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It seems to me that crucial factors that make up our first-person experience have been shaped by events completely out of our control, such as our genes or the environment in which we grew up. Maybe the only thing that counts in life is luck, I didn't ask to be born in a third world country with low intelligence, migraines that make my life hell or depression that seems incurable. Not to mention the annoying normgroids I have to live with on a daily basis. I really hope that there is no afterlife of any kind, or, if there is, that we can at least choose under what conditions to be born. Maybe some blame can be placed on me, but who cares? what am I but a mind causally dependent on a brain that is subject to the same physical laws as everything else in the fucking universe?


The longer you accept this life is a pile of shit and recognize it for what it is, almost exposing it when doing that, the less you're going to give a shit about its nature.
Only optimistic normgroids can take life seriously.


It's obviously true. As an individual, we are merely observers at best. But why do you think this is a bad thing? Just relax and sit through the ride. Awareness of your lack of free will allows you to escape all the traps that dumb 'free will' plebs endure, like shame, blame, regret etc


Because, with such levels of power and energy, that is exactly what we are.

You are not a FFV character, aren't you? You are not really free of going elsewhere to rest and have some minimal piece of land for your nourishment… tied by the greed of normies around you, you are clogged to this parody of a society they have created.

Do you have a healthy diet, wiz?
This could apply to you: https://8chan.moe/.media/017ef1e4c9ebaea29e9060bf58abb83c5dcbe8a9c9ebd7b0faeca5605f551c7c.pdf
If you are already leaving it, that doesn't mean the toxin has faded, so:

Your nervous system is the epicentre of your entire life. Or have you always felt this way? I did not. I was an actual schizo as a child, and it was wonderful.


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>Do you have a healthy diet, wiz?
I'd say so plus i've been working out for at least a year
>links aren't working


>pedochan links


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it's the warp wane schizo


The last time I felt like an observer was when I was still going to high school. After I started the NEET-life I began to feel more in control of myself and my life. Do you wageslave or study? If so, that is the cause of this feeling. If you are forced to be a mere cog in the machine day after day then don't be surprised if you lose sight of yourself. I don't know what to tell you, try to go NEET if you haven't already.


This is what atheism does to people.


What do you mean?


They still be at the healthcare PDF zone at endchan


You finally starting to see what everyone else sees when they see religious people brabbling.


Nothing is within your control but you don't know the flow of causality beyond shallow prediction so your actual experience of events is near identical to if you were in control but just really stupid. The important distinction is our version of the world hurts far more. Because we are not truly behind our decisions do we constantly have to retroactively poorly translate our own will into sensible desires and suffer emotionally upon the constant failure to reconcile it (if you're not braindead, bless the retards). Unable to reconcile because what drives most our motivations is things like gut bacteria and an electric torture chair that's freaking out a lizard brain. These motivations contradict, lack foresight and cannot be ignored. They only share the quality that they wish to cease.


There is a biological cause and medical cure for what you feel is what I was taught. Your kin do as should be done. Maybe experiment with tobacco and alcohol to see if it makes you feel 'real'. Medication may help. If you have a major malfunction you may benefit from a qualified surgeons' help also. Don't live without the help of medical professionals.


Not op but this post is kinda suspicious lol


This is truth. Acceptance of determinism is my most potent consolation


I have yet to hear a truly convincing argument for determinism. As I see it, it is a lie children tell themselves to soothe their troubled minds and to find some peace. Everyone knows it deep down that free will is real. But they refuse to assign any sort of control to themselves. They downplay their own influence and overplay the effect of environment and things outside their control. In my eyes determinism is nothing but the ultimate cope.


All philosophy is a cope for low value retards.


Deep, deep down everyone of us just want to have sex and power. You can't change that even for a second. Deal with it.


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We are what we are today purely because of external factors, I think any retard can see that. I don't even advocate determinism, and I think it's likely that we have what compatibilists call free will, but that doesn't help much, since no one chooses their own desires or their intensity.


sure but not in the way you think it is

don't forget wanting to eat

O damn you're awful
>In my eyes
alright so you're not a complete loss


I've always felt that people like us are completely incompatible with the real world at a fundamental level, I used to think that we were designed for another kind of world, maybe the ones that you see in fiction, manga, anime, videogames etc, maybe we were "characters" designed to be in those mediums but we had the bad luck to become "real" existing in this world, people like us should have remained fictional characters.


Nigga you are coping by not killing yourself, everyone is coping with the harsh reality of life. Coping is the way we are ultimately able to live.


Kind of but among different schools of philosophy there are better and worse schools of thought.

>sex and power
I'd say orgasm and freedom is closer to the truth.

The external factors can change depending on what you do or how you act. People here don't understand this relation.
>no one chooses their own desires or their intensity
Not so sure about that. You can shape yourself to amazing degrees.

Coping refers to any sort of enjoyable activity in life generally. Pessimists like to take all the fun things in existence and separate them from the rest of existence by calling them "copes".

I can relate to this feeling. But maybe it's not so much the world that we are at odds with but only normalfag society. If our culture was different then we would be more at home in this life.


>The external factors can change depending on what you do or how you act.
Well, of course they can and no one disagrees with that, but it's all due to chance. You can work really hard and try to change yourself or your environment but, in the end of the day, you obviously can't control all the variables involved and, if the universe "decides" to fuck with you, it will. I don't like Sam Harris but i guess he's got a point on that book "Free Will" or at least i haven't read any decent responses to his thesis. So if I had to make a bet, I'd bet on the non-existence of libertarian free will and that's all, since this discussion does not seem that useful in a practical sense anyway.


The practical side of this debate is quite important. Free will believers usually give up much later than those who say free will is a meme. If you succumb to blind fatalism you will just shrug your shoulder at every misfortune in life instead of taking a more active approach to things. Just on this point alone it is more beneficial to suppose that the will is free.


You have no evidence of that. It is the opposite in my experience. Look at the retarded wizkids here, the illusory pressure of life decisions on their shoulders is such a huge burden that it makes them collapse. Only when you see through it can you feel lightweight and paradoxically free from that absurd stress


Yes, I also feel depersonalised and derealised often.


This site to me proves something else, most users don't even try things anymore and surrender to whatever life throws at them without a fight. It's always better to try one too many times than to give up easily.

The retarded wizkids are retarded, yeah, they make retarded choices and pursue retarded ideals which aren't worth it. I don't feel any sort of stress or pressure myself. I do things I want to do and don't give up doing them unless I see no reason in trying anymore. But feeling some sort of burden or responsibility can be good actually, it makes you feel like you are really living your life and you aren't just some passive observer. That feeling when you change the external factors and don't let them change you is priceless. It makes you feel powerful, to force your will onto your surroundings.


Damn bro, too relatable….

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