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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.


My parents got elderly before I knew it.
I got to middle age faster than I thought.
It's as though my hairline imploded over night. Fuck. In my internal mindset I'm still a 20 something kid.
I spent so many years in and out of the NEET basement dwelling haze. My life passed before my eyes.
Looking at my parents now at times when I'm more lucid illicit the feeling I had when I used to look at my grandparents in their final elderly years of life. aw fuck I'm not ready to lose my parents. Deep down some instinctual part of my mind is triggering warning signs.


The cities and urban areas are getting scary out there. I feel completely alienated from this world. It's like living on a foreign planet amongst a completely different alien species. I have nothing in common with anyone around me.

It's scary.


I want to want to be productive. I want to want to have hobbies. But I don't care about anything at all. It's very unfortunate because there's nothing to save me from homelessness if my parents kick me me out.


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am I the only one who WISHES he lived in an urban hell/commieblock forest?
I live in a residential area with all houses,no aparments,stores where they will know you if you frequently.
I crave the anonimity of the massive.


I just want to live somewhere I can walk places or take the bus. I hate living in a boomer hellhole


File: 1655835328101.jpg (15.08 KB, 290x174, 5:3, karachi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dont like violence but I really think some third world countries are actually libertarian paradises, mixed with dystopian chaos.
anyways,I should move to the Capital of my own country,i guess



Yes, that is true, a third world country comes very close to what libertarians an anarchist want. You have laws and a government, but nobody cares about them too much. 50% of the population is in the black market and doesn't pay taxes at all, a large chunk doesn't even pay utilities either because it's illegal to cut water if they don't pay because its a human right or because they have an illegal connection which is extremely common and nothing happens if you get caught. Most crimes go unresolved because the police is total corrupt garbage. On the negative side, everything is very shitty, utilities are shitty and get cut frequently, if you get robbed though luck, don't even bother to call the police and you have shitty jobs in the black market or no jobs at all.


File: 1655837712427.png (374.22 KB, 504x454, 252:227, EL-CALLAO-Mega-banda-de-El….png) ImgOps iqdb

I live in a first-world city within a third world country(yes,here each province is a class of country in itself)
if it werent for the fact theyre all turbonormies I would have moved to a commieblock slum long ago.


Can you explain what your definition of a turbonormie in a third world country.


>listens to reggeaton or trap
>only interested in weed and fornication
>very ignorant of high culture,literature and history,most are barely literate
rich kids are cancer too tho,lets be fair.
middle class is the sweet spot.


Interesting… I would call the middle class "turbonormies". Lower class thugs and rich kids are two sides of the same coin. I don't call them normie. There's nothing normal about them.

Do I have my definitions backwards. Or is it this anon who has it backwards.


Does anyone remember the autistic hikikomori of 13 years who used to do long blogposts here and stopped in 2020? I wonder what happened to him.


if you're talking about the same guy who spammed r/hikikomori and r9k with his sperg rage outbursts. I think he learned japanese to the point of conversational fluency and went into the japanese internet communities. He ascended to a higher plane of weeb than us mere mortals.


Im talking about the guy who had a succesful brother and a cat who died. He was very articulate.
He used to post on 8chan and on here.
I think he killed himself


That longposter who used to post on /games/?

I believe this is one of his posts:

If that is who you had in mind, I also wonder whatever happened to him. I would like to think he quit coming here because he (rightfully) felt the average poster was still relatively normal and well-adjusted i.e non-neet, functioning and social.



Thanks. I am a bit disappointed that he has taken up vlogging, and it is weird to put a face and a voice to a fellow poster I have interacted with and respect… but I guess that's to be expected given how open he is about his life. I wish he would still post here though.


He's probably the one who gave you the link.


Heh that's what I thought after making the post but it's not like it makes any difference.


a dysfunctional wizard is someone who should get a hand and try to be treated with patience and gotten out of any holes they are in
but a dysfunctional wizard with kids is the scum of the earth?

ive been looking at things from a v simplistic lens
theres something v big to understand here


a wizard with kids? are you a natural language processing bot?


One didn’t choose to exist and is only hurting themselves. The other actively created more defective beings and inflicted harm upon them, through at least neglect if not worse.




File: 1655912245206.jpg (634.44 KB, 2048x1948, 512:487, hank graveyard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not possible to be a wizard who has kids unless you had your genetic material forcibly extracted by some malevolent succubus while you were drugged.


You could adopt or donate sperm.


How do they deal with the third world/gang members who come into your area?


Class and being a norm doesn't have anything to do with each other. There are normals and wizzies in every class.


would wizards with bad fathers absolutely hate seeing their dad be treated with kindness by a fellow wizard


I want to try artificial insemination and have a lot of blonde white wizzies.


I can't stop despising my father.

I have autism and he's always been an oblivious boomer that just was in denial about it. He even lies and said "At the hospital a nurse said you have some traits but it's nothing". Right from a young age he'd always say "I don't want to hear any of that mental health nutter shit".

But he basically forced me to work heavy construction at his company from a young age and would scream at me for being an attention seeker when I had breakdowns.

He's in his seventies now, and I'm a neurotic wreck, fucked up from all the psychosis and shit I went through at that time working at his faggot company, where every swing of the hammer would be a sensory overload. I get drunk and abuse him about how he destroyed my life, and he just looks hurt and curled over, saying "I have feelings too you know".

He actively prevented me from leaving for years, going into detail about how I'd be a useless hunk of shit as a NEET. And how getting a supermarket job (which I wanted at the time) just meant I'd be a failure. And if I had higher education aspirations he'd go into detail about how I can't handle demolition, what makes me think I can handle university.

I hate how he can't handle the mere criticism of how he made all my problems public. How the public laughed at me every single day for years for having breakdowns on site. How he's swing by every day and force me back into that shit job I despised. He spent years criticizing every little thing I did, but he's too much of an insecure weakling to even process that he might've done something wrong.

But at the same time it's hard, because I know he just wanted the best from me. He sometimes goes into detail about how he was bullied at school and I can tell the tough veneer he puts on hides a deeper insecurity. I at the same time love him, and it's a hard one. Because everything he did he did do for me, and he does genuinely care for me. But he just can't handle to see the truth sometimes.


What do you guys do when you're sad?


I stop being sad and be awesome instead.


Do share some stories when things went wrong in construction. Was he the only one doing the yelling at you?


File: 1655984684485.jpg (52.17 KB, 474x412, 237:206, burn of.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im from a turd-world country but my family is kinda well-off (we arent bling-bling rich but according to statistics ,etc, we're on the tip of the spear).
I thought of actually getting a coding job plus Investing. Im terrified of taxation tho,i HATE taxes and welfare and food stamps given to lumpen-normies.
>should I suck it up and work-pay taxes,so I can have a good chunk of disposable income within 5 years?


You should forgive your father, not because he deserves it but you do


you should become an alcoholic and ctb, as you claimed you would, latam chuuni


who are you? Why do you mistake me with an user you seem to hate so much?


File: 1656030987535.jpg (313.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 89782272_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else here suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia? Does anyone else deal with mania and other things? I went on a massive spending spree recently and really need to calm down, $2500 down the drain in a single month and hardly slept at all, some minor voices I was having went away now I think. My mom threatened to take away my bank account for me again but I said no, I don't know if that was a good idea or not. I like to tell myself that I'm not sick, but then stuff like this happens over and over again like clockwork.


File: 1656058657170.jpg (46.62 KB, 680x511, 680:511, Db9sGlcWAAAuVnk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Developing schizophrenia since a near-lethal meth binge shortly followed by my mother's passing. I describe it to myself as losing language in thought, and I already feel dead. There is no stopping it, and it will only get worse as time goes on. Just try your best to find coping mechanisms/distractions to save yourself and the people around you from any skitz.


for every part of ur brain, the task is to find out how to appreciate it, how to love it, how to scold it, how to have patience with it
the core of all this is understanding your feelings
the part in you that switches on and then does all these things might have a pattern, might need something, might have a goal, might be positive under certain requirements
your task is to find out about the world and everything going on in your brain in order to love every part of yourself

maybe be more obedient to your mom and let her take things over when you are manic


Thanks for posting this. I relate a lot to this guy.


You had a yt channel at one point, right? Where you would show some hand drawn mind maps and what not, it was fun. You should do those again.


File: 1656102534198.png (105.2 KB, 250x169, 250:169, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Being a bit more serious about escaping technology this time. Bought a simple phone and I'm locking away everything a box with a padlock at the other end of the house in a public space. Removing all technology from my spaces. I cannot control myself.


Anyone else feeling obsessed about shaving facial hair? I shave twice a day,and always use hot water plus upside-down shaving technique to remove all the shadow/tiny beard points in my face.
I dont yet shave off my eyebrows but I consider it. I shave the head already.


How do you still have a skin? There some procedures that they burn your hair with laser. It's expensive but I think in your case it's necessary.


thats super painful, I had to do it once after a surgery. and its like burning with a match


But then you're done with it. Forever.


get an epilator


I'm going to soon turn 24 and I feel like the time has come for me to accept that I'll never find "my people".
Though I do have friends our relationships feel shallow.
Maybe I bought it on myself by not opening up more, maybe this is just how it is for everyone; either way I hate it here on this green rotten earth.


One of my joys is one of your concerns. What is it you dislike about being by yourself?


Not him but simply being able to enjoy things in the same manner as someone else. I just want to feel like there are people out there who think and feel the way I do, and to share a bond with said people over our shared values.


What are these values you speak of?


I love being by myself but sometimes I yearn for that feeling of comradery, of knowing that you are among people that feel similar to you, kind of like a family or a brotherhood.
Being unable to find people like that makes me feel alien which makes me wish I could leave this earth and go back to my homeplanet.


So who here will end up homeless if their parents kick them out? I live with it over my head every day for the past 10 years


Reading about mental illness online and diagnosing myself with half of them.


Values may not have been the right word. Mindset maybe? An example is when you see a piece of art, a movie, an anime, etc. and it so perfectly resonates with you that you know the creator shares your feelings exactly. Or when in conversation someone is expressing a thought or feeling that you relate to to such a degree you feel a sort of shared reality.


Any way you could put away some money? I have a little stashed away and it's a great comfort, in a cheaper to live place like SEA it should last for quite a while.


I'm basically dead set on leaving and starting life again in another city. I'm gonna just sell everything I have and go to Australia (New Zealand).

I want to just live in the outback and just do a bullshit job idk. I hate it here and hate everything that's happened.


I had my driveway taken off me by the neighbors. It's strange, they just started parking vehicles on it and blocking me in, and there's literally nothing I can do about it in this country. The cops said if I touch their car in any way I'm liable for "tresspassing", the tow companies refuse to tow cars on private property here now due to legal liabilities. The lawyers just scratch their heads. The people doing it to me are related to gangs, so there's nothing I can do staunch wise, I'd lose out against them. The cops felt sorry for me and tried to bluff their way through with them, but even he had to had to admit he was powerless.

I'm actually going to have to sell my house and move because I was dependent on tenants to survive with my mortgage, and they all left the second the parking was taken away.

It's a strange world where things like this can happen. I've done everything, I've been to lawyers, I've seen the police. I don't know what else there is.


Get a good metal detector and look for gold.

So the driveway isn't part of your property? If it is, couldn't you arrange to put up a gate while they're away. Or are they parking right in front of it?
Had a slightly similiar thing happen in that some guy who moved away abandoned some old junk car on my property and refused to take care of it and me handling it in any way would basically be theft, eventually I dropped it off at his new place while he was away working and prepared to deny any involvement if he would show up, but he never did.


Where do you live?


I feel I have a good chance at becoming moderately rich; I leech off parents so 0 expenses, if I land a good job(I DO have qualified job qulifications)and toil plus save/invest for 10-20 years, I might be able to live until my natural death in a rather comfy manner,with certain small luxuries.


The brain fog is too much. I'm going to jump.


You were too reliant on regular normomedicine, weren't you? The warp wanings await the wizardhood with issues like yours:
>leaving cereals and sugars
>leaving all red meats and dairy products
>eating few time a day, not distributing 5 or 4 times thru its length
>practice fasting and detox methods (colon wash, kidney purges, sauna, etc…)

Visit endchan and find the healthcare section. It's full with pdfs about this.


I live in New Zealand

The driveway literally IS my property, but because it connects onto a shared driveway the local government says "not our problem" and the police are like "it's a civil issue, go to the courts".

But to take it to the courts costs like $4000 in lawyers, and then they can just get a cousin from out of town (which they're basically doing at this point) to park his car on my property while he stays at the neighbours, and keep on rotating person because it's one of those trashy criminal families that always has people in and out of jail, coming and going. So even if I win a court case against the neighbors, they still win by getting relatives to do it to me and I'd have to start over.

I've looked into the statues and the only things I can do is clamp the car and issue a fine. But they can just leave a wreck there and never pay the fine and I'm stuck with the vehicle on my property forever. Or, I can get it towed on the condition that it causes damage to my property, but they have done no provable damage so I can't legally touch it. I get charged with tresspassing if I touch a vehicle on my property because vehicles are considered private property, it's fucked.

Tow companies now refuse outright to tow cars off of residential areas, they have all told me there's hundreds of people in my situation now and there's nothing that can be done anymore.


Shitty situation then. How has your interactions with them been? No chance of cajoling them into cutting you some slack?


that would probably be kinda awkward for him to try now since he already tried to battle them without direct contact and theyre probably aware of this, so if he went there now it would kinda look like a last result sort of thing
maybe the solution is to tell them that he gives up, they won, and that he is at their mercy, explaining also his frustrations
other alternatives are to keep looking for battle strategies or to gtfo out of there without contact
but i think doing the direct contact thing would be extremely enlightening


I get no reward from doing anything so I simply do nothing.


I'm a NEET with no friends, and only talk to people online. One of them is always talking about his real life friends, job, and succubi. Recently whenever I see them talk my heart just sinks, and I become extremely depressed. They're not even that successful. They only have a handful of friends and work a normal wagie job, but even this makes me feel awful. It reminds me of how much of a fuckup I am and makes me feel guilty and neurotic for not wanting to talk to him anymore. It's not like he's being a cunt about it. He doesn't even know how it makes me feel or even that I hate my life. On the bright side it's made me think about getting a job and making friends, but then I realize what I have to do and it makes me anxious as fuck. I usually get a lot more depressed whenever it gets hot, but I haven't felt this close to suicide in a long time


I started off with direct contact.

Basically she's a sadist that gets off on it. She just says "Not your fucking driveway" and screams at the top of her lungs for me to go away. In the instances I've had to walk to the street to my car, she'll be sitting there laughing with whoever she's having a coffee with. She's been open about sending gang members around to fuck me over. And it's pretty legit apparently, her daughter married a lieutenant in a gang. She apparently has been doing this for over a decade to people, but it's only now it's gotten bad. People nearby have been warning me "be careful what you do, she knows some -very- powerful people".

The rest of her family just seems awkwardly embarrassed every time I approach. They will move the car sometimes if I ask them and she's not around, but it's certain to be back there within a day. I think they don't give a fuck, but she legit just rants and raves all day the vehicle isn't there and can't stand to listen to her moan about it.


In your situation I would simply start to show myself as a passive guy, rather than unpolite, in such a way that he may stop talking to me.

Your desires are just a deceit, a parasite from the mind. Do not chase the world, for the world will never chase you in this way. Relinquish, oppose yourself to this unnatural wanting…

This how I overcame hischool depression about being unable to socialize. Embrace your role, rediscover it, instead of running away from it towards whatever promises joy outside, for it is mostly a light for moths.

Sell your home. Blow her car. Go far far away after making it all look like an accident.

You could also use whatever you have against her. If she wants war, then let her get shot in a leg. I only sense from this that you will repent from living in fear… the secret is (against such types) to attack from anonymacy. So, I correct myself: attack everything but the car. Investigate your enemy, never let them know where your blows come from. Disappear.


Mutilation is usually better than death against gangsters. And you thinking about suicide without making them pay?

Of course, you are not ready to confront normies of this kind. What happened to you? Will you die in this state?


I wish I didn't have to lust after succubi. I can't go to any place on the internet without being bombarded by whores showing their bodies for attention and profit, even in other chans you can't browse in peace without someone posting tits and asses to grab your attention. I'm so sick of being manipulated by my instincts, I despise succubi with all my heart, but I can't help to lust after them. Sometimes I wish I was a fag because it'd make things much easier, but I'm just not attracted to men.


File: 1656298746610.jpg (30.2 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1644116738438.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate how the world revolves around sex too much, I have to always be reminded sex exists and people have happy relationships, then my instincts makes me feel fucking sad. I hate this goddamn flesh cage, the demiurge is the biggest troll ever.


File: 1656299967948.gif (417.77 KB, 640x600, 16:15, demiurge.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1656305173073.jpg (700.04 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, IMG_2667.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right, the smoothest thing to do is probably to get the hell away from there to a better place, if it's possible to find such a place, no idea what the housing market over there looks like.
At the same time it's a bit annoying that the queen bitch is getting away scot free isn't it?
The guy mentioned previously who dumped his car had slightly similiar traits, always lots of people around, always going over to "borrow" stuff without asking and never returning it, parking cars on others properties, the odd drama queen moment but he had no connections to gangs or anything like that thankfully.


Give me the address, I will do the rest.




Senile demented grandma keeps waking me up at night. My retarded mom took her in the living room cuz she thinks she sleeps better there.
Old fart kept wailing all morning and i jumped out of bed and almost dragged her on the floor to her room.
I'm tired of moralfags man, if my mom had any sense left she'd have euthanised her long ago.


File: 1656332384163.jpg (22.08 KB, 400x299, 400:299, Sleep now.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizgo 13, is that you?


i;m going to kill myself on friday #wow #whoa


More than one succubus who had nice fame amongst men in teenages, I have seen her crying due to a simple rejection from one.

The world is full of lies.


>The rest of her family just seems awkwardly embarrassed every time I approach

to civilians, the dangerous people are never the actual gang members, its the retarded distant friends or colleagues or family members that joy ride their reputation by powertripping


Why Friday?


by not progom-ing them.
which is serious problem.


My self loathing is growing stronger again. Sometimes I feel like living a boring and isolated life is okay, but then something will remind me just how interior I am to people who actually do things and I start to hate myself for wasting my life.


Right, that was the big eye opener for me. I think that most of the young ones trying to prove themselves are dangerous, but most over 25 just want to live their life and will only fuck with you if you step out of line. It's pretty easy to understand the limits living in these areas generally, and I just hit a stroke of bad luck.

I've noticed living in this area it's the succubi that are threatening everyone with violence. It makes sense, apparently in Communist Romania the wives of the apparatchik were the ones that would sadistically sabotage people's lives, out of spite or jealousy. I have sort of solved it with alternative access. But the main driveway is the only one most vehicles can get through, so it's limited to light vehicles only at the moment. I'm basically passing time until she dies or goes to a retirement home to get it finally sorted, which shouldn't be soon considering she's already in her late seventies. I see the ambulance there every six months or so and know it's coming soon.

My family is in a position to financially help me get it sorted, but refuse because they don't want things to escalate further, and they believe she is insane enough to actually call in retarded favors. We actually have a gang problem that's quickly escalating to third world tier levels, it's not talked about internationally but it's pretty bad down here.


The days I feel the most like shit I get some serious vasoconstriction and my arms and legs get cold even now during summer at 30C
Does this happen to anyone else?


Can you afford your own car and just park it there permanently?


The world is silent, albeit the noise humans create for each other. Feels lonely. Feels like a dream sometimes. I think I would much prefer to see the constellations in the sky that the blackness humans have created there.


Do you guys get a lot of enemies for no apparent reason other than for being ugly/weird?
Everywhere I went, school, work, around my neighboorhood, even among my own family, I always get a lot of negativism and toxicity trown at me. Like mosts wizards, I'm a very reclusive person, but I try to be friendly and courteous when normalfags speak to me, not because I want them as friends, but to avoid confrontation. I never mess with anyone, yet people always find a way to make an enemy out of me. I don't have a single friend, yet I'm surrounded by people who hate me. I'm tired of being everyone's punching bag, I always thought it'd end after higschool, but it never ended because most normalfags act like teenagers their whole lives. it's so annoying.


File: 1656412352568.jpg (86.5 KB, 851x1037, 851:1037, FKq_D-IXIAQjwBj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yes, i'm going through the same shit as you pal, at least i can always hang myself if it gets too shitty


Yes, my submissive body language and ugliness attracts literal and metaphorical violence constantly.


It only happens to me when I feel depersonalized or become unstable. It's like they can sniff blood. Otherwise I'm perfectly able to handle normies.


Make chuds miserable in wow with lava burst maxxx


I have an interview for a job this next friday, I don't even want/need a job but my parents pressured me to apply.

Applying via linkedin made me physically ill,seeing all these people with ambitions, well paying jobs and high end position, it used to make me envious, but now I don't even care anymore, honestly my only ambition right now is to stay here and play videogames and watch anime, I don't think its worth putting so much effort into a proper career, I wouldn't be any happier if I had one of those high end jobs, I don't even care that much about money and there's nothing else I want to buy anymore.



Linkedin is pure cancer. I hope the CEO gets assassinated.


Lava burst bullies on wow


File: 1656511937504.jpg (125.33 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, bfc8b638-2a23-4cb1-ab99-5a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anyone else feel disgusted by hygiene? I do brush my teeth cause losing teeth is a horribly painful,but I dislike washing/showering, I havent used shamppo in like 5 years(only soap),and most time i only water my body without using soap or sponge.
Dunno why I have this mindset, its not a fetish and I dont like trash or dirt. But I just loathe hygiene,


File: 1656531004572.jpg (19.3 KB, 249x326, 249:326, Ed0002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Many here probably have heard of rational suicide or animals such as dogs commiting suicide. I had a newborn cat that was attacked by a male and survived crippled. Its small body grew big cysts which the mother cat bit and cleaned. What happened then was that the once pleasurable affection of the mother turned into torturous pain, because the licking opened its wounds more and made it bleed. So the small kitten stayed almost all day long in a corner alone, avoiding its mother, barely eating at all. One day it jumped thrice from big height while I was away, after which it died one day later.
The kitten's life was pretty much 90% torture, it would only make sense that it actually commited suicide.


File: 1656533216030.jpg (17.79 KB, 176x255, 176:255, 1445807574917.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was feeling okay today and then some normalfags walk past me and say "What the fuck is wrong with his hair?" and start laughing. I already have negative self-esteem and am paranoid about my hair because it's impossible to style and that killed me, seriously what are the chances that on the rare occasion I have to go outside I walk into some troglodytes who openly mock me, and they pick the exact thing I'm constantly self-conscious about no less. It just confirms everything, that I'm ugly and weird looking, it's like the demiurge just spawned in some hostile mobs to remind me that yeah, this is your life, it's never going to change, you'll never fit in, better get used to it. I guess I could shave my head but I would hate that, I like mine long-ish but tidy, but apparently people think that's weird, it's life literally telling me to conform (adapt) or die. I guess I'll just die.


Waddup boyz, who wants to play some cool multiplayer game with me? i'm boring :b


my favourite game is halo 2


File: 1656537199357.png (457.52 KB, 636x756, 53:63, Kin_Budo.png) ImgOps iqdb

my ideology of being extremely conservative is slowly turning me into a criminal and/or a bum. I refuse to seek employment because my salary will be taxed. I dont buy almost nothing anymore,since all products carry tax.
Im starting to see money itself as a tax,im like a jain monk who did the fusion dance with a trenchoat preacher who grew up in the middle of the desert attending KKK meetings on sunday


trying too hard there


I have 0 qualms or scruples about trolling,if thats what you mean.
but taxes are used for condoms, sex "ed", sex "reassignment" surgeries, pro-sodomitical propaganda and treating AIDS(lets rather treat cancer ,which isnt a literal divine punishment)



>it's like the demiurge just spawned in some hostile mobs

You are onto something here. I have had similar experiences were you go "how the fuck can I have this much bad luck?". I call it "the Loki god" because I feel that he is mocking me, fucking with me.

Another possible explanation is what Carl Jung called synchronicities, he wrote a whole book about them. A lot of people call it "law of attraction", meaning that if you are emotionally focused on something the universe will manifest it for you, good or bad. In your case, it spawned those mobs for you because you were emotional about your hair.

If its only bad luck, the Demiurge or some weird law of attraction, I don't know, but it is a very interesting to investigate.

Try something simple to begin with: you say "I already have negative self-esteem and am paranoid about my hair", so instead of fighting it and getting worked up and insecure about it, give in and fully embrace it. Mock it yourself every time it comes to your mind, say something in the order of "yea my hair looks weird lol, It looks like shit and there is no fixing it. I look like shit, fuck it." Use the exact words that come into your mind and torment you about it. If you manage to give in and accept it, It would stop bothering you, so you'll stop been emotional about it and either if its the Demiurge or the Law of attraction, it would stop spawning mobs to fuck with you about it because it will no longer have power over you.


Are you in the US? I don't know why people there are so rude towards each other for no reason, I live in a 3rd world shithole and people have never said something like that to me in public (except in school or job but in the latter case was pure banter).

Maybe because people here are mostly ugly so they don't fuck with each other so casually.


its because here(im third world too) you never know if the other guy is going to pull out a knife or a gun.
and criminals are mostly ugly so…pick your posion.


I'll try, though it's really hard for me not to care because I've been like this for years, thanks.

I actually live in England, they were of the loudmouth chav type variety, but even considering that it still seems like a very rare occurrence which is why it feels like such a personally curated smack in the face. Oh well, guess I'm over it now.


is there anything particularly wrong with your hair? you could go to a barber and ask them for a style they think would look good, what about your hair do you not like?


>own same car for 10 years
>drive less than 30k miles during that time
>car still needs expensive repairs regularly despite not being driven much

Fuck cars. Now I gotta pay over 1000 again just to keep it rolling.


What exactly does it need? Most maintenance can be done at home with simple tools.


Why would anyone need a car outside the US? public transportation should be comfortable, cheap and fast and no one would even need cars, the japanese way is the the best, you just take a fucking super fast train and why you need cars? people interested in that soyboy ecology and shit should take notice instead of buying retarded teslas.

The only exception is the US that was designed by retards to force everyone to buy cars, but that country was built on mistakes.


I will never take public transportation.



I don't want to see or hear any niggers or mutts.


I think I have a stomach ulcer. My upper abdomen has a dull ache when I exert myself even a little bit.


Public transportation would be a good idea but it actually sucks in most areas because you're forced to be in a bus, train or subway with a bunch of retarded antisocial people.

I've been exposed to a lot of bullshit when taking public transport. I saw violence, sexual harassment, robberies, random people getting pressed by sandniggers and a lot of other unnecessary stuff that I would have never been exposed to if I got to my destination in a car.

I guess its different if you live in some kind of rural area or where only rich people live but other than that public transport is just unsafe since youre forced to be next to some of the most fucked up people.


I'm not saying that the current state of public transportation is the way to go, in fact I said that a public transportation that is cheap, relatively comfortable and safe is way better than cars, if public transport was good everyone would use them instead of cars.


I wish I had a hobby


I seriously think the only way to make public transport safer is to deploy security guards and separating vehicles into different classes like on an airplane so you can stay away from the ghetto people if you pay a bit more for a ticket.

I don't even want to be elitist and I'm not rich at all but I'd happily pay more for a ticket if it means that I don't have to take a seat next to these demons.


I still think that Japan even with all its faults provides a good example of what a decent public transport system can achieve.

I watched a documentary some time ago that said that most young adults don't really see the need to buy a car at all because public transport is enough.


Japanese culture is way different in general, they have less of the really antisocial loud retards that we have in the west, they are also culturally stronger and don't import masses of people from other cultures that don't fit in so they can live as they please which is usually rather polite and quiet.



A lovely song about how livig in modern day Athens is degenerate.


Alternator replacement is the big one. Check engine light too. Rest is just basic maintenance but I don't have a level spot to do it at home.


File: 1656632815603.jpg (127.63 KB, 1148x388, 287:97, nonsense.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im not a very religious or even spiritual person but I kinda want to enter a cult(knowing its a cult),and then follow trough until I forget im in a cult.
I dont want to get my cheeks busted in India, so something more "mild" like mormons or scientology.
mormons are big on marriage,by COS is against pre-marital s-x.
umbanda cults are too much tho,and theyre usually in the slums


Just accidently bit my fork, now there's a chip in my tooth.

Great. Fucking great.


I'm 25 and never learned how to drive. How hard is it?
P.S I also have crippling anxiety and pretty bad motor skills due to a variety of reasons


It's not very hard


Is there any way to be safer than normal safe when driving? both from accidents and muggings/armed robberies.
taking an anti-kidnapping/defensive driving course? buying a gun and learning to shoot from the seat?


dude you're in a car, you are in the position of power. If someone tries to mug you just drive away. As for accidents just go slow and let others have the right of way.


Is you area prone to criminals robbing cars? if yes, then take the course and buy a gun just in case


I learned how to drive at 25 and I didn't have any experience before that.

This might sound like a waste of time but what really helped me a lot was getting a Logitech steering wheel with pedals and everything for PC (I recommend getting a cheap g27 but the newer g29 is also good) and downloading realistic simulations such as "City Car Driving" on steam, it really helps you getting used to mechanical stuff such as using the clutch and shifting gears as well as staying focused in traffic and so forth.

Learing how to drive is really not hard and I think the trickiest part about it is traffic itself.


>using the clutch and shifting gears

Nobody drives manuals anymore


Plenty of people drive manual.


No reason to get a manual. They're a hassle to drive and you can't do anything else with your right hand because you always have to shift your car.

I like using my right hand to drink stuff, go on my phone and stuff.

Manuals suck.


I live in a shit-pond.
I just hope I can move to a middle class town in the capital of my country and live a reasonably safe life.


Most people I know drive manuals but I guess the whole world is based on your own experience. Also learning manual opens up way more options for cars, otherwise you are limited.


Do you people really not realise that the world is a big place and it varies massively by location?


I see many people here complain about "too much" sleeping
sleep deprivation kills brain cells forever.
you should probably sleep MORE.
become a snoozer.


Sleep deprivation is really one of the most damaging things for the human body, not only does it do damage to the brain over time it also literally shrinks the testicles of men and causes all kinds of mental health problems.


Sleeping is not easy for some.
On most days i just can't sleep and I'm not even anxious or anything.


There has to be some reason for it, most likely mechanical which you could manage to get under control if you are able to detect it


red light therapy+melatonin


Yeah I get about 4 hours most days. Nothing I can do about it.


I might be mentally challenged but I'm horrible at driving. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because there's usually other cars to tell me what lanes to go into and when there aren't then nobody's around to see me drive a circle in the middle of the road and awkwardly position myself back into the right lane. But if your brain is normal you'll do fine.

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