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Im going to do everything within my power to not coom (no fap,no wet dreams,no nothing)for 180 days. I want to realize the absolute peak of male human life and see if,then, I still want to die. I honestly dont know what i will think -then- but I -now- speculate about the "me of the future";180 days in the future,to be most precise.
godpseed to all you in my stead.
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>wizards who watch porn everyday and get angry at those who don't

Rule 4 Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.
Being celibate is abstaining from sex and masturbation. Being a porn addict is obviously unwizardly and against the celibate life. This site is for those who don't engage in degenerate sex acts or become obsessed with sex. Porn watchers are sex obsessed crabs who don't belong here. They go against the spirit of the site and don't let real wizards be free and in peace, because they themselves can't think of anything but sex, that's why they watch so much porn.


porn usage has always been rare for me. i dont even like it. but i've still jerked off basically daily for as long as i rememebr


You glossed over NEET and reclusive, being lifestyles where masturbation is a-ok.

So really suck on my nuts fag.


if I don't touch my penis for 3 years surely my schizophrenia will go away


You are the only one twisting words around here. These people are saying over and over again that the family life or sex is better than masturbation, I don't know how anyone can find this acceptable who isn't total normalfag.

And I was talking about this site you idiot, not about society or politics. I am talking about this site people like you are infiltrating with your normo narratives and agendas.

>The "familycuck" life is so rare that western countries have to import brown people on mass, because nobody wants to live that lifestyle anymore, nor have they wanted to for decades.

Yes, it is so rare that almost everyone who is past their 30s reproduces. Oh so rare, people don't have 6 or 7 children like they used to have in the past but only 2, we are in danger really.

>I don't know what decade you think you're living in but the conservatives advocating the value of chasity, marriage and kids is the counter-culture now.

Yes and I really don't know care about that Holy Trinity. Inb4 you are a normalfag because you hate chastity!! No, I'm not. Masturbation has always been an essential part of wiz-culture. Know your history.

Nobody thinks much about jerking off except for you nofap maniacs. We simply fap and don't care much about it while you go to extreme lengths and bomb us with walls of texts to prove how vile a thing masturbation is.

You need to stop being in denial and confess already that you have serious mental issues and problems if you find masturbation and watching porn to be "harmful" but think sex in marriage or with your gf is kosher. You are under the influence of a monster called christian culture or post-christian culture. Before Christianity there wasn't any complex or shame in our culture about masturbation or pornographic content. You let yourself to be brainwashed by judaistic puritanism and feeling of shame regarding your own sexual fantasies.

It's the contrary. Nofappers are obsessed with porn and masturbation, you guys make these things the center of your universe, some imagined evils you must always fight everywhere. It isn't us who praise the family life, sex or having a gf but you nofapper "wizzies". Hm, why would you do that? What could be your aim with all this?


>Nofappers are obsessed with porn and masturbation, you guys make these things the center of your universe
You're the one obsessively replying to everyone in this thread after someone called you out for saying "porn is healthy natural"
You're invested emotionally in this because you know deep down that you're wrong and that porn is far from wizardly as it could be. You can continue living like a degenerate and never know about the bliss of the wizard life, or embrace wizardry and disregard females and porn.



Whack off, glownigger. The web is full with witnesses about improvement after leaving grains.


Just another attack of the sociopath crab who wants every wiz in a shithole to laugh at their misery at kiwifarms or whatever. Any rotting bullshit he can pull to make you miserable he will: he will critizice the warp waning, he will speak good of crypto, of coom, of communism, of taxes, will use schizo as an insult, he will get roasted by buzzwords, will hate wojaks, he's just a sociopath trollcrab.

Let the thread die, this was already derailed due to him being probably a mod, he won't stop spewing self-validations against you all, as if we didn't know who is he already.


File: 1659696610955.jpg (62.54 KB, 600x609, 200:203, avocado.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Whack off, glownigger.
Only FBI agents speak like this, spotted your falseflag a mile away, nigger.


There is no point in arguing with wannabe normal /pol/ invaders who claim sex with trad wife being better than masturbation. They’re exposed more than 10 times as already. Their “tru-wizard” claim is farce. Their main goal is just being normal and they’re mad at us because we refuse to pursue succubus and try to be normal like them. Just say them fuck off to /pol/.


Fuck off to /pol/.


>everyone I disagree with is /pol/
>if you don't consume porn everyday religiously like me you're from /pol/ and a normalfag
Why don't you discuss with your mother about your porn habits, if it's so natural and healthy and normal according to you. If she disapproves of porn, is she from /pol/ too? Talk with your dad about your porn addiction too, if he doesn't like it and tells you it's bad for you, will he be from /pol/


File: 1659708940062.jpeg (54.33 KB, 263x270, 263:270, 66F7C818-56F4-4F85-ACA2-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Neither of my parents think porn or masturbation are unhealthy.


File: 1659709352809.gif (3.95 MB, 360x640, 9:16, a-train.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck off to /pol/.


>You are paranoid, there is zero politics involved here
That lie didn't last long


Fuck off to /r9k/


File: 1659711426988.jpeg (25.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ae2b8349-4779-46dc-9313-d….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck off to /pol/, but before you do that, come here and give me a big kiss bby


I already thought you were the gayposter.

I wish /pol/ really flooded this crabhole. This way, they'd fun with you.


File: 1659712360986.jpg (259.65 KB, 1450x816, 725:408, memecover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gayposter? never heard of him, i'm the funposter, nice to meet you, cunt.
>I wish /pol/ really flooded this crabhole
Fuck off to /pol/, outsider.


Whatever crab. You are as fun as a vagabond jerking off in public


… and isn't the crab in favor of that!


File: 1659712937967.gif (4.7 MB, 640x272, 40:17, the-boys-homelander.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>mfw a /pol/ poster calls me a "vagabond jerking off in public"
Rude, apologize to me right now you meanie.


Shut up already /r9k/. Go be a wanker back to 4ch. You even got pron where the banner at every board.


File: 1659714049940.webm (318.75 KB, 750x576, 125:96, 1659548466281749.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Shut up already /r9k/. Go be a wanker back to 4ch
No thanks


File: 1659714157441.mp4 (5.54 MB, 960x720, 4:3, lapse of vibes.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

So this is what you niggers do on /b/ all day long huh.


File: 1659724427939.jpg (396.13 KB, 933x551, 933:551, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This was the issue when the thread derailed.


>semen is 20% spinal fluid
>celibacy is not the answer
>semen is harder to produce than blood
Do you even read the shit you post or just the higlighted parts that agree with you?


You "disregard" females and porn so much that you go out of your way to spread your little religion at every chance you get, your little cult which is centered around females and porn.

In a healthy society that isn't the product of judeo-christian values discussions like that could be had.

Not wanting this site to be polluted by /pol/ isn't about politics, it is about preserving the quality and the core dogmas of this site.


Thread ruined by schizo porn addict "wizards"
Don't mention they're sick and unwizardly for watching porn because they will spam this thread and /meta/


This thread had literally wannabe normal /pol/ invaders who claimed having sex with wife being better than masturbation. There was a poster who posted a text that said you should conserve your semen for sexual intercourse with females. That text even said celibacy is not the answer because no-masturbations main goal must be sex.

Yet you think wizards that just masturbates once a week but don’t care anything else ruined this thread?


Chronic porn watchers are just crabs. Wizards are always volcel who don't watch porn and disregard succubi propaganda.


Of course you’re not gonna masturbate or have sex till the end your life… fucking lying moron, fuck off with your larp.


I noticed this not only on wizchan, as soon as someone says something bad about porn all the addicts come crawling out of their coomer caves to defend porn by all means.


Can you already give us some proper argument for why you think porn is bad? We are still waiting…


Wizards have to pretend they're not interested in sex so they go to extremes to avoid problematic desires that they can't fulfill. Seeing a tiddy or a nice piece of ass brings back all those anxious insel feelings that they want to avoid. The other type of nofapper is the improvebrah that thinks his masturbation habits are so impactful that they will suddenly change his life. It's pretty much the standard magical thinking that folks get with vitamins and other astrology-tier shit. Reality is, having a wank is not your problem, but the ten other things you're ignoring by focusing on not having a wank all day and arguing with other wankers on the Internet about it.

Also, reminder that this nofap shit literally comes from reddit. It's basically a way for young men to shame themselves into improving themselves and getting laid. Cumming on your own is unhealthy, but if you have a gf you can fuck 5 times a day then you're healthy according r/nofap.


>It's basically a way for young men to shame themselves into improving themselves and getting laid.

I agree with you here but if NoFap can motivate you to work out or focus on hobbies or whatever then more power to you. People put too much stock in the whole thing


How is Nofap related to working out or focusing on hobbies?


>focusing on hobbies?
Focusing, clear-mindedness is only achieved when the chemical needs of the brain are met. The brain thrives on chemicals that get used up when regenerating sperm. When you cum hard to loli pix, you're taking food from your brain's plate and giving it to your cumsock, who laps it up like a dog.
>working out
Are you really asking this? Testosterone is used to motivate, energize, and rebuild the body and brain during exercise. When you cum (again to loli) your body has to throw all of its testosterone down to build more cum.

Spraying cum from your body as the same effects as bleeding. It may feel good sometimes, but now your body has to drop what it's doing to replace the lost mana. Just stop cumming.


File: 1660150685732.jpg (556.77 KB, 2304x1728, 4:3, spike and jet laughing fur….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah man, all those turbo normals who fuck every night are actually destroying themselves. Which is why they never work out and are always failing at their jobs and hobbies.


he's pulling your leg


>all those turbo normals who fuck every night are actually destroying themselves
They are though
>Which is why they never work out
Less then 1% of men work out
>are always failing at their jobs and hobbies.
They always are.
Now, if you're hyperfixating on the few examples of healthy people left on earth, and seeing them as being in same normal boat as the average person simply because they also have sex, then yeah SNIP SNIP.

No I'm not. Everything I've written is true and correct. Stop lying to him. I am right.


I had my laugh, do whatever you gotta man.


Yes, normalfags who do drugs, party, and have casual sex are harming their bodies. nice worshipping of the normalfag life by sex obsessed porn watcher "wizards". Nofap wizards are the closest to this site ethos than the failed wizards who feed on porn and sexual stimuli daily


>nice worshipping of the normalfag life by sex obsessed porn watcher "wizards"

They really talk about normies like obsessed sport fans talk about athletes.

Normies are not superhumans and they suffer from all this porn faggotry as well, from mental health issues to straight up erectile dysfunction. Also the sexual encounters most people have are not worth pursuing at the end of the day and they don't ultimately satisfy anyone because it's shallow and not meeting the unrealistic expectations people have from porn.


I can focus on things just fine whenever I masturbate. However, during periods when I don't I can't focus on anything. Your theory is fake science.

Yes, I'm really asking how working out and nofap are related. Considering most men work out nowadays and have sex often I will have to doubt this statement of yours too.

Why would you care about erectile dysfunction if you are a wizard who does nofap? It should be a good thing for you.
>not meeting the unrealistic expectations people have from porn
It's the other way around usually. Normals end up watching porn and jerking off because they realize having a wife/gf is overrated as hell.

Btw, nice try at calling wizards who watch porn normals when you guys are the ones shilling for the family life. Why would you want to save up all that semen? Maybe because you want to live a sexual life, by sexual life I mean actually having sex? Oh who am I fooling? You are all normalfag tourists anyway.


Because when you replace fap with things like that and doing your chores and avoiding too much stimulation you re-wire your brains dopamine center and it's easier to work towards hobby goals instead of Day 0 your life away to some stupid vile demon succubus


>Normals end up watching porn and jerking off because they realize having a wife/gf is overrated as hell.

Do you even know any normalfags, they're a lot like you, but instead of just porn and masturbation, add actual sex and casual relationships. Every post of yours you use it to defend your porn addiction. Not to mention you masturbate with your sister's underwear, disgusting normalfag. You're a prisoner to porn and your sexual desires in a much similar way, too blind to see it. Everything that brings to light your appalling addiction, like good wizards who are into abstinence makes you feel attacked.


Sounds like a bunch of flimsy bullshit some faggot made up to make you stop enjoying things you like, hard pass.


Coomers are like potheads when you tell them about the bad side-effects of weed


Nofappers are like vegans…nuff said LOL

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