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Is anyone’s life similar to or worse than Arthur fleck (joker 2019) life? Do you have a story? Tell us about it



At least him and Taxi Driver can hold a steady job


I thought half the conflict in joker was the fact he couldn’t hold a job.


Raised by a single mother.

Enough said.


Man, the way the liberals (and conservatives) attacked this movie before it even came out….


Kind of incredible how a movie based off a comic book character became such a topic of controversy.


Class consciousness frighten the elite.


It depends who. Michael Moore loved the movie because he felt it was a huge attack on capitalism and banking. Also it takes the pro social services opinion. But then alt right wingers like it as well?


his child hood and mine about same, abused about as muc as he was,

nothing id really like to go into, life scary close to mine. like times dates and locations just a bit different from me


Am I the only one actually happy at having been raised by a single mother?



at the time i didnt care. i just assumed everyone was growin up w no food, power off half the time, having to wear same clothes every day cause cant afford new ones. never goin anywhere, never takin trips,

now i realize how disadvantaged i was, y no one wanted to elp me. of course not im a poor ugly reject. and my dad wasnt some stand up man, was a mental case wo couldnt old a job if life depended on it, and spent life runnin away from work. and some tard will read dat and be like rite on NEET. naaaa, you ave kids you lose your NEET ie privies,



>only child of a mentally ill parent who constantly lied and misled me growing up
>too dysfunctional to hold down a job
>no friends or social contacts
>forming weird parasocial bonds with people I've never met
>grew up in a post-industrial shithole full of crime
Very similar

Normies get nervous about depictions of violent mentally ill men, they think it inspired copycat violence or whateve


>and spent life runnin away from work.
Dangerously based.


Had a similar experience.
Growing up I didn't get why everyone pitied me and social services always bothered me because I figured I was getting along just fine.

Turns out having the power get shut off occasionally, being evicted every year or two, only having a couple pairs of pants and shirts and walking around with shoes that are falling apart isn't everyone's childhood. My single mother eventually got child support for us but spent most of it on herself in the form of drugs or whatever.

At least we ate well, the government doesn't hesitate to shower single mothers with hundreds and hundreds of dollars in food stamps.


My life hasn't been spectacular I grew up in a broken home and had some substance abuse problems and game addiction,but I would say alot of my misfortune was due to bad life choices I made.

I wouldn't say im generally unhappy or angry. I have meds that work and get help from my case worker I hate most of my family,but I don't have to deal with them. I'm pretty content most of the time.This year I should have a job and my own place and I can live a peaceful life.


I felt bad for him. Though people made ton of jokes about the movie which suppressed my support for it, there were points, on which i cud relate with him. Like how he was trying to be nice to others, but the world is just such a heinous place where if you're rude then you're perceived as cool but if you're nice then they'll treat you like shit. They ask us to be tough. Nobody's whining but if tough means turning into a narcissistic, self-obsessed, prick, then i pass. I think I've ranted enough. That's all i have to say.


My life is worse but i can relate to him. I have fas i'm schizophrenic, hate my sister and mother, been abused and bullied a lot, I even have a similar condition that makes me stand out in social situations.


I haven't seen it yet. Is it as good as people say it is? I only saw the final couple of minutes one time it was on television, it felt like TDK all over again to me with all the "some men just want to watch the world burn :)" plus with the class struggle of TDKR. To tell the truth I'm not amazed at all with this anymore, I liked this stuff when I was a teenager but nowadays even when it comes to villains I like those who have actual plans and systems they want to build.

Like I prefer a Darth Sidious or Vega from Street Fighter or Dr Doom type of villain to someone like The Joker. Being random and destroying for the lulz get old fast.


It's standard grim dark gritty tortured soul tropes. The grim dark shit became a popular thing what roughly 20 years ago. The gritty tortured soul anti-hero stuff followed shortly after. Getting kinda a played by now isn't it.

Probably why the goofy hero who doesn't take himself too seriously has becoming more popular recently. The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool shtick.

I suspect the brooding silent nerd stereotype will fall into unpopularity once again.


I only saw it once and didn't think it was some amazing film, but, it definitely touches on a level of male loserdom which people can identify with.

You have a middle aged man who is weak, small, works a humiliating job where he gets bullied and held responsible for stuff out of his control, but he eats shit and keeps trying. He has a mental health condition which he can't hide and gets negative social feedback from, he tries to be social and it fails, he struggles with therapy and medication not working, he writes all his intimate thoughts in a notebook because he's alone. He looks after his mentally ill mother and he develops an imagined relationship with a succubus who shares his humour and worldview before the bubble pops. He believes he can be a comedian and then he tries it and gets humiliated, not just in the club but by the media; who invite him on shows in person to humiliate and exploit him. There's more around his mother that is fantastical, but the idea of his crazy mother also being delusinal and him looking after her in a lie relates to some.

Of course then he snaps and acts out violent revenge - which snowballs in to chaos of people doing similar. You don't really identify the chaotic mob with him, rather he's just enjoying the position he's found himself in - with some monologuing about being a victim. Someone not caught up in the same desire for revenge sees a nihilistic and narcisstic element to the whole thing, and also it makes people uncomfortable leaving it hanging like that.

Joker's loserdom is very relatable and has more screentime to develop. It made me uncomfortable because it brought back unpleasant memories. Some people identify with the revenge, with nihilism for the first time, but even without those drives it touches on male loser experience.


Word of advice. When 'people' say something is 'good', it is not 'good'.


>c)What anon of any imageboard doesn't like Joker? Especially with the themes it has?
Don't hinge a No True Scotsman on fucking capeshit movies, please. Not everyone identifies with prepackaged appeal-bait superhero film bad guys, and I'm one of them.


>Don't hinge a No True Scotsman on fucking capeshit movies, please. Not everyone identifies with prepackaged appeal-bait superhero film bad guys, and I'm one of them.

It's not a capeshit movie. There's no superheroes, no crime fighters, no superpowers, nothing. You can remove the "superhero" element from it and it would still stand on it's own. The fact that you are unwilling to see past such a superficial element makes it seem like you didn't want to like because it's popular.


>you just hate it just because it's popular and not because it is a literal capeshit movie by relation
Don't even try it.


File: 1655781187751.jpg (137.63 KB, 785x1024, 785:1024, 1630288817239.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Its a decent movie, it has that underdog feeling and everyone can relate to that, not to mention some twists are interesting.
Watch the movie, not because
watch it cause its a good entertaining movie, its not bad, but its not christ cum in movie format


Think you're replying to the wrong poster. It absolutely is capeshit.



Not when you have kids


You're not missing anything if your dad is a piece of shit who will only leave you traumas, I speak from experience.


it's always weird when people talk about movies they never watched or books they never read, this thread is a good example of that


>Very similar

same, my life is scary close to movie crctrs, like someone just adjusted locations, names and dates.


my dad was a complete POS. produced me, and later 2 step kids in 1980s. i found out later his wole side of family considered him a deranged mental case but didnt want to commit him because of stigma, even tho would of been possible back before i was born.

so lazy scitzo produces me, disappears, and spends a decade hiding, watching TV, refuses to work, and decides needs 2 more kids doesnt want to pay for. in case wonderin, yes is white. never had a job. would do weird rants about not wantin to work to me, like some 12 year old boy poutin about chores. if it came up i had no food, no new clothes, couldnt ave my teeth or eyes worked on, never went anywhere. all cause tis retard decided wanted kids.

i am very thankful it is near impossible for a man like my dad to produce any kids now.

be as crazy as you want, NEET your wole life, watever. but dont ave kids.

my Dad knows wat i think of him, and y we avent seen eac oter since mid 1990s. if dude is still around, i picture him hiding in a room, afraid to leave , watching TV, cause afraid of computers, and doin some crazy rant, livin on hand outs from step kids,


so basically the average wizard but with kids


Same here. It's a miracle I exist at all. Though my dad held it together just enough to be not be full blown schizo. Fukc me if it wasn't hard to exist parents like this though.

I often wondered throughout my life. Maybe I'd been better off if my parents fucked off entirely. Then at least I would have been forced to learn how to fend for myself. Instead I grew up trying to cope with a broken screwed up household. I never learned how to operate in the real world when all my effort was spent on internal issues. No gas left in the tank to develop into a normal human being.


its sorta like having kids is evil if ur not a normie


I appreciate all of the replies, will check it out sooner or later. So basically it is something like the Taxi Driver? I've heard people mention these movies together.


Having kids is evil period, it's varying degrees of evil depending on your family


>cause afraid of computers
Lucky. Imagine getting into heated debates with your old man on message boards.



Didn't they have army troops or something at the theaters?

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