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The fate of my life will either end in premature death or imprisonment. At this point i almost choose the later out of spite.


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Then you are failed normalfag or literal nigger if you worship self preservation instinct so much.


t.weak inhibited cuck


4kids, wizcord, it was all the same thing. A dream that you had inside a locked room. A dream about being a wizard. And like a lot of dreams there’s a normalfag at the end of it.


I'm consciously choosing the option prematmature death, so i don't value my life at all. I just roll the dice.
Why are you still alive ?


are you planning suicide by cop?
>make sure to get offed by swat and not some fat low-rank policeman


just swat yourself lol


I'm not american so not so convenient


the worst thing about prison is the threat of getting your cheeks busted.
Maybe attacked a guard upon sight so you get sent to solitary?


>Maybe attacked a guard upon sight so you get sent to solitary ?
Way ahead of you if they lock me in prison i'll keep attacking guards or anyone just so they put me in solitary 23hrs a day.
Besides that i will probably be transferred to an mental institution.


Ok but how will you prevent getting your cheeks busted? There are many big thugs in jail or psych-ward-
Take some boxing lessons plus maybe private classes from an ex-cop or something to be fighting-able


like i said act violent towards others and they'll put you in a cell with maybe 1hr of recreation alone, no one can bust your cheeks if they don't let you interact with others
In america most serial killers or mass murderers are put in a cell completely alone maximum security look up ADX Florence, i don't know about europe but they also have maximum security facilities


in all honestly 100% solitary is the only way, i'm the type that get's turned into a prison bitch.


>thinks prison is some vacation cake walk

No, you literally sit in a white cell doing nothing for 24 hours a day. You have absolutely no entertainment except for the delusional fantasies you create in your mind. You have 24 hours a day to sit and think about your shitty life, with no entertainment whatsoever. The lights in your cell never go out, so you are always in a bright white cell. The food you are given tastes like shit and it's not enough. You have to listen to people screaming and shouting in cells next to yours.

That is if you're lucky enough to be put into solitary confinement.


i've been in psych hospitals and i would sit on a chair from morning till the evening and i wouldn't get bored, isolation isn't something i see as punishment.
like you said though you're lucky if they put you in solitary to begin with, the worst to me is dealing with everyone around you, prison politics etc.


Even if you get put in solitary, the guards will torture you, make you sleep with the lights on and abuse you.


how realistic would it be to get the anus somehow stitched together,but also allowing stool to pass trough?
Maybe some kind of tiny hole trough which shit passes out in a compressed,smoothie-like manner?


all that ultra-chad criminal energy needs release when forced to live like a quiet neet


there the SHU in a normal prison. the ADX (supermax) are sound isolated.
just saying.


Then ill write letters to the comitee if they dont confiscate my mail. If they do that ill complain to my lawyer or psychiatrist. Maybe start a hunger strike if they dont guantanamo bay me.


Wizzie neet at 1:54 LMAO


do you live in the USA? you're too naive…im not from usa myself,but I know about the culture of killer cops(and guards are just cops who were too usless to be cops)


maybe your lawyer can plea bargain, that you'll plead guilty in return for solitary


not sure that works but i'm sure there's some lean way


this world really is kill or be killed


I've thought about life in prison before. All further musings ended when I realised it'd be better to be the correctional officer than the prisoner.


You know what the real problem is, i'm not smart or self-sufficient, i'd like to live in the woods or something, live in another country or state, be a drifter.
I can't do any of that because i'm so alienated and out of touch with society, i don't know how to drive, i'm helpless, my parents took care of me most of my life

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