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Do you find it depressing or liberating that nothing we do will ever matter?


>Implying nothing matters
I disagree!


There is no cure to nihilism. Only cope.


I feel bad for anyone who believes this.


It's so silly. Sure, the dust in space don't care, but what you do in life has direct and very momentous consequence on your welfare, it matters quite a lot. It's the reason why OP won't won't saw his fingers off or blind himself with boiling oil, cause it matters. The idea that it only matters if it somehow alters the laws of Celestial mechanics is absolutely ridiculous.


>nothing matters

what a load of nonsense. i mean, what the hell does this even mean? actions always have consequences and you can't escape that. literally everything you do matters, that might even be the whole problem. string of bad decisions and you're in the worst pain of your life. in what puppy dog fantasy do you live where nothing you do matters? i'd love to stay there forever.


>string of bad decisions and you're in the worst pain of your life.
my life doesnt matter
your life doesnt matter
the earth doesnt matter
we are all just cattle


this is just a cope for people that can't deal with the inherently overwhelming nature of reality. everything you do matters and that scares the shit out of you.


"matter" in what scope? The COSMIC scope? Because nothing "matters" to the grand scale of space, and the cosmos probably doesn't have the intellect to determine what would matter to it. Judging by the OP pic, this is the scale the value of our lives are being weighed against.

Everything here, on Earth, matters to you though. Everything on this planet changes how you feel, what opportunities at happiness you have, what your legacy will be and how long it will endure… You don't have to care that things matter to you, but don't deny that they do.

Do you have a dog? A cat? A parent or two who love you? Well you matter to them. Your actions and perceptions effect their lives. Again you don't have to care, but you do for a fact matter whether you want to matter or not.


The only coper is you. Your egocentric belief-system. The fact that you want to turn the other way when faced with the bigger picture.

If you think that what we do here matters then you’re no different from any other mammal, cow, dog, it doesn’t matter. Cattle. Humans are supposed to keep unravelling the mysteries of the world (universe). Even if that means discovering and accepting its absurdity and lack of meaning.

You are just a normalfag for thinking what humans do matters. You are an animal, a mammal, or as I like to call you - insectoid cattle. Your egocentrism has tricked you into thinking your problems matter, me, me, me when in reality NOTHING that happens on this planet has or ever will mattered. That goes for everyone it doesnt matter if you’re homeless or Bill Gates. We will all be dead and forgotten.


File: 1658263238179.jpg (6.15 KB, 184x184, 1:1, peter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Knowing that things have or lack objective value changes nothing in my mood so it's kind of indifferent, even if nihilism is true i'll keep doing things i find to be cool.


File: 1658263561755.jpg (369.22 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 8684ce9aac443029f464e91e38….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright then, enlighten us; Do what all other nihilists still haven't been able to: Tell us how we, as humans, would have to be different in order to "matter".
(I attached Megumin to draw attention to this post)


>We will all be dead and forgotten.
Why the fuck should IT matters according to you?


>nothing matters…cuz…well…it just doesn't, trust me!

i still don't get what you mean. maybe you're the egocentric one since you can't look at things objectively but instead through an emotional lens where you just don't feel important in the grand scheme of things (likely due to being a sexless and isolated dude on the internet, just a guess).


File: 1658268357288.jpg (297.79 KB, 1122x1600, 561:800, 1634133453987.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah your life doesn't matter so what? It still matters on earth though, you can still get arrested for wanking in front of people. You can't do whatever you want and still have to pay taxes/work and try to survive. I never understand this life doesn't matter bullshit because life is still gonna go on and you gotta make the best with what you have to get a good life. The cosmos may not care about you, but why should you care about the cosmos? Just care for yourself and live.


It is true, nothing matters ultimately in the big picture of things. Not even if someone sets himself on fire or decides to saw his arm off.

As for the individual level, of course everyone tries to direct things the way they would benefit him the most. I don't set myself on fire because it matters TO ME that I evade the pain such a thing would bring. But I know that I am just a piece of sand in the desert, nothing more and that the universe existed before me and will go on without me. In the end, I don't matter. In this sense it doesn't matter what pains and tortures (or joys and pleasures) I experience in this life because I will cease to exist anyway.

Being a nihilist doesn't mean you should get stuck in state of apathy, many people don't understand this simple wisdom.
Personally I find it liberating, OP. I can sit back and enjoy life however I want. There is no bad way to live your life, there are no objectives to fulfill in the game, it is free play. If life had objective meaning then people would be whining about it and be depressed about that instead of there being no objective value to anything.

The point is that NOTHING matters. Not humans, not the Earth, not the Sun, not even the universe or matter itself. Things may hold value to you or others but you people aren't the source of objective meaning. There is no such thing. Only God could give things objective meaning. You can give your personal meaning to things but that's it.


Crab moment. Don’t call yourself a wizard if you refuse to be grounded in reality. Trying to pretend your life matters and has meaning is COPE. It’s just mathematically impossible. If you can’t understand what I’m saying you’re just a complete dumbass and exactly what I’m calling you: egocentric. You are no different from the ”humans” that lived in the 16th century and refused to believe that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun, not the other way around. But go ahead, just continue to delude yourself because you havent transcended the animal in you and your priorities and belief-system depend on having sex and not being isolated on the internet, LOL. A true subhuman, I suggest you return to reddit to join back with the other crabs and normalfags


>Personally I find it liberating, OP. I can sit back and enjoy life however I want. There is no bad way to live your life, there are no objectives to fulfill in the game, it is free play.

Wrong, you need money to be able to have a decent life. If not you end up living on the streets begging for money or searching food in the garbage can.


>It still matters on earth though, you can still get arrested for wanking in front of people. You can't do whatever you want and still have to pay taxes/work and try to survive
You can't separate public wanking and risking being arrested, just like you cant separate cumming and having a sticky dick, or eating punching a wall and having a sore hand. If you dont want both parts, then you dont want to do the action. It has nothing to do with whether some action has 'meaning' to it.

> everything you do matters and that scares the shit out of you.
This isnt how I see it. Western thought carries the irrational belief that it's sad and depressing to have no meaning to life - at the same time, nobody has ever made a compelling solution to what that meaning could be, as observed by "what is the meaning to life?" being *the* cultural exemplar of an unanswered, important question. That question obviously carries the assumption that there is meaning at all. People 'hope' desperately that there is meaning; they think it is what they want. It is the opposite to your claim that people are afraid of meaning and want it to be gone. It is liberating to see through this. Regardless of whether there is meaning or not, it is something people irrationally struggle mentally with. It's like a bug in the cultural operating system.


whatever helps you sleep at night. i know it's scary when you have to make decisions on a daily basis but those are the facts, champ - everything you do matters. "nothing matters" is just a fun little word game when you don't want to look at the real world lol



There is no decent life and there certainly isn't any official statement that homeless people can't enjoy life at all. What is considered a decent life differs from person to person. Would you kill your family for money (assuming you like them)? If no, then you acknowledge that there are more important things in life than money.


Again this is like punching a wall and having a sore hand. The world obeys certain physical laws. Actions have consequences. If you neet without any source of money then you can end up unable to buy food. Perhaps that means you would rather get a job. This only means you arent god, it has nothing to do with whether your actions have meaning. It doesnt matter if you are unhappy. It doesnt matter if you kill yourself. Some other talking monkeys might cry for a few years. It's no more important than some ants drowning at your local park every time it rains


Eh I went a little too much on the post, my point being is that life can still matter to you. The little things can matter instead of the big picture, like seriously what information can you do that you don't mean shit on earth? Just whine about it and die? People should try to enjoy themselves the best they can on earth and if you can't? Then kill yourself, life doesn't matter right?


>there certainly isn't any official statement that homeless people can't enjoy life at all.


Why is everyone obsessed about their life mattering on a cosmic scale?
As long as it makes sense to you individually and you acknowledge it's mostly a bad time and you internalize it and then do whatever the fuck you want it's already a well wasted life.


File: 1658279917857.jpeg (199.95 KB, 1280x1600, 4:5, FTtO3n0WUAkcigC.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Not sure if it's one guy but if not then I'm worried we have an epidemic of the "I don't matter and that makes me sad forever, but I can't actually explain why I should be sad at that" types, of which there are several on the internet, at least 12 of them. My conclusion is that it's guys who are physiologically incapable of being happy due to various reasons, such as brain damage as a result of stress or some sort of drug dependency. They search for reasons to rationalize their unhappiness and ultimately land on the easy broad argument of "It don't matter, none of this matters" which can neither be proven nor disproven. They've convinced themselves that for reasons beyond their own control they have no cause to pursue happiness, which disempoweres them to work on themselves and their life, permitting them a good excuse to sit back and wallow in despair. Cowards! Go for a bike ride.



I have been stuck in this look for a couple of months now, I didn't really think like this when I was a teen but now entering my 20s, i'm starting to question things a lot more. I'm afraid and don't know what to feel anymore, I can't control my emotions and thoughts.



This song explains life in a nutshell, its sad that today is also Chester death anniversary. No wonder you posted this.


some of the comments on these songs are really heartwrenching…wonder if they are fake
>This song saved my life many times… my 15 year old son died by suicide and LP was his favourite band. After my son died, I listened to this song over and over and screamed the lyrics… they helped me channel all the hurt and pain I was feeling. Thank you Chester and LP for helping ease this bereaved mother's grief.


Both tbqh. It's liberating when i fuck up or feel envious.


Diogenes of Sinope and Buddha for example lived the wanderer/homeless/beggar life and they both were happier than most "normal" people with wealth ever been most likely.

Happiness is a choice. You can be happy if you learn how to deny yourself only. That said, I decided that I don't mind suffering that much. I'd rather stick with the things I genuinely like and enjoy in life (and suffer as a result of this attachment) than to be enlightened and happy.

I'm not obsessed with it but why should I deceive myself or others? For a slightly higher level of dopamine? I value truth and think we should face the truth even if it is uncomfortable. I'd rather be depressed in reality than to be happy in my delusions like normals are.

I hope you people realize happiness is a myth and fairy tale at best unless you are an expert monk who managed to overcome his desires and attachments. Humanity picking out "feeling good" from all of our emotions and moods and elevating it above everything else as a sacred cow doesn't mean happiness should be our highest goal. The herd mentality of the average man is attracted to feeling good the most but it isn't an ultimate value.

Feeling bitter, angry, frustrated, sorrow, pain, etc. is inferior to feeling "happy", how exactly again? And again, if you don't live a full ascetic life then you people too make choices day after day which cause you suffering and pain.
If anything, I'm sick of this "always feeling good, no negative thoughts/vibes pls" feminine thinking that has become so mainstream. You should naturally feel bad in certain cases and circumstances, yes! That is what life is about, unless you are willfully ignorant or decided to reduce yourself into a living corpse via asceticism.


>Happiness is a choice
dumbest phrase ive ever read in my life. as if anyone would choose to not be happy lmao


File: 1658329134992.jpg (89.74 KB, 683x623, 683:623, 1641710292521.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>as if anyone would choose to not be happy lmao

The irony in this comment has boundless laughter, I don't know why this makes me laugh so much


In fact, most people do choose to be unhappy daily when they stick to their desires and ego. You only thought about this topic on a superficial level.

If people wanted to be seriously happy then everyone would be a 100% ascetic monk. Because that is what you naturally end up as if feeling good is all you care about. Someone with no respect for himself and his emotions, someone whose ego is shattered. Someone who is always happy and tranquil even if he has to eat shit and get buttfucked by criminals every hour. A master at adapting to every circumstance and environment because he knows he can't change the world so the best he can hope for is inner peace.


Do you know how hard it is to become monk-like? We are human beings still, we have emotions and we have thoughts that fuck with us, it's hard to shut them off when they keep flooding our brains and we sometimes even feel physical pain when bad stuff happens to us. I want to be a monk so bad but staying like that is hard and we have our limits.


Yes, it is probably hard but only because you don't want it seriously. Your life isn't bad enough yet for you to plunge into ego-death. You still have things you enjoy and are attached to. Understand wiz, these ideologies were made for exactly people who don't have a single thing in life they care about.

It is hard to become monk-like for anyone whose life isn't utter shit and despair. Just leave behind yourself this rotten ideology and enjoy who you really are.


Buddha was literally a prince, I don't think his father would have let him starve if he needed money. Diogenes was the son of a banker so I think he also had money.

You gave the examples of basically 2 ancient hippies, people that could live that way, in nature and doing nothing, because their families had money. And we also don't know if their lives were like that.

Now go and have the type of life that they allegedly had. Go and live in a barrel in the city or go to the woods and sit there meditating all day. Try it and tell me what are you going to do when you don't have money to eat food.


So your objective truth is that nothing we do will ever matter. I agree entirely, and I have thought about it, but I don't find it depressing or liberating, it just is. I don't get why people dwell about it or care about it past their first existential crisis.
I find it to just be the person's first psychological crisis to realizing they're not worth shit and there's nothing to find fault with about that, really.


Starving to death is almost impossible though, getting food is literally the easiest thing to accomplish as a homeless person. Most people would rather give food or clothes to homeless people than money.

Yes, Buddha was a prince. Yet he wasn't happy with living a rich life. He realized there is more to life than just material pleasures and lived the ascetic wanderer life. Your points don't mean anything, it is obvious you are just trying to disprove other ways of life that you can't understand at all. In this case you resort to envy because they happened to be born to rich parents.

There were more hermits and beggars in history, people who voluntarily chose that life. I mentioned these two because they are well-known and signify my point anyway. There is a reason surely for why so many people lived like this through history. I can tell you why in a short version: there were always people who realized how stupid "normal" life was. They realized it was stupid to waste your time wageslaving and having a family so they pursued other goals.

By the way, not having anything to eat or anywhere to sleep only matter as long as you are still attached to this existence. Once you let go of worldly desires you can be happy in literally any situation. That is why these people I mentioned achieved happiness.

I'm not saying you should live like them but that the option to be happy is there. It exists. It involves the road of self-denying and ego destruction. If you refuse to live like that you don't want to be happy actually and have no reason to whine about suffering, because you choose it consciously.


I dont understand

free will retards really taking it to new levels, impressive


It's funny because anyone can choose to be happy but they can't because they don't wanna be happy. They choose to suffer and care for meaningless things instead of just not giving a fuck and giving yourself a break. I honestly don't care what people say about me anymore and I just try to enjoy the little things before I die, I like this approach of life.


Is English not your first language? None of this shit makes sense
>It's funny because anyone can choose to be happy but they can't
>you can but you can't
seriously wtf??
It is so obviously not a choice


Yes I didn't stutter in my message, you can choose to be happy but you can't cause you won't do anything to be happy so you can't be happy. i'm probably a schizo but I don't care, I just want people to actually love themselves and not torture each other with their emotions, thoughts and feelings.


the final sentence was nice. Do you think many people think like you do?


Probably? i'm trying to be like the monks, killing my ego and not care about the world. I only want peace and tranquility now.


>i'm probably a schizo but I don't care, I just want people to actually love themselves and not torture each other with their emotions, thoughts and feelings.

>you can choose to be happy but you can't cause you won't do anything to be happy so you can't be happy

Consider this thought experiment. You get a dog, and allow it to eat chicken, but every time it eats beef you punish it brutally and violently. It learns that beef cant be eaten. After years of this, you lock it in a cage and only try to feed it beef - but it wont eat it, so it dies. Did the dog choose to starve itself?
I struggle to understand your logic, but if i apply your sentence here: the dog could choose to survive but it cant cause it won't eat so it can't survive?


Yeah I get what you're saying, it was a dumb post. I guess it's not a choice and we are all fucked anyways.


You’re that pro-natalist retard. I remember your posts. Everything you post is trash and you’re absolute crazy and fool.

Don’t take that guy seriously, everything he posts is crazy and evil


You’re right there is no free will or choosing not to be happy like that fool says.


It's not about free will vs determinism. Because that is just an abstract debate which doesn't have any meaning in real life. I personally believe in free will rather than determinism but I don't have dogmatic beliefs about this topic. No free will doesn't mean you should just lie down and don't even try, that is what most people don't get. Similarly, if free will exists that doesn't mean people can do anything they will to do.
It is much like the OP of this thread with nihilism vs objective meaning, being a nihilist doesn't mean you should be a depressed, whiny person and one can imagine someone who believes in objective meaning getting depressed.

It sounds like you think in extreme black and white, you should ascend this false dualistic thinking. Happiness is a conscious decision either way. You won't find happiness in this world, you can only find it in yourself. I presented the way for happiness to you, you can ignore it if you want to. It's not like I'm a buddhist or stoic either, I'm the opposite of one if anything.

Bad example, animals have extremely low levels of awareness and consciousness compared to us. I'm quite sure you know it too that a human wouldn't have starved in a situation like that, at least not someone who has at least average intellectual capabilities.

You aren't a dumb animal, I would like to believe and so it is possible to transcend your bad memories and experiences and to get rid of your bad habits.

"Everything is crazy and evil (I can't understand/don't agree with)" guy, yo what's up?


>physiological reasons
More like effects, no? It's proven people who dwell on negative thoughts all day are more likely to develop health problems. I view this as the same. You aren't destined to be unhappy exactly, you are just taking the wrong path and approach again and again, despite your body protesting against it time after time.

As for monks being rare nowadays, that is the result of the materialistic and hedonistic culture and times we live in. Most people are cattle who just go with the flow and they don't have unique opinions on their own. I'm not saying you should be an official monk by the way, just that asceticism=happy life. You can live the ascetic life on your own too, without wearing monk robes. Like I said, I myself don't live the ascetic life either. But for me it is different, I don't want that life because I would rather stick to my passions and the things I enjoy than to kill my ego and to live like a zombie. I accepted that this way I won't be happy, but what the hell, at least I can be myself. I embraced suffering and misery as the price for my hedonism (so ironically you could say I'm the true ascetic here in a sense, funny.)

I think the problem with our times is that people fall between two chairs, they want to sit a little on both but they end up with nothing. They want the pleasures of this world yet they don't want the suffering that comes with chasing pleasures. They want happiness/peace but they don't want to live the ascetic life that leads to it. People should make up their minds already: either pleasure (and suffering too with it) or asceticism and happiness. Going to yoga classes in the afternoon, meditating a little and then going partying or indulging in pleasures at night cancel each other out for example imo. No wonder we have so many depressed, broken people in this schizophrenic culture of ours.


File: 1658433102653.png (200.47 KB, 1694x746, 847:373, annaba.png) ImgOps iqdb

The word "matter" has a subjective meaning for two reasons. First of all because what matters and what doesn't changes from person to person

The second, which many tend to ignore, is that everything matters to something else, so it's subjective to the goal: making your bed matters to get a good sleep, but doesn't matter to learning piano. Everything we do can be considered meaningful to be happy or to pass the time, it's up to us to decide

Of course, everything is linked in some way: getting a good sleep can make one focus more on piano and get better at it. But it's also clear that some things are linked to a much greater extent than others, everyone must choose a "line" over which things are considered meaningful to one another

In the end, I think the whole existence is a big net. Seeing one single node, only some things are attached to it (or even nothing), but seeing from the whole everything is connected; moving to one single goal as well as coming from one single cause

As for me, my matter is pondering whether or not op's pic really looks like the coast of Algeria


File: 1658434051498.jpg (74.87 KB, 423x549, 47:61, 1449031035999.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The word "matter" has a subjective meaning for two reasons.
I think that's beside the point. I think what happens for OP and a lot of other people is that they come to realize what you said in your post, and since they have been raised in a society, family, system, etc. where certain things are claimed to universally matter and these ideals are ingrained in them, they either become dejected at the realization that what they were told may not really matter to them, or they become hardened and peddle the idea that what matters to them is what matters objectively.

Also that pic certainly does look like the coast of Algeria.



When nihilists say 'things don't matter' we mean that there is no cosmic/divine plan or some objective goal to existence. I don't think it is more complicated than that.

Objective goal and meaning is only possible through a single God who rules over everything and has some divine plan in store for us and everything that exists. That or if you still believe in the "omnipotent" power of reason and that some objective goal can be reached that applies to all humans collectively.


>there is no cosmic/divine plan or some objective goal to existence
We get that, but what doesn't make sense is why they think it's something to be upset about.


Because since like Socrates western culture and thought has been masturbating about the power of reason and rationality. Christianity did this too basically. It's this leftover cultural feeling that forces people to seek for a reason or purpose for everything, including their own lives. Doing what you want or enjoying that there is no purpose to anything is something that is forbidden in this context because that isn't ""objective"" and ""rational"" enough. Everything needs to be rational, objective, to serve some purpose or another.


Exactly. Further, if there is a plan, then that is something you can fail at, and something that compels you to act in a certain way, therefore not having that constraint can be perceived as liberating.

>Bad example, animals have extremely low levels of awareness and consciousness compared to us
You dont see the point I attempted to communicate. If you want it to be more intellectual imagine playing chess. Everyone wants to be happy, like someone trying to win chess. But no matter how much you try, and you perceive that you choose each move on the board, you can't merely choose whether you win or lose.

>You aren't a dumb animal

Absolutely disagree. People are still ruled by their animal instincts, look at how this site is defined by reproductive fitness


I see what you mean but there is a way you could win the game. It's nothing new, people much wiser and smarter than both me and you thought about this thousands or hundreds of years ago already. Whether you look for it in eastern or western religion and philosophy the answer is there: deny yourself. Even if someone is dumb and can't get into philosophy, he can realize basic things like 'better not care about things out of my control' and 'better not get worked up about this life so much'. Asceticism was always given as the answer for unhappiness because it is closest to happiness in this life.

That said, most people would rather stick to their desires and emotions and would rather get attached to things that give them pleasure instead of trying to severe the attachment.

People don't want to be happy, they want to remain themselves and to live with their desires and pains that result from them. That or they are just overly ignorant. Either way, "everyone just wants to be happy" is a huge misunderstanding of humanity.

>animal instincts

Not really, you can learn how to rule yourself, again it is a matter of wanting to do it in the first place. Humans can set themselves on fire and starve themselves to death through willpower for example. And this site if anything proves that not everyone is driven by their animal instincts.


It would be better if you just read The Birth of Tragedy by Nietzsche, he explains it better than I can. Or possibly other works where he discusses Socrates.

I mean what I wrote. With him began the whole fixation on rationality and reason and on objectivity and objective values. That is why some people even nowadays get depressed when they realize there are no objective values and no objective meaning to things. Because the socratic scientific/rational culture demands objective meaning and values. Same can be said for Christianity, which was basically just platonism for the common people. Our Western culture is built on them or at least were influenced by them to great degrees. So it happens when someone in the West realizes objective values don't exist he becomes sad, anxious, desperate and wants to find some reason for things, some objective-ultimate goal for the universe, otherwise he is left feeling impotent, dumb and dissatisfied.


>>261848 It's liberating but still depressed because I lack the drive to take advantage of my freedom


THIS THIS, this is my main issue with realizing shit doesn't matter because I have no motivation to even bother with my freedom. I'm lazy and comfortable being a wagecuck having internet, vidya and food then running into the wilds and living off the grid.


Don't know what's up with the horrible cgi music video, love Linkin Park though.


Is religion the only antidote for nihilism? Are there any philosophers that argue against it?


No, religion is the weak antidote. A strong cure could be that you can enjoy this meaningless world, it's your oyster, why care so much? It won't matter in the end anyways. Just try to find at least something fun or just kill yourself if you cant stand a meaningless world.

And many philosophers argue against religion, but some say religion is required for society to grow and give people meaning, even if its bullshit.


It helps me avoid growing attached to as much stuff, which I think is good for coming to terms with death. It broadens my sense of humor since I believe nothing is sacred. Finding more laughs in life is a huge plus to me. Nice thing about laughing an inappropriate amount makes you look disturbed and strangers are intimidated by you and bother you less.


I want to believe nothing matters because it hopefully ends in..well nothing. But too many times have i seen the malicious hand behind my suffering. Coincidence? Maybe but i can't ignore it. I think we are all screwed for all eternity just replaying our roles or different roles with min/max suffering. The game resets but continues with different stats. Be afraid and despair, the ride never ends.



I cope with wanting to get out, if nothing matters then there must be a way to get out and turn myself into a god.


If you get out, sure your suffering will be gone but in no ways you will be a god. You will simply not exist and not matter anymore, our lives are so meaningless but I want to take this world from the balls and take advantage before I go out. Fuck society, fuck this world, fuck everything.


Steal materials or money, that can buy happiness for a few months ir even years. Also take out every loan possible with no intent of repayment.


I don't worry about things mattering since nothing even reaches the point of being enjoyable.


File: 1662164248779.png (200.3 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_42790fc79e4bdb25fac….png) ImgOps iqdb

Honestly no, very few people in the world do something that ends up being relevant in the world, whether if it's good or bad, for now i'm just focused in enjoying my life and everything i currently have.




File: 1662169234080.png (597.98 KB, 637x478, 637:478, 666777.png) ImgOps iqdb

It doesnt matter, just copes, the moment totally realistic simulations and technoreclusion become the norm, no wizzie will have to worry about meaning.


All of us will be dead before that exist.


File: 1662812253856.jpg (99.45 KB, 800x998, 400:499, 1662565246038.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol i wish i never existed


I wish it was true. It sucks that all of it does matter because proportionally almost none of it matters in a positive way. And before the braindead retards in this thread get confused again, you should really take a moment to figure out what something "mattering" means because it's dreadfully simple and overtly present and objectively here in our lives. It's pain. Pain matters. Your pain. Otherwise you would not have gotten up to eat today. It's really that straightforward. You care so it matters.


File: 1662872036988.jpg (35.66 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 1652243013124.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think mattering matters as confusing as it sounds. Life is so meaningless to the point knowing its meaningless is meaningless, I rather just live life as usual and wait till the days end. I'm gonna die no matter what so I might aswell enjoy the shitshow


But does that bother you? If so, why are you shook by the idea that nothing "matters"?

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