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"I'm gonna turn my life around tomorrow"
How many of you have been saying that all your lives. So why didn't it work?


File: 1655370476187.jpg (69.86 KB, 640x633, 640:633, 1591037623846.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it's a nice fantasy. my particular brand was reading up on psychology literature, trying to figure myself out, get to the heart of it all and end up an epic winner at the end.

like, oh man, i get anxious a lot, maybe if i figure out the mechanics of that kinda thing, i will magically be able to feel calm in every situation. and i started seeing everything in this psychological lens where if things didn't work out, there was some mental issue impending your ability to do the right behavior or have the right attitude. i started second-guessing every thought, impulse, instinct and it didn't really work because i was already self-conscious and i was adding another layer of meta-awareness to it and spending even more time in my head overthinking while normtards just do the first thing that pops into their head and if it works out, great, and if it doesn't, no biggie.

i don't know, i drove myself crazy with it. ended up reading the entire psychotherapeutic cannon, read research papers at 3am, trying to piece together another half-baked theory on how everything works and how i will dig myself out of this hole. years later, i haven't changed a bit, still the same neurotic mess. my situation got a lot worse in some ways, not the mental aspects, but just my external circumstances that i neglected more and more because i just didn't see the point if i couldn't change my core as a person.


Either because
1) The resolution itself was pointless or didn't motivate me enough. Example: I will go on a diet tomorrow…There is no benefit for me in this. I don't care if I'm fat, I don't care how I look like. You could say "but what about health?" - I knew quite a many fat people who were okay and many thin persons who had health troubles. So I'm like, life is a lottery and it is about luck.
2) The environment I live in prevented me from changing. Example: I will be kinder to people from tomorrow on…Yeah, if you meet with assholes everyday you go out it isn't so easy to be polite and to live your neighbor.
3) Genetics prevented me from improving myself. Example: I tried exercising and doing sports and all that but I can't develop muscles even if I shit myself. While others with much less effort can develop a body like steel.
4) I was too weak willed/lazy. Example: many video games I started but never finished. Not because I didn't like them but I didn't want to put in any effort.


I have been telling myself this for the last 5 years but at least now I am taking some steps towards self improvement.


Said I’m going to do it today every day for a decade
Some days I do
But can never do it enough for anything to actually change
Retarded brain


Too vague. I need instructions.


I'm way too ugly to turn my life around. I had acne when I was a teenager and I have scars all over my face, my nose is always red and oily, I'm extremely hairy and my body hair is really thick, it looks horrible, also I'm short and bald. God was really wanting to fuck someone up when he made me. All my problems come from being ugly, I have been bullied during all my highschool years, at work by my workmates I didn't go to college because it was pointless for someone like me. I have wasted so much money on skincare and treatments to at least look decent, but nothing works. You really can't turn your life around when your genes are what's stopping you from doing it.


File: 1655459681123.jpg (116.78 KB, 828x688, 207:172, FU-iXYaWUAADooC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm suffering from the same problems as you, all efforts to improve your own life are futile when your very own genetics are fighting against your well-being


abundant and thick hair means you're high-T…drop the lookism crap and start lifting heavy


Same, my genetics are also trash , bald , manboobs, acne scars all over face, big nose, low intelligence , anxiety. I’m just a genetic failure




No idea who he is


I am a weak willed coward who run away at the first sign of discomfort. For example I decided to tackle my computer addiction today but I am back to browsing the internet and playing video games now. I had a nightmare during my nap today so I use it as an excuse to browse the internet to make me feel better. Then I told myself that at least I'll do light exercise in an hour but when the time comes I was feeling like shit from my bad sleep schedule so I told myself I'll do it tomorrow. Then I told myself, no more excuses I'll enable a browser add-on to block time waster sites including wizchan. I am now typing this post in incognito mode where add-ons are disabled. I don't know. I am just a faggot.


>So why didn't it work?

I mean, the ultimate answer is luck.


I went the same path of trying to explain everything in life with psychology and studied a whole lot of things over years in an effort to fix my problems.

I still lacked an understanding of social norms however and that's why all this stuff was useless and there is no way to learn social things without socializing.


Because it's a lie. I don't really want to change. The life I "want" to live requires effort and hard work. For all the self-pity and misery of my current life, at least it's easy. Not doing is almost always easier than doing.


Pure laziness, nothing more or less, just lazy, really wish that I could drop a pill that magically would make me a overachiever.


So true. I've hated the course my life is on since a young age and I've never fixed it. I'll try my hardest starting now!


File: 1655978439189.png (3.9 MB, 1725x1886, 75:82, 1653635094730.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have come to grips with my own peculiarities. The only thing I need to improve my life in any way I care about is money, and I have recently been trying to secure further income for the future. Time will tell if it pans out.


>So why didn't it work?
After a certain point I realized I don't actually want anything to do with anyone or the world in general so that's why all my pains to try and insert myself in the world and with people always failed. It's sort of how people don't like to touch cockroaches or rats I guess. It's hard to do something you're completely against.


Because a lot of the "turning around" ideas are externally pushed onto me. All this common advice of waking up early, giving 110% effort in everything I you, chasing extreme material success etc. are just not things I care about. There are things I need to work on and I am adressing them step by step. This idea of radical change is unsustainable. At least for me. I can only manage small steps. The problem is that this approach feels almost as pathetic as just staying the same so many won't do it this way I think.


I'm guessing social isolation is the reason. Humans are primarily motivated by making their social outcomes better. They want status, they want to be liked, they want to be sexually desired, etc. When you're living a life of isolation it's hard to get motivation. Normies are basically all just hedonists who are chasing good feelings. They want a better job so people will respect them and they feel good when they get it. They want a nicer car and they feel good when they get it. Their social life produces their desires and their motivation and the rewards. They constantly feel good because of positive social interactions which are enjoyable to them. Meanwhile the wizard has had a life of negative social interactions where he was the lowest on the social ladder unable to get the things that would produce the good feelings and instead getting things like shame and embarrassment so we isolate. In isolation we lack all motivation to do anything because our efforts don't lead to the things we want. If you can't overcome that hurdle of isolation you are like a drug addict without his drugs.



I regularly get into the mindset of "self improvement," but I always lose motivation following the first day when I start to question who I'm doing it for.

Take, for example, the gym. I decided one day that I'd regularly start going to the gym. I found a basic routine of squatting, benching, barbell row, and overhead press. Didn't miss a single day for an entire month. I saw my numbers go up a bit and was technically "improving." But one day, while I was working out, I realized I hated doing this. Standing in a room picking up and putting down weights was way more boring than going for a /comfy/ bike ride. If I kept it up, gained some muscles, who would benefit? I don't want to be ripped, and I don't want to have to keep going to the gym in perpetuity to maintain my "gainz". I certainly can't impress anyone – even if I were ripped, I'll still be short, clumsy, and ugly. I walked out of the gym in the middle of my workout and haven't looked back since.

I've realized what I need at the *core* for motivation is someone to do something for. Someone who I can provide for when they need it, and will reciprocate in my time of need. Nothing provides this.
> Normies are superficially kind at best, but will never help you in a time of real need
> Impossible to have a wife or children to devote my time to
> Volunteering is throwing your time towards people who are wholly ungrateful for anything you provide. It's only a sink of your personal effort, and you retrieve nothing out of it. You're contributing to the same society that has refused to provide the basics for you.
> In most first-world countries, there is absolutely no sense of community. Most people barely talk to their neighbors over the years.

Why should I improve? To slave away for a few extra dollars? All of my material needs are met, but no amount of money will ignite the flame inside.


>Standing in a room picking up and putting down weights was way more boring than going for a /comfy/ bike ride.
Then why dont you go for a bike ride?
I have been exercsing more by simply walking, push-ups, pull-ups at a park I can walk to. It has a very noticeable physiological effect on me: it clears my mind, improves my mood, improves my health and posture so i feel physically better. There is evidence that walking affects the amygdala and improves anxiety.

Sometimes I get stuck on the internet and forget how real these effects are. I lose motivation to go exercise. But it is a trap. Mental states vary and when you are stuck in one, you can be unable to think clearly and make bad judgements. Exercise is literally like an antidepressant drug. Do it for yourself, not because of society. And don't discredit everything I am saying in this comment because it didnt work for you one time. I need to walk for many 3+ hours and do it somewhat regularly to get full benefits. Like a drug, the dosage needs to be high enough. I dont even know the physiological effect of lifting, maybe it doesnt work as well as walking and cardio with respect to the mental effects we desire


I've been doing that for years, mostly walking and cycling and they are no silver bullets. And when you get to the point of not feeling anything unless you do it for hours upon hours on a daily basis, it completely defeats the purpose. I've walked seven hours two days ago, and four yesterday, would I feel any worse had I not done it? Probably, but it's negligible and temporary, and the anxiety is still there regardless. Exposure is a fucking joke, and overselling the effects of exercising, the sun and all these platitudes will have the opposing effect on anyone not persuading themselves it will turn things around so decisively. Is it positive? Yes there' no denying that, but reading the advices of people like you it would make you believe it will make you a completely different person. It won't. It's placebo.


I've worked heavy construction when I was younger, and while intense physical exercise is severely underrated for health, it will not make your problems go away.

Your sex drive is easily twice as high with proper exercise and your insomnia is less pervasive. Those are the only real differences I noticed.


This. On the positive side we don't really need a lot of things to be happy, since we don't have any responsibilities and desire for social status we can get by with very little, I would be happy with a small apartment and enough money to pay basic services, food and a game per month, I don't really need anything else.


I stopped saying that ages ago, what I've been saying to myself lately is "I will care even less about existence" in the hopes I develop apathy to just how boring life is.


I turn around because there is nothing in front, but when I turn around there is also nothing behind.


add to that the freedom of hobbies (maybe going outside in a random field to practice gardening for example), potentially replace the apartment for empty land to build a tower (or hobbity hole) on and id consider that ideal. however with the way things are going in this life of mine I doubt I'll ever get that, so I don't try for it.
A recent event: The Progenitors want me to obtain a drivers license. Why? I don't know, I guess its an important milestone for normals, one that I wholly missed out on due to not caring as well as hating traffic (wow, the privilege to pay insurance companies to be able to sit in rush hour traffic to go and wageslave your life away). I cant tell them this, they wouldn't understand. "everybody else drives wizboy why cant you?" I cant tell them how being in an insulated box that's 2-3 times my width, controlling it not from the center, but from one side, messes with my perception and I just don't like it. I cant tell them I'm too autistic to not care about the scores of other cars on the road and I'm always thinking about what dumb thing they can do. They wouldn't get it, since they dont have these problems. They are insistent that I make this milestone, maybe It'll make them less disappointed in me. One day during a drive back to the store with me mum she notices a motorcyclist on the road. She tells me
>when you were young you wanted a motorbike, what happened to your dreams wiz?
I dont know what happened to them mum I cant remember anything about the joy of youth maybe you can shed some light on this
>you should follow your dreams, EXCEPT that one, biking is dangerous
I felt that. Right in the center of my chest, not a pain, but a sense of pressure or emptiness. That feeling of understanding the futility of it all. The audacity to tell me to follow my dreams but shoot down the only one she knew I used to have. anyways we drove back home and I went back into my room. I do want to get a bike, I think it being more open, as well as smaller but still has to be given the space one would give a car, would solve the problems I have with cars. Id have a greater sense of freedom on a bike than in a car (wagie mobile)
Another time the other half is talking to me about getting a license, telling me the usual stuff. "le experience, freedom, independence. Ill lend you my car, there no need to be afraid of driving". I try not to say much during this but the heat being put on me to get this plastic permission slip is getting warmer so I try to mention getting a motorcycle license instead. I get shot down, "Its too dangerous" he says. To tell me the road is nothing to be afraid enough but reject my opinion because of fear.

Anyways tldr I probably should try and do things like get fit and whatever for my own enrichment but getting dunked on by my own parents doesnt help matters so I stay in my room


Never cared


I had classic boomer parents who couldn't give me proper guide on how anything works today and they couldn't be bothered to actually understand it, they were also massive libtards and Im sure they wouldnt have been successful in todays world. I didn't understand most stuff until I was 26 and just lived a life of pure mental bullshit and hedonistic laziness. Now I have to put in twice as much effort to "get my life around" which is very exhausting and it often feels impossible to make and meaningful changes.

There is also just a lack of positivity in my life which is required in order to be motivated to do something for a longer period of time. I just think if you lack basic things in life such as social stuff it will take a huge toll on your overall mental health and energy which will always end up in a crash of some sort.

I'm in a situation where it feels like any skill I have is just half assed and that I'm not good enough at anything that could help me get further in life, often it feels like I'm just destined to be a complete wagecuck if I ever stop being neet and that itself is mentally paralyzing.

I guess it's safe to say that I wasted a huge chunk of my lifetime doing nothing and battling with my mental health and all that time I didnt use right is hitting me right in the face now.


My plans have constantly been thwarted by insolent normals and my thoughts have been muddled by the peasant blood that courses through my veins. Still, I feel that I am slowly making progress and I may yet "turn it around", as you say. I will achieve my dreams or I will die young and either outcome will be acceptable to me.


Because I'm lazy. That's all there is to it. I get this random surge of energy and motivation, making promises to myself that I will better myself, whether it be quitting smoking, alcohol or getting back into exercise. Sometimes I do stick to a routine before the motivation crumbles in on itself, leaving me back at square one. It's nothing special.


I try a little every day. I believe in improvement by accretion. I don't try to improve for any other reason that other people can go fuck themselves, and that I don't believe in my heart that others should get to try to enjoy life, while I sit and rot.


I wish I could embody this properly but I'm too insecure - respect.


this is basically me every couple of years


I did this too but also read a lot of neuroscience and tried nootropics and antidepressants and shit because I thought it could be chemically fixed as long as I figured out what precisely was the issue. When I went to get therapy it was completely pointless. You could tell it was for the average normalfag who has 0 self awareness or ability to reflect but for someone who already constantly analyses their own thought processes constantly, it does nothing.


I'll never be able to turn it around because of my living circumstances.

Yes, I'm born in a poor shithole. Moving to a decent 1st world country means having immense skills in either programming, medicine or engineering and nothing else because this is not the 1920s anymore when u could hop on a boat and become a naturalized citizen of a country of ur choice.
I somehow have to settle living on 400-500$ a month max and that's with my degree.


If you save enough maybe you can make it to a first world country, establishing yourself is another story though.


I have 0 confidence in myself. I think I'll always fuck it up so why bother. Also I think I'm really dumb so I'll do it wrong or inefficiently and it will all be for nothing too


I genuinely don't know.


I've a lot of things right. I should be successful but employers are too picky and I just don't measure up to their impossible standards. The job market is too competitive.


i dont have any energy . my family and views of life destroyed me.


same literally when people say they are moving on i was never able to move on. could never stop my computer addiction i'm almost 30 and still on it 24/7. literally i'm a total failure as well.


I’m seriously considering locking myself in a cupboard with a timed lock


linkedin is this way


It didn't work because it's bullshit.

Nobody "turns their life around", they just start giving in to social constructs.

I don't need to do normal shit because normal shit doesn't exist. There is no failure other than what others make for you. Disregard that and realize that you're free to do anything.

I play guitar all day and drink, fuck off if you think that's failure. I enjoy it.


Stop with that. What kind of skill do you want to acquire that requires working all day and having no free time?

Any "workaholic" retard that says you have to devote all ur living hours to some skill is 100% bullshiting himself.

Jordan peterson said a human can do actual work for a maximum of 4 to maybe 5 hours a day and the rest of the time everyone is procrastinating.


File: 1662377090516.gif (3.2 MB, 498x280, 249:140, 7afe0c0248d5c781598aec38b9….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Jordan peterson said

[…]You must be at least 18 years old to use this website.


Jordan Peterson knows some stuff and there is nothing wrong with that as long as guys don't clinge on everything he does and guys like him are way more informative in comparsion to obvious grifters like Andrew Tate who uses actual issues to grab money from dumb zoomers who think they will become millionaires

You can learn a thing or two from the Petersons, Stefans and Hydes in this world since most men don't have anyone irl to learn some shit from just don't expect that they will turn you into a different human being


>Any "workaholic" retard that says you have to devote all ur living hours to some skill is 100% bullshiting himself

While there's actual workaholics who are most likely mentally ill and would agree with such statements theres also the type of self help gurus who make a living just from making these statements and they should always be taken with a grain of salt as well since their skill is just talking about what others should do while they make huge bank with patreon subscribers and such. Their lives would be way different if they didn't have a following and it would be interesting to see how successful they would actually be in life if they didn't have any of that. Not saying they don't have no valuable advice to give but still their success is based on talking about success and not necessarily on learning a skill and pursuing it like a madman


Yea, Peterson is really knowledgeable in illegal drugs and how to raise a daughter to be a prostitute. He's the type of guy you should take advice from!


Like I wrote, take the actual good pieces of advice and leave the rest of their bullshit to them, don't absorb everything they say and do, I agree that these guys all have their vices and some of them are huge narcisstic assholes irl


I don't even like Jordan peterson but he's right about at least something, gimme a break dude


No one becomes a self help guru because they're doing well in life.


>gimme a break dude
Zoom zoom, you don't belong here.


>but he's right about at least something
The state of wizchan…


"I work 16 hours a day dude trust me"


Even a broken clock shows right time twice a day.
Lol. This phrase was tossed around here even 8 years ago


File: 1662829268700.jpeg (57.21 KB, 640x586, 320:293, 9D70E7FD-AB07-4FA3-B22B-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> So why didn't it work?
Right when everything was coming to fruition and paying off, lockdowns came and I folded like a paper bag and never recovered.


why do some individuals try to be like morpheus?
take this redpill bro
when I come across a morpheus I block that person, the matrix (the internet) is all I'll ever need.
don't care about the elite, culture war or any afk drama. 2022 and we still got some morpheus(es) running around here.


The more I turn my life around for the better, the more it stays the same. I've come to realize paradise was right next to me all along. All that's left is piece by piece letting go of the dreams.
Hard work is effortless if it's something you want to do. Struggle comes from forcing yourself to places where you don't want to be. The force that drives you is some fairytale principle, pride or moral.
If you aren't being forcibly excreted from your circumstances because of the misery they generate in you, then it's sensible to stay put. We often aren't actually still even when we perceive what we do as "doing nothing". We judge actions and their value and become blind to all the pointless struggling we put on ourselves. To stop trying lies deeper and of course only works when the core motivation to change was missing from the start.



I could not agree more. The only person that makes sense in the movie is Cypher.

"You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
Ignorance is bliss."

"Free. You call *this* free? All I do is what he tells me to do. If I have to choose between that and the Matrix. I choose the Matrix!"

Morpheus is just another asshole cult-leader that wants minions to prop him up, so he can feel really important and have people to order around.


Kinda off topic, but I wish for Matrix 4 they had humanity clamoring back at the feet of the machines and begging for a return to the Matrix. And Morpheus and the rest of the humans in Zion being rejected as outcasts, even hunted down, for ruining the dream world.


ive never said this. i've known i'm doomed since i was only 12-14 years old. it's a miracle that i'm still alive and never been institutionalized. it's because i'm very scared of drawing attention to myself and have been good about going and hiding in a restroom for sometimes 4 hours straight when i'm having a psychotic episode, usually involving disassociating from my body and watching myself in a 3rd person perspective. usually when i see myself in the 3rd person, i'm a clockwork machine or a robotic scarecrow instead of a man. some of these episodes and the thoughts surrounding them can be so disabling that i do nothing but cry and sleep for a full week. first one happened when i was 17.

i have nothing to live for and nothing to care about. people continually disappoint me, nobody is ever nice to me, and do nothing with me, not even play coop games i'm interested in.

the only career i've cared about in my whole life is animals. i had aspirations of being a veterinarian, but after learning more of what the job entails, my 1 childhood dream was crushed and i felt nothing regarding it. it's just the way of the world. this world is fucked and doomed all over and it was no surprise to me to learn that a large vet tech does nothing but cut off balls, kill animals, and keep animals artificially alive so that someone else can kill them later at a more opportune time. i think the way animals are treated here is proof that we're living in Hell already.


I felt the same at 12-14 and I just knew it's over.

Weird shit did happen later on (like getting a big inheritance at 29) but I had no dopamine left, I don't feel any enjoyment from buying or doing anything.

It's like living as a living dead.


i also had psychotic symptoms and other mental stuff at around that age. if you have been mental that early there's a chance that you will go fully schizophrenic when you reach middle age at around 30-40 on average, this even happens to normies quite often if they had early signs. life feels like a bad joke just made to torture us. currently i experience occasional paranoid delusions and my mind keeps switching in a weird way and im not sure if this can be controlled. meds also fried my brain and gave me terrible muscle spasms so i will never touch any of that again no matter how bad it gets.

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