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Oh shit, edition

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Yes I do actually, I like computers and shit but I wanted to be something more similar to support, yet my parents saw a an opening for a software company and they thought "anon must be a programmer genius because he spends so much time at his computer!" ,applied, got an extremely easy problem as interview exercise and here I am.

It all feels like a dream really, not really a bad dream or a nightmare, but a dream nonetheless, I miss my own reality.


You guys have cars? I might be forced to get a vehicle. What's the point If it'll just be used to carry me to and from waging. what do my parents do with their cars? any adventures? No, just work and grocery store and sometimes visiting friends and family. I would never get a vehicle just to enable wageslavery. I was planning on getting a bike but it seems the one I want is all out of sale, and I don't have the social skills needed for the used market, not that any sellers are near enough for me to bus to. And thats not to say anything about the 2 month beginners license expiry date. cars get 5 YEARS, while if I want to be highway certified and not take a written test every 2 months I have to do 2 weeks of course training while under wagie conditions.
>have opportunity to turn ad thing into good thing
>the world decides to prank me
Whatever. I shouldn't make a fuss, if I do whatever divination that is accosting me will be entertained enough to continue my suffering. I wage, I cage


I'm lucky to have my workplace literally 100m away from my home, so even though I have a car, I only use it once a week and I'm content to flick it off once it breaks.

Honestly unless you want a wife and kids, most of the "normie" things like your own car and your own house become burdens that you don't actually enjoy. With houses your weekends get sucked away with inevitable home repairs and with cars they're a huge money sink.

It's actually more effective and cost effective to be a NEET here than to wageslave full time with a car. Cars can suck away 30% of your income by the time you take into account petrol, WOF, registration, insurance and repairs.

If you really wanted a car to go on holidays with, you can just rent one for the one week during summer that you leave town on holiday.


I really wish I could find a remote job.
It seems like 9 out of 10 people these days are bragging about their remote job but I can't find some anywhere. I guess I should have done CS.


Another normalfag launching his career.


File: 1659585363572.jpg (42.11 KB, 640x960, 2:3, tumblr_o43bodchpr1rd6m3wo1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Applied to the Post Office this Sunday, currently waiting for a response back. I've heard they can take months before they get back to you, so I've decided that if they take longer than a month, I'm going to have to apply for a part time job, preferably one where I don't have to interact with people as much. Janitorial, lightbulb changing, moving boxes from A to B, anything like that, but most importantly, I need to guarantee I'll be working on the night shift. What job would best suit me, wizworkers?




Can't smoke legal alt-cannabinoids because your body breaks them down and produces chemicals that are also produced by marijuana, so if you get drug tested, it will be positive for THC even though you never smoked anything that contained THC.

Working is seriously fucking gay. Literally for slaves.


It's me blogging again, I feel so weird at my job, all my coworkers start talking about programming and sharing tips and shit that looks like legit Chinese to me, I don't understand most things they're talking about, they have so much more experience than me while I barely know how to create Java classes, so I just sit there nodding at things I don't understand, me being hired was an accident, an anomaly, and I'm just waiting for them to find out about it so shit hits the fan.

If you're NEET with secure roof and food stay like that, I wish I could.


>If you're NEET with secure roof and food stay like that, I wish I could.

Yeah, no shit. You're working with prime normalfags.

Don't be fooled by "nerds are cool" or other stupid shit like that. Nerds are the biggest normalfags around.


File: 1659636926771.jpg (109.57 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1618673526847.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Don't be fooled by "nerds are cool" or other stupid shit like that. Nerds are the biggest normalfags around.
this was one of the harder things for me to accept.


Would it be hard to get a security job as Manlet with a small frame? I've heard elsewhere it's not worth trying for it that's the case, even if you're basically doing nothing but just watching cameras your entire shift


why do people ask this every week?


top wizkid google searches:
>night time security jobs in my area
>sodium nitrate order online
>how long does it take do die of starvation
>how to aim crossbow at your own head



The fuck are you talking about? How is talking about programing a "normalfag" thing to do?



Dude chill out, you are a noob and like all noobs in programing you have impostor syndrome. It's the most common thing in a programming job.

When I started with a batch of 18 trainees in a mayor company, half of us had bruxism (excessive teeth grinding) a few months in because of the stress of feeling incompetent and way over our heads. You will learn with time. It takes about a year before you can do something useful on your own without hand holding by a senior, and about 3 years before the feeling of not knowing what you are doing goes away.

In short: programming is not easy, you have to put thousands of hours into it to get good.


My mom said I fucked up because of a mistake I made when submitting my resume. I felt the need to take something out to keep it to one page, which I know now, is/was not necessary in this case. I can't resubmit the application or even edit the profile I had to make for their website. Honestly, if they're making it so hard to do this, is it worth it in the first place? I don't even believe this job will help me with my career. Simply put, I don't feel like I've lost anything when there are other jobs out there that I could get an offer for in a week or two. It also could have been possible I was lucky last job, but I have no proof of that.


File: 1659656922028.jpg (152.56 KB, 1080x1041, 360:347, 1659511260957478.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I find that nerds are often bigger pieces of shit than normalfags. The crossdressing coomer cunts that are your stereotypical young programmers have an annoying arrogance to them that's offputting. I remember talking with a mtf tranny one a few years ago and he straight up was like some character out of american psycho, just waffling on about speaker and headphone brand names and prices, whining about his parents non-stop and deprecating people that didn't live in a big city.

The guys wearing slacks with wives and kids are the nice ones in those circles.


Yeah I'm more calmed now, honestly I will just stop caring that much and try to be as comfortable as possible, I had some kind of epiphany last night, I realized that the worst thing they can do to me is firing me and that wouldn't be so bad really, so I will just stop giving a fuck.

But to be honest the worst scenario is that after training ends they decide to backtrack on their promises about hybrid, I would consider quitting then because I won't spend my life in traffic and then some office.


i have a cheap paid off car that i only use for work and i literally barely spend any money in repairs its only the insurance that gets you.


File: 1659926125941.png (175.56 KB, 400x217, 400:217, 1655769916865 (1).png) ImgOps iqdb



I am going to be quizzed by my boss tomorrow and I get to do a performance review later in the week. Oh the wonders of working as a slave only to be judged on the quality of your work. Somehow I feel like slavery is no different than it was in colonial times. YES MASSA I SWEAR I BE A GUD UN' I SWEAARRR *cracks whip* AIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!


>I am going to be wizzed by my boss tomorrow


Smelly coworker left garbage everywhere and left everything dirty.

Had to disinfect the chair and everything I might touch.


My job is tolerable, but the thought of having to work for the next 30 years just to drop dead afterwards is absolutely terrifying, actually the fact that our entire lives (even in education) are designed around work is absolutely nuts, who the fuck thought that this system was a good idea, the only reason I think something so fucked up exists is because the elites wanted to keep people busy to avoid being overthrown.


Yeah, in hour and half its time for a shitsift and finger is probably broken.


30 years working sound like hell, truly I can't find a good cope for that, I can't wrap my head around that fact, fucking hell, working is fucking bad.


>good cope for that

A good cope is working part-time, maybe 3 shifts a week or two 12 hour shifts.


work sucks but it's nice to have money

just work 4 hours a week like i do(make 40 dollars a week). it sucks but it's tolerable. 40 dollars is enough for me to be happy. i don't need a lot of money


Son of a bitch, only one nightsift to go and then its booze time.

Have a good one wizzies.


File: 1660333500664.jpg (79.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 16583122773980.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>feeling stressed, need to relax
>have fun road trip planned
>schedule time off work
>1 day until vacation
>get the worst flu I've ever had
>spend half my vacation time in bed, throwing up, and moving in and out of consciousness
>headaches give me nightmares every time I go to sleep
>taking a pain pill is enough for my stomach to nope.jpeg and proceed to force me into dry heaving for 5 minutes
>by the time I'm back at work, I'm feeling worse than before
>almost gave my 2 weeks notice as soon as I walked in, but stopped myself for some reason



Can't really say. Because it would be even worse otherwise?


Told my boss during the review that I don't like him and the coworkers constantly mentioning I don't have a gf/wife - that it's inappropriate mentioning they I just jerk off and am a loner/loser. He said, "This isn't fucking kindergarten!" Jeez, these people are intolerable assholes, I don't think I can stomach this forever, I'm going to kill myself if I have to keep up with this shit anymore. Why can't my mom just live forever? I need someone to take care of me, but she has to get old on me (her stupid fucking diet which involves garbage sugar). I'm trying to get sleepy, but all I am doing is working myself up in a rage while thinking about having to go back to it on Monday. I normally am not so vindictive and full of rage, but ever since I started this all I have been doing is stewing with anxiety thinking about this horrible job. All of my insecurities are pressure cooking inside of a soft shell which given the right conditions, is going to explode in full autismic rage. Pray for me wizzies.


This type of bullying is the only reason why I don't want to get back into work, I wouldnt even mind the work or whatever but one of the worst things about wageslaving shitty jobs is that you're forced to be around the most anti social fucktards. I also live in a leftist metropolitan part of the country and it's really full of the worst examples of humanity.

I really envy anyone who was smart enough to get into fields that are full of autists who don't act this way.


Besides all the usual work shit I have to deal with corporate/working life shit like LinkedIn, teams, laptop tracking, meetings etc, it's really retarded and draining, 10 years ago life was really simpler, my only care in the world was to get some money to buy Xbox games, now I have to deal with a bunch of shit I never wanted just bacause I'm an "adult" now. Fuck work and fuck being an adult.


File: 1660506107319.jpeg (9.78 KB, 251x241, 251:241, very-sad-cat-58c59efd818f….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What jobs do people in Europe do if they don't have a college degree?

What kind of money do you make and is it enough to rent an apartment?


Sucking dick and offering your boy-hole to rich strangers.


Here in England they work in the fish & chip shops and drive the bus. I don't know how much but they're always fat so I assume they're having their fill of the custard and gravy or whatever poor people eat.


You might as well stay where you are if you don't have a degree and don't plan to scam for welfare. The smug liberals here have the free college they whine for in the US which just means you the uneducated wagie pays for it from your already low income. In addition the lack of prohibitive costs means that anyone remotely competent leaves the proles behind and no one is left to fight for their interests.


Europe is too big to generalize, there's huge differences between countries economies and how things work


My boss talks shit about my work behind my back and I'm supposed to grovel and ask them how I can do better.


I'm sorry. That's the game sometimes. Are you supposedly too slow, or too messy?
When I start somewhere, I never stop asking questions until I become proficient at the task before me. Best of luck, and may they get off your back


I don't know about Slavlands or Southern-Europe but in NW-Europe, minimum wage is enough to pay rent and get all your needs met, if you live alone. The easiest jobs to get without a degree or any experience are warehouse employee and supermarket employee.


get another job, its not like that everywhere…


You literally leave if it's like that. No questions asked. Don't ever turn up again and start applying for another job.


Lmfao. Based.


File: 1660821446021.jpeg (6.2 KB, 257x196, 257:196, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Been working at this warehouse packaging things. I make 17$ a hour and work 40 hour weeks to 6 to 2:30pm. Looks like there going to train me to work in metal shop since I asked for a transfer since I eventually want to be a metal fabricator some day and having experience on paper will help me get more money somewhere else once get what I need here. Hopefully I'll find a job closer to home,It's only 20 mins or more away but gas is a bit annoying. Also the reason for becoming a metal fabricator or something like that is because I live in Pennsylvania which you can make some extra cash since there's so many positions available. Hopefully I'll star making around 23 or 25 soon in the future. That way I can get my own place so it's less annoying and less little children running around.I posted previously in here from these post here


Having to interact people at work kills my whole wizardly shmood.

I just want a quiet life, yet I'm denied it.


>40 hour weeks to 6 to 2:30pm
>40 hour
Another "unpaid lunch totally isn't us keeping you here longer and not paying you for it". You're working 42.5 hours/week, no matter how much freedom of movement you're given for 30 minutes each day.


Never said that just using what the COMPANY does and calls it. Also yeah no shit I realized it's more then 40

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