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i am so fucking tired of seeing people around me succeed. like i am jealous but also annoyed by everyone having a job - doing some charity/ volunteer - having their own house - money to pay all that shit like. all the life is seeming to go past me.
I know I don’t have to be successful when it’s just uni time. I know I don’t have to be the best at everything but the knowledge of the constant losing is just craving my depression and/or anxiety even more.
the feeling of not being REAL and not LIVING THE FUCKING LIFE are getting all from me


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just stop caring, and if life starts to hit rock bottom(like becoming homeless) then just commit suicide, in the meanwhile you should try to enjoy the few good things of life as temporary and fleeting as they may be.


The warp wanings are first. After many months cleansing the body you may start to feel some old things coming back to the front of your mind, or have you always been like this?

Cleansing the body comes first, otherwise the brain shall remain stagnant with unassimilated filth result of unprocessed crap due to schizoid mismanagement of emotions within the mind's abyss.

There is no conductual therapy that can help you about physical symptoms, no words nor choices, for this is merely having too much dust inside your computer's vents


What if instead of wasting your time being a patethic prick you decided to at least try to be as succesful as them?
You don't even need to be succesful in that, the thing is to try your best so that in a few years you won't see this stage of your life in retrospect and say "damn I wish I had tried harder", but instead you will say "I tried my best and I respect myself for that, even if that wasn't enough, i'm proud of me".


Fuck off norman


"Success" is at the end a meaningless goal, all those people you see having the times of their lives will die someday and all their success will die with them, they just indulge in stupid shit to pass the time while waiting for death, like everyone else.

This is why I think that consciousness was a mistake, we were supposed to be unconscious animals just intended to eat, sleep and reproduce while waiting for death.


You lock yourself in a never-ending cycle of failure for some reason, you must enjoy it or something. If that's so you have no right to complain about your situation, you are no victim. You should feel ashamed of yourself anyways.


I envy animals.


Success is defined by your goals and thus what you want. It logically follows that you want to be a normalfag, so you should leave and stop violating rule 4 by insinuating that neetwiz life is not success


Actually he might be a victim, you don't know anything about him besides a paragraph, if anyone should feel ashamed it's you for coming in and being a hostile faggot, so in the words of my fellow wizo, fuck off norman.


>this offended over a post that said nothing bad



What is success? Material possessions you probably don't even want? Breeding? Respect from people you don't even respect yourself? Attention? Living the thoughtless existence of an NPC?


> Material possessions you probably don't even want

Why would anyone not want money? It will make your life easier on everything. I disagree with you here.


what the fuck normalfag do you know that's volunteering?
I've volunteered for 4 different animal rescues and 1 homeless shelter, and I can tell you that all of the people there are wizards/witches. completely detached weirdos (or bible thumpers in the case of the homeless) who don't have any people or other commitments in their lives.
any of them that did have sex did so 20+ years ago.
they were all just as spergy and ugly as me and two of them are in prison now for waving guns around and talking in religious tongues in public. they live in hoarder houses and smell like piss.
interesting fact: the population of all 5 organizations were all unanimously 100% white. i think sympathy for animals is a trait exclusive to white people and it makes me very sad that /pol/ retards have decided to so viciously attack veganism and by extension animals these days. they're rejecting one of their best white characteristics. and if it's to own the libs, then it's not working, because animal rights is a minority among the left, too. A sweeping majority of twitter leftists laugh at animals dying all the same.

but that's besides the point.

i just wanted to go on a soapbox here and tell you that normalfags and charity don't mix and i don't want you to get confused. the only charity a normalfag would do is send some money to a nefarious organization. The $$500,000,000,000 donated "to breast cancer", what do they even do with it? what does that even mean? has anybody bothered to ask or check?


This thread is why this place should be unwelcoming to people under 30. If you're young and want to go normie then why the fuck are you wasting your time here?


Stop being envious to others.
Troll the normgroids if they ever interact with you.
Rejoice when the economy goes to the shitter while they lose everything and they can't repay their mortgages.


As a newly hired wagecuck I can tell you that I would rather have mental peace and emotional stability than a lot of money, yeah having money can be fun, but it's worthless if you're unhappy, sad or stressed out.


Enough with your humblebragging. Uhuhuhu I have money but I’m stressed and sad. Money along with health would make me extremely happy.


he is trading health and literally selling his life for money. Nothing bragging about it, it's sad


It's better to have the resources than the money. Money is just a coupon of arbitrarily fluctuating value, there's a reason why land ownership was the true standard of security before modern times.


Land provides everything humans need to survive, plots to build houses, manors or castles on, cattle to graze on, grounds to hunt meat in, water, berries, nuts, etc.

Only after the advent of large scale capitalism did land ownership become secondary to money ownership.

Under feudalism you don't need a penny of money to be wealthy, you just tax everyone who lives within your land domain. They can pay you in butter, horses, meat, grain, soldiers, etc. while you provide nothing of value to them
(worst case, you as the feudal lord don't even protect them from an invader and just switch sides for a few pound sterling)

Humans did away with feudalism for a good reason: If you're not born into the few dozen families who tyrannize all the plots of land you are doomed to be a servant along with the rest of your family for all your lives.
Who wants to be a serf all their lives with no chance of ascension?


"Life is unfair" and "That's the way it is, just accept it"


fuck off you gaslighting normgroid


not everyone gets to win at life


There is absolutely nothing you can do about it so why fret? It's all just chemistry

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