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my sister just moved back home and i can't fucking stand her and all the noise she makes
i CANNOT sleep at all before she decides to quiet down around midnight,

example around 23:50 she'll go down and up the stairs like 5-6 times before finally deciding to brush her teeth in the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, then she will go back up to her room and she will sit there for 50 minutes until she will go to the bathroom and after she has been to the bathroom she will yell at my mom until she wakes up then she will finally quiet down.

but even if she went up and down the stairs only once i would still wake up, its like noise from her is different and causes me to become more sensitive

(i really fucking hate her)

i think i have some buried trauma inside of me from all the shit she has done to me and my mom in the past, shes also the most useless person i know (shes 28)


i used to cope when she was visiting home because she would leave again eventually but this time she moved back home for good and won't be leaving anytime soon

i would move out but i have no income and the money i have saved up i wouldn't want to use for rent
at best i'd have rent for 3 months


have a brother sister day doing whatever maybe seeing a movie mayb u grow together and ul be able to cope better


File: 1655484503943.png (241.22 KB, 600x667, 600:667, cd5f6b14160e92f6ea4d17ee27….png) ImgOps iqdb

>The truly stoical indifference of ordinary persons to noise is amazing; no noise disturbs them in their thinking, reading, writing, or other work, whereas the superior mind is rendered quite incapable by it. But that very thing which makes them so insensitive to noise of every kind also makes them insensitive to the beautiful in the plastic arts, and to profound thought and fine expression in the rhetorical arts, in short, to everything that does not touch their personal interest…

>Actually, I have for a long time been of opinion that the quantity of noise anyone can comfortably endure is in inverse proportion to his mental powers, and may therefore be regarded as a rough estimate of them. Therefore, when I hear dogs barking unchecked for hours in the courtyard of a house, I know what to think of the mental powers of the inhabitants. The man who habitually slams doors instead of shutting them with the hand, or allows this to be done in his house, is not merely ill-mannered, but also coarse and narrow-minded. That "sensible" in English also means "intelligent," "judicious", accordingly rests on an accurate and fine observation. (Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation vol. 2)


if you're from the us of a, get your hands on a gat, if you're from wherever get your hands on a blunt weapon, point is, murder her ass


i get thoughts like these often but i would never murder someone as i believe in hell and also i dont wanna spend 14 years in prison


that's natural, i was just joking, the best thing to do (for any wizard), is to move out and achieve independence



I have a demonic sister too. She legitimately traumatised me when I was a child (she's older than me). She is so fucking loud and controls everything. Basically ruined my life. Although I put much of the blame on my parents because they enabled her to become like this and were too weak to deal with her.

I think having one dominant demon sibling can make you more timid because you have to coexist with them and find some social dynamic during the formative years of your life



> think having one dominant demon sibling can make you more timid because you have to coexist with them and find some social dynamic during the formative years of your life

Sounds reasonable. There's a lot of studies on the topic of sibling competition, but I have never bothered to read them.

For example https://oxford.universitypressscholarship.com/view/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199692576.001.0001/acprof-9780199692576-chapter-8


File: 1655536434005.jpg (6.92 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 1630083897290.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is there any way you can sound proof your room to prevent external sounds from getting in? ive thought about this before because ive got loud family members sometimes (little brother brings home succubi sometimes and loudly fucks them with music blasting while everyone is trying to sleep. boomer parents apparently just don't care). it's depressing and i don't want to hear that crap. those little earplugs you can get dont work that good for me and they always fall out


You could try over ear “noise defenders” from the hardware store - you can get high sound rated ones and as long as they seal over your ears they work pretty well.


Interesting thing is I also literally act like that , staying awake till 2.am listenining loud music and being totally useless except I’m a man though


Can't you combine that with playing some music in your room. It helps drown out a lot of external noise. I'm not saying it has to be blasting loud, but if they're fine with his noise, yours shouldn't matter that much, right?


I have a sister like this. Just absolutely has to be totally dominant, she will throw an absolute tantrum if she doesn't get her way. Age has not improved this, she is in her late 20s now and still throws tantrums. I can not be around her for more than an hour or some sort of temper tantrum will ensue because I dared think of myself before her, and she can't have that.

She is a narcissistic, vengeful, angry, selfish, dominating, fat brute of a person that has no redeeming qualities.

She is probably the reason I isolate myself completely for months on end. She was such a fucking monster to grow up with that I grew up hating people because of her. I learned that the best way to get a relentlessly self centered person off your back is to simply avoid them. I grew up isolating myself because I had to, so Isolation is now my default state.


This must be an older sister thing cause mine is also controlling and dominant. It made childhood awful because my mother is also controlling and dominant so the two can never coexist with each other. Luckily age has improved my relationship with my sister considerably, though my mother and their dynamic are unchanged.


My sister used to drive me insane when I lived at my parents, she was very manipulative and always used her "anxiety" to shut me down when things didn't go her way and I was dumb enough to cave in and feel bad most of the time, questioning myself even though I didn't do anything bad because of empathy towards my sibling which I never got returned, I only felt accepted when I submitted to her bs. She was also controlling and always listened to everything I was doing for some reason, I often caught her basically spying on me.

It took me really long to understand how she controlled everything with her fake innocent appearance and anxiety bs and how my parents let her have her way all the time while I was always painted as the bad guy.

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