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"I'm gonna turn my life around tomorrow"
How many of you have been saying that all your lives. So why didn't it work?


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it's a nice fantasy. my particular brand was reading up on psychology literature, trying to figure myself out, get to the heart of it all and end up an epic winner at the end.

like, oh man, i get anxious a lot, maybe if i figure out the mechanics of that kinda thing, i will magically be able to feel calm in every situation. and i started seeing everything in this psychological lens where if things didn't work out, there was some mental issue impending your ability to do the right behavior or have the right attitude. i started second-guessing every thought, impulse, instinct and it didn't really work because i was already self-conscious and i was adding another layer of meta-awareness to it and spending even more time in my head overthinking while normtards just do the first thing that pops into their head and if it works out, great, and if it doesn't, no biggie.

i don't know, i drove myself crazy with it. ended up reading the entire psychotherapeutic cannon, read research papers at 3am, trying to piece together another half-baked theory on how everything works and how i will dig myself out of this hole. years later, i haven't changed a bit, still the same neurotic mess. my situation got a lot worse in some ways, not the mental aspects, but just my external circumstances that i neglected more and more because i just didn't see the point if i couldn't change my core as a person.


Either because
1) The resolution itself was pointless or didn't motivate me enough. Example: I will go on a diet tomorrow…There is no benefit for me in this. I don't care if I'm fat, I don't care how I look like. You could say "but what about health?" - I knew quite a many fat people who were okay and many thin persons who had health troubles. So I'm like, life is a lottery and it is about luck.
2) The environment I live in prevented me from changing. Example: I will be kinder to people from tomorrow on…Yeah, if you meet with assholes everyday you go out it isn't so easy to be polite and to live your neighbor.
3) Genetics prevented me from improving myself. Example: I tried exercising and doing sports and all that but I can't develop muscles even if I shit myself. While others with much less effort can develop a body like steel.
4) I was too weak willed/lazy. Example: many video games I started but never finished. Not because I didn't like them but I didn't want to put in any effort.


I have been telling myself this for the last 5 years but at least now I am taking some steps towards self improvement.


Said I’m going to do it today every day for a decade
Some days I do
But can never do it enough for anything to actually change
Retarded brain


Too vague. I need instructions.


I'm way too ugly to turn my life around. I had acne when I was a teenager and I have scars all over my face, my nose is always red and oily, I'm extremely hairy and my body hair is really thick, it looks horrible, also I'm short and bald. God was really wanting to fuck someone up when he made me. All my problems come from being ugly, I have been bullied during all my highschool years, at work by my workmates I didn't go to college because it was pointless for someone like me. I have wasted so much money on skincare and treatments to at least look decent, but nothing works. You really can't turn your life around when your genes are what's stopping you from doing it.


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I'm suffering from the same problems as you, all efforts to improve your own life are futile when your very own genetics are fighting against your well-being


abundant and thick hair means you're high-T…drop the lookism crap and start lifting heavy


Same, my genetics are also trash , bald , manboobs, acne scars all over face, big nose, low intelligence , anxiety. I’m just a genetic failure




No idea who he is


I am a weak willed coward who run away at the first sign of discomfort. For example I decided to tackle my computer addiction today but I am back to browsing the internet and playing video games now. I had a nightmare during my nap today so I use it as an excuse to browse the internet to make me feel better. Then I told myself that at least I'll do light exercise in an hour but when the time comes I was feeling like shit from my bad sleep schedule so I told myself I'll do it tomorrow. Then I told myself, no more excuses I'll enable a browser add-on to block time waster sites including wizchan. I am now typing this post in incognito mode where add-ons are disabled. I don't know. I am just a faggot.


>So why didn't it work?

I mean, the ultimate answer is luck.


I went the same path of trying to explain everything in life with psychology and studied a whole lot of things over years in an effort to fix my problems.

I still lacked an understanding of social norms however and that's why all this stuff was useless and there is no way to learn social things without socializing.


Because it's a lie. I don't really want to change. The life I "want" to live requires effort and hard work. For all the self-pity and misery of my current life, at least it's easy. Not doing is almost always easier than doing.


Pure laziness, nothing more or less, just lazy, really wish that I could drop a pill that magically would make me a overachiever.


So true. I've hated the course my life is on since a young age and I've never fixed it. I'll try my hardest starting now!


File: 1655978439189.png (3.9 MB, 1725x1886, 75:82, 1653635094730.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have come to grips with my own peculiarities. The only thing I need to improve my life in any way I care about is money, and I have recently been trying to secure further income for the future. Time will tell if it pans out.


>So why didn't it work?
After a certain point I realized I don't actually want anything to do with anyone or the world in general so that's why all my pains to try and insert myself in the world and with people always failed. It's sort of how people don't like to touch cockroaches or rats I guess. It's hard to do something you're completely against.


Because a lot of the "turning around" ideas are externally pushed onto me. All this common advice of waking up early, giving 110% effort in everything I you, chasing extreme material success etc. are just not things I care about. There are things I need to work on and I am adressing them step by step. This idea of radical change is unsustainable. At least for me. I can only manage small steps. The problem is that this approach feels almost as pathetic as just staying the same so many won't do it this way I think.


I'm guessing social isolation is the reason. Humans are primarily motivated by making their social outcomes better. They want status, they want to be liked, they want to be sexually desired, etc. When you're living a life of isolation it's hard to get motivation. Normies are basically all just hedonists who are chasing good feelings. They want a better job so people will respect them and they feel good when they get it. They want a nicer car and they feel good when they get it. Their social life produces their desires and their motivation and the rewards. They constantly feel good because of positive social interactions which are enjoyable to them. Meanwhile the wizard has had a life of negative social interactions where he was the lowest on the social ladder unable to get the things that would produce the good feelings and instead getting things like shame and embarrassment so we isolate. In isolation we lack all motivation to do anything because our efforts don't lead to the things we want. If you can't overcome that hurdle of isolation you are like a drug addict without his drugs.

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