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What does /dep/ think of his suicide? He had everything going for him but he had mental issues. Yet you guys and me don't have the balls to kill ourselves.


I think you should take this e-celeb thread and shove it up your wrinkly asshole.


I didn't know about him until after it. He's more courageous than I am.


You guys need to stop creating new threads for minor posts


who? what? I think suicide is okay
It's not about having the balls to do it IMO, it's that initial impulsive decision while having the oportunity to off yourself.
I think it's pretty easy to do when you the means to do it on hand, like a gun and the unhiunged state of mind. Just my opinion.

Some people meticulously and carefully plan it and in that case yeah, I guess you need to have the persistance and balls for it. Anyways, sorry about this thinking aloud


I think you belong on r9k


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His 3DS that he had on him :(


stupid normalfag nigger
fuck off this site


I'd say he fits in if he's all that


I think it's certainly possible for "chads" and attractive, successful normies to have shit lives.


Even good looking succubi attempt suicide.


I don’t care that much about him cause I didn’t know who hr was. I only saw his xenoblade gameplay and did enjoy seeing some of his videos on xenoblade chronicles.


Why would anyone make a thread about a random YT nigger that killed himself 3 years ago?

Also why the fuck all niggers in the US have those horrible haircuts?


so? succ suicide "attempts" are just a social manipulation tool, it doesnt imply they have bad lives or emotions


I'll probably be banned for this, but I do think it needs to be said.

Just because there's a bunch of BPD foids faking suicide attempts to an absurd degree (some rack up over 100) doesn't mean there aren't succubi with schizophrenia or major depression that are genuinely suffering in basically the exact same way as the posters on here.

I don't know why crabs want to have a monopoly on suffering. They make out like succubi are this mysterious "other" that don't have any negative emotions whatsoever.


A very nuanced and mature view, actually.


they're attentionwhores
what's a bad day for a succubus is a good or normal day for wizard


While I understand that depression can affect virtually anyone, it still blows me away when people with the means to be happy end up committing suicide anyway. A lot of my anxiety and depression stem from just the shitty state of the world and my place in it. I hate my job. I hate my prospects. It never seems like anything is going to get better. But if I had the kind of money Etika – or any wealthy streamer – had, I could quit my shitty job and never worry about the future again. I think most of my anxiety would clear away from this alone. So for me, in that situation, seeing these people still kill themselves is difficult to understand. Especially if you believe that therapy works, because these people could afford the best therapists. All of the experimental treatments. The works. Hell, if they do not feel like going to work and want to just lay in bed, they can. For weeks at a time. Because they are rich. When I feel this way, I have to somehow muster the mental fortitude to get up and go to work or I'll be homeless.

Basically what I'm saying is, I don't feel sympathy for depressed rich people.


What is your take on why these rich depressed people don't use their money to help them with their depression?


learned helplessness


I think that happiness (and unhappiness) and completely subjective and vary a lot depending on who you ask, that's why people who says "money can/can't buy happiness" are mistaken.

For me money can't buy happiness, my unhappiness stems from my CURRENT state, I don't feel the spark of life anymore at 26 years old, I have many regrets and things I miss from earlier times, the kind of shit that money can't really buy, I already have every single material thing I ever wanted (not a lot of shit in normals eyes but whatever) and I don't feel the spark, 10 years ago I had even less money than today but I was happy, waking up was good and my day was fine just chatting with my weirdo friends, playing games without regrets and watching anime without a care in the world.

If someone gave me the choice between going back in time 10 years with my current knowledge and 1 million dollars I would choose the former, but alas reality doesn't offer anyone that kind of deal…


They're victims of their own success. These guys are way too famous to lead a normal life. Imagine having a Youtube channel where you mostly play games and joke around and one day discover that it has millions of views and suscribers. You had a pretty normal uneventful life and all of the sudden you can't go buy groceries because a bunch of normalfags will come to ask you for a selfie. Everywhere you go, you hear people saying "is that anon from youtube?" and now you have to mindful of what you say and do because people will talk shit about you online for even the slightest mistake you make. It would be too much pressure for someone who already had mental issues.


Same I'm also 26. That spark of youth and hope of a great future is gone. I've have to come to terms my life was/is a failure. The care in the world freedom is gone.


Yeah this, a lot of suicides from wizchan and other places are from just a few kiwicels gawking at them and cataloging their actions. Imagine that amplified x1000, where you make a benign comment and that gets talked about in depth and psychoanalyzed.

I live a very comfortable life financially by any metric and have a lot of support. But it doesn't cure it 100% and the monkey is always there. I understand if I was a poor indian farmer or whatever I'd have things a lot worse and be more unstable, but money isn't a magic cure. It definitely does help though.

>Hell, if they do not feel like going to work and want to just lay in bed, they can. For weeks at a time.

This can in itself be its own trap. Three weeks can easily turn into a year.


>I'll probably be banned for this
It's not against the rules to have opinions on succubi that aren't disparaging.


But it must be



Most mentally ill succubi will still get things like support and attention from strangers, so even if they are mentally ill they still get carried through easy street most of the time. There are succubi who suffer from full blown schizophrenia and they still manage to find some idiot who takes care of them and people who will show support while most men will go through complete isloated hell if they suffer from mental illnesses.

Comparing losses or suffering with succubi makes little sense since their experience is a different one, they will never be able to relate to the suffering of a socially isolated "weirdo", they will never feel completely "cut off" from society and I also think most of them just lack the empathy to put themselves in a guys situation for one second.

You could literally meet a succubus who has been diagnosed with the exact same mental issues as yours and still she'd sense that you are "inferior" or weird, even more if she is used to getting attention from normie guys and support from strangers.

I think it's just how nature works, even a mentally ill succubus will still have some kind of value while mentally ill men seem completely useless. It's basically not even unfair and just a law of nature.

Getting too upset about this is kind of a "beta" move as well and men who want to be treated equally might as well start wearing panties and become femboys so a guy can take care of them.

Even if succubi have the same mental health issues as men, their experience will always be way different and not relatable to us.



>I think it's just how nature works, even a mentally ill succubus will still have some kind of value while mentally ill men seem completely useless. It's basically not even unfair and just a law of nature.

It depends. I was in the mental ward for 3 years and every once in a while you'd get a suicidal "chad" there once in a while (manic depressives and so on)

You'd see female patients going into their rooms at night, I even saw a nurse sneaking into a very handsome 25 year old guys room.
Mind you these guys were mentally worse off than I was, ready to kill themselves at moments notice, and they were drowning in pussy just by existing.

Ugly guys of course just got ignored or spited by succubi just like I did.


I'm the guy from that post and I agree, I was writing in too general terms when mentioning mentally ill men.

There is indeed a percentage of mentally ill men who still are attractive to succubi and these men are usually the narcisstic psychopath type with good looks or the Johnny Depp type emo dudes who are "deep" and mysterious and also good looking ofc.

Even people like Charles Manson or worse had female partners in jail and even married while incarcerated, I'm pretty sure Ted Bundy would have a whole lot of succubi standing in line for him and sending him loveletters if he was still alive even though he was a "misogynistic lady killer".

It's also worth mentioning however that these succubi are your usual impulsive BPD/NPD types with daddy issues most of the time.



What did The chads Have to Be depressed about?


Most likely addiction problems or abusive/neglectful parents type stuff


Eh, having a chads face and being 6'4 does not exempt you from addictions, depression, mania or hereditary issues.

Just because someone gets pussy with their sheer existence doesn't mean their life is all peaches and cream.

That's why I even as an ugly short wizard don't feel jealousy when I see handsome guys holding hands with attractive succubi outside.
I know everyone battles with their own demons, nobody has it 'easy' in life.

Some have it easier than others sure, but we all struggle in our personal ways.
Even kings struggle with constant stress and fear of assassination, so to speak (in historical terms). Who can really say from the bottom of their heart they never struggled in life no matter how lucky or unlucky at birth?


I went to school with a mentally slow chad. Not full on retarded, but definitely in the 70-85IQ range and struggled to articulate himself. He was sporty and popular, but also got laughed at a bit because of his obliviousness.

He always had girlfriends until his mid twenties, and then suddenly nobody wanted to date him. He's unable to hold down a job and is basically mulls around doing part time work and smoking weed. He can probably get sex still, but no relationship. When he hits forty he'll basically be a crab I'm pretty sure.

All this stuff about mentally ill chads and succubi only really applies when they're young and attractive, mental illness causes their looks to dissipate pretty rapidly. The schizophrenic succubus that's in her twenties might get looked after by her family, be able to work part time at Mcdonalds and be able to have an understanding boyfriend. But the same succubus in her forties is now homeless without family, no employer will tolerate her schizo bullshit and the only attention she gets from men now relates to them using her body as a hole. She goes beyond the point of them even pretending to care about her.

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