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I am returning to this board after a long period of abscence. Lots of things happened during that time, another suicide attempt, a 2 week stay in a psych ward, me sorting my shit and "succeeding" and I've significantly cut my substance abuse.

I am a wizard like all of you, and you are a wizard just like me. I discovered I could channel my hatred and misanthropy into whatever pursuit I have. You probably have the same hatred and untapped energy. I read the catalog and I just see docile, bitter men and a few wizards doing wizard things.

Think about this. You are already not part of society, you have nothing to let go off. Death is guaranteed. Nothing has value, not even your own life. You are completely free once you grasp these concepts. I will eventually offing myself, in the meanwhile I am building whatever pursuit, hobby or interest I want.

Be free, let go off your docile and bitter self. Build whatever you want to build, run over anyone that crosses your path. Make sure everyone surrounding you is scared of you, that way they cooperate to your pursuits or simply leave you alone. Fear far outweighs respect.


My freedom is docility. I am not hateful anymore.


There is no freedom in docility. Something or someone is bound to fuck with you.

Being an apex predator is different, nothing will dare to fuck with you, and you'd actually be free, in a literal sense.


> Something or someone is bound to fuck with you.
Whatever. There's nothing they can do to me that matters.


If there is no hate the feeling is genuine then. My approach is different though, different surroundings, people are more agressive.


>another suicide attempt
You aren't suicidal. You are a norman attention whore, and you don't belong here.


To be fair, crossbows are really hard to aim…


Yes, OP, I was 16 once too in my life, I know that feel.

Death is certain but you can experience great sufferings in life if you make hasty or retarded choices. Don't rush ahead into your doom that eagerly.

Suicide isn't easy. Leave him alone. Not everyone can do it.


>u normie xD
Got me pal, I am a normie, brb going to my normiewife and normiekids.

That's exactly what I said, only I am past that point. I've deconstructed sufferinh through decades, I am not bitter about it, I appreciate some horrid stuff happened.

I am definitely older than you if the concept of "experiencing possible suffering" is still in your radar.


File: 1659756143430.jpg (114.58 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 56495.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Being an apex predator is different, nothing will dare to fuck with you, and you'd actually be free, in a literal sense.
How exactly can I do that when I'm surrounded by people stronger and more intimidating than I am?


>How exactly can I do that when I'm surrounded by people stronger and more intimidating than I am?

Use your wizchad traits. We excel in the traits of the Dark Triad (machiavellism, psychopathy, narcissism). Train them, take your best traits to the next level. You can make huge threats and scare a fuckton of people without resorting to physical violence. Terrorize the people that fucks with you, start small, word spreads, no one fucks with you. Easy. You're probably a mentally ill autistic handsome, use that to your advantage.


whenever i solve philosophical questions for myself, for some reason i don't have this creepy cult faggot urge to go and spread it around to people.
i don't care what you do and i think it's creepy you push your failed normalfag propaganda on me. it's like this thread is all this site is anymore, is a bunch of snake oil salesmen who "figured it out".

i guess i'm also lacking whatever normalfag drive causes people to "build" or have "pursuits". i just play video games all day. if i die without creating any piece of art or dragging people into my cult piss like you, i couldn't give less of a fuck. i feel sorry for you that you get so stressed out over inactivity that you need to come and order people around.


This is a board for wizards. I can say here whatever the fuck I want as long as I don't break any rules. I don't care if whatever I write makes you feel assblassted. Just hide the thead if your feefees are so delicate.

I do the opposite of inactivity and I am doing good. My point is, other wizards are fairly capable of doing the same or more. It's better to see life, experience life and then off yourself, than offing yourself directly haven't tried at all.


You sound like a typical edgy depressed teenager to me. Well, enjoy ruining yourself in one of your manic periods. Unlike you, me for example has plenty to lose.


>I have plenty to lose

Sounds like a very normie thing to say wouldn't you think? This forum is for wizards


You implying that wizards are necessarily "losers"? Sounds like a very normie thing to imply wouldn't you think?

I like my life. I don't want to go to jail or get myself in some trouble because of some retarded choice I made. You should reconsider yourself this line of thinking too. Things can always get worse.


>You implying that wizards are necessarily "losers"?
No, learn to read. I am telling you you're not a wizard.


you're just telling everyone that you have a mysterious personal definition of 'wizard'
so what? anyone else reading these messages gains nothing from you and has no idea what point youre making


You are implying that only those people can be wizards who hate life and has nothing to lose therefore. I say that is bullshit. So what is your response to that?


File: 1659888548920.jpg (163.87 KB, 585x883, 585:883, the true infidel is inside….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP, are you saging your own thread?


he is trying to "save" wizards, then his next task is to convince you to do manual labor. don't know how many threads/posts like that he's made


File: 1659897214582.png (673.65 KB, 1100x702, 550:351, 1659627213117.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you have "lots of things to lose" you're still attached to desire. You're a normie or a robot at best. I've never said in any single post in this thread that wizards are losers that have to be saved. I don't consider myself a loser at all. Bad stuff happens to everyone, including us, maybe more bad stuff happens to us. If it wasn't for bad stuff like this, we wouldn't be wizchads.

The point of this thread is we're all mostly wizards here, by being a wizard you have tremendous potential, I'm saying it makes me sad knowing most people here don't realize that and aren't willing to try.

You do your life, not my problem. Be docile and someone's else bitch, that's you being comfortable with that. I can't personally live like that.

Yeah, slow board. It doesn't matter whether I sage all my posts. Someone is bound to reply either friendly or aggressively. Like normie dude here samefagging himself.


Yes, I still have desires and I don't intend to give them up. You don't have to think of big things but basic things like a place to live or a laptop with internet connection or food to eat are my desires. Without these things I would feel shit. I don't want to feel good all the time. That implies you would be fine with living a literal shit life. Being attached to things and having desires means basically that you give a shit about your own life.

I said it already but you are going through a manic high most likely. If you calm down I'm sure you can realize what you can lose too and what you should be grateful for.


File: 1659951712740.jpg (58.77 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Spiritualized_-_Amazing_Gr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>but you are going through a manic high most likely
Interesting, how did you get to that conclusion?


Not that hard to understand. You are ready to go out in flames and actively seek out your own destruction. Plus you feel like you can do anything. This is how people who experience manic highs think like, supposedly.


>We excel in the traits of the Dark Triad (machiavellism, psychopathy, narcissism).
I was with you until you said this.
I'm nothing like that at all. I don't want to hurt people even though they're different than me, because I know what it's like to be hurt for no reason other than someone else' personal amusement, to be a punching bag all throughout life. You need to stop preaching this garbage, especially if you have any concern for anybody here. You honestly thing normalfaggots won't kick someone's ass for as much as some social media hierarchy bullshit, you're sorely mistaken.

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