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Oh shit, edition



Another entire paycheck to bills and groceries


I have an interview scheduled and for some reason, 4 separate people are interviewing me…

Like shit man, I just want a job to slack off and it looks like this is a serious job where I can't just slack off and go unnoticed.

I'm scared wizzies. I've never had an interview like this. It was always 1 on 1 before this and it was always laid back and casual.

What do I do? It looks like I'm going to call it off because the pay isn't even worth this hassle and workload.


It's probably not a very serious job, just a bullshit one with unbearable conditions where they treat and control you like cattle for a minimum wage. Unless you're in a tight spot, just search for a better one.

Also, watch them force you to go through all them interviews and then not even pick you lol.


I really like my current part time job just picking up those garbage bags you find spread out around town. I get my own diesel van and I'm given a free reign to just go around town driving, picking up trash and just being out in the sun but left alone.

The public feels sorry for me, and some old ladies will with pity and contempt say "someone has to do the job", but I genuinely like it.


seems nice, how terrible is the pay? minimum wage or more because its an 'unwanted' job?


Minimum wage. But Minimum wage in this country is pretty high. It's like 75% of a middle class median wage.

I'd take this over a normie job that pays more tbh.


>Minimum wage

Even the shittiest jobs where I live doesn't pay minimum wage.

You get paid $16-20 an hour to be a custodian where I live.


Life is good when ypu live at your parent's house with an okay job. With some luck, I'll snag a better one next year. I no longer have to stand all day now. I make twice as much too. I hope to get an even better job next year. I make 20 dollars an hour.


New Zealand minimum wage is like $21.20 an hour, which is like $12-15 burgerbux. But like, the median is only between 25-30. We're also not as rich as Americans so minimum wage here equalizes basically the entire lower class on the same level.

American wages are very high I've noticed.


>New Zealand

New Zealand is expensive as fuck, that is why minimum wage is so high there.

America has the cheapest food and supplies because America grows its own food and has a huge surplus of food and supplies to go around.

Land here is also easy to come by, so it's easier for companies to build really big stores and for their shipping trucks to easily access these stores.


Right, I don't know why americans online, especially on places like reddit, complain so much about how their country is the worst.

An Amazon wagie living in Mississippi earning $15 an hour has a better chance of owning a house and supporting a family than middle class office workers here.


Have you ever met an american? They are so loud I cant imagine living in a country with people like that everywhere


Anyone makes +100k?


lucky i always have to deal with people in my job which is the worst part in general
I can't drive so a lot of loner jobs i can't do, i always wanted to be like a nightguard at a hotel or something


mississippi's minimum wage is 7.25 an hour
you're not buying a house or supporting shit on that
in other states with better wages, the cost of living is so fucking high that you just spend your paycheck on rent. meanwhile, inflation's fucked the cost of food and gas so that's a shitshow too.

it's all shit everywhere


File: 1656511651014.jpg (136.48 KB, 828x1462, 414:731, zz45mfzmkf891.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just ghosted my interview.

I just wasted 4 peoples time at some megacorp. They're probably still waiting for me at this very moment.


They're gonna fuck around and scroll normiebook anyways.


File: 1656514971271.gif (1.23 MB, 356x262, 178:131, approved.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Well, let's hope you dodged a bullet by doing so. You're certainly not the first, nor the last to do this.


I passed the phone interview, but when I pulled up to the megacorp HQ, the buildings were so massive and there were so many people there that I would be responsible for.

I was like hell no, I ain't doing this shit. My gut feeling was going, like I'm about to get myself into a load of shit.


the planned for meetings that end up being canceled are bliss you can just fuck around for an hour


I do this all the time. I bail on probably half of the interviews I schedule.



I remember I had one interview years ago with some ginger manlet who had a background in HR. He kept on probing me like "Why should I hire you, why should I hire you over anyone else, what's so good about you?"

I just basically started answering "I dunno", it was like he wanted me to dance like a monkey and beg for the job.


"I'm going to [next county over] to spend time with my family"
It's easy wiz


File: 1656565996234.jpg (185.48 KB, 712x528, 89:66, 3463534.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I developed seborrheic dermatitis a couple of weeks ago. My first thought was that it was dead skin built up on my scalp - if I ran my fingernail over it, plenty of what looked like dead skin cells came up. I washed and washed for around a week every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, still kept happening. My thought process was that I had been washing improperly or something, while in reality oils were being released and immediately scabbing over and matting my hair in the same places I'd washed them off. I washed and scraped and scrubbed so hard that I had blood spots all over my scalp like I'd cut myself shaving. I went so far as to cut my relatively long-length hair very short hoping it would solve the issue altogether since there was less hair to be matted. But now it's even more noticeable because the dermatitis is outright visible on an almost bald head.

I feel very self conscious and watched when not at home, especially so at work. There's nothing I'm aware of to combat this constant overbearing neurosis so I'm just feeling like shit for my entire shift every day. It stresses me out a lot to have to deal with this.

I don't hold a positive view of norcs. But I still suffer from feeling very watched and examined. Like I stand out because I have a scabby head and I am seen as lesser for it. In reality I'm sure nobody gives a fuck or even notices but there is some cognitive dissonance at work, I know on a basic level I'm just insecure but it doesn't change how I feel. I fucking hate this warped brain of mine


File: 1656573171597.png (275.85 KB, 1435x421, 1435:421, 1636367088979.png) ImgOps iqdb

I still can't seem to get used to working, coming into the office for 8 hours a day.
I used to be a truck/bus driver and that shit was easy. Now I'm supposed to be a "Space Engineer" and I fucking loathe coming in to the office every day.

The work conditions aren't even bad, I think I just hate working in general.
I need the money though, I seriously do. I just wish I was at home being a NEET and drawing all day long.

I do, $105K after taxes


That's a good salary, is early retirement a consideration? Or do you live in an area with a really high cost of living?


File: 1656582076018.jpg (717.4 KB, 2878x4093, 2878:4093, IMG_20210917_040804.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Really high living costs that are only going to get higher in the coming years
I'm saving every penny though, living with my parents.

I already own a small plot of land, so I'm hoping to build a house and rent it out for some base income so I can strike it out and become an artist.
Art doesn't earn you shit in this country, so having some financial security is a nice prospect.


All this corporate culture makes me want to puke, the diversity, the linkedin shit, the hypocrisy, having to pretend that being a wageslave for the rest of your life is the best thing that could ever happen.

Its like people forgot that having a job was just a way to put food on the table, people 150 years ago just did their fucking jobs because they had to eat and went home, they had none of this "networking" or "soft skills" bullshit.

Capitalism was a mistake.


>Art doesn't earn you shit in this country, so having some financial security is a nice prospect.

Art doesn't earn you shit anywhere tbh, success as an artist is based on things such as your work ethic, likeability and luck but not on your location (especially in todays age of unlimited self publishing options).

Trying to make a living with art is usually a bad decision that will just burn through your time, so you are making the right decision by pursuing other plans to make money as well.


I'm honestly thinking about becoming an uber eats driver or some other gig economy shit, I hate the idea of going to slave for some jew everyday, and I honestly don't need a lot of money, just enough to buy vidya and keep my parents happy with whatever I can give them.

Has anyone tried it?


>uber eats driver

Good luck making any money when gas prices are inflated and when your car needs repairs/broken down from driving so much.


I have a bicycle so I wouldn´t need gas, a lot of young people seem to do the same here (not in the US btw) and it doesnt seem so bad.


File: 1656654816936.jpg (40.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1620358374001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Could I in theory get in trouble with the law or get sued (in the US) by a company for spamming Keemstar saying "Nigger" on a 10 hour loop bass boosted on the walkie-talkie main channel that all my co-workers use to communicate with each other at my workplace? Was planning to do this on my last day in this shitty grocery store job out of spite of this shitty company and watch these annoying wagecuck faggots who shit talk behind my back(especially the managers) along with the fat conSOOMER NPC normgroid customers have a meltdown. The issue is that they have security cameras all around the store and parking lot along with security guards who are constantly watching from open to close so I'd think they'll more than likely find out it was me.


I couldn't do it, under any circumstance. If I was in those circles on linkedn, the second I got drunk late at night I'd just end up chudposting and mocking everyone on there.

The whole thing has American Psycho vibes.


File: 1656686602401.png (180.27 KB, 250x288, 125:144, 8503464.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working as a contractor for about a month now, but didn't remember that this work vent thread existed until today because I'm so ready to quit. Took the day off because I'm so goddamn exhausted. My coworkers are all druggie assholes and 40 somethings that blame everything on autistic millennials, so I'm basically the punching bag of the group. It keeps getting hotter and hotter on the roof, and my patience for stupidity is dwindling at a rapid rate. I don't even get paid well either, just a little above minimum wage. The one reason why I don't just up and quit, is the same reason why I could never be a NEET; I hate sitting around and doing nothing. Despite being a chanposter, I'm not a professional ass sitter. It's not like it was back then, the internet depresses me more than real life. I guess another small reason why I'll continue working, is the fact that the work environment isn't professional. Everyone I work with are all social recluses and bald headed 10 times divorced sleazebags that don't have any filter. When I was 17, my father "helped" me apply for SSI, and put autism down as my excuse, not knowing that everyone in America wants autism bux. Fast-forward to today and I still don't have monthly sperg cash. So basically, I don't get free government money because there's too many autists, and I can't work in an office because I'm too awkward and weird. I guess this thread's my new home now.


Welcome fellow cursed un-NEET.


i do volunteer at random places for filling time and not feel lonely is this legit


Legally they can charge you with harassment if they can prove that it's you. The forbidden word would probably invoke some sort of hate-crime amplification of the harassment charge as well.

You'd be able to get around the security cameras by wearing a mask and some second-hand clothes (get rid of the clothes and mask afterwards). If a cop tries to talk to say nothing, just tell them that it's your policy not to speak to the police without your lawyer present.


There are plenty of legal issues that come to mind, it would be disrupting the business and it's communication and get people exposed to profanity and racism which is most likely harassment as well and since it's about the N word it might lead to some hate speech issue on top of that.

There is also a high chance of getting caught and to avoid this you'd have to take measures that are definitely not worth the time just to fuck with your old workplace.

I suggest you don't do it since it's not worth getting sued over something that won't matter to you in a couple months and its also a waste of your time.


Just leave dude, its not worth it, the capitalist will always have an advantage against you.


>You'd be able to get around the security cameras by wearing a mask and some second-hand clothes (get rid of the clothes and mask afterwards). If a cop tries to talk to say nothing, just tell them that it's your policy not to speak to the police without your lawyer present.
This was my plan. The issue is that the area to retrieve the walkies from are in the front room where everyone goes to clock in/out and the HR desk and manager offices are also right there. Even if I'm wearing a cap and mask I could easily raise suspicion or someone could still probably recognize me, though they wouldn't be able to prove my identity without solid any evidence, and if I'm caught beforehand and I'm still masked there's nothing they can really do outside of kicking me out of the store.
>There are plenty of legal issues that come to mind, it would be disrupting the business and it's communication and get people exposed to profanity and racism which is most likely harassment as well and since it's about the N word it might lead to some hate speech issue on top of that.
>I suggest you don't do it since it's not worth getting sued over something that won't matter to you in a couple months and its also a waste of your time.
If I get caught then yes I would probably be fucked to a certain extent, but I don't really have much to loose. However with Proper OPSEC taken I should be fine.


I'm a NEET currently, but my boomer parents are putting me under a ton of pressure to get a job. I have 3 interviews next week. I'm dreading every moment of my existence knowing I will have to give up being a comfy NEET and become a wagie. My parents and faggot brother unironically think that I would be happier as a wageslave for some reason. How they can be this delusional is beyond me.


I don't particularly want to go back to my job since it's a new job and I'm not particularly good at it. If I go though, I can get better at the job and it'll be easier in the long run. Still, I have a lot of trepidation to go back where I might fail. I'd hate to fail harder than expected and get fire. I guess that is life. I could also totally be over exaggerating because the guy who trained me was less green to the field before. He had experience in something similar, but not anything what we were doing. He probably would have had to learn more than I'm learning now.


Mask policies at companies have now become the modern equivalent of Sumptuary laws. Maybe it's just my country because we went through the stuff later, but like yeah, there's a clear class delineation appearing with the policy.

>upper management in their areas are allowed to go about without masks, only putting it on when they walk through the pleb area

>Middle management commissar is a full on mask cuck, every waking second, never even seen half of their faces. The second he sees someone lower than him in the rank he flips out
>lower wagies have to wear masks.
>older people without much willpower always end up caving, even if they could get away with not wearing one.

I go between different companies at work and it's this dynamic 50% of the time for large businesses. These little commissars refuse to even address the double standard when it's pointed out to them, they just go "it doesn't matter what X is doing, the rules are….". Even when you press the issue they side-skirt the obvious hypocrisy and just repeat on record "these are the rules".


Boredom and lack of purpose seems to bring out the worst in people


lymph at your neck and head filthy, thus gives you a miserable pH conditions to your scalp, making it weak before this Malasezzia fungi that are actually decimating your beauty away.


Those who approve taxation and freely give theirselves into accepting usury are to blame, they be the sustainers of parasites who surely live far better without sweating a single drop.

If any of you ever visits the "political compass" board, feel free to ask the right-lib


ive applied at 10+ places now. no call backs. nothing.


no. eat shit.


I've applied to a decent place because my parents forced me to do it and I was accepted on my first try.

I would honestly trade places with you, I was hoping they noticed I'm a retard and rejected me but they accepted me and I fucking hate working.


I signed up for a disability bux which I'd 70% of a normal salary
did I make it?


At work right now as a 'Console Operator' at BP. This place fucking sucks, working retail is never comfy. I get blamed for shit that isn't even my fault, my manager is a powertripping dickhead, I get 50c above min wage and I can't even fucking sit down during shift. I'm definitely going to be fired soon (thank god)anyway, a customer offered me a job as an apprentice plumber but I'm worried I'm too feminine to work such a job. I just wanna NEET again or have a comfy IT job but I'm not disabled and average IQ at best.

What should I do?


Considering 30% of a normal salary probably goes towards commuting to work, you probably did, well done.

Is "Console Operator" the same as working the register at a petrol station?
Worked at a BP station for a while in the late 90's, most transactions are just fine, but it really only takes one dickhead to ruin everything, especially when they come running in with a knife. I would've left that place for the plumbing job any time.


Weeks turn into months turn into years
I can't keep doing this
I'm a complete alcoholic but can't stop because I gotta numb myself somehow. Financially going nowhere. My pay has only stagnated while the rich get richer. I'm Surrounded by turbonormie bootlickers.
There's no escape. I'm forced to live with my parents who openly loathe me.
Just need to get through this week


i hate work because of coworkers, i don't mind working but being forced to interact with people fuckin sucks, i'm asocial and can't function in social settings


File: 1657051518605.jpg (10.12 KB, 275x183, 275:183, scieti-liminal space.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can teach you how to fake mental disability,if you want.
You will be prescribed pills…but just throw them down the toilet,no one will check your blood levels or shit like that


I seriously relate
I almost wish I didn't get it but my parent's wouldn't have gotten off my case. They'd probably have forced me into a worse job.

The NEET life was too good to be real


NEET life sucks for me, not having income and being dependant on your parents is not fun. I wish I could find an easy job that pays ok amount. I’m just sick of being poor


File: 1657114836478.jpg (39.69 KB, 406x594, 203:297, farc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you guys have a gold chance,you must learn to code(work from home),get in disability(fake mental illness)AND mooch of parents( 0 expenses)
within 10 years of this regime you will be living the 1% lifestyle


I lrn2code and I got a job that forces me to go to their offices leaving me with very little free time.

They said that maybe they will change to semi home office in the future….maybe.


On a scale of 1 to 10(with 1 being"as easy as writing an isekai webnovel" and 10 being "as hard as studying a chess language writting in russian without being russian") how difficult is it for the average person to lrn2code?
do I need a special computer in case I fuck up the one I have? My IQ is 115,BTW,if that info helps…


My company started allowing remote work after 'rona happened and absolutely nothing changed in terms of productivity or performance, but it made my life actually livable. After tasting that bit of freedom, I swore to myself that I would rather quit than ever go back to normal. Thankfully my boss isn't pushy on this, but still occasionally there are "in-person meetings" that I never attend and always make up some kind of excuse. I will never go back to that shit.

If you can, try to find a fully remote job because it's probably hands down one of the best things you can do for your quality of life as a wagie wiz.


Remote work ruined my life. I’m much happier as a NEET, but if I ever have to work again it needs to be in person. It’s the only way I can keep a schedule and get things done at a pace that makes sense. Otherwise I drift into a 30hr sleep schedule and work in fits and piss everyone off. Not even a change in absolute productivity, just so often asleep/offline during the day and doing different amounts of work from one day or week to the next that all the anal-retentive management types get their panties in a bunch. People can ree about that meaning I’m weak or stupid or whatever. I still hate it. Fuck WFH.


I almost lost my mind working in a highly demanding US company remotely, but after that I found another remote job that actually was decent. But due to recent events, this company pulled out from the country and now I'm a fucking NEET again.


They were Russian or something?


hey dont ignore me


I was offered a decent job, but they want me to get vaccinated.

Should I finally get the clotshot?


What have you got to lose?


My dignity, autonomy and being part of a special club.


I guess it depends on how its implemented. If you're working with people from a different time zone or have flexible hours, I can see how it can get out of hand. I still work the exact same office hours just from home, we announce ourselves in a group chat when we sign-in and sign-off, as well any long breaks if people have errands to run or they're sick for the day. We also have a morning meeting at the same time and its a nice point of orientation because you feel like the day has really started.

Going to the office has zero benefit for me. Only thing I miss are the fast food joints that were super close by and I could stuff my face every day.

This question gets asked every thread. Anyone can learn how to code, but it's a different story whether you can stomach doing it professionally because it's just hours and hours of tinkering with code. I think a good sign is if you get "lost" while doing it, when you enter a flow state where you're just completely focused on a problem.


Anyone having +100k salaries?


Guy who closes up shop is sick so I have to do my usual morning thing then come back in the evenings and sit around until all customers leave. I did this all last year working 70+ hours in a week but making a salary of $600. Now I'm getting paid hourly at $17.00 cash so I'm kind of hoping the guy is sick for a while so I can power in a bunch of easy hours for some real bux.


Coding isn't hard. It's something the human brain isn't really wired to find interesting so people lose focus and hate it. It's why most normals despise it, and why the industry is filled with weirdo autistic crossdressing trannies. it requires intense focus on something that's hard to focus on. The reason people are saying "I get paid $120,000 a year and only work 4 hours a day lol" isn't because the job is that lax, it's because that's you can do mentally until your focus goes.

It's also why it's very easy to burn out. The brain isn't wired to do that shit, it's like contorting your body in the wrong way, but mentally. And many start ups will try to push you to the point where you do burn out with unrealistic work schedules.

The comfiness is definitely overstated online. The actual comfy job is working IT helpdesk at something like a public library or a hospital, where you have a few jobs to clear a day and can fuck around. But you only get paid like $40,000 a year for a job like that.


>The actual comfy job is working IT helpdesk at something like a public library or a hospital

Um no, sweetie. It's actually being a CTO like Matthew and making $120,000 a year being an executive of a company.


Yes, but that's

>Not limited to the IT industry

>Requires being a gregarious normalfaggot

The comfiness of being a wagie codecel is greatly exaggerated on here. That's the point I wanted to get across.


i read what you replied to as sarcasm


No, the other way around. They were paying with dollars from a European bank, and that just doesn't work anymore.


Sorry, I've been fucked up for a few days.


> Anyone can learn how to code
No thats a big fat lie.


> Coding isn't hard.
While rest of your paragraph literally says its extremely hard. Coding is for high iq individuals


Not really, there a a lot of stupid people that learn how to code (badly), for example India is full of pajeet programmers that are quite dumb.

Anyone can be a decent programmer, but to do the most advanced pro shit you may be required ti be a genius, but this applies to pretty much every profession.


To make a shitty webpage for a corporation is not hard. Optimizing a graphics engine or machine learning is hard. Most programming jobs are the former.


File: 1657214567180.jpg (46.74 KB, 680x498, 340:249, b13d5845bf60a869ddac7925ce….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


That sign flipper probably makes 40k a year and doesn’t have to die for Israel so yeah, I’d say he made the right call.


That's what I said, most companies dont require you to develop a cutting edge technology or a new optimized alghoritm or a game engine. Most jobs are things that anyone with a boot camp can achieve.

Theres special people at every business that can do things most normal people can't do, same in programming, but that doesnt mean you have to be very intelligent to be a programmer, I would say that anyone who is not genuinely retarded can do it, the same as anyone who is not retarded can do most things decently after practice.


I was agreeing with you, I realize it didn't come off that way though.


b.but what about the chance to join army rangers or green berets?


Where is this from? Some unofficial chat place of recruiters?
But yeah 35k to risk yourlife vs 20-40k job with only excessive heat as a bother…it is a no brainer


I think its from twitter,since I remember seeing it in a tweet screencap


The army is very lucrative if you milk it for PTSDbux as a veteran, every second foid that joins does that shit shamelessly.

Just imagine NEETbux but living a middle class lifestyle, and being able to keep wages you earn on top of it.


Oh yeah found it thanks. Most active on facebook it seems. Bunch of milpeople, very disillusioned too.
I think it is far too risky. This is not some minor Euro country of 5 million where the most action you see is against illegal immigrants. America goes to wars, it has to go to wars you have a very high chance of getting ied'd or fume cancerous shit. It is really high risk job.
Nevermind the fact PTSDbux would be very hard to get, as VA and all the other services are seen as a liability and brass tries to keep spending to a bare minimum when it comes to people. The only ones that get good dollars are contractors or big corporations like lockheed martin.


No amount of worldly gain is worth being a footsoldier for zionism


File: 1657325252477.jpg (289.42 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, 1656902560462.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Janny wizzie here

>On site

>Finish cleaning the cafetaria, decide to do the office rubbish bins in reverse order because why not
>Start at the top offices and work my way back to the main door
>Getting close to the end, at main reception
>Floor manager comes into the main reception area, holding his full rubbish bin. He holds it over his head and goes "What's going on?", his voice full of fake gregariousness
>In a neutral tone tell him "I just started from the top, what's the problem?"

This job has me hating normalfaggots so much. But in a sense, it supports my misanthropy, and keeps me from thinking normalfaggots are good people.


If the US army started an American Foreign Legion they could solve their recruitment problem easily.
Like the French Foreign Legion, offer a 5 year contract to men with the offer of citizenship if you complete that contract.

Do you know how many fit, strong, rough men who have decent knowledge of English would kill for US citizenship?


You don't risk your life in the military. The vast majority of jobs never see combat. It is a pretty sweet deal for any young person with no college or work prospects.


By being in the military you are automatically invoking a chance you will see combat. Statistically it's unlikely yeah, but it is still literally a risk, and one that few jobs also have.


File: 1657368559594.jpg (46.76 KB, 600x800, 3:4, thumbs_wtf-0023.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do they get to wear a duck suit? Didn't think so.


I'm not sure you know what a duck is.


File: 1657370975367.jpg (174.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>army recruitment crisis
>effective pay cut from inflation
>spend all your time attacking the people who are the core demographic of your military
>making special forces into an entire branch only took talented leaders out of the regular army, while simultaneously keeping them as grunts in special forces who historically experience higher casualties
>privatize military procurement, and as private companies have no profit motive to stockpile equipment you have no stockpiles
>most recent taiwan exercise resulted in 100% loses
>military personnel numbers are fake and gay as people often serve double duty in the national guard or army reserves, but can't be in two places at once if mobilized
and now you understand why army recruiters have mysteriously appeared on wizchan


File: 1657378912280.gif (1.31 MB, 339x336, 113:112, 1391337305794.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Dude no, hush, don't make this complicated. I've had that image sitting on the comp for like 20 years and I finally found a place for it. It IS a DUCK, everyone can see that, clear as day.


hitman cosplay?


i'm applying for social housing and i might get more ssi, maybe i can be a neet again


how the fuck do u work with those turbo normals i hate those type of people. they cant accept that some ppl dont want to do anything with their lives.


its not that even i'm fine socially. i just want to be either by myself or around people with similar interests. i can't stand all the fake interactions at work with dumb normies


my issue is that people always complain that i'm silent, you need to integrate yourself which is a struggle for me, i just don't feel comfortable around people


shouldve just said "i don't work for short men" and walked out. fucking manlet


I'm a manlet as well though.


Ignore them even more, then! They are demanding what they do not give to you in first place… they want you sucking their ways, like a pet.


I received a call, I got the job, it's a decent job with good benefits but I never wanted the job, my parents pressured me into applying and I had no choice, I was convinced that they would reject me but for some reason I was accepted.

I feel like throwing up, I'm already thinking about ways to get out after 3 months or so, genuinely feels like the end of the road for me, I never wanted to be an office drone.


Working six day weeks and possible 12 hour days indefinitely.

I'm not thrilled.


>America grows its own food

You mean soy and corn. That's the cheap stuff. Anything else is labeled "organic" and is considerably more expensive.


Well this is already true. I'm not sure that there is a foreign legion but the US military does offer citizenship to non citizens on much shorter contracts too.


Had a misunderstanding with a higher up via message that resulted in me getting an angry message about letting an issue go. We both had our communication issues and I want to put it behind us. I still hate power imbalances that prevent discussion about went wrong. There's no way he'd talk about it without getting angry again and that flaw affects me only. Once I get my year in, I'm going to see if I can get a better paying job. In the meantime, I'm only talking officially and with the intent of getting as much answered for all parties. If I keep my head down, I can extract the knowledge and money I need before anything goes bust. Still a good job btw. Also he's been more of a help than an obstacle. Not a bad guy, I think.


File: 1657772795147.jpg (27.21 KB, 590x404, 295:202, 1657324775435.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When do I get used to this shit? To being a wageslave?

I think having a taste of the NEET life kinda ruined me, I could do and learn so much in a day.
I'm miserable now but I'll have to get used to it.


Cried on my way to work.


You won't, been working for a year and yeah work got easier but i'm still miserable and coming to work makes me extremely suicidal. My co-workers annoy me of how I act and I try not to care.


I need to work one more day tomorow which i really hate BUT i have 3 weeks off after that, so i don't know could be worse


thats awesome wizzie have fun tomorrow


The day you get used to being a wageslave will never come. Being aware of this predicament means we witness our mind, wit, emotion, passion (or what's left of those) wither away each passing day.


that severe huh ? what job do you work ? each day or part-time, i can barely stand part-time, i work 3 days the third day i stop an hour and a half earlier


Being a NEET does ruin you, but only because you get a taste of what true freedom really feels like.

I think that this is the reason why most governments don't want any universal income, not because the spending is too high, but because it would make people realize that capitalism has made them literal slaves under threat of poverty when we already have the means to give everyone a good life with relatively little effort.


I think that this is the reason why most governments don't want any universal income, not because the spending is too high, but because it would make people realize that capitalism has made them literal slaves under threat of poverty when we already have the means to give everyone a good life with relatively little effort.

You're on the money, besides people pride themselves for working and beat down those that don't, they got them all in line.


it's official i'm the local workplace psycho, people mumble psychopath etc after talking to me, i get dirty looks as well
Basically i made a death threat once and i also had a "violent" outburst kicking some lockers, i'm not an actual psycho though, i just don't like being humiliated and bullied.


>I'm not a psycho but I do psycho things


bring a box of donuts/bagels for everyone and maybe apologize for how you've been acting


I just wanted enough money to buy videogames and basic necessities, why the fuck I have to get a job? Why the fuck I have to get a linkedin account and participate in all the social bullshit? Why there is so much emphasis in "soft skills" and other crap. people 60 years ago just did their fucking jobs and went home, now we have the means to give everyone a decent life for free yet things are way worse than 60 years ago.

Fuck this, fuck work.


fuck 'em, you are better than them. Be a psycho


>I have to get a linkedin account
I'm a socially inept wagie and I've never had to do that. I think you're problem is you're not looking for an honest job.


No, most IT normos and sweatshops (AKA "startups") already expect you to have a linkedin account with 1000 skills,experience and other shit (with your real face and name of course).


I'll refuse if it comes to that. I don't care if I have to remain a janitor forever.

Fuck them. Fuck that entire cancerous website.


>fuck 'em, you are better than them
i'm really not, i'm the lowest denominator i hate myself, i have no skills i'm ugly and not very smart. Life would be bearable if i wasn't me.
that being said i hate almost everyone else as well, i just have an aversion to the human race and myself.


You can't escape the social bullshit because you're working with people. The higher paid the job, the more expectation that you are able to navigate social spaces correctly, at the very least being presentable to others and being able to communicate. It's pretty clear why employers might prefer LinkedIn because it tells a bigger story than just a black-and-white resume. Even a fake LinkedIn persona tells a story that you are at least conscious of how you should present yourself, even if the facts aren't all perfectly aligned. Part of what tech companies are selling to clients these days is that all of their workers are enthusiastic, passionate people.

It's only going to get worse as we connect every part of our lives to the Internet and employers will be able to filter more and more undesirables simply by visiting their social media (or lack their of).


File: 1657988966825.png (6.71 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

errybody strike


Don't be so hard on yourself. I hate most people too


2 days off is a joke.

I'm still tired and exhausted, now I have to go back to work for another 5 days?


What do you plan to do to change this?


Nothing because I'm desperate for a job.


could be worse, I only have one day off


if you dont need the money try find a part time job. 3 or 4 days a week would be perfect for a lot of wizards. its what i am going to prioritize for my next job even if they offer a lower salary.


Hell even four hour days, six days a week would be better imo.


Anyone else cry on their way to work?


File: 1658276720984.gif (917.65 KB, 500x462, 250:231, E7wdujd.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Been working at this warehouse job for 10 months now. I'm almost 22 and this has been the first real job I've ever after coming out of being a neet for 2 half to 3 years after high school. The hours are good, 40 hour week 8 and half hour days and overtime available if needed. I'm not forced to do it either which is nice for now. Basically I just packaged shit together and out it on shelfs or pallets.

Or at least that's what they have me doing for the past 7 months since the department I'm actually supposed to be in has no work so they had to move us all around. Orginally when I got there there was 6 people including me. Now there's only 3 including myself again. One guy was a bam margaria like meth head and the other two just stop showing up for work. The meth head head guy tweaked out and started a fight outside the food truck during lunch and got fired after that. Apparently he was sleeping on the job while he was made a custodian since they all moved us into other things. Basically gave him bitch work I guess. He was making tents outside to sleep in during his hours inside the pallet walls stacked outside.

Besides that it's been same old shit. I only got the interview was because my dad knew the guy in HR , I guess they liked me enough. Hope everyone is making it through especially the autism wagies like me just trying to blend in so thye don't think I'll shoot up the warehouse. Anyway im sitting here watching the sun go down before I head home for tomorrow's wage day. I got a raise aswell making 17 US a hour instead of 16 US. Funny enough I've been coming in late but I'm fixing that so I don't get fired. Anyone else have any warehouse storys to tell?


File: 1658280925599.gif (1.99 MB, 500x516, 125:129, 25585.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I'm starting to feel what's it's like to be a wagie in a cage. Although as much as it nice have some money in the bank I don't care about anything else,I'm scared of being a wagie the rest of my life. Hopefully one day I'll have enough money saved to quit and just live in some van or rv and be a hermit. That's my dream at least for now because home ownership seems out the window. I'm living with my dad and his girlfriends three little kids who moved in with us and my brother who comes over sometimes.

There fine but it just feels embarrassing mostly due to western propaganda of young people being uncool while living with family after education. At least I dont have college debt compared to ot others having to pay ass to back payments. I had a distaste for waging every since I was little. I wanted to be a monk or a hermit who tended to his garden and then walked to the market to get what he needed and then say hello to the other villagers. I'm at least starting to exercise to get my mental strength better and so I don't kill myself from boredom.

I've been trying to get transfered to metal shop so eventually if I look for a metal fabricator job I can write down that I have work experience in it and them find a better paying job. It feels hopeless to even pester on because there's no rotation avaliable. I can't even have earbuds and listen to podcast or music i had to having i plsying from my lhone speaker which sucks because of course since one guy wasn't paying attention and got caught watching movies we all have to suffer. Fucking bullshit that the excuse was that we can't have them on while operating "heavy equipment" but the equipment I use is just a tape gun to tape up boxes all day. Now I can't even watch movies myself to make the day go by faster like I used to. Hopefully things get better I just gotta keep dragging myself to find goals for my mental heath. Mostly by reading more books and like stated before excersisng.


Sorry if there is any spelling errors . Im typing this on my phone and mobile posting is a pain.


I really miss wageslave threads, they were always comfy to me. A respite from the world, a place to commiserate with my fellow wageslaves. I'm glad I found you guys again.


how to find an easy night security job ? where I can watch anime and play video games on my laptop. I tried to go to the security firms in my area but they have the same crap where you have to work as a receptionist.


I got a Jr Developer job starting next Monday and I'm fucking scared, I don't even know how I got it, I suck at programming and I was sure they would see through my retardation and reject me, but somehow I passed the (very easy) interview and got the job, any other normalfag would be happy but I want to puke.

And rejecting it is not an option, my parents would be so fucking mad and they would kick me out.


Congrats. I suggest give it a couple weeks, you might be surprised how little expectations they have, especially since you're a junior.


>you might be surprised how little expectations they have

I genuinely hope so, they told me I would get into some kind of boot camp to "enhance programming skills" before getting into real projects, I was expecting the practical interview to be a nightmare that would get me rejected but it was quite easy (complete a method that returns the biggest number from an array of numbers) thats something that appeared many times before in the YT programming videos I watched while studying programming in college.

It makes me think that college is actually a scam, if you can grab anyone who is not a genuine diagnosed retard and get him/her into a bootcamp to make semi decent programmers then why you need a college for?


factory overnight security jobs.


i wouldn't say it is a scam, you are supposed to get out of it knowing everything you studied there, but that is not what is happening since everyone gets there to get a paper that says he know the subjects of the course, not to know the subjects of the course
that is what is giving the (wrong) view that college is a scam, misuse


post ending in 666
how have you not been fired for that? must be a desperate shit job. i got a wagie fired before because he got an arguement with me and his manager told me they fired him later on. he was a low tier wagie easily replaceable.


File: 1658345054332.jpg (12.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 32538956893.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Roofbro here, quit my job yesterday. Was being treated like shit, could barely see because I had a huge face sunburn and forehead sweat constantly pouring into my eyes, and the 90 degree heat fried my brain so much that in a drunk-like outburst, I up and quit. Sat on the curb and waited for a taxi to pick me up. I hate the sun and I hate people. Praying the next job I get has an available nightshift.


File: 1658346675232.gif (983.68 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1443838608574.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome back to joblessness friend. That job sounds hellish, I also quit recently because my job made me ill. Here's hoping you find something in a nice air conditioned building.


>(complete a method that returns the biggest number from an array of numbers)

What the fuck. I've only been playing around for programming for three months, I could do that by the end of the first month.

Why do codecels make this out to be hard? I feel like an idiot for believing it was a super cerebral field for the longest time.


most people are tards


I found out later that the interview tests are randomized exercises from a pool of exercises with various levels of difficulty, I was lucky and got one of the easy ones along with a very friendly interviewer.

I know someone else that applied too and got a more difficult problem (not extremely difficult, but the kind of thing I can't do).


File: 1658367212502.jpg (14.07 KB, 250x293, 250:293, 1616853471526.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Here's hoping you find something in a nice air conditioned building
Thanks brother, I appreciate it.


File: 1658367700075.gif (1.41 MB, 303x211, 303:211, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

How are my fellow wagies doing this night? Remember to warm up the cage before jumping in, because Fridays only two days away before the wagie gets to enjoy his two day weekend


I live in a bottom of the barrel 3rd world shithole and I see normies being somewhat happy despite working for like idk 400$ a month tops?

They all want to leave but at the same time they seem content living in a poor shithole. How do these people cope or justify their existence is beyond me. Whenever I realize I'll have to wagecuck for such small amount of money I legit don't know how long I'll be able to do it before I snap and do something crazy.


Do you need more than that? It all depends on prices and living standards in your country.


>Do you need more than that?
In this day? yes. But back in like 2012 when worldwide and local inflation wasn't that big of a deal it could be enough I guess.


They're happy because everyone else around then is the same, probably a richfag would be someone who makes 1300$ a month or so (also the prices are adjusted to those wages so it's not that bad).

Normalfags are happy when they can compare positively with their peers, if everyone makes a pittance and they make a pittance then they're ok with that.


what was the problem?


This is my second security job and it's like the first, where I don't really do much of anything all night and just browse the internet listening to music while sipping on some coffee.

I'm currently posting from my job right now, from my laptop. To get this job, I had to apply to all the security companies in my area, but all they had was really shit grunt security work. I somehow found this in-house security job posting that was just posted, applied and they literally just handed the job to me. I was hired almost instantly.

There are good security jobs out there for wizards, but they're like finding a needle in a haystack. You might not even find a comfy security job in your area, that is how rare they are.


Im working 2nd week as a plumber. We are doing a whole repair on a 4 story apartment. A latvian guy is instructing me. He is very chill but his and kinda our boss is this 300 lbs beast with missing teeth.

Working from 7 am to 3:30 pm makes you pretty exhausted. I try to browse my phone every now and then in the bathrooms and just keep an ear on any approaching sounds from the stairwell.

Im a hvac engineer by education but I couldnt find a job in 7 months so here I am.


>get off work on weekends
>first night I can sleep as much as I want
>sleep 16 hours
>weekend almost over already

Okay, this isn't even fair.


I feel you on that one
>come home Friday from work at around 3:00pm
>I decide that I'll take 2 hour nap since it's Friday
>wake up at 3am on Saturday

Went on a nice night walk after though which is nice


Consoled me a little bit on some of my working days. Reminds me of the couple times I just walked out after the boss abused me, couple of the few memories I am proud of.


Current progress of looking for a job:

phase 1:
- spent months and scored like 6 interviews. i was extremely tired and depressed so i could barely hold a conversation. all of this was unproductive. no job offers.

phase 2:
- find a few interesting companies and apply to them
- company A gives me a job offer but its mediocre and the company is boring. i know if i accept it every day working there will be hell. the manager tries to rush me into literally signing the contract tomorrow which is a huge red flag. i know that if i work there ill hate my job and probably end up burning out again. he was also quick to emphasize that it would be full time which is not what i want.
- company B is excited about me. oh so excited! i talk to HR who assures me the team are interested and will speak to me soon. weeks pass and nothing comes of it. it was for a role i was really interested in and a genuinely good fit for. i put the shit companies offer on hold to wait for more info but I wasn't going to accept it anyway.
- company C is promising. their engineer wants to work with me and if it was up to them id be hired. but the company has 'no official open positions' and the engineer is unsure if he can offer me anything but he's 'going to ask.' i havent heard back on this yet.
- company D's team is stellar. lots of big names and from prestigious places you've heard of. they have a good business plan. i tell them im still doing interviews but get the sense that this immediately made them lose interest and pass on me.

so far ive been lied to, ghosted, and strung along. if this is the way these places treat new people considering working there then i can only imagine what terrible places they are to work at. all i want is for people to respect my time and stick to their word. but so far all ive found is a bunch of well paid assholes.

losing motivation to keep looking for jobs.


I'm starting my first job on Monday at age 27. I have to sit in a small office in a warehouse and process orders and create labels. It's a small business with 1 laborer guy and 1 boss who hardly ever shows up, the boss wants me to do his admin work while he goes around on meetings or whatever it is bosses do.
I will also occasionally have to be on the phone with 5 succubi who work in a nearby office so that will be fun (it won't be fun) but thankfully I never have to physically see them or go anywhere near them.
Apparently they're all really stupid and bad at their jobs, and I've seen them on the phone with the boss where they fucking waffle endlessly but of course the boss loves to waffle along. With me I think I'll get to the point and give canned lines, and they won't be happy about it but whatever.
I don't know how I passed the interview. He asked me if I had any experience, anywhere and I said no. Then he turned it around and actually said "no experience is actually a positive in some cases because you won't have learnt any bad habits".
I start for real on monday but I have to go in for the rest of this week to learn the ropes.
I'm already mourning the loss of my freedom but at least it will be easy work I hope. It's only 10 minutes walk away too. 7-5pm. Honestly it's probably the best thing I could ever hope for, I just hope I won't have to do any hard labor like helping out the lad in the stockroom.


Hmmm how can you afford to be so picky, that's quite impressive. Are you an engineer or something?


Too tired to do anything after work.

Just angry.


For my work I'm forced to interact with coworker normals and its so tiring, I'm quite sure that they already know that I'm some kind of freak even when I try to be kind and friendly with everyone, I feel like I'm in High School with everyone ostracizing me and isolating me again.

How do I escape this?


anyone here work amazon warehouse? I am trying to get a job for at least a month to save up some money. There are no job postings near my area, I just get job postings for areas that are 6 hours away from me.


Honestly if you can you should give up already and be a NEET, having a job is not worth it at all, careers and succesful jobs and that shit are for normals, they depend on being good little wagies to survive.

If I could afford to have some kind of NEETbux I would quit my job tomorrow. and is not even a bad job ny normie standards, but fuck work.


>haven't worked before
>wants to be some manual labor slave wagie in a backbreaking fast paced Amazon warehouse

You wouldn't even make it to the second day in an Amazon warehouse. That's where all the normies, drug addicts and scum work.


I have no idea why normies do it to themselves either. They have so much more than us to live for, why would they themselves subject themselves to amazon wagie life.

I can understand working in a factory when it's the 19th century and you have no choice, it's that or die. Or in the 1950s when factory work was middle class union work. But this is a modern society where there is an entire class of white collar people getting paid four times as much as you, doing like three hours of work a day in an office. A society where 1/3rd of the eligible workforce is on some sort of welfare.


I think NEETing becomes unbearable the older you get tbh. I finally moved out at like 25 and it was already very hard. my life is comfy compared to what it was. think i found a new jobby. lets hope anyway.


late bloomer alert


I dont even mind working i have nothing else going on anyway. the problem is that i am a weed addict and too lazy to get up in the morning to work


thats why in africa they are seemingly fine in their horrible situation becasuse everyone is in the same situation


race to the bottom alert. black and white thinking alert. human behavioural over-simplification alert. paranoia over-tone alert.


just do your best to fake it around them. try to fit in but also keep your distance. always act normal never let them think youre some kind of psycho or something. i work around normals too


File: 1659070167723.jpg (807.89 KB, 1200x1813, 1200:1813, 18429e49d66b4e919fd287efb5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb





The most horrifying thing I've read online in a long time. Holy fuck.


go away norman


Newly hired junior Software Engineer here, I will use this thread to vent.

Got this job by accident, I didn't want it but my parents pressured me into applying, I did it convinced that they would reject me but alas, I got hired along with another 50 people with much better skills than me, today I ended my first week of training out of 8.

Whoever told you that this job was great for wizards because you can write code by yourself without being bothered either is very lucky or a liar, there's is a fuckton of socializing in these jobs nowadays, you are expected to work on a team, you're supposed to attend meetings, you're supposed to get along with your coworkers so they don't feel "demoralized" and ruin the entire project, is awful, very tiring and full of normalfags, also with this retarded "succubi on IT" shit they're fucking forcing succubi to get a lot of jobs so they will force horrible Karen's with barely any skills and force you to team up with them.

The job itself is not that bad but working is a pain that leaves you with very little free time, the only thing that is keeping me going is some vague promise about switching to hybrid after training ends, if that's not happening then I'm out.


Literal vampires


>very lucky or a liar

I was very lucky to have my first job be in a small company with 10 other guys that didn't push all of the agile and trendy shit and we just focused on good old fashioned software development. We'd have a lot of freedom in how we did things and didn't need lots of meetings except to discuss big picture stuff. That made me think that this profession really could be quite wizard-friendly.

Several years later and I'm now working for a much bigger company and there's just layers of teams and people that each handle their own little piece of the pie. This creates the need to constantly have meetings and coordinate and manage work with tickets and write documentation and if something breaks down the pipeline, you're now in a chat with the guy that manages the production server etc.

It's just so tiring. I get much less actual work done and I generally feel like crap because of these forced interactions. Sometimes I get a nice ticket to work on and its just an entire day of coding without anyone bothering me and the project manager has to pick up his kid or whatever so he cancels the meetings for that day and it's just so…I miss it so much, just programming without all the bullshit on top of it.


>- spent months and scored like 6 interviews. i was extremely tired and depressed so i could barely hold a conversation. all of this was unproductive. no job offers.

>- spent months and scored like 6 interviews. i was extremely tired and depressed so i could barely hold a conversation. all of this was unproductive. no job offers.

I'm in the same boat.
Doing endless interviews is exhausting. Especially when they are in person.


The comfiness of the job is very much overstated online, but that's because technology functions like magic to the lay person and it gives egregious posters an in to bullshit about it. You see it all the time on /biz/ and 4chan in general, there was a transition from


>"Lol I'm a NEET in my room and mommy makes me tendies, I get to shitpost and play video games all day, u jelly"
>"Lol I'm a software developer on $120,000 a year, I do two hours of work a day, u jelly.

The ones that actually get to fuck around all day and be left alone are help desk and system administrators for places like public libraries. They'll open and close a couple of tickets a day and spend their time out back alone. But those jobs only pay like $50,000 a year.


Keep looking wizzie. My resume is quite decent and I don't just spam out generic cover letter shit. I don't have a degree so I get filtered out a lot by HR roasties. But if you have a degree its a lot easier to at least get interviews.

I have a good like 8 years in my industry and it still took me a while to get an offer I actually wanted. I know there are spoiled tech normalfags who will gloat about how they got 12 FAANG offers in 2 weeks. But they'll also usually have an ivy league school on their resume and have been spoonfed the latest crap like AI by a professor in the area. So these retards are basically rich brats that are just handed everything (that's how it looks to me looking at what resumes got them the offers.)

We've just got to keep going. Took me like 6 months. But I wasn't looking the entire time. I honestly think this is the worst economy I've so far been alive to apply for jobs in. Salaries and perks are also a bit lower. I noticed like a 20k drop in average salary for my area which usually pays quite well. I believe you can get a good job wizzie. Just got to keep doing the soul destroying work of applying.


Oh by the way I forgot to say that the newest trendy shit of IT companies is booking your fucking office space in advance, yeah like hotel rooms, with this little app called Robin you get to choose your own little wagie space.

In practice it just means that during training the High School style cliques form and sit down together and freaks like me sit alone and it's all publicly available for everyone to see.


It really varies a lot. At a FinTech company I worked at the customer support engineers worked insanely hard. They had a quota of tickets to fill out and I saw people getting fired for not keeping up.

Some tech jobs are comfy. Most if not all expect you to ship often though. My advice for the kinds of posters from this site is don't bother to get a tech job you're not passionate about. The reason is: the work is just too difficult. You can work long hours and have a lot of responsibility.

If you're working for a company who is doing something you think is really cool and their engineering process actually gives you control over your work then you're going to wake up feeling energised as fuck. A good process will empower you to do your best work. A bad process will get in the way of you doing it. I really don't think many people from here would be capable of holding down a tech job long-term if they hate it from the start. That's an easy way to burn out.

What I will say is this: I believe tech is one of the most accessible professions for people like us. It doesn't emphasize social skills beyond being able to communicate what you're doing / needs to be done. If you learn how to code there are plenty of high-paying startup jobs though you will need to specialize. For example: my first real complex project I made was a trading system. It could move coins between Bitcoin and other alt-coins with good security. When I released that I spoke about my work it impressed this startup enough to hire me. So if you want a tech job you have to be passionate and motivated enough to try do something difficult. Doing side projects like that will teach you real-world skills that you really can't get any other way. They will also demonstrate to companies what you can do in a tech sense and you can add them to your resume.


It definitely does vary a lot. But every middle sized local government department is willing and able to have a tech support fella on standby to sort out when people forget passwords and like. If you shop around you can find those jobs, it's more that they're boring as shit like being a security guard, just higher paid.

The field has long been normified because alongside tech growing, other fields have shrunk and all the talent has flooded to tech. The people that once would become lawyers or engineers are now working in that field and brought their normie bullshit with them. People don't really talk about the fields like law, which have had their career ladder just disappear in front of their eyes as there's twice as many graduate lawyers as there are available jobs.

The whole point is the glamor of the field is often bullshit. And it is peddled by people that like to flex on others and do so in a way that's easy to do because technology is an enigma. You have a lot of pepeNEET tier bullshit surrounding the field.


From what I saw this week I disagree, IT used to be pure nerds listening to heavy metal and with no succubi in sight during the 90's, now every retard wants to get in and the most insufferable females like shaniquas and Karens get in too because of this "any succubus can do it" bullshit, they literally hire them to brag about how inclusive they are, it's not wizard friendly at all really.


there just arent that many high paying jobs that let you work remotely and dont require you to be a normie. like take medicine. you can work remotely with a 'telehealth' company doing simple consults but medicine is gated and requires all kinds of cert (pros and cons of this.) with tech you just pick up and book and try things out. no need to go to college. if you're depressed, have no energy, poor concentration, or severe anxiety, you can still earn a living in tech without ever leaving the house. i think thats p unique.


I got my first "real" job a few weeks ago and it's already a disaster.
Apparently I am a "salaried" employee which means my pay never changes no matter how much I work.
In practice this means that they can require me to work overtime uncompensated, but if I leave early or miss a day, all hell breaks loose.
I also don't have any vacation time or sick time until the end of the year, so it's a fucking trainwreck waiting to happen.
I had to call out the other day because I had a thundering migraine.
I came in the next day and HR immediately started harrassing me about how I was going to "make the time up."
I told them to just not pay me for that day and they said it's not how it works, I have to make the time up (even though I'm a new employee and literally don't know how to do anything)
So now I have to stay overnight for 8 fucking hours doing nothing but staring at a computer screen. Or come in on the weekend and do the same thing.


That sounds illegal as hell.


Unfortunately not.
They call it "exempt" employees in the US. It means you are exempt from overtime laws.
Being a salarycuck is even worse than being a wagecuck.
It's a holdover from the days when they would cut people's hours all the time. In those days, having a salary was actually a benefit because it was a guarantee that you'd get the same money every week instead of the uncertainty of hourly.
But nowadays it's just used to make you work unpaid overtime.



Many managers are there to be the "heel", not so much to actually manage things.

Most people that start businesses are gregarious like other normalfaggots. They don't enjoy having to tardwrangle in workers and to be strict. They genuinely want to get along with people and having to be negative on other people ruins their mood. So they hire someone who genuinely enjoys that shit as a job and gets off on it.

But the business owners and upper leadership that hire these psychos hold them in total contempt. I have relatives that own large businesses and growing up they used to tell me often "I would punch him out if I could, I absolutely despise him but he's useful" and "if I was one of my workers I wouldn't let him talk to me that way, but they take it so oh well".

I'm not sure if your average tardwrangling manager is aware of how much their bosses just see them as a useful tool, and despise them. I think they're ignorant to it, because they're often sycophantic little fucks that are desperate from validation from further up, and that asslicking is too intense and pointless to be entirely cynical. They're the former bullies at school that have come to believe in prosperity gospel bullshit and that if they just work hard enough, they'll be at the top themselves one day by golly. But they never seem to go any further up than they are, ever.

But because people are people and do push limits, you have to have someone that's a bit of a cunt there to keep people in line. The problem is that the job is too often being offloaded to sociopaths that get off on it, and inevitably they just end up bullying the most vulnerable person pointlessly until he leaves.


File: 1659250894205.jpg (629.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, A79AABFC-51CE-4144-9697-45….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder if there's even any happiness left in this world for us in the lower-middle class.
Ever since I've started working fulltime I feel like I've become more acutely aware of all the misery around me.

I hate waking up at 5:30AM to get to my job, but yesterday I was driving my dad to the airport at 3AM and there were just as many trucks and commercial cars all along to there as any other time of day
I doubt any of those people wanted to be working at 3AM, yet there they were all over the city buzzing around.

This state of misery and slavery just seems to be constant with no reasonable escape for anyone


Is there a "drowning in debt" thread on this site somewhere? Because that's where I'd like to go post.


That reminds me of something I heard someone say one time.
Our entire society counts on people getting up and doing shit that they don't want to do. It's a miracle that it even works at all, as flawed and shitty as it is.


I don't want to get political, but that neoliberal capitalism for you, the threat of starving or being homeless is a great motivator to do something -anything- to avoid it, this is why when people don't have those immediate threats directed at them they stop for a moment and realize "why the fuck I'm doing this shit I hate" that's what happened during the great resignation after the COVID payouts, even a relatively small and limited form of UBI is enough to make people realize that they're individuals and not cattle.


File: 1659284906070.jpg (49.01 KB, 375x750, 1:2, agnaktor does not like wha….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You fags are grade A retards if you think doing shit you don't want to for survival is a phenomenon limited to capitalism or society. That is the state of biological life on this planet. You must get food or you die. You must get water or you die. This has been the state of life on this planet for about 4 billion years, some dumbshit humans are not special or exempt from it.


Oh yeah I forgot that animals are supposed to get into a shitty office 8 hours a day doing menial shit to survive, animals in nature do what they do because they're slaves to the environment and their own biology,we on the other hand have the means to liberate every single human being from the threat of starvation and homelessness and make people work only of they willingly chose to, but we decided not to because a bunch of ultramillionaires want to feel better about being over everyone else.


>we on the other hand have the means to liberate every single human being
> we decided not to
We don't. You don't know anything about humanity if you think we do.


File: 1659299655487.gif (676.26 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>You fags are grade A retards if you think doing shit you don't want to for survival is a phenomenon limited to capitalism or society. That is the state of biological life on this planet. You must get food or you die.
my cat seems to enjoy hunting tho

>This has been the state of life on this planet for about 4 billion years

adam smith only wrote his book a couple of hundred years ago tho, i mean there are writers like locke who project the current prevailing economics on nature and human origins but that's only because they are historically illiterate (that is to say, english)


unless we're going to say feudalism was capitalist we can cut that 4,000,000,000 years down to 400


File: 1659302266627.webm (1.76 MB, 270x480, 9:16, 1659269012996178.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1659303057930.jpg (114.31 KB, 512x476, 128:119, 1659077533984962.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>please add the n-word to my file


She got fired.


Why do liberals think that threatening a huge segment of the population with squalor and starvation is some kind of epic own? I'm not trying to be political but do they understand what happens in societies where people really face that level of desperation?


It's a way for them to lord power over others and to grow their coalition, while denying resources to their opponents. They're also figuring that some people will "convert" so they can keep their job.
It's basically working since this DIE stuff is everywhere now.


I've been a dev since 2008.
You get used to it.
Keep at it.



Bring a box of donuts for everyone in the morning. You can literally bribe people into liking you.


It's just people being cunts, if it wasn't this then it'd be something else. If they were in Nazi Germany they'd be ratting out jews, if they were in the Soviet Union they'd be accusing people of being class traitors, if they were in 17th century Spain they'd be accusing people of being witches.

People are so insincere and their motivations are always so shallow. It's all so tiring, I hate humanity.


Yes, and the reason they are being cunts is power, but hard flexes (like economic exclusion) are probably a sign of precarity among them


Newly Hired junior developer here, I managed to talk with some coworkers that seem nice enough, at least I don't look like the weirdo anymore, but its so tiring, it makes my head hurt when I go back home.

I'm not used to this at all.


It's me again >>262710 I will keep blogging because I have nothing else to do while some shit installs at work.

The people are not that bad, they try to be kind, but it's obvious that me and normals have very different lives and expectations, it's very tiring having to deal with people, my head hurts and I don't really know how to behave.

Anyway the thing is that it's very obvious that getting this job was mostly an accident and pure luck, I'm 26 and without any real job experience, I don't really know programming except for the basics and yet I'm here with 23 year olds that have created Android apps, complex projects, worked for a lot of companies etc, while I was wasting my time (not even having a good time) they were out there learning, doing, working, being successful adults, and yet they're my coworkers, this shouldn't be, it's an anomaly.

Anyway I hope coming to the office every day ends soon after the training is over either because they move me to hybrid or because they fire me, even if I manage to stay here I'm not sure of I can keep going for more than a year, and holy fuck my parents will surely kick me out if I abandon this too soon.

I miss being a NEET so much, professional success is for normalfags, Is basically the only thing that keeps them going.


do you have a degree?


Got a job (not that new anymore) and the boss keeps shit testing me.

Keeps asking if I've done basic shit I've always done or if something goes wrong, makes sure I wasn't the one who caused it by asking me questions.

Now I'm on edge, stressing me out and ruining my time off work thinking about it.


Yes I do actually, I like computers and shit but I wanted to be something more similar to support, yet my parents saw a an opening for a software company and they thought "anon must be a programmer genius because he spends so much time at his computer!" ,applied, got an extremely easy problem as interview exercise and here I am.

It all feels like a dream really, not really a bad dream or a nightmare, but a dream nonetheless, I miss my own reality.


You guys have cars? I might be forced to get a vehicle. What's the point If it'll just be used to carry me to and from waging. what do my parents do with their cars? any adventures? No, just work and grocery store and sometimes visiting friends and family. I would never get a vehicle just to enable wageslavery. I was planning on getting a bike but it seems the one I want is all out of sale, and I don't have the social skills needed for the used market, not that any sellers are near enough for me to bus to. And thats not to say anything about the 2 month beginners license expiry date. cars get 5 YEARS, while if I want to be highway certified and not take a written test every 2 months I have to do 2 weeks of course training while under wagie conditions.
>have opportunity to turn ad thing into good thing
>the world decides to prank me
Whatever. I shouldn't make a fuss, if I do whatever divination that is accosting me will be entertained enough to continue my suffering. I wage, I cage


I'm lucky to have my workplace literally 100m away from my home, so even though I have a car, I only use it once a week and I'm content to flick it off once it breaks.

Honestly unless you want a wife and kids, most of the "normie" things like your own car and your own house become burdens that you don't actually enjoy. With houses your weekends get sucked away with inevitable home repairs and with cars they're a huge money sink.

It's actually more effective and cost effective to be a NEET here than to wageslave full time with a car. Cars can suck away 30% of your income by the time you take into account petrol, WOF, registration, insurance and repairs.

If you really wanted a car to go on holidays with, you can just rent one for the one week during summer that you leave town on holiday.


I really wish I could find a remote job.
It seems like 9 out of 10 people these days are bragging about their remote job but I can't find some anywhere. I guess I should have done CS.


Another normalfag launching his career.


File: 1659585363572.jpg (42.11 KB, 640x960, 2:3, tumblr_o43bodchpr1rd6m3wo1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Applied to the Post Office this Sunday, currently waiting for a response back. I've heard they can take months before they get back to you, so I've decided that if they take longer than a month, I'm going to have to apply for a part time job, preferably one where I don't have to interact with people as much. Janitorial, lightbulb changing, moving boxes from A to B, anything like that, but most importantly, I need to guarantee I'll be working on the night shift. What job would best suit me, wizworkers?




Can't smoke legal alt-cannabinoids because your body breaks them down and produces chemicals that are also produced by marijuana, so if you get drug tested, it will be positive for THC even though you never smoked anything that contained THC.

Working is seriously fucking gay. Literally for slaves.


It's me blogging again, I feel so weird at my job, all my coworkers start talking about programming and sharing tips and shit that looks like legit Chinese to me, I don't understand most things they're talking about, they have so much more experience than me while I barely know how to create Java classes, so I just sit there nodding at things I don't understand, me being hired was an accident, an anomaly, and I'm just waiting for them to find out about it so shit hits the fan.

If you're NEET with secure roof and food stay like that, I wish I could.


>If you're NEET with secure roof and food stay like that, I wish I could.

Yeah, no shit. You're working with prime normalfags.

Don't be fooled by "nerds are cool" or other stupid shit like that. Nerds are the biggest normalfags around.


File: 1659636926771.jpg (109.57 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1618673526847.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Don't be fooled by "nerds are cool" or other stupid shit like that. Nerds are the biggest normalfags around.
this was one of the harder things for me to accept.


Would it be hard to get a security job as Manlet with a small frame? I've heard elsewhere it's not worth trying for it that's the case, even if you're basically doing nothing but just watching cameras your entire shift


why do people ask this every week?


top wizkid google searches:
>night time security jobs in my area
>sodium nitrate order online
>how long does it take do die of starvation
>how to aim crossbow at your own head



The fuck are you talking about? How is talking about programing a "normalfag" thing to do?



Dude chill out, you are a noob and like all noobs in programing you have impostor syndrome. It's the most common thing in a programming job.

When I started with a batch of 18 trainees in a mayor company, half of us had bruxism (excessive teeth grinding) a few months in because of the stress of feeling incompetent and way over our heads. You will learn with time. It takes about a year before you can do something useful on your own without hand holding by a senior, and about 3 years before the feeling of not knowing what you are doing goes away.

In short: programming is not easy, you have to put thousands of hours into it to get good.


My mom said I fucked up because of a mistake I made when submitting my resume. I felt the need to take something out to keep it to one page, which I know now, is/was not necessary in this case. I can't resubmit the application or even edit the profile I had to make for their website. Honestly, if they're making it so hard to do this, is it worth it in the first place? I don't even believe this job will help me with my career. Simply put, I don't feel like I've lost anything when there are other jobs out there that I could get an offer for in a week or two. It also could have been possible I was lucky last job, but I have no proof of that.


File: 1659656922028.jpg (152.56 KB, 1080x1041, 360:347, 1659511260957478.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I find that nerds are often bigger pieces of shit than normalfags. The crossdressing coomer cunts that are your stereotypical young programmers have an annoying arrogance to them that's offputting. I remember talking with a mtf tranny one a few years ago and he straight up was like some character out of american psycho, just waffling on about speaker and headphone brand names and prices, whining about his parents non-stop and deprecating people that didn't live in a big city.

The guys wearing slacks with wives and kids are the nice ones in those circles.


Yeah I'm more calmed now, honestly I will just stop caring that much and try to be as comfortable as possible, I had some kind of epiphany last night, I realized that the worst thing they can do to me is firing me and that wouldn't be so bad really, so I will just stop giving a fuck.

But to be honest the worst scenario is that after training ends they decide to backtrack on their promises about hybrid, I would consider quitting then because I won't spend my life in traffic and then some office.


i have a cheap paid off car that i only use for work and i literally barely spend any money in repairs its only the insurance that gets you.


File: 1659926125941.png (175.56 KB, 400x217, 400:217, 1655769916865 (1).png) ImgOps iqdb



I am going to be quizzed by my boss tomorrow and I get to do a performance review later in the week. Oh the wonders of working as a slave only to be judged on the quality of your work. Somehow I feel like slavery is no different than it was in colonial times. YES MASSA I SWEAR I BE A GUD UN' I SWEAARRR *cracks whip* AIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!


>I am going to be wizzed by my boss tomorrow


Smelly coworker left garbage everywhere and left everything dirty.

Had to disinfect the chair and everything I might touch.


My job is tolerable, but the thought of having to work for the next 30 years just to drop dead afterwards is absolutely terrifying, actually the fact that our entire lives (even in education) are designed around work is absolutely nuts, who the fuck thought that this system was a good idea, the only reason I think something so fucked up exists is because the elites wanted to keep people busy to avoid being overthrown.


Yeah, in hour and half its time for a shitsift and finger is probably broken.


30 years working sound like hell, truly I can't find a good cope for that, I can't wrap my head around that fact, fucking hell, working is fucking bad.


>good cope for that

A good cope is working part-time, maybe 3 shifts a week or two 12 hour shifts.


work sucks but it's nice to have money

just work 4 hours a week like i do(make 40 dollars a week). it sucks but it's tolerable. 40 dollars is enough for me to be happy. i don't need a lot of money

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