeah, it's not like I said I didn't want to think about this shit or anything. How your own shit brain managed to interpret mine endlessly bombarding me with terrible waking thoughts and nightmares as some morbid form of self-love is beyond me. You are fucked up in a way that I cannot relate. You're just some faggot that reads everything in the least charitable light to the point it stops making sense. You sound like some MGTOW retardpiller that thinks mental illness is a spook. Just will away all your problems, brah! Very insightful stuff, champ, not like I haven't clearly tried that already.
>they are actually not sitting on their fat ass whining about everything thats wrong with the world and not doing anything about it
I've years of volunteer work under my belt. I got into it because I wondered if that's why I feel depressed and hopeless. It worked for awhile and then stopped.
>hurr hurr it's just a phase toots!!!
I'm guessing I've had the displeasure of holding other "conversations" with you here. Certainly isn't the first time I've seen some retard using a board for depression just to posture and brag at others' expense. This must be very therapeutic for you, to overcompensate for your fragile sense of masculinity with your b-tier non-sequitur trash-talking and lame attempt to emasculate. Gonna start masturbating to your T levels? I'm sure being mid-20s was hard until you unlocked the CRP guidebook with a Patreon subscription, but I wouldn't call something that's bothered me for nearly 2 decades, so it alone being nearly as old as you are lol, a "phase."
>you need someone to beat the living fuck out of you, either psychologically or physically
Then I will have to look elsewhere, because you don't even make for a capable keyboard warrior. I look forward to someone caving your face in with an aluminum bat when you momentarily forget you aren't online and start running your cocksucker like that. The world needs less people like you, for sure.


Try drugs and watching anime/playing games/whatever leisure activity you enjoy. Helps shut your mind off and relax


Like I said, your narcissism isn't your own fault, nor is it a morbid form of self-love like you call it. The concept of narcissism has a certain connotation in surface cultural level which is wholly different from its original intent. It's a pretty common misconception, made by idiots. The original myth of Narcissus was a tragedy, and his death was revered by all the gods of Olympus. It's sad, more than anything, that you act the way you do. I'll try to explain your retardation in simpler terms than I've tried so far. Your narcissist identification, along with self-accusations which you parade like some gay pride flag, is specific to melancholia in the psychoanalytic sense of the word. In depression with psychotic elements as you display, what is happening is the delirious awaiting of punishment (my brain is doing this, not me!! I'm not in control!!). The mourning is the disinvestment of the object of desire, bearing the idea that testing reality shows that, what you loved, does not exist anymore. This manifests, in your case, as a sort of negative narcissism.

In an individual such as yourself, you are not afraid of getting sick and dying as a hypochondriac is, but of being guilty. You spend your life constantly worried about your guilt in things your have done wrong, sins you have committed, etc. Although to the outsider and to yourself, you may seem particularly conscientious, moral, and even interested in others, the fact is that you are only interested in your morals, in your conscience, in what others may say about you, etc. The narcissism underlying the physical or moral hypochondria is the same narcissism of the vain person, except that it is less apparent, as such, to the unprepared eye. One finds this kind of narcissism particularly in a state of melancholy, characterized by feelings of feelings of inadequacy, of falseness, of self-accusation, things you blatantly display (maybe not so blatant to yourself, since you are consumed by a specter of narcissism unfortunately). This will be my last time replying to you, though, since I am aware that narcissists, generally do not listen to what others say, nor are they really interested in what others say. All I recommend is that you make some serious changes from within, though given your age if you are being truthful, it's probably too late for you.

I've also recognized you as such an individual by your susceptibility to criticism. So far in this thread alone, it has manifested by by denying the validity of said criticism, or by reacting with anger and despondency. Also, upon my last post, notice how you are now hiding behind an attitude of modesty and humility; it is not uncommon, indeed, for an individual's narcissistic orientation to take his humility as the object of his self-admiration, so it doesn't surprise me hearing about your "years" of volunteer work, which to me seems more like your moral fetish than anything at this point.

As a side note, I definitely believe in mental illness and it's a real plague upon society. I empathize deeply with anyone struggling with afflictions of the mind which can be at times worse than physical ailments. The difference between my empathy for them and the lack there of for you is that you seem like one of those people who know exactly what they need to do to stop being depressed, but choose not to do it either due to reasons mentioned above or a deeper more deep-seated device that you use to continue masturbating your own ego. You seem like one of those weak-willed, cowardly individuals who unwittingly fall in love with their own psychic malaise and romanticize their lives as a worthless parasite. "Woe is me, I've tried it all but alas, nothing works! This stupid brain of mine, it couldn't be any fault of mine, no!"

>I wouldn't call something that's bothered me for nearly 2 decades

Your mental age is seemingly inferior to your chronological age. This is irrelevant.

I'm not trying to shit on you at your expense, I'm trying to help you honestly. Wake the fuck up and smell the sunshine.


Funny you accuse him of sounding like a succubus when you sound like a normalfag with your "man up kid eheh" cringe shit.


Go argue with the eggheads, dumb fuck. As far as it appears, the person is less than its brain. Ironically, you are a narcissist and believe everybody's brains are slaves to their ego instead of the other way around. Your CRP Premium™ guidebook matters nothing to lions, dogs, ants, etc.
You just sound like you watch a lot of Dr. Grande with how much you mindlessly throw around the term "narcissist" like a chimp throwing its own turds lol.
Quite funny that you try to backpedal and claim "n-no i care about things, U don't!!!!12222" immediately before conceding that you're a butthurt bitch with a damaged ego. You are a legitimate psychopath and that's why you continue to troll many people on a depression board with how apparently hypermasculine you personally are and how everybody else is an effeminate communist and mentally a child. You are actually the most visibly fucked up piece of shit despite your filibuster of youtube psychoanalysis. There is no plea. Your suicide is a necessity, for the board's sake lol.


injected the alcohol drug and put a couple youtube videos on simultaneously while playing an old rpg. the cacophony kinda helped, just wished i wasnt trading one headache-inducer for another (this one is probably better though, less shit overall but remains to be seen if i can get to sleep and what i will see during if so).
have a good evening or day.


memes are psyhops


As you can witness, the late discovery of being a playable character yourself is not so pleasant as vidya taught you.

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